• Bob

    What a idiot!! We are 17 Trillion dollars in debt and he’s welcoming illegal immigrants to “come on over” we’ll take care of you! We will give you free health insurance, free housing and food stamps. All you have to do is vote the way we want you to.

    • yachty

      Do not forget free college! You may not be able to afford to send your son, but you will be paying for Jose, Maria and all the other illegal Mexicans!

    • Ellen

      Not 17 trillion anymore. Another 7 trillion has been added to it. I wonder when the bottom will fall.

  • Greg

    Count ALL the debt. We are closer to 34.789 Trillion Dollars. Source:Congressional Budget Office.

    • wdcraftr

      Over the long term, it’s like $120 trillion.. It’s just unpayable, and at some point, we will just declare bankruptcy, so to speak.. We can pay One trillion a year on our debt for 100 years.. No problem..

  • Greg

    If we spent just half the money we send to other countries and for their “humanitarian aid” we would have our very poor and homeless crisis solved overnight. Then we could “Balance the Budget”, pay-off all our loans, etc, etc….Wouldn’t it be great! Imagine. A country wherein our forefathers could actually be proud of. NOT this Common Core cra* their teaching our youngest minds.

    • Yes if we cut foreign aid and spent the money here as you say Greg it would solve all the issues you address. I’ll bet 100 % of the Americans that think like us would agree but the 51% of the stupid, dead or alive that voted for Obama would not since they don’t have the basic intelligence to understand you cant write checkes when you’re bank account is overdrawn.
      Rumor has it that on Labor Day Obama will sign yet another executive order but compared to the others which were firecrackers this one will be a nuclear bomb!
      Anyone wish to venture a guess? My guess is total amnesty for the Mexican illegal aliens. 12 to 15 million more will be joining Obama’s gravy train.

      • Laddyboy

        When he is “KICKED OUT” of the White House, ALL of his Executive Orders can be resinded/cancelled/thrown in file 13.

        • Marilyn Z

          Is that a fact? I know people have said this, but I don’t know it for a fact. How in the world could we undo all this mess? Obamacare would make a horrible mess to undo. Then there are all the illegals that were granted amnesty (or I fear will be and I estimate at least 24 million…possibly as high as 30 million) plus the wild-eyed spending and giving away of our money to other countries for oil exploration with no strings attached..how many decades would it take to undo these messes? It scares me to think about it and I know I will not live that long.

          Oh, to find an honest person to take over our government and I know he/she is out there.

          • Laddyboy

            “The House of Representatives have the purse strings of the government.” The House of Representatives MUST quit acting like the ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand. They need to stand and say, “NO MORE”. They have to LISTEN to the People who elected them into Office. Cut all further funding to mr. obam’s whims and fancies. If he can not get funding, he can do nothing.
            Americans; stop putting the same incompetent Professional Politicians back into Office. Look at the voting history of the person you are looking to vote for. If that person, whether Democrat or Republican, votes against the Constitution or the American People’s wishes, DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT PERSON.

          • Roy Austin Smith

            You forget the demo dominated senate. They are the holdup. Reid has 352 house bills on his desk and will not turn them over to the Senate. Reid should jailed for life.

          • Laddyboy

            I agree. Voting time is not quickly approaching. Vote these anti-Americans OUT.

        • Evermyrtle

          Kicked out of the White House is my favorite dream!!! Has been for 6 years..

          • Ellen

            It will be a dream come true. Right now we are in a nightmare.

        • Doug

          But something tells me it’s not gonna be that easy, Maobama’s ADMITTED his Kenyan birth (rendering him completely ILLEGAL, not having been born in the US), and what’s been done about that?

          • Laddyboy

            As of today, nothing. The DemocRATs and the RINOs have been protecting him and covering his 6. Prepare yourselves for the future. November is approaching. Vote these TRAITORS out of Office.

          • Paul Dragotto

            i emailed Rand Paul and asked for the names of politicians that support our constituiton. after about a week i got an email with a list of people to vote for and the ones to stay away from. we need him in the white house.

          • Paul Dragotto

            if he admits he not american born then he should be assanated, or jailed for crimes against the american people.

          • Marilyn Z

            The only thing I have seen like that was a very well doctored video. I wish he would admit it and be gone. I keep hoping the stress with force him to resign. He is in so over his head right now that it cannot be easy even though he is trying to look very offhand about ISIS out of control. Right now his only thing is to give amnesty to illegals. He is so focused on that, he is letting ISIS run roughshod over the Middle East.

          • Ellen

            Nothing. Other politicians seem to just lay down and die, afraid to be called racist. But why would it be racist? You are against what he does, not what he is.

        • B.Badenoff

          Doesn’t matter, there here and and not going back.

        • ONLYJB1

          Of the hundreds and hundreds of executive orders issued, guess how many have been revoked or nullified in the past! Just take a wild guess. The answer is very few!

      • Ellen

        We should take our country back from the illegals. Join NumbersUSA. Call/email write Obama and your Congressmen and Senators. A little thing might mean a lot. If a lot of us will do that. I regularly email Obama and my politicians.

    • Jerry Hughes

      Yep, but then, how would the liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka the American Jihadists, pay for the handout programs that they buy votes with?
      Any one left that, still thinks the way to deal with those scum is reason and votes?

    • Doug

      If we’d simply stop giving money and other types of aid to middle east countries that hate us and let them hate us without our money, our budget would be balanced within a few years.

    • Debbie Pineau

      So true, wouldn’t it be wonderful.

  • Ken Trefaller

    Moooonbeam Brown is living proof liberalism is a mental disease.

    • Doug

      Unfortunately, it’s not a FATAL disease all on its’ own.

      • Ken Trefaller

        It is fatal to any govt that uses it.

        wake up America

    • Ellen

      Moonbeam Brown should be deported to Mexico. He loves them so much he should live among them. One more idiot out of our government then.

  • 3ronald1

    Send them all back to their countries south of our Border and cut off aid to those countries. Let them come into our country the LEGAL way. They are not like the immigrants in our past who came to better their lives, worked hard, learned the language, educated their children and made our country better because of their dedication and innovative ideas. These immigrants bring crime, diseases and a willingness to receive free education, health care, food, housing and phones…all free to them. Wake up America!

    • Ellen

      The first people that needs to wake up are our politicians. Not to sell our country for votes.

      • 3ronald1

        I believe the politicians WANT the chaos at the border. They ARE awake! We need to close the border any way possible and do it NOW.

  • Mac Boy

    This JERK is spending Millions on a “Dream Train to Nowhere”, We have NO water ,,,,,and now this?

    And he has Nads to run for election again?? – FAIL

    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !! … and ……..

    If it’s BROWN, Flush it Down !!

    • Marilyn Z

      I don’t know where you got your last line, but it is a doozy. If that fool decides to run again, that should be plastered all over the once great state of California.

      • Mac Boy

        I’m thinking – Bumper Stickers …….

        • Marilyn Z

          That’ll help.

  • Rodney Andregg

    Jerry Brown You Put these illegals on your land , feed, cloth and care for them But You don’t speak for me or the rest of California or the United States we don’t want illegals and it’s unlawful for you to try and give them the invitation You are a sorry sap of a Governor a Second time loser and I say to You Eat shit and die.

    • Marilyn Z

      We wish he would, don’t we? I don’t get it. I lived in Calif when his dad was in charge and really liked the man. Moonbeam is an entirely different species.

      • Ellen

        He may be a Mexican wolf in an American clothing.

    • Ellen


  • mark oheron

    moonbeam brown has always been bad for California but the people there always elect gov’s and people like nancy, diane, maxine and gavin that don’t think about taxpayers just freeloaders so they reap what they sow how stupid can a state be and still be in business

  • southie55

    Jerry Brown is the poster child for what happens when You smoke to much pot and are a Demorat.

  • Dave

    Does anyone else think it strange that the Mexican Presidente doesn’t want these people in his country?
    A Mexican child born to parents while outside the country of Mexico has fewer rights than a child born in Mexico.
    Such a child is barred from all civil service jobs including dog catcher and garbage collector.
    Such a child is prohibited from public assembly.
    Such a child may not protest against the government.
    A child born in Mexico to non-Mexican parents does not become an “anchor baby”. When the parents time in Mexico is up, they must leave and take their child with them. The child may, at the age of adulthood, apply for Mexican citizenship.. but who would want to since they would be a legal immigrant rather than a natural citizen, they would not have full rights.

  • Patricia Olson

    Moonbeam has proven again what an idiot he is. I had hoped he’d grown up since he was first Governor back in the 80’s and made soooooooooo many mistakes. As if California didn’t have enough illegal aliens mooching off of all the freebies of the U.S, he invites them to come in droves. What is his agenda? Is he running for Governor again and collecting more dumbocrats?

    • Moonbeam’s great hope if he sucks up to Obama he will be Biden’s running mate as VP in 2016.

    • jim_wright

      You people in California ELECTED this idiot overwhelmingly.

      • wildeagleone

        The sick lame and lazy voted the sob in office, not people with an education and love for this country

  • yachty

    Brown sucked when I was a little kid and he still sucks! Far left idiot that needs to move to Russia! Impeach his sorry ass! I will vote any day of the week to break up California! Southern CA is more Conservative, we don’t need anymore Wetbacks!

  • Laddyboy

    Good. If all of the illegal alien immigrants go to California, it will be that much easier to locate and collect them to issue them OUT of the United States of America which they have invaded. I have nothing against the individual themselves. The problem is that they invaded America ILLEGALLY against the “LAWS OF THE LAND”. The Governor of California is welcome to feed and house these illegals without any funds from the American People.

  • Jerry Hughes

    Here is a promise Moonbean, you will be broke in 5 or 6 years, YOU WILL GET NO FEDERAL HELP.

  • adrianvance

    Jerry Brown thinks it would be “fun” if Mexico annexed California! Believe it or not!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” When you speak they will listen.

  • Jr1776

    Liberal retards.

  • simplynotred

    I hope he is generous enough to invite them to live in his home, and give them jobs out of his salary, and drive them to work, and pay for their medical expenses out of his paycheck. I would hate to think that Governor Brown is giving permission to all Mexicans to drive to and live in California, without him first letting them stay at his home for a few months before they can get on their feet. This is so they are able to acquire jobs that they will be taking away from Californians.

    Those soon to be unemployed Californians, who will most likely leave the state to find work in the other 47 accessible states should also be given room/board, transportation and medical care at his home, as they leave the state and should have the same advantages that the New Californians from Mexico are acquiring because of Governor Browns Magnificent Benevolence.

  • muf69

    Maybe it’s time for a recall on brown. It is obvious that he is defective. He will bankrupt California then get his butt buddy the big O to bail them out just like GM. Remember how much the tax payer is on the hook for that one.

  • Joseph Toth

    That state deserves every thing that happens too them,and more. those people hands down are the most stupid people on earth.

  • shafawn

    Maybe that’s his way of asking for another bail out

  • John R Pyles

    boycott Calexico take the money out the bank seal the borders along the USA and Nevada /Oregon regions friggin democrat liberals

  • thunderbob

    Why doesn’t Moonbeam sign into legislation; if you have a house with more then 4 bedrooms, sitting on a huge lot, and make at a minimum 500K a year ,you have to take in a minimum of 5 illegal immigrant Families and take care of them. Hey, it was all those rich and famous people supporting and paying politicians to pass amnesty , lets have them pay for it all for a change!

  • Doug Plank

    Hate to admit it but… I’m going to be glad when the big one comes and drops California into the ocean. California just about sums up everything that is wrong in this country.

  • 1LTLos

    Anyone know of a website where I can sign a Jerry Brownnose Moonskull Recall petition?????

  • Val

    Brown is senile.

  • Patricia Olson

    To: Jim Wright, I wasn’t one of them. Remember I’m a Republican
    To: Charles T. Gore, Who’d be foolish enough to vote for Biden? He’s nothing more than a yes man to Obama. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! THE DUMBOCRATS.


    Put a fence around California and lock it from the outside and call it quarantined from infectious diseases and barred from getting any taxpayers money from any other State. If thr going to aid an abet our enemies thr on thr own..If they want to stand by and let the illegals bankrupt thr State again thr on thr own.Taxpayers owe illegals nothing.especially any rights what so ever. Those jerks are giving the illegals more rights than an American Citizen.Thr also squandering and stealing all benefits that the American citizens paid into, for American Citizens .Thr even handing out those benefits to Welfare recipients Illegally.You might say thr funding fraud with no intention of stopping it.

  • Geri D

    I think Jerry Brown should fork over all his money as well as Nancy Nincompoop, Barbara Boxer, Feinstein and all the big mouth liberal producers, directors and actors in Hollywood, to support these millions of illegal immigrants. Don’t come to the rest of the country asking to be bailed out because he wants to squander billions of dollars it costs to take care of them.

  • Doug

    So…..this Jerry Brown, what is he just stupid?
    I would say something about being retarded, but that’s not nice, the ‘mentally challenged’ are smarter than this demoncrap moron.
    And I would ask if he’s had a Head Injury, aka, a Traumatic Brain Injury, but I had one of those 29 years ago and was comatose for 5 weeks, and I emerged largely unscathed insofaras judgement and logic are concerned, and I’m MORE conservative for it.
    Wasn’t Jerry Brown a previous governor of Kalifornicate, before the Governator? If so, the liberal idiots on the left coast get what they voted for and deserve.
    Unfortunately, as goes Kalifornicate, so goes the rest of the country just a little later, and with the illegal alien we have living in the White House, later just might be a little sooner than later.

  • Ladydonnalands

    If Governor Jerry Brown wants all the illegals, then I suggest he talk to our perfidious President in Charge. I am sure he can and will oblige Mr. Brown.

  • Jeanne Stotler

    If anyone in Calif. has a pair, they need to stand up and have Brown impeached.

  • observing57

    Treasonous, Treasonous, Treasonous ! Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt did way too many drugs and are sell out Traitors. Just a scared WIMP ! Low information voters, that do not know what they are really voting for put him in the office. That’s what we call the “Stupid People.” All of them got bought for trinkets, and he couldn’t give a hoot about the people. He has ruined the hard work of 200 years, that people struggled and gave their lives for to make California the best state in America, now at the bottom of the list.

  • Betty Hanner

    why dont the mexican stay at home and build there own country up instad of tearing our down we dont wont them here why would any one whant to stay were they are not welcome people hate them it hard to say but it the truth if we could get rid of the dems and get the reps in i think thing would get better

  • Clearwater1948

    Governor Brown should be impeached, he doesn’t take care of United States citizens nearly as much as he does for illegals. He and the democrats should be fired. While he serves special interest he forgets the oath of office to defend and protect our constitution and obey all our laws. He picks and choses which laws he plans to enforce. These elected official have absolutely forgot to who they serve, if they are incapable of leading then they should get the hell out of the way an allow someone who will serve the interest citizens the Residence of California who are United States Citizens.

  • wildeagleone

    So when do the citizens of California start the recall petition and where does one sign up?? Treason seems to be the order of the month for the leading Demoncrats

  • william russell

    Hey all i am so happy that the taxpayers of california are willing to have their taxes increase so they can educate, feed, housed, and cloth all the illegals from mexico. I think it is so awesome that Californians would do this and so our immigration problem is fixed. We will have all illegals sent to cailfornia because their governor said they are all welcome and that the citizens will pay for them.

  • Cornville

    Californians are simply all on drugs or worse to allow these antics to fester. The State is short on water, and jobs, plus there is a looming $ dollar rise in the price of gas, and now we are talking about adding another 15 to 25 million welfare people to the already swelling people on Government Assistance. What we are seeing here is the beginning of a new American Revolution. If we cannot be free…we all will die. Living in California is like dying. Make your choice. This nonsense will not last much longer.

  • Graybeest1938@yahoo.com

    So I would think that any time a Democrat wins an election is due to the Underhanded way they handle the Illegal Immigrant vote. Vote Democratic, give the USA to Mexico, ETAL. The land of Fruits, Nuts and Illegals.

  • Barto

    It appears that the Governor of California is as irresponsible as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Holder and most all the Liberals. I thought a Governor’s first responsibility was to the LEGAL CITIZENS of his or her state, did I miss something or his priorities are misplaced like Obama’s, what say you citizens of California?

  • PLW

    Governor Moonbeam still has not changed after all these years… Like Obama, he would be willing to turn California and the rest of the United States over to the Illegals and maintain open borders… I wonder if Gov. Moonbeam realizes who has to pay for his decision to open California borders ??? Then what will he do when the State of California finally goes broke ???

    Heaven help us !!! We have a President (Obama) and a California Governor (Brown, or Moonbeam) that seem determined to destroy the Legal Citizens and Economy… Chairman Mao, Karl Marx, and Lenin would be so proud of them !!!
    God Bless America… Remember this during the November election and VOTE the Anti-American, Self-Serving, Communist Politicians OUT OF OFFICE !!!!

  • luvzforplay

    I just don’t understand why we are giving our tax dollars to country’s that hate us, are we paying school yard bully’s to leave us alone ??? There is something wrong with this picture ! Obama certainly isn’t helping this situation at all , I remember a interview he had before being elected were he promised that unlike other presidents he would not take any vacations while in office because being president was such and honor ! He has probably equaled our national debt in money paid for the lavish vacations they have taken , meanwhile the taxpayers , you know the people who pay his salary and expenses are lucky they can afford to take their family’s to a local swimming hole and a picnic . This person was never eligible to even hold a political office in this country , he is not a citizen, he has lots of aliases, has a forger BC, a stolen SSN. , and a stolen Draft card. Letds impeach and imprison him and the rest of his administration !

  • junkmailbin

    brown is un hoto grandge. El chupa el pene de todos los hombres mexicanos.
    Time to remove the queer for mexico liberal trash and turn california into a leader not a joke.
    Once a proud and great state, now a whore to illegal aliens and liberal gays

  • RobertNorwood

    He can accomodate them in all that empty space inside his head. He can use Pelosi’s for an annex if he runs short.

  • Opinari

    Just goes to prove our Gov. Moonbeam Brown is cut from same cloth as Obama, when it comes to giving our country to others. He’s no better a gov. than he was 30 years ago.

  • Roger





  • Patrick

    Jerry Browns main goal with this shit for brains comments is votes for criminals in Office.

    • Mac Boy

      Remember in November – –
      If it’s BROWN, Flush it Down !

  • Jeff Slater

    This country is being flushed down the toilet! True Americans need to make a stand before it’s too late!

  • Amelia Aremia

    For many, many years, people have been asking Congress to stop the Billions going to other nations as “Foreign Aid”–money that is making possible for many countries to use it for military equipment- not to help their poor. It must be stopped, We need that money to help our poor and wounded veterans.The taxpayer should not be burdened more, our tax money should not be going to other nations while we operate with a deficit budget.
    Our nation has been going downhill since WWII, mostly because our leaders have become corrupt, and the people careless in their watch over Congress and the Courts, as they are the rightful masters of both.
    The people in each Congressional District must unite and make a concerted effort to find and elect true Pa trio ts who will abide by the Constitution, as it is our only document that guarantees our freedoms. Only the people have the right to overthrow the men/women .including the President, who pervert the Constitution


    Will the day every come that the people of California will ever wake up to what the liberal progressive communist have done to their state? “Probably not!” Even as people and businesses flee from the progressive state, they continue to do what they do. Simply amazing! The day of reckoning is swiftly approaching and they are so blinded by the indoctrination.

  • Amelia Aremia

    Congress is the “watch-dog” over the Executive and Judicial Branches of government–but seem to be sitting back and letting Obama act in dictatorial power.
    We are not responsible to take care of the world’s poor when government is neglecting our own poor and wounded military–bringing our nation down to the level of the third world nations in order to merge the great United States in the NWO (New World Order) with the intent of a Dictatorial power taking over our Constitutional Republic.

    Greg is correct, if we spent half the Billions we give out to other nations, to protect our own country; we would once again, be the richest nation with no poor or homeless people flooding into our country illegally. The big question is : Why is Obama turning away from this problem, or doesn’t he see it as a problem while children are pouring in without parental supervision ?
    Time to elect those candidates who promise to put America first; and if they don’t vote them out of office as quickly as possible.

    Our public education system has become an indoctrination against our Constitutional Republic which is timeless; NOT out-dated or useless; but the greatest and freest form of government ever devised.

  • Judy

    funny how he banned plastic bags which have some use but welcomes illegals which have no use at all and he will welcome the issi when it comes across his border

  • Proudvietvet58

    Very good! Kick it to the curb!!!!

  • greatAmericangranny

    I’m pretty new at this stuff. Enjoying the reads. My take: It’s time to agree on a list of priorities…small groups all over the country. Unified voices are louder. (Think Seahawks’ 12th man!!!..I suggest some of these: Don’t overhaul immigration. ENFORCE IT THE WAY IT IS FIRST. Understand that when the Govt loses its’ reserve currency perk, there won’t be any more money. It has all been Fed. Reserve bank notes since 1932. We’ve been living in a fool’s paradise, working for DEBT, buying with DEBT! what happens when a bank calls in a loan? REPOSSESSION!!! Then there’s no welfare, no Social Security and Medicare, no payrolls anywhere and so forth. What there will be is RIOTS EVERYWHERE. Why do you think so much military equipment is in the hands of civilian law enforcement?

    Round up all the illegal immigrants and incarcerate them in all those FEMA (empty) CONCENTRATION CAMPS. There won’t be any deportation hearings if there’s no money to pay for them. Just imagine what the rioting will be like in all the big cities and all the smaller ones too.

    “They” want a one government world. Not every Dem and Rep, but most. All those non-money toadies that have sold our country down the river think they will be among the “fat cats” in the new order. HA HA HA. The survivors will be slaves. “They ” want to reduce the population by BILLIONS. Say goodbye to the old, the ill, the infirm, the imperfect, the “defective”, and whole lot of children and babies.

    I think it’s too little, too late. Maybe the combined military is not too politicized to avert the carnage.

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