• jgfsmf

    I guess it’s a start, but I’m afraid it’s too late.

    • Vince

      Yes a lot too late and a lot too short,,, MSM is finished they have nooo integrity or wisdom.

  • eric12325

    They can say anything they want ,it’s showing America what they really are like, I’m loving everything my president Trump is doing for me and all of us.

    • Tabitha

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    • Patricia

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      • old codger

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    • w edgar green

      Nicely phrased

  • John M

    When Mr. Trump was elected I knew he was in for an uphill battle. It’s like that for any administration. Normally the transfer of power happens fairly smoothly. I was not prepared for what has been going on for the last year.
    The Dems might be trying their best to hold on to whatever power they thought they possessed. ( the power actually belongs to the people, I believe they forgot that simple fact)
    With every passing day the man we put in the Whitehouse is given challenges drummed up by the last administration. I thank them for it. For without those challenges we would not understand just how competent he really is in addressing those problems.

    It was over eight years in the making. It will take more than a year to get us back to where we were before all this hit the fan. Your patience will be rewarded. Support the President.

    • Kel57

      Another…Very well said!

    • Dan

      Great write !

    • Frances Carlson

      I share your sentiments.

    • pace

      Perfectly said. Thank you.

    • Terry Maloney

      I’m with you! It is just too bad that it is taking so many so long to think things through.

      • John M

        Just please tell me that the justice department has that FBI informant in super secure custody. There’s a tendency for witnesses to have accidents when it comes to testifying against the Clintons. He will be the final nail in the coffin for the syndicate.

        • barnjoer

          For sure, how many now? 11?

          • John M

            Does that include Seth?

          • barnjoer

            Talking about how many the Clintons have done away with that did not do or agree with them. Last I heard was about 112 or so that we’re dead.

    • Shelba Herring

      Could not have expressed it better but the only thing is the president has several so called republicans that are trying to drag him down as well as the democRATS

    • hussy2

      You said it all ! Thank you

  • Edward

    It’s funny how the rats aways jump off the sinking ship. That’s all this reporter is doing. The new media sale could leave him without a job. And the Democrats without a place to spread their lies . The new owner leans to the right and will bring back honesty to the news reports. And maybe this will get the drain plug open on the swamp drain.

  • homer1057

    Wasn’t it Andrew Jackson, the 7th Pres of the U.S. that it was said that he was”one of the most unfit man I know of to become president…”a dangerous man who cannot speak in a civilized manner because he chokes w/rage, a man whose passions are terrible”…From Edward Klien “All Out War” page 33 and yet what came of who and what A.J really was, I mean the man is on the money system we have today, the 50 dollar bill, and wasn’t he later called ole Hickory! SEE how people get things all screwed up by WRONG JUDGEMENT! Mr. Trump is NOT the problem, the ESTABLISHMENT is the PROBLEM! Let’s get behind the president and support him! I am, and I am praying for him and his guidance! Lord knows he needs that!

    • Kel57


    • John M


    • pace

      You know your history. And how about the Battle for New Orleans. He figured out where the English were landing to kick our butts because they brought their ladies with them to do some shopping and partying after the battle. He invented gorilla war fare and the roar of musket fire didn’t stop until the British surrendered. What a guy. A great book on him is “Manifest Destiny.”

    • Susan

      Isn’t Jackson on the $20 (I know Grant is on the $50)…

    • Laurence Almand

      Socialists hate Trump because he is successful, and a strong leader. If the Socialists had their way, the entire middle class would be destroyed by taxation. Look what the Socialists have done to the once-prosperous state of California!

  • Sandy Amick

    I honestly have tried to understand WHY?? these liberals is so much against President Trump..I guess the ones for Hillary and still for Obama, is DOWNRIGHT IGNORANT..people that think like them?? are happy with LIVING in the swamp, sewage as I call them. ALL their EVIL ways and doing is coming OUT!! and they WANT it?? Our President Trump is doing a FANTASTIC job..I KNOW they ARE terrified of the President..their trash is being exposed everyday..POTUS will not be ‘bought’ nor is he intimidated..He is trying so hard to help America..and they cannot accept this?? I LOVE MY PRESIDENT AND I AM SO GLAD THAT HE WON’T BACK DOWN..I stand beside him 1000%..President Trump, I want to thank you so much for loving America, the people and for cleaning out ALL the garbage, swamp and sewage..I KNOW YOU are the greatest President we have and will stay the greatest until the end of times!!!! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP, AGAIN AND AGAIN!!

    • AmericanBelle

      Power and control, and it isn’t just liberals…we’ve got RINOs and establishment on the right as well. Why?

      After Bill finished his term, the couple packed their bags and moved to New York so the carpetbagger Hillary could run for the Senate….and she won. That was to “prepare” her for the presidency. As with the DNC this last election, they did the same thing in the primaries between Obama and Hillary….they “rigged” her out of the position she believed was hers as they took the first black man to the White House. Hillary was “soothed” by Obama’s appointing her Secretary of State AND paying for her million$ lost in the primaries. She was paid to take a back seat until Obama finished his terms.

      Hillary Clinton is supposed to be sitting in the Oval Office today, not Trump. Several things come into play. First, she took control of the DNC and with their help, rigged their primaries to ensure this time, Hillary got the spot. As with Obama being the first black president, Hillary was supposed to be the first female president…Democrats had both these historic presidencies in the bag for being the party of diversity! But because Hillary believed she would be sitting in DC today, the party thought they had it in the bag with a bully opposition in Trump….no way would he/could he win. The race was in the bag.

      What the Clinton Machines, Obama, Democrats, liberals, and the media did not understand or bother to understand is that the last 8 years of Obamanation ruined our country and caused an expansive chasm of hate, bigotry and racism. The parties were defined. Yet all they did was define their own candidate’s mission to continue the Obama legacy in transforming America into a socialist nation. We the People rejected it and instead, joined the national movement that wanted absolutely nothing to do with Obama, the Clintons, or Democrats. They were the forgotten, the middle class who had been ignored for 8 years having the Obama administration block and resist them all the way as they stripped them of their rights and based their entire administration on identity politics, diversity, globalism, and racism.

      To the forgotten, Trump was the bully they needed and wanted. He spearheaded the national movement of defiance that rejected completely Obama’s legacy and Hillary’s intent to see it through to the end. The left completely ignored it…or should we say….continued to ignore that silent majority. We saw the complete breakdown of society during Obamanation as we were forced to the extremes of political correctness where even if we said something as simple as being for traditional marriage, the other side considered it hate speech and went after the people with a vengeance, finding them guilty of homophobia and destroying their lives by closing down their businesses and livelihood, fining them, and in many cases, jailing them! It got to the point where the right was so hated by the left, that they were maligned when not ignored, the media laughed their asses off at the “simpletons” of the right following the immoral Trump who didn’t have a chance of winning, and Hillary at the podium calling them a “basket full of deplorables.”

      First the left ignored us, then they humiliated us, then they laughed at us, and believed that we were all too stupid to understand what was at stake (with Trump came the dissolution of identity politics, globalism, and diversity).

      The race was soooo in the bag for HIllary that she didn’t even bother with a platform or messaging what she would do in office…she even didn’t bother with going into states to rally with the people and take an interest in them. They so ignored the right that they all laughed right through until about 10 pm on election night when it was obvious Hillary got beaten out by the bully non-politician who’d never ran for office before and beat out THE HILLARY CLINTON for President of the United States.

      This first year of Trump’s presidency has been nothing less than extraordinary in putting this country back on track evidenced by the economic boon the left continues to ignore. Obama told us to get used to the new norm of unemployment, no GDP growth, and illegals getting citizenship by the millions. Yet Trump has brought the unemployment rate down to a new low in 17 years, the stock market has continually risen, breaking records daily as it continues to climb, the GDP has grown to 3% for the last two quarters…just 1% shy of Trump’s promise of bringing it to 4% within the decade (and already it’s up to 3%!)….trade deals, new jobs, repatriation of our businesses, opening energy R&D to new heights, and giving back to the people the land Obama stole through his illegal use eminent domain.

      Ooops! and let’s not forget about SCOTUS’ new justice, Neil Gorsuch. With the aged justices getting on in old age, Trump will be changing the court completely to conservative constitutionalism which will last for decades if not generations!

      The left lost far more than an election. They lost their grip on transforming the country into a socialist state, thus losing their power and control over the people, aka deplorables, diversity, identity politics and globalism. IOW, we remain a free people who, with the help of Trump, have a future as the American Dream is back on the map.

      All that’s left to do now is to get rid of the RINOs and Anti-Trumpers as each comes up for reelection; although if the multitude of resignations is any indication, the rats are jumping ship leaving those spots wide open for more conservative constitutionalists to fill.

      THAT’s WHY!

      • Lam Master

        Nicely and simply stated!

      • Paul Pleau

        KUDOS…very well said!!!!!

      • Kel57

        Awesome! you said it like I feel it. Very well said!

      • Doxie

        The Dimoduds are already saying those emptied seats will be filled with Dimoduds…they’re using the latest election results as ammunition. If the Repubs do not get their crap together, this time around, it’s going to spell trouble in the 2018 elections. McCain and his cronies are a total disgrace…how they brag about thwarting anything President Trump wants to accomplish; they, along with the 9th circuit court, are treacherous. Their favorite lap-dogs were defeated in the primaries and their villainy began to take shape. After the election, that villainy became horrific. Dimoduds stick together, not so the Repubs—they fight among themselves. These turncoats would rather see the Dimoduds succeed than see a successful America and a successful President Trump. SHAME on ALL of them. God Bless President Trump !!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0e1cd4cd4a5467bb77e43a1ad27c241d048ff1865fd906273ff88f5a187c7e3e.jpg

        • AmericanBelle

          True to form, the Dimmicrats turned this whole off-season election into a referendum against Trump, with the belief that if they won, it would be proof that the tide has turned and they’ll regain control of the House and Senate. They went with these elections the same way they ran the general election…a hate Trump/Impeach Trump theme. They believe that’s why they won. Let them believe that. They wouldn’t be dimmicrats otherwise!

          Because the bottom line is that VA and NJ are blue states….and both states voted for Hillary, not Trump. It was EXPECTED (by intelligent life forms of the right) that dimmicrats would win THEIR elections in THEIR BLUE states. Ssshhhhhh….don’t tell that to the dimmicrats. Let them live in their bubbles of safety believing they scored big time and have the Republicans by the balls. Because in the end, the dimmicrats haven’t won squat.

          As for the GOP betraying their electorate…they will rue the day. Will they lose control? Possibly…but I don’t believe so. How many of the rats have already declared they will not run for reelection? They’re jumping ship now because they know their consitutuencies are pissed off and want them out…so in essence, they’re saving face. Meanwhile, conservatives on the sidelines are gearing up for next year’s primaries in an off-season election. This is generally when the opposing party takes back seats, but it’s doubtful dimmicrats will prevail, as Americans sit and watch all the criminality, corruption, and deception of dimmicrats being ignored while a witch hunt goes into Trump’s business background decades looking for dirt…since they’ve been unable to uncover any collusion with Russians by the Trump team.

          I’ve noticed in my own state…which is a blue state….it’s coming apart at the seams as numerous conservatives go after those seats in the primaries. Not only are conservatives looking to fill the seats left open by the ship rats, but they’re now looking to unseat dimmicrats who’ve held their seats way too long.

          Jeet Heer has it right. So right, that it’s a damn good thing liberals ignore such writings. Forewarned is forearmed…and the liberals are too busy cracking knuckles in their safe spaces, preparing for “another” landslide win against the heart of this country — the middle class — to pay attention to facts!

          • Deplorable Dotard

            If we don’t get a handle on illegal/dead voters, I fear the left won’t make the same mistake they made with last election. Hillary would be in the Whitehouse, if only they cheated a little more. Its obvious with all the information coming from foia requests, that illegals were voting like madmen, and all for ms pantsuit. We have to force congress to pass a national voter ID. Before next elections, or we’re gonna be doa.

        • pace

          Very well said and I believe McCain and his cronies should fess up and confess, “we are really Democrats.” They seem to side with Chuck and Nancy. This lottery thing with it’s chain is shocking. What was he thinking. Not about American security, but VOTES. That’s all the Dems think about and will do anything to get them, illegally or from the dead. Shame on them.

      • John M

        Excellent observation as to what was taking place over the last 8 years. Let us not forget the shenanigans the DNC, Clinton’s, and the swamp were using to attain their agendas. I pray for justice to prevail in America. Mr. Sessions, you’ve got a big job on your hands.
        God Bless America.

    • Fed Up With Politicians

      The people that oppose President Trump are getting the government handouts and they’re afraid they’re going to lose them!

    • Dan

      Got that right . The ignorance of the liberals comes shinning thru. I never would have thought that losing an election, with one of the worst candidates in history, would make the liberals show their animosity at fellow Americans and disrespect for our president.

    • Sharon Chesher

      AMEN!!!! MAGA!!!!

    • kassa1

      Those people or what the communist call useful idiots. They are too stupid to see they are being used. Are you sure you when they get finished using them they will throw them under the train, just like all these illegals are coming into the country who are backing the communist a.k.a. Democrat party in the end will wish they had never left her own country , After they use them and throw them under the train which will be what much worse here than it was when I came from.

    • pace

      It was pointed out on Hannity, by Rush Limbaugh, that our Congress and their assistants, get insider information. That’s how they go in as average people and become multimillionaires. Just look a Maxine Waters, for example. She is desperate to get rid of Trump. She is a wealthy woman representing a poor black district that she has nothing to do with. Trump knew about some of these people before he took office, but I’m sure he was hit with a mountain of crap once he got in. Also take a look at Meuller a Rep., one of us, who hired 16 Dem attorneys with Clinton connections, to go after our president. I always support President Trump, he is exceptional and doing a great job. Hope Sessions has Great plans for HRC, et al.

  • John Major

    Yes we will always fight the good fight for OUR President Trump. He is turning around the country, but it is going to take some doing. With the help of the american voter we can now drain the swamp. Remember to vote. 2020 will bring new glory to OUR great country. Thank you President Trump for all you do. You will be remembered as as great president. God bless you, and God bless america.

  • PION🇺🇸🇺🇸R

    I too thought the South Korea speech was a good one. Trump didn’t get much credit for it in ANY of the media. I like to get as diverse and complete a news coverage as possible. I find I need to go to some international sources to get a less ideological reporting and coverage, and attention to more issues than the rant of the day.

    At the same time, I have yet to see any of the right-wing media give any credit to President Obama for any of his many accomplishments.

    • baralty

      What did he accomplish?

      • PION🇺🇸🇺🇸R

        Get real Ivan!

      • Robert Stone

        A lot more than obama

  • Ron Alford

    The comments section is dark enough I can read it fine, but the main text is so washed out that I can’t read it at all.

    • Kel57

      I click on to Reader and it shows it darker. I’m on a Laptop.

  • AmericanBelle

    This is the first of many acknowledgements of the left’s pathetic bias and hatred against the President. Although I doubt it will come out until AFTER next year’s election….they still need to block and resist (so they think) to win back Congress.

  • Fran Mejia-Plaza

    The more the liberals discredit our President, the more we conservatives love him. He is our HERO, and he is the only President who has done so much for America, after the previous one destroyed everything that was good, and fair. You go President Trump.!!!

    • pace


  • HelloFromTO

    Well, well, well…

  • Jeff

    Self reflection can be a good it would sure seem so here, but as the author stated “we’re not holding our breathe” I wouldn’t expect any miracles, lest not any time soon but it might give one hope, to see one person is able to self reflect, maybe others will follow, and if we can get passed these got you moments, or attempting to nail the President every time he does or says something. I don’t understand why it is the left still cannot expect the fact that President Trump is our President and contrary to the MSM, narrative he doesn’t t deserve any of the labels for which he’s received, I.e. rascist, homophobe or anti-immigrant, these all are just false narratives, give this President a chance, he might just surprise us all, his overseas policy to this point is the best I’ve seen of any President we’ve had lately.

  • Kitty Kutchmark

    Thank you mr. Heer. This is all we ask for real journalists. just the facts.

  • Timothy Toroian

    And they way clap and laugh at REALLY stupid jokes by late night “comedians”. Some in the audience have no idea what the joke is even connected with because they don’t watch any news. Nor do they know if ANY TRUTH is connected to the “joke”.

  • Jane C Dewberry

    My thanks to Mr. Heer, a liberal journalist, for finally pointing out that the MSM and the far left “never Trumpers” have perhaps “piled on” with the constant negative coverage of President Trump. That’s very upstanding of him; but he should be careful lest the liberal progressives and his fellow so-called journalists turn on him. They don’t take kindly to his type of betrayal. I’m sure they are probably seething with anger that someone connected with the liberal “New Republic” would even come close to saying their treatment of the president is close to being over the top. Before you know it, Mr. Heer may be vilified by his own kind, because that’s what liberals do to those that come close to saying their behavior may have gone a bit too far. So, Mr. Heer, I would say to you–you’d better watch your back.because those you’ve betrayed by even coming close to defending the president, may end up eating you alive. That’s the true picture of their tolerant natures–they eat their own.

    • Dave T

      Agreed 100%. Thank you for reminding us of this absolute fact! That is exactly what will happen. The so-called journalists are just children in reality and will turn on Heer with a vengeance. As soon as “one of their own” jumps ship, they’ll swat him like a mosquito, guaranteed. We trust them again at our peril!

  • Murphmeister

    Trump thought the fish were being koi, so he dumped the bag of food to bring out the animal in them.

  • John Williams

    There is nothing either the leftist rag reporters (I use the term reporters loosely) or the democrat establishment can say that is anything more than “political expediency” do not be fooled, they would devour each other in a minute to hold on to any simulance of power. Like a leopard, the democrat party cannot change it’s spots, these people are committed socialists and communists, they could not change even if they wanted to.

    • Bill

      Well stated and so very true

  • Gea

    As i SAID in my tweet September 2016, Donald Trump was the only candidate with courage and ability to dry up the swamps of Washignton DC, just as George Washington did in 1780ies… He is outing out dangerous swamp creatures one by one, but it will take some time, as they are extremely dangerous and entrenched. MAGA and MASA!

    As long as radical mobs agitators, such as B. Hussein Obama, Hilary and Bill Clinton, and their Muslim brotherhood and deep state suporters are roaming free, they will continue with thier destruction of USA. They must be rounded up and tried for treason as there is enough evidence to convict them and fill up Guantanamo for very very long time.

  • TCK-27

    If Bidum thinks for one minute he could have beaten Mr. Tramp he’ Out of his mind he couldn’t get out of a wet paper bag nor could he beat Trump.
    We not have a real president for the people and he’s doing a good job even through he has a lot of monkeys standing in his way. GO TRUMP

    • America1st

      Bidum has acute hoof n mouth disease. He also suffers from decades of improper grab n grope syndrome.

      What new ideas does Bidum offer to improve the economy? $15/hr minimum wage? Seattle and San Francisco already demonstrated that these workers wound up with $125-150 per week LESS Pay with $15 min.

      Run Joe, run.

    • niknar

      I’m quite sure had Biden run, it would’ve been the biggest landslide (in favor of Biden) in the last half-century. He appeals to a far wider range of voters than does Hillary: in other words, he would’ve gotten virtually all the votes that went to Hillary plus a lot more, including Millennials & Independents & even some Republicans, who either sat it out or voted for somebody other than Hillary even though they disliked Trump.

  • Lori

    Hey Jeet Heer, you mean like even when he takes a drink of water from a water bottle ? I don’t know how these critics can look in the mirror without vomiting, they are so ignorant and disgusting.

  • ahrcshaw

    Good article, I hope someone other then I reads it as I am not involved in the Media, I just read articles and then make up my mind if it is reasonable or just trash.

  • GuardianFlame

    One day Libs will realize they’ve made themselves FOOLS not only by repeatedly harassing President Trump but by their very egocentric actions on all issues. If they truly cared for our Country, they would be supporting our President’s actions to fix it.

    But, alas, they have NEVER cared for anything but their own voices. By their actions alone, they may as well say “America be Damned” because by their voices, that’s all everyone not Liberal is hearing from them!

    I know there must be some Libs that can see the damage their tactics have done — while the media just keeps printing their trash. So why haven’t more of them said anything like this guy?

    Dems aren’t making friends and influencing people. They do have a large throng of Dem haters growing larger by the minute while every sane American wants to stuff their biggoted mouths with red hot chile peppers every time they attempt to belittle our President! Yet they continue to make fools of themselves like they have no brains nor pride. Tsk tsk Dems. So embarassing for you…

  • Fred Doe

    The entire federal government has become corrupt and is a cesspool of bribery, kickbacks, sexual perversion and treason. That is the reason for the nonstop attacks on Trump and his vows to drain that swamp. And you can be sure that his fiercest attackers and opponents are the most corrupt.

  • Jon’s On

    The 1st amendment gives freedom to the press. When the press however lies more than it tells the truth and the facts something should be done. The people who watch nothing but ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC news get lies, half truths and omissions of stories that put the democrats in a bad light. This is not right and not fair. The founding fathers didn’t put the 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights so that the press could lie to the people they put it in their so the government couldn’t control what the press writes. Now the democrat party controls what the press writes. It seems to me there should be some regulations on the press to tell the truth. I don’t know how we could do that but something stinks to high heaven in the press and it smells like communism.

  • michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

    i won’t hold my breath either…this latest round of scandals resulting of the dredging up of the Bill Clinton stuff has temporarily rendered the MSM a little ,that’s all

  • Steve Flowers

    Personally I’m fed up with these naysayers who feel that their criticism of President Trump
    on every word he says, what he is doing, nothing pleases them, one thing I have noted is that these naysayers have said nothing about the stock market being at an all time high, they have said nothing about people are back working again, in-employment is down, everyday they are attacking the president. To me, at times these naysayers much preferred CROOKED HILLARY as their president, they should think about where and how our country will be ‘GREAT AGAIN’ under the guidance of our president. Just so they al know, no man is perfect—-the only that was found to be ‘perfect’ he was crucified!

  • TheJMan41

    Liberals cannot decipher “Strategic Negotiating Language” from language they deem “irredeemable”. In the process they have seriously damaged themselves into “false logic” that leads them down the primrose lane to defeat!!!

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    All of you on the left, just keep spouting your liberal nonsense and you will not get any more people elected. Have a good day.

  • W. Coyote

    Trump has no one to blame but himself for the coverage he receives. He goes oversees and makes a “presidential” speech and we are supposed to bow down to him?- for doing his job? That covers about 5% of his time. The rest is spent in tweeting, insulting, name calling, golfing,complaining about “fake news”, and throwing up smokescreens about the Russia investigation.

  • Laurence Almand

    Trump is a strong leader and a competent manager. That’s why people hate him. You cannot be a good manager and be popular. Trump is decisive and will stand up for the USA instead of acting like that cowardly Obama, who kowtowed to corrupt foreign dictators. Any person who is determined and decisive is bound to have enemies.
    Trump is a successful manager – and you cannot be successful and not have enemies.

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