• Robert A. Clemons

    The ONLY sense of right & wrong libnuts have is what THEY CONSIDER right or wrong. With libnuts, NOTHING IS EVIL.

  • Jerry Cox

    This is very disturbing. How do you allow this and not be served with a charge of Aiding and Abetting our enemy. Even the Pope has called for the destruction of such a violent and murderous group and a threat to our ways of life in most of the world. This student should have been sit down and shown some of the horrific acts done by this group. I am going to research this church and get out a letter with total shock and amazement to this school. It is too bad the young lady that is going to do this does not have her name and address made available.

    • Elizabeth Davis

      Does no one comprehend what they read? Read it again She is under cover to expose the university and its policies about ISIS

      • Jerry Cox

        Great I might have missed that somehow but will the University be brought up for these treasonous acts. Thanks for the clarification.

        • Elizabeth Davis

          probably not

    • John Richardson


  • 23cowboy

    I think Laura should have to deliver all she collects, in person, to ISIS, and maby just maby they will let her keep her head, but she would have to submit to wife duties for a dozen or so fighters. As soon as she leave this country, hr passport should be flagged as no reentry. This is a oe way ticket. Period.

    • bevbe

      She is an “undercover student” and is not an ISIS sympathizer. She is filming this to expose the stupidity of the places of higher education. Pretty scary to think of sending our kids to almost any college/university, especially one like this.

      • william couch

        With the way schools of !!!HIGH!!!! learning are these days,,,, She’ll pay for her own F@#@ing education. And I’ve told her this. Have a email of a survey done by someone/group,,,, and libraturds/progressives democraps,,, scored the lowest IQ,,, 87–93.

    • Elizabeth Davis

      You are mistaken about her asking to form a club for Isis She is under cover which means she is showing what the university does and knows about IsIs She is not ISiS

  • Fred Underwood

    There is no end to the ignorance of those running this countries schools of learning from kindergarten up to the highest levels. We might as well resign ourselves this nation will disappear in the near future we can not survive this kind of subversive attack since none of our leaders, in any field seem capable of seeing this insidious rotting from within.

    • Conservative

      What is worse is the fact that our, so-called – leaders are aiding, abetting and encouraging these subversive actions against the United States, our Constitution, our Patriotism and our Freedom. From kindergarten to the highest levels of educations, our children are indoctrinated. This began many decades ago and began to first surface when prayer was removed from our schools, we replaced Christ in Christmas with an X, and to the point we are today where God or any symbol or belief or speech is outlawed in any public display in any public facility.

      The Communist Liberals do not want anyone offended, except, of course, Christians. It’s easy to google to learn that the first step in converting a country from freedom to Communism is ALWAYS to first remove GOD. Once they get rid of the Deity the people become vulnerable and gullible.

      Regrettably there is no turning back now. Our freedoms have been eroded and anyone born from 1950 will never know what it was like to live in the Greatest Nation on earth. We were great because we were good. Today our leaders have become corrupt and satiated with power and a day does not go by without us hearing of horrible crimes being committed throughout the Nation.

      • George

        You are so correct. The Bible tells us that when the leaders turn their backs on God and worship themselves and their false golden idols(of which there are plenty of today), he will trample them into the earth. Our leaders all care more about their self images than they do about doing what is right in the eyes of God. As important as the United States thinks it is, it isn’t even mentioned or referred to in the Book of Revelations. We are that unimportant. Keep praying to Jesus and never, ever deny him, and you will be saved from this cesspool the earth has become.

        • Censured

          I can only say AMEN to the above posts. We have indeed seen the leftwing, atheists and communists compromising our society through the removal of GOD from our lives in the examples cited above. This is both supported and reinforced by the actions of the Muslim In Chief, Obama, his Islamic cadre and the communist radicals that have been indoctrinating this nation’s young in school grades and universities.

          • Apolloone

            All ten of Karl Marx’s Communist planks have been put in place they just have to be tweaked some more than others, I believe one of their greatest achievements was the establishment of the Department of Education because this made it possible to propagandize our youth on a national level, as far back as 1935 then president of the American Communist party was calling for such a government run organization what else would damn Communists want control of the youth of a country for if they didn’t plan on using them for indoctrination purposes in their enslaving Ideology, this party still exists CPUSA on their web site they list all the goals they must reach in order to bring about their Utopian Society Even though this system never worked and cannot work, history is witness to what happens to people under this very controlling enslaving system yet there are many fools today in America that support it,

        • Raymond Babcock

          Oh to make such a fall. America was Godly for awhile. Then will realised how great are stuff was.

        • Apolloone

          The majority of people believe that America isn’t in the Bible, I’m not so sure, it would have to take a lot of time for a country, city or new Babylon to rise up in Iraq near the old Babylon, I realize that isn’t impossible, the huge geographical upheaval as well. But the question of this having a Mother like America does which is England. America rose up in the wilderness taking land that didn’t belong to it America did. This end time nation that is mentioned in the Bible has at least 100 characteristics that only America can fit. Another characteristic is this End Time nation has a meeting place for the kings of the earth America does the UN building in New York City I could list many more.

        • John Richardson


      • Raymond Babcock

        War is easy to stop. Stop arming rouge nations.

      • Apolloone

        See my reply to Fred, the Liberals are Marxists/Communists but don’t see themselves that way at least the ones I have discussions with. Karl Marx outlined ten planks that had to be achieved for a Communist government our government’s so-called leaders past and present have done their parts in bringing this about. America has all these planks all they need is tweaking some more than others. In 1935 then American Communist Party president was calling for a national educational system controlled by the government, why? because they could indoctrinate our youth dumb them down on a national level, they must have been ecstatic when it became a reality I believe it was in 1980

      • Apolloone

        A Frenchman historian, teacher came to the conclusion about why America was great he said it was because America is good (Godly) if America stops being good America will stop being great. I’m drawing a blank on his name
        but I’m sure he came to that conclusion because of the Scriptures teachings about what happened to the Israelites when they began to disobey God, worshipping Idols etc at that time prayer was in still allowed in our schools and there weren’t nearly as many Laodicea churches back then.

    • Raymond Babcock

      This is the way all empires go. They start from small group of people. They love God. God bless them. Then ever one gets would be rights. Take God out of the public places out of Government out of school. They then give up on God. It is all about we. Lose all absolutes. Then a long comes China they hook up with Russia. Next is a new currency backed by gold. Money that can be exchanged on demand for gold at a fixed price.

      • Paul Dragotto


    • Paul Dragotto


      • Believer

        Only problem is that ‘our’ gov. does not like to use the word terrorist in relation with anything islamic. Iran was recently removed from the terrorist list so they could make this so called ‘good’ deal with Iran, so that Iran can finish the weapon they are building & then ‘our’ gov. will not legally be making a treasonous deal.

    • Apolloone

      You’re correct because each generation gets worse and grows in numbers. Another thing to consider is the growing number of Muslims those already here and those coming here, and much worse is the birth rate which is 8 to 2 Muslims favor this birthrate goes for Canada too. The Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini in 1983 and 1984 laid out a five point plan to establish Islam as the worlds only religion here is just a sample of what he said and what Muslims adhere to: We must bring back death and Martyrdom, if Iran vanishes that isn’t important Islam is all that is important” Take Jerusalem, kill all the Jews and get rid of Christianity. Islam is on a world Caliphate. I have studied the battle of Tours and Vienna and most definitely believe that God intervened or these hordes would have taken all of Europe, He may not intervene again until they have Israel surrounded. Muslims have been going about America getting into political offices as their numbers grow so do their demands, Sharia Law is their goal, and Stealth Jihad is how they go about it, it’s already happening in places like Irving, Texas Violent Jihad is just one way Stealth Jihadists and Violent Jihadists work or as they call it struggle for Islam to make Islam the worlds only religion. Moderate Muslims just use different ways to struggle for Islam rather than a violent way, if they stood for we Infidels (Non Muslims) rather than the Violent Jihadists they would be considered apostates. I have warned people for fifteen years about this Fascist Ideology called Islam when their numbers become sufficient they become highly political and this makes them even more dangerous I call Islam a Fascist Political Ideology that cannot coexist with any form of Democracy, never has and never will. Check out some of the signs carried in Muslim lands you’ll see signs like: “Liberty Be Damned” “Democracy Go To Hell” “Islam Will Rule The World” “Death To America” “We Need More 9/11s” on and on in many countries they openly celebrated on that day and I’m sure they celebrated right here in America maybe not just as openly.

    • Carol Benson

      They are not ignorant. They chose evil. They have no morals & no character. A disease spreading like ebola in America….

    • Zombie apocalypse with beans

      It all part of that hellish “COMMON CORE ” 2+2=5 Thus, too DUMMY DOWN those whom are to weak minded to resist…

  • tk-atty

    This is unbelievable. Who do these people think ISIS is, a play group? These guys are serious jihadist with the intent on murder and world domination, and if these people doing this stuff don’t wake up, they are going to find their heads loped off. What has happened to our world. Has people completely lost it, or has the devil deceived them so badly, that they can’t even recognize the truth anymore.

    • Carolyn

      If you people would start reading the blogs on your home pages,(after articles) find out what these liberal idiots are thinking and doing you will continue to be lost. I feel there are many places the liberals meet while on line..They pump this chit down the throats of our Children, all children.. Its the NEW thing. They make it sound exciting and wonderful…In college they do the same I still believe obama is behind this entire ISIS thing. He has created it. Anything to divide the entire world.. MASS CONFUSION….
      We all should have been watching a long time ago…They slipped this crap in while we were all busy elsewhere.

      • tk-atty

        Obama has created the whole mess we currently have in the world. He loves chaos just like Satan. He’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to the ant-Christ. He knew what ISIS was, he knew about them a year before they started their march across the middle east. In fact, I believe he gave them the sign to go ahead when he released 5 of the worst Taliban leaders for one Traitor, Bergdahl. He could have easily bombed them out of existence on the roads when they started. The fact of the matter is, he is an islamist and agrees with them. Look what he is doing with Iran right now, giving them time to get a bomb, to hit Israel first and then the United States. He has brought thousands of jihadist here and is bringing more from Syria, and it is not the Christians or Yazidis, but the extremists. Congress has been complicit, because Obama should have been impeached or tried for Treason along time ago. He wears the “Shadada” on his ring which is the first declaration of Islamic faith ‘there is no god but allah.” He’s Muslim, he’s a jihadist and he hates America, that is why he trying to destroy us as fast as he possibly can.

        • John Richardson


      • John Richardson


    • Paul Dragotto


      • John Richardson


    • Elizabeth Davis

      they have been deceived

  • imbog

    And every one wants to do something radical and different and get their name out in the media. ” see how wonderful i am” Tolerance goes BOTH ways

  • TBuzzard

    If I had a son or daughter attending that so-called “school”, they would be out of there so fast they wouldn’t remember the trip.

    • John Richardson


  • chvietvet

    This is a very interesting development. I think that they should get the ball rolling right away. Some faculty members should volunteer to let ISIS demonstrate what they do to Christians. Maybe five of the volunteers could have their heads chopped off. Five others would be burned alive. Another five could be blown up with bombs. That would give the students a chance to decide what method of execution the ISIS members at Catholic University should adopt.

  • bevbe

    Unless I am mistaken, this is an “undercover student”, meaning she does not intend to actually send aid to ISIS but to expose the unlimited ignorance of academia.

  • TPM

    ISIS butchers Catholics & Christians like Colonel Sanders butchers chickens.
    What idiot at Catholic University wants to give ISIS a forum? University people are brainless, uber progressives.

    • Robert E Boltz

      There are many public colleges who have a large number of Liberal Professors and the public schools are mostly full of Liberal Teachers who are filling our young People with their liberal LEANINGS

      • Vic Henry

        Happy Easter to you as well Robert. Sometimes we all forget that while our Church was founded by Christ himself, that doesn’t mean that the Church’s members are perfect. All Humans are sinners at times. It is that point that we are remembering when we celebrate… Easter.

  • Joyce Laverne Sullens

    I think some people live in another world than I do. Why are they encouraging ISIS & such evil here in the US. For a Catholic school to do this is unbelievable. Satan has taken over much of this country just this way……..Allowing him right in. God help us. Please open your eyes & ears. This is not a new adventure, it’s real life.

    • John Richardson


  • Diane Brenner

    I have to accept this article with tongue in cheek. It is a very unfunny joke that a Catholic, or ANY school would resort to such activity.

  • Patriot Girl

    Well, more evidence that the Catholic church is on the dark side… guess the child pedophilia thing was no accident!

    • joey1944

      All trust and respect has just been wiped away by the Catholic Church. I could see them getting soft on a lot of religious doctrine that they claimed to be so precious to them. But allowing this to happen. Put the last nail in the coffin. It sure is on the dark side, no doubt about that. To them it’s all about money, Mary, and a sprinkling of Jesus period.

      • Bob West

        Look, I am not happy about this coordinators lack of common sense, but you can’t blame the religion as much as academia as a whole. Ever hear of the Weather Underground that bombed government facilities? Bill Ayers was a co-founder and he became a professor at the University of Illinois. The other co-founder was a professor out East at a New York University. President Obama kicked off his Presidential campaign at Bill Ayers house, so society in general has become more liberal, not just the Catholic Church.

    • Robert E Boltz

      this college does not speak nor represent the Catholic church, amazes me how much people who are not Catholics think they know it all, many probably do not know a lot regarding their churches

      • Vic Henry

        Robert you hit the nail on the head. I was reading some of those responses. They are all ignorant of Catholic Church teaching but God bless them for the good things they do believe.

        • Robert E Boltz

          Vic , Thanks for your reply and comment, I feel that way when I hear what non Catholics think what they know about the Church, but I  do not always agree with the Church. with that said I was not born Catholic, but Joined before  I was Married ( convert ) Much has changed but the foundation remains firm.have a HAPPY EASTER !

  • Joyce Laverne Sullens

    Evil is using our freedom of religion & speech against us.


    So it should be perfectly fine to start a Club called ” Patriotic Americans who want to Exterminate All ISIS & ISIL ”
    on Campus ! Liberals always have 2 sets of Rules ! Do as we Say, NOT as we Do ! The Patriotic Club could say their Money will used to buy more Drone Planes to Find and Bomb ISIS Camps !

    • John Richardson


  • Sheila Simmons

    Sister Linda Bevilacqua, OP, PhD

    President Let Sister know how to feel about the appalling naivete and ignorance of her staff.

    Phone number:305-899-3000 Toll-free:

  • Dot

    The Catholic Church is just another apostate “church”. My best friend is a former Catholic Nun, and she praises God every single day, that she began to STUDY her Bible for herself, and stopped believing so much nonsense that the Catholics put out there, and expect people to believe. For example: Catholics teach that Mary, Jesus Mother NEVER sinned, when Scripture says that JESUS CHRIST is the only person who never sinned. If Mary was sin-free, WHY does Scripture say that she went through PENANCE, (the washing away of SINS), before she took her son, Jesus into Jerusalem. She was a “Godly” woman, but surely NOT sinless. That’s just ONE false doctrine they teach. STUDY PEOPLE FOR YOURSELVES, SO YOU WANT BE DECEIVED IN THESE “LAST DAYS!”


      Totally TRUE n On Point ! Jesus was the ONLY Person who has EVERwalked this Earth without Sin ! Also Mary had other Kids after Jesus, she n Joseph had Normal Husband & Wife Relations !


    Did anyone else see the Special on T V a couple of weeks ago where College Kids were too STUPID to even Know who won the Civil War, or Name the sitting Vice President of the United States ! BUT, these same Dummies can tell you all you ever wanted to know about Homosexuals and Communists !

    • Skinner

      Its easy for them to describe themselves!

  • John Keatts

    Wonder if they remember the Trojon Horse? I some how doubt it. That is just like giving Satan an Invite to enter into the soul.

  • jkegor687

    Sure, give her a flashlight and send her to Iraq to find ISIS. She can shine the way unless she becomes Muslim. They slaughter Catholics over there.

  • Pentax Princess

    What do you think they would do to someone like this who wanted to ship supplies to Nazi Germany or the Japanese during WWII? They would have been found guilty of treason and would be shot or hanged.

  • Reuben Hart

    Well, I’m glad it isn’t just the Jews who are self destruct happy and leftist to lunacy. Now the Catholics are joining the crowd. Who’ll be next, the Baptists?

  • Do not send your children to the school’s of socialism to be indoctrinated by teaching terrorist’s . For any school to stand with them well they should be CLOSED FOR GOOD!

  • jimdarnall

    This nation’s educational system is gone over a cliff. We soon at the rate it is happening will not be able to recognize America as we have know it since it’s creation. Are these educators as stupid and ignorant to the truth as they seem? Just in the last few years has all of this cancer like growth against truth, freedom and liberty reared it’s ugly head. It started decades ago and how now started killing our country. It has been an agenda of our enemies for some time and sadly to say it is working. The current president as been like starter fluid for a fire in this matter and is doing his part to bring America to it’s knees. As Americans and myself a Christian we should stand firm and not give in.

  • noel1234

    You cannot blame the institutions as they are just doing the same thing the State Department is doing.

  • William Michael Stone

    Thats ok, let them send some flashlights, put a tracking device in the lights, and bomb the shit out of their location. Then put the little shit at the school in jail for treason, or paint a large cross on its back, and send the idiot to the worst part of the middle east. Problem solved……

  • Bill Wilson

    I thought it was against a Federal law to support terrorism? Take every member of the club to jail for the 48 hrs hold and let them know what aiding and abetting can get them. Half won’t think it’s so glamorous anymore and the rest can be deported back to the oppression of their home countries.


    Aren’t catholics like pagans and still pray and worship idols?

  • Dog on a hog

    I would call that a kick in the Christian’s ass. But I am not a Catholic and have sen some out right nasty behavior alleged between some priest and young boys with no punishment by the church or the law. I think it has turned into a “Follow The Money” institution and their main object is brain washing their youth to go along and get along.


  • ted j

    one way to stop that school from supporting isis, is to send their administrators to syria and iraq to evangelize them..

  • wildeagleone

    If the local Bishop’a and the Pope himself don’t take immediate action then I can only see God turning his back on the entire Catholic population and the administrator burning in Hell

  • Raymond Babcock

    There catholics put them in prison. There stupid.

  • yshaw1

    Truth is weirder than fiction! Don’t these deranged people read or watch the news ? good grief, now I’ve heard everything.
    Proposing a name for this club: “I’ve Lost My Head”

  • Alice Maxwell

    Barry University, like most sectarian schools, is no longer governed by its founding church. It survives by following the dictates of the secular groups now in control of the licensing and funding from public sources and the certification of students authorized to attend its classes, keep it going!

    Education in the USA has no semblance of what it once was, the community desire to buttress its beliefs and needs to continue as that community. Instead it has been given over by self made experts who differ from all cummunity needs and have instead transformed the community to accept all those in oposition to it in everything in life!

    This transformation has been aided and abetted by 5th columns within the many religious groups, most of whom have been transformed by well financed “worms” set in place to divert religious strength into never ending labyrinths that go no where but are dispersed in so called diversity programs which only confuse and destroy all involved. Add to this the sudden appearance of well financed anti-thetical religious groups and voila, there goes the institution!

    This is what happened to all the Ivy League schools. Harvard being the supreme example when the islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia arranged a gift from the Bin Laden family(200 million bucks plus), a group of desert wannabes with no culture at all but wealthy because they were the local bagmen for US funds funnelled by the Rockefellers to “enable construction” in the petrodollar oil countries. These front men were positioned, by the deliberate shut down of American oil wells (the Bush family moved to Texas for that!) to inherit the insatiable desire for petroleum that the American auto industry foisted upon the post WWII world. The system of payment for oil was invented to squirrel away the wealth of the West in the Middle Eastern sands and mosques in control there! In short order, Harvard became the cheerleader for government, law and journalism schools which offered one year programs guaranteed to catapult any so called grad into the elite in all things American or Anglo-American, so long as they understood all good things came from Islam!

    The USA was given away by well connected elites all with intimate ties to Islam and they sugarcoated the whole conspiracy with the consumerism society so well advised by the Bushes et al!

    Barry is just one of the small colleges now called universities to follow the leaders!

  • Korean_Vet

    I wonder–if these “Brains” within the Colleges–would like to Volunteer “Becoming the Subject-Examples” for a Head-Cutting
    Class for the Isis Students to “Practice Their Techniques”-!? (It’s Never ‘Too-Late’ for “Wiser Decisions”–If you still have a

  • doug

    what does one expect from the top down, liberal pope liberal school administrators. these educated idiots are just that, educated
    idiots. God help us!

  • disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    O’Keefe, is not a Catholic, he is an imposter.

  • Mindy Robinson

    I don’t know why they allowed this. Is it possible they reported her? If someone was talking to me like this I would listen, engage, find out everything I could and then turn them in.

  • senior watcher

    Shame on Barry–when the colleges start siding with the enemy,will the administration be slow to follow? this country seems doomed—the last hope
    will be DIVINE help –it will take a miracle –to save this country. Perhaps all
    Christians should get on their knees!!

  • Tom Deitz

    WOW! I want to start a club too! I’ll call it! Intelligent people with common sense against stupid people who shouldn’t be allowed to procreate! Or IPWCSASPWSBATP! Wadda ya think?


    Unbelievable Stupidity by some students ! UNBELIEVABLE !

  • Skinner

    This is an act of treason committed by the school officials. To aid an enemy of the state especially during a time of conflict with said enemy. Someone needs to file charges.

  • George Daniel

    I would definitely not send any of my kids to Barry University if this is the type crap that is allowed there and to be taught there. How can a Catholic University be affiliated with murdering Muslims? It looks like the Catholic Church should investigate them and if this is true then the school the administrators and the staff should be separated from the Catholic Church.

  • Deb

    What in the hell are we becoming? Why are Universities allowed to promote terrorists causes? Sheep to the slaughter, we will offer all places of so-called higher learning to be first to face isis, better than our Honorable Military! Fools can’t be tolerated in this time of turmoil.

  • John Meiners07241944

    send the flash lights, it makes them easy targets at night. and is a great way to call in an air strike. I cannot the stupidity of this girl or her school.

  • curtmavi38

    Liberals have no sense at all. They are like lemmings they will follow anyone who chooses to lead. Where is the pied piper when we need him. meh

  • Stephanie Mineer

    Maybe she can take the funds over to her ISIS friends in person….and stay there to be their bitch.

  • Conservative

    What better way for ISIS to recruit young American women to join the terrorists? They seem to be very sympathetic to terrorists and anxious to join them. If the school doesn’t care maybe the parents should wake up, wake their children up and quite paying for their girls to join Jihadists as Muslim brides subject to Sharia Laws. If parents tolerate this they have no right whining when their girls disappear on their suicide or terrorist agenda.

  • Myron Jones

    let the vermin come to the school and kill them.; they’re the enemy this is WAR!

  • Tvzz Smith

    arrest Laura if she does send money to isis

  • Zombie apocalypse with beans

    Oh well, this is what you get when a weak sinful man made of mere flesh “POPE” is made into a freaking god…

  • adrianvance

    Somebody should analyze the Cornell water supply. Something is very wrong there.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  • James Bruce

    Liberals have no sense of right and wrong. Liberalism,remember, is a disease of the mind. i am sick of our schools bowing down and teaching the crap that is being pushed, no forced down the throats of good hard working American’s who actually believe in the freedoms guaranteed to us by our Constitution. In fact, just give them what they deserve, NOTHING.

  • jimdarnall

    If this university actually supports funds and supples to ISIS they should be held accountable. In truth they should be shut down. Individuals in this country as supporters are currently being arrested why wouldn’t we charge this university for treason or aiding the enemy? I can’t imagine the Pope allowing a Catholic church following through with this action.

  • Alice Maxwell

    The entire move to Communism/Socialism was plotted by a group of English intellectuals who admired Islam, Mohammed’s creation and promoted Islam with this new secularized version of the Quran and sharia, the law from it.,. They were mostly sons of international traders, financiers and high clergy in the Anglican Church and enlisted writers in the early 19th Century to popularize their interest with novels et all espousing spies, beginning with the like of Coningsby,Sherlock Holmes, even Father Brown, promoting a new civilian “intelligence”, a different secret service to serve not the military but the politicals. They were very successful and fielded D’Israeli as their first Prime Minister of England, the man who transformed Britain into an Empire by accessing India and the Middle East with an open alliance with Islamic groups. They referred to themselves as “orientalists” and took over universities in England, Ireland and the USA.

    They popularized the Princes of the Desert, 1000 and One Nights of Arabian tales, Islamic collaborators in wars and insurrections like Lawrence of Arabia and employed Americans like Burton Holmes and Lowell Thomas to intellectualize in America the new English “economic theories” all based on Islamic beliefs.

    Their motivating force was the desire to re-unite the “colonies with England” , to create an anglo-american union for Empire and in the USA, they played under the banner “Atlantic Union Now”. They gave rise to the Whigs, the Know Nothings and finally “Progressive Republicanism” but settled in the 1900’s in taking over the Democrats still in disarray from the Civil War.

    They capitalized on stock exchanges brought from Islamic Turkey, currency transfers to facilitate trade and finally the construction of large central banks to co-ordinate financial flows for their devices and in the 20th Century used all to destroy the old order in Europe and in Asia and the USA and Canada, all the time working with Islam! They called their new way The New World Order and they placed their disciples in every organization there was since they had the pounds then the bucks to do it. They enlisted followers in every religion since they had masked the one re igion they served and they got away with it even in the religions supposedly opposed to Islam! they were secularists, they said, people who believed in reason.

    Islam, since its founding and institutionalization by the sephardim and intellectuals they could proselytize, has had one plan..to take the world. They have tried four times in just a bit more than a thousand years and in those four attempts were beat back by the other religions, especially the judaic;christian ones. To frame this present and fifth attempt, they used their new tactics of subtle invasion of the components of the societies that had to be taken in order to obtain their objective. Thanks to the discovery of oil and the popular use of it for transport of all things in the late 19th century, they were sure that Allah was signalling their great victory.

    Any student of the rise of oil as the major economic element in our world can trace Islam’s movement. It was open for all as it had to be in Islam….In Islam, you must tell your enemy exactly what you are going to do and then do it. They did with oil. After WWII, Islam arranged for the transfer of oil for the world from the USA, even closed the independent oil drillers and producers, to the oil sands of Arabia. Our State Department was enlisted in this by the Rockefellers and the Bushes. In short order, oil had to be bought in dollars in cash anywhere it was used in the world and those dollars are what made the USA the inheritor of the Brit Empire that collapsed with WWII. They are called petrodollars. Those cash bills are what caused the great crash of 2008, the transfer of fiscal control to Saudi and OPEC….for Islam.

    Go ahead and laugh! You are witnessing the transfer of nuclear power to Islam, done in the same way right now, to islam!

    John Kerry knew what he was doing when he started using “Inshallah” to the media. Allah rules all except Russia, China and India now. Not too worry. India has been split asunder by islam, China’s major land route to Europe, the old Silk one, is controlled by Turkish Ughers which China has recognized and Russia has lost two thirds of what was once its land to islam which took over 80 of its 89 “republics” while communism;socialism ruled the USSR!

    The USA is the last to fall and we have! Welcome to the Caliphate!

  • DaveM

    So much for the Catholics! I do not respect them anymore and they are not a Christian church anymore!

  • STOP sending your children to LIBERIALS for there schooling because all you will get in return is MORE liberials !

  • John Richardson


  • Pamela Craghill

    Sadly all Western countries leaders seem to be bending over backwards to all these people to take over our countries. The indigenous of each country will disappear soon and the world will be run by Muslims and we will have Sharia Law.

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