• Storm

    Wouldn’t you know. Must be a liberal, or progressive, even worse a Muslim.

  • Joe T


  • Paul Dragotto

    he was one of obama’s infectors. that’s right! Obama wants to infect the us with ebola and so he can inplcate marshal law and strip us of all our freedom. he wants to kill as many americans he can. that way he can turn this country into an islamic police state.

  • MIKE6080

    is it true that the nurse that christie let loose after she stomped her feet was a left wing democrat that works for the cdc

    • Fedup

      I hadn’t heard that. Where did you hear that from? She is extremely arrogant to not want to do everything she can to protect the public. It is for the safety of ALL Americans that she was put into quarantine to begin with. If she truly cared about anyone other than herself, she would not be fighting against the measure being taken to protect the public.

      • MIKE6080

        heard this on the Michael SAVAGE radio progran

        • Fedup

          I wonder if it is true. I don’t listen to the radio much and don’t watch TV much either. If she does work for the CDC then she should not act like a spoiled brat. But, then again, if she’s a left wing nutcase… well, what else would you expect?

          • MIKE6080

            just another one of barrys followers who now has a group of progressive lawyers representing her

          • Fedup

            I just read on another news site exactly what you originally stated. So I guess it is true. She apparently just started an internship with the CDC. It still pisses me off that she can be so selfish when it comes to protecting her fellow Americans. Just goes to show that Obama supporters are brainless, arrogant, and show a blatant disregard for anyone else’s health and well being.

  • Darrell Murray

    Some dickhead dumbacrat wished all NRA members contract and die of Ebola! Well, looks like Karma kicks in and one of the nests of liberalism is exposed and may suffer dearly for it. Watch out libs, god looks out for Conservatives! Bloomberg’s anti gun city can be called DOOMBERG!!!! Hope it bites them in the ass!!!

  • adrianvance

    Your President wants to bring more Ebola to America. He is politically correct!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  • keepyourpower

    The author did not mention the cameraman from NBC, who is in the same area..possibly with Ebola. Is he one of the guys missing? The same cameraman who has ties to Obama and his boss is the Doctor from NBC who was supposed to be self quarantined….yet went to a restaurant for take out.


    Oh and when asked by officials he also seemed to lie to Officials of the State about his actions and where abouts. Oh and this
    is a guy who by oath is supposed to do no harm to any person right?

  • Jimmy King

    Man you people are stupid Ebola is not contagious UNTIL you begin to show symptoms The Dr was monitoring his temp constantly and did not have a fever. At that time he is NO DANGER TO ANYONE The minute his temp rose he quaranteened himself and get help. He was of NO DANGER TO ANYONE You don’t understand the disease and how it is spread and as a result you’re saying the dumbest shit

  • Robert

    Don’t trust the Federal Government they lie like hell. Look around you and see how your cities are doing, how much unemployment there is, How many businesses are closing,

  • Erin Dougherty

    It was truly great to see Dr. Spencer released from the hospital today cured of Ebola. Despite all of the fear mongering and conspiracy theory hookum spouted on sites like this, there are *no*, *zero* Ebola cases in the USA because of the good work and standards established by the CDC. We ARE a great country when we trust science and each other!

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