• bygeorge

    Climate change is the very least important item on my list of things to fear. I have a coat! It is the Liberal-Progressive Socialists agenda, trying to ruin our great nation, who are totally oblivious to the real, quantifiable threat coming to our shores, Islam, that I fear most. Islam translated means “submission.” It does not mean a religion of peace. We must be prepare therefore, not for drought imposing heat or the oceans filling up with icebergs, but the barbaric and odious life style coming toward us headlong from the near-east in the guise of Sharia Law.

    The time has finally arrived to push back against the religion on peace here in America. If they are offended, so be it. It’s their right to be offended, but not their right to impose their silly belief’s on the rest of us just because they are ‘offended.’

    There are no “peaceful” muslims, just quite ones. Remember that! The Koran is what it is and muslim’s cannot pick and choose the passages they want to embrace. For them, it’s all or nothing! Our country is, apart from the socialist programs of progressive liberalism, being undermined by Islam, encouraged by a president who endorses it.

    Christians, even athiests American’s, can no longer sit idly by and await the coming confrontation with these two wicked ideological enemies of America’s freedom unprepared. First, arm yourselves with the knowledge that can save you, then arm yourselves!

    If you want to see what’s coming? visit this site:

    • KingoLingus

      Although I agree in general to what you say, the ROOT CAUSE is Liberalism and so called progressivism. The lil bastards you mentioned are just like children. Remember the ol’ saying: When the cats away the mice will play. Rome is burning!!!

      • The ACTUAL ROOT CAUSE of most problems created by humans throughout all of human history is greed, including greed/lust for power.

    • Religion is a man made power tool fueled by fear and need and greed. Any and all religion — every flavor of it — as law/government is TYRANNY.

  • Jerry Hughes

    We went through this with you once, dem liberal bloodsuckers.
    1975 to 2000 The mini ice age and the resultant Global Famine of 2000.
    only God knows how much you cost us on that one
    When you laid an egg, you smiled sheepishly, threw your hands up in the air and walked away with a smile on your face.
    The same science and indeed many of then same scientists segued directly into Global Warming.
    That is now into its third reincarnation and name in your attempts to keep it germane., because of holes in the logic that the USS Independence could have sailed through and not scraped a sing iota of navy gray paint off of any side.
    You have already cost us in the neighborhood of a trilion dollars in the USA alone.
    God is the only one that knows how many jobs you have cost us with this, the price of electricity is headd for the orbit of Jupiter and still you keep on.
    The problem that you scrubs have, this time we are taking names and address, you will not walk away smile when this one slinkis off into the sunset.
    Those of you putting lots of money into this, your names will be high on the l;ist

    • CharlieSeattle

      Dky Cheney, S T F U and crawl under a rock.

      • Jerry Hughes

        Oh my, that really hurts, coming from the result of an incestuous one night stand between a liberal dem bloodsucker and a river leech

        I’ll have to check I’m almost sure that you are already on the list, but just in case, way down at the bottom of course, none of you American Jihadists have any money or intelligence, which of course is why you spend your days on public forums, whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them

        • CharlieSeattle


          Pentagon report that relied on scientific facts instead of BS Corporate spin shut you fu@k up. All you have is ignorant remarks and no facts.

          You are to easy. Send a stronger Corporate troll.

          • Jerry Hughes

            That it, that all you have, liberal dem bloodsucker, aka American Jihadists?
            Geez ersatz life form, kill yourself before your children find out that. they are related to you, no sense hanging that kind of load on their shoulders for the rest of ther life
            i sent your name and address to the list

          • CharlieSeattle


            The Pentagon created the report ….DuMbMaSs.

            Sad, the troll Jerry Huhes, thinks he can read, but does not comprehend.

          • Jerry Hughes

            The Pentagon works for the i8nept lying outlaw inb the white hyouse he has already thrown out all of the decen tmilitary.
            Feb, 2017 there will no tbe a sing General Officer ver the rank of 0-8 left in the military.
            Wemay even indict all of them for lying.
            Don’t worry about the military scum, worry about us

          • CharlieSeattle

            The Pentagon created the unbiased report DuMbMaSs!

            Sad, the troll it thinks it can read, but does not comprehend.

          • Jerry Hughes

            You said that the first time liberal dem bloodsucker, aka American Jihadist, it was a . “so what” the first time, no change now” liberal scumn.
            Kill yourself get your worthless genes out of the pool scumbag.

          • Jerry Hughes

            get a job liberal dem bloodsucker, get out of your sister’s basement, you need something to do.

          • KingoLingus

            You are the DUMBASS, saying the pentagon created an unbiased report is like saying Army intelligence. Hell, saying that the pentagon “created” anything is too far fetched!

          • CharlieSeattle

            And w t f do you have to offer? Corporate BS, like anyone believes that!

          • Dave McFarland

            Charlie, from your comments and typing, you appear to have not been weaned from the socialist and/or Marxist teat.

          • CharlieSeattle

            How does your BS lessen the weight of the unbiased Pentagon report?

            KukOff ,Troll!

          • Dave McFarland

            CharlieSeattle, you must find it difficult to read the most innocuous reading material. I looked up the report you claim as proof of your comments. Oddly, the report does not come to the same conclusion you have. I now find it nearly impossible to believe that you are capable of having not only an intelligent debate; but, even a conversation of a minor thing as the weather. You have been so brainwashed by the Socialists/Marxists that you have now proven that you should refrain from making yourself look any more impaired than you already are. The vast majority of our citizens know the truth when they see it. The rest simply permit the Socialists and Marxists tell them when to wake in the morning. So sad.

          • CharlieSeattle

            Sad, the troll pretends to read but does not comprehend.

          • Dave McFarland

            Charlie, seriously, are you one of the following: Progressive Liberal, Marxist, Communist, racist, bigot, terrorist, or a true democrat, one that John F. Kennedy would be proud of?

        • KingoLingus

          Can I cut and paste this Jerry? Love it!!!

          • Jerry Hughes

            Feel free Hingol

      • Dave McFarland

        Are you a progressive liberal Marxist? Do you believe in The US Constitution? Do you believe that the 1st Republican President, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves? Do you know anything about Dick Cheney? Probably not. You sound very much like the millions of people in this country who thrive on hate and want someone else to work for you. You sound like just another person eligible for euthanasia.

        • KingoLingus

          Well said! Especially te euthanasia part

  • usathoughts

    Look… they are just being optimist. Everyone knows the climate changes with every breath we take. They know that eventually North America will be frozen solid, or become a vast desert. In between, Major Fluctuations, Tectonic Shifts, Volcanos, Earthquakes, Meteor Strikes, etc,

    They are 100 percent positive of Global Warming and/or Climate Change! Cannot fault them for this because they are absolutely correct. The only problem they have is a sense of time. They think of time in human lifetimes whereas the Planet thinks in Geological time. (not the right word, but I like it)

    There is a Scientist postulating a Theory on the life-times of all organic and inanimate things with a 97% confidence factor. For “Humans” the expected minimum life span is 7,000 years. The conditions of life cannot be determined, just the longevity.

    The bottom line is why be concerned, we are good for another 7,000 years.

  • sturgis

    This is barry soetoros way of distracting us from his true agenda. That is emigration and muslim take over! I don’t like it but, the only way to take back this country is by a military coo! This muslim scum must go by any means possible. Impeachment will take too long and by that time it will be too late!

    • Terry Hamblin

      Today, a former CIA agent bluntly told the newspaper, World Net Daily, that America has switched sides in the war on terror under President Obama. Clare Lopez was willing to say what a few members of Congress have said in private, but declined to say on-the-record.
      Clare M. Lopez is the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and a Senior Fellow at The Clarion Project, the London Center for Policy Research, and the Canadian Meighen Institute. Since 2013, she has served as a member of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi. Also Vice President of the Intelligence Summit, she formerly was a career operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, a professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee from 2005-2006, and has served as a consultant, intelligence analyst, and researcher for a variety of defense firms. She was named a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute in 2011.
      Lopez said the global war on terror had been an effort to “stay free of Shariah,” or repressive Islamic law, until the Obama administration began siding with such jihadist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates. Lopez believes that the Muslim Brotherhood has thoroughly infiltrated the Obama administration and other branches of the federal government. One of the most outrageous of those appointments is Mohamed Elibiary, a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. According to a report by the Center for Security Policy, Elibiary supports brokering a U.S. partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. Two months ago, a firestorm erupted online after Elibiary tweeted that a “Caliphate” is inevitable and compared it to the European Union.
      Ms. Lopez also believes Obama had essentially the same goals in the Mideast as the late Osama bin Laden: “to remove American power and influence, including military forces, from Islamic lands.” The former CIA operative’s perspective affects her prescription for what the U.S. should do about the terror army ISIS, as she called for caution and restraint.
      While there has been a sudden chorus of politicians and military experts calling for the immediate elimination of the terrorist army after it beheaded American journalist James Foley last week, Lopez believes the U.S. should have an overall strategy in place before fully re-engaging in the Mideast militarily.Any military action would be further complicated, she told WND, if it were not clear which side the U.S. is on, either in the short term or in the overall war on terror.
      Lopez felt it was impossible to understand why the president and some of his top appointees, such as CIA Director John Brennan, who is believed to be a Muslim convert, “consistently seem to apologize for Islam, even in the face of such atrocities as the Foley beheading,” adding, they “take pains to assure the world they don’t think IS, (or the Islamic State, also called ISIS) or whichever perpetrator it was, has anything to do with Islam. How can they possibly believe that genuinely when everything these jihadis do tracks directly to the literal text of Quran, hadiths and Shariah?”
      “In any case, and for whatever motivations, there is no doubt this administration switched sides in what used to be called the Global War on Terror,” she said.
      I wonder if those who don’t want to go ‘on the record’ will finally speak out

      • sturgis

        Yes I read the article, That’s why I say; the only way we can get out of this mess is a military coo!! We can’t remove him and his cronies from office, impeachment would take too long and it would be too late. I hope some of these generals grow some balls and get him and the rest of these muslims out of here. And then remove ALL the muslims from this country! I’ve never been more serious in my life!

        • Jerry Hughes

          Ease up, lay dead, let him make the first illegal move.
          There are roughly 50 million armed americans ready to stand up.
          The last time I read a book on insurrections the defending militiary, needs roughly a 6- 8 to one numerical superiority to be successful
          Obama is purely a symptom, of the liberals in the USA.
          Shoudl it come to that, the liberals are the first place to go.
          We know who the money peopel are and where they are.

          • sturgis

            Hay he’s already broken the law and nothing has been done. I know it’s complicated but, Impeachment is useless. Thanks to the liberals, the mores in this country are being ripped apart. The liberals are a problem but, the muslim issue is more prevalent,

  • cactusbob

    Algore and the liberals may see climate change as the ultimate threat to America, but in reality it is brainwashed liberals who are the ultimate threat to America. Climate change is an unpreventable natural occurrence, and only the hope of large grants to “study” it more and come up with dire predictions prevents more “honest” scientists from acknowledging it.

  • terryk

    Liberals that believe in climate threats I have a bridge to sell you. Climate will be what it will be. Mankind’s influence on climate is minimal thinking otherwise is plain dumb. Gore and his ilk are using this to make money and gain control. Unless you are part of this nefarious group you should not believe this trash.

  • WiSe GuY

    Dumb liberals believe every word the lying, little nigger says.

    • HoofHugs

      Please do not use the N-word. It is offensive and you make the rest of look crude and vulgar.

      • Combatvet52

        Would you be happy if he said The Boss Man

        • Mac Boy

          HNIC –

      • WiSe GuY

        Yass sa, Mr. boss. Here I is. Beats me but don’s make me work.

      • Mikeyoung6

        How about the big N-word?

    • Dave McFarland

      Wise Guy, by offering your bigoted, racist, and quite frankly, stupid comment using the “N” word, you have just added more fuel to the progressive liberal Marxists fire against freedom. I am a conservative and your comment deeply offends me. Do us all a favor and end you bigoted hatred. Or, in other words, SHUT UP!

      • KingoLingus

        He shouldn’t use that word, it is too much of a compliment. I believe that Barry is going to inspire an entirely more radical word much worse than that one! Ps. WORKIN ON IT

  • patriotds1

    The climate change FRAUD ‘IS’ a threat to America.

  • Lorraine E

    Climate change is a lie – climate CONTROL is real. The purpose of the lie about global weather change is just an excuse to further control and tax the people. Weather control by all developed countries has been ongoing for over 50 years. See geoengineeringwatch.org and weatherwars.info

    • rick

      I kind of thought it was to hurd the rural living people into the eleven Mega-regions ? You know , force with wild fires , tornado’s , flooding , cold / heat . things like that .

  • HoofHugs

    What the Dems should fear is the anger of the American people when we begin to realize that former VP Al Gore and President Clinton have known all along that humans have very little effect on climate change. We have a marked effect on the environment, but climate is determined by astrological forces and there is a history of climate change that has been extracted and studied. Furthermore, climate extremes coincide with species extinctions in area of the world that were extremely affected either by the ice age or the interglacial warming period. However, where these places are varies. That is why some species might become extinct in one area but survive in refugia elsewhere. Our country has been divided and impoverished for the profit of a few billionaire friends of Al Gore who, of course, donate generously to democratic candidates, which is why we need to get Senator Reid out of the Senate.

    • rick

      Clinton / Gore ! 1993 , Clinton demands saturation housing for all of Northern California , Pete Wilson in the mix !
      Then Gore in 1996 starts screaming ” Global Warming ” ! They forgot that every Roof-top has two cars ! and those two idiots just created tens of thousands more in just a few years ! I was there .

  • Combatvet52

    Really STUPID with all the threats against this country climate would be the last thing to worry about.

    • In this era of WMD, if the religious zealots on “this side of the pond” are in control the Executive branch of the USA and our nation’s military at a critical moment in history, and if they use that critical moment to decide that it is time to initiate their (self-fulfilling) “prophecy of Armageddon” — a global war against the competing zealots who control governments and their military on the other side of the pond that now seem to be intent on initiating their own “Armageddon” (ISIS) — then the species human could well self-destruct. Perhaps other Mid East governments are not financing them but some one with a lot of money has been, and there are those competing Islamic zealots Pakistan — a nation that already has nukes — and zealots in other nations that want and (w/oil money) could and some that even actively are seeking to develop or buy them.

    • Evermyrtle

      Certainly not the threat that the liberals present. They are bringing our nation to her knees and into certain bondage if they are not stopped. Think of our little children’s future!!. Leave the weather alone it will take of itself, we can only make weather matters worse.

    • KingoLingus

      The Socialist decepticons who call themselves Democraps and Digressives use the tactics of magicians Eg. get you to look over here wile they stick it to you from over there. Climate change is no different.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Pentagon ‘clear’ climate change is a ‘national security’ issue


    Last updated on 28 May 2014

    US military officials say threat from global warming is evident, calling for focus on efficiency and clean energy systems

    By Ed King

    The threats posed by climate change are “overwhelmingly clear” to everyone at US military headquarters, a senior Pentagon official has told a Senate enquiry.

    While many leading US politicians remain sceptical over the science behind global warming, Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, said military planners were convinced, and concerned.

    “If you wait for 100% certainty on the battlefield, something bad is going to happen,” he said, quoting former US chief of staff Gordon Sullivan.

    “We look for indicators, warnings, reasons to take action that are prudent. Not to place a bet on a certainty – but it is overwhelmingly clear to everyone in the Pentagon and majority of folks in our nation that climate change is happening and we need to do something about it.”

    McGinn said the Pentagon was reassessing how secure its bases are in light of future climate impacts, and is especially worried about the effect sea level rise could have on naval dockyards.

  • Global warming and this Climate Change being touted by liberals is a SCAM. We are in an interglacial warming period. “The Climate Mandate” by Walter Orr Roberts and Henry Lansford describe these periods. There are many other publications as well that are ignored by the Marxist liberals to purposely further this self-centered agenda of creating man as a victum of his own doing. These publications and scientific data do not just center on what man has done but the entire system as a whole. Man is just a small piece in this system that is controlled by larger processes by nature that has been going on for millions of years. It outlines the geologic and climate synergies that have been ongoing for millions of years.

    There are forces far greater than man at work here and have been at work for millions of years. To think man somehow has altered nature and a process that is vastly larger and more complex than man himself, by 100 years of fossil fuel consumption only demonstrates the arrogance of man. it really is the agenda of a few people working behind the scenes to profit from this Global warming SCAM. It has everything to do about money. Deep down people like Gore, Obama and Clinton, Carter the proverbial liberals who create false crisis’s to dupe the masses into believing their bullshit want to PROFIT from the trading carbon and energy credits once it becomes law to make millions. By making legislation either thru executive orders or consensus these Marxist politicians get on the ground floor of a HUGE money making proposition. The progressive socialist academics go along with it because it supports their hatred of capitalism and the American energy policy and get millions in grants from the Marxists. In the end the consumer pays. We can agree that the planet is warming; anything beyond that of cause and effect by man is borne out of greed and taking advantage of a global situation that has been ongoing cyclically for millions of years.

    • Erosion and earthquakes are “normal” earth events have had an effect on the environment since well before recorded human history. Human activity has, in some instances, worsened those effects (deforestation and fracking, etc.). Climate change is “normal”, however, human activity does affect it; the only question is “how much?”.

      • mtman2

        There are many times more forests SUE ZBELL now in the eastern U.S. then 150-yrs ago. If you don’t recognize this look at pics of the UN-civil war time and fields were every where dotted with farms as WE were an agrarian society. In fact it was even more open by 1933 when the depression started. However now all those bare fields are forested and have produced high-grade timber for over two decades now.
        The rain-forests are being overcut in some regions but many others are doing sustainable harvesting and the mindset of emerging 3rd world nations is recognizing the value of true natural resource conservation and stewardship(not radical earthworship), in all arenas of both human + natural needs as given by natures God ~!

        • I was thinking rain forest but cutting down old growth forest and replacing them w/pine farm is not progress.

          • mtman2

            Sorry, that’s not an option I’ve ever heard as I’m in Sustainable Forestry.
            Pine plantations Sue are planted in fields in the south as crop-trees for paper production, fallen needles are baled and sold for great mulch.

            Planted 5’x5′ intervals, at 10-yrs harvested for pulp, leaving the 10’x10′ intervalsto mature into timber at 30-yrs.
            However now plantations of a hardwood called Paulownia that grows 10′-20′ in the 1st-yr and averages 30′ in 3-yrs is really a great forest crop being planted in fields that are forests in 10-yrs reach 75-ft.These trees are very versitol You do use paper products alot I’m sure.

            Trees are a solar powered, renewable resource – in various circumstances and intelligent use is relevant and valuable to mankinds needs without foolish waste.

            ……All residuals tree materials that rot every year in dumps, landfills and in millions of acres of land, can be hauled by landowners and contractors to local generation plants(town-city+county) for pulp prices for cheap electric locally produced, while bringing revenue to many people. IF THEY”D DO IT!
            The materials from big to twigs would be chipped and blown through a drier heated by the boiler they’re blown into that creates the steam to turn the generator.
            Like now there are commercial lawn mowers that do that with the grass as it’s being mowed and used to power the unit as it runs ~!

          • I have no problem with replanting forests already in Pine and/or Paulownia plantations. South Carolina and Georgia have a lot of them and I very much appreciate and use the products they produce.
            What I object to is the logging of what is now old growth forests and replanting them in pines to be harvested later. While fire breaks may well need to be cut in order to protect the old growth forests and the wildlife dependent upon them, loggers find it more profitable to clear cut entire forests. That and cutting truly old but completely healthy trees from public land is something I find objectionable.

          • mtman2

            There is way more to these things then you seem to understand,
            and that seems normal anymore with most people and the little info experts.
            None of that is what I said or alluded to as being the case, it isn’t the case.
            Again there is much more to these things than the 3rd party 2nd hand info
            people go half cocked on.
            People seem to have ‘opinions’ on things they really have no idea about but it all
            seems to get passed around as fact when it is not, which leaving knowledgeable
            folks shaking their heads ~!

          • Other people have a profit motive to profess to know the better way. I have no objection to cutting forests planted for logging. My objection primarily with regard to clear cutting old growth forests on mountainous or hilly public lands that destroys needed wildlife habitat and can — and sometimes has — resulted in erosion. I am very much for tree FARMING on private land — emphasis on farming; I’m just strongly against destroying our nation treasures.

          • Because we’ve used lawnmowers with attachments to mulch the land, our yard has gone from Georgia red clay to green grass (w/daisies each spring). Any wood byproducts I have are mulched for my own use — they do not “rot” without purpose.

          • mtman2

            What does that have to do with what I proposed as an alternative for the nation,
            you know the real world potential for practicality you seem to hope for in a better world.
            This wasn’t about just you or me. Do you even read what people take the time to relate to you?

          • mtman2

            Again nobody does that -are you awake?
            You just never respond in kind when someone takes time
            to address the points you seem to make as serious to consider.

        • I don’t consider myself radical not do I worship anyone or anything. I do respect the environment — there is a difference. The state of Georgia is still, in significant part, an agrarian society and though some fields usually farmed are, by intention, left fallow for a season or two, for the most part something is planted — often even if it is just something different than the year before. I’d much rather see forests of any kind than fields of kudzu where the topsoil has been eroded from overworked land that no longer supports crops sufficient to make them profitable..
          Just as there are poachers killing endangered species, so, too, are there people logging where, at least officially, they are prohibited to do so. Even old growth redwoods in California have been vandalized for no obvious reason beyond the ignorance and vile nature of those doing it.

          Family farmers, historically at least, have usually at least INTEND to be good stewards of the earth because their farm is their home they hope their children will inherit and their family’s livelihood depends upon the lands productivity indefinitely into the future. Some have used products that have caused unacceptable harm without even knowing it as they were doing it. (DDT)

          Some farmers, often corporate farms, all too often at least seem to think every problem can be solved by adding yet another chemical — some can and likely should be but others certainly shouldn’t be — and some farmers seem to care nothing about the cruelty inflicted upon livestock before slaughter. When the bottom line of any farm — treed or produce or livestock — outweighs any real harm to the environment or unnecessary cruelty to the animals, a line has been crossed that any sane, intelligent, compassionate and enlightened person finds unacceptable.
          If you are indeed a good steward of the land, then I applaud you for that.

    • Mikeyoung6

      You can’t use logic on these people

  • Edie Page

    These people were at the back door when brains and common sense were handed. They live in such a bubble and have no idea as to what the situation is with the Middle East ISIS. Global warming was proven to be the biggest hoax the world leaders have put out to their citizens and it is impossible to make them come into the light. As long as these people have such a stronghold on our government we are going to decline. It is really a scary situation to have these folks making policy according to their belief system.

  • DDofAL


  • Mac Boy

    – I worry more about the fact that the sky is falling ………………..
    ….. and that Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is still in charge of my California …
    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !!
    and…. If it’s BROWN, Flush it Down!

  • don

    their paranoia and irrationality is legend…

    right now…changing global temperature may affect us in 5000 years, or so, years from now…but ISIS is an IMMEDIATE threat.

    which should be dealt with NOW?


  • As an Independent w/both some libertarian and progressive leanings that put me on the outside looking in for both majority parties, I believe that the “conservative” Ann Rand “boundless greed is good” philosophy is the single greatest threat to our nation.
    That greed is good philosophy prompted the Reagan amnesty for illegal immigrants that was intended to help break the unions, thus giving the green light to wave after wave of illegals — and all the ills and potential problems they bring with them. Yes, the bleeding heart Democrats now insist on being much too “nice” to the illegals because they want them as Democrat Party voters, but Republicans INVITED them here and the employers that have been hiring them faced no severe penalty under the eight years of Bush even when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. A pox on both your houses on the illegal immigration issue.
    NOT ONE POLITICIAN OF EITHER MAJORITY PARTY has even publically proposed finding out the full SCOPE of the problem. An effort to do this could be done using the USPS — saving the USPO and changing the name of those facilities to the US Public Service office. The new department would be keeping all the USPS tasks, including Monday-Friday home delivery, and merging into those tasks ALL tasks of the US Census Bureau. Any person in the US for more than thirty days in any calendar year and not a US citizen should be obligated to complete a comprehensive questionnaire — with the obligation to keep their street address and all contact phone numbers at which they can be reached current, including identifying employers. The post office should have those forms available beginning January 1, 2015, and each non-citizen should be required to complete the form during on or before the month of their birth in 2015 and keep it current IF there is ANY chance whatsoever that they can be deemed to be here legally for visit, school, work, resident or any combination thereof. The USPS should be prepared to issue a “temporary photo ID” to each non-citizen that registers, including that the USPS should photograph and fingerprint each person and be able to contact each person as needed for follow up. Who better to take our nation’s Census than the people, many ex military, who deliver mail to our home addresses multiple times each week, 52 weeks each year. The law should require the Census be done each five years rather than each ten years and non-citizens should be obligated to update their registration every time their address and phone numbers and employers change and at least every five years even if that info does not change.
    A massive ad campaign needs to begin immediately, including notifying anyone and everyone in multiple languages that any non-citizen that does NOT register and keep their info current and respond to efforts to contact them will not only never have any chance to be deemed to be here legally but WILL be classified as an invader — an enemy combatant — and be incarcerated in one of those for profit prisons — maybe out in the desert somewhere wearing only pink underwear under the care of a certain well known sheriff that doesn’t believe inmates should be coddled.
    You cannot solve a problem until you know the full extent of it — anything else purely political and is akin to putting a bandage on an open dirty bleeding wound.

  • rick

    Next to Obama care , Agenda 21 is priority and has been since 1993 ! The weather modification is the link to Agenda 21 and Agenda 21 is the direct link to total Socialism / Regionalism ! Just look at California .

  • adrianvance

    The facts are very simple:

    CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition. It absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat making 99.9% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.1% of it. For this we should destroy our economy?

    The Medieval Warming from 800 AD to 1300 AD that Micheal Mann erased to make his “hockey stick” was several degrees warmer than anything “global warmers” fear. It was the longest recorded time, 500 years, of peace with great abundance for all.

    The Vostock Ice Core data analysis show CO2 increases follow temperature increases by 800 years 19 times in 450,000 years. That makes temperature change cause and CO2 change effect; not the other way around. This alone refutes the anthropogenic global warming concept.

    Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.

    Most scientists and science educators work for tax supported institutions eager to help government raise more money for them. And, they love being seen as “saving the planet.”

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  • Climate change is coming in about 2 months and thanks to the democraps and their god Oblablas coal policies, we are all about to freeze our asses off.

  • eddyjames

    They have it all wrong “Belief” in climate change is the problem. Con Artists pushing it (Al Bore and Barry Obama) and low information idiots, progressive liberal socialist democrat commie sympathizers buying into it in a massive redistribution of wealth scheme.

  • FloridaJim

    After being indoctrinated for 50 years our country is full of fools who simply listen to their ideologues and believe them. Gore, Clinton, Obama, Kerry have made millions off the global warming scam. Actually it is a redistribution of the wealth of America and Europe devised by the 160 countries in the United Nations that can’t do anything to improve themselves Africa, South America, Mexico, Central America, they all joined together directed by a group of 1960’s radical professor’s to “correct” this imbalance with a scheme to take America and Europe’s wealth and give it to “more deserving nations”. They don’t realize like most who fail in life they are lazy, ignorant and simply corrupt and giving them our wealth will do no more than giving it to democratic followers for 50 years look at The Great Society $25 trillion dollars wasted and only the racebaiters, living off their followers, have become wealthy beyond belief the [people still lost in Detroit, Chicago, Ferguson and Gary. Gore, Clinton, Kerry,Obama are all worth $one trillion dollars combined off such scams.

  • Evermyrtle

    There are no records of any great change in weather patterns on the about 600 years that we have been a nation, so what is this weather change craze which is in full swing about? Is this all they can find to work on? It seems to me that there is plenty going on out there to work on, just leave GOD’S WORK IN HIS CAPABLE HANDS. He needs no help. In case there is someone who does not know it, HE made it all, HE knows what HE is doing, and you cannot control HIS WORK, but you may make HIM angry and He can punish us all, and make changes that will affect us all, for your juvenile interference. LEAVE IT ALONE1111

  • Wayne Thorson

    Wrong, Liberals think Republicans are the biggest threat to America. The Republicans want to pull another George W. Bush and invade the Middle East and get us into another 10 year war. Is this what you want? I don’t think so.

  • Mikeyoung6

    If we don’t do something about continental drift Honolulu will be in Tokyo Bay in just a few million years. We must act now!

  • .madashell

    Can we please come up with something more appropriate than “brainwashed” ?
    Liberals don’t have brains.

  • Jason Lewis

    Scientific incompetence doesn’t dismiss climate change. Only agenda driven individuals with a lot to lose in the fossil fuel industry politicize the human effects of global warming. The facts are in and they have been reviewed and confirmed by some of the most intelligent minds on the planet. The conservative agenda to deny the human effect on climate change will forever tarnish their ideological beliefs and people will remember how they ended up on the wrong side of history all in the name of greed.

    • Juan TwoTree

      Good God!!! Are you ever a left-winged nutted LibTurd or what?? Read the scientific investigations and findinds/conclusions before just spouting off pretty words……”ideological, confirmed, INTELLIGENT, minds” What a bunch of horse S*HIT you try and throw around…..you creepy f*ck..

  • WiSe GuY

    Snow melts in the Spring…global warming.
    It gets hot in Summer…global warming.
    Trees turn colors in Autumn…global cooling.
    Snow in winter…global cooling.

  • gutz22

    Put all global warming morons in orange jump suits & send them over to Islamic states.In order to explain that what they knuckle dragging believe to be more of a threat to the western world than Isis.

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