• Frank B.

    Damn right. Why the fuck do we have to salute some flag or stand for some bull shit song, at a sports event any fucking way?

    • Fedup

      Because it shows respect for our country, our flag and our veterans who have fought and died so these worthless pukes have the right to protest. We need to stop giving into these anti-American black a-holes who are trying to erase our history. Idiots like goodell who want to put money before country and allow these black players to disrespect our country are no better than soros and obama who want to destroy our country. The more we give into them the more they will demand. As for Frank he can KMA.

      • Frank B.

        Then perhaps you should show some god damn respect for those who have fallen. by not getting in the way, of what they all died for!!!!!

    • madhatter46

      Stupid is as stupid thinks/says–but it’s ok, so many have died to allow people to say ignorant things like that Frankie. Semper Fi to God, to Country, to the Corps!

      • Frank B.

        Then perhaps you should honor those who have fallen. by not getting in the way, of what they all died for!!!!!

        • madhatter46

          Both sides have freedom of speech–including those comments which call out nonsense. “Pick up a pack and follow me–I am the Marine Corps Infantry.” Fall in line, listen to their stories, heed their warnings, respect their willingness to die for what that flag stands for. Beats listening to some lecture in Socialism 101.

          • Frank B.

            I’ve already served.. So go tell it to someone else.

          • madhatter46

            In the Russian Navy?—Just kidding –have a pleasant day–smile, hug someone, and go to church to thank God for being here instead of North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Venezuela, or any of the old utopian paradises–

          • Frank B.

            You go to church bitch. Me and my faith are none of your mother fucking business!

          • madhatter46

            Please, a Marine is not scared or intimidated by potty mouths –if angry -see a doctor–your language wins no debates or arguments–but my daddy was bigger than yours–pax vobiscum

          • Frank B.

            Fuck you asshole. Your racist president talks shit. And brags about grabbing women s vaginas. So don’t talk shit to me bitch. You hypocrite bastard.

          • madhatter46

            As the conversation touches a nerve, the dialogue becomes totally childish and vulgar–I’ll stop now for your health–please take care of yourself–smile, hug a kid or a tree, say something nice to a stranger, —I guess grabbing vaginas isn’t just a Republican thing (let’s see Bill Clinton–cigar sex, Weiner from New York), maybe it’s a human foible? Both parties could turn toward virtue and character–and maybe even most of us non-politicians. Beware of Tribalism ( Hate has many descriptors, e,g. racist, misogynist. stupid, evil, on and on–it’s use is to generate hate toward differences not tolerance.) What did Hitler call Jews? Why did Stalin send people to Gulags? How did Mao treat those who questioned his authority (Re-education camps), O and Pol Pot just murdered a couple of million for not supporting his party–in the Cambodian “Killing Fields.” Remember Orwell’s novel–1984–where there was a daily televised 2 minute hate session with Big Brother orchestrating. Hate is hateful. Honestly–take care–all disagreements are not about hate but endearing the quest for truth.

          • Frank B.

            You wanna do something about vulgarity mother fucker? Than deal with your vulgar ignorant ass president. You hypocrite bastard.

          • madhatter46

            It’s hard for me to believe hypocrisy only affects Republicans–let’s see–you can keep your doctor at a lower cost–wow that one touched more than a woman’s body part. Let’s see–calling conservatives “teabaggers”–that was a classy speech by number 44. Increasing the debt by 10 trillion dollars, that wasn’t hypocrisy? Let’s see 8 years of economic growth under 3%–that was economic wizardry. Telling us that at some point haven’t you enough money–as number 44 and his hypocritical wife now have 4 houses, and though they hate Wall Street, accept thousands for one speech. How about looking 4 sets of parents in the eye and saying–Benghazi was caused by a video–is that a lie? How about number 44 seeming to not do anything about all the Black Men killed on the streets of Chicago–My Hometown–but he was an honorable man–so says Frankie–and Frankie is an honorable man.
            Frankie 2 wrongs don’t cancel out each other–they are both wrong. If Trump grabbed a woman inappropriately –yes-he was wrong –but why only hate him and not those in your own tribe. Was Clinton right in accepting 500,000 for a speech in Russia after his wife ok’d the sale of US uranium? Was Obama right when he lied about Benghazi, Healthcare, should Mrs. Clinton lie about keeping a computer server at home? NO–they are forgiven–but Trump said something vulgar–just like you do every time you respond here? How many Black babies have been aborted since 1973? many millions–and that’s not genocide?
            Is a wrong defined by your party? Is a wrong defined by your color? Or is wrong just wrong. Frank try responding with an argument not just vulgarity–because you just prove my point by doing that. Read the progression of your responses–each gets dirtier and more vulgar–not a good way to win friends or change opinions. Smile Frank!

          • Frank B.

            In this case, hypocrisy is YOU. That’s all you have to “believe”.

          • madhatter46

            Thanks for not using vulgarity Frank. If only those that never were hypocritical were counted, you would only need one hand to cover the globe. I’m sure neither of us would find one politician from any party in that handful. Have a good day Frank.

          • Frank B.

            Fuck you cracker. Any fucking time.

          • madhatter46

            So sad Frank-Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt anybody. Funny–I taught at a school for children with behavior problems–and even 10 year olds–race or sex didn’t matter–could swear just like you–most were calling for help or saying I hurt.

          • Frank B.

            But here’s the difference cracker…. nobody ever forced your stupid ass to read any of my posts in the first place. You don’t like what the fuck I write? There’s a very simple solution. Don’t fucking read it mother fucker!

          • madhatter46

            Pax Vobiscum—I prefer Honky instead of cracker since I’m from Chicago. You are right –very silly of me to try to communicate with a very racist, hateful, and immature individual. You are also right–I chose to not to continue to read your hate rants. Funny though, why did you have to read my answers and respond?–Do they touch a nerve? –make you irrational?-Good Luck with your life–End hate–wherever it exist. Judge by the content of their character not the color of their skin, their ideology, or their tribal affiliations. Adios—I’ll hug a kid, make someone smile, work at a soup kitchen, try to bring hope to my city, and love rather than hate.

          • Frank B.

            I didn’t ask you what the fuck you “prefer” bitch.. Like I said….. if you don’t like what the fuck I post… Then don’t read it cracker.

          • Frank B.

            And as far as “ending hate” is concerned… Tell that to the your fellow redneck racist crackers on this site… You selective reading hypocrite son of a bitch!

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Is THAT your problem francine? Jealousy? That Trump hasn’t grabbed yours yet?

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Service with the New Black Panthers or ANTIFA doesn’t count moron.

          • deertick

            You mean you received! Probably the soup kitchen line. The US military has no one in the ranks that think like you and many other of your people. Go home where you belong.

          • Frank B.

            I mean I am not a little bitch, hiding out on the internet, trying to talk shit… Like YOU mother fucker!

    • deertick

      frank you don’t know the words to the anthem. You and your racist asshole so called athelets are embarrassing themselves and they will not get any respect now from anybody. Black lives do no matter and never did except to pick cotton… Go back to Africa and receive your just reward….

      • Frank B.

        Don’t need to know the words to the anthem that’s my whole point bitch.

  • george briar

    good idea.

  • Clayton

    If you don’t like the National Anthem then you don’t like the flag or America or the freedoms that you get from this country and if that is the case then leave,go where you think you will be freer than you are here. Other than sporting events when do you hear the Anthem?

    • den mick

      i agree, im so sick of those people. that idiot person in chicago that said just stop playing it, how f-ing stupid. thats right lefty, just play right into the baby millionaires hands. give them an inch and they will take a mile. i hope they all lose their jobs. i will never watch another football game. then one day they will realize how stupid they all were. now the kids are thinking it is the thing to do. a parent of any child who kneels during it should be taken to another country and see how it is in the rest of the world. no way would i tolerate my children doin that in any way and i would try to get the coach fired for allowing it. good luck to us all who still believe in something of the way our country used to be. to all of you people who perotest and think they have it so hard. you dont realize it was the people who came before you that made this country and allowed you idiots to catch a foorball and be paid in one year more than most of the people will ever see. shame on you all. you dont know how good you have it.

    • Consuelo

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  • gram47

    Wonderful “Chicago” thinking for people like you, Frank, but not for “real” patriots of this great country.

  • Ted Skibinski

    Protesting Players are being USED to Stop public Gatherings . This has NOTHING to do with What they have been tricked into protesting . IT IS to remove RESPECT for the U S and eventually Any public gathering EXCEPT those involving islam prayer or punishments . democRATs DESTROY !

  • deertick

    Sure, deprive the rest of us from enjoying the playing of the anthem because some blacks are complaining. What’s next? Will you give in to that as well? When is enough of these people, blacks, when if ever will the white people Stand up for themselves? Are we just going to hand it over to them without any common sense. Shame on all whites!!!!

    • marla1

      Time to stop all black immigration! The ones we have breed like animals and are all welfare trash and need to be spayed like animals!!! They don’t have the intelligence to use birth control like the white have to , in order to support our kids and theirs also!!!

      • deertick

        I agree with you, marla1, but point out these blacks may have an agenda in that the more of them, the less likely hood of us beating them. They have too much tribal blood in them to use birh control and anyway the whites will pay the cost of raising the poor little things. They grow up to be who they are because of the parent was also taught to hate whites and don’t trust the police. I would venture to say they are one chromosome away from any tribe in Africa. And that’s scary in of itself.
        Keep up the fight!!

        • Frank B.

          No it’s just that you’re just another little white boy sissy, who can kiss my black ass.

          • deertick

            Thank you for the message. You have just confirmed why the sane world has such a difficulty dealing with you people. Congratulations !!!

          • Frank B.

            “you people”? — I am just one man. What the fuck are you rambling about cracker?

          • deertick

            You are not much a man. You people refers to a very controversial group of something that are call black people

          • Frank B.

            Again, cracker. I am just one Black Man… And one Black Man, who is man enough to handle your punk cracker ass… Any fucking time… Bitch!

          • deertick


          • Frank B.

            Boo! Right back cracker!

          • deertick

            You related to that sorry ass kaepernick?? You act a little like him. What are you protesting? Looking for something I guess.

          • Frank B.

            What’s it to cracker? After you suck my dick, you can also suck his! LOL LOL LOL

          • deertick

            Seems to me you have that dick sucking problem going on there. Be my guess is you’re a dick sucker. You make a lot of references to it. You are no more or no less than a “porch monkey” and you will obviously never be any thing else. You people when you don’t disgust me you make me wonder what sort humanoid race you came from. There’s no question we should have picked our own cotton and left you people where you came from. You and yours have become a plague on this country. Look around you, where ever you find you people, you find the same mentality as you have. All the African countries behave just as you do. You are truly a sad sack of black shit!!!

          • Frank B.

            The only thing I know…. is that your mother is a HO!!!– And somehow you suck black dick better than that bitch does… Go figure?!?

          • deertick

            Frank,Frank your truly showing your ass annnd that of your people. You’re are really a disgrace your self and your race. You stand out all by yourself Frank. You and the rest of your pathetic race of whatever.
            Don’t reply to me anymore frank, I just don’t have enough time to fool with you. frank your just not worth it !!

          • Frank B.

            Trust me cracker… you’re not exactly any “shining example of upright citizenship” for “your people” at all… LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

          • deertick

            frank why don’t you come on down. I and a bunch of other white supremist are waiting for you frank. Just go the Southwest desk and tell them you want a ticket to San Miguel de Allende. We’re patiently waiting your arrival.

          • Frank B.

            Why don’t you come to Baltimore mother fucker?

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            Don’t sell yourself short fwank, you’ve got enough stupid in you to spread around…and around…and around…

          • Frank B.

            I’m just one Black Man, speaking for himself. But you obviously have some kind of irrational fear of all black people, and all people of color.. Well … cracker, they have psychological treatments for that kind of mental illness.. So do yourself a favor, and go see a shrink. BEFORE your racist mouth… gets your punk cracker ass in some real trouble..

            See your racist president can talk all of the dumb racist bull shit he likes, out in public. He has a secret service detail following him around… But YOU DON’T MOTHER-FUCKER. And I suggest that you take care to remember that, mother fucker…Or get some mental help before its too late!

          • deertick

            Obviously you don’t have a job.. Got too much time on your hands. On welfare are we. Trump paying you bills?

          • Frank B.

            You’re the cracker living in a double wide trailer and collecting food stamps. That along with your white privilege, should net you all kinds of free shit. Every god damn day!

          • Frank B.

            Man enough to kick your dumb cracker ass! LOL LOL LOL

          • Frank B.

            Hell all I did was warn your dumb racist ass to keep your dumb racist comments …. hidden on this dumb racist site. I was trying to help you cracker.. Because I know you dumb bastards think your racist president has emboldened you. And you, being as stupid as you obviously are, might do something dumb. Like go out in public and vent your racist bull shit.. And that would be a tragedy. Because you would most certainly get your punk ass kicked…

            But hey…. don’t take my word for it… Go try it mother fucker… Frankly I hope you are dumb enough to try it…Because you probably need to have your punk ass dealt with any god damn way…

            Good Luck, Bitch! Keep your insurance paid up! LOL LOL LOL

          • deertick

            You are undoubtedly a spear chunker. You can always resort to wanting to kick somebody’s ass. Takes a real educated man to come up with that…

          • Frank B.

            Suck my spear chucker big black dick bitch. Just the way your mother does. LOL LOL LOL

          • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

            “dime a dozen”…how in hell are you gonna afford that frank?

      • Dustevietnamvet

        Marla I have a lot of black friends that immigrated to the USA and they are great people that look in the Miro They and realize they are Americans and love it .

        • Frank B.

          Here we go again with the “I have a lot of black friends” bull shit! LOL LOL LOL!

    • Ursus_Indomitus


    • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

      frank is upset because he doesn’t know the words, so he can’t sing along showing us what a great soprano he is.

  • HIMProductions






    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Dear kim yung whatever your stupid name is: Please nuke Chicago, right after you nuke Sacacrapmento. Thanks in advance.
      And HIM, stop shouting. We’re right here.

  • PION🇺🇸🇺🇸R

    How about singing “America the Beautiful”? It’s the national hymn.

    1. Oh, beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain,
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plain!
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee,
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea.

    • barnjoer

      How bout we keep it like it is and these low life’s protesting it get the hell out of this Country!!
      That is the best saluting to the problem. You don’t love it then leave it!! 🔫🇺🇸🤠🇨🇱

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        Work’s for me!!!

    • Murphmeister

      I like it better than stilted lyrics put to an English drinking song.

  • Almos Berry

    How about everyone just stops playing a kids game and calling it a profession, or stop paying a fortune to go watch a bunch of grown men play grabass. Stop running recruitment camps for the nfl through our public school system!

    • MIKE6080

      remove sports from schools and educate them

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        Right. Turn the kids into COMPLETE little socialist weenies.

    • mk

      Almos Berry YOU SAID IT!

    • Daniel Parker

      You hit it right on it.

    • Rap Scallion

      You want to play sports in HS….go join the AAU and play after school hours….get the NFL and all the other L’sports out of HS and Colleges!

  • Betty O’Connell

    We don’t pay for stadiums or hand cash to other people that entertain us. We should contribute zero to ball players, they all are paid millions and outrageous prices for a seat to watch the games.

    • delbert morris


  • Vivi

    Williams how about we send you to North Korea where you won’t have to worry about our National Anthem.You traitor.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      I bet there are many True Americans who would pay for his move!!!!! Good post!!

  • Larry Brule


  • George E. LeFebvre

    The media is riddled with total IDIOTS AND This columnist is moving to the head of the class. He just has to be another Dumbocrat hiding in the Media Closet of Anti American Media jerks.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Notice how “columnist” can so often be translated to “COMMUNIST” these days?
      Thanks mainly to the Frankfurt School.

  • madhatter46

    It’s just another clueless indoctrinated writer–a Remington Raider. Put on a pack, carry a rifle, get a real education, watch people serve and are willing to lose their lives to protect you. Semper Fidelis!

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      OUTstanding post. Carry on.

  • Margie McKay

    Our country, should be honored when or where our anthem is played. Those tthat dont care about our USA can go to a country where the ball players dont get millions and where if they act like they do here there would be a dire consequence. Dont see them leaving, do you?

    • RC

      Amen to that!

  • RC

    Some might not agree but I feel a Constitutional Amendment should be passed that when the National Anthem is played, the National Ensign is shown or the Pledge of Allegiance is recited anyone in this country WILL stand if possible and show proper respect. And any who take a knee, Sit on their dead asses, desecrates our flag will be arrested and charged, with no exceptions.

    • Allan Morrice

      I truly hate to break this to you but there are some religious organizations that will not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, or the National Anthem. I am not talking about Islamic or Moslem people here as I really don’t care what they think (if they ever do actually think) but groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Quaker’s. I went to school with some Quaker children back in the 1960’s and while the rest of the class stood to recite the pledge of allegiance they sat at their desk. This country was founded on religious freedom and we should respect their religious belief’s until they show they are a danger to our society. When the Quaker’s and Jehovah Witnesses start beheading American people then they are no longer going to have my respect, until then THEY DO!

      • RC

        I truly hate to break this to you but there are , and always have been those who believe in our country and what it stands for. Speaking for myself, I served in the U.S. Navy during the second war. We left a lot of good men behind when we came home in 1945. They gave all they had for this country, it’s Constitution, it’s flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. You obviously have the right to think as you do. Our shipmates gave their lives for that. But with people like you and a few others thinking as you do, they didn’t give their lives they were robbed. Like most who’ve served our country I feel Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims and a few others are nothing but a bunch of trash this country could do very well without. Quakers are an exception. They’ll at least serve as medics. Muslims and Jahovah’s Witnesses hide behind the Constitution they don’t respect and probably would destroy if they had the chance. So go lecture them and not those of us who actually care for the U.S. and what it stands for.

        • Allan Morrice

          I served in the US Army 1970-78 and you completely missed the point I was trying to make, either through blind hatred of people who take a stand for the religious freedoms guaranteed by the 1st amendment or you just don’t like it when your bigotry is exposed. This country was founded on religious freedoms found in the 1st amendment and now you want to throw that one out. Well while you are at it why not throw out the entire Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and declare yourself Emperor. That makes about as much sense.

          • RC

            You really are one anti-American smart mothed SOB aren’t you? You brag about your time in the Army. What did you do, dig latrines? I spent damn near two years in the Pacific during World War Two, and served in a combat ship helping defend your “right” to not honor our Constitution, our National Ensign and our Pledge of Allegiance. If a bunch of “religious” freaks want to desecrate our flag or refuse to show proper respect they, and you, can go straight to Hell. If you took the oath of allegiance you might remember the words. I do after over 75 years. When discharged after serving two hitches I don’t remember anyone saying, “Oh, the oath doesn’t count anymore.” So you go play with your unpatriotic Jehovah’s Witnesses. You obviously fit right in with a that kind of trash who’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

          • Allan Morrice

            You are one ignorant COCKSUCKING SON OF A BITCH! I was an 11C2P which means FUCK FACE I was on the ground being shot at up close and personal. Do you know what a two-way shooting gallery is you Shit-for-brains Son of a BITCH. That is where the targets shoot back. I spent 28 months in the shit in Nam. As for being anti-American, my ancestors OWNED this country until the white man took it from them so even though I respect other peoples religious beliefs, which you obviously don’t, THEN it is YOU that does NOT respect the CONSTITUTION you worthless FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!

          • RC

            You started the insults you miserable asshole. I’d call you a prick but that’s part of a man and you just don’t measure up. YOU brought up those religious cults and defended them so just go to Hell and you can do an impossible sex act on yourself. And OH MY GOD! A poor mistreated Indian. And as for your time in that little skirmish in Viet Nam. My unit had a 22% mortality rate and left over 3,800 shipmates behind when we came home and sailed up the Thames to the base in Groton, CT. Top that, hero.

  • jaybird

    If that happens, there should be “no more funding” from the Federal Gov./taxpayers or from the Pentagon for the jets flying over the stadium! The Military has to pay the football organizations to put on a show. They should be honored to have them participating instead of charging them.

  • Doxie

    Kevin Williams is obviously a snowflake liberal and as that, he can just go F himself. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c42b805d3aac24a1eb687fb92daf3aa33ef01718c54024f53cd0baeb026ebac.jpg

  • Mike W

    Yep because as it can clearly be seen the “National Anthem” is the problem here. At least this moron is from Chicago – please KEEP him there. We have had enough of idiots from Chicago running around D.C.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      You said a mouth full!!!!

  • Thomas

    Everyone that still goes to games play a loud Star Spangle Banner. Use a a bullhorn. Play every time either team scores. Also play when they huddle and snap the ball.

  • Murphmeister

    The writer does have a point. Before 1932 we didn’t even have a national anthem. Babe Ruth in his prime never stood for the national anthem because there wasn’t one. Perhaps, its overuse attenuates its importance and it should be reserved for civic occasions and national holidays. The Boston Pops does not play it before every concert. On Independence Day it will play it at its open air concert but 140 miles away at Tanglewood, the Boston Symphony Orchestra will not. What we are talking about is tradition and that the tradition be abolished.

    The real issue of course is BLM and the players who have taken up its cause. If players black and white want to kneel, there is no want of churches to go to. They should kneel down and pray that the slaughter of 2500 blacks by blacks per year end by way of divine intervention. Then the way to get this to settle down is for fans to walk away. We’ll then see if the players’ wallets are where they’re knees are.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Boston is almost as bad as Shitcago.

  • Buck Stearns

    I have a better idea. Why not give Kevin a one-way ticket to Havana?

  • Cheh Low

    What a stupid suggestion by this no brain and unpatriotic Chicago columnist – a total liberal asshole.

  • rtwoods3

    There is a National Boycott the NFL Day on November 12th in conjunction with Veterans Day weekend. We need to make every effort to get this out. People are already boycotting, but we need to increase the numbers ten fold. Any organization that can not stand up for our National Anthem does not deserve to be in existence! Those players make millions for playing a GAME! They can not even define what they are protesting about. Iwas a grant writer for thirty years and literally Billions of dollars have gone to uplift the”oppressed blacks” . EEO, AA, Entitlements, housing programs, educational programs, health programs, etc., ect. They keep squealing to get more. And liberals keep agreeing and giving to get votes. Get up, get dressed, go to work like everybody else. Please work hard to make the November 12th Boycott a huge success. Tell every one at your work place, Facebook, and email everyone you know.

  • downs1

    By his comments, it appears that Kevin Williams is a liberal, God-hating, America -hating foolish man! This once great nation was formed based upon Judeo-Christian principles. Today, it is imploding because it has turned away from its Judeo-Christian foundation. As a result, any display of nationalism is anathema! Mr. Williams needs to think about where he stands when the judgment comes. It appears that he has no interest in the real America, nor in the Creator God who raised it up! The consequences of such belief are huge! So sad!

  • David W BmyBud

    Well Hell leftist commie! Let’s just ban the flag and National Anthem everywhere and jail anyone that displays it! Yeah, communism is so great?

    N R A . 4 . EVER!!!
    M A G A !!!

  • Herb1949

    The NFL will never make another dime from me as long as these spoiled brats are pulling crap like this.
    Stoppiing the national anthem is the samee as what they are doing, if they do, I will never spend another dime on the NFL.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    The Chicago Columnist needs to leave this country He is about as un-American as he can be. Russia would be a good start!

  • Jerry Del Vecchio

    Playing the national anthem started around 1897 at baseball games but didn’t become a staple until 1918 during WWI show our solidarity and patriotism. In 1931 Congress made the “Star-Spangled Banner” the national anthem and during WWII it was, along with other patriotic songs, played at every sporting event.
    To stop playing the national anthem at sporting events would be another attack on our history, culture and our patriotism. The simplistic answer to “stop playing the national anthem” is just like our removing George Washington’s plaque at the church he attended so long ago because today’s parishioners seeing that plaque are fearful and afraid? Why? And what’s making them afraid?

  • Deborah Bellesfield

    We take prayer out of schools because it offends someone. NFL players take a knee to the National Anthem because they have a complaint about I don’t even remember what. Why not give children in public schools a brief time of meditation. Just a time to show respect for what they believe in. Mostly it will be prayers about tests and peer relationships, but explain that this is their time to dwell on their own thoughts. Play the National Anthem. Don’t bring any of the players onto the field until it is over and then let them play football.

  • Estell Newton

    How about boycotting the NFL? Kick the disrespectful players out of t he NFL and not let them play anywhere again. What they are doing is paramount to treason.

  • robert sanders

    how about burning Chicago to the ground.

  • Forrest Chambers

    The best way is to hit them where it hurts by fining them out of their salary heavily every time they kneel or any other show of disrespect for our country or flag. If not sent them to Afghanistan or Iraq or other danger zone troops where and let them see what others have fought and died for so they can be millionaires and never have done anything for our country.

  • MIKE6080

    how about not going to or watching any games – I did

  • mk

    talk about anti-American! Seems like a lot of “American Citizens” HATE America! Then LEAVE and SEE if it anybeter anywhere else and forget about how YOU established your business or your kid got an education here and started a business here and made lots of money, America was good for you then wasn’t it! you HONOR this country and it’s Flag! and OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!

  • Al Wunsch

    It’s a shame that Williams has such as a low opinion of the National Anthem but it’s a typical liberal solution. These people, associated with the NFL, can do what they want – it’s a free country – but I don’t intend to support the sports corporations so long as they care to disrespect the flag, our country and all that it stands for. What they do is up to them. For the corporations, it a business decision. For the players, who knows what they think but maybe it becomes a decision to have a professional sports career or not. For the kids that have, in the past, grown up to watch and emulate their football hero and take pride in their country, maybe they will have to find new areas of inspiration.

  • llellc

    How about we continue our tradition and people like you stop coming up with stupid suggestions?

  • rtryon

    I gave up on professional sports about 6 decades ago when I realized that the players were not native of the locations that pay them so well to make it look like all are great if our teams win! How dumb! But, the anthem is a national moment of pleasure except when singers mess it up!

  • ch

    Hey Kevin Williams-FU, that is NOT an option

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Don’t you mean FY?

      • ch

        Yup, that too, as many ways as it can be said

  • Concerned

    What a stupid suggestion! This Chicago Tribune columnist Kevin Williams is willing to give up his principles or rather our principles and those of the American people by giving in to a few spoiled brats that do not even know what they are protesting. Kneeling during our national anthem is an insult and is supporting Kaepernick who is a disciple of BLM and has no problem wearing socks that call our Police “pigs.”
    Are these the kinds of folks that we want representing our country? Are these the kinds of “men” who we want to be models to whom our children aspire to imitate? Absolutely not, true Americans need to show pride in their country and if they see problems that need to be corrected, then they should focus on actions that can make a difference and not act like spoiled brats!

  • albertbryson

    Every player who has participated in these protests during the national anthem should have been fired and put on the unemployment line where they belong. NFL should go out of business. We do not want a product that is filled with bunch of dumb jocks who are way overpaid.

  • Daniel Parker

    You take out the National Anthem is one another step of not showing respect and pride that we have in the USA. That is not the (Answer). The National Anthem should come before the Players and the single person. The owners of the teams think they are better than the citizens and those who gave their all. Hey! Lets take football all together; Out of school and college and Television. Let’s not stop their. Basketball; Baseball and even Hockey. The Nation should come before the Indaviual person. Let’s not cheapen the the Nation by letting the Spoiled rich Player and Owners get away with this out landis idea.

  • Ruckweiler

    Typical leftist. They raise Hell about something good so then we should stop it.

  • tCotUS

    Sounds like Dumazz lefty columnist.
    Fee fi fo fum, what democratic cess pool did this turd float from? .

  • Glenn Timberlake

    Or how about quit bowing to rebellion at any cost? How about recognizing that by bending your knee you reject the anthem and the flag that represents both your freedoms and rights, and all those who came before us and earned our freedoms at a great price. – – not by carrying a pigskin down the field or playing a sport while receiving a remarkably high income. So you would reject our opportunity to live free of dictators and our opportunity to live free of those who would segregate us? Yes. You are making a statement. It says you reject all the above, that you are disrespectful and ungrateful and unappreciative of what you have been given at the cost of the lives of others. And with that you reject the ‘right’ to protest (free speech) and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How sad and ignorant.

  • Glenn Timberlake

    Why not respectfully make persuasive comments on your own time? You don’t own that field or the time you are on the field. You don’t own the right to disrespect our time or the team owners or the advertising dollars. You don’t own the right to disrespect us or our forefathers or our nation. You don’t own the right to teach our young people, our children, to be disrespectful -as you dishonor all of us and the flag and the anthem. — You have been offered the luxury of having an opportunity to use your skills and abilities to win a game, to make a tremendous fortune, and to be respected and famous, and the opportunity to exemplify a good role model for our young people and all people everywhere. And you squander it with dishonor and disrespect. For this cause you should lose your opportunity, forfeiting it to someone more worthy and appreciative. Someone who knows why they were hired and what a great opportunity it is to represent their family and be an asset to their country.

  • jock1234

    No, no no…

    Let’s see this to fruition. The NFL will, I predict, suffer the most from a lack of loyalty!! Ha, ha ha NFL !!!

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Screw YOU, Williams. How about YOU quit breathing first?

  • jimmy9522

    They imitate their dumbass parents.

  • Alan Bowie

    No doubt written by a left wing liberal. When confronted with a problem (caused by leftists trying to destroy tradition) their fall back position is to run to their ‘safe space’. Yes, lets just dump tradition and make everybody happy and all the problems will go away. To hell with these estrogen laden ‘shemales’ the propaganda stream media loves to hire. My big question is, “Why would anyone put credibility in the opinion of someone whose only skill they could take to a college is they remembered how to write. They could not understand high school math, science, accounting/book keeping, or any other higher level mental functions, so they were stuck with ‘Journalism’. There only job is to listen, ask a few questions, maybe take a photo and verify their info. Anyone can do that. Right ? Wrong. Giving an answer to a ‘journalist’ and expecting the same to be reported is no different than giving a five year old a piece of cake and expecting them not to eat it until after dinner.

  • Glenn Timberlake

    You don’t gain honor by being dishonorable. If it were necessary fire everyone on every team and start over. – even if you have to miss a season, but you shouldn’t have to. Their are plenty of people who would play their hearts out for less money. People who would show respect and honor to whom it is due. The anthem and the flag has been around for some time before us and, may God help us, it will be a lot longer. It’s a shame that all the paying customers don’t share this value. If they did they would stay home and turn off the tv until the team owners, advertisers, players and knucklehead politicians ‘get it’ and correct their attitudes and actions. I have no problem if team owners lost the right to the franchises and all their money. I’ve seen a lot of people suffer extreme injuries and deaths by the tens of thousands through wars and 911’s and you have too. Whether through books, pictures, stories from your parents or grandparents, television, movies, documentaries, a walk through cemeteries, battlefields, internment camps, or just being in the middle of where bad stuff was happening. And none of these were getting paid grandiose salaries. Where is the honor, respect and love of country? Some of us don’t take, “Shut up and don’t play the anthem” sitting down. Some of us will not honor your disrespect, arrogance or ignorance.

  • Glenn Timberlake

    May God bless America- Land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her with a light like the light from above. Wisdom is knocking on the door. Foolishness is breaking it down. Choose wisdom.

  • West Central Texas Cowboy

    How about:
    1) I go up to Chicago and challenge Williams to a “can of woop-arss” for this stupid idea,
    2) I bring my “red neck friends/patriots” from Obama’s 57 states for the “woop-arse party”,
    3) and we take on the “NFL Kneelers” in one gigantic “free for all”,
    4) then we move on to ANTIFA, BLM and other Soros induced criminal organizations.

    Sounds like fun?!!!! What do ya think????

  • rtwoods3

    I please don’t forget the National Boycott the NFL Day on November 12th in conjunction with Veterans Day weekend. If we can get ten percent more people not to watch or go to an NFL game than are already boycotting, it would really put a hurting on the owners, sponsors and the dumbass players. They started it we need to finish it! We need to win this one big.

  • cowboy541

    GEE what a shock, another DIPSTICK from chicago ( I would have put a “C” but they do not merit it).

  • john

    words can’t describe just how stupid you sound Kevin….sorry for you….please! stay in Chicago….

  • GreatWarVet

    Not doing the National Anthem is giving up, they win. No way should we give in to such
    spoilt brats.

  • HardingDies

    No player has taken a knee in the MLB or the World Series – so maybe this is only the ‘agreived’ NFL players.

  • Mere Marlo

    Another dumb dem with another un-American proposal. Not only do I think the anthem should continue to be played at EVERY American event especially sports events. I would also like to see it televised again and not be substituted by a commercial. I will start taking note of the ads that are televised instead of the anthem so I can stop supporting those companies. I would also like to see a published list of the A$$hole players who kneel, sit, or stay in the locker room each week. Traditions should not be avoided or eliminated because of overpaid babies with non-existent causes.

  • Napoleon

    I will bet not one person speaking for the flag has every wore the uniform an fought for this country you have a right too your OPINON but not to YOUR FACTS that called FREEDOM OF SPEECH,KNEELING is a form of FREEDOM OF SPEECH i fought for that right.

  • Ron Alford

    Have you ever lived in another country other than America, try it.

  • Donald Lindsey

    Chicago Tribune columnist Kevin Williams believes he has found one: Simply stop playing the national anthem at sporting events in the first place.

    How about hanging this person for TREASON against the USA. I served draft him to serve on front lines.

  • MamaJ

    Just stop playing FOOTBALL all together. Watching a bunch of huge crybabies chase a ball is not as important than our nation and what it stands for.

  • Gammi2Anna

    A Chicago Columnist posted this diatribe regarding his/her/it’s personal opinion that if some people don’t like hearing the National Anthem then they should ‘just stop playing it altogether’. I looked for but was unable to find the name of this ‘columnist’ so I am confused as to why his/her/it’s story has seen the light of day on this site. We are not allowed to post a comment without identifying ourselves, so why was this allowed. It holds no significance other than to spew ignorant reasons as to why we should not expect every American citizen, especially those who have benefited greatly through the sacrifices of others that provide protection and safety for all the rest of us. These players and most likely this so called ‘columnist’ get paid more for one game of playing with a football or writing a ‘hit piece’ than a member of the military earns in one year. They ARE the persons that fight and die to protect the Flag, our Freedom and our National Anthem. Our Police Officers are actually at the sidelines during the football games protecting the disrespectful and arrogant players so they can earn the big bucks that then allow them to live above the law that our officers are required to enforce. So, please, can someone tell me exactly how the mystery columnist (I prefer to call him/her/it an idiotic ass) gets a personal opinion printed on the same site that we are required to sign onto in order to express our thoughts???

  • Joe M

    Keep the anthem and get rid of the players that kneel or stand arm in arm. Williams, who sounds like a left winger, is trying to take the pressure off the NFL. Never trade the anthem for a football player!!!!

  • Patrick

    Here’s one for the Chicago Columnist ,just disolve the N.F.L. completely ,then about 60 -70% would have a get a job ,and the 30% could make out find they finished school, and they learn something other than run ,catch tackle ,and kick ,oh yea pass ,the t he ball and their studies ,they took scholorships ,that others could have put to better use than playing a game ,and show respect for the colors ,the National Anthem ,the Armed Forces ,the one’s serving ,and the one’s who have served ,and the one’s who have given their all so that these stooges can play a game ,and get paid big money ,I say this We the People will ,and can shut you down ,and this disrespectful columnist from Chicago ,and other’s like him can write about ice skating ,if there is no N.F.L. WE the People

  • Edward Heckard

    So this this IDIOT thinks he’s come up with a FINAL SOLUTION to this ANTI- AMERICAN protest??!!!!! STOP playing the National Anthem ALTOGETHER??!!!! I wonder if HE is an AMERICAN himself??? I agree with Den Mick, send ALL people to OTHER countries, that DON’T ALLOW their people, to VOTE, to be FREE to SPEAK their minds!!!! If my kids were to DISRESPECT our FLAG, COUNTRY, and our VETERANS, a LOT who have DIED for these IDIOTS, protesting ALL these things!!!!!! I’d be willing to DISOWN them!!!!!!!!! I FOUGHT for MY COUNTRY and almost died for it, and I’d DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!! AMERICA, WE CANNOT GIVE IN to these A- HOLES, WE have already given up IN GOD WE TRUST and TOO much of OUR HISTORY!!!!!!!!!! The ONLY left to give up, is these people NOT STANDING for the National Anthem and THEIR COUNTRYMEN and WOMEN in UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber

    Why don ‘t we just burn all of the churches down, destroy all of the schools, bomb the government buildings? Seriously – are you out of your mind. Who made you the authoritative source for when and where the anthem should be played?

  • dpg01

    kevin williams is just another anti-American useful idiot. This clown needs to be censored.

  • slidenglide

    Maybe we should stop playing the National Anthem and displaying our beautiful flag to appease these idiots???? I don’t think so!! This is an absurd and a ridiculous suggestion. What will be their next protest? You don’t give in to stupid people.

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