• Jimmy Quick

    Surprise, surprise. What else would you expect from the woman who shamelessly lied about Benghazi over and over again?

    I hope we get ring side seats to a well deserve group hanging of Obama, Hillary and all of their spawn.

    These shameless human facial matter just never cease to amaze.

    • Cathymrichards

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      • RICHARD

        stupid idiot.

    • sweetolbob

      She got a cushy job and a biiiiig raise for her lies about Benghazi.
      What’s her payoff now that the little filthy muslim poof can’t
      promote her ?
      I’ll bet it’s one helluva lot more substantial and negotiable than receiving
      Obama’s eternal gratitude.

  • VirgoVince

    ovomit IS responsible for EVERY WRONG in the world, for the last 8 years!!
    HANG him HIGH, along with his ENTIRE cabinet and staff!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

    • Mike Thomas

      I read every day articles like this and not too many in Government seem to care. I think it is all smoke & mirrors to make us think they will do something. The Republican Congress never did anything while Obozzo was President, he did what ever he wanted and they said or did nothing as they promised U.S. they would. They are or most belong to the same N.W.O. Secret Sorority that are allowed to lie to us because they consider us Infidels. just like the Muslims also do.

      • chief1937

        I will admit the Republican party having the majority in house and senate have been a disappointment however I am not ready to abandon them completely just yet. I dislike the Democrat party even more.

        • jimshaw54

          Welcome to the club. Is it time to form a new party that is “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”?
          It seems that most of what is done is done more for keeping The Politicians in office for as long as possible than what is good for the people.. We need to sweep out the House and the Senate of those who have been there too long and are no longer working for the PEOPLE but only for themselves. Unfortunately, this is the job of the PEOPLE, and We The People are not doing OUR job, but allowing partisan politics dictate who gets into office and what they do while they are there.

          • jreg9304

            The peoples Party, has a nice ring!! Who also thinks on the same level??

          • Nancy

            I do!

          • Nancy

            I totally agree with you Jimshaw54. Just to mention a few, John McCain (35 years and a traitor), Maxine Waters (83 years old and don’t know how long she’s been there, too long and she’s a ding-bat), Nancy Pelosi (too, too long and she has alzheimer’s), I could go on and on. Just can’t understand why their constituents keep voting them into office. Actually 95% of them have been there way too long. TERM LIMITS!!!

          • Elizabethpmatthew

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          • TontonB

            Stop with this crap! If you’re a ho, then go onto Craigslist or go to work at Rick’s.

          • Anouk

            Great post! I agree 100%

        • Rodney Steward

          Hard to get much done when the Dems block everything you do, but they said they were going to make Trumps life as President miserable! They have so far!

      • AntiGOP

        Mike Thomas >>>> The Republican Congress never did anything while Obozzo was President

        Were you F’ing asleep for 8 years…

        Republicans did nothing but block everything and spent all their time repealing the same thing 60+ times.

        And to further define “nothing” after 8 years of repealing 60 ++ times…they had “nothing” to Replace or Fix anything (“nothing” ) with a viable solution.

        • Quebien CafeMejor

          The Ryan bill voted down is not what majority of boters want. Both parties are a disappointment, but the members of the House of Representatives that voted this down did what I and those I worked with wanted.

          Here in Austin there are a lot like you, but there are more of us. We want the whole fiasco repealed. Congress should eliminate competitive constraints and let the market provide alternatives. If people lose insurance at first so be it. All of us had rates go way up and some of us lost what we had.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>”All of us had rates go way up and some of us lost what we had.”

            But do you know why the rates went UP…probably not…to complicated for you…right…rightie.!!

          • Quebien CafeMejor

            Yes. Insurance company said terms of ACA. What is a “rightie”?

            Terms were no longer legal under new law. Thus, policy terminated. New options went to $2,475 per month from $700. Deductible went from $500 family per year to $10,000.

            Why do you shoot in the dark when dataless? I see why you have such ugly replies. Next you will write, “take your meds”.

            When found without substance perhaps best to refrain from commenting.

          • AntiGOP

            >>> Yes. Insurance company said terms of ACA. What is a “rightie”?


            >>>>New options went to

            Wrong…two different policies…

            Give the Policy Type and Provider…

            Watch nothing….

            You know nothing about Health Insurance…I do…

          • Quebien CafeMejor

            Wow. I see a factual response is meaningless to you. You don’t know me or what I know. You like posters and you are impressed with your “knowledge” of Health Insurance.

            I’ll save real facts for people interested in truth. What I shared is true and fact. Of course they are not the same policy. One became legally deficient and the option is financially onerous.

            Perhaps you are a lawyer and accountant that works for BlueCross .

            I yield the blogosphere to one who declares him or herself genius.

          • AntiGOP

            Your comparison bullshit compared “peanuts” to “apples” to support a Mis-Leading premise.

            Yes premiums went up…but not like you said (puked) they did.

            You might think that was Brilliance…some might think NOT.

            And you didn’t give up the Policy Types and Providers…

            Because you get your info from Russsian BOTS…

            I get it from the Insurance Business…as an expert does.

            And Approval will keep going UP…

            IOW ….IT will never be Trumptanticare



            Now got outside and fly your kite…have fun..!!

          • Quebien CafeMejor

            Fidelity is the broker. The company is Royal Dutch Shell. The rates are true the coverage exactly the same for me except deductable. Same for me because I don’t need mamagrams and related coverage. I expect that the cost if preexisting conditions was part of it.
            For a health care expert you are quite ignorant!

            I also suspect I know a lot more about business and truth telling than you learned in spouting your anger online. I’ve been generous with information for such a small minded “Righty, Lefty Ambidextrousie” person whatever that means to you.

            I suppose you’ll want bank account numbers next?

            Done with you. You need help!!! Perhaps you’ll find a friend in the process.

            Not with me. What ever their political stance- I don’t care- integrity matters to me and my many friends and colleagues.

            Get help dude!

          • AntiGOP


            Royal Dutch Shell is a company in the UK ….NOT a provider….

            Fidelity is not a Insurance Broker…but an Investment Firm…

            I asked for you to Give the Policy Type and Provider…

            And you don’t have ACA…if you work for a company..

            >>>>For a health care expert you are quite ignorant!

            You just gave out personal wrong information and I’m ignorant…OK.!!

            >>>>I also suspect I know a lot more about business and truth telling than you learned in spouting your anger online.

            I have NO ANGER…just a bad read on your part…I would guess.

            >>>>>I know a lot more about business and truth telling

            Very Very Doubtful…on both accounts.

          • Quebien CafeMejor

            Wrong. Check subsidiaries (Shell Oil co. IDIOT) and I can login to Fidelity and link right to the insurance detail they provide for Shell.

            You seem to get away with lies by repeating them.

            I’ve been kind. Im done responding to such a arrogant pea brain.

          • AntiGOP

            You gave>>>>> Royal Dutch Shell ******* IDIOT ******

            Fidelity is not a Health Insurance Company nor do they provide Health Insurance.

            They are what we call a Plan Administrator/Manager not a provider.

            I know what Shell has…in short they are self insured.

            So you don’t have ACA and your Premiums didn’t go up because of ACA…they went up because thats what they have been doing for 50 years.

            There are only a few regulations from ACA that apply to your Corporate Healthcare.

            Pre-existing Conditions is one.

            That one should make everyone… even in Corporate Healthcare worried big time.

            Right now if you get diabetes you can buy healthcare anywhere guaranteed without a premium risk adjustment RATING.
            Right NOW If you loose your job you can still buy insurance anywhere.

            Once ACA is repealed… that ends.

            If you then get diabetes…you won’t be able to buy Health Insurance anywhere and you have to go on Medicaid as people did before ACA.

            Medicaid isn’t real all that bad…some case it’s better then private insurance.
            But you could also die before your accepted by Medicaid.

            Just because your healthy now…doesn’t mean tomorrow a doctor can’t say you have a pre-existing.

            Right this moment…that doesn’t matter….repeal ACA and…

            Everyone is Royally Fuxked.!!!

            ACA Premiums are going UP because of the Republicans…and they have you all fooled.

            If the Republicans Repealed Obamacare and Replaced it with Ryancare Everyone of you will be using the word….


            Because that is exactly what they are going to do…

          • The ACA is a fascist law where the government does not take over companies but tells them what they can and cannot do. Healthcare innovation has moved very far since the ACA was enacted. With innovations like gold nano particles that can detect diseases early and cure them quickly while being inexpensive will make health care costs so low that insurance costs will be affordable. Most people will not need health insurance. Hospitals will not be needed for almost all health problems. The ACA can and should be repealed. Medicaid will still be around until the government goes broke and can’t borrow anymore. Printing money will put us into hyperinflation.

          • AntiGOP

            Ok Joey…it’s time for your nap…

          • Jimmy Quick

            You fail to account for the fact that most of the satisfied Obamacare recipient are actually not on Obamacare.

            They are on medicaid and their premiums and all health care expenses are paid out of the tax base to which fully 47% of the beneficiaries do not contribute even one thin dime.

            I don’t know what you are feeding the squirrel that powers your brain, but it ain’t getting the job done.

            The Obamaites of which you plainly are one have worked to destroy our nation and you can’t stand the idea that just maybe through the courage of President Trump things will get corrected.

          • AntiGOP

            And Mr. Brilliance what do you think was happening BEFORE ACA.

            All I hear is you folk complain about ACA…you don’t understand 1% of it…thus no solutions.

            So when you repeal ACA ….then whats your plan…

            From what anyone can see for 8 years is……NO PLAN…not a fucking clue…

            You can’t say YOU ALL didn’t have enough TIME.

            But why don’t YOU tell us all what should be…since your so smart.??

            So Jimmy Quick…give us all a quick plan will ya…

            Now watch…vaporize.!!

          • Jimmy Quick

            We understand it exactly. Obama lied and you loved it.

          • AntiGOP


            So where’s your solution YIMMY…boy

          • AntiGOP

            See NOTHING…

          • AntiGOP

            Here’s the Facts….

            You know nothing about ACA…
            You know nothing about HealthCare…

            Put the two together and you get 8 years of nothing…

            All about NOTHING…GET IT YET.!!!

            I will prove it…

            What is the Insurance companies definition of Insurance???

            Simple question….that you can’t answer…

          • AntiGOP

            See Nothing…

          • Jimmy Quick

            You done yet?

          • Lizzie2

            Here is that word again. Tiresome…but all that is available for those lacking factual information.

          • AntiGOP

            maybe through the courage of President Trump things will get corrected.

            Yup…and the tooth fairy is going to give everyone tonight a dollar under their pillow…

            He has done one positive thing for the world to date…

          • Lizzie2

            I wonder whether some here have ever known how health care,; when delivered to poor, uninsured persons; was paid for? Someone always pays for urgent care……. especially when preventative health care has led to a state of emergency. When regular care and advice are available the cost is much less than treatment of otherwise preventive outcomes.

          • AntiGOP

            Lizzie2 maybe if you spin that Kaleidescope a little faster things will become clearer to you.!!

            Holly Shit…

          • Lizzie2

            What? please explain your last reply…I think that I was agreeing with you. how are you misunderstanding what I wrote?

          • AntiGOP

            how are you misunderstanding

            It’s very easy these days, read all this shit is making even my head spin…
            Read it again couple of times and see your point…not easy though.

            Yes…in short…
            If you don’t want to pay for it on the front end… then you will pay for it on the back end X2 – X10.

            And your right…they don’t get it…it’s just We won…We won…

            Now we get everything nobody wants.

            WWIII anybody..!!!

          • Mister Atoz

            Friendly fire?

          • AntiGOP

            HaHa…now I get it.

            Another Holly shit…


          • Mister Atoz

            It happens to all of us at some time or another.

          • Rodney Steward

            The last time I seen ratings like this was Obama’s approval ratings and Hellary’s Presidential pollings, both were one big LIE!!

          • Lizzie2

            Not relevant…continued use of the word lie and intentional misspelling of names. Lends nothing to discussion.

          • Rodney Steward

            You love the Waters, Warren and Pelosi gang with a total IQ of 50, you fit in well!! Glad I’m a rightie!

          • AntiGOP

            Good Rodney…now go off to your bible reading class.!!

            Todays class is learning how to chant…

            We Won…
            We Won…
            We Won…
            We Won…
            We Won…
            We Won…

            And we luv our Pussy Grabbing President…that God gave us.

            Todays test is to name all the People on death row.

          • Rodney Steward

            Of course we WON, a PU grabber is much better than a goober grabber that lights up our house in rainbow colors, and as far as death row, all muslims!

          • AntiGOP

            WTF is a peanut grabber???

            Oh you got one in your house…and lights up to…wow

            >>>all muslims

            A real people lover you are…

          • Rodney Steward

            How is it you’re related to Pelosi again!! LOLOL

          • Lizzie2

            Not necessary..you lend nothing to the discussion.

          • AntiGOP

            Well Lizzie…we see you’re intellectually BANKRUPT..!!

            But don’t worry…you’re in good company…


          • AntiGOP

            Sorry bout things…though you were on the other side…

          • Marialice Barone

            You might know something about insurance but you surely don’t know why single payer will never work in the U.S.

          • AntiGOP

            So why don’t you enlighten us all.!!!

          • Marialice Barone

            Govt run health care is dependent on capping the salaries of all Clinicians. Do you think American doctors are going to agree to that?

          • AntiGOP

            And exactly where did read/get that information???

          • Lizzie2

            Some do not need anything more than the word “Obama” . The only fact that counts.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>>Some do not need anything more than the word “Obama” .
            Somehow I knew you weren’t going to have any real reply…just more Fucking bullshit responses.

            >>>>The only fact that counts.

            Here ya go…more conservative FACTS.!!

          • Lizzie2

            If it’s name was “Obama Care” it had to fail; couldn’t let him be a success. Didn’t he initially want to design a system similar to successful European single payer systems? Didn’t he then attempt to copy the successful system Romney did for Massachussets? What happened then?

        • Lizzie2

          Isn’t it amazing how much personal bias and misinformation can control some people’s understanding of this society? No evidence of Critical Thinking here.

          • AntiGOP

            Not sure but I think the following people have something to do with it…

            Tooth Fairy
            Darth Vader

          • William Konrad

            Not helpful.

          • AntiGOP

            You sure weren’t…now what.!!

        • Jeff

          Just curious have you ever wore a uniform? Other than running your mouth on this forum, if so u need to take it off, because your doing it and the branch u serve a disservice!!!! I would find it hard to believe that you have put your life on the line and could still see things the way you do…. Blinders on ears plugs in!!!

          • AntiGOP

            Is that your way of asking me if I was/am in the military.

            Anything About me is none of your fucking business.
            You believe whatever you want to believe…

            You have a right to your opinion…just as I and everyone does.

            And Opinions are like assholes…and we see you have one.

          • AntiGOP

            ovomit IS responsible for EVERY WRONG in the world, for the last 8 years!!
            HANG him HIGH, along with his ENTIRE cabinet and staff!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

            Get it…

          • Jeff

            Well that answers that question and yes we all are entitled to our opinion just as u have your asshole opinion,it just that you and so many other like you out there can’t seem to tell the difference between truth and lies… my guess is you supported Hillary but that’s just my asshole opinion!!

          • Lizzie2

            Here it is again ! the “LIE word” reinforced by a second favorite “Hillary”

          • Rodney Steward

            It’s for sure you’ve never been in the military, to stupid!

          • AntiGOP

            ovomit IS responsible for EVERY WRONG in the world, for the last 8 years!!
            HANG him HIGH, along with his ENTIRE cabinet and staff!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

          • Lizzie2

            What does wearing a uniform have to do with anything…other than “thank you for your service” which I do.

      • Rodney Steward

        Sure is a lot of fools converting to the cult, John Brennan being one of them along with Kerry!

        • Lizzie2

          Sure ARE some fools here too.

          • Rodney Steward

            Yes,it seems that you’ve made yourself at home here very well, how any coloring books do you have in your safe place!

          • Jimmy Quick

            And I am looking at one right now.

          • Jimmy Quick

            Don’t comment to me. I am so far above you that I get dizzy looking down just get a bead on you.

    • Anouk

      You are so right indeed! But…I am really skeptical what is going to happen with these traitors.
      The government and the world are so corrupted lately.
      They all should be in jail, but nothing happened lately. These rats should be arrested and in jail once for all.
      What are they waiting for?

      • Debra Shawver

        Agreed…becoming quite impatient for justice to be served…we either are a nation of laws or we are not…you either are for our Republic and our Constitution which is NOT evolving…or you are not. I took an oath to defend America against ALL enemies…foreign or domestic…that oath never expires.

    • Debra Shawver

      Have to throw jarret in with that bunch..she should have been behind bars for the sedition she and ayers did in the 60’s…that whole buch are seditionist traitors with soros leading the bunch….

      • Lizzie2

        Oh Debra…..you give yourself away. Please tell me more about Valerie Jarrett and “that bunch”. And, just how any actions of their’s were seditious ?

        • Debra Shawver

          Are you really that brainwashed and dense????? Seeing some of your comments here, I would say the answer is “yes”. The Weather Underground was ALL about destroying what America stands for….to gain their socialist/commie utopia…like Venezuela has now and North Korea….and Ayers and Jarret were the leaders of that group..they bombed the Pentagon, police building, killed police officers…..Soros has made no bones about his desire to collapse America…he said it on a CNN or 60 minutes interview in 2009…said destroying us was a game to him. If that is not sedition, I don’t know what is……and king o lived with Ayers, started his “political” career in his basement. I really cannot stand you liberal anti-American and anti-freedom liberal/progressive/commie/marxists. If you hate America so much then ….MOVE to the socialist/commie country of your choice. MAGA

          • Anouk

            Very well said Debra! I really do NOT understand WHY these Liberals want to change the Great America in a Socialist Communist country like Venezuela, Cuba,,,where people are suffering so much.
            They DO NOT deserve to live in the Wonderful USA.

  • Morton99

    “According to the network’s sources, Rice requested last year that the names – redacted in official reports because they were American citizens caught on tape without a warrant – be unmasked and then spread throughout the intelligence community”

    A total fiction with no evidence. Unmasking is a function of the NSA in order to assess security issues. To suggest that Rice is leaking confidential data – suggests that she is the only person who could have done so. That would be impossible to prove given the fact that there is enormous bureaucracy filing everything about unmasking – and the fact that there are probably a good number of others – including the CIA and FBI who probably unmasked the data as well – given the fact that there was already an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign staff.

    • pcabal

      Deceiving the Readers salty? ; your efforts will be rewarded by allah. You might not get the 72 virgins but you will get the 54 “men” that are gathering with obama in Tahiti. By the way, the president is the only one that has the force, not the Constitutional Right, to unmask private Citizens. Keep-up with your 69’s, is a good exercise for people with your syndrome.

      • Morton99

        A far more likely scenario is that the White House is trying to change the subject. Considering the paper trail of unmasking it is ludicrous to suggest that Rice left a trail to incriminate her for a crime.

        • pcabal

          The “controllers” of the previous WH could “change the subject” because they controlled the press and established the “talking points” daily. The “controllers” lost the WH last November and since then, they have been as desperate as you are. You are not a controller, but trolls do good work for them and get paid too most of the time with my money (one way or the other).

          • Morton99

            You are not even good at conspiracy tales. Are you as dumb in real life as your posts ?

          • AntiGOP

            These folk are the supporters of BOT.

            And their mentality is exactly why BOT worked so well.!!

            And continues to work so well as seen here.

          • Morton99

            They are little trolls who spin around in tight dark circles owing to the fact that their left foot is nailed to a rock.

          • AntiGOP


      • Morton99

        I would stick to developing your conspiracy theories; they don’t yet seem to have passed beyond a High School essay class.

    • sweetolbob

      You can teach it to waddle, you can even teach it to make a noise that sounds like “Quack”. You can stick tail feathers on it. But if it’s black and fuzzy with a white stripe down its back and gives off a very unpleasant odor, it’s ………… Susan Rice !

    • Shelly Shannon

      She probably didn’t do this by herself. Farkas probably was a part of this too. Nobody is saying she did it on her own. What concerns me is that this could have been me or you doing nothing more than speaking to a relative in Russia or anywhere else for that matter. Everyone no matter what party your affiliated with should be really concerned about anything being leaked from anyone in the intelligence department. If it is republicans, they should go down. If its democrats, they should go down. If it was Obama, he should go down. The only way to solve this is to supeona everyone under oath and figure it out.

      • Morton99

        Unmasking is a part of her job to assess risk to national security. To suggest that she then leaked this is a huge stretch which looks suspiciously like another attempt by Trump to muddy the waters about his own very suspect relationships with Russian operatives. The episode with Nunes getting ‘whistleblower information’ which turned out to be info handed to him in the White House by Trump’s staff and then the sitty pretence of him returning to the White House to ‘present it to Trump’ doesn’t even stand a smell test.
        It also seems that the White House itself does most of the leaking, anyway.

        • Shelly Shannon

          So why hasn’t she offered to come foreward and testify. If this is a part of her job then it shouldn’t be a problem.

          • Morton99

            I have no doubt she will – as soon as the partisan hostility is put to rest. Apparently they have no detailed understanding of the role of National Security Advisor.

      • AntiGOP

        Farkas probably was a part of this too.

        Farkas has already refuted the lying claims being made by the righties.

    • AntiGOP
      • chief1937

        Into Obama’s knowledge about this yes.

      • Shelly Shannon

        You guys are again in lefty world. Deny, deny, deny. I wonder what you will say if it is found out to be true? What crap will you make up then? Oh, wait, you don’t have to answer that. We already know the answer. Nevertheless, she’s either innocent or guilty. The point is that she hasn’t had the FBI looking into her for 9 months without a shread of evidence against her. Her guilt or innocence has just begun and we will see what that evidence brings.

        • AntiGOP

          FBI investigation into Russia is FAR from over…

          Stay Tuned…and do take Active Measures classes.


    • chief1937

      Give up your irresponsible claims your party LOST deal with it.

      • Morton99

        At the moment, who won or lost is NOT the issue. What is the issue is whether our so called president committed treason with his Russian henchmen.

        • Shelly Shannon

          After 8 months without any evidence against him, my guess is no he didn’t. Even dems are admitting to that.

          • Morton99

            Where do you get the idea that there is ‘no evidence’ against him ? I understand that they are still piecing together a intricate picture of relationships, contacts and cutouts between Trump, his staff and the Russians. Usually they find a weak link, and then lean on t – offer immunity if that link will testify against his boss, who ever that may be. It took many months to build the case against Nixon after all.

        • CotLG

          Th investigation continues; Russian part is not the reason for delay. That part has concluded and it is fairly limited in time and scope. Everyone’s speculation is valueless. Judging by comments here many will be surprised who the criminals are and where they’ll end up.

          Be patient.

          • Morton99

            You should really watch the news. Every day another shoe drops. Only 2 days ago the Seychelle cut out became known. I think events are unfolding so fast that there will be another 6 months at least of investigations in an attempt to find culpable evidence.

        • bttrap

          like hillery did when she sold to russia

          • Morton99

            The sale of low grade uranium (it was not weapons grade) was signed off by 15 government agencies. Now, tell me what is your complaint ?

      • AntiGOP
  • Continue to pray … it is obvious that God has blessed us with a praying administration with leaders who are independently wealthy and can not be bought. This is cause for an outright war from the establishment and those who they have bought and control by extortion.
    Google & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution” and “Soros Report: North American law center’s organizations 2017/03/ report on U.S. patriot act violations”.
    This is a deadly war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Shadow government’s evil grips and as WikiLeaks is simultaneously and independently exposing the Shadow government – Deep State Neocons.
    This same Shadow government pays 10,000 Euros [$11,000] to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … Those same Neocon agents are supporting at a tune of $20,000 these ghetto resettlements into USA and fighting the border walls, stripping government power, Blocked Obamacare repeal, conservative appointments, restoring the Constitution, cutting taxes, and strengthening USA as an independent country.

    • chief1937

      Investigate Obama and see if he is actually involved in undermining Trump and if so prosecute him revoke his citizenship and send him packing to where ever he came from. Something mighty fishy about him remaining in Washington DC. All other presidents have left as the new administration takes over why not him?

      • AntiGOP
        • Quebien CafeMejor

          I’m new at this, but you are a piece of work. Most that suggest medication are on it. Xanax or just a pot-head?

          Suggestion- stop your meds. Go out at night. Look up to the stars and ask “am I relevant?”

          If no response to your question, reconsider your views. If you gey a response, ask why and listen carefully. Try being pro something. At least there could be a point to that!

      • Carol A Berrian

        Barack Obama is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of
        the nation’s capital – just two miles away from the White House – into
        the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor,
        President Donald J. Trump.

        Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump
        from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his

        We just can’t get rid of this evil monster. He will stop on nothing.

      • Does he have a US citizenship? I would like to see it if he does.

        • mrpoohead

          Obama is a US citizen – to be a citizen requires one parent being a citizen. She was! In fact even if she had revoked it he would still qualify. As his father was Kenyan he would also qualify for citizenship there. Dual citizens – not unusual today, I have two passports by birthright. Assuming he was adopted by his mother’s second husband then he would also qualify for Indonesian citizenship. Duh!

          Soros – by birth is Hungarian, studied in London as super smart. Acquired UK citizenship and since acquired US citizenship. Duh! I have acquired extra citizenship’s since and have extra passports – won’t be renewing US one, but that does not mean you are revoking citizenship you actually have to physically do that.

          Hope that enlightens you and your ignorant assumptions. Obama is obviously in situ so that he can take over after the revolution – get a life doofus!

        • Debra Shawver

          Me too…there is no record of him regaining his American citizenship after he was adopted by Soertero in Indonesia…why he got that “foreign student” scholarship at Occidental..

    • AntiGOP

      >>>Continue to pray … it is obvious that God has blessed us with a praying administration with leaders who are independently wealthy and can not be bought.

      Your Joking Right….

      • jimmy midnight

        The joke is…they’re taking it seriously.

        • AntiGOP

          U got that right…leftie.!!!

      • I believe my facts are true and I suggest reading the single page of evidence at http://www.godauthoredbible.com

        • AntiGOP
          • Quebien CafeMejor

            I see you also mock God. What do you believe in? What are you in support of?

            Inquiring minds would like to know.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>>> I see you also mock God.

            No I didn’t…you do…amongst other abuses.


          • Quebien CafeMejor

            When? Please show me where. “Mocking” – when? “Other abuses” – what?

            I was only responding to your mockery (in written response) of another blogger who refers to God. I asked your belief and you send picture??

            You like posters? OK.

            Like I’ve read, you appear from your writings to be lonely, wounded and disliked by many. You may find life more pleasant by participating in meaningful exchange. You could do that and disagree. Your choice and your life.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>> Like I’ve read, you appear from your writings to be lonely, wounded and disliked by many.

            Bet you think I have Athletes foot to…LOL

            >>>> You may find life more pleasant by participating in meaningful exchange.

            Well sure…but obviously it won’t happen with you and your clan.

            >>>> You could do that and disagree.

            And I do…

            >>>> Your choice and your life.


          • Quebien CafeMejor

            Why Athletes Foot? Does your mouth itch? Try taking your foot out of it.

    • CotLG

      Have patience and ignore satan’s attacks. Be careful what you take as facts on these extreme sites. Clear fact is evil opposition to truth.

      You will find many ignorant fallen ones blogging that have a horrific surprise come September this year. I’ve tried to get through to some, but they are caught in strongholds. They’ll say “take you meds…”

      Their meds are darkness and their spirit guides active.

      Hold to truth, take news from all sources with healthy skepticism and go to the Book of Truth.

      You will find many “antiFacts” from angry Socialists here and in other blogs.

      • Quebien CafeMejor

        Could it be the AntiFact guy that puts clips of beating someones brains out because he cannot debate with facts?

        Is AntiGOP mean Anti-God & Other People? New at commenting, but I see the point and see his characterization of “Righty and Lefty” must mean “conservative-capitalist and communistic-atheist”.

        I guess I’m a centrist capitalist. Nonetheless, I think I’ll return to just perusal of comments.

  • Warpaint

    One more shining example of affirmative action in action….

  • sweetolbob

    Trump uses Sweden as an example of what happens with unlimited filthy muslim immigration, and the democRATS have a cow screaming that it’s not true. Then everyone finds out ……… IT’S TRUE !
    Trump says he was wire tapped and the democRATS Scream that he’s making it up. And then we (they knew it all along) find out …………. it’s TRUE !
    For years it has been the democRAT forte to commit a crime and then loudly blame it on the other side. Raise a big enough stink,and the public forgets about the original crime as well as who committed it. They’re at it again !

    • AntiGOP

      “Trump says he was wire tapped and the democRATS Scream that he’s making it up. And then we (they knew it all along) find out …………. it’s TRUE !”

      NOT TRUE

      There was never a Wire Tap ordered by Obama or the Dems…

      FBI already refuted that claim…where the fuck were you…

  • kassa1

    From listening to the CIA people on TV Susan Rice did not even have the right to be involved in such records. And if she were it was supposed to be in a secured area and a leisure was kept for those signing in and out, but the communist a.k.a. Democrat party continues to obstruct justice and distract from this Evil event as they know when the truth comes out it will burn the Democrat or soak all Democrat party to the ground.

    • AntiGOP

      “From listening to the CIA people on TV Susan Rice did not even have the right to be involved in such records.”

      CIA people on TV were those on FNC…

      Susan Elizabeth Rice is a U.S. public servant who served as the 24th United States National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017. She was formerly a U.S. diplomat, Brookings Institution fellow, and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

      National Security Advisor = NSA

      She has full clearance and a duty and responsibility and right to be involved in such records.
      NSA is fully authorized to request an unmask of anyone that may be seen as a security risk to the USA.

      • chief1937

        Even if it is false it is ok for Democrats they are ruled by Soros anyway.

      • kassa1

        You may be right that she can unmask but the only person she can report that information to and I said the only person and I was Barack Obama, not the news media or anyone else! And again they need to look at if she’ll unmask anybody outside the Trump organization there is where the problem lies.

        • Lizzie2

          Always get your “facts” from more than a single source……very naive to do otherwise.

          • kassa1

            I see you get your. Was from multiple sources like CNN,MSMBC, NBC , N.y times or maybe Political ! Ya their credible! Grow a brain Lizziebas your I Q of 1 is showing!

    • Lizzie2

      Absolutely incorrect. She was the National Security Advisor in the administration!! Do you even know what that means? Look it up. And I’ll bet that those “CIA people that you saw on TV” were giving their opinions only…and to a TV station that delivers biased news with conservative spin.

      • kassa1

        Did I say she wasn’t the advisor? NO face the woman is a habitual liar! This makes anything she say unreal or fake to the libs!

  • Jim H.

    Anyone care to bet Susan Rice’ name is on that list too?

  • Jimmy King

    HAHAHA I Didn’t even have to look up to see who wrote this sad excuse for an article. “Shawn” does it again

    Now, when is the media going to acknowledge that Trump had it right all along? When he said that Obama wiretapped his New York offices: TRUE. When he said there were forces in the U.S. intelligence community leaking classified information to the press in an attempt to cripple his presidency: TRUE.”

    Wiretapped his offices????? There is NO PROOF whatsoever of that Russian operatives were spied on, as this country has been doing for decades. Trump associates were taped BECAUSE thewy were speaking to/ and meeting with the russians.

    That’s a far cry from “Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower” and ever since the Orange Monkey in Cheif made that allegation, the right has been making shit up to prove it. Just a smoke screen. The investigations into rumps ties will not be deterred. Impeachment looms

    • AntiGOP

      Jimmy King
      These folk are in their own micro universe where a magical man in the sky threatens them to stay on the straight and narrow.

      The word “Gullible” can no longer be used as it will not fully describe the problem.

      Justice and Laws is simply chant the word constitution daily…
      Truth is simply calling everyone else a liar…

      When confronted with Facts and Truth they run and hide calling you all sorts of names based on their level of anger at what you said.


      • chief1937

        Thank you so much for writing your resume it is truly appreciated. You do know you are welcome to leave any time you wish don’t you?

        • AntiGOP

          Spin baby Spin…

          Now go take your meds.!!!

        • Jimmy King

          AntiGOP, you’re messing up the echo chamber This is a fact free zone

    • chief1937

      You wish. Small problem can’t find anything that qualifies on Trump but then maybe they should zoom in on Obama could have better luck there. You Democrats just can’t believe the American people have finally realized the damage your party is/has been doing to our nation and decided to stop it.

  • Brenda D. Wester

    Obama was a terrible President and put us so far in debt and all of his big expensive vacations for the whole crowd.
    He never carried about the American people. If he is involved and there is proof he and the whole crew needs to go to JAIL.

    • AntiGOP

      Brenda D. Wester
      “Obama was a terrible President and put us so far in debt and all of his big expensive vacations for the whole crowd.
      He never carried about the American people. If he is involved and there is proof he and the whole crew needs to go to JAIL.”

      What Cool-Aid do you drink…
      Nothing you said is Factual or Truthful…

      • chief1937

        Just what cool-aid are you ingesting as Brenda’s statements are all correct. Pray tell just what part do you stupidly reject? Doubled our debt lost our credit rating could be added also contributed to worsening racial dissension.and she did not mention those.

        • AntiGOP

          chief1937 Just what cool-aid are you ingesting as Brenda’s statements are all correct.

          That blather proves you know nothing…a BOT boy…



          • jimmy midnight

            Good stuff…keep on, “Punishing the bastards with wisdom.”

          • AntiGOP

            All I can do…Lead the Horse to water…

            But their drinking Cool-Aid.!!

            Shame that dude Jim Jones died…sure would be a great help today.

          • Quebien CafeMejor

            Do you know where the koolaide references comes from?

            If you did you would realize the irony in your reference.

            By the way Koolaide is the drink Coolaide is Arctic Nursing. I see you are as well read as you are a fountain of phacts.

        • AntiGOP

          No we didn’t loose credit rating because of Obama…

          What an idiot…

        • Lizzie2

          Saying doesn’t make it so…..Brenda offers no proof, and you ,just like what she wrote, so you agree with her. He was born and raisd in Hawaii it is HIS HOME and he and his family were just as entitled to go HOME at vacation time. What crowd did he take with him, his WIFE and his CHILDREN? They should have remained in DC? His vacations are in no way responsible for the increased debt. It is absolutely foolish for both of you to attempt to find truth with very little understanding of financial matters…..you are just repeating political jargon.
          Finally, I hesitate to remark on the cost of Mr. Trump’s weekly jaunts to Florida; added to the millions that it costs for his wife and son to remain in NYC, instead of in the White House.. Consider what it costs for aircraft, added protection in NYC and DC, etc, etc. Fundamentally, you are agreeing with someone who writes her opinion only, with very little thought as to reliabllity of what is said.

    • AntiGOP
    • Anouk

      The Muslim Obama is an impostor and a traitor. He is like a poisonous and dangerous snake.
      He certainly should be behind bars with Hillary and Soros.

  • imbog

    Obama ,,Rice and Clinton built everything they have on lies

  • Luis R Montiel

    What they can not figure out is that those who oppose Trump are resisting God Himself because God was the one that appointed Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. Donald Trump became President against all odds even the professional politicians FROM HIS OWN PARTY didn’t want him to win because he owned not favors to them. I believe that those who oppose Donald Trump Presidency and every person that live in this country needs to see the political history of Countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina and some more where democrats or democrats like ruled for decades before they became the countries that they are today countries with economies in ruins, where people go to work and they don’t know if they are coming back because of the insecurity. I am not against democrats but I am for a Man that wants to rebuild, restore and give back to the American people what was stolen from them through back room deals and shady agreements. GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP.

  • GuardianFlame

    President Trump has critical info on “barack the liar” and it is just a matter of time until it surfaces and hangs that fraud out to dry. It is coming…and barack will run faster than a cheetah once it hits the media! Some things are just despicable and unforgiving…his life is both!

    Has anyone seen Barack and Michelle together since they left the White House? No? That’s because Michelle left so fast for the opposite end of the Country, far away from barack, that it created a typhoon inside the Oval Office! Barack may be trying to keep the charade of his “lying self” going, but Michelle is definitely tired of his overbearing and narcissistic personality! How quickly that fake family was put together and how quickly it fell all apart. That’s what happens when two people are forced to pretend they have a relationship when there is absolutely nothing there in the first place.

    FYI: Anything “Confidential” coming out of the White House would be happening at the request of barack the Liar. He is still trying to run things from his hide away. This will continue until P.T. releases critical info on barack that will turn most of Americans against the fake — then the biggest mouth in America with the biggest ears in America will finally be sealed shut. Til then, expect more crap to happen by the Left, because P.T. is undoing ALL their damaging legislation that is exactly that — DAMAGING TO THE UNITED STATES AND ITS CITIZENS! Time to think of AMERICAN CITIZENS, NOT ILLEGAL CRIMINALS, NOT MUSLIMS, NOT ANY ENEMY COUNTRY that wants our money BUT REFUSES TO PLAY NICE, etc. TIME FOR AMERICANS TO RUN THEIR COUNTRY, NOT THE ELITES AND DEFINITELY NOT THE GLOBALISTS!!!!!!!!!

    *******If you hear that name (Globalist, One World Order, etc.) attached to any motives, actions, etc., please understand they are the ones that want to take your FREEDOMS and force you to live like they think you should! Anything they fund, back or push forward will make your life their life! Don’t buy what they are selling…they are Lucifer’s dominions!*******

    Don’t you think the Democrats are the most ignorant and gullible party in the U.S.? Occasionally, they used to have pretty good heads on their shoulders, but they have slid down the chute into the “Stupid Bin” and don’t seem to be getting any smarter, just dumber. And they are not alone, we have the RINOS on the Right that are slipping into that chute with them. Are they all so corrupt or so egocentric that all they ponder is how “THEY” think our world should be run? OR is it a medical issue that they all have a “damaged Moral gene” that keeps them from realizing their actions are completely “IMMORAL”? Whatever the case, Americans must keep those “kind” of people out of our leadership and positions of power. Unfortunately, what they have only gets worse with age, not better — look at Pelosi, Feinstein and McCain…all old farts and completely insane!

    • AntiGOP

      GuardianFlame >>> President Trump has critical info on “barack the liar”

      Where the “F” is it..!!!!

      • GuardianFlame

        P.T. has it but is collecting more damaging info so he can put that snake in prison. It’s coming.

        Remember when The Donald went after bho’s birth cert? He was hot and heavy on the research – then he silently stopped searching? It was then P.T. decided to run for President because that would be the only way to hang barack — with Presidential power. He has had that info since then.

        can tell you that I knew Bho was a fake before he began to campaign. I read an article about the young black senator who was thinking of running for President. It had pictures of barack’s paternal grandmother and the midwife who delivered him in the Village of Mombasso Kenya. His mother was almost 9 months pregnant and they were visiting his paternsl relatives who lived in Mombasso when she began to have labor pains. No airline allows pregnant women that far along in their pregnancy to board their planes so she was stuck delivering barack in Mombasso.
        The article interviewed the Chief of the vilkage and seversl of the Elders. They were ecststic that one of their native born could actually become the U.S. President. Their smiles were from ear to ear.
        After reading this article in a prestigious Magazine, I thought barack can’t run for President because he was born in Mombasso. So how is he going to run for President when he IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN – which all candidates must be to run.
        So to my surprise when bho did run for President, I knew someone was covering up his fraudulent campaign. Then when P.T. started researching bho’s birth certificate, I knew he had found info on barack that would condemn him. If I easily found info most condemning, P.T. with all his money could find more detailed and comprehensive information, enough to put bho behind bars.
        P.T. has that info. Barack is just arrogant enough to think no one is after his ugly butt. It will be a slam dunk when it happens but the timing has to be right.

        • AntiGOP


          You PEOPLE don’t get it.!!!

          • GuardianFlame

            Oh we get it all right. Libs destroy more than they build because they are NOT visionaries…BaDaBot. Most that is wrong with our Country was created by liberal President bho…the worst president in our U.S. history! Oh we get it. No more insanity that liberals feed on…do ya get that?

          • AntiGOP

            Name one thing ….one…

          • GuardianFlame

            Here’s one of many: Liberals create subcultures that are detrimental to Society’s advancement and morality.
            (1) The latest subculture is “transgenders”. ★★Immoral★★
            After many studies it has been found to be a parental deviation that influences the sex of a child by the way that child is raised. Such as when a mother raising her biological male child as a female by dressing him in frilly girl clothes, only giving her son dolls and make up to play with and praising him as a girl. Any psychiatrist will tell you the mother is the one with issues not the child. Parents that do that to their children should be charged with child abuse and be required to see a psychiatrist for several years.

            Then you have a demonic President that loves perversion and demands that all Female Restrooms must be open to those adult males that “identify” with being female. No one cares abt the little girls who are scared and emotionally scarred by these experiences. And now there are adult males pretending to be transgender so they can take inappropriate pictures of young innocent girls.
            If anyone of those tweaks ever tried that with me or my granddaughters, they would find their cell phones shoved up where the sun don’t shine!

            (2) Homosexuals and all their immorality.

            (3) Stealing public lands

            (4) Federal Govt water grab of any standing or rushing water on anyone’s land.

            (5) Supporting Planned Parenthood’s butchering of tiny fully formed and alive baby souls and then selling those baby’s body parts to the highest bidder. ★★Immoral★★


          • AntiGOP

            Here…piss and moan into these things..

            Thanks and be sure to flush…

          • GuardianFlame

            Not interested in “TRYING” to discuss anything immoral with Libs because their “MORALITY” GENE IS BROKEN…DISABLED…OR COMPLETELY MISSING.

            YOU CREATURES ARE MISFITS belonging behind bars where people can throw peanuts at you. The very very sad thing is until a drastic, personal event happens directly to your person, you will walk through life destroying people’s lives “thinking you are doing good things” — YOU ARE NOT BENEFACTORS, BUT DESTROYERS OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHT!

            When that day comes — and it will because GOOD eventually defeats evil (your dominions) — you will become acutely aware of what you have done! “THAT” will be your PURGATORY. If you never realize your wayward life, then you’ve already lost your BLACKENED Soul to the demon master who has plans for it along with many many others!

            You were warned in time to save yourself from an unbelievable eternal existence. Unfortunately, most Libs are missing their “Morality” gene while their “ARROGANCE” gene has swollen to twice its size…you’re all doomed – brought on by your inability to see the hurtful things you do to humans. Yours IS PUNISHMENT experienced NOW AND FOREVER! You had your chance…

            No more discussion with you Web Troll…your Soul is already Blackened and beginning to shrivel. You’ve been ignoring the symptoms and now YOU ARE TOO LATE. CAIO, SAYONARA, GOODBYE. You’ve been “Blocked” — kind of what you will experience in your real life very soon — REMOVED, NO EXISTENCE, GONE!

    • CotLG

      Info coming out fairly soon. They are taking time as indictments will follow.

      I have a great source. As your attacked just be patient it will come out and many statists will be screaming.

    • jimmy midnight

      Congrats on being nominated 4 Nobel Prize in Gullible.

  • shafawn

    Stop considering that she is a black female and arrest her for breaking the law!!
    If we let them get away with this there is NO END To what they will do next!! ARRESTS MUST BE MADE!!

    • AntiGOP

      Stop considering that she is a black female and arrest her for breaking the law!!

      WHAT LAW

      • drdavis

        It obvious you are one of them a left wing nut case. If she refuses to answer it is contempt of congress and you can be arrested for that like it or not. Who cares what color she is not the point the point is to investigate what really took place and more than likely she will try to get out of it or claim the fifth. She is a liar already been caught in several. What Law: perjury for one, accomplish to the crime of illegally unmaking giving out classified info is another and can get worst. She is innocent till proven guilty so now you can relax until she goes before Congress.

        • AntiGOP

          >>>> If she refuses to answer it is contempt of congress and you can be arrested for that like it or not.

          She hasn’t refused to answer.!!

          • drdavis

            I stated “IF” if you should re-read my statement.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>> If she refuses to answer…….. it is contempt of congress …….and you can be arrested for that like it or not.

            Ah… If she refuses to answer.

            NO !


            NO !

            Obviously you don’t know the law or the constitution.

          • drdavis

            Interesting, well since you know so much you best defend her. She going to need some one as you.

          • AntiGOP

            She won’t need anybody…Trump will…soon.!!!

      • shafawn

        You’re not allowed by law to use the federal government to investigate your political opponents in a federal election with the very highest level of security clearance without warrant, without reason and without oversight. That’s Russia type communist style dictatorship tactics NOT lawful under U.S. constitutional law.
        So yeah let’s drag them into court again and watch the left continue to shadow dance and plead the 5th to get out of accountability.
        I say arrest them and FORCE them to answer questions with the threat of losing their U.S. citizenship. Let’s see if getting kicked out of the country they hate is motivation to sing

        • AntiGOP

          >>>> You’re not allowed by law to use the federal government to investigate your political opponents in a federal election with the very highest level of security clearance without warrant, without reason and without oversight.

          Obviously you missed the boat…

          1st You don’t get much higher security clearance then NSA

          “You’re not allowed by law to use the federal government to investigate your political opponents in a federal election”

          She read a IC Report which she gets every day and wanted unmasking.

          1000% legal and authorized…fact is her REQUEST to unmask was honored.

          • shafawn

            Well you have cartoons! Wow you are so … cool .. NOT
            We’ll see how it plays out. I don’t believe you.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>> I don’t believe you

            Matters not…anyone with a brain knows I’m right…Ms. Rightie.

            Sorry….Glad you like the cartoon…gots many more.

          • shafawn

            Cartoons don’t make you right.. they make you childish

          • AntiGOP
          • AntiGOP

            >>>> So yeah let’s drag them into court again and watch the left continue to shadow dance and plead the 5th to get out of accountability.

            Do you know what plead the 5th MEANS…

          • shafawn

            If what she did isn’t against the law then laws need to be made because abusing the system for political gain is wrong.
            Of course I realize the concept of right and wrong is confusing to liberals

          • AntiGOP

            >>>>>>>If what she did isn’t against the law then laws need to be made

            No we don’t just make laws because you think we should…thankfully.!!

            >>>>>>>> because abusing the system for political gain is wrong.

            ***** She didn’t abuse the system…she was DOING HER JOB.!!!

            IOW She held the SAME position as FLYNN except he will goto jail and she won’t.

            WHY…because…HE committed a crime and she didn’t.
            Well we don’t know what he did yet…but time will tell.

            Here EDUCATE YOURSELF https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Security_Advisor_(United_States)#Role

            >>>>>>Of course I realize the concept of right and wrong is confusing to liberals

            realize the concept of right and wrong is confusing to YOU obviously

          • shafawn

            We’ll see donkey.. we’ll see

          • AntiGOP
          • shafawn

            Yeah childish like that. What are you 12?

          • AntiGOP

            You dump your crap wishes and I fulfill…I bring HUMOR…you bring LIES.

            You call me and others all kinds of names because you don’t like the truth…

            Why not just go listen to the Radio and Tune to Rushbo…

          • shafawn

            Really? What names have I called you or anyone else?

          • AntiGOP

            Never mind…


          • shafawn

            Donkey = democrats
            Elephant = Republicans

            Yeah… wow

          • AntiGOP
          • Morton99

            I think cartoons are probably easier for you to comprehend anything a bit complicated.

          • shafawn

            Nobody asked you

          • Morton99

            Thats OK – my advice and opinion is free so don’t get your feathers ruffled.

          • shafawn

            My feathers are none of your business

          • AntiGOP

            How do you feel about Capitol Punishment…kill’em yeah??

            You never answered !!!

          • shafawn

            I’m against it unless it was an extremely brutal murder.
            I am also against making inmates work for 18 cents per hour .. slave labor wages. That should be against the law.
            And there should be avenues for inmates to earn back social credit so that the stigma of “felony” doesn’t have to keep them from being gainfully employed for the rest of their lives.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>>I’m against it unless it was an extremely brutal murder.

            Oh…yes an exception to ever rule…
            But what if your brutal murderer was really innocent…is it still an execution or murder by…
            we the people.

            Like that has never happened before right.!!
            Well rules were meant to be broken right..

            >>> I am also against making inmates work for 18 cents per hour .. slave labor wages. That should be against the law.

            Yes…I agree…YOU should pay them $18 per hour…YOU slave driver.

            >>>>And there should be avenues for inmates to earn back social credit so that the stigma of “felony” doesn’t have to keep them from being gainfully employed for the rest of their lives.

            Now that is the first intelligent thing you have said…I was beginning to lose all hope in you.
            You may not know it…but some states have systems like that. Their called Democrat states like NY.

            A bud got 30 for drug smuggling…NY gave him a 4 year degree and we all petitioned the state to let him out in 6 years. 10 years latter he was a legal Multi-Millionaire.

            As they say…shit happens…just doesn’t happen to everyone.!!

          • shafawn

            I’m a slave driver lol

          • shafawn

            Eye opening and fascinating. Wonder about your take on this video, only if you have time of course.


          • AntiGOP
          • Morton99

            Besides which – I am piling on – because you are a silly troll.

          • shafawn

            That’s code for “You don’t agree with me so I’ll call you a troll” liberal philosophy

          • Morton99

            “I say arrest them and FORCE them to answer questions with the threat of losing their U.S. citizenship.” Let me clearer then – you must be a foreign troll because an American one woul never say that

          • shafawn

            I’m not kidding. I’m tired of appointed government officials acting contrary to the law and then pleading the 5th to get out of accountability

          • AntiGOP

            Obviously you don’t get it..!!

            If we did things your way…we could put you in jail for feathers ruffled…

          • Morton99

            A great deal of the time the testimony from any particular person is redundant. It is very rare that pleading the 5th will save you from prison. It can be quicker to persuade someone to testify. Granting immunity is a different ball game. It is usually done ONLY to help snare a much bigger fish.

          • shafawn

            VA official, John Sepulveda, spent large amounts of taxpayer money on a pair of extravagant conferences, resigned, and then spent the majority of a hearing looking into his actions saying “On the advice of my counsel, I respectfully decline to answer based on my fifth Amendment constitutional privilege.”
            Fast and Furious – remember the scandal that started it all? Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the criminal division of the U.S. attorney’s office in Arizona, invoked the fifth regarding his role in the operation that sent more than 2,000 guns across the border to dangerous drug cartels. Those guns were found at the scene of Brian Terry’s murder.
            While not technically administration officials, Solyndra executives were so intertwined in Obama’s stimulus boondoggle that it felt as such. Naturally, when Congress wanted answers on why the solar company was awarded a $535 million loan guarantee through the stimulus, they invoked the fifth Amendment.
            Greg Rosemen, a Deputy IRS Director, pleaded the fifth after awarding the largest contract in IRS history to a company owned by a close friend.
            And of course, probably the most famous effort at pleading the fifth, was Lois Lerner, who repeatedly asserted her right not to testify regarding the scandal that her agency, the IRS, targeted conservative groups and withheld or prolonged their applications for tax-exempt status.

            Read more: http://thepoliticalinsider.com/pleading-the-fifth-five-times-obama-officials-avoided-testifying-during-a-scandal/#ixzz4dQZU2jNd

          • Morton99

            You are missing the point. Congress loves questioning suspected criminals because it is high profile and media coverage. But it is rare that the outcome is different for the individual whether or not he takes the fifth. It is different with immunity where the Justice department and the Congress ,do not have to agree – resulting in the possibility of a criminal avoiding prison time as with Oliver North.

          • shafawn

            Oliver North is a hero and national treasure .. I watched all those trials glued to the tv when I was a teenager. He is the one of the main reasons I became interested in politics and conservative values.
            He’s absolutely wonderful and amazing and definitely NOT a criminal!

          • AntiGOP

            shafawn >>>> Oliver North is a hero and national treasure

            North was tried in 1988. He was indicted on 16 felony counts, and on May 4, 1989, he was initially convicted of three: accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and ordering the destruction of documents through his secretary, Fawn Hall. He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard Gesell on July 5, 1989 to a three-year suspended prison term, two years probation, $150,000 in fines, and 1,200 hours of community service. North performed some of his community service.

            Yeah…he’s a treasure alright… authorized by none other then Ronny.!!
            Some of us Real Americans remember the TRUTH.!!!

          • shafawn

            He was convicted of three charges, which were overturned in 1990 and all charges were dropped in 1991.
            Can’t remember all the details of that but I read one of his books that explained everything many years ago and it made perfect sense why the charges were dropped.
            Of course the left wants to destroy a 2 party system and bring in a global government. Tell me that’s not true…
            Nobody I know of on the right wants a one party system or a global government or to murder unborn babies or to cover up pedophilia – child trafficking handlers.. or embrace same sex marriage to the point of destroying freedom of religion but hey that’s what makes you such a tolerant party …..
            Tolerant of everything wicked and evil .. collecting everyone who wants to complain and blame somebody else for their lot in life.
            Lenin did that too .. didn’t turn out to well for the Bolsheviks though did it? Their idealism didn’t match Lenin’s realistic dictatorship…

          • AntiGOP

            So that’s what you see looking through that Kaleidescope of yours…wow…

            >>>>He was convicted of three charges, which were overturned in 1990 and all charges were dropped in 1991.

            So that makes him a National Hero…
            holly shit

            I didn’t need to read his book…I watched the entire investigation….start to finish.

            >>>Of course the left wants to destroy a 2 party system and bring in a global government.

            Really how did you figure that theory…

            >>>>Nobody I know of on the right wants a one party system or a global government

            Well who does and give some links so we all can read it.

            >>>> or to murder unborn babies

            There is no such thing as an unborn babies…their called fetus

            In human development, a fetus or foetus (/ˈfiːtəs/; plural fetuses or foetuses) is a prenatal human between the embryonic state and birth. The fetal stage of development tends to be taken as beginning at the gestational age of eleven weeks, i.e. nine weeks after fertilization.

            Babies life begins when the umbilical cord is cut…then and only then after is the baby eligible for LIFE Insurance and not before.

            >>>>>or to cover up pedophilia

            Cover-up like the churches do…17,500 pedophilia priests…
            google is your friend.

            >>>>- child trafficking handlers *****WHO…

            >>>>or embrace same sex marriage to the point of destroying freedom of religion

            How does same sex marriage destroy freedom of religion


            >>>>> but hey that’s what makes you such a tolerant party

            Or better yet….makes you such a intolerant party to the point that you can’t all agree within your own party…

            Well good for you…

            The rest is just to sick to deal with in one shit storm…

          • shafawn

            You don’t see because you don’t want to. You will answer for that.. not me. From my point of view every one of those babies will be around the throne of God on judgment day. They do not poof out of existence because you don’t recognize their lives. There are many scriptures that say God knows us from the womb.
            And don’t blame Catholicism on Christianity. They don’t even use the same book. They call priests ‘father’ which the new testament specifically says not to do. They set up a pope to be mediator between God and man which takes the place of Jesus. And they pray to Mary and call her queen of heaven which makes her part of deity and is definitely contrary to biblical teaching. Some Catholic teachings even say Jesus is Holy because Mary is Holy.. giving her predominance which is heretical. And they basically replaced the gods of Rome with saints and often kept the same statues and just changed the names. None of that has any basis in scripture… as well as purgatory which is found nowhere in scripture and other odd teachings besides making it mandatory that clergy remain celibate. No wonder they fall to perversion… their whole system twists scripture. And I believe the anti-Christ will rise to power using Catholicism with this big ecumenical push we see taking shape even now and then turn and sack and burn Rome according to the book of Revelation.. once he gets all he wants from the church.
            I watched the Ollie North investigation too start to finish but it’s been a while and I don’t remember except that I admired and respected him tremendously and still do and nothing you can say will change that.

          • AntiGOP

            OK…good…you have fun in your wonderland…

            >>>and still do and nothing you can say will change that.

            Good nobody says you can’t love a criminal…lots of women do..!!

          • Morton99

            North was convicted of three very serious charges – none of which was admirable.
            The way you invoke God – of whom you know nothing – to support your opinions – is really deplorable.
            It is so easy to find a partisan man of the cloth to support a partisan and very unChristian view: North was a man who had a distorted view of his spirituality where encouraging violence and human death were (in his opinion) good if they achieved the end that he wanted.

          • shafawn

            I also believe water boarding gets results. It’s not pretty but it works and it doesn’t kill the person. It breaks them so that information can save American lives and that’s what I’m about. America and Americans first. Allies second and other considerations are third. And I don’t believe Americans should know everything that’s done in the interest of national security. There are secrets that should remain secret in our personal best interest and the interest of keeping this nation’s borders safe.
            I am anti-globalist. I don’t want an unseen, un-elected body of banksters and corporatists making decisions on behalf of the United States.
            I think communism and fascism created a “third way” of CORPORATISM and we are now fighting that third way of global elites who are effecting and influencing our government and the youth of our society to accept and embrace the ideas of global governance. …. for our own good. For the environment.. for the sake of peace and safety.. for the sake of controlling the population growth etc.. all these excuses to hand over all the wealth and trade of the world with the snare of “redistribution” in a fair manner that makes everyone’s dreams come true… basic living allowance.. and other nonsense that Lenin also promised. But what happened to those promises? Forced starvation killed millions and forced labor camps followed..
            You know why we can’t trust government? Because we cannot trust man. Man is NOT inherently good. Man is inherently selfish and greedy and that is why global “communism” can never work. There will ALWAYS be those who take advantage of ANY system and communism leaves NO OVERSIGHT to hold government accountable.
            The ideas of “left” and “right” are delusional… just as communism and fascism are one in the same with different techniques to achieve the same end…. totalitarian dictatorship
            The only good government is one on a short leash and strictly controlled and limited. But that really only works for a moral and just people who hold themselves accountable to do what’s right and this generation doesn’t even know what right is anymore because they’ve turned their backs on the one true God and make themselves god of their own lives… and this experiment of freedom and liberty will not last as a result.
            You ever notice… look around the globe. What countries experience the greatest percentages of freedom and liberty? Are they not the countries who have embraced Christianity to the same degree in which they experience that freedom? That is not a coincidence.
            And to the same degree they turn their backs on GOD .. they are loosing that freedom no longer tethered to the blessing of protection.

          • Morton99

            And I think that you are arrogant and extremely ignorant. You should at least attempt to educate yourself before you draw on your emotions and imagination.

          • shafawn

            And I think the same of you besides being blind so I guess we have nothing more to discuss

          • AntiGOP


          • Morton99

            You should read the reaction I got when I responded coldly and curtly to a Barbara Wells – pointing out that her ridiculous diatribe against Islam was really idiotic and stupidly dumb.
            It was Re: Comment on White House: Obama to Blame for Syria Chemical Attack.

            It was like being attacked by an angry mob. Amusing if it wasn’t so incredibly illogical – and to think that these people vote …

          • AntiGOP

            Didn’t find it…link?

          • Morton99
          • AntiGOP

            Yeah I saw that one but wasn’t sure..

            Ok thks

          • AntiGOP

            shafawn >>>>”I also believe water boarding gets results.”

            We should water board your ass…but we already know the results would be more dumb shit blather about heaven and hell.

            But we might also find out what meds your on…

          • shafawn

            I’m not on any meds of any kind and I never have been. I’ve enjoyed excellent perfect health, emotionally and physically my entire life. I also volunteer my time to serve the community 30 hours a week and work under contract for the community another 30 hours a week doing the same work.
            I am grateful to be a born again Christian on my way to heaven when ever the Lord decides I can come home.
            You do not shame me. You only shame yourself.

          • AntiGOP

            >>>>>born again Christian

            Really…now I really want to water board your ass…

            >>>>You do not shame me.

            That’s the problem with people like you…no shame.!!

          • shafawn

            I respect and cherish the second amendment big boy… come and get some

          • AntiGOP

            I respect and cherish the second amendment

            Who would have thunk…I’m a Born Again Christian…

            So how do you actually do that…

            You come out the front hole…go back in and come out the rear hole…burned again.!!

            OYG you’re stupid…

          • AntiGOP

            >>>>And don’t blame Catholicism on Christianity.

            Oh that’s right…your religion is better then theirs…sure it is honey.

            Yup…totally different fur sure…same criminals…just different religions.

            Trump’s Christian…it’s alright in your religion to grab some pussy right…it’s in your bible.!!!

            >>>>> They don’t even use the same book.

            Which book out of the 100’s world wide bibles of mass…

            The human race didn’t have a Hubble Telescope to see into the past…so 2000+ years ago they had very good reason to whip up some wild stuff.

            The design was to keep th masses in line…

            But here’s a clue…We now have a Hubble Telescope and Billions of dollars of other equipment to PROVE REALITY.

            Even though we still have lions and tigers and bears as was 2000+ years ago….
            We now have Dodges and Fords and Chevy’s.

            IOW Its time to scrap the bibles and live in the REAL World of Natures Rules.

            People seek religion as though any worthwhile answers to fundamental spiritual questions could be delivered in encapsulated form, outside the direct experience of nature.

            Nature has all the answers…you just have to look.!

            Unfortunately in most cases Religion is a cheap sell…like a used car…
            Nice when you first drive one…then wears old.

            Nature never gets old…a constant state of renewal and change.
            Natures Beauty beyond Godly design
            No Bible can compete.!!!

            In the natural world…nature deals with inflexible species the same…banished from the earth.

          • shafawn

            Merely pointing out their doctrine is inconsistent with biblical principle.
            I don’t have any idea if Trump is a Christian. I never said he was.
            The Bible is the inspired Word of God. God IS .. and God is REAL.
            Doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not… you will answer to Him

            Really nature banishes inflexible species? Species who do not propagate? Species who cannot reproduce? Wouldn’t nature weed that out? Your own version of god (Darwinism) isn’t even consistent

          • AntiGOP

            >>>>Merely pointing out their doctrine is inconsistent with biblical principle.

            with YOUR biblical principle?

            >>>>I don’t have any idea if Trump is a Christian. I never said he was.
            Yupper his is…and you didn’t know…you just vote and didn’t know…wow.

            >>>>The Bible is the inspired Word of God. God IS .. and God is REAL.

            This spirit wrote the bible??? How??

            >>>>Doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not… you will answer to Him

            I will answer to Him…how…I don’t understand…please explain??

            Really nature banishes inflexible species? YES
            Species who do not propagate? Yes
            Species who cannot reproduce? Yes
            Wouldn’t nature weed that out? Yes

            And if th species doesn’t change and adapt to the changes in nature they may go extinct as well.
            A Natural Selection.

            >>>>>Your own version of god (Darwinism) isn’t even consistent

            I never said I had a god.!!
            I never said anything about (Darwinism).!!

            How is it inconsistent??

          • shafawn

            If you read the Bible then you’d know.
            When I vote for a president I’m not looking for a savior. At this point I’m looking for constitutionality and someone who will protect the amendments of freedom and liberty as they were intended. Somebody who doesn’t live in the corporatists pocket. Somebody who works for the will of the people and not the establishment and someone who is anti-globalist. Trump isn’t perfect. He sticks his foot in his mouth. He’s not a polished smooth lying lawyer and I like that about him too.

            You will answer to God .. if you are lucky you will answer in this life. You are not lucky you will answer in the next. Either way you will answer for the things you have done…. unless you ask forgiveness and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life. If you reject his mercy you are not going to spend any time in heaven after you die. There is a hell and people are punished there. But that is just a holding place until the judgment day. On the judgment day God judges each soul and those who’s names are not found written in the lamb’s book of life will enter into the second death. You will be no more .. like you never existed at all. But until judgment day there is a hell and all those who reject Christ go there. That’s what the Bible says… read it for yourself.
            And if you ask Jesus to forgive you of your sin He will forgive you and He will never leave you or forsake you in this world or the next. The choice is up to you.
            Of course you will ridicule and deny and reject … but that is your choice. If you go to hell it will only be because you rejected the love and mercy of heaven. That’s why Jesus said only those who are sick need a physician. If you think you don’t need forgiveness or mercy then you won’t get it and you’ll suffer for your own stubborn hard heart. But again that is your choice.
            Hopefully you have a Christian in your family who is praying that your heart will be softened to the truth of God’s love.
            So I guess you are saying you think homosexuals are being weeded out by natural selection? Doesn’t that go against the liberal mantra these days?
            And I’m sorry I lumped you in with other atheists I’ve met who make Darwin and Marx their prophets and communism their religion.
            Maybe that doesn’t entirely fit you.

          • Lizzie2

            This Liberal is routinely called a troll by Righties here.

          • Lizzie2

            You are foolishly blind to the truth.

        • Morton99

          I guess you are not American. Here it is necessary to prove guilt – and to have evidence before you arrest someone.

        • Lizzie2

          Why are you not concerned with the fact that Our Elections were manipulated by a hostile foreign government? Who wouldn’t want to investigate that?

          • shafawn

            Um.. because that is a lie…

    • Lizzie2

      Notice how her color has finally slipped out? Now we’re getting to the bottom of all the anti Rice bloviating.

  • drdavis

    Congress needs to call Rice to testify under oath. This woman is a liar just as all the others she worked with like lying Hillary. If she takes the 5th then contempt and put her in jail. Start calling in all those involved to be investigated and charged no deals. The Republicans need to start growing some balls and take charge here we gave you the Senate, the House and the White House so lets get with the program. Why is Hillary still walking the streets along with the rest of the DNC??? Why is the Clinton foundation still running? I still say Obama should be investigated to make sure he was legally qualified to be president of the USA. All stops should be pulled out and go after the illegal WH of the last 8 Years…
    The WH and the Republican Congress needs to get their rears in gear and motate. All regulations of the EPA should be rolled back, all regulations and taxes in Obama care need to be canceled and deleted from existence never to show up anywhere again. Obamacare, EPA, IRS, DOE, DOT, FEMA, HHS, all need to be reviewed and anything Obama installed needs to be removed. EPA, FEMA , DOE the HHS, and more need to be done away with.

    • AntiGOP

      “Congress needs to call Rice to testify under oath.”

      For what reason…what did she do specifically that was illegal.


  • jreg9304

    It looks like Obama and his Demons, pulled off the big one, the only problem, it backfired right in their faces, resulting in his black rubbing off on them. Or Maybe Obama knew this was going to happen and just wanted to sit back and watch his minions take the heat. All in all, what goes around comes around and WE the American People will be there to delve out his just deserves, this I cannot wait to see!! The suspense is overwhelming For the truth to burst from the closet, because we all know that Obama and the Clinton’s are in total cahoots when it comes to this type rubbish. I can’t wait!

  • Morton99

    It is extremely dishonorable for a sitting US President to slime someone without offering a shred of evidence. He has now done that twice.

    • AntiGOP


    • Lizzie2

      Do you expect these persons to appreciate the truth of that??

      • Morton99

        In a strange way – yes I do. They clearly have a very hard time comprehending political rhetoric, the meaning of the US Constitution, the relationship with the justice system, the first amendment, the separation of Church and State, the fact that Christianity – just like Islam – has many very unchristian players in it, that Allah is simply the arabic word for God – and yes the same identical God that we believe in. They get absolutely furious when they are corrected – because they see that as a putdown and refuse to admit (publicly( that their education is horrendous. But when they don’t have any healthcare, when they realize that their rusted mid western factories will never open again, when they see that the demand for coal is shrinking as fast as Trump’s ratings – they will remember that the other side, the hated liberals were correct and they will face an awful dilemma – to always be losers – or to eat humble pie an catch up with everyone else.

  • Nancy

    Obama** is in hiding on that island in Tahiti. And to everyone reading this, Tahiti does not have to send you home, can hide you. So Obama** does not have to come back and face the music. Now I know why he’s been there for over two months. His corrupt agencies, along with the lying Rice is doing all his dirty work. Trump is right and I do believe he knows all about what Obama** has, or is doing, while hiding. He is not over there writing his legacy as everyone keeps saying, what legacy??, he is in hiding.

    • AntiGOP

      Nancy…>>>>>So Obama** does not have to come back and face the music.

      What music…

      Are you real so ignorant.!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4693f8a7a147ebadb78793e3ea19493a6b9e59d32c9d87ecd07ad14c924950ad.jpg

    • Lizzie2

      Are you for real? Have people like you given us President Trump? You have no idea what you were doing when voting. I don’t suppose that you are aware of ties between Russia and Trump? Your “guy” is the one who is hiding stuff.

      • Nancy

        Are you foe real? Can you read? Hil’LIAR’ was with the Russians selling all that uranium to the Russians. You better read up on all the corruption she did for the past 30 years, oh, you are one of those leftist snowflake crybabies – go back to your pacifier! I can’t fathom the thought you leftist voted for that arrogant corrupt Hil’LIAR’. She didn’t have a message and I didn’t know if she was campaigning or putting on concerts with her Hollywoodites and elites. She was never for the middle class, just the rich. And promised the African Americans this and that, what did they get? Nothing. She only told them lies just to get their votes. And for your info, I didn’t like either candidate but I sure wasn’t going to vote for a corrupt liar.

        • Lizzie2

          Oh shut up! If all that you can do is name call; make irrational one-sided statements ; parrot politically motivated fairy tales; make conclusions based upon falsehood and propaganda; believe the BS that is fed to you without questioning it’s verasity ;then any time spent in further conversation wiith you is a waste of time….and not worth the effort.

  • Jeff

    It’s amazing how our former moronic president got away with whatever he chose Benghazi, the Iran sham of a deal, along with cash payments for prisoners (one pathetic one impaticular I need not mention his name), NSA spying on average Americans, the fact he lied and new about hillarys email scandal and flatly denied it, all this n more plenty more and yet Donald Trump makes a tweet about what he personal thought was happening and in may mind he’s so correct… but neither here nor there the democrats just can’t stop, they just can’t get over the fact he’s our president, and the only thing that this story is doing is distracting from taking care of what really needs dealt with which is North Korea, Iran and Russia, but no let’s just keep talking about who spied on who, when I think the facts speak for themselve…. just admit it you demonuts, the Obama admin. Not only spied the average citizen but also Donald himself and his incoming cabinet but let’s not act like anyone is actually gonna pay in any form be it jail time restitution !!!!….So The end next story please!!!

    • AntiGOP

      >>>>the Obama admin. Not only spied the average citizen but also Donald himself and his incoming cabinet

      Total LIE…

      Do you know anything about the American Government.

      Executive Branch is not the Spy Branch.

      THE IC is part SPY BRANCHES…

      Why is it so hard for you people to grasp.!!

      Is it because it’s the Real Truth…

      • Jeff

        You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the face… never stated Obama spied his administration did it for him….wait susan rice was on his administration wasn’t she?

        • AntiGOP

          >>>never stated Obama spied his administration did it….

          Jeffery >>>>> Obama admin. Not only spied the average citizen but also Donald himself and his incoming cabinet

          Rice has no ability to spy on anybody.
          Obama has no ability to spy on anybody.

          Nobody in the Obam Admin has ability to spy on anybody.

          Only certain parts of the IC can with warrants.

          Rice did her job…period.


    Sad, but true to the word!

  • Robert Morrow

    Obummer told ever one, in plain English, just what he and his mottle crew was going to do to destroy the County. Yet all I heard from the Stupid Masses was the worship of the New Messiah. Why, for a new phone, a check or pay the rent from the gimme group. That is only one half of the Stupids, when the other half are only zombies and haters. Have you watched the brain dead university fools shout and mouth repeated words of their leaders and then go out and destroy the businesses that make this country great by providing work a needed services. Wake up People and start by recalling the Slime Ball Politicians who only care about lining their Pockets with Payola and are afraid of losing it. Just think, these slime have put in place over 400 Ruling Federal Agencies and I do mean Ruling for they have been given the powers to rob you of your money, Steal your property and murder you without any recourse. Wake up the house is burning down. Do not sent you child to the corrupt to become Zombies, but a good trade school to learn a skill that will make the country great.

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