• Roger_T73

    No WALL, no daca PERIOD. Thank God we have President Trump to save us from the demonCRAPs!!!

    • Kendra

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      • AmericanVoterTB619

        Kendra… what the heck…. what does your “Goo-g-le weekly payo-u-ts” have to do with the topic of DACA… please for heaven sakes follow site guidelines and at least TRY to stay on TOPIC!!!

      • Jim

        Kendra, It looks like you are off your Meds. and have lost yo sex toys.Get a Rep. man and shut yo mouth.

  • genann59

    The democrats have gotten used to threatening to shut down the govt and blame the republicans whenever they don’t seem to be getting their way and the republicans usually cave to them and give them whatever they want. I hope and pray that President Trump has even spine to stand up to them.It is time the democrats came to realize they cannot blackmail the entire nation with a shutdown in order to always get their way. And yes, I am on social security and VA disability and my checks might get held. Worth it to stop the unlimited illegal immigration. Made sacrifices while in the Army, can and willing to do so again. If we are going to help save our nation, we can’t just think about ourselves.

    • Gammi2Anna

      I agree with you 100%. This is a now or never situation we find ourselves in at his very moment. WE must come together as the Nation that you sacrificed to help save for our children and grandchildren. WE must stop the Democrats in their own tracks of deceit and intimidation. WE must let all our politicians know that they work at our pleasure and for us. If they want to implement the Impeachment process, WE must let them know WE will be more than happy to do so, beginning with them. WE must let them know that WE are happy with OUR President Donald J. Trump and the actions he has and will continue to take to MAGA. For those that cannot comply, WE must let them know that there are many airplanes and boats leaving our shores every day and that WE will be more than happy to assist them on making their departure, ASAP.
      I want you to know just how much my family and I appreciate you and all the others who gave to us something we can never repay. WE appreciate your bravery and sacrifice but there will never be a sufficient way to honor you enough. Thank You! May God Bless You, Your Family and America!

      • jimshaw54

        After many years of “wishing” that those we send to Washingtonb D.C. to represent us would work for we the people? Maybe it is time to get a new party going that will break the gridlock of the only two parties that have significant power over us. Complaining to them hasn’t done much good. Perhaps it is time for some REAL Change that will lead us to Hope that our country would right itself again.

    • Bernadette

      Great stuff. I agree with you. I don’t think Trump will bow down to those idiots. They can shut down govt and save some taxpayers’ money even if it costs me to wait on my SS check.

      • Ronald Nelson

        In the past shutting down the government never slowed down or stopped Social Security… or other payments made under existing law… and funded by FICA taxes… Don’t fall for the sudden change in the rhetoric… now that the Democrats want to shut down government all the ESSENTIAL services and payments to citizens will suddenly be cut off.

        • shirley doughty


          • Reasoned thinker

            shirley doughty — Absolutely correct

          • Frank W Brown

            Great IDEA, shut down the Treasury so the nitwits DON’T GET PAID!!!

        • Krazeehors

          EXACTLY. The shutdown applies ONLY to NON-ESSENTIAL personnel.

          • dennis w

            TALK ABOUT SHIT-HOLES……….

          • Susan Short

            Which should include everyone in congress, because NONE of them are essential! Most of them are total dumb fuxks!

          • DrBarbara

            But they’ll still get paid. I’m sure they will find a way to mess something up even with the government “shut down.”

        • Rex Whitmer

          It won’t stop it now! They’re smarter than to try that again. It’s been quite a few years since they tried that to their sorrow.

      • DrBarbara

        I agree. If the government shuts down for a few days maybe the dims won’t be doing anything stupid….. Oh, I guess it’s too much to hope that they won’t be doing anything stupid.

        • Rodney Steward

          They’ll blame Trump!!

          • DrBarbara

            Yeah, they will. But whatever happens they’ll blame him.

    • Ronald Nelson

      In the past shutting down the government did not stop ESSENTIAL SERVICES… Social Security and VA Checks should continue… however, since the Democrats are threatening the shut down… the rules may suddenly change… By the way the GOP is nothing more than the DNC light… the opposite side of the two sided Big Government Coin… no matter how you flip it… it always comes up more government and less liberty.

      • Ron

        nice point about GOP and DNC that’s why President Trump got elected and why they fight him so much cause if he dose well they will all get replaced which I would recommend .

        • Susan Short

          ALL of congress should be replaced, and we start all over!

          • Pilar Arquero

            We have to find good replacements for those GOP who are not repeat NOT working for the good of the common Americans. But most of all we have to unseat all Democrats whose goal is to sell America away from God. Make America Come Back to God, Jesus Christ… Then we can MAGA!!!

          • Rodney Steward

            VERY GOOD my Friend, very good, and CORRECT!

          • AmericanVoterTB619

            Awesome… Finally, someone that tells it like it is without the sugar coating (not necessarily … what’s the term??? oh, “politically/socially” acceptable (tactful)) but is willing to flat out state the REAL PROBLEM…. ” TURNED AWAY FROM GOD”… now is the time “AND WE MUST RETURN TO GOD, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AND HIS WILL” not our own!!!

          • Kimberley

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          • Ronald Nelson


          • Allen Evans

            Maybe we need to clone Trump to the tune of 500 plus members to replace members of leSwamp!

          • AmericanBelle

            Those are RINO’s/establishment pols and 30 of them are not going to run for reelection! On the other side of the aisle, so far 24 Democrats are likewise not running. RINOs are pissed they’ve lost power to conservatives, and Democrats are pissed that they don’t have any power.

          • Zelda777

            Problem is Democrats think they are God and everyone
            should follow what they say!

          • Rodney Steward

            Yes, just like the Millennial group of this country, this is the group that will lose our country!

          • Zelda777

            Agree 100%

        • Elaina

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        • gnracer

          They gave the same crap to Ted Cruz. The last time while Oblabber was in office they threatened to close govt and close access to people accessing the park in DC. Ted Cruz was one of a few persons that fought them closing access to the park. There were military veterans they were keeping from gaining access.

      • jimshaw54

        Are you ready to stand up for a new party that will listen to the people? How many of us complain but then vote for “the lesser of two evils”. Perhaps we need a party that actually IS the lesser of the two evils that are the Democrat and Republican parties?.

      • AmericanBelle

        How does the government grow when Dreamers aren’t given amnesty, chain migration is ended, the lottery is ended and the wall is built?

        • Zelda777

          Anyone here illegally needs to go the rest of us have to
          obey the law why should they get away with breaking it?!

        • Rex Whitmer

          One way would be to make abortion illegal except to save the life of the mother! There are more than enough aborted babies each year than there are persons whom come from elsewhere to become citizens! This fact alone is enough to make people think! There are generally enough means to avoid conception, that there is no need for abortion other than the life of the mother or when a woman Is raped, and in that case the rapist should be jailed! It’s about time we began to make the USA a responsible country again. You reap what you sow! You don’t kill other humans because you don’t want to be bothered!

    • Reasoned thinker

      genann59 — Totally agree!

    • Jim

      59,I would like to thank you for your Service in the Army. It is people like you and me that has made this Country what it is today, I can,t understand why the Demc. party want,s to give away what all of us who served did it for.Their party should be brought to a end and started over again, in all my years I never saw so many people who are against this Country.Goes to show how many non- Christian we have.

      • Zelda777

        Agree 100%

    • John M

      Immigration reform was the next item on Trump’s campaign promises right below BUILD THE WALL. This cannot possibly be a surprise to the Democrats.
      I’m behind whatever measure the president decides to take in order to accomplish his promises to the American people.
      As for his supposed comment about “sh1thole” countries, Frankly I don’t give a sh1t.

      Remember to vote!

      • lha

        The wall has been law for many years now,but every time it has been passed[since GW Bush] the libs have spent the money on something else.

        • John M

          I know there are quite a few people who do not “like” DJT. But here’s a person (DJT) who apparently understands the value of a buck. “Politicians” are out of touch with that concept. They know how to spend without any thought regarding where does the money come from? I’m inclined to think that difference is what has him at odds with the establishment.
          Sprinkle in pathological liars to mess and we have the government we deserve.
          I’m not saying the president is one of those liars. Of course if you listen to the Democratic zombies, he’s the anti-Christ incarnate.
          I’m pleased in the direction he has taken us and I believe things will get much better. I’m willing to wait until 2020.

    • Gerry Costa

      Your checks won’t stop !!!!

    • DrBarbara

      Thank you for your service to our country. Liberals don’t understand the word “sacrifice.” But it is all too well understood by our vets and active military. And your sacrifices are so much appreciated.

    • sftpl

      It was the repugs that weaponized government shutdowns when they refused to pass a budget unless it contained wording that would defund the ACA in spite of the fact that it was the law of the land. It was they who finally caved. Up to that time no disputes of that nature ever were used to whine about. “give me what I want or I’ll take the ball and go home – whaaaa!.

    • tes d’aless

      we need to ban together more than ever – we need to push back on the haters, libbers, left and rinos

    • AmericanVoterTB619

      You like so many before, with, after, and their families have give much more then anyone will or could ever possible paid you back for… I thank YOU for all the sacrifices (big and small) that you have had to and/or may be endure over your the lifetime of your service to your country and I too 100% agrees that we must stop thinking about ourselves and do what is best for this NATION if we are going to Succeed. While I personally was never able to service like I wish I could have…. I am an Army Brat & was an Army Wife for over 20+ years. So while I have never seen combat action personally I have seen first hand the effects that said action has on the service members AND their families. May God continue to Bless YOU and I reverently pray that HE will (and perhaps) even already has put the right person in Charge of this GREAT NATION to make sure that WE THE PEOPLE ARE finally HEARD, and that HIS WILL (The Lord’s) will be done, AMEN!!! Because in my book it has been HIM, & HIS ARMY that build this COUNTRY into the United States of America in the first place!!!! Once again, genann59 GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU.

      • James Hopkins

        Remember the words of JFK, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”This man was a true Patriot and a true democrat. Today all poiliticians are looking out for themselves with the exception og our President Donald Trump. I think it is time we returned to the GOD of our Fathers, The Lord Jesus Christ!!! Pry, Pray , Pray. That is the answer to Amrica’s problems! 2nd Chronicels 7:14 ” If my people which are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray, and confess their sin, and turm from thier wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land” Turn back to JESUS TODAY!

        • AmericanVoterTB619

          AMEN!!! … and as more Christians do so …this nation will Become Great Again but only by “LORD’S WILL”… as repeated many times within the scriptures… here is 6 scriptures just off the top of my head…Matthew 26:29; Mark 14:16, Luke 22:42; John 5:30; Psalm 143:10 and Romans, 8:20 and all though I have never counted the number of times that God reminds of this in scripture I am certain it’s in the range of at least 95 to 105 times…. to me … that makes this one of his MOST important messages to us his children.

    • lha

      I am retired as well,and have you noticed that when the Government is “shut down”,nobody even notices? The first ones threatened with cutting off their checks[which we paid for by $$$ being withheld from our wages],rather than cutting so-called entitlements,most of which have not been paid by the recipients.

    • Zelda777

      Thank you for your service and I agree with you 100%

    • Paul

      Shut it down. Send them home. No pay, no back pay and no insurance. They also must take a drug test to collect unemployment insurance. All they do is cost the working people money so they can give it to illegals whom are apparently more important than American citizens. Why are we not first and foremost?

  • Karin Callaway

    Why doe this surprise anyone? They have been able to shove anything they want down the Throats of Americans for over 9 years, and then blame the Conservatives for everything that goes wrong. Government shutdowns, expansion of terrorism, lack of leadership, divisive language, overspending of OUR money, pilfering any of anything that they have a desire to take, killing off anyone or anything that WE THE PEOPLE want, and destroying OUR Constitution and any of our rights, the Dems have led the way in all of this but can then blame it on “climate change”, “anyone else” who gets in their way,

  • Linda Dickey Howard

    Well the demo rats don’t know crap and everyone of them should be put in prison for conspiracy to take down the president. The dreamers shoukd go hime and educate their own country!


    Outwitted again by the President, the dim-bulb leadership of the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred have now admitted that their goal all along has been to submerge the United States in a brown tsunami and turn it into a Third World peoples republic. The Obammunists want to be the oligarchs of a banana republic and make the American normals pay for the bananas. It is existentially necessary for every American who does not want to live as a slave in a combination of Guatemala, Guinea and Gomorrah to keep this country’s Castroites out of power in 2018, 2020 and beyond.

    • Bernadette

      Thank God we have Trump leading our country and trying hard to make it better despite the obstruction from the dems.

    • Krazeehors

      I said this on another site today:

      Michael Moore could FART in California, it could spread across the country (thereby killing at least HALF of the Democraps) and HollyWEIRD would blame it on Trump!

  • Bernadette

    You dems don’t care about the daca kids, you just won’t agree with Trump for anything. Quit pretending you care and do something right.

    • pappy450

      They “care” about the DACA “kids” because MANY are “voting age” (and above) and YES INDEED they ARE “allowed” to VOTE (no matter WHAT the lying democommunists are spewing.)
      THAT is the MAIN reason WHY they “CARE” so much..just another bunch of GULLIBLE fools to put on their “plantation” to be “controlled” by “free stuff” and BRIBES.

    • Krazeehors

      They just want them to become citizens because that is the ONLY way they can win an election.

    • Susan Short

      Oh, they care very much about the DACA kids, because they see many votes for Demoncrats from them!

  • Last of the patriots

    Ef these Demonrat scum!!! Be prepared American Patriots, civil war is creeping closer. Stock up on food rations, and guns and ammo. If they give amnesty to illegals, THEN IT’S ON!!!

  • Dennis


  • Ronald Nelson

    We don’t need to change the law… enforce the law as written…. deport the illegal aliens. DACA is an illegal Executive Action … a program that actually violates the existing law. Hence, the GOP needs to enforce the law by removing all the illegal aliens… now.

    Let the Democrats… cry fowl, but the existing Immigration laws are clear with regard to the status of the so called DREAMERS… they are to be DEPORTED.

  • Gary Meck

    The dem ass hole/shit heads will never win another election. They are anti American. Real Americans know when the dems lie and put down the Constitution. The dems are toast. God Bless Real Americans and President Donald Trump for making America Great again.

    • Dustevietnamvet

      I don’t know they won in Alabama using a forty year old alleged charge .they use very dirty tactics and people eat it up .People need to think about things before they vote.

      • Susan Short

        The fact is that there were MANY people who were bused into Alabama to vote, illegally, in that election! They even admitted it, and thought that it was funny! We don’t know who really won that election!

    • Jim

      Gary, if They keep on with their crap, they are going to get “We the people” fired up and the shit is going to hit the fan and they will pay the price of their ways.I don,t trust or like any Demc.

    • Susan Short

      They will win elections IF they can keep the illegals and the DACA’s in this country, and continue to let more of them in!

  • Larry Brule

    they remind me of an egg sucking dog only the dog doesn’t stink!

  • Just keep praying for God’s enduring strength, wisdom, discernment, leading, power and protection for our administration to establish the laws and systems to protect, strengthen and grow our nation.
    I suggest the order of events would be:
    . immediate exposure of all legislator’s and public official’s benefits from payoffs etc for the illicit border imports (Drugs, cheap labor, human trafficking …). Arrests would be logial.
    . Immediate enforcement of all border laws and inspections regardless of the delays at the borders.
    . Immediate arrest, detainment (incarceration) of any border agent not enforcing all laws or accepting gratuities (bribes).
    . Immediate funding and start of fabrication for an impenetrable “border barrier” (be it electronic fencing or physical).
    . revised legislation to halt anchor baby citizenry and chain migration.

    Then and only then, a law to enable a pathway for all USA residents to citizenship which must include a sworn pledge to integrate, uphold all existing laws and legal systems and passively accept all forms of race, creeds and religions without prejudice….

    • Jester

      I will accept DACA only if they NEVER receive the right to vote.

  • John Douglas

    If he caves , his Presidency is over

  • pappy450

    NO DACA NO AMNESTY PERIOD. ILLEGAL means just that… ILLEGAL. The “daca” DECREE by oscumbag was an ILLEGAL “royal decree” to begin with. IF these people want to live HERE they should be sent BACK and APPLY to come over here like MANY others have done. This just spits in the face of the people that took the time and spent the money to come here LEGALLY.
    NOTHING anyone can say will convince ME that these LEGAL IMMIGRANTS that are working are not feeling crapped on by our “government” by letting ILLEGALS just come over and get all the FREE STUFF on “THEIR DIME” like the rest of us TAXPAYERS. (all for the idea of MORE DEMOCOMMUNIST VOTES)

  • Robert Uda

    Mr. President, do not do what the corrupt Lib-Dems want you to do. They do not care about the DACA children. All the Lib-Dems are looking for are cheap votes. Just kill the DACA legislation and send those illegal aliens (created by the corrupt Obungler) either to Haiti or to Puerto Rico to have them work to earn a living in those two “crap holes” of the world. DO NOT give them blanket amnesty and all of the freebees purchased with our taxpayers’ money. Screw them all (i.e., Lib-Dems and DACA illegals)!

  • Martin

    Any Republican who votes for DACA or Anmesty must be voted out of office.

  • btb

    Let daca end ……. start deporting

  • Martin

    Let the government shut down. However do not pay government employees for time off. Joe Q public is not paid.

  • Robert Uda

    Mr. President, if the Lib-Dems threaten shutting down the government, I say call their bluff and have them shut down the government. It is about time we start doing things right instead of what’s expedient and “kicking the can down the proverbial road.” When the government is shut down, we should not give back pay to the government workers for the time they have off. If we pay them (as we have in the past), all it boils down to is giving them a free paid vacation. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! If they do not work because the Lib-Dems shut down the government, then their pay stops and is never repaid after the shut down is over. Let the Lib-Dems face their wrath. Put the blame where it belongs on the corrupt Lib-Dem Party.

  • Ron

    let the government shutdown it would hurt the democrats sit in most of the positions so they would not get paid also welfare ect be frozen or should be and when it ends I say do not back pay them as they normally do . Then let the masses see the democrats in action. Longer it is shut down the more taxes can be used to pay off the debt instead of the free loaders we can government.

  • dpg01

    My sincere prayer is that democrats end up conceding their existence. The sooner the better.

    • Krazeehors

      Good prayer, pipe dream tho’ it is.

      • barbara

        unforgetably very true

  • Don Juan

    The Democrat leaders in our country are pure evil through and through. There is not one good Democrat leader in our country. All of them, and I mean all of them, need to be voted out of office The sooner the better. As a matter of fact, they all need to be prosecuted and sent to prison for the rest of their miserable lives because of the high crimes they have all done. I am so glad to know that God is watching and recording everything that these perpetrators are doing in our government and he will use it against them when the great judgment day comes. He will then damn them all straight to hell. Republican leadership have their problems too, but when you compare the Democrats to them it’s like comparing apples and oranges. The Democratic leadership are literally helping to turn the United States into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. When election time comes around, folks, let’s vote all the corrupted Democrats out of office. We need to bring righteousness back to this country again. Let’s make it happen for our sake and our children’s sake and our grandchildren’ sake.

  • Gerry Costa

    ZERO daca, ZERO amnesty and DEPORT all illegals and all the demoTRASH who think we need more illegals in this country right along with them. President Trump — no deals with the scum demotrash– build the wall, deport all illegals and force them to come back legally if they want to become part of America and not part of the demotrash voter pool they are trying so hard to create.

  • rfrichey

    Do these people realize President Trump wrote “The Art Of The Deal”? Trump is for a great America and he’s not going to make a deal that doesn’t represent the best interest for America. I don’t understand people who call themselves Americans and yet they want to give away our country that we have worked for, fought for, and died for.

  • Krazeehors

    GOOD!!! That way they will NEVER GET a “DEAL” that guarantees citizenship — OR the RIGHT to VOTE.

  • Susan Short

    Of course the Demoncrats feel that way, because the cowardly RINO’s have always given in to them! The Dems are not dealing with a RINO in Trump, but I fear that there may be so many RINO’s in the GOP that they will over rule Trump, and give the Dems what they want! If they do, there will be HEXX to pay for the GOP, and there will be some RINO”s voted out of office, I guarantee it!

  • judy

    I was a democrat for many years but this last election really won me over. I now am a true Republican and I believe at this point that the democrats are full of sh**. They want everything and don’t want to give anything. Now it is them that are holding things up. If they close down the government, Trump should shut down their paychecks. Let them see for once how the other class has been living for so long.

    • AmericanVoterTB619

      now there’s an ideal I WOULD GET BEHIND… shutting down “their paychecks. Let them see for once how the other class has been living for so long.” … **it … sadly never going to happen…ON ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT… but I can promised this… “IF SOMEONE, WERE TO MAKE THAT A REALITY….actually took money away from politician…at ALL LEVELS (local, county, state, federal (ever damn one of them)), for NOT doing his/her job correctly, legally, and promptly…. then THAT IS THE PERSON I WOULD VOTE FOR NO WHAT HIS/HER POLITICAL PARTY WAS…. because that is the person that can and did “GET THE JOB DONE”…but so far I haven’t seen any one accomplish that … so here we sit with….a bunch of money hungry, fancy lunches, elaborate and costly diners, golf playing, cocktail parting, lazy snobs only do what they want (and their actual jobs… maybe 1/8 of the time the actually do any real work) running this country into the mud….Find the INDIVIDUAL that changes and I WILL VOTE FOR HIM/HER GLADLY & PROUDLY!!!!

  • Dave T

    So what’s the mystery? The D’s are doing what they always do….whine and bitch when their oppressive dumbass policies get rejected or rescinded. Let them be the party who didn’t want their constituents to benefit from the recent taxcuts; who want open border anarchy; who think the Palestinians deserve the millions of taxpayer dollars Obama granted them (+ lots of other countries too); the party that still thinks their precious Hillary should have been elected President. Whatever Obama the Fraud did or said, the Dems and their promotional arm, the MSM, would be slobbering all over themselves and slapping themselves on the back for a job well done. IMHO, they’re in for a bigger ass-kicking in the mid-terms than they took in ’16. Here’s hoping they choke on their own puke.

  • swampfox2

    The democrats have always operated this way and they are used to getting their way. What is necessary, is for the GOP to get solidly behind President Trump and stop all the BS in fighting. That’s the only way to defeat the Dems, lib, MSM, etc. Let’s get rid of all the traitorous RINOs in the party and get some new CONSERVATIVE blood in.

  • conc11111

    Just up the deporting of these illegal welfare rugrats and then they’ll do a deal that makes sense.

  • Mere Marlo

    No Amnesty!

  • Mike

    No Amnesty, deport ALL illegals, its the law. I ask people all the time, what if you and I went to ANY Country, ANY Country in the World illegally, how long before we are in jail? The answer I always get back, “oh, about 3, 4 days tops”. Why should the U.S be any different? Sure, just about all of us are immigrants. I have traced my Mothers family as far back as the 1600’s in Kentucky. The point is, our ancestors came here the LEGAL way.

  • shafawn

    If the immigration problem were fixed there wouldn’t be anything for them to stir up division with so God forbid they put the needs of the country first

  • Shut the government and goid bye Daca people.

  • PION🇺🇸🇺🇸R

    Have you looked at the percentage of these people who go to college and work for their dream compared to white redneck Trumper guys?

  • Jeff

    It’s about time the President stick it to the Dems. I’m so tired of watching the right cave every time there an issue as well. We need border protection, DACA needs to end, it wasn’t legal to begin with, as well as chain migration and any other admission to this country, that doesn’t follow the rule of law. I myself and many others I’ve read here in this comment section, have gave up so much for this country and are willing to sacrifice even more to make sure that President Trump knows, that “We The People” support his every effort, to make this country great again, with that said, Mr. President shut this “Shit Show” down, you may take mine and others V.A. disability, pension and whatever else it may take, but make it very clear to the Dems. and those who support there rhetoric, that the majority in this country will not be divided by race, religion, color or creed and we will no longer be silent or continue to sit on the side lines and watch, as the left attempts to erode what’s left of this country’s once great reputation and fleeting morality…..Smfh!!

  • Robert Morrow

    First Shut down the Government as what is shut down it is nothing but parks and stuff, maybe a few offices. The rest of the Scum will get paid anyway. As far as So Called DACA it is nothing as compared to the 100,000 plus deaths from FDA approved High profit Poison Drugs that kill and cure nothing. Why, all for Profits to The Pharmaceuticals so they give a little back to grease palms of the Politicians with payola. To prove my point here is a quote. “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFIT OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” Hebert Ley, M.D., Former FDA Commissioner. Did you hear any of this slime from the News Media or your Corrupt Politician? No way these scum Politicians do not want to have they palm greasing payola stopped. What have these Scum Politicians done? They have put in place hundreds of Federal Agencies that now Rule for they have total powers of Rob you of your Money, Steal your Property and murder you if you standup to them. Wake up People and vote the scum out of office and support Trump.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    I don’t want to see DACA get a foot hold in this country!

  • pbargioni

    If the Democrats are not prepared to work with President Trump then it is inevitable that eventually all the DACA people will be sent home to their countries of origin.

  • niknar

    The proposal I’ve been hearing is a renewal & update of DACA, with “chain migration” & the lottery being phased out, & some increase in border security, which is likely to include some form of wall. I believe the final agreement will be somewhere along these lines.

    You wouldn’t expect Republicans to start out with a compromise position, would you? They generally do not, & by not doing so, they eventually get far more than they had a reason to expect to. Democrats, on the other hand, typically have naively started negotiations with a compromise position, assuming beforehand that what they really want will never pass, & in the process even their compromise is rejected & they get nothing. Very poor bargaining strategy. It looks like some Democrats have learned. But as I said, the eventual result is likely to be something close to what I described in the first paragraph since stubborn refusal to compromise on anything won’t lead to good results for anyone.

  • Sweet willy

    I would think that the daca people would want to return home. They have all the educational tools from the US. That being said, they can bring their country into the 21st century, combat the drug world, provide the needed medical care for the country, bring it out of the shit hole, fix the corrupt government, remove the church as the stealth government, instigate a real revolution for the people, not for the age old spainish land owners. Even if pmex has to buy it all. Besides, its warmer there. Their families live there. Perhaps they could apply for statehood and really get the government problems addressed; but no dimocraps allowed. :>) MAGA

  • tes d’aless


  • KenKadz1

    Any Congress person who puts their party and/or personal agenda ahead of the security of the country is not deserving of their job and should be held accountable in the next election.
    Little children and cry babies, nothing professional about them!

  • the American

    Let them keep thinking whatever they want. they are not in power and they are not calling the shots.

  • Timothy Toroian

    He can do just what Barry did, send me something I don’t like and I WON’T sign it. Then have a spokesperson go on T.V. and describe how the Dimmocrats screwed it up. And when Nancy runs her mouth someone in the audience should suggest she STFU!

  • lha

    The “DACA” is not really law,but an illegal executive order signed by Ohomo to open the US up to more liberal votes. It could have expired,but President Trump wrongly [in my opinion] gave Congress more time to come up with some solution. If your Parents robbed a bank and it was found that you had lived your life on that money,would you be able to keep the money and be given more? I would think not,but that’s what we are expected to do for these people who have been educated free and probably fed and clothed from taxpayer’s dollars. They can go to where they are Citizens of and have a leg up as they are much better educated than most in their Country.

  • AmericanVoterTB619

    Shut it down… may as well… they haven’t been doing the job they were HIRED TO DO anyway so what difference would it make… they work at work … so why pay them at all. Better yet FIRE ALL OF THEM FROM BEGINNING TO END…. Lord know if you or I (common, everyday, civilian workers preformed at our jobs & did just 1/2 the B.S. they do… how long to you think WE would be paid for???? Can Anyone say TERMINATE IMMEDIATELY FOR FAIL TO COMPLY TO JOB PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS!!!!

  • Jean H.

    Dems are like petulant children screaming to get their way. Has this strategy ever worked for adults? Oh, wait, Dems in Congress don’t act like adults. Deals are made with each side getting something they want, as Trump knows. No “clean” DACA deal. No chain migration, visa lottery, etc. Trump should play hardball & kick the can down the road, delaying the DACA deadline until the Lunatic Left comes to their senses. Call the Dems’ bluff on funding the govt. by Friday. MAGA.

  • Dennis C Krueger

    Why would the President even begin to think of supporting a “clean” DACA bill with the promise of future negotiations for a comprehensive plan. If the President caves, it is likely that both the House and Senate fill trade hands in the fall. Caving now will all but assure that there will never be any meaningful reform. If the House and Senate fall in 2018, it is likely that the WH will follow suit in 2020. Every good thing that has happened within this last year would be reversed in record time. That would be a major disaster for the country that will likely never be reversed in our lifetime. Just as importantly, the Clintons and other known/suspected criminals within the DNC, who are currently under investigation, will walk free. For the good of the country, and to protect the gains that have been made in the last year, the President must hold fast. If there is no meaningful negotiations on DACA, shut the Government down. The Dems will be the ones who then have to fear the voters in the fall of 2018.

  • TontonB

    Just remember Mr. President that Tip O’Neill promised the same thing to Ronald Reagan. Just pass amnesty for the illegals and then we will discuss immigration and security. It never happened folks. O’Neill lied to Reagan just like Pelosi and Schumer are lying to President Trump. Mr. President you must demand the wall, an end to chain migration and an end to ‘lottery migration’ before any commitment to the DACA illegals is made.

  • Murphmeister

    The only leverage Trump has now is DACA. Give it up and he’ll get squat and Democrats will be laughing out loud just the way they laughed when they snookered Reagan.

  • NickinATL

    The LIB-DIMMS don’t want to do anything that will hinder the flow of all those illegal, unregistered democratic voters poring across our southern border !!! Their sole purpose is to change the demographics of the country to swell their electorate !!! Thankfully, we’ve now got a leader in Pres.Trump who is doing everything in his power to reverse this horrific miscarriage of our immigration laws !!!

  • Robert Wayne

    Shut the damned govt. down if these left wing DemoRATs refuse to concede on the illegal Mexican invasion of this country. For 8 years the Republicans conceded every time Obama had some insane plan to help destroy this country. I’ve had it up to here with them. The only reason they want these illegal Mexicans here is for left wing votes and everybody knows it!!!!

  • Larry Brule


  • Last of the patriots

    SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN!!!! “We the People” don’t need crooks, and liars stealing our money anymore! Dissolve the two parties, and replace it with all American or veteran citizens. Time to get the foriegn scum and crooks out of existence! Prepare American Patriots, the big fight is coming!!!

  • harlansteve@ymail.com

    I hope the Democrats shut down our government for the law breaking arrogant Illegals. If this does not prove to all the American people that the Democrats are nothing but communists trying to take down our country I do not know what will.

  • barbarakelly


  • Max Thor

    You stupid ass Democrates want to help Mexicans? Go to Mexico and do it…You are not using our tax dollars for your Illegal trash mexicans..

  • Max Thor

    SHUT IT DOWN..No amnesty and NO daca

  • Cheryl Strang

    This was illegal to allow these people to stay in this country and reap the benefits that our own citizens are not allowed to receive because they don’t fit the income brackets allowed. But the illegals receive benefits they are not suppose to be eligible for, frankly I don’t think I should pay for any illegals receiving benefits. It is time to take care of America first. Make America Great Again. Get rid of them and secure our borders are vote out the politicians who are not securing The USA.

  • Carol

    democRATS! CAN GO TO HELL and THEY Shall For the TREASON Aginst Americans and AGAINST AMERICA! LO! these Many Long, Years!

  • SkyCop2010

    Kill ANMESTY and ship DACA kids and their relatives home!

  • John Wirts

    President Trump lets let the DEAMONCRATS shut down the government to try to keep their ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER VOTERS. Then demand the border fence funding to refund the government, if the DEAMONCRATS refuse hold the budget with no CR relief!

  • Christine Golden

    For eight long years, I waited in vain for Bush to stand up to the Democrats. Now I cheer as Trump takes down all challengers.

    His tweets are a road map of where he’s going on immigration and it’s to the right. Remember when he revoked DACA, then said he was okay with a clean fix? His account exploded on the issues of chain migration, the visa lottery, mandatory E-verify, and the true costs of illegal aliens to our country, points that the President immediately adopted. Trump is listening to his base and they want the bill killed unless they get huge concessions… just as he has begun to demand.

  • george kehl

    NO AMNESTY for any any ILLEGAL’s at all.. Make them go through the LEGAL SYSTEM of going through the seven years and all the other stuff they have to do just like the other IMMIGRANTS that have come here to our country LEGALLY to get their citizenship… BULL CRAP, letting these ILLEGAL’s get AMNESTY….I’m on Social Security and a 100 % Disabled VIETNAM VETERAN and i have been through this BULLCRAP of these Demoncrates wanting to shut down the Gov’t. if they don’t get what they want. These Demoncrates are like spoiled little BRAT kids, if they on’t get their way they throw a tantrum, well smack them in the mouth and put themin acorner till they learn their lesson, that they are not going to get their way.. President Trump should have a good set of, well you know what and not give into these spoiled BRAT DEMONCRATES..

  • Kitty Kutchmark

    Now I am going to end the notion that the “ever worn out verse” give me your tired’ etc,etc, Emma L Azeris, a poet! Wrote that in 1883, it was never included on the Statue of Liberty by France.Emma died in 1887 and it was hung in the visitors lounge in 1903,
    A decade and a half later.
    So illegals quit using that phrase. look it up.

  • Jon’s On

    Ideally we would deport all the so called dreamers and their criminal families that brought them here. Short of that a deal on DACA should not include any form of citizenship what-so-ever. They should also be screened. Do they have a job or are in school – no deport them. Do they have a criminal history – yes deport them. Are they in a gang – yes deport them. These people’s parents broke the law. We need to stop this crap and uphold our laws. If we don’t we will lose our country.

  • Phaedrus51

    Give them nothing. Let them shut the Government down. DACA has to go, and Corey Booker’s tears of rage can choke his grand-standing azz. What a POS!

  • Murphmeister

    America is beginning to see that the Democrats are more concerned with illegals than their own citizens. That’s not a good position to be in.

  • MaryEllen Franklin

    2 terms as a Congress person, no more then 2 terms as a Senator, that would end 90% of the BS

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    The democrats should be made to share their homes with the illegals if they was them to stay. Put tents on their lawn and let them use their swimming pools to bathe in! They can even fertilize their lawns!

  • Brabado

    Of course not…
    The Supreme Court must “strike DACA off” – an evelish instrument used by bigot Barack Obama, so secure more Votes for the Democrats – once and for all, to stop “Corrupt Liberal Democrat Coyotes”, from using Illegal Aliens and other Refugees, like a foot-ball, while contaminating our Immigration Regulations and the Rule of Law, and keeping America’s Families Safe, and Welfare and Entitlements, down… way down! Say NO to Sanctuary Cities: Cradle of Drug Trafficking, Crime and out of control Corruption, favorite Killing Fields of Corrupt LIberal Democrats Coyotes…
    Voters must concentrate in changing the Terms of Serviced in Congress to only 2 years w/o re-election, to end this ongoing Corruption Trend by the Liberal Democrats AND ALSO, DEMAND ID from anyone that wants to Vote, in any State or National Election… Voting Fraud must be vanquish!
    Semper fi.

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