• Patricia

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  • tCotUS

    Why doesn’t the Boston Globe come & get them…They Po’ed the Police, insulted the Vets/Military the past 8 years by being Obozo’s Lap Dogs. Time the BG gets their turn on the CUT LIST..


    The Obammunists do not intend to stop until they have disarmed the citizens and turned them into subjects, as they are in Kenya, North Korea, Iran and Cuba and all the other places they admire. Scharfenberg and his comrades need to be reminded again and again that any attempt to abrogate the Constitution and confiscate lawful firearms from law-abiding citizens will produce a civil war that most of them will not survive.

    • homer1057

      Well, here is the definitive answer: I am “NOT” a subject except to the Kingdom of God, Luke 17:21 KJV. I am NOT a subject unto the Govt’s of this crooked and wicked world! They have made LIES and Deceit their god and they desire to be lied to and deceived, (Isa 30:10 KJV) they want to feel good and they don’t want to have their conscience pricked because it will cause them to do something they don’t want to do; “SEEK” The Lord Jesus Christ, and Call Upon HIM! Jeremiah 33:3 People would rather die and go to HELL, rather than admit they are LOST and need help! However the first thing a man/woman needs to do to get help, is to admit that need and “COME to get that help! 1 Peter 3:18 KJV

      • jimmy midnight

        On the other hand, Jesus said something about, “:Render(ing) unto Caesar.”

        • Robert

          Jesus said render until Cesar, that which is Cesar’s.
          As he held up a coin, meaning tax money.

          • John Redman

            No, He did not touch the Roman coin. It was produced by one trying to trap Him. When He said “Render unto Caesar….” it was with full knowledge that ALL belongs to God, leaving NOTHING for Caesar. To possess one of those coins would be sinful since it was stamped with a graven image. He could have condemned the Jew producing the coin but it was useful to outsmart them and send them away confused.

        • jimmimac

          that is if you are in Europe, America has the bill of rights which are inalienable rights, the left does not know the meaning it, it is gods right not their right which is above rendering to Caesar!!

    • Askjrsk

      We can’t stop until Obama is EXECUTED.

      • antiliberal00

        Won’t happen. He is being protected by the globalist wealth. The hildabeast too.

    • Robert

      The problem with civil war, is a lot of innocent people get killed and losse everything. The only ones who are usually safe are the Rich
      like Soros with his armed guards.
      The only way to stop the B.S. is to get the heads that start the chaos.
      Soros, Polsi, Clinton, all the head Dems, and I don’t see that happening unless Trump can get them arrested.

      • Tom Pesta

        Agreed – but Trump can’t drain the swamp if congress refuses to approve his appointees – he must have his own people in control – Right now, the Obama/Clintonites still control many depts – why isn’t this talked about more – the corrupt senate is screwing Trump and all of us ??????????

    • Joseph

      What don’t these people know about the meaning of “…shall not be infringed?”

    • jimmimac

      no they need to be fired from their positions, and the liberal media needs to be threatened with being institutionalized into a mental ward if hey continue this insane rant!!

  • homer1057

    When a man is as DUMB and STUPID as this man is in word and thought, he has gone the way of “PAST FEELING”, and there is no hope for him. That man has a thought that he is a “god” and that people should bow down to him, sort of like the Hillary C/BHO syndrome! ALL this Idiot has to do is “SEE Hitler’s Germany, Castro’s Cuba, Stalins Russia, Moa’s China etc etc and KNOW that Gun Control “ONLY serves to “CONTROL ” the masses that the GOVT’s of this world want to control! When guns are controlled, then ONLY the Govt and crooks, (SAME) have guns! But, one insane FACT is that men NEVER Learn from the past, they just keep repeating the past mistakes! GUNS=Freedom from Govt control!

    • Don Rhodes

      Take a look at Chicago and Compton

      • Lena

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    • Rod

      I like that statement: “… then ONLY the Govt and crooks, (SAME) have guns!”
      How very true and we have communists and socialists that have now come out in the open and some have announced their goals. Get the Guns then proceed with the people by controlling the food and power supplies.

      • jaybird

        It would not be very long after that we will have a “Dicktator” running the country. Antifa will not stop even if Trump is taken out. Part Communist funded by George Soros “Open Society”. They print lies on their website.


        • Carol

          He needs to be tried for treason, no matter where he’s at.

          • PsykoKlown

            For crimes against all humanity.

      • Carol

        That’d please the leftistd. Of course the news media is full of leftists, or should I say Marxists.

    • ahartley

      Maybe this man ISN’T as dumb and stupid as you’d like to think, or as he may appear. Maybe he knows exactly what he’s doing…

    • antiliberal00

      I think that is a syndrome common to ALL liberals.

  • John D

    Message to this fool writer. Come get my gun you moron. It will be your last mistake.

    • tCotUS

      Amen John….I will give them up one bullet at a time.

      • Tony

        I need to repeat what I did earliar, they want to catch you putting things in print that can be deemed a threat…delete if you can…

        • tCotUS

          Thanks Watchman…

    • Tony

      They wish to enrage you, so that you lash out like this. That way they have you making threats in print…delete if you can, just to be safe.

  • SammysDad

    The 310M legally held guns have not killed anyone except those that were used for suicide. Remove suicide from the equation and death by cop scenarios, then inflated figure above drops precipitously!

    • Angel

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      • Lajos Markos

        you mean you scammed people out of there hard earned money did any one say or stupid and a fraud
        I’m shooting you down and goa drive your big piece of junk

  • larry outlaw

    Come and get `em dipstick.

    • The Redhawk

      UH that ll Make IT really MAD at the challange…Imagine an EAST Coast TWINKY having to do what it Preaches….. and besides it may have to buy a PLOT

  • Donald Lindsey

    Socialist democrat Boston Globe Writer states “Confiscate ALL the Guns”. And American becomes another 3rd world country overrun by muslim ISIS and other radical pile of manure.

  • Bud William

    David Scharfenberg, it has a Nazi ring to it. Of course it could be Jewish. Anyway, it sounds like he has a German mentality. Take all the guns away.

  • Robert D

    Really? Why is it that more people are killed with hammers every year and yet no one says it is the hammers fault? No one suggests we ban hammers. Liberals, it isnt the guns fault. It is people, and you cant pass enough laws to stop crazy people from doing crazy things. By the way, with 310million guns and 8 trillion rounds of amunition out there—If gun owners WERE the problem, everyone would know.

    • J.B.Jacobs

      Ever notice most of the mass killing by these people with guns happened in places where they knew there would be no guns but theirs, like the church shooting etc. Take away all the guns and ever place will be a no gun place so nobody would be safe. Laws are for law abiding citizens. Does anyone think these shooters give a damn about laws. They are going to kill a bunch of people. If they have no access to guns, they will use knives, vehicles, bombs or anything they can kill with. This whole talk of increasing gun laws will have no effect except on law abiding citizens. We have plenty of laws already, just enforce them.

      • Askjrsk

        Rent a trucks should be banned.

        • antiliberal00

          Liberals should be banned as they are usually behind any sort of violence.
          They have no moral compass to guide them, just satan.

    • Askjrsk

      What about the chain saw murder epidemic?
      What are we going to do about all those chain saws? Ban the chains?

  • anthony j. manzo

    He is right. Just look at Chicago. A perfect example of a No Gun Zone, NO GUN STORES. He sure would be secure and SAFE from gun violence in Chicago. Me i would take Dallas, which I understand is comparable to Chicago, and has over a hundred gun stores. Must have a lot of GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS to assist the police.

    • Arnold Baron

      Man, do not compare Dallas to Chicago. That is like comparing hell to heaven

  • Red Ryder

    And sure, let’s confiscate all the hammers and knives, too!

    • bttrap

      don’t forget cars and trucks

  • voldemort

    A little know fact that will never be published in MSM. Every mass shooter in the US since columbine has been a democrat. Want to end gun violence make sure democrats cannot own guns. I do not agree with this idea. Federal law is supposed to “trump” state and local law. Federal law is the second amendment.

  • dpg01

    Once people like david scharfenberg expose themselves for the disgusting, holier than thou, anti-American commies that they are, they should be removed from society by whatever means saves taxpayers the most time and money.

  • Askjrsk

    Consficate all the presses, Boston Globe writer. Then people like Hillary can be our one world leader. Duh You can’t fix stupid.

  • John Williams

    With that mentality, or lack thereof, how many more would have died in Texas, when ONLY the bad guy had a gun?

  • Larry Brule


  • Timothy Sines

    People are entitled to there opinion of freedom of expression, lets not be nasty with words on this discussion. just state your facts.

  • The Redhawk

    Well when this STUCK on STUOID TWINKIE is ready to start Collecting…I ‘ll send him my adress…… have meat wagon to follow him..

  • dick yocum

    Hey David why don’t you come and try to take my gun you idiot,

  • Jon’s On

    The dumocrats should put their true agenda out for the American people to see. That way we could get rid of the mentally ill busy bodies once and for all. The media must surely realize that if the 2nd amendment goes so will their beloved 1st amendment as the government will take control of the media. Think Germany in the 1930s and Russia in the 1910s.

  • Murphmeister

    If what liberals want is complete disarmament, they should all come out of their cities and go to the great hinterland, pound on the doors and demand them. Don’t expect local sheriffs to do it.

  • downs1

    David Scharfenberg doesn’t seem to understand that “all guns” are not used to hurt others! It is also impossible to remove “all guns”! They may be removed from law-abiding citizens, but evil people will always find a way to secure a gun! That leaves the law abiding citizens unable to protect themselves from the bad guys who invade their homes, and who would prey on private homes because they know there would be no guns! Why Scharfenberg can’t see this is amazing! If there were “no guns” and he were attacked by an armed person this evening, perhaps he could use a ball point pen to defend himself from the attacker! Or he could perhaps call a passing policeman; however, if “all guns” were banned, there wouldn’t be a weapon in the officer’s holster either! Wake up, David! Have a good day!

  • Timothy Toroian

    Yoh, Dingleberry,how are you going to get them from the gangs and drug runners? BUT, you, my boy, need to read the Constitution and then find somebody who can think to carefully explain it to you.You seem to have missed that in school. Get a dictionary, too, in case you don’t understand all the big words such as, “shall”,”not,”infringe”, then read second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence where it says it our Right and Duty to throw off a despotic government. IF you say a despotic government can’t happen in this country, WHAT THE HELL WOULD CONFISCATING ALL GUNS BE?????

  • paulrph1

    What can you say other than some people wish to remain stupid all of their lives.

  • Joe Sam

    why do people make such fools of them selves .why do they speak of things they know nothing about .every word he speaks is dribble no sense just dribble .OLD VET.

  • RC

    Having been in the Boston area I was told we shouldn’t visit that town at night. That idiot wants all firearms confiscated but if he were to run into trouble I’d be willing to bet the first person he would scream to for help would be someone with a gun to defend him. That part of the country is a hot bead of Socialists who want us all to be helpless. There’s so much history there connected with our country gaining it’s freedom, it’s a sad thing to see.

  • R Beardall

    The thing I learned of libbertard, Enviro’s outfits like SEWA and Sierra Club years ago is there is no compromise with these blubbering fools & they will tell You this if pressed! Other thing they fail to understand is many of My brothers still serving in Guard units all over this becoming Great again Country, once activated Will never follow through on an order executed in contrary to the oath.Yes Sir You and Your kind are the true threat to this country!So I ask Whom does this Libbertard think is going to confiscate the weapons of the civilian militia that has kept a foreign invader from ever setting foot upon our soil?

  • Chuck

    Seems like a double-digit IQ is a prerequisite for writing for the Boston Glob. I know. I left out the “e” on purpose.

  • chuckkel

    95% of gun crime is by democrats, that their guns away, they are too violent and stupid to have them.

  • Chuck

    “They begin their pleas for “commonsense gun control” by bashing the NRA
    for their sins, not the least of which is convincing a rabid base of
    conservatives that Democrats are planning to come into their homes and
    steal their guns (and probably have their way with their wives while
    they’re at it!”

    Not “Democrats” you moron, criminals………oh, uh yeah, same thing I guess.

  • jock1234

    GO TO HELL !

    We’ll NEVER give up our guns Poncho!

  • jimkimmons

    Put all libtards into internment camps. Neither will happen, but I have my preference.

  • Ruckweiler

    From my cold, dead hands. Charlton Heston.

  • niknar

    Or maybe it could be that due to the complete lack of any kind of government action on gun violence & the escalating level & frequency of mass murders, some have decided to go further in their calls for action. When 1 side stands stubbornly unwilling to budge an inch on any kind of compromise, the other side is best advised to make their demands more far-reaching and/or stringent, & they do have an increasing majority of the public behind them.

  • Joseph

    He has to be socialistic communist.

  • OK, Mr. Hitler, go at it. Try to confiscate all the guns in New York City from the criminals. Then go to Chicago. After two failures, take your pick as to where to go next. Come to my house if you like. There are no registered firearms in my apartment. In fact, I have no registered forearms anywhere. THat’s all the info you get. I will leave it at that.

  • 2starider

    He suggests the Progressives should be honest about their true intentions, that’ll never happen, they are at least smart enough to know the majority of American People will reject their ‘ideas’ because they still value Freedom over a false sense of security.

  • Bojac

    If you are a hunter or law abiding citizen and someone tries to take your gun, give them the bullets first.

  • Marine68

    This fool and all like him are the reason for the 2nd Amendment. Petty tyrants shilling for big governmental tyrants that wish to consolidate their absolute Power over our lives. If they believe in disarming us completely, they should come personally to take our Guns from us, and prove their conviction to their cause. Anything else is cowardice, and unworthy of the slightest consideration.

  • luvsgunsandamerica

    Amen to some earlier posts,come and try to take it dipwad cretin.You’ll get it barrel first with steel jacketed shells alternated with hollow points like your brain on liberalism.

  • Nobody is taking my guns.
    I will shoot the BASTARD that tries.

  • Allen Benge

    Confiscation may sound like a dream to a left wing nut job, but it won’t work in America. I always said that the Jews in the 30s and 40s should have fought back against the Nazis, and that is why the Jewish people today won’t ever suffer the same treatment. If the Nazis lost a soldier for every Jew they captured, they would have quickly found a more affable class of victims. Gun owners in America are not going to go along like sheep and just hand our guns over to anyone, be it our government, the UN or whatever. The government cannot find eleven million illegal aliens, so how do they seriously expect to find and grab 300 million guns?

  • Walter Siebert

    Take the guns from the Police and all government secret service, this way the criminals won’t get hurt. Don’t they know that the second amendment also protects us from our own government, can’t do that with cap guns.!!!!!

  • steven_1948

    I pray that anyone with even a single brain cell, is idiot enough to try and confiscate Americans guns! That will never be tolerated, the Constitution will be preserved, protected and defended and a civil war will be justified. Enimies of the Constitution had better consider solving the problem by eliminating the reasons for this nations decline. The main reason is loss of moral and ethical guidance, everything that’s wrong with this country stems from that. Lawlessness has become the norm aided by corrupt politicians, in our government. Socialism, Communism and Fascism, all have risen from the gutter like a disease to corrupt and contaminate.
    This is what Americans ignorance, apathy and indifference have bred.

  • pappy450

    Things just NEVER change. The COMMUNIST DEMOCOMMIES/RINOS are constantly hell bent on disarming Law-Abiding citizens to protect their criminal friends, and attempt to turn this country into a third-world crap hole complete with obedient disarmed SHEEPLES ripe for easy control. Newsflash..NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. Just TRY to come and get MY guns…You MAY get me, BUT I WILL take a few of YOU to HELL with me.

  • Robert Early

    The gun-grabbers will not live ling enough to see their goal accomplished. The civil war they initiate will destroy them all. Guaranteed !


    Sure, just get you hind end out of the way or get trounced just for starters!

  • David

    Molon labe!

  • retreaded

    I recall when the Russians were fighting the Afgans, they would sweep in and confiscate all of the firearms. Within a week, everyone in the village would have a new rifle. Gun control laws only affect the civilized, law abiding people who are not causing any problems in the first place. Since most police routinely steal guns (mostly stolen) from criminals, if you want a firearm, just go break into a cop’s house and take all you want if you are a criminal. The definition of a criminal is one who does not obey laws including gun control laws.

  • Charles Wolfe jr

    SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ! What is hard to understand about that ?

  • Steve Tobin

    Our second amendment was written to protect us from the likes of David Scharfenberg and all those who want to see the free citizens turned into subjects under government control. Scharfenberg, just another spineless small person who more than likely never served our country and does not understand what it takes to protect our freedoms. Scharfenberg and those like him should be first in line to walk up to a door and after knocking announce I’m here for your guns. You can start at my house. That way you won’t be bothering any other decent, law-abiding folks. Now David go get a mop and clean up the puddle around your shoes.

  • GuardianFlame

    Sorry DumbDems, but no concerned Responsible Conservative is going to give up their guns without a fight!! It’s just not going to happen! So any Liberal can tell their totally made up stories of “what” they are pretending to do regarding our guns, but we just don’t believe a word they say. They are lying Dems, right? I rest my case!


    IT IS QUITE OBVIOUS, that if gun laws worked, we would have no gun crime. Confiscation, worthless, non-factory guns can be made. Confiscation only disarms honest victims/citizens, who in the hell wants that. CNC equipment in your home workshop will do the deed. To Date, I do not believe any weapons laws have “prevented” any crime. Probable after the fact solution, “AMPUTATION”, CUT BOTH thumbs off the perp(s), tattoo a big red “G” in the middle of their forehead. This, may be a deterrent?? Law makers and whiners, QUIT on the guns and honest people, one day one of us just might save your ASS, and you will be thankful we did!!

  • Rod

    Yes, start confiscating our guns and you’ll be the fathers of the 2nd American Revolution.
    Charlton Heston said it best, “from these cold dead hands.” There are a whole lot of the 150 million gun owners that won’t lay down their arms!

  • Edward Heckard

    You know it’s too bad, the HONEST, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, ALWAYS suffers at the hands of the Rich and powerful. THEY make up these laws and implement them, take away as many RIGHTS,as they can, and WE get screwed!!!!! When they have US where they want us, then WE no longer, can PROTECT our families, like THEY can!!!!! We are at their mercy and can no longer fight back!!!! I am no longer such a trusting person of the government entity and I no longer have any faith in the courts. I fought for my country and for my childrens’ FREEDOMS and almost died for those RIGHTS and privileges!!!!! I fear they are getting ready to be taken away and that’s NOT RIGHT!!!!!!! I’ve NOT gone out and hurt anyone with my weapons, nor have I EVER thought of such a thing!!!!!! I went off to WAR!!!!!!! I SUFFER from PTSD and YET I have NOT killed anyone!!!!!!!! My dads’ family grew up with weapons and my kids were taught from an EARLY age about how to handle weapons. THEY have NOT gone out and HURT anyone, because THEY are LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!! COME ON “DUMB AHHH CRAPS” and “GUN CRAPPERS”, get it together!!!!!!!! It’s CRIMINALS that KILL people!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    What a idiot… must sit behind a desk and believe that they would be safe from a burglar because there would be no law abiding firearms. After being tied up and brutalized because of no personal defense…what would be the liability to those that made that decision to disarm us? I would rather have the choice to be armed and defend myself.

  • Skip Plummer

    Don’t we have some way to collect whackos like this guy? I think that we used to.


    “Come and pry them out of MY COLD DEAD HAND”!! This level of “BULL SHIT” will not float in my lifetime!! My ancestors did not put up with similar “BULL SHIT” from the BRITISH PUNKS”, that wanted to control us in the 1700’s, and it won’t happen now!! The “RADICAL LEFT CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL” in their desire to control individualism and any and all rights of law abiding citizens!! The Second . Amendment A is designed to prevent this “BULL SHIT” put out by this FOOL!! Don’t mess with me!!

  • james Conner

    This guy wants to give all his rights, he wants a dictatorship, then the Government can control us like a flock of sheep. Yes, the Government will also come in and take your life’s savings and house. Yep the Liberals then will redistribute it all to Illegals, Refugees,and the sorry non workers. This is what Sanders preaches, when he owns a home and 2 vacation houses, 4 cars, 2 yachts and a lifetime of free Gov. Health Care, the best of everything! Yet he is nothing but a two faced liar, but liberals still believe his nonsense speeches. When Governments take all guns from us, then we are as sheep and the USA will no longer be the land of the free. Obama wanted this for us, then do away with the Constitution and replace it with the 51 Articles of the United Nations. Idiots like this wants others to join his cause! I guess this ass does not know when to get out of the rain!!!

  • Statesman Patriot

    Liberal journalists who scream that the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets of constitutional times because there is no way our founders could have anticipated such technologies we have today, and now want to ban (confiscate) all guns should be very careful as the same argument can be made on the press and free speech. Our founders were very astute and knew all too well that technologies would continue to develop. All they had to do was look at history from their point in time. They didn’t know what it would look like but even DaVinci had a good grasp of what the future might bring.
    Benjamin Franklin invented the crank printing press and discovered how to harness electricity. All they had before that was a single stage, single page press. So I’m sure they had no idea that we would have the kind of electronic media we have today. Franklin wanted to find a way to use electricity with his many inventions.
    Should tyrannical fascism occur, both weapons and press are the first things that get take away. But there is no way to protect either, or any other constitutional right, without the 2nd Amendment, the main purpose being to have means to stop tyranny.
    The 1st Amendment does not come without restrictions as today’s media believe. You may not cause wrongful injury by the use of wrongful words. Hurtful words, libelous and slanderous words, can kill just by the way they are used. That is a highly probable excuse for someone to use a gun, or why gang wars or a war between countries start. But the main stream media appears to not understand what carnage they create by their hateful damaging distortions and lies. With liberty comes risk. We must hold bad actors accountable and render just punishment, not all of society for the acts of those few.
    Our founders only error was not making the 2nd Amendment the 1st. But at this point, we need to use their own words, about bearing arms, against their own freedom of the press. Why is it that a gun owner must get permission to buy a gun and a license to carry it. But a journalist is not required of either to write or carry computer medias. Are they not equal rights under the constitution? Are not all of the original ten Bill of Rights given as individual rights?
    We had better decide soon what we are willing to live or die with. Time is short!!

  • pb2

    Ban liberals. They are responsible for most gun deaths in the US.

  • Carol

    Instead of taking away all guns. Take all the writing equipment away from all Fake News reporters.

  • JOEL714


  • Gammi2Anna

    How to Create a Social State by Saul Alinsky.
    ‘There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a Social State. The first and most important is:
    1) Healthcare-Control healthcare and you control the People.
    2) Poverty-Poor people are easier to control and will not fight their provider.
    3) Debt-Increase debt to level that will increase taxes, which produces more poverty.
    4)GUN CONTROL-Remove ability to defend self from government, creats a police state.
    5) Welfare-Increase in welfare dependence increases control of every aspect of life.
    6) Education-Dumb-down society by taking control of what is read, listened to or taught.
    7) Religion-Remove God from the Government and schools.
    8) Class Warfare-Divide people into wealthy vs poor, creating discontent among the two.

    Saul Alinsky was a ‘man revered by Barack Hussein Obama’. Alinsky taught that ‘True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within’. If we study the 8 levels of control we can see how each was introduced and elevated into our society by Obama during his reign of terror. Remember that in 2001 Obama said “The Constitution is an imperfect document and I think it is a document that reflects some deep flaws in American culture..” How many know that in the ACA, Obama included a mandate that read ‘Government will build registries and data networks from your electronic medical records’ making it appear this was for the convenience of transferring records within the medical community. A few hundred pages later, another mandate informs us that ‘for Law Enforcement purposes the HHS Secretary will give the Attorney General access to ALL medical Data collected’. Why would the AG ever need our medical records for law enforcement purposes? I believe it was the job of Hillary Clinton to complete the Socialization of America, making it easy for the Rule of Tyranny to replace our American Freedoms.

    I thank God every day that the Deplorables were able to stop this attack by voting for Donald J. Trump. While he may not be the smoothest or most sophisticated POTUS, at least we know what he is saying and that he means exactly what he says. We dodged a bullet, or grenade, depending on how you were affected by the reign of Obama. It is up to us to never go back into a situation where we could lose our Freedom.

  • Ted Paine

    Chicago has the strongest gun control in the Country and murder goes unabated. Maybe if we just confiscate weapons on democrat held cities and deny dems & Atheists themselves from owning guns we’d see a dramatic drop in crimes and mass shootings.

  • Paul Thomas

    If they was to ever take my guns and I lost a loved one do to a Crim I would come for you one at a time and trust me I would get a hand full of you way before you got me

  • Big Sheepdog CCW

    Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger suggests that government should pass legislation banning guns. He also spoke on how to get rid of the dead human body through Alkaline hydrolysis a.k.a. water cremation a.k.a. biocremation — in reality just using a Draino®-like chemical to dissolve the dead human body and flush the remaining human sludge down the drain into the public sewer system — is the new rage in technology. Just what a Genocidal Dictator would want. I have a couple of choice words to this cleric – MOLON LABE, Come and Take but there will be blood on the ground if anyone tries.

  • Herb1949

    You notice that he hasn’t volunteered to go collect the guns. He wants somone else to lose their life trying to do it.

  • Jiggs D

    This idiot really writes for the Boston Globe??? Are you serious?? Let me see how this would play out.
    OK ,all the law abiding citizens bring in your guns and the gangs,American haters, looters, robbers and murderers ,your OK because we don’t know if you have guns!!
    Wake up you idiot!!

  • harold

    I would like to suggest that this Globe writer come and take guns personally , I would like to see how long they last.

  • William Braudis

    I would rather give you a few bullets and Bishop Scharfenberger you have deviated out of your chosen life’s path. It would be to your advantage to return to the saving of individuals.

  • Tony

    They should then divide up the property taxes and special assessments and redistribute law enforcement around the communities where the highest crime is….the wealthy won’t feel quite so well guarded…

  • donl

    He wants our guns for the same reason Hitler and Castro took their people’s guns, so they cannot fight back !! No second amendment = No Constitution.

  • antiliberal00

    Come and get them snowflakes. Lets see if you liberal worms have the guts to do more than run your big pie holes.

  • usncb


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