• stonington

    The ACLU should remove there charade and declare themselves a front for the Democratic party. The mask has finally been removed from the ALCU.

    • Obie Miller

      For a long time I have called the ACLU the “Anti Conservative Lawyers Union”!

      • Vicki M

        Associated Communist Lovers United

      • BlueWarrior

        I called it the American Communist Liberation Unit when we were studying political science in 1965.

    • Ed Shick

      The Democrat party has went to Socialism , some are full Fledged Communists , Nikita Pedicted that back in 1959 at the UN, which is an organization we should get out of ! They are against us and why do we owe 192 nations Foreign Aid !

      • RayJN

        We need to kick the UN out. Let them move it to Russia, China, Iran. They are asking for a $1 Billion to repair the buildings. Good time for them to move and turn the property into something more useful, like a detention center or a land fill.

    • mk


  • Shelly Shannon

    “Perple are engaged, they want to

    • rfrichey

      They will be responsible for damn sure if one of my loved ones get harmed by these idiots. I would personally see to it that the ACLU headquarters ceased to exist and hopefully was filled to capacity with the ACLU lowlifes.

      • Shelly Shannon

        Oh yeah! Not only that, but if these liberal democrats and the low-life liberals in this country don’t start keeping their big traps shut about Russia and Trump, since no evidence exists, they are going to piss Russia off to the point of all of us being harmed in a huge way. Stupid, stupid, people.


    for 8 yrs. obama stirred the shit bucket and made America a whole lot browner, but these brown ones aren’t satisfied with anything and they are setting themselves up to be thinned out!

  • downs1

    “The American Civil Liberties Union”, a gross misnomer if ever there was one! This organization is a God-hating, Judeo-Christian hating, America-hating group of liberal lawyers whose mission is to secularize this nation! May the God they openly deny judge them righteously and severely! They are despicable!

  • donl

    I don’t believe any of them realize exactly what they are doing, and who they are working for. They know nothing of Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. Ya know who does? Soros, Obama, Hillary. I fear blood in the streets this summer. It could be YOUR Blood.

    • Scott Ezell

      Theyre making the same mistake the Japenese did back in 1941. They thought the American people were playboys, fun loving. We/they didnt have the ability and/or the desire to fight back. Look how wrong they were.

      • Askjrsk

        Japanese Times on line published anonymous source news based on surveillance of PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and the LEAKED content of that conversation in the Japanese Times online. OBAMAGATE. Another scum bag failing newspaper

      • jaybird

        Don’t leave out the everyday women that are willing to give their life for our country.

    • John Somers

      Not as long as I can still shoot, it won’t be ANY of US lying dead in the streets.


    The ALCU is a surrogate marxist communism anti-GOD, anti-Constitution DINO [democrat in name only] Party of corruption & deceit…This un-American act endeavoring to destroy our President Trump will not succeed, for he is graced by ALMIGHTY GOD, who anointed him, paved the way for HIS servant Trump to lead our Constitutional Republic from the bowels of corruption n deceit to Accountability-Honesty-Integrity-Morality-Respect-Responsibility = Make America Great, Buy American Again, America First to lead the Free GODLY World. Biblical Prophecy Hebrew 1st Testament, before Christ, roughly four thousand years ago translated into English by Rabbi Glazerson, Bible expert…Donald Trump, ruler graced by GOD, descendant of a drummer [germanic origin], bocher…chosen or elected, Nasi…President, Art zot ha Brit…United States. So long as President Trump followers the path laid for him…President Trump cannot be defeated, for he is under the protection of our CREATOT!

    • Padia Maria

      I do agree with your comment! If God is for him, who can be against him? During the election I believe God’s hand was all over the situation. And it was because His people cried out in prayer and He heard us. How else can a man who has never been in politics be elected the leader of the free world? IT WAS A GOD THING!!

  • Rick D.

    ACLU needs to acknowledge who they really are….. left-wing zealots who stand for anything that is un-American. It’s a sick joke for them to claim they support the Constitution. As a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite!!

    • ACLU is just another Jewish MASAD ran government Tax money SUCK


      It’s not the Europeans letting the Muslims over run their countries, it’s not the Americans letting Muslims and illegals over run their country!


    There can be no doubt that the marxist muslim from Mombasa and Grand Vizier Jarrett have organized, and George Soros has paid for, a revolution that will steadily increase its level of violence until a full insurrection is underway. Its aim is the overthrow of President Trump, the end of the constitutional republic as we know it and the replacement of the existing American population with an obedient and dependent brown Third World lumpenproletariat. An American peoples republic under puppet president-for-life Obongo will then turn the carcass of the United States over to a socialist world government dominated by China and Iran, after Soros cashes in his short positions on the American economy. There is a simple answer to this scheme: dead revolutionaries.

    • Fedup

      There will be massive protests from conservatives if they try to oust our President. We may be “silent” but we can rise to the occasion if it’s called for.

      • rfrichey

        We rose to the occasion on election day and can rise again if necessary. We have about 90% of the military, 90% of ex military, 90% law enforcement and about 99% of NRA members on the good guys side. Let er rip!

        • John Somers

          You forgot John Q. Average ARMED citizen.

          • rfrichey

            I stand corrected, and that is a huge faction.

          • Julia Sanford

            Hopefully, they will soon realize they have awakened a sleeping giant and the sooner, the better..

  • OnTheRoad

    They REALLY need to take the “A” out of ACLU. It doesn’t stand for American anymore. It should be the IACLU…( Illegal Alien Civil Liberties Union )

    • Jim H.

      Correct! The “A” stands for Anti-America/Anti White. The biggest snakes of racism in activity!

      • OnTheRoad

        Right? The ACLU is mostly against law abiding Americans. Can you just imagine what this country is gonna be like in about 25 to 50 years? I’m glad I’m not gonna be around for it. But I worry about my kids and grandkids. If I was young, and being the age of starting a family, I defiantly would NOT bring a child into this world. Even Christianity will be a thing of the past in time. Unbelievable! I blame most of this on Obama!

        • rfrichey

          Your blame is rightfully placed on the waste of flesh and blood scumbag Hussein. Something has got to be done as everyday these lowlife ba$tards pop up stiring more $hit. It may be time for anti protesters to get out there and meet these snowflakes. Don’t come unarmed, slapjacks, brass knucks, billy sticks or just plain steel toed boots. Send a few of these morons to the hospital and let them see what hand to hand combat is all about. I would bet not one out of a thousand has ever served our country. They are lowlife rats who probably was never told no or never had there a$$ busted as kids.

          • OnTheRoad

            You got that right! I think it’s time WE counter-protest THEIR protests. I’m totally sick of their un-American bullsh*t already! (NRA Life Member, “Americas Safest Place To Be”!)

          • John Somers

            Like to see them go up against all the Bikers that were there for the inauguration !!!

          • Munge

            They wouldn’t stand a chance against my fellow biker brothers.

          • OnTheRoad

            Ya know what Munge? And I say this to everyone who replied to my first post, and to all who think what I’m thinking: We have to make sure we come out and vote for Trumps again in 4 years. Because the left are going to mobilize and come out in droves to vote him out. I get MoveOn.Org’s news letters every day to see what the enemy is talking about. All they talk about is disrupting EVERY conservative that tries to speak around the country, making Trump look bad no matter what they have to do, protesting and rioting in the streets, and just about anything disruptive to hurt conservatives. They’re friggin sick people! Trump/Conservatives will be done in 4 years if we don’t act NOW! I’m not kidding!

          • Munge

            I fully in tend to friend.

          • OnTheRoad

            It really sucks to even think that we have to be like this. But what choice do we have at this point? If we don’t care enough about it, this country is going to be destroyed by the left. THEY don’t even know what they are doing, otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it. What a shame, huh? I wish it was different, but………

          • Munge

            Me too friend but they really don’t give a damn.

          • OnTheRoad

            They’ll give a dam when all hell brakes loose in THEIR life. But it’ll be too late then.

          • They need to be arrested. They’re breaking the law.

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            The only use I can see for liberals and liberal politicians is to turn them into fertilizer.

            A woman went to her doctor for advice. She told the physician that her husband had developed a penchant for anal sex, and she was not sure that it was such a good idea. The doctor asked, “Do you enjoy it?” She said that she did. He asked, “Does it hurt you?” She said that it didn’t. The doctor then told her, “Well, then, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t practice anal sex, if that’s what you like, so long as you take care not to get pregnant.” The woman was mystified. She asked “You can get pregnant from anal sex?” The doctor replied, “Of course. Where do you think liberals like the Clintons, Obamas, Nancy Piglosi, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin come from?”

          • Jeanne Stotler

            LOL, a good one

          • jaybird

            One Patriotic person in a costume had a shield w/American flag painted on it, had a knife, taser, etc. He was arrested and charged w/6 felonies. Steeled toes boots sounds good, do not take anything illegal. They did not stop it when it 1st started.

            The kids have not learned how to handle rejection, solve problems between each other. Played athletic games in school, all kids got trophy’s, nobody lost.

          • rfrichey

            A pair of good tight leather gloves that will cut skin on contact and a roll of nickels taped to keep from busting open and loosing two dollars on a pos not worth a pos.

          • Jeanne Stotler

            This is a real problem, kids are not told “NO” as infants and toddlers, I am a ret. Nurse and do day care, when I play a game with one and they lose ( I let them win as well) they learn that it’s not always them winning, I practice sharing, if you cannot share the toy is put up. I take a 6 yr. old to school and her teacher is amazed as to how well she behaves, shares etc, as she comes from a broken home, she’s been with me since 6 weeks, as well her older siblings were here and they are great teens.

          • jaybird

            They are lucky to have you, you are a good person!

            I have great grandchildren, their mother is a RN, both mother and my grandson make them behave. I was at a birthday cookout for the 2 yr old’s (boy) sister’s 4th birthday (shares their toys w/cousins). He has a driveable pickup truck that runs on a battery and he was driving cousins around. Later on he was standing by his mother fussing, I can’t understand him all the time so I asked what was wrong. She said that the he can tell when the battery needs charging (does not go as fast), She told him to “park it in the garage until they had time to do it”. He did and went on playing. They have time out and have to stand in corner. They are spoiled and have every toy/computer game you can think of and they are disciplined, where some of the cousins (broken homes) are not.

          • Jeanne Stotler

            I agree that children in a secure home fair better, and it also with a broken home matters who is caring for them, a grandparent?, or a childcare where they are just part of a large group, in my house the most I wil care for is 4, prefer 3, I want a day care here to be more home like, where we go for walks, watch bugs and worms, and the flowers develop from buds to full bloom, watch birds take worms to their nest, BUT also they play games and with each other, using words like “Please and Thank You”, some of “MY KIDS” are now in HS, and they come to visit, nice young people.

          • Janeway

            Fair competition is the backbone of capitalism, which in turn is the backbone of our historically great
            America. The past 8 years under an anti-Christian, anti-Caucasian, anti-Constitution muslim will take
            years to undo, but at least we have a chance with our “tough as nails” new President. The main
            problem now is a full generation of brain-washed children now old enough to vote. “Everyone’s a
            winner” is a ridiculous philosophy and we see now the results of it being actively promoted in our
            “public” schools for several decades. The left-wing protesters were brain damaged long before
            Trump appeared on the scene. They have no concept of reality, thanks to completely left-slanted
            education and media. In real life, some people win and others lose. That’s reality…

          • “The left-wing protesters were brain damaged…”
            More like ‘brain dead’.

        • John Somers

          You ARE placing the blame EXACTLY where it belongs.

        • jaybird

          Some people have told me that they only have 1 grandchild and that will be it because of what has happened the past 8+ yrs. I worry about my 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

          Politicians say that we do not have enough workers because Americans are not having children – well, if the economy is bad and the jobs have moved overseas, hardworking, commonsense Americans will not have children if they can’t afford them. They are also worried about the beliefs of the immigrants that will not assimilate and pledge allegiance to our country like immigrants that came thru Ellis Island. The refugees and illegals are screwing like rabbits. Also, the NWO people want to depopulate the world because there are too many people???

          If I was standing next to one that said that, I think that I would have to smack them.

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            I have a great grandson who is due to be born in Sept. I’m scared to death of what his world will be like. I’m scared for my kids and grandkids too. They will have a much worse time of it than we did.

          • OnTheRoad

            Congratulations on having a great grandson…that’s wonderful Majorie. I’m scared too for my kids and grandkids. My oldest grandson is thinking about getting married and starting a family. I told him to think about it and get more informed about what’s going on with this planet we live on. He’s my daughters son, and my daughter is a die hard liberal. (I can’t believe that about her!) She thinks Obama and the dems have done a tremendous job with our country in the past 8 years, and that Trump is going to screw it all up and probably get us into a nuclear war. (How insane is that?) I love her so much and she’s very wealthy through CAPITALISM. But she thinks capitalism is horrible. Where the hell is she getting this false info from? It’s so plainly put in front of her face how she became wealthy…I don’t get it! My daughter graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Summa cum laude. How can she be so stupid with her politics? I feel horrible saying that about my daughter, but what’s going on in her head?!

          • Len

            Well it’s obvious that your daughter didn’t get her beliefs from you. She most likely got it from the school, RPI. Sad but true, don’t send any kids or grandkids to ANY colleges and/or universities, they’re full of liberal teachers and professors who will indoctrinate your children to the liberal way of thinking. Trump voters white males who never went to college/universitiy was not an accident.

          • OnTheRoad

            You’re right Len. Most colleges teach students that being conservative or a capitalist is bad. My daughter has a good heart, but her politics make no sense.

          • They’ve been indoctrinated, for years!

          • OnTheRoad

            Why can’t professors leave it up to the students to make up their OWN minds as to what THEY believe in, or what THEY want to follow?

          • Alice House

            If you can, “do” if you can’t, “teach.”

          • TheEPClark


          • Janeway

            Yes, and the key word here is “indoctrinated.” For many years now, schools have been in the business of indoctrination rather than true education. Huge difference. Look what all of this has turned out:
            a bunch of spoiled brat children who never grow up mentally and emotionally. The way the Left is
            protesting President Trump clearly demonstrates the fact that maturity has been stunted.

          • Jeanne Stotler

            You are not alone “Road” I have 3 sons that are radical liberals, My daughters and other sons are very conservative as I am, I see part of this as a result from not keeping Civics as a requirement for HS graduation

          • OnTheRoad

            I blame Collage and her husband. She also has no more faith in the Lord. I wasn’t an, “Every Sunday to Church” father. But I did bring them up, (my son and daughter), about God. We’re a large Italian family, so you can imagine what the holidays were like, LOL. I personally don’t judge people about their beliefs or even if they don’t have any. As long as a person is respectful and a good person…that’s all I care about. But MY daughter! She has no faith at all. Which means my grandkids have no faith. Oh well, I did try. At least they’re all good hearted.

          • Jeanne Stotler

            That’s all we can do, I sent older ones to Catholic school, when we were in Fla. nearest school was too far for them to go, but they went to Catechism on Sat. and to Church, the only hope I have is what is in the Bible, as grows the twig so will grow the tree, I hope they will remember what they were taught in the early years.

          • jaybird

            Great grandchildren are a lot of fun, they amaze me and are born smart. Have to keep them out of Liberal colleges!

          • TheEPClark

            FIRE all the COMMUNISTS PROFESSORS from that COLLEGE, and BINGO !!!!! It will no longer be a LIBERAL COLLEGE !!!!

          • jaybird

            We have a good Christian University in VA-Liberty. They also allow guns and I think they are going to build a gun range for the students to practice.

        • Munge

          You and me both friend.

        • Roger Short

          I too am truly glad that I will not be around to see it, given my age. For obvious reasons, I’m looking forward to being in Heaven by that time, and I must say that it will be refreshing to not have to hear from the ACLU, and the liberal media, who will be doing what they do in another place, not Heaven!

    • TheEPClark

      Also, like many other “AMERICAN SOUNDING” , Communist Front Organizations for instance, “Women’s Strike for PEACE” ( Founder Cora Weiss, was a ( Soviet admitted) KGB agent and was very instrumental in Vietnam War Protests throughout Nation, and traveling with Jane Fonda, on trips to North Vietnam (To give solace to American held POW’S and to urge that they cooperate with NVA captors.)

      • OnTheRoad

        Hanoi Jane “IS” a traitor to this country. We’ll NEVER forget what she did….and it wasn’t solace!

    • Irvan

      I couldn’t put it better…..WELL DONE OnTheRoad

      • OnTheRoad

        It’s true Irvan, right? The ACLU used to help Americans. Now it seems to only help, “ILLEGAL”, wanna-be Americans. I don’t think any of us have anything against “LEGAL” immigrants….I don’t. (The ACLU should change their name).

  • barnjoer

    Piss on the ACLU, they are nothing but A bunch of Shit disturbers!

  • pappy450

    There will come a time (sooner than you think) when people get tired of the in-your-face little snowflakes and start hammering these little brats. (no matter how old you are) Just more “community organizing” brought to you by oscumbag and soros.
    Time to REMOVE the heads of the snakes (soros, oscumbag) Seize their assets. When the MONEY stops, and the arrests start, I believe you will see things calm down a bit. (otherwise there WILL be blood in the streets and it won’t be OURS)

    • Julia Sanford

      I’ve wondered why the alumni who donate to these universities don’t just cut off the green. If their sons or daughters protest and destroy property, they should just tell them they can figure out how to pay their own expenses or drop out.

      • pappy450

        Most (or maybe all) of the alumni are liberal democrats and actually believe in all the GARBAGE that is being pumped into their children’s heads. (or as I see it ..Indoctrination) AND will continue to pump MONEY into these “centers of indoctrination” to achieve their LIBERAL/Socialist/ Communist agendas, using their children) How SICK is this?? I also see this as “child abuse”

  • Cornville

    Donald Trump needs to get off his proverbial ass and start to arrest the leaders in charge of starting a new Civil War or insurrection that is certainly due to take place once the summer heat begins to boil people’s minds. Clinton, Obama, Jarrett, and their ilk need to be reigned in now. If not, you all had better be armed. This summer will not be a joyous one.

    • John Somers

      Wherever I go My Gun goes along with me.

      • OnTheRoad

        Same here brother. I refuse to be a victim!

    • Kitty

      Not President Trump – he has enough on his plate trying to undo all the damage of B. Hussein. But, he put in exactly the right guy Sessions will take care of this. Right now they are rounding up Illegals left and right and so just give it time. Also the police will be back in charge of enforcing the law so that should help.

      • tomsfordcars

        We all need to pray to God that you are correct, as I believe you are. All this liberal, left wing, dumbocrap, Police hating, Godless, unpatriotic bull s**t needs to come to a halt right here and now. I have said it before, “We are heading for a revolt in our Country that will make the Civil War look like a college dorm pillow fight”!

    • OnTheRoad

      “ABSOLUTLY FRIGGIN’ RIGHT”! The left are NOT going to stop for the next 4 to 8 years….no matter what! Even if they destroy our country…they want their power back. “WE MUST VOTE THEM OUT”! (NRA Life Member)

  • Jim H.

    We all know that the ACLU invites violence and criminalization when things do not go their way.
    All Anti-America Organizations should be disbanded and all of their activities be called Federal Offences and terrorist activities!
    Their ideology of “CIVIL LIBERTY” is “BLACK ONLY”. Unless it otherwise benefits them monetarily! If they were actually a true “CIVIL LIBERTY UNION” (key word UNION) there would be no problem. If they were true CIVIL LIBERTY Union, they would speak for UNITY of all. Not just specific minorities!
    Equality is their speech, but NOT their agenda!

    • Petru Dans


  • Wayne Sayers

    Does the ACLU receive taxpayer funds? If so, this administration needs to cut them out. We don’t need to be funding an entity who is totally against all that America stands for. They are a millstone around the necks of our nation.

    • House Mouse

      Yes….the ACLU is “tax exempt” meaning, they pay NO taxes. This must be stopped if they are siding with Democrats against Republicans….training one side against another..

  • rfrichey

    Arrest this cockroach Romero for inciting riots and find out where he is involved in child pornography. If not the child pornography find something else because anyone this low has to be guilty of all sorts of things. Maybe it will be a capital offense and we can fry this pos.

  • Robert Morrow

    These slime ball should be charged with treason and sedition, found guilty and jailed.

  • Sgt. York

    ACLU as well as the UN should be outlawed in the USA both are here to contribute to the downfall of the Constutional America as we know it. This proves the ACLU is nothing more than another liberal socialist arm of the Devilcrats. It’s time both go and fast as possible. There Lawyers for sure but Liberal lawyers. This crap on how to cut Pres Trump down is there death call as it’s there open salute to the socialists and that’s not American.

  • Scott Ezell

    Typacle modern day liberals. Arrogant & overconfadant. They dont care what theryre doing is wrong. Thet dont care what people think. It (among others) will be theyre demise.

  • SammysDad

    Keep it up, liberals. We patriots will have our full of you soon and all hell will break loose. We did not purposely block Obama and his unlawful regime. You are blocking Trump’s administration from its task leaving us to remain in the scum and mire of Obama’s reign. We will not take it much longer. You people are sick, demented, indoctrinated, and uninformed. America will outlast you even if we have to crush you.

    • OnTheRoad

      You’re right. If we don’t ALL come out and vote in 4 years, this country as we knew it will be over. The libs are not gonna stay home anymore for elections. They thought Hillary was gonna be a shoe in, so a lot stood home. We can’t let that happen to us. VOTE AND SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  • anthony j. manzo

    It is really the UACLU. the un american civil liberties union. Someone find a legal way to stop these IDIOTS.

    • Petru Dans


      • OnTheRoad

        I totally agree with you. All you have to do is read the news letters from MoveOn.Org. These people are sick and will stop at NOTHING!

  • HardingDies

    Based on their stated political position through these sessions, the Trump Administration should immediately DEFUND the ACLU of any and all monies, and move to change its status as a politically-neutral organization. There will be backlash, but quickly their funds will dry up and then only the ‘true believers’ will dump money into it.

  • John Somers

    FIRST, They should ALL be CHARGED with inciting to Riot and when they do riot CHARGE them ALL with FELONY RIOTING, That last one is worth a fine of $25,000.00 and/or 10 years in prison.
    SECOND, YANK all their Law Licenses.

  • Askjrsk

    ACLU communist organization. Bad for Americans bad for America

  • Also funded by Neocons…
    Neocons pay 10,000 Euros to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … Those same Neocon agents are fighting the border walls and any ban to ghetto resettlement into USA. Please search & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution”.

    This is a deadly serious war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Neocon’s evil grips and as WikiLeaks is simultaneously and independently exposing the Deep State Neocons.

    • jaybird

      You are 100% correct, they are well organized and have plenty of money, it is very scary. Thank you for recommending the reading material. These uninformed college students will believe anything and will not investigate.

      I don’t see why the police don’t arrest all those with a mask on, just fine them big bucks and let them go. It will be a bonus for the police depts. I get some of the petitions recruiting Liberal protests, there was one in my small town (college), I called the local PD and alerted them (they knew nothing), sent them a copy of the petition, called the Army Core of Engineers (it was to be in front of their bldg.) they thanked me. I will do everything I can to make a dent.

      • Thanks,
        I’d love to see a law that would prohibit wearing any covering to obscure the identity of individuals in a rally.
        Yep that would include women Muslims. If I do not know you and you will not let me know…get lost.


    Stop kidding yourselves as to who and what the ACLU has been and will be. They are the largest open communist organization in America! Trace back to their roots and you will see. They have one agenda and one agenda only! The destruction of our American way of life. Their objective is to aid in the transformation to a New World Order and globalism! These lawyers need to all be disbarred and then deported to a communist country of their choice! NOW!

  • Albert L Biele

    The ACLU is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. They are the true enemy of the principles and freedoms this country was founded on, using our constitution for toilet paper, pitting Americans against Americans, in their continual effort to destroy the very foundation this country was built on. They have twisted, and mutilated the very meaning of our laws, with malice intent, defending the far left fascist socialist agendas— too often and for too damn long. This far left-wing bureaucratic organization will never gain the support of the American Patriot, because tyranny is never become an option when it comes to freedom.

  • George E. LeFebvre

    ACLU is nothing more than a communist organization in support of destroying our freedoms in many guizzes. They sing a nice song but continue to damage our country in favor of a few radicals. They should all be deported to places like IRAN. They would all be cut off at the neck if they tried to do what they are doing to this country.

  • BBB

    This is so disrespectful to our President. I am so tired of all this protesting and half don’t even know why. Some are even getting paid to do it and getting pointers and classes of how to do it. We Conservatives didn’t do this when you had the office even though we were afraid of what he was going to do and even through the years as we became more disenchanted and afraid of losing our nations identity and the safety our children and grandchildren. President Trump hasn’t done anything but promote our country and bring it back to a Great Nation as it once was. Give the Man A Chance.

    • OnTheRoad

      The libs will not stop! They will NEVER give Trump a chance BBB. We need to fight back and VOTE!!!

    • Shelly Shannon

      Yes. It is so sad what they are doing to President Trump. He has fulfilled so many promises and in my opinion he could be a great president for this country. The disrespect is absolutely dispicable.

      • Julia Sanford

        Yes, he’s what we’ve needed for a long time instead of those radical lefties and lily-livered RINOs. This time I would like to see a real change. Yes, defund the NEA and all these useless programs. I’m still ticked off about obscene photos and paintings being displayed at taxpayers expense and grants being given to the “artists”
        to continue their “work.” I was accused at the time of trying to dictate to artists what they should produce. No, they can produce any filth they like. Just don’t ask me to pay for it.

        • Shelly Shannon

          You are so right Julia. It is time to stop using tax dollars so rich people can endulge their arts. Let them pay for this tv channel. I would rather my tax dollars go for the military or keeping this country safe. Trump has kept his promises thus far, but I guess that is what the liberal left is afraid of, him succeeding.

  • john

    What ethnicity is most likely to be a lawyer ? What ethnicity started communism with the Bolshevik revolution ? Who financed all parties in the great world wars? Who financially indebted England so as to give up the coveted territory of Jerusalem ? Who owns the U.S Treasury (usury) and runs our finances? Who is Soros ?

    • bttrap

      soros is a person with money and pays dumb people to protest

      • stgabrn

        Soros loves to destroy countries. He is a good for nothing POS. Give him and his good for nothing son to Russia. He even laughed about it years ago on 20/20. At least I think it was 20/20.

  • Whaledriver

    Responding to them only gives them credibility.attempting to engage them in dialogue is wasted time and effort: they don’t (and can’t) talk. They are being trained to interrupt. Think of them as if they were a large mass of sticky tar: the more contact you have with them, the more impossible it is to pull away: you’re stuck — and devoured.

    Marginalize them and their efforts with your silence: shun them. Minimize their impact by ignoring them.

  • Phyllis Schultz

    The ACLU has done nothing but cause trouble for the American people since it’s inception. They are no better than Muslims who come to the US and demand, pork be taken off menus, school children cannot pray in schools, Sharia law be used in our courts, and the ten commandments removed from buildings and schools. If they don’t like the way we do things, just get out and go somewhere else. I’m sick of these off the wall groups trying to control US citizens and change our beliefs to theirs.

  • jimmy midnight

    Without a doubt the Bill of Rights is a, perhaps incomplete, liberal agenda list. ACLU exists 2 defend it.

  • Paul Anderson

    ACLU founder Roger Baldwin, had long standing ties, to Communist Organizations. The ACLU has used the legal justice system, to promote the Social Justice agenda, of the Social Democrat. An agenda that has resulted in moral and economic decline in the states.

  • Bob

    Most now consider both the ACLU and the SPLC a domestic terror group. The lieing liberal media covers their dirty tracks.

  • kbmiller

    Defund the ACLU. They probably hired Robert Creamer, husband of US Rep. from Illinois, Jan Shakowsky, who was caught on tape admitting that he paid thugs to start fights and disrupt Trump campaign rallies.

    • bttrap

      this is why I’m waiting for term limits in illinois we have the most crooks in cook county

      • kbmiller

        You misspelled that, it’s “CROOK COUNTY”.

  • OnTheRoad

    All of this just reminds me that we have only 4 years left…unless, WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, FIGHT BACK, AND VOTE THESE BASTARDS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! NO KIDDING HERE PEOPLE! #MAGA (Twitter)

  • Morton99

    If the Democratic party ever chose a president with fascist leanings, then the ACLU would oppose the Democratic party. It is not per se a liberal organization – but one that values democracy as defined in the US Constitution.

  • Floyd

    ACLU means All Communist Losers Union Now REMEMBER THIS

  • Irvan

    The ACLU should be outlawed and run out of the country! They are a front for the Communist Party and does everything it can to disrupt the actions of the people trying to better this country and put it back on track to be the best nation, bar none.

  • Gammi2Anna

    ACLU is the abbreviation used to identify the American Civil Liberties Union. This is an extreme misrepresentation in my opinion since there is little of anything American, Civil, Liberating or United about this organization. They might want to change to a dress more fitting to wear to their ball. Maybe something like Anti-American Critics, Liars & Unhinged misfits would be more appropriate. When I see or hear any reference to the ACLU I immediately go into ‘Don’t believe it, don’t want to hear it’ mode.

  • Gary Von Neida

    The original acronym for the A.C.L.U. was the American Communists Lawyers Union as in the first Years 80+% of the clients were Communists.
    At the very least They should not have a tax exempt status—what should happen is that They should pay “back taxes” and/or, be dissolved.

  • VirgoVince

    NEED a name change, NOTHING American about commies!!

  • If you can not see this as an all out war against our President Trump, then you must Google & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution”.
    This is a deadly war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Neocon’s evil grips and as WikiLeaks is simultaneously and independently exposing the Deep State Neocons [shadow government or Elitists]..
    The world leader Neocons pay 10,000 Euros to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … Those same Neocon agents are fighting the border walls and any ban to ghetto resettlement into USA.

  • Paul Anderson

    The ACLU “protecting human rights”, Are you serious? The ACLU uses the law, to circumvent Constitutional Law. It’s founder has been known to have Communist ties.

  • Rodzzz

    How about training them for legit jobs instead.

  • David Gearhart

    The ACLU was founded by a card carrying communist, who’s mission statement , was to destroy the USA from within using our own laws. He choose the bill of rights to attack the rights of the majority. It is not defending it is attacking your rights. By using minorities and exceptions to a laws to over ride the law for the rights of a minority. Even if that is a They are an enemy of the state. they win due to having free legal. No one can afford to continue the minority of one. It is still taking away the rights of others and destroying equality. They win by having free legal help. No one can afford the cost of the legal battle. Now the CAIR has joined them, muslims and communist against the Christians. Is it any wonder that the two of them are suing Trump’s immigration plan to keep the terrorist out? Now they have joined Obama’s alt left criminal domestic terrorist on their anti Trump

    crime wave. These are the same people providing free legal for the 9/11 terrorist and the Gismo detainees. To support them is be an enemy of the state and suicidal. Since the communist goal is to destroy America. And the CAIR , are muslims on the UN terrorist list. Which of your rights will be next. Will it be that your food will have to agree with sharia law? No more pork ribs, bacon for breakfast or on your burger, etc.

  • Gary Von Neida

    Make Them pay “back taxes” and penalties for being illegally TAX EXEMPT. A Church that becomes political suffers this fate, why not the AMERICAN COMMUNIST LAWYERS ASSOC.

  • pete0097

    It is a shame. The people need an organization like the ACLU to help them when the government oversteps their boundaries and the people cannot afford legal representation. THey now have an agenda. Since they only work on salaries and are not pro bono, there is a “sugar daddy” that is supporting them. They will do anything to keep the money train going.

  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    ACLU “American Communist Lovers Union

  • Shelly Shannon

    First of all, if you need a liberal group to tell you what to think, how to think, and where to think it, you are nothing more than a robot for the liberal party. The ACLU is nothing more than another cult-based group. If you can’t think for yourself, and you have to say yes mam/sir we will be there at 1:00 on the dot, then you are being prodded like cattle and led around by your nose ring. The hypocricy in all this is that those same people will want these jobs that President Trump brings back or creates. They will want lower taxes and be willing to take advantage of it. They will want protection from the police if they are in danger. They will be relieved when their healthcare doesn’t cost 5,000 dollars a month. They will be relieved when ISIS is no longer a danger to this country. So, where are these people who lead this organization? Where is Clinton, Obama and Lynch? They sure aren’t out there protesting with you, are they? They are hiding behind their walls and in safe spaces.

  • Wayne Sayers

    They are a law firm not a terrorist training company. If they are doing this they should have their tax exempt status removed. We, the people, don’t need to be allowing this group, who are supposed to be upholding the law, developing terrorist tactics to confront the legally elected government of our nation

  • vincent deredita

    The ACLU should be banned. I know someone who is a GREAT CATHOLIC and told him he was not aloud to have a statue of the Blessed Mother on his patio. That is a BIG DISGRACE!!!

  • sluggo

    Roger Baldwin (sound familiar?) was a communist and founded the ACLU to help communists.

    It has ALWAYS been a communist organization, and the only reason that they occasionally take on certain cases is to use them as a “smoke screen” to what their real agenda is.

    As Roger Baldwin proclaimed….”Communism is the goal!”

    Shoot an ACLU lawyer today…you’ll feel better for it! lol

  • laulau

    Civil Liberty? Protect people’s civil liberties? What about Trump? Instead of protecting him to carry out his duties, they are standing in his way. Sham group.

  • Walter Flatt





    IF NOT,








  • randy jackson

    Bunch of damned communists!

  • They are playing one of the leads to collapse USA … you must Google & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution”.
    This is a deadly war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Neocon’s [Shadow government-NWO-Bilderberg] evil grips and as WikiLeaks is simultaneously and independently exposing the Deep State Neocons.
    Neocons pay 10,000 Euros [$11,000] to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … Those same Neocon agents are fighting the border walls, any ban to ghetto resettlement into USA, the budget, Health Care repeal and every effort that will benefit the voters.
    How can the UCLA protect every practicing Islamist is subjugated to the Koran and Sharia Law? … That means practicing Islamic’s must annihilate (by whatever means and however long it takes), reject (not obey) any set of laws (USA’s Constitution, laws and the legislative and enforcement systems) and all non-Islamic entities (Biblical believers, edifices and principles) not subjugated as they are.
    To do so, all forms of lying, cheating, subterfuge, breaking of contracts, deception, murder, killings, terrorism and any anti-Biblical means that brings honor and glory to Allah (Satan) are praiseworthy to all Islamist. Hence Obama (a not so covert Muslim) and his peers never critiqued or condemned those actions unless it was ‘taqiyya’ (an approved form of deception to pretend they are offended while inwardly rejoicing and supporting such actions).
    Simply put, while many may deny it, every Islamist is a warrior and at war (to some degree) with every non-Islamist.
    Too few Americans understand (been blinded to and isolated from) the absolute hatred of the Islamic faith to our Constitution, legal system, Biblical believers and principles. The Satan authored Koran is the antithesis to and counterfeit of God’s Bible.

  • wayne g dearry

    What a bunch of scumbag lawyers–Anyone got a bus going to hell one way?

  • Roger Short

    God knows who and what the ACLU is, and while they may never get what they have coming to them here on this earth, because the American people are STUPID, they WILL get what they have coming to them eventually! You see,God is not PC, nor is he a liberal, nor is he like those STUPID federal judges who try to block everything that Trump does! When that day of judgement comes for those of you who are disciples of the ACLU, God will tell you something you won’t like hearing, and there won’t be anything that you can do about it!

  • d66cmorris

    If the aclu is training them then they should be held responcable when they riot and cause destruction and loss of life or property when they protest.

  • vincent deredita

    Asshole Chelsea Looking Ugly!!!

  • The Capatin

    ACLU. An acronym for American Communist Lawyers Union. (There, I set the record straight for you).

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    The ALCU should be listed as a terrorist organization along with the SPLC.

  • William Helwig

    Lets call the Left, Liberals, Socialist, Progressives,
    Fascists what they real are Marxist/Communist advocating Rioting and Anarchy!!!

  • Jeanne Stotler

    One problem I see, the ACLU champions rights for some while stepping on the rights of others, one example is the infringement of 1st amendment rights to the ability to worship as we please. Religion is a private thing as is ones Politcal believes, and for ANY ONE group to try and forcibly contradict either is wrong.

  • Charley C.

    The ACLU should be classified ass a Terrorist organization as they want to destroy the US .

  • Please Google & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution”.
    This is a deadly war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Neocon’s [Shadow government-NWO-Bilderberg] evil grips and as WikiLeaks is simultaneously and independently exposing the Deep State Neocons.
    Neocons pay 10,000 Euros [$11,000] to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … Those same Neocon agents are supporting these ghetto resettlements into USA and fighting the border walls, stripping government power, Obamacare repeal, conservative appointments, restoring the Constitution, and strengthening USA as an independent country.
    I cannot remember a single case where UCLA protected a Biblical cause.

  • Donnie Lowe

    Christianity & Constitution for decades and now law enforcement thanks to

    WHAT THE ACLU STANDS FOR: Roger Baldwin, founder of the ACLU, for
    example, held, “I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for
    abolishing the state itself. … I seek the social ownership of property, the
    abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce
    wealth. Communism is the goal.”

  • Bob

    Hypocrites R Us ( commonly portrayed as the ACLU) shows their true Demo colors and traditional party ways.

  • TheEPClark

    The ACLU has ALWAYS been a “Front” for the “COMMUNISTS” and the DEMOCRATS too, once they became co-opted to the Commies some years ago.

    The mask was removed a long time ago, but our side was always looking the other way and missed the entire show.

    I’m sure that Trumps Boys know the story, and will see that the ACLU follows other MARXIST FRONT ORGANIZATIONS slithering through the pipes of the SWAMP THAT IS BEING DRAINED in Washington DC.

  • Russell

    No more taxpayer funding for them!!!

  • GuardianFlame

    Let’s hit the ACLU where it hurts – their money strings. Companies, teachers (not the smartest people in the world these days), etc. and the employees who “think” that sham organization is there to help, need only to stop funding it and kick it to the curb. No more $$, no one to pretend to fight for – adios, caio, sayanora.

    The ACLU may have started out with the right idea, but crooked shister lawyers wanted the power to control masses, no longer holding on to the original idea of helping. Now it’s “herding” masses to their own political agenda.

    As for teaching the stupider Liberal Party of Americans to destroy sane actions that would secure our Nation’s future, it is going to take Law officers to break up these so called meetings because, you guessed it, they are brewing hometown TERRORISTS! TERRORISM COMES IN MANY FORMS – INCLUDING ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT PLOTS DISRUPTION OF OUR NATION’S HIGHEST OFFICE, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
    IF law enforcement can’t bust up this “FAKE INSTRUCTION”, perhaps it is time for the National Guard to do so. And detain every last ACLU member for questioning along with a stay in the local Miami prison. Perhaps then that power hungry group might remember their real reason for forming – TO HELP “AMERICAN ★★CITIZENS★★ — NOT illegals NOR immigrants from terrorist countries — to have better lives.

    If the ACLU truly wants to help illegals and immigrants from terrorist countries, they should form their own group of Mercenaries and invade that country and destroy those “there” who have forced the natives to leave.

    Why hasn’t our Govt along with our Allies govts created a Military force to eradicate the Drug Cartels destroying South American countries? Why? Because the Drug Cartel king pins are living in our neighborhoods and are supporting businesses crucial to that city’s livelihoods. Who is going to invade the biggest mansion in the most affluent areas of America and Mexico? No one!

    America has become ignorant, fat and lazy and refuses to stand up to the immorality smothering our lives — except Pres. TRUMP is trying to give us back a better more secure home.

    Do NOT let the ACLU nor any clueless group try to destroy our security. Fight them anyway you can – with words, sticks, weapons, etc. But let them know Americans support our President — we do NOT support their idiotic acts!

    ACLU needs to be shut down anyway possible and the Federal Govt may have to do so earlier than they think.

    No more sweet talking a raging bull! Time for the slaughter house to take over!

  • annarose13

    ACLU??? How does this evil outfit keep anyone reading their crap??? They are loyal to NO ONE!!!

  • Irvan

    The group calling itself ACLU needs to be run out of the country for their Socialistic and Communistic attitudes. This country has enough anti American organizations WITHOUT the ACLU.

  • Albert L Biele

    The ACLU are a far left fascist organization established for the sole purpose to destroy the very foundation this country was founded on–Satan’s zealots!!! They are enemies from within, who live on the dark side—Hypocrites who represent a failed coup, now that Trump is in the White House. We will pay the debt down, stop giving money to our enemies, and reinforce our immigration laws; and if the latter causes you to have a nervous breakdown, buy a plan in Obamacare!!!

  • Alleged Comment

    FOR the first time in 8 years we have a LEGAL and FULLY QUALIFIED US president. And the morons want him removed.

    Something is wrong with these morons. Is it really flouride toothpaste??

  • RayJN

    If a church can lose its tax exempt status for politics in the pulpit, why is the ACLU getting a pass? Oh, of course, they are liberals, Also churches are threatened only if it is a conservation cause.

  • Gammi2Anna

    Message to ACLU. If you have to go public with the announcement that you are providing training for “Trump Protesters” it just proves how inept your little groupie organization has become. I have seen some of the basement dwellers and drug intoxicated characters carrying signs that they are not even capable of reading, much less explaining the meaning. I really found the women wearing “pussy hats on their heads and vagina’s around their faces” to be the most ridiculous as well as demeaning to all women of any of the stupid stunts your trolls have come up with. Please keep up your failed efforts to be relevant, if for no other reason than to give us more something new to laugh about. I would like to add that while the ACLU needs to use Soros money to train idiots to protest and pay them for their wasted time, just remember that ‘WE, the Deplorables’ (the same ones that put Trump in the White House and sent Hillary into a massive meltdown) don’t need to receive ‘training’ in order to shut down your little group of angry, childish, snot-nosed rejects. Society has been dealing with the ACLU and their lame knuckle-dragging followers for many years. Success is not in your future so you might want to find another cause to waste your time on. For all the MSM fakers and liars, we’ve got this one sewed up and there’s nothing to see here. Move on.

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    I think conservatives should start training people to counteract ACLU, But conservatives should all get training in
    how to handle and shoot a gun.

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