• Mark Brickey

    I’m proud of our Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly. Even though a Democrat, he still voted to confirm Gorsuch. He’s probably ruined his future, but he did the right thing.

    • I don’t know SenatorJoe Donnelly, but this alone shows his character, and I respect him and always will because of this one vote. Mark, you SHOULD be proud of him and I hope you tell him that you are.

      • Mark Brickey

        I have. Letter to his office, letter to Indy Star (not seen it published, though).

  • GuardianFlame

    Justice Gorsuch is exactly where he should be – sitting on our Supreme Court! He is by far the best qualified justice on that bench — certainly better than that poor excuse of a woman justice Hagen obama appointed who is a Liberal, Gay and a feminist first and foremost.

    President Trump chose this highly qualified, morally directed Supreme Court Justice to help Right so many wrongs bho’s Liberal administration, being puppeted by George Soros, created.

    Unfortunately as long as there are Liberals, those wrongs will appear. They can’t help themselves, they are who they are, confused, maligned, and desperate to be in the spotlight like a spoiled toddler. Let’s pray they finally come to their senses and start supporting the man who is working to save our Country from their idiocy and blatant politicking. America is better than that!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Let’s PRAY that we get to put 4 more on the Court just like him!

    • Fred Dunbar

      Finally! The republicans have grown a pair of balls.

      • Lisarforney

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    • pmbalele

      You must have lazy mind to think are lucky Justice Gorsuch was sworn in as associate justices. You can’t trust males whether Black or White. These have their own goal – most of the time women in the office. That is why the “Whistle-blower” is useless. Did you notice the Black woman with this judge all the time he was being questioned? Who was that Black nice looking Black woman appearing with Gorsuch all the time. Remember White males hire beautiful women to prey on. If women reject them, they will be fired.

      • David Fowler

        So, the nice looking black woman was black. That’s quite a revelation.

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          Almost as stunning as the usual drivel ‘pmbalele’ puts out in hopes of having value to a conversation.

        • pmbalele

          You did not see her. Then you must be color blind. Please inquire why she appeared with the new Justice there.

  • Voice Of Reason

    “Revenge is a dish best served cold”! Thank you “Dirty” Harry Reid! Time to keep pushing the Conservative Train forward and destroy the liberal #Communist Progressive” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4bcab9f927070d3b9a19d682af0299d883ae3da120727ed0f9c4917f0dfdcdc.jpg illness ideology.

  • I’m thrilled to know that FINALLY we have a decent, good, and sane judge on the Supreme Court. My sympathies are with him; however, having to work every day with a bunch of lousy ‘judges’ to see justice done these days in America. Justice has become unknown in some areas, and Judge Gorsuch, alone, cannot bring it back – he will need another 3 conservatives added as the political left has no inkling what justice is – or they do know what justice is and refuse to embrace it. Cheers for Judge Gorsuch and finally, surprisingly, for the members of the Congress who had enough sense to vote for him rather than play childish games.

  • jreg9304

    John McCain is still an asshole and cannot be trusted. That said, It is grand to see that a man like Justice Scalia is going to be his replacement. Now that, Justice Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed, will be as Good if not better than his Predecessor!

    Good Luck and many good wishes for many years to come and be well, Justice Gorsuch.:)

    • Marty

      Well said. He is still a rhino who is more of a Democrat.

    • Askjrsk

      Got that right

  • chief1937

    I watched Mr. Gorsuch’s interviews before the senate sub-committee and thought he answered every question ask he simply would not let them trap him into saying how he would rule on any particular case. I thought that was commendable as there was no case before him and to rule on an imaginary one would show bias. In my humble opinion he will make an outstanding Justice as he stated numerous times judges are to rule on the legality of a subject compared to the constitution and not in accordance with the then ruling party.

    • jimmy midnight

      I saw someone who could do the “Mystery Dance,” at least as well as Elvis Costello.

  • concerned

    We need more like him on the court. If we had them America would be much better off.

  • Observant_One

    The democrats have a short memory, they have used the same technique to place liberal leaning justices on the Supreme Court. But when the shoe is on the other foot thewhining from the liberals is overwhelming. Face it libs, you lost the election but some day, hopefully far, far in the future, you will be in charge again. And then you will have another attempt to screw this country over again, but only if Soros is still alive. Hopefully he will have gone to his deserved rewards by then.

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