• dpg01

    The garbage race-baiter and social parasite al “tawana brawley” sharpton wrote the book on this very common black crime.

  • Marion E McKenzie

    It’s OK for Blacks to Hate,but not Whites…Is there something wrong with this????

    • BatGuanna

      Awh, what is that word for this–it starts with a “P”; could it be prejudice?

    • Mike W

      Remember when Barry – whoever the hell he really is – ran the first time? Anyone who did not vote for him ONLY because he was black was a racist. However – anyone who did vote for him ONLY because he was black was somehow magically transformed into “enlightened”. It’s called hypocrisy what the Dems do best.

  • Buck Stearns

    I’m from the Deep South, & you can trust me that racial incidents emanating from whites against blacks is extremely rare these days. I sincerely don’t know what all this outcry from the black community is all about. In my opinion, most of this disturbance is the fault of the Al Sharpton’s & Jesse Jackson’s of the world. Without racial discord, their ongoing financial windfalls would quickly dry up. These are master con artists on the order of Barack Obama. Without the race card, such charlatans & indeed the Democrat Party would be lost.

    • Diane Robinson

      Don’t forget Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. These are the hate mongers who replaced a brilliant man, Martin Luther King, Jr. So very, very sad.

      • Buck Stearns

        Yes. MLK was the real deal, ahead of his time, a true visionary, a peacemaker, & a dedicated man of God. These other guys are from a different planet.

        • john

          MLk was just another negro who knew his place……

          • marshmil1789

            Your comment john is racist! So are you!

          • John D

            Stupid comment.

        • Snakebait511

          MLK wasn’t as angelic as you may think. He was caught on several occasions hiring white prostitutes to satisfy his needs. I was a teenager when this scandal broke. I also thought he was on the level but my opinion sharply changed.

          • rei42728

            how do you know that scandal wasn’t fake news???? By Jackson or—-

          • Snakebait511

            Good point! Back then racism WAS rampant and if it was generated by Jackson, why? Were they competing for headlines? I know MLK preached peace between races, among ALL people but at that time I didn’t understand why there were problems. I had no problems with anybody except the white bullies who hated a poor white boy.

      • Mark Plenn

        Farrakhan was at least up front with his anti-white agenda.

    • Steve Flowers

      You are so right, but you must add more name to this problem. THAT PERSON MISSING IS BARACK INSANE OBAMA, prior to his election as president America was doing very well racial issues, OBAMA put it back on the front page.

      • Norman F Brown

        Yes don’t forget his wife. !!

        • Mark Plenn

          Who could forget Michael.

          • johnnywoods

            And Valerie.

          • RC

            I’d like to. We now have a first lady who shows some class and I’d much more remember her.

          • Stephen Howe

            And their alleged rent-a-kid daughter, Malaria…

        • moma

          she is the biggest racist in this country.

        • Lee Martinsen

          You mean his husband, Michael, right?

      • Mark Plenn

        Obama is a major cause of today’s racial devide. His dualism and double speak on the issue was a crock of shit. Barry Soetoro is a Black race baitter.

        • marshmil1789

          Obama is not ”a major cause” of today’s racial divide, he is THE CAUSE. He called himself a “community organizer”. HA! He is actually a disorganizer and a divider. He illegally occupied the Executive Mansion for eight years. He is NOT a citizen of the United States of America. He lent aid and comfort to Iran, an enemy of the United States of America. That means he is a traitor.

          • Matlonc

            Yet where were all the people he helped along the way? No friends, no classmates, no real neighbors, no buddies, teammates, etc. Its as if he was just conjured up. The perfect useful idiot for the people behind the curtain

          • marshmil1789

            I’ve been asking that question for several years. it seems that Barack Obama came out of NOWHERE. He simply materialized in 2007. Before that, nobody has claimed to have known him. Nobody in his school years has come forward to certify that Obama was actually there. So how do we explain granting the US Presidency to someone who has essentially no bona fide history?

          • BatGuanna

            He is just another one of George Soros Puppets!

          • marshmil1789

            Right “BS”. ;D Your “tag” here more accurately fits Barack Obama.
            You have a great sense of humor.

          • BatGuanna

            It keeps you from wanting to scream or cry; all this BS sucks! If they locked up all that was in the white house for the last 8 years they would not get all of the swamp just a little of the pond scum!

          • marshmil1789

            Yep! And the sooner we get the scum removed the better off the Nation will be. We are told by the MSM that there’s a faction of useful idiots who plan to scream at the blue sky soon. I saw another item that said some will scream at the sky on Veterans Day. I never realized mentally deranged folks could come up with and display such a show. I’m looking forward to a humongous laughing session. Recall the video of the young female squatting in a street screaming her head off when she discovered Cruella de Hill lost the Nov. 8 election. It was both a sad and an entertaining scene she acted out. Saw a screen shot of her antic recently.

          • marshmil1789

            “Conjured up” Matlonc is the perfect assessment of the appearance of Barack Hussein Obama. He essentially came from “nowhere” onto the American scene in 2007. His “beginnings” are controversial. His earlier life is like a mist for which no classmates, friends, or whoever have come forward to testify of his existence while growing up. Coincidentally (?) he has a remarkable facial resemblance of the character of Satan wearing a black, hooded, full length costume in a recent motion picture. The lingering question about Obama is “Who is he and where did he come from?”. He is a classic enigma and an absolute insult to the United States of America.

          • William Wilson

            you are mistaken Marshmil1789… he is NOT a traitor.. in order to be a traitor he would have to be a citizen.

          • marshmil1789

            It is a play on/with words. I agree with you WW. So let’s go after the ones who supported him and illegally allowed his name on ballots. They are the guilty ones and should suffer severe penalties by way of the federal judiciary. I suggest life imprisonment at Gitmo.

          • marshmil1789

            Then WHAT would YOU call Barack Obama? The greatest thing since God?
            We know about Obama’s non-Citizenship.

          • Patricia Olsen

            You are sooooo right. I’m getting tired of everyone blaming it on “whitey.”

          • BatGuanna

            Obama organized his community of Chicago and its a gun free zone, just like Iraq; what do you expect? There have been times there were more deaths in Chicago due to gunfire there by the criminal elements that survive in the sanctuary cities, that do not allow the police to do their job. They the Police are being threatened by the criminal elements that thrive in these sanctuary cities! And the lame duck liberal politicians are more concerned about the police violence, it is a normal thing to be scared if you do not know who is going to shot or stab you while you are at work? What is the percentage of the people that have shot or just plain murdered the police men and women that have been killed just because they had a badge. The police have been white and black both male and female, just like their killers; and we have some ass say black lives matter, All Lives Matter!

          • moma

            Well said.

      • Barry Milbert

        It is interesting that poor black people support democrats. Their president Obummer , was in office for 8 years and after 8 years, they are still poor.There has been many more black Americans employed since Trump took office> Check the facts.

      • Matlonc

        Yes the great post racial fraud.

      • moma

        If you check fully obuma is not black, he is 50 percent white, 49 percent middle eastern and maybe 1 percent black.

    • tCotUS


    • pmbalele

      Please don’t blame Al Sharpton’s & Jesse Jackson’s for racism in this country. Blame federal judges and government lawyers. At least I have good experience with states judges so far. But federal and government lawyers still believe and act that Blacks are intellectually inferior to them as Whites. State judges try as much as possible to be objective and rule according to evidence. Not federal judges. You will find most private and government defense lawyers remove cases from state courts to federal district courts. Defense lawyers know federal district judges are lazy, racists and will throw out any race discrimination complaint on summary judgment or failure to state claim. Of course Federal district judges are afraid of appellate judges who may overrule and remand cases to district court. I know it’s an embarrassment if a case is remanded back. But I have been telling them that if they rule cases according to evidence and not dependent on race of complainant, they will feel good that at least they were objective. Please read cases from the 7th Circuit decision and you find why I am casting blame on federal judges for perpetuating discrimination in this country. How would you like a co-worker call you racial slur? Judges at the 7th Circuit say there is nothing wrong with calling Blacks or Whites racial slurs-tough it. Thank God we have well a balanced US Supreme Court. Some Justices have experienced discrimination in their past lives. Please read 7th circuit decisions and tell me what you think.

      • Buck Stearns

        I didn’t blame them for racism — just for exploiting it.

        • Mark Plenn

          You are so right!

      • john

        I could care less if some negro called me a cracker…

        • marshmil1789

          john you more likely meant “could NOT care less….”. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” “Crackers” and “Oreos”—some people borrow snack item names and use them for labels. To me they are comical and have no meaning.

        • John D

          You mean “I couldn’t”

      • Snakebait511

        NEWS FLASH! Al Sharpton constantly called for killing “whitey” in the 60’s as did Jesse Jackson. I was 16 during the race riots fueled by their racist rants that caused much destruction and cost many lives. I have no respect for either one of these race baiters.

    • Mark Plenn

      Buck, you dun hit the nail on its head!

    • Snakebait511

      All the racial uproar stems from the communist universities professors given the green light by the Obama administration, Soros, the Clintons who designed upheaval and division to further divide our nation. Remember, a house divided will not stand. But it begins in grade school called “Common Core” education. This is part of the plot to bring America into the communist NWO. None other than Hellary Clinton got her education from Saul Alinsky who wrote ” Rules For Radicals” which is Hitlerys bible. In my 67 years, I’ve never seen such turmoil in America caused by demonic politicians! Hopefully, Clintons relationship with the Russians will blossom into a prison sentence that may blow the lid off of the whole conspiracy to bring America down and all the rest of the demons will go down the drain with her. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d2242e123a118ee1317cc076ae2a62e55a438e9ef4cb5f9d26959260de69938e.jpg

    • Jan

      thank you you are correct. I was not raised to be racist and I realize this crap does not mean all blacks feel this way. but they are making it bad for everyone Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson is the first one there to incite violence without it they would go broke, But as soon as it comes out that it was not racist I have yet to hear an apology from either of them they just shut up and dissappear waiting on the next excuse;

      • Barry Milbert

        What did they do for the hurricane reliefs?

    • Reb

      The so called outcry is because blacks know if they make any peep the leftist media will jump on it like a duck on a June bug and spew their lies.

    • Simply_Sis

      Buck – exactly. I haven’t seen a KKK group since the early 80s and it was weird to see then (living in California). Everyone I knew thought they were a joke. And a bad one at that. The globalist are behind the racism mongering, which will not go away (according to the Bible). It is a MAJOR component of how the globalist elite will rule in the NWO not too far in the distant future. We’re in the end-times, so as much as we would like to believe it will go away, it won’t. There are too many only more than happy to jump on board the racism train and ride it to hell.

    • Matlonc

      Perfectly stated. As long as they keep using their race as a crutch they will stay crippled, just the way their “leaders” like to keep em. That way they stay in power yet all the while pretend to be “helping”. Sadly part of that means keeping them dumbed down so they dont know any better.

      • Buck Stearns


      • Rodney Dietz

        I totally agree, I just don’t understand how they can watch a brother, sister, friend or who ever succeed of the same color and dismiss it as selling out to white people! If you can clearly see others can live decent lives, and enjoy all the same benefits WTF go get it!! Blaming whitey for anyone else failures at this point is absurd!

        • Eva Holiman

          I say, look at Dr. Ben Carson, LCl Alan West, Herman Caine, Alan Keys, Condelezza Rice, and other’s who obviously “made it” and have done very well. The George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, and other’s who “made it” even in times that were more difficult for many. It makes my blood boil with Affirmative Action baloney, not admitting the brightest and best applicants for medical school and other type fields but giving points on tests and requiring schools to admit those with less ability due to ethnic, etc., baloney.

      • BatGuanna

        We all know that years ago if a black man or woman did good their friends and neighbors called them Uncle Tom’s. They could not get credit for doing good because they worked hard. Also the white kids that did good were called kiss asses, the words were different the end results were the same the majority were jealous. We all have had our trying times for trying to do good; there have been bullies for ever!

    • RC

      The blacks wanted equality. They got it back in the 1950s. Now it appears they feel they’re the majority, and perhaps they are in our prisons. That tells me that since they have equality they should try acting like Americans instead of a bunch of whiny little babies, try working for a living like everyone else and just join society in general. That way they just might be able to contribute something to our country. Having written that, I think we all know there are exceptions to every rule. I’ve known some black men who’ve made something of themselves but feel they’re a minority within a minority.

  • Napoleon

    Trump, Russia and the K.K.K are the Enemy of the United States of America anyone stand will pay a price.

    • conc11111

      Yea yea yea your full of shit just like all demorats

    • Mike W

      Yeah it was Trump who colluded with the Russians…….no wait that was Clinton. It was Trump that gave North Korea nuclear capabilities in the first place …….no wait that was Carter and another Clinton. It was Trump who gave nuclear capabilities to Iran……no wait that was Obama – or whatever the hell his real name is. It was Trump who ran the national debt up to nearly 20 trillion dollars……no wait that was “W’ and Bathhouse Barry. For 8 long years we have listened to how everything was Bush’s fault. Now the Bush’s have joined forces with Obama and the Clintons to blame all of their failures on President Trump – why don’t you get an education?

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        It’s too hard!

    • Gerry Costa

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! typical libtard garbage.

    • God,Family,Country

      No its honestly the likes of people who are like you, and the Democrat, who are, and always have been the True Enemies to the United States of America, and what She stands for. She stands for freedom, liberty, the right to bear arms, to be the best you can be. But the Democrats are Selfish Souls, they don’t want you or me, or anyone else to eat at their table, or live in their neighborhood unless they approve of our company. And That is a Very Few!!!

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Go lay your head in shiit and die you moron.

  • Danny

    These lowlife politicians are stirring racism up even though it is at its lowest level ever. Anyone that yells racism is so racist themselves they should be jailed for a hate crime. This is an example where the accusers have to do things their selves to justify their accusations. Will this rat be prosecuted for committing a race crime.? I won’t hold my breath.

    • richbach

      Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro has done more to divide this country in 8 years than all the previous Presidents that I can remember. Also, when the Civil Rights and Voting Rights bills were passed, there were virtually no democrats that voted for either bill. If it were not for the GOP in this country, the blacks would never have it as good as they have it now.

  • fred russo

    At 79 i can tell you that for 40 years DemoRAT have pitted blacks against whites rich against poor. They are a party of no ideas so this is the way they get votes. If we had an honest media they would never get away with this.

    • drantigmo

      the media prints what sells. They are dishonest to everyone… there is no special “honest” for demonrats.

      • dpg01

        They lie and manipulate the truth to shine a positive light on the democrat scum. They have for at least 50 years.

      • Mark Plenn

        How can you tell if Democrats are lying? Their lips are moving.

        • carolyn toms

          LOL, thanks I needed that laugh.

      • marshmil1789

        The New York Times is now known for ALL THE NEWS THAT’S FAKE TO PRINT.

    • dpg01

      Our new, real American President has exposed the media for what you and millions of others have known them to be for decades.

    • Terry

      You are correct Sir! The Democraps want the black & poor votes, then when elected the blacks & poor are forgot about! Their main goal after being elected is getting all the money they can, anyway they can! Then they will bring up the same promises at the next election!

      • Kathy Murray

        and they’ve expanded their grasp to immigrants and “undocumented” immigrants. Pouring in so many thousands for their own gains.

      • Mark Plenn

        Just look at the Clinton’s, Waters, Warren, Pelosi, Wilson need I go on?

        • marshmil1789

          …now you can add Frederica Wilson from Florida.

    • ahartley

      However, this keeps their ratings up and makes “somebodies” out of idiotic nobodies. It makes them money, “for the love of money is the root of all evil.” There is a supply and demand. If people weren’t watching them and feeding this, the media would be left in financial ruins and no demand to supply. Quite simply. What you feed, grows.

    • Mark Plenn

      Democrats polluted the education system with left-wing anti-Constituion socialists.

      • Rodney Dietz

        Theres a subject that makes my blood boil. Two sons, One daughter through college and one graduating high school this year. All of them have been Liberal indoctrinated beginning in High school. Besides being taught by teachers, it’s also a peer pressure point. I expect all of them to have fresh ideas about the country but they don’t. Everyone of them are spewing the Liberal hate and miss conceptions, each to some degree or another. I have no problem if it were there opinion but when all four opinions line up about white privilege and everyone else is oppressed it makes me sick. Someone is indoctrinating my children covertly to believe the way I brought them up was privileged and wrong. Makes me want to find those people and snatch up there kids world view and change into something sick.

    • John D

      That is a really big “IF”

  • Estoban

    These fake ‘hate crimes’ run into hundreds of incidents now. The perps, themselves, should be convicted of ‘hate crimes’.

  • rtwoods3

    When the blacks are just over thirteen percent of the US population and three percent of that is responsible for fifty percent of all murders,rape and violent crime in this country, what makes this hard to believe. Now if it had been a white person who did this , we would here about it for weeks on every news channel there is. Since it was a black, most people will never hear about it. I think weALL know who the racists are!

    • ahartley

      For those who are still here, old enough to remember. Who had a grandparent they’d know who had been a slave, who DID have to sit in the back of the bus and KNOWS what real discriminatory “racism” is, these “trumped-up” sorts of things cause unrest, and potentially fear of past becoming reality. I hate this sort of trashy tripe.

      • john

        I remember when negro’s had to go sit in the back.

        • ahartley

          I was born in ’68, so experiencially no. I know folks in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s who do remember. One had told me about a time she’d been sat in the back. She wasn’t hateful, or resentful, just relaying her story. A dear lady. Another friend I had met her grandmother when she was a child, who had been a slave. It bothers me to see how this effects her, at times.

    • john

      I believe it is more than 3%……

  • Gerry Costa

    I’ll say again, just like the protesting football players, they just want the blacks to be able to do anything they want to without any accountability. They want to be able to assault any white person or law enforcement, riot, loot burn without repercussion.They want to “fall back” on this ol poor us slavery, we are treated so badly when in fact this country has bent over backwards to make up for the wrong of slavery. But nothing seems good enough for some — they want to blame and have everything given to them but I think the people of this country have given enough. They have the same chances as everyone else, maybe even more, to make something of themselves with hard work and diligence. Then you have weasels like sharpton and jackson who have made fortunes off bilking their own people by keeping the pot stirred with “racism”.

    • drantigmo

      For what reason? Not to try and inject sanity in here but for what reason would anyone want blacks to riot, loot and burn? We pay the taxes that give them free money….

      • dpg01

        Read the communist game plan. Civil unrest and division is a common thread. democrats are nothing if not Marxist communists and follow this old , successful plan daily.

      • sweetolbob

        The reason is to appear sympathetic to poor, abused, young folks, who happen to be stealing a pair of tennis shoes. Or the poor, downtrodden Black guy with the armload of liquor. Or the socially deprived and slightly overweight lady with an armload of jewelry and fur coats exiting through a big broken window, is to GET ELECTED by these same folks who vote.
        Then the REAL thievery begins !

      • Vince

        The people that want blacks to riot are the sharptons and the Jesse Jackson’s of the world that make their money off of cheating their own people, AND THE DEMORATS OF EVERY COLOR.

      • Sharon Chesher

        But our taxes don’t generate enough for them to have 52 inch TV’s
        or $250.00 Nike shoes…therefore, it’s riot time, loot time, and burn
        (to eliminate fingerprints)!!!

      • Gerry Costa

        Sanity —- in this country right now doesn’t exist. Racial division was a major goal of obama the fraud — whether it was blacks, whites, hispanics, asian, muslim — whatever. Why do you think he tried so hard to flood this country with his illegals from all over the world.

    • roy paul shields

      Plain and simple; There are blacks and there are colored; the blacks want what the whites have and want it given to them and not need to work for it; the colored are true Americans that work their way to equality.

    • Norman F Brown

      Some of them don’t believe in the laws. They seem to have their own laws. But there are some good honest black people. I was in the Navy for thirty years and we didn’t have all this hogwash. Blacks and whites made rate according to their ambition.

      • Gerry Costa

        Norman — I absolutely agree with you and I should have stipulated that fact in my post. I also served with Blacks, Hispanics, even some Italians in Nam that I would defend with my life still today. The Italian part is just a joke.

    • john

      When will people realize that the negro is no damn good.

  • John D

    The EMU police chief is a lying moron

  • A little background will help.
    . http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/64-ways-obama-is-sabotaging-trump/ Ex-president plots to force resignation or impeachment by Garth Kant. And
    . Soros Report: http://northamericanlawcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/REPORT-ON-U.S.-PATRIOT-ACT-VIOLATIONS.pdf

  • downs1

    These Black folks who do these things so that they can then claim “White supremacists/racists did it!” are fools and will eventually be held responsible for their hatred and dishonesty! Perhaps the “Reverend” Al Sharpton needs to tell these folks about the Judgment that they will face one day! And they won’t be able to call God Almighty a racist! After all, He created them and they are valuable to Him; however, when they attempt to blame their own hatred for others He created on someone else, and deny God in the process, they are doing the work of Satan . . . and they will pay a heavy price!


    Buck it’s from the NWO, they want a race war then they can declare martial law and take over the country without a fight.

  • James in Texas

    Life ain’t Fair…………….Get over it and do something that is worth your time and just might made it better, for everybody!

  • Calvin Harwick

    Some blacks have such a deep seated inferior complex and inferiority and resentment then blame their problems on whitey.Apparently they can’t seam to shake their hate complex of their ancestors of 300 years ago.I grew up in a Northern town that had no blacks and to my knowledge had no prejudice whatsoever.What it comes down to is that it is their problem not mine.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    These phony ‘Hate’ crimes are similar to “Groundhog” day.

  • mad max

    blacks hate blacks more than whites hate blacks,proof right here—University of Toledo criminologist Dr. Richard R. Johnson examined the latest crime data from the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports and Centers for Disease Control and found that an average of 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012.FACT 1. Over 1,400 more black Americans murdered other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968.

    According to FBI data, 4,906 black people murdered other blacks in 2010 and 2011. That is 1,460 more black Americans killed by other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968, according to the Tuskegee Institute.

    FACT 2. Black People (mostly men) commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime.

    In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.

    In other words: black people–at just a fifth of the size–committed almost 1,000 more murders than their white counterparts.

    FACT 3. Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years.

    DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, black people committed 52% of homicides.

    In 2013, black criminals committed 38% of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31 percent.

    FACT 4. Chicago’s death toll is almost equal to that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined.

    Chicago’s death toll from 2001–November, 26 2015 stands at 7,401. The combined total deaths during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2015: 4,815) and Operation Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan (2001-2015: 3,506), total 8,321.

    FACT 5. It would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of others black men in 2012 alone. LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

    • sweetolbob

      mad max:
      Thanks for the facts ! Now let’s get the pandering, favor seeking, political favoritism seeking, anus clones, like those in the NFL to realize what damned liars they are being. What a bunch of brain scrambled, muscle bound, stupid, racist,
      Nincomepiddles ! *
      * note: A Nincomepiddle is a person displaying all the necessary criteria, but still unworthy of designation as a full “poop”

  • Babsan

    The hate that our former Resident in the WH incited is beyond belief

    • drantigmo

      equal to what the pathological liar, con-man in-charge today is stirring.

      • Arnold Baron

        You are a nut. Nuff said.

      • john

        MoFo Drantigmo……..ya brainless or what?

  • drantigmo

    No; he’s black so he’s allowed to write, say and yell the word nigger whenever he wants. Its not hateful when they say it but its a race/hate crime if you white people do.
    That makes perfect sense to me… but when they say “redneck” or “cracker” that’s CERTAINLY not a race/hate crime…heavens no.

  • God,Family,Country

    Stupid is what Stupid does, and that’s the real problem most of these people who feed into and play the part of the Race problems they don’t realize that they are being used to continue the industry of Racism, and once used are thrown away just like the trash they follow!! After all if people started to get along, the Democrats are Finished, and the True Form of the Democrat agenda will be exposed for everyone to see That either All out Socialist or Communism is what the Democratic party stands for. They surly don’t want all us Free.

  • Robert

    The problem is the Left stirs people up to create hate and racism. Then they point fingers and say vote for us.
    The Left not only wants to eliminate freedom and God, they want Communism and the immoral thought to govern. Another Sodom and Gomorrah for God to destroy.

  • Mr Larry Rodger Chase


  • vinny

    That is fake news. THAT NIGGER IS GUILTY AS SIN!!!

  • Larry Brule


  • After reading down through these posts, maybe we are missing something. The poor in the US are crying out in their plight. I don’t think they are even realizing what they are doing. America needs to become aware of the situation the poor is in and do something to change their plight or face destruction of eh nation.

    • niknar

      Indeed! The poor, no matter what race they are, are suffering more & more as corporate control of government, media & society gets further entrenched, wealth gets diverted to corporate executives & billionaires, & the gulf between rich & poor gets ever more enormous. Economic injustice & neglect of poverty are the root of many of our problems, including growing civil unrest & division in our country.

      • niknar,

        The poverty problem is that the poor in big cities have no jobs. Using and selling drugs is the only source of larger income. Males have little incentive to work. Women too often want kids to increase income, not seeming to realize that the cost of the child far exceeds any income derived from having more kids.

        • niknar

          That is true, & it’s a serious & never ending problem in big cities. But rural & suburban areas have their own problems with drugs, & it seems to be getting ever worse. We have many critical problems throughout our country that have been largely neglected by government no matter who is in power. Part of it is the entrenched & corrupt corporatist Duopoly that limits our choices & doesn’t reflect the will of the people, & serves the interests of corporations & billionaires over that of ordinary people.

          • I am glad I Iive in a fairly moderate area. We do not have any slums in our cities. Yes, there are poor and yes, there are drugs but nothing like big cities. But major cities are the pits for work that keeps people off of drugs. Both political parties are doing a whole lot less than they should.

  • Shadow

    When will the “whites” get an apology from the EMU president, when will “BLM” have a rally and apologize the the “white” students they blamed for these actions. This keeps happening, does anyone remember the Tawana Brawley fake(lie) rape news, and how Rev. Al Sharpton came to her side. How about Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” lie, the innocent young who ruffed up a store employee and stole a box of cigars.

    • sweetolbob

      What’s true is true ! There is no “Pee Cee” cure for the truth just because it is supposed to be a nasty word. But the personification of the ENN word has been shown to the world in the hundreds of the idiots who knew better, (some of them actually in Congress) an still paraded around with their hands in the air, chanting “Don’t Shoot”.
      Witness accounts, even those who lied in the first place, told what actually happened. Still the race baiting ENNs, kept it up.
      That nasty word will die and never be heard again as soon as there no more of them. But it appears we have a loooooooong wait.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    It sounds to me the Black man wanted to incite a riot on those he hated. It looks like it back-fired!…. People are going to have to settle their differences and get along!… Hate is not the answer!

  • GuardianFlame

    Don’t forget that george Soros, the Puppetmaster behind Obama AND BLACK LIVES MATTER, WANTS CIVIL UNREST AND CHAOS TO PLAGUE OUR NATION — THE MORE THE BETTER!

    There are unknown hidden forces at play here snd it is being funded with Soros dollars. This is exactly how Soros plays his hand. Do the research on how he destroyed many countries by first causing their foundations and racial issues to flare. Soros knows exactly how to inflame. It is his major in life — it’s how he’s made his billions of dollars.

    Some dumb Black man is doing the graffiti, but Soros is paying him to do it. Want our Country back? Get the Soros family deported. It’s a beginning…

    • Betta

      There is a petition going around the internet to have Soros stripped of his US citizen ship and deported.

      • GuardianFlame

        It’s abt time! Even soros own birth Country has a warrant for his head. Hungarians HATE soros and he is banned from his own country. Yet soros lives very comfortably in New York City. You can Google his address and see it on Google Earth.

        He is using our Country in ways that should anger Americans, yet he is still here. He needs to be deported with his WHOLE SOROS FAMILY…being Evil runs in that family. Deport them now!

  • mike

    I am shocked!! Well back to work, got a boss to please, and bills to pay.

  • It’s and inflated topic to separate us a country and it backfired because the person they wanted to be president didn’t win, therefore throwing their whole commy ,socialist, liberal agenda for a loop.
    People sending their kids to college who do t agree with these liberal loons professors need to let these colleges know that.

  • Stephen Kirtland

    When someone calls you a name you don’t like, you neither have to feel offended nor to take revenge on the one who insults you. In fact you don’t even need to consider it an insult at all. No one can give you offense if you don’t take offense. You have no control over another person’s thoughts or actions and, unless you are so weak minded and characterless that you are “shaken to the core” by what somebody else does, they have no control over your thoughts and actions. But, you do, unless you give all your self-control to any loud mouthed nitwit who blathers at you. People need to develop some backbone and soldier on with life in spite of the horror of being called something distasteful to themselves. Get over it. Pay attention to what you can do something about and let go of the rest. ‘Nuff said.

    • mica

      Exactly! Listening to someone or not listening, acknowledges for them whether you value their opinion.

    • john

      I agree with the name calling stuff……cracker,honkie and all the rest don’t bother me a bit

  • Gramma Land

    TO Buck Stearns – You are 100% correct. Thanks for putting it into words.

  • Dave Campbell

    I have already gotten to the point that I now assume that these incidents are faked until proven otherwise. The problem the race baiters (and the Democratic party) has is that there is next to no racism anymore, so it has to be manufactured. And racism is also now being taught in our universities (white privilage, micro aggressions, cultural appropriation, etc.) to make sure there will be plenty of racists to fight for racism in the future. (Note: The leftists have gotten very good at getting people to fight for the very thing they think they are fighting against; Antifa is the prime example. Useful idiots 2.0.)

  • shortround

    Why did you portray Gods Son, my Savior, “Jesus Christ”, that way in your story?

  • desert fox

    More and more we find that the racism created by the Gay Muslim President has permeated the hatred among blacks who are the racists and try to blame whites. You’ll have a better life if you live yours thinking you are a human being like the rest of us.

    • Betta

      Not all blacks. Just the ones who didn’t grow up as we blacks were raised back in the day. Black or white that’s how they act now. Blacks listened to white psychologists telling us how to raise our children. The white psychologists were wrong.

      When my daughter was young she would have these temper tantrums. I talked with her pediatrician about it. She said:

      When she does that just ignore her. If she knows it bothers you she will keep on doing it.

      What horse shit.

      Me with my young dumb ass said “okay.” Well, daughter did her tantrum in front of my grandmother who said:

      “Spank her ass.”

      I promptly delivered a couple swats on her behind. Tantrums stopped IMMEDIATLEY never to occur again.

      This is what the ones growing up today, whether they are black, white or indifferent, didn’t get and sorely need. That is why they act like fools, disrespectful as hell and wouldn’t know a good hard decent good day’s work if it was shoved down their throats. They’re too busy with their face in their cell phones consumed with social media. I wouldn’t give a nickel for none of them today and they’re raising the next generation who will be WORSE!

      I’ve seen how white kids talk to their parents. Disgraceful. When I was growing up that wasn’t tolerated in the black household. You got your ass beat if you did. Therefore, you didn’t do it. Today the younger folks, black and white, talk to you any way they please, saying and doing anything they please to whomever they please any time they please. They know no consequences for their actions. Back in the day if this kid wrote that graffiti and his daddy found out there would be no skin left on his ass. I mean that figuratively, of course. But, he’d never forget that lesson his daddy taught him and later in his older years would laugh about it with his buddies.

      However, this is today and the younger folks running around, whether they are black or white, are animals. They have absolutely no respect for no one or no thing. So, it’s not all blacks. Not by a long shot. It is some whites too.

      • Yazmine

        AMEN – and your Grandmama was a Godly woman 🙂

        • Betta

          Thank you!

  • 9400budlang8406

    If the media just wouldn’t give these idiots any coverage at all it would help. But they won’t do that because they are addicted to creating a stir themselves. They feel they have some duty to give these fools some recognitio.n

  • Ronald Hagler

    While there is still racial division in the U.S.A., it is rarely initiated by white people. You do not see hoards of white youths running through the streets destroying everything in their wake. You do not see white mobs rioting, looting and attacking every black person they see. We are not repeatedly exposed to white protestors kicking and beating black people who show up to vote for a democrat. How many white people have walked up to a police car and shot the officer/patrolman inside? How many black people have done so? You do not see a Congressional White Caucus, but there is a Congressional Black Caucus. You do not see an organization for the advancement of white people but the NAACP is a strong political force promoting black supremacy, in the name of equality. We do not see white people marching and demonstrating (for days) in our nations Capital, demanding more of everything. We do see black people, almost monthly, marching and demonstrating for more government support. Perhaps the reason we see so many black people complaining (as opposed to so few white people complaining) is because the white citizen is forced to work, while many black families are 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients, thus granting them time to march, riot and demonstrate on the government “dole”.

    To those who will see this as a racist rant, I caution you to show any part to be non-factual and prove that this a racist statement and not a factual representation of today’s news. Be careful, for those who see this as being racist are the only racists reading this.

  • John D

    I remember a case of black churches being burn in the south. It turns out it was a black doing it to inflames racial ttension.

  • Vee Johnson

    Don’t you people ever get tired, don’t you get tired. Let the hate go you all know damn well the protest is not about not stupid flag or the military it is about bad cops that’s it that all nothing else the only reason you are upset is because a black person had the nerve to kneel before at instead of standing and placing his hand over his chest. How come you so call people never got mad when WHITE PEOPLE were burning and stomping on the flag. I’ll tell you why because it was you doing it and the rest of us do not have the right to protest because we are just visitors here. Hmmmmmmmmm, get over yourselves in the scheme of things you are not important, not at all and neither are black people, sick and tired of hearing about blacks and whites you are not the only people in this country. And you are being swallowed up by your prejudices. You are stupid.

  • rei42728

    After reading many remarks I want to say that no one has mentioned GOD. It all boils down to God and the devil. And we ask ourselves: Are we abetting the devil in all this talk?! The only way we can change others is to ask God. The devil is putting ideas in the heads of his workers. They work for MONEY and he knows it. Sex and money is the devil’s lure. Get that out to the masses and they will take away his lures if they really want change. Are we guilty also of putting money especially and sex first to get what we want of this world? If so then we are just as guilty but less the microphone.
    The microphone!!! The news media. If we boycott their news they won’t be able to get ads,,,,which means money in their pockets or not!!! Boycotting works and somehow there are means to tell numbers that watch a station or not.

  • rei42728

    Don’t you wonder why all the investigation going on and solid evidence of treason and NO arrests or jail sentence? Death used to be the penalty for treason. Law has made it so complicated now that it would take years to convict someone or maybe not at all? Another swamp crocodile that must be drained away. I wonder if there was on outporing of demand that Obama and his likes would be jailed at least, would we get it? I was wondering when the Clintons and Obamas would flee the country for refuge —-maybe to Russia?


    Insoreirectors will be around as long as it takes to eat a dill pickle!

  • Simply_Sis

    This is the problem. There is too much attention given to these pretty benign incidents, which is why the trouble-makers (of all colors) stir things up doing these idiotic (and pretty easy) actions. It is like when you have a child that acts out because they want attention, many times if you just ignore the bad behavior (unless it is destructive to your property) until they see it isn’t getting them the attention they want, they’ll just quit the behavior all on their own. Trouble-makers want people hopping when they push the buttons. And they will just keep pushing the buttons if people keep hopping, which liberals do.

  • GuardianFlame

    How easy is it to pay some dumb poor BLack man to put racial slurs on American statues? Just that easy!! There are forces at work here that want to create racial division because it causes chaos in a Nation. Can you guess who has a silent hand in this?

    His agenda is to create discord as often as possible, wherever possible. He funds and controls BLM and Antifa plus has had a hand in the demonstrations against our sitting President. Do you know who I speak of?

    George Soros has an army of unintelligent people who are desperate in their lives for something – money, notoriety, companionship. Until soros is removed from our Country, we Americans will experience disruption to our every day lives by idiots being PAID to deface and destroy our foundations. It is who Soros is and what he does.

    Kick him and his evil family out of America! There are several Countries that put warrants out for his arrest because of illegal financial dealings that almost destroyed their Nations.

    Believe me Soros is hiding here because he feels safe and can do dirt right in our own backyards. Write Pres. TRUMP and state that Soros is hurting our Recovery as a Nation and that he personally had people demonstrate against P.T. Stress that most of the issues today that are plagueing our Nation are Soros created. He is like a cancer with millions of cells and he needs to live somewhere else — not the U.S.!

    • niknar

      Wow! Here it is again. This octagenarian is the source of all evil in the US!

      • GuardianFlame

        Obviously you do not research nor read about people who have hurt other countries. I am closer to the truth on that demon man than most because my spouse/family are from Hungary and I hear all about the horrible things this man has done without batting an eye. He was born in Hungary but has been banned from their Nation. Hmmmm, wonder why?

        Do you know what a sociopath is? Someone who “thinks” his way is the only way no matter who gets hurt or killed. Soros is a sociopath and don’t let his age fool you. He is as sharp as you or I and he’s trained his offspring to follow in his footsteps. So now we have Soros, his offspring and his nephew he is training to run for the U.S. Presidency. And his Nephew has the charm, class and intelligence to pull that off. You do NOT want a soros person anywhere near our Presidency. They are Socialists through and through!

        FYI: Did you know that Georgy Soros turned in his own Jewish Mother and Father to the Natzis when he was 14 years old for a few coins? That was the beginning of his evil career in amassing $$ to the tune of several billion. He has NO scruples nor conscience and people are just objects to be used to make $$(even his own parents) – learned that at 14.

        He is part of the One World Order and is trying to destroy our Country by creating chaos and breaking down our Society. You see, the OWO can’t take over the U.S. because it is too strong, so our Society must fragment and our government fall apart so the OWO can step in and control the whole world. America is too strong right now for that to happen…but he is trying his best to change that — Black Lives Matter and Antifa are funded by him and under his direction.

        Please don’t be so naive to think that old man is feeble and not a threat to our Country. If he could make a dollar selling “your children” and get away with it, he would do it. If you want to meet the devil incarnate, look into his eyes. You will see evil grinning back at you — he’s had many decades to grow inside that old man.

        • niknar

          Wow! This is more detail from your side (meaning those who feel as you do about Soros) than I’ve seen, & I appreciate your explanation. It is hard for me to make a judgment about somebody about whom I’ve heard & read so little that’s concrete & official. He seems to be part of some great myth. But if even 1/5 of what you say is true, then he is someone to be concerned about.

          I have read quite a bit about the Koch family, the Bush family, & any man, let alone family or dynasty, who gets too much power, can cause a tremendous amount of harm, as many billionaires have already done.

          Raising, not reducing, taxes on the extremely rich is part of what is needed in order to reduce the power they have, as well as putting greater restraints on what they can do to elections, what they can contribute to politicians, & how they can buy & form organizations at will to do their biddings.

          • GuardianFlame

            Niknar, you are right to withhold judgement on Soros, but you MUST research his connections to the organuzations that hinder our society and government. He is truly a sociopath and his connection to the One World Order will tell you why he’s doing this to our Country. It will take some indepth researching, but do it. Americans need to know who he Is and the danger he is to our country. I believe Belgium, Greece, and for sure Hungary have warrants for his arrest. He is not innocent.

            All I know is when his name comes up in my spouse’s family who are Hungarian born, there is disgust and a great deal of loathing. They despise that man and he is banned from Hungary forever.

            Please do the research on Georgy Soros and his family, born in Hungary. You will be shocked at his ability to destroy countries and people’s lives and never be concerned. That is how he made his millions – off the backs of many countries he literally caused to economically fail and he was there to pick up the pieces at a very low price. Not a good man, not a honest man with money he made by hurting people.

          • niknar

            Well, clearly this is something that is dear to you & to which you have a personal connection. It doesn’t appear you’re simply spouting off some propaganda that you heard like I see so many do. I respect your opinion, & will try to learn more about him.

          • GuardianFlame

            You are an intelligent person and should know the truth about this man. Believe me, it is shocking. Check every website you can find then go a step deeper and read what hungarians think about soros. You will see what I’m talking about. Also research connections between soros and the economical collapse of Greece and several other European Countries. You have to do some digging, but it’s all there.
            Good luck Niknar. The truth will shock you…

            Good hunting!

  • niknar

    Interesting how vandalism is dismissed here as trivial. I guess some people enjoy destruction, but I don’t.

  • Lawrence

    Seems to me that the blacks are taking over where the KKK left off…They hate themselves more than anyone…but need to blame someone for their ugliness.

  • I am glad to see below that I am not the only one who believes Obama was not a legitimate President.

  • We had one such incident in Twin Falls, Idaho. Hog parts were placed on a mosque along with a little wooden cross. No church member is that stupid to plant a cross on something like that to draw attention to a church.

  • mannasage

    Black racism is in the rampage again. Why you ask, beats me, they represent only 13% of America’s population, but guess what % they are of welfare, food stamps, free everything? Let’s not forget the Latin & Muslim populations, together with the blacks & they might even out number the white population. So who’s zooming who?

  • Maria

    Those things could have been done by the left as well, they’ll do anything to start this rediculous racist unrest in our country, would not put it pass them.

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