• keepyourpower

    The funders of BLM and Antifa are George Soros and another leftist billionaire.

    • Gerry Costa

      Keep — soros is one of the biggest criminals in this country and nobody will touch him because of money.

      • David in MA

        DOJ must grab Soros, send him to the gallows and use his money towards the debt.

        • Sinnie Kemp

          Our DOJ / Jeff Session wouldn’t dare touch Soros for some reason but he wants to go after Julian Assange and persecutes him. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

          Soros pays criminals to commit crimes but stays off the DOJ radar. While Julian Assange exposed the crimes and corruptions of the government and politicians against the world and American people and he is hunted. I used to like, admire and defend Session but I am not quite sure anymore with what is going in his mind. I hope I was wrong.

          • Charles Girard

            It makes about as much sense as the Jews voting for Obama, none.

          • Binger20

            I think you answered the question yourself. Assnfe is exposing the corruption in our government Soros is paying for the corruption in our government

          • Carolinejdulac

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          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            He has a very long history of sedition, and yes, it’s a crime.

          • AL ELLIS

            I have been feeling the same way. He wasn’t do much of anything until President Trump threatened to fire him. I seriously feel he should go. I’d love to see Guilianni take his place in DOJ.

          • Vicki M

            Blackmail? Pizzagate? There has to be a reason that Soros is allowed to continue to plunder and support violence.

        • seersuckerandapanama

          Send Soros to Hungary or Macedonia on extradition. Then seize all Soros assets (Open Society Foundation, etc.) under seizure of terrorist assets laws. No more riot money from Antifa’s & BLM’s sugar daddy.

          • TheEPClark

            I’d prefer that “Seal Team Six” pay Soros an early morning visit, and follow up with Communist Bill Ayers who is now “coaching” ANTIFAS, on the finer points of SOL ALINSKY’S teachings on REVOLUTION !!!! It is well known in many circles that Hillary Clinton was a STUDENT of Alinsky and had an Ideological “Crush” on the Marxist Professor. These are the people who have been teaching our student Son’s and Daughters attending some of the most prestigious Ivy League Colleges in our Country, and who upon graduation. join the anti-American Communists and Nazis we see on TV News in the evenings. You can ID them by the masks they wear, the middle finger they salute with and the gutter language they are taught by the 1960 graduates who are now Professors at the colleges they attend, and who participate with their students at the riots, with great relish. What the COMMUNIUSTS and NAZIS could not do to AMERICA on Battlefields around the World, they have switched their tactics and are now succeeding in winning the hearts and minds of Americans who are BLINDED by the PROPAGANDA of our enemies that began many years ago. Unless we change our own tactics and RID our Nation of these PREDATORS once and for all, we will lose everything that we were blessed with some 240 years ago.

        • jimmy midnight

          If I’m not BADLY mistaken, Kerik began “Stop & Frisk,” pretty much a euphemism 4 harassing minorities. In the USA, even the, “Worst of the worst,” as most of U regard Soros, R entitled to due process.

          Good points–bad points.

          • Lawrence

            Stop & Frisk…you need to show probable cause. It stops crimes from happening. And was extremely effective in NY and throughout our country, which drastically reduced crime. And the crime rate for minorities is worst then ever!! But now they are on the streets instead of behind bars. Also, now we have to wait for the crime to happen, instead of stopping it from occurring. Whereby, now the citizens are harassed, robbed, and murdered, instead of the thugs.

          • AL ELLIS

            If you will remember New York was the armpit of America until Guillani and Kerik cleaned it up. It may have seemed as though they were harassing minorities but I believe they also stopped and frisked others as well so it wasn’t only minorities, they just yell the loudest.

        • AL ELLIS

          Now that’s the most reasonable and responsible thing I’ve heard. Let’s start a petition to be delivered to Congress, DOJ and our President. Seriously something must be done about Soros, DNC, Obama, Clintons, Deep State and the leftist communists.

          • Benjamin Michel

            There is a place that you can go and do it ! I do not r ember how to get to it

          • AL ELLIS

            As I try to remember from a very loooong time ago in High School I think it was either the Constitution or Bill of Rights and I’m thinking it was the later.

          • Nellie

            They forget it was the Democrats that had the slaves and those Generals of the South were Democrats. They voted to deny Blacks almost all there rights. That is why history is so important. Democrats have done nothing for them and have made slaves of the bad conditions, education and giving them money in the way of welfare to keep them enslaved to poverty. It is time to maybe destroy the Democratic Party of the Civil war along with the statues they hate. Study your history and you will see who is at fault. If Lincoln hadn’t died he was going to send the slaves back to Africa. Slavery was terrible but living in this country in now is far better than having to go back to their roots. I don’t mean that there isn’t merit in knowing your roots but Africa is not was America is.

          • Cheryl Merwin

            There is a petition to go after Soros, Obama and Clinton! I just signed it along with the petition to classify Antifa as a terrorist group! The petitions are on the White House web site, everyone needs to sign them!

          • Rodzzz

            I second the motion.

          • Benjamin Michel

            There is a place on the big box that you can go and do that I use to have it but a new box and lost it. It can be done on here some where. THANKS FOR THE COME BACK

          • AL ELLIS

            My pleasure, truth is truth. Right?

        • AL ELLIS

          Why hasn’t he been extradited to Hungry, they have a warrant for him.

          • 7818TD

            So does Russia, thrown out of England and Malaysia. Head of the Snake.

        • Debra Shawver

          Soros has made no bones that his goal is to destroy the USA…said it on TV in 2009…said it was “a game to him and he feels like a god”…to me that is sedition and treason and he should be arrested,, tried and hung as such…as should jarret, ayers, etc etc….

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Obama as well.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          Putin has an international arrest warrant for Soros, it would be so easy to arrest him, freeze ALL his US assets, and the liberals would absolutely freak out. Take their 15 bucks an hour away and the BLM and ANtifa go away with it.

          • AL ELLIS

            I read that the “emplpyees” (protesters) are suing Soros for non payment . LOL I think that’s poetic justice. LOL

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Wouldn’t that be perfect! Soros needs to be locked up until he croaks.

        • Momma

          The Clintons and Obamas, too.

      • Rodney Steward

        Russia will, they’ve had a hit out on him and his family for a while!!

        • Mary Magee

          He certainly won’t be missed. Russia does not mess around

          • Rodney Steward

            I sure hope they get their way with piece of low life crap and his 2 sons that are just like him! And by the way, I LOVE THAT PRETTY FUR BABY, my wife and I have one just like it, same color and all, they look just alike!!

          • Mary Magee

            I loved my fur baby but had to put her down about 5 yrs ago . I cried for 2 wks .. they are the best watch dogs .. I will get another dog later sometime .later on. . .

          • Rodney Steward

            OH MY goodness I HATE to hear that, we have 2, one black and White and then the other is the gray like you had! The Black one is old and now depends on Bit (Gray ONE), but when we got Bit the Black one was her mother she thought, and taught her so much and they are such loving and very smart dogs! I know what it’s like to have to put one down, it hurts like it’s your on child!!! But that is such a beautiful picture, and get another, they sure can lively up a house!! 🙂

          • 7818TD

            I just wish they would “mess” faster!

      • mrp15

        Under the Obama administration it was obvious why Soros was getting away with is antics because he pulled Obama’s strings. Because of his intent to delegitimize President Trump, Soros should finally be held accountable for his devious, nefarious actions and yet nothing happens to this sewer rat. Hard to fathom.

        • jessejames5

          Sad to say, Soros is taking Canada down now under this idiotic Iman Justine Trudeau. JT is allowing, and thank God for the Conservatives as they did not let Soros control this country. JT is a globalist, and what is happening in the States is now happening in Canada, just not to the extreme as of yet, but it will be here.

          • Lawrence

            BLM already paid them a visit. And Canada was complicit. Soro’s corrupts politicians around the world. Macedonia beat his crew in their election. As Nyetenaha beat back Obumma’s crew in Israel.

          • 7818TD

            Canada’s White Obama, sad.

        • Gerry Costa

          When you realize that at least 6 establishment rinos and more than half of the demoSCUM party are on soros’ payroll — it is not hard to figure out why he is not in prison.

        • ggrdr05

          If we had an honest FBI they would be investigating soros

      • Robert Kahlcke

        Soros is a Nazi sympathizer, his protesters don’t know this fact.

        • Sinnie Kemp

          What do you mean the antifa is facism themselves.

          • 75matt

            Antifa are the fascists but blame white patriotic nationalists for being fascist. They are using the liberal playbook and lies to always blame the other side for what they themselves are guilty of.

          • keepyourpower

            It is called projection. Narcissism…Narcissists always project onto others what they, themselves have done, or think. They will never admit they did anything wrong. Narcissism has become pandemic! And narcissism is of the devil.The devil is in control of the world, right now.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Definitely, that’s Commie 101

        • wittsend

          They don’t care what he is as long as they get his money…

          • keepyourpower

            BLM has received over $85 million from Soros. To Soros that is a drop in the bucket. I wonder how much he has given Antifa?

        • jessejames5

          Do you think it would matter or not if they knew? I really don’t think any would care at all as they just want to cause damage and destroy America, Canada and the US. If they want to fight, send them to the ME and let them fight all they want against ISIS or anyone who hates democracy.

        • cathy floyd

          Yes,they know,they just put his money before their country.

      • Myke Britt

        #1, his name is NOT SOROS!! #2 As a Jewish teenager in NAZI CONTROLLED Germany he led many Jews to the gas chambers in order to save his own cowardly neck! #3…Where did he get his wealth??

        • 75matt

          His name is Schwartz, very jewish name. He is the devil and betrayed his own people.

          • theseer

            its truly amazing the jewish nazi hunters allowed swartz or soros to slip through…doesnt make sense….

          • theseer

            top commandos and dangerous mercenaries have offered to go in and remove soros….

          • theseer

            soros is 87 and living on borrowed air….and hated throughout the world…
            matter of time before he is offed…brains blown out or swinging from a noose…
            major a much earned beating also coming his way …same for the globalist anti america group…
            the bilderbergers over 200…
            nazis’ of this era…….evil totalitarians…………

          • cripesm

            Soros entire imported family need to be deported. They all are truly evil especially his son who has been taught by Soros that nothing they do matters in order to get and keep power, and that there is no God but their is a devil who is on their side. Execute them all.

          • theseer


        • Chardonna

          He mulipulated the currency then bet on the downfall thus making billions. Remember the man that broke the Bank of England? Soros has done this around the world. He’s an evil man born of the devil.

        • cripesm

          He was paid by the Nazi’s for each Jew that he betrayed and reported. He used that money to perform evil acts against many businesses and countries. He has no soul and has the blood of thousands on his head. Hopefully he will be brought to justice by patriots.

          • theseer


    • Arcturus6

      You are precisely correct. Their motive is power, absolute and total. They do not care who is hurt–even those pathetic fools they exploit to do their dirty work– to achieve their goals. Soros and his gang of political, social and economic gangsters, remind me of orcs from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

      • keepyourpower

        The woman who died in Charlottesville, VA was just collateral damage to the Governor, who told the police to stand down. He should be sued by every person who was harmed.

        • Charles Girard

          These mayors and Governors are responsible for nothing just like when Obama opened the southern borders and Kate from SF was killed. These people in our local and Federal Governments should be held personally accountable for what happens to the citizens in these cities when they make these atrocious decisions, but they never are. Obama should be in jail for getting this beautiful young girl killed.

        • William McClure

          Yep Antifa and BLM needed a martyr. Got one. Lamestream media shoved their microphones in Mama’s face and were highfiving when she was out of earshot after she blasted the President

    • elmcqueen3

      Whoa…I couldn’t have said it any better…Thanks.

    • shamu9

      That’s exactly as I see it! They all need ‘Brown Shirts’ with Soros’ face printed on them!

    • dude

      right ! lock them up and that will be the end of 90% of the trouble and stop all these hate groups like atifa blm and white supemasist… start prosecuting them and stop these prof. in collages from teaching that crap and the most important thing in America to stop …is all this none about trying to be politically correct…and stop trying to pass sick laws to acommadate the sick 2% of americans that have a mental condition like (queers and trannies) which is the same thing and want everybody to look the other way or say it’s ok for them to marry or adopt children …cause it’s not it’s sick and dangerous for the children to be put in that environment…if you think I’m wrong then ask GOD! he condem’s it himself in his own words… I just agree with him it’s an obamanations to GOD! himself

      • 75matt

        Like I said before. These hateful Antifa people need to be arrested and locked up for a while. Also BLM, are all full of hate. They are also funded by Soros and liberal billionaires.

        • Earle Goodwin


        • les1971

          Soros is a damned ,jeeewww, eeeewwww,!! Just saying.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          Soros lets Deray Mckesson (RACIST BLM LEADER) live in a home he owns for free.

    • Gary Von Neida

      Our previous President had as His Mentors “several” Communists. Mom and Dad—-Frank Marshal Davis—-the Pentagon Bombers ( Bill Ayers/ Bernadette Doran ) —small wonder about the Russia Connection.

      • Earle Goodwin

        Your forgot to mention his grand parents….grandma worked in the SS office and found a SS number never used to collect SS checks the person had died. So, assigned Barry that SS number… apples don’t fall from the tree.

        • Gary Von Neida

          Thank You for that, the multiple S.S.#’s should land Barry Sotero in the “pen” for all His Days to come.
          Most people do not realize that Barry was the first Communist President ever “illegally” elected in United States history—–Republican R.I.N.O.’s had not the balls to IMPEACH HIM–; thus We suffered.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            We still are, given that they are still letting him run the deep state from 2 miles away from his old digs at the Rainbow Mosque.

    • Blue

      I’ve heard Soros gives John McCain money.

      • keepyourpower

        He is one of 6 or 8 Republicans that get money from Soros..Graham is one also.

    • Chardonna

      So right on, well said.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      Soros, and by proxy, OBAMA, he took fines from the banks in the subprime mortgage cases and had them given to Soros owned “charities” to fund the deep state’s work to take the USA the rest of the way down. Antifa are the fascists, maybe a lit sign with the definition of fascism need to be put up in place of those racist statues. The DNC worships all Soros stands for, that is a very dangerous place to be.

  • Brant

    This article hit the nail square one the head, I’m a white American, and a Conservative, and the only group I have ever been

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      With that said, the FBI should be investigating the lame stream media as well as the democrat party. They’re both working together with these antifa, blm, and la raza thugs.

      • David in MA

        The lame stream media has been hijacked, and I believe by communists. Some in the media know this and remain quiet others just think they ae submitting a good story, the pay is good so they stay quiet also.
        Where is Clark Kent?

        • 75matt

          I agree. All the media is owned by liberals and communists. This is the problem and unless some conservative billionaires or millionaires get together and form a new outlet in the media for truth, these filthy fake liars will distort the truth forever.

          • Rodney Steward

            Soros does have shares in most all of the major news channels, this is how Hitler took control of Germany, the News media and the SCHOOL SYSTEMS!!

      • Brant

        I agree, I didn’t mean to just name 2 out of many who spew, hate, crime, Anti America Etc.. I just don’t have time to sit around and think the perfect message out. I was pointing out the fact that what Trump said, was fine, and all these Rinos, Democrats, Hollywood Liberals, and everyone else who claim he was wrong, are full of Sh!t. All I see is Morons trying to Change the Greatest country in the world for the last 240 years into something that hasn’t worked since the beginning of time.

    • Arcturus6

      Yes, and the DNC along with much of the GOP establishment have declared war on us.

      • Yourhuckleberry

        That statement hit the nail on the head. 99.9% DNC AND 75–80% GOP NEEDS TO BE REMOVED.

      • Charles Girard

        If not for a handful of Rinos Trump would be able to do some great things for the US , right now. They know who they are and so do we. Just think of McCain being able to stop the repeal of Obamacare all by himself. Before we blame dirty Democrats we better blame those 7 bastards who will keep Trump from doing anything good for us all. They need to be pushed completely out of the system. Even Democrats aren’t this backstabbing.

        • theseer


    • pappy450

      Not just “TV SHOWS” just take a look at our so-called “education system” or as I call it “indoctrination system”. The kids today (and for YEARS) have been continually BRAINWASHED by EVIL LIBERALS starting from nursery school to the end of their college years to make them good little obedient communists.

      • Thomas Bacon

        All of this proves that Joe McCarthy was onto something. No wonder the left had to demonize him. The useful idiot who waved a bunch of blank papers in front of McCarthy and said, “have you no shame, sir,” was just another operative of the left.

      • tomsfordcars

        Very true!

      • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

        You nailed that one, I use this to refer to “teachers” of today. L.I.E.S. Liberal,Indoctrination, Education, Specialists. It fits them PERFECTLY.

    • tomsfordcars

      Brant-We also used to look at sports players as role models. Nowadays we have pieces of crap like Kapernick, Lynch and the many more unpatriotic, disrespectful sport players that disgrace our Country, President, Flag, National Anthem, God, and what ever else they can.
      However, they grab that paycheck, which in my opinion is way over the top. These scum bags should get kicked off the team and thrown in jail as I feel what they are doing is an act of treason. Some role models for our kids aren’t they!

      • Brant

        Yeah I agree people do look at Pros as a hero figure, I have a few I admired as a youngster , and appreciate what they did for their game. However myself I quit watching Pro sports 10-20 years ago if not longer when these people who are getting paid millions went on strike crying and demanding more, when the average person works their A $# off 45,000 or less a year.

      • mojo

        Sports today are a joke, many of the players are criminals breaking many laws with no punishment and these players are held as heroes for our young people. It appears 75 to 80 percent of the players are black, can you imagine fielding a team with a majority white.
        there are many all black colleges but no all white, its illegal to have a segregated school but not college.
        90 percent of the blacks voted for obama, if 90 percent of the whites had voted for Trump the election would have been called illegal. As it is “WE THE PEOPLE” elected Trump and the blacks, democrats, muslims and queers want to impeach him.
        We can’t let our guard down now, we must declare more than ever we support OUR PRESIDENT.

        • tomsfordcars

          mojo-You are correct on all counts. Imagine if someone started the N.A.A.W.P. or The National White People College Fund? There would be mass rioting in the streets that would make the 1960’s Newark riots look like a pre-school sand box fight!

          • theseer


  • jim_wright

    The real issue here is the first amendment and how the left for far too long has been allowed to shut down speech they disagree with. The media has supported this effort through misdirection and providong support for the leftist actions no matter how violent because the media is part of the left and the democrat party.

  • Jerry Del Vecchio

    Talk about a straight and serious article on resolving the problem of both the left and right groups to root identify and prosecute those guilty of inciting violence. Hope the DOJ and the FBI get involved big time.

    • Sgt. York

      I’m not so sure that both the FBI and the DOJ aren’t involved, but on the wrong side.

      • old codger

        Hmmm, we could have a winner!!!!

        • Sgt. York

          Well at 82 I can look think and wish for the 50s, but then I look at today and our Justice we say we’re giving, I want to Puke as we honestly have no Justic unless you can call liberal payoffs Justice.

          • old codger

            I hear ya!! You have a couple of years on me but we think alike!!

  • SouthernPatriot

    A leftist Obama supporter organized the “Unite the Right” fake-right meeting in Charlottesville. It was all orchestrated by the Obama Deep State, Soros-funded Antifas and BLM, and whether he knew it or not, the idiot David Duke was a pawn in the event to give legitimacy to the Neo-Nazi labels and Alt-Right. The police knew the Obama supporter led “Unite the Right” had a permit to protest and march. They also knew the BLM, church groups, and Antifas would be there.

    The police did little or nothing to keep these groups apart. Antifas has baseball bats and clubs, some had homemade flame throwers. All was set up to try to bring Trump down. They knew the fake news Russian collusion accusations had fallen apart. They needed something else to gin up radical opposition and given another excuse to bash Trump to the MSM, all the Democrats and the same Republican RINOS and publicity seeking Congressmen.

    • old codger

      Yes I know it isn’t possible but I think you ARE 150% correctomundo!!! Setup??? HELL YES!! Right, wrong or otherwise the White group HAD a permit to exercise their 1st Amendment rights! That is till the violence erupted from the other POS group!! Then Magically the permit was withdrawn! The fishies in Denmark are very, very rank!!

      • elmcqueen3

        Of course it was a set up…President FD Roosevelt (D) his self once said “nothing in politics happens by chance unless it was planned that way”…”When will They ever Learn”?…Peter, Paul and Mary.

    • John D

      The Charlottesville police and the Mayor are criminals.

      • old codger


      • elmcqueen3

        They should be stripped naked…tarred and feathered…and run out of town like they did in the old days.

      • mrp15

        Not to mention Virginia governor, Clinton pawn, Terry MacAuliffe. Soros probably paid him a king’s ransom for his collusion.

        • Mary Magee

          North Carolina don’t mess around they arrested the bitty that took down a statue.
          Where in Virginia the democraps want chaos. That’s your Mayor & the Democrap Governor MacAliffe.
          Why did he not call out the guard to stop the riot..

      • Sharrell Burcham

        I read that the mayor told the police to stand down and let the violence happen. He wanted it for the publicity.

    • ch

      Not only that, but the guy who killed the anti-protestor, was attacked prior to his car hitting her. Here is the video


      And a perfect comment

      Bob Gray · U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
      Let me offer the drivers defense in first person:

      demonstration was declared illegal. I went to my car to leave. Being
      unfamiliar with the city I took a wrong turn. I found my self in an
      area with demonstraters. They started to throw items at my car. (show
      earlier video which has been edited by news) I accelerated in an
      attempt to get to safety.

      When I saw the mass of
      people ahead of me I started to slow down when something struck my car.
      In stead of hitting the break I accidentally hit the accelerator and
      went into the crowd.

      I was immediately surrounded by the crowd. They where
      striking the car breaking the glass and shouting that they where going
      to kill me. In fear for my life I reversed the car and backed away.
      (show video of the accident) When the car became undriveable, I left
      the area on foot and was looking for someone to turn myself into and
      report the accident.

      This is the defense any
      competent lawyer will make to a jury. Based on the video and the
      drivers testimony any resonable jury will find reasonable doubt and not

      Given the history of over charging in the
      last few high profile cases, Zimmerman, Freddie Gray and Castillo and
      the willingness of Juries to view the evidence in an impartial and
      reasoned fashion, the government could well have another defeat on its

    • tomsfordcars

      Do not blame the Police. They did all they could with this horrible riot. We lost 2 State Troopers doing their duty to try and protect everyone when their copter crashed.
      God bless them and their Families and may they rest in peace!

      • HDCycle

        Wow, you have not watched any of the videos from the scene have you? I am not talking about the edited ones that CNN showed you either. The police seriously dropped the ball on this one. They did not try to protect anyone but rather stood on the sidelines watching. Seems the stand down order came from the Governor though, not the mayor, according to the State Police spokesman. The truth is tricking out little by little. I imagine one of the policemans conscience is going to get the better of him soon and then the whole story will be known.

        • tomsfordcars

          HDCycle-Do you not think that ignorant Mayor ordered the Police to stand down?

          • HDCycle

            Sure he did. But from the statement from the state police spokesman I heard, she said that the Governor had told them to make it so.

    • 7818TD

      A distraction ,from the fact that President Trump ,had just backed the Korean Midget down, now that was NEWS!!!

    • theseer


  • underthewire

    Please tell me why one group always wear masks? And of course allowed to violently confront any authority without fear of reprisal. The law agencies in democratically heal cities at useless as tits on a wild boar.

  • Gerry Costa

    Any intelligent person would lay blame on both sides — mainly because BOTH SIDES WERE AT FAULT !!!!! President Trump said exactly the right thing but of course the extremely lame non-media and the leftist libtards will never admit it.

    • old codger

      Sorry President Trump but in this instance I feel you’re wrong! I, for one, am NOT about to have rocks THROWN at me, get hit with baseball bats, etc. by a bunch of primordial pond scum and stand there and take it!
      Ah NOPE!! One group had a LEGAL permit!! While I’m not totally in favor of or behind them they have a right, 1st Amendment, to voice their cause! The second NON LEGAL group did NOT have a permit, so they should not have been there in a large group! With masks/ covered faces, baseball bat wielding THUGS!
      Yes they too have a 1st Amendment right BUT they were there NOT there as a peaceful protest BUT TO INCITE HATE AND CONFRONTATION!!!! The 2nd group WANTED a CONFRONTATION!!!! To start a riot!
      Group “A”- had a permit was legal/ legit! Like I said I may NOT be behind them but THEY WERE LEGAL!!! Until the SHTF! Then, according to what I’ve read, the permit was withdrawn!
      Group “B”- NO PERMIT, Looking for a CONFRONTATION, covered faces, baseball bats, etc. Basically their function WAS TO INCITE the incident!!!!
      Way to many times the group “B” people attack singular group “A” people but that’s a-okay! Right?? BUT if group “A” people retaliate and give the group “B” people a Smack Down it’s wrong??? BULL F–KING S H I T!!!!!

      P.S. I consider myself “INTELLIGENT”!! Group “B” was totally 100% in the wrong and should have been arrested and charged as such!!! They showed up and WANTED a confrontation!!

      • Gerry Costa

        You might be “old” — but you are obviously more intelligent than most. You are exactly 100% correct in your post and I totally agree with you. The ONLY reason to show up at any function with masks, ball bats and uninvited is to incite a riot. That is the only reason the scum blm and antifa exist and paid by the biggest scumbag of them all — soros.

    • ipsd48

      But the investigation needs to uncover who was BEHIND the organization on BOTH sides.
      We already know the guy who organized ‘Unite for America’ was also one of the main organizers for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

  • Sim Dunn

    sent this email to White House.


    The news media is inciting people to riot by false claims, stories and fake news.

    The “Broadcast media” is operating on frequencies owned by the “Public”, and require a “license” to Broadcast.

    The Radio Act of 1927 established the regulatory premise that the spectrum belongs to the public, and licensees have no property rights to use it.

    Although the spectrum is licensed to bidders, its purchase does not entail ownership or rights but the privilege of using
    that portion of the spectrum.

    These license were granted under the conditions that they would keep the American people informed, and
    informed with the “Truth”.

    Any license granted can be revoked if the media fails in their obligation to fulfill the agreement that
    permits them to use these public frequencies.

    The following was copied from the site listed below.


    ” there are two issues related to broadcast journalism that are subject to Commission regulation: “HOAXES and “NEWS DISTORTION”.

    Hoaxes. The broadcast by a station of false information concerning a crime or catastrophe violates the FCC’s rules if:

    the station licensee knew that the information was false,
    broadcasting the false information directly causes substantial public harm, and it was foreseeable that broadcasting the false information would cause such harm.

    News Distortion.

    as public trustees, broadcast licensees may not intentionally distort the news: the FCC has stated that “rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest.”

    Inciting “Imminent Lawless Action.” The Supreme Court has held that the government may curtail speech if it is both: (1) intended to incite or produce “imminent lawless action;” and (2) likely to “incite or produce such action.”

    Even when this legal test is met, any review that might lead to a curtailment of speech is generally performed by the
    appropriate criminal law enforcement authorities, not by the FCC.

    I don’t think I need to say what action you, and AG Session should take, you have the law and an “Obligation” to make sure the American people hear only the “Truth”.

    FCC Chairman, Ajit Pia has proved to be a supporter of Democrats and Obama, getting him to assist in revoking any license might be a problem.

    Thank you for your support.

    • old codger

      I hope you don’t mind but would it be alright to copy and also send this to President Trump?????
      Already to hit send, just awaiting your OKAY! If you have no problem with me copying it, let me say thanks in advance!!!!!!

      • Sim Dunn

        I’m advising “EVERONE” to send it. Maybe we can get Trumps attention and he can make a strike for himself and everyone against this lying newsmedia.

        • old codger

          Thank you sir!! After I post this, I will click on the send button!!

          • Tony

            Yes, rules and regulations that govern the freedom of the press, definitely need to be looked at and changes made.

  • John D

    If you don’t believe that the left is evil and corrupt then you are a fool. They want noting less than to destroy America and enslave you and I.
    Who are these evil people?
    The Dem Party
    The RINOs in the GOP
    The Deep State. Mostly Obama appointees and Federal employees that support Obama.
    BLM and Antifa

    • old codger


  • ECwashr

    Soros and Obama are behind this. The Community Organizer sent his Useful Idiots there to start violence. I am sure they are planning more of the same across America and our yellow back cowards in Washington will do nothing to stop them. They are too busy jumping on the anti Trump bandwagon…

  • cathy floyd

    Well said. You are so right. They encourage violence and hatred from their side,but go nuts when they have to face the same. They are hellbent on destroying everything about America as we know it. Their side can murder and destroy,and they think that it is perfectly fine,just as long as their victims are white conservatives,who they hate with a violent passion. If our country is to survive,it will take both sides stopping this madness and working together for the good of all. Hatered and violence is wrong,no matter who does it,not ok for one side but not for the other. If we could just for a change all be AMERICANS and put the hatred and violence aside it would be a great day for all,but it seems that is the last thing that they want.

  • elmcqueen3

    There are evil forces out there that want the anger and destruction of this country to continue…Saul Alansky wrote the playbook and Barak Obama read it deep into the night…Michelle Obama was over heard during a flag ceremony at the WH “All this for a damn flag”…remembering their days prior when they attended flag burning ceremonies…they also would not place their hands over their hearts during the singing of our National Anthem…Barack Obama wanted the chorus “bombs bursting in air” to be removed from our National Anthem because it might offend someone…further more Barack Obama refused to wear a flag lapel pin because it might do the same…Also hand in hand they attended church services given by their pastor Jerimiah Wright who constantly went on to rant “God damn the United States of America….And when if office Obama went on to rant “The Cambridge cops acted stupidly”…if only “he had a son”…none of this would be happening…and TIME magazine could put another photo of Barack Obama with a halo around his head on their front cover…but not just once…OMG…Jesus Christ has returned…
    only this time he is sought to be black by the forces that be.

  • Steven Kaspar

    George Soros and 90 % of the democrat party should be charged with sedition and arrested and thrown in jail!

    • Mike W

      No doubt that these so called left wing protesters are paid by Soros. That POS has never been in any country that he did not cause a lot of problems- we should deport him to Russia – they want him pretty bad from what I have read. I’m sure he will be dealt with properly there – no liberal attorneys to plead his case

  • Jeff

    Omg… this article kills it, it says everything that so many conservatives have either wanted to say or have been made to feel as though, if they do speak as this article does, then they to will be labeled a rascist, bigot, or something more, what is this country coming to when we start destroying memorials of our past, we are doomed to relieve it at some point, and when this happens and all these folks on the left and there free spaces and safe indentifiers, will be left scratching their heads going how could we let this happen, easily, when you try to remove a cultures history you remove that culture, we learn from our past so that we don’t relive it, having a confederate memorial isn’t a way of celebrating rascism or what some folks may have stood for, but it let’s us remember that yes our history is full of times when we made mistakes, god awful mistakes, but this is how we learn and remember not to make those same mistakes.If we are willing to start tearing down statues and memorials at will where do we stop where is that line drawn, maybe you don’t like me or my views so does this give folks the right to remove me my family my way of life, it sure would seem that this is a green light to do as we please irriguardless of what or whom it effects and damn it, your supposedly justified because I have offended your feelings and this gives you the justification to do as you please!! The President was right to condemn all sides in involved in what took place in Charlettsville, and yo wouldn’t know this because main stream media will not acknowledge it, all those host crying on cnn (fake as S&$&) I’ve never seen anything like it, and folks fall for, down with whitey it’s all his fault, I’ve got news for you, there’s alit more blame to go around and I’m sure we white folks deserve our share but the violence the indefference I saw in Charlettsville was equal on both sides, but I will say this as much as I can’t stand the nazi theme, there intolerance, there hate speech, they were there legally, they received the proper authority to be there, but I wonder how many really know that. If our government doesn’t crack down the hate on all sides, and quit pandering to certain groups for possible votes, I’ve said this plenty lately, too much I’m afraid, but this great nation is doomed to fail and if you think Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, are not watching as we self destruct you are sorely mistaken, I just read another article where there discussing removing George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, memorials, my god has it got that bad that a memorial statue holds this much power over folks that the only way to deal with it destroying it, how about we teach our kids this yes George Washington was one of our founding fathers and yes he did own slaves and this was wrong, but as humans we all have made mistakes small ones to major ones, but by memorializing him doesn’t mean that we are celebrating he had slaves far from I think it states hey here is a man that laid the foundation for this great nation to be and yet he also did some things that should never have been brought upon another people and thus is how we learn this is how we remembered to move forward not back…I feel that this day in America as bad as it is (or as bad as the media would have you think it is) it’s still the best place to be, I feel that regardless of race color creed or religion that if you want to succeed you can, but sitting back and blaming others for your situation isn’t the way to do it, or to continually fall back on our history and say look see ….that’s why it’s called history so we don’t repeat it, so we can learn from it, all lives matter no matter your color, but if your not willing to address the issues within your community first and not blame others continuously, you will never succeed, only to fail and bring others down with you while doing so. I apologize for the long article, I just think it’s time we stand together, out and end to all hate and be willing to discuss things and not destroy or kill.

  • cathylovesyou

    Odd Obama a communist had plenty of communist in the White House, and was admirer of Saul Alinsky’s. who advocated violence in the streets

    • Mike W

      He also calls Frank Marshall Davis a well known poet and his mentor – the fact is Frank Marshall Davis was a well known communist – and a married man with kids who was making porn videos with Barry’s 17 year old mother. Many people believe that Davis is Barry’s real father – there sure is a lot more resemblance there than there is with Barrack Obama Sr.

      • cathylovesyou

        Frank, very true, his supposedly real father was also a communist his mother a socialist and her parents were communist. Meanwhile back at the old homestead his relatives are Socialist while his half brother is a Communist. This show how really stupid MCCain is as well as the American people the only smart one’s were the DNC knowing they can pull the wool over Republican eyes thus the Democratic voter. Gets uglier

        • Mike W

          McCain has a brain tumor – brain cancer – I don’t expect much from him – I have a cousin who’s husband died at 36 from that. But the rest?

        • Mike W

          If you have never heard of a little cult called SUBUD look into it. There are some very strange connections/coincidences – Loretta Fuddy – the official who certified Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate – she was a member. So was Barry’s momma – Stanley Ann Dunham. Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it. SUBUD originated in Indonesia and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago.
          If that isn’t interesting enough look at age similar photos of the cults founder Muhammed Sabuh and Barry.

  • Mike W

    I wish Bernard Kerik would call on the NYPD to release the information they obtained from the computer they seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener’s home. They had said it contained a trove of derogatory files on the Clintons that Wiener was collecting in case the Clintons ever came after him. They turned the computer over to Comey’s FBI so it is easy to see why the FBI has done nothing with it – but – the NYPD had originally said that if charges were not brought in a timely manner they would go public with that information – that means there must be more copies of those files. I personally think that long time Clinton friend and NYC mayor DeBlasio and NYPD commissioner James O’Neil have been playing politics with the law – if so they should both be brought up on charges. Democrats that protect criminals because they are high ranking democrats are nothing but criminals themselves – the same goes for republicans protecting corrupt republicans. It is pretty damned sad when the law enforcement people we entrust to do the right thing are as corrupt as the criminals they should be prosecuting.
    One of the files on that computer are said to show that Hillary Clinton made at least six trips on board the “Lolita Express” to her long time friend and Clinton fund raiser – Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for the orgies with trafficked and run-away
    under-aged girls. So the woman who came out in front of the cameras and claimed to be an advocate for children – and now wants to be a minister – is a damned pedophile? There are also reports of rampant prostitution and pedophilia in Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

  • David in MA

    There are people in these outbursts which may have a legitimate grief, but to address it with actions of a third world country is not the way to do it.
    There are many who are being encouraged by America’s politicians, communists, muslims and plain criminals, each who think they will be “top dog” when it is all over, which they will not be, Americans are only going to put up with this BS for so long and then these fools will be lying in their own blood in the street, which is not far off.

    • old codger

      Good God I hope and pray you’re wrong but at the same time I fear you are correct!!!

    • ipsd48

      ‘Legitimate’ grief? When was the last time you heard about a statue attacking someone over racial issues?

      • David in MA

        I always smile when I get a response from an idiot.

  • James Langham


    • Mike W

      You do understand that the term Nazi is an acronym for the socialist party don’t you?

      • James Langham

        Your point is?

        • Mike W

          It obviously went over your head.

  • Jarhead

    Cops should get a bonus for arresting the idiots causing the riots……and at least $5,000.00 for each rioter shot……double that AWARD to $10,000.00 if rioter is double-tapped……only $1,000.00 for any broken bones.

  • alex theamazing

    There is an undeniable parallel between the Nazi Brown Shirts tactics and the Antifa crowd organised mayhem. Its main goal is intimidation. The American people’s resolve has been softened by decades of insane political correctness. In early 1930’s pre-Hitler Germany everyone who disagreed with the Nazis was labeled communist or a Jew, in today’s USA everyone disagreeing with the PC police is labeled a racist or white supremacist. Don’t even think for a second that this is going away . It took only 5 yrs of Brown Shirts intimidation and the entire nation embraced Nazism. Today is their moment in history.The modern fascism will make it or will be wiped out mercilessly. But it will be bloody, vicious and destructive. The USA will never be the world power again. We will be lucky to survive as a nation. Hitler is laughing from his tar pit in Hell. We are being taken to be slaughtered and nobody has the courage to even protest. What a waste………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warpaint

    It’s just Obama’s legacy of color politics

  • Diana Perkinson

    What difference was there between the Bolsheviks and Hitler Jugend of the 1930’s and 40’s?
    They were ignorant, destructive and turned into killing machines. Do we really want to go there in this country?
    Could cooler heads prevail. Stop the nattering, talking heads, you are destroying this country.

  • Rodney Steward

    I’ve said it over and over, take care of Soros and major changes will take place and all will be good! Got to be some reason why other countries have banned him!!

  • Paul Anderson

    Removing historic monuments, is reminiscent of Germany, at the end of WW ll, when thousands of historic books were destroyed, in an attempt to remove nazi history from Germany.
    One must remember: Those that fail to learn from History, are doomed to repeat it.

  • All about Charlottesville and Russia


    W#hat its really all about.


    and keep Trump supporters from having a voice when Trump is overthrown in a coup.

    Charlottesville being used as a nail in Trump’s coffin

    I don’t know what happened in Charlottesvile but, here is a view you are unlikely to hear from the media

  • peterpalms • 18 minutes ago

    All about Charlottesville and Russia


    W#hat its really all about.


    and keep Trump supporters from having a voice when Trump is overthrown in a coup.

    Charlottesville being used as a nail in Trump’s coffin

    I don’t know what happened in Charlottesvile but, here is a view you are unlikely to hear from the media

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Hey George Soros, is a cockroach put him in the oven and fry him like bacon.

  • Larry Brule


  • GuardianFlame

    WAKE UP AMERICA! We have a nasty Cancer named George Soros AND FAMILY living in our Country creating covert destructionary actions not only against YOU and I, BUT OUR NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP! If soros is not deported and kicked out of America, he will keep destroying our Society!

    If you haven’t guessed by now — George Soros is Evil Incarnate and as long as he walks the earth, Evil will reign down on us like Hell Fire.

    There are websites gathering petition signatures to oust soros out of our country. Find them, sign them, pass them on to your family and friends. Fight to save our country. President Trump can’t do it all without our support.


    • ProudPilgrim

      Where is he? Perhaps some salt and light should be applied directly!

      • GuardianFlame

        He lives in New York City! All you have to do is google his name’s address in the U.S. They will even give you pictures and absolute location. Perhaps they want that snake removed and gone too. You can even see his front door and the other homes on his street.

        Yes, please sprinkle salt on him and any brown sugar that may make him melt. However, this is one family that is going to need mega portions of something caustic to make them disappear from our Country forever!!

  • Robert

    How can’t adult’s not realize that they are being played.???
    I’ve tried to rationalize to them why there party is messed up. Talking sensible and trying to explain, but they get furious when you point out logic. They don’t like logic or to think.! Liberals are like cattle on a drive, they don’t care where there going as long as the rest go with them.

  • disqus_0YrcoCIq2i

    It is time to fight back. BLM and Antifa are racist hate groups like the KKK. Until you make them feel the sting, like any other bully they will get worse. Time to sting them?

    • ProudPilgrim

      They are on the same side

  • Kitty

    Kerik is exactly right! He totally gets what is going on and he is right the leftest groups need to be investigated! Remember, these are the ones who started the violence. Even if we took down every monument – they would still not be satisfied – they are trying to destroy America and replace it with communism. All of this is being pushed and funded by Soros and B. Hussein O. is helping as well.

  • jessejames5

    If just goes to show the world just how indoctrinated everyone is in becoming a communist personality. Those who stand against this can lose everything they worked hard to gain their whole lives. Soros’s death can’t come soon enough, but then the Clintons or OB will continue on in the destruction of the USA.
    I would love to see all these commie supporters go and live under a communist dictator for five years and then come back and tell us how great it is to stand in line for food, wait years before you can get a car unless if you are rich, have all freedoms taken away from them and so forth. Sad to say, this is what they are pushing for and it is slapping the vets and those who fought for our freedoms and ect right in the face. It is telling them they sacrificed their lives to give them the right to protest against a democratic society, and it was a waste of time in fighting for our many blessings. These millenials and terroristic idiots have not one clue what they are doing. It is what the country can do for them, and not what they can do for the country.
    God Bless Trump for trying to stand for what is right, and for what is best for them, yet they have not one ounce of gratitude toward him, but show their support to a socialistic (communist) bunch and will die for the sake of Soros while he is out to do them in.


    Annihilate and eradicate the communist, socialist, fascist and muslims from our Nation!

  • Alan Bowie

    It has been very clear that a conspiracy (we know the progressives have been subverting the constitution as well as the ACLU (started by a communist in 1922 stating he would use our own laws to destroy the Constitution, which is why they always accept left wing causes/cases) is going on. We know some of the big players are the DNC/George Soros/Certain commercial interests, especially the agri biz/and certain foreign state sponsors.
    It is time for Congress and the FBI as well as CIA’s Domestic Collection Unit get off their backsides and find out who the antagonists and funders are. These people are responsible for murders, massive property damage, public and commercial disruption, etc. These people see Trump is potentially going to turn back decades of the carefully planned game of destroy america Chess. The left has, decade after decade, been slowly but surely stacking govt, and the media with known ‘comrades’.
    The propaganda is clear proof that all is not well in Kansas or another State. The 1960’s leftist movement, including Bill Ares and other weather underground criminals (and other left wing groups) decided they had to fight from within the system. That is why they have stacked Text book purchasing committees (they are regional committees that review texts for purchase for their school regions in order to be able to buy in bulk and save money. They actually filter out any texts that tell the truth about conservatives and certainly bury the truth about Democrats. You won’t find texts to tell you Senator Byrd was a KKK member of high rank and recruiter; that the democrats fought tooth and nail against all pro-civil rights legislation including the ’64 Civil Rights act. They won’t tell you the democrats never accepted the Constitutions statement that ‘all men are created equal’, but later, with a democrat Supreme court got the Dred Scott decision which sided with Democrats that the constitution did not apply to blacks as they ‘were clearly inferior’. Yes, this is the TRUE democratic party. All the propaganda pretending conservatives/republicans are ‘racists’ is laughable as they fought tooth and nail for rights for blacks and even a bloody war to stop it.
    The truth has to come out as it is just as much of a conspiracy to destroy America as any foreign nation declaring war on the USA. These people need to be located and prosecuted. THIS MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE !

    • ProudPilgrim

      Thanks for truth telling. The KKK is and always was a democrat led group.

  • Ron Brooks

    It’s exactly what they want. They couldn’t cheat, lie, and steal the Presidency, so they do this. Destabilizing a nation is a proven tactic. The big question is whether the people who elected Mr. Trump as President will let all of their games change their vote next election cycle. I won’t because I know he is doing all he can to honor his campaign promises, but others are doing all they can to destroy this country and finish what that traitor Obama started.

  • PION🇺🇸🇺🇸R

    Ah yes, the peaceful protesters ~~ marching with torches at night imitating a lynch mob.

    You will not replace us.
    You will not replace us!
    You will not replace us!
    Jews will not replace us.
    Jews will not replace us.
    Jews will not replace us.
    Blood and Soil. (Straight out of the Nazi playbook.)
    Blood and Soil.
    Blood and Soil.
    Blood and Soil.
    Whose streets?
    Whose streets?
    Whose streets?
    OUR STREETS!p (White peoples’ streets.)

    99% of whom were from out of town, blocking streets without a permit, and invading a college campus.

    Ah yes . . . .

  • Big Ed

    If you want a civil war, Soros and his puppet Obama know exactly what needs to be done. You have two factions-just tell one of them that their ideas and wants are irrelevant and tell the other faction that they are to police that imperative. In the present case, the fix is really in-Soros and Obama control the Antifa and BLM leftists. The White Supremacists are run by Jason Kessler, who’s previous gig was with Occupy Wall Street-which was a Barack Obama creation. At this time Kessler says he is hard right. I don’t believe he went from very hard left to hard right in five years-I believe Kessler is still an Obama acolyte, meaning that General Soros owned both teams, probably paid them as well, and therefore had total control over the situation. He knew there would be a war and could probably have told you when it would start. I doubt Soros knew three people would die as a result of his BS, but when you take groups of people and force them into a warring situation it is not possible to control every bad thing that might happen. Two other incidental groups (both leftists as well) the NAZIs and the KKK were present and one of these supplied the idiot who committed a murder. So you take a group of retarded rightists (but run by a leftist) and you place them in a warring situation with four leftist groups (two of which are run by Soros/Obama) and nothing good can possibly happen. And nothing good did happen, just as Soros/Obama hoped.

    • niknar

      You aren’t far from the truth. The corporatist establishment in both parties are egging on their respective bases to attack each other to distract us from noticing as the billionaires & corporate executives further consolidate their control over our government, economy, media & society.

  • Blue

    democrats and communists were the ones who took down the Confederate monument in Durham this week.

  • Jons_On

    These groups are closer than anyone thinks. NAZIs are not right wing as the left always try to portray them. The NAZI party was called National Socialists and were very left wing. So when someone calls the neo-NAZIs a right wing group they are wrong. The Black Lives Matter and other groups that are trying to erase part of America’s history are also left wing. So what we have is a bunch of left wingers creating civil unrest and violence only each group has a different agenda. They are both trying to shut the other up therefore acting like fascists and trying to silence those who they don’t like. Which is a totally left wing concept. Yes sometimes those on the left have different agenda but their goal is the same: to get rid of those they don’t like and who disagree with them.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    BLM, KKK and ANTIFA should be arrested just as soon as they show up at a rally…Send them a message that their BULL will not be tolerated!!!!!

    • Bill

      Henry, you are 110 percent correct. These are the hate groups, it’s time to allow the police to do their job, expose the mayors and governors who allow this crap. Why I do not want the right to assemble be destroyed, it is time to deal with thugs, criminals who want to hurt others over different points of view.

  • Normando782

    Kerik is right. Trump`s timing was a problem.

  • Glazov Gang: Dinesh D’Souza on “The Big Lie About Charlottesville.”


    • RightVote

      Thank YOU ROBIN, Just finished ‘watching’ this segment for the 2nd time.
      WOW !
      To the many who prowl the net……..Don’t miss this Segment. !

      • Sorry I had to share it. But, It is the most important ting we need to understand. I had the honor of meeting Dinesh D’Souza and he is very nice.

  • Watchman

    Antifa is the new American Taliban …just like Isis destroying monuments and historical figures for their skewed tyrannical beliefs.

  • Nina Ferguson

    Because the left/liberal/communists want the violence to continue. They know that as long as they can keep this crap going on, they can work at making sure that President Trump’s programs can’t be put through.

  • Kenneth Huebner

    The quality of our children’s lives will be derived from their history we are writing today. Which culture will die, which will live?

  • Frick

    brought to you by that asshole george soros!!!!! AND I would suspect his puppet barack obama!!!!!

  • Don Gray

    I think there is more to this story than is being told and reported. These Antifa people were bussed in. Who organized and paid for that? Why didn`t the Mayor and Governor do more to prevent this violence? I think they were in on it. They both need to be investigated by the FBI.

    • BH

      The Mayor and Governor, both very liberal Democrats, wanted violence to start early, I think. That would allow them to declare an unlawful assembly and shut down the rally, which they did. This is what caused the mayhem in the street because they forced all of the rally people into the streets where the leftists were. Gasoline onto a fire.

  • 2399molly

    Utube showed a film with Soros being interviewed and Soros said he was proud of everything he has done. He said killing the Jewish people was the best thing he ever did. He is proud of funding these nazi groups. Not ashamed of anything. These were his own words. Why is he still allowed in this country. What is wrong with our judicial system. Soros should have his citizenship taken away and his groups disbanded.

  • Cissy Nobbe

    Excellent article! All of the participants in the violence in Charlottesville should be investigated. I agree with this brave officer, Bernard Kerik, and I thank God for his outstanding courage, knowing full well how politics can affect even one’s right to speak and even right to work. As a 76 year old female, from experience of my own, I completely concur with the suspicions raised. It is obviously a well-planned set-up to delay our good President’s progress. Leaders: Obama and Soros.

  • Alleged Comment

    They all can be traced back to the DEMONCRAP party. This should make it very easy. No, you don’t have to pay me for this tip.

  • OldSilk

    Thank God a cop came out and said something.

  • Frederick King

    I agree 100%. There were very bad apples on both sides. All of the permit legal demonstrators were not kkk, nazis , and white supremacists. I don’t know what the ratio was, but in America, there are less than 1000 nazis, and between 5-7000 kkk members. I grew up in rural NC, less than 100 miles from Smithfield. They used to have a “you are entering kkk country” billboard. I lived around red neck farm boys, and I have never heard of any one being a kkk member, never heard of a meeting. Nohing. Likely there were not many of them, or us bored teenagers would have heard about it and went to look. We were not racists, and would have laughed at them. I believe many of the demonstrators were just fed up with the destruction of old civil war statues, and this never ending attack on being white by the liberals. These same groups that attack General lee for owning slaves, jump to the defense of muslims. Muslim slavers hunted and captured africans and sold them into slavery. They made many eunuchs, killing more than survived he process. Some of the very same tribes that did this are still in existence today.
    If the counter protesters had not been bussed in, there very likely would have been no violence. These people did not have a permit. The man that drove the car into the crowd was being attacked by people with baseball bats. Did they have spome of those “improvised flame throwers?” Like the one in the picture the BLM man wearing a mask was using ? Were they threatening to kill the man as they bashed in his windshield ? did they have gasoline to pour on the car ? Antifa is famous for burning cars at riots they start. I think the man in the car panicked, and had an accident thaT killed someone.
    The FBI needs to investigate this, and give us a real report. We do not trust news media.

  • desert fox

    It was the Mayor of Charlottesville that invited Antifa, the KKK, and others to disrupt the permitted demonstration over removal of the Statue…..he should be held accountable. This was verified by a cop who knew of the meeting the mayor had to disrupt – it would have been a peaceful demonstration otherwise. Take this bastard down to his size….gutter trash. I think calling the non-violent demonstrators white supremecists is totally untrue. What were they protesting—-THE REMOVAL OF A PART Of AMERICAN HISTORY. Let’s go back and say there was NEVER any slavery in America…..does that make sense. The past is the past and certain people will not let go of it…..it is history!

  • Jim P

    Obama funneled $8 billion thru the Attorney Generals Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch to be distributed to radical groups while he was in office, Taxpayer dollars to create riots and turmoil, it started with Travon Martin and went on form there. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were the organizers in Sanford, Florida bussing in students form area colleges. Follow the money

  • John Vetter


  • Elisabeth Day

    And investigate the payment by some of Soros’ pretend “charity organisations” that fund these professional activist agitators that wear helmets and carry baseball bats, etc and attack any proTrump peaceful demonstrators.

  • Rich Schmidt

    Again the media is not only at fault, but actually the fuel for these losers.
    America is not in any danger of fascism or white supremacy. We never hear of them until the left finds them to be “useful idiots” in reverse.
    On the other hand, the RadLeft, crazed by the loss of power symbolized by egalitarian Obama and his lackies, is indeed a danger to our Republic in as much as they ready and willing to resort to violent overthrow.
    These delinquent children need a strong hand. Trump can do the job if we support him in disciplining those who resort to violence. Mobs are not peaceful assembly. Mobocracy is not protected by law or the US Constitition.

  • MIKE6080

    is he calling on them to investigate the demonrats since the communist party is part of that terrorist organization

  • proudV

    This has been allowed to grow under the Obama administration, And if idiots like Mitt Romney keep jaw jacking they will continue with Anarchy, Which means that Neo Nazis will fight back. Both sides are wrong, But the fool who i voted for (Mitt Romney) has taken the side of Antifa. This violence must stop!!, And if the GOP is complicit in the Democrats plan to Impeach President Trump, All hell will break out. What is wrong with you bastards?.BLM, Antifa, White Supremists, We dont want any of you, But Trump was right to say both sides share the guilt.

  • kassa1

    There was a little young black girl who had a video on the Internet and she called it out just as conservatives feel and that was why all of a sudden were the Nazis and the white supremacy, who have done your marches for the last eight years Obama has been in power with no acts of violence whatsoever. Well it’s kind a like the other article I read or the left is buying Nazi uniforms and white racist garb and infiltrating, to start this with the left so that it would look like white people bad. A little scenario of mine it’s like a Doctor Who owns a drug factory he creates a disease so he can sell you the antidote that’s with the communist Democrat party and it’s media are trying to do. God bless America

  • Joe Pewter

    everyone knows the agitators/both /all the bad sides… are employed by the same… one world order groups in top politics…thats exactly why DOJ is doing NOTHING…millions across USA KNOW it…f/ckin GOT IT !!!

  • Jmanjo

    There it is people! Keep the media on the hook for all their below the belt shots on every thing the President does! In my life I have never seen the media this far off base as I do now! They lie, they distort, they wave facts in the face of unfounded news. All the things they use to stand for are out the window! CNN, WaPo , NYT, HuffPo all put out total crap for news and opinions then try to claim it as fact. Total garbage! The network hosts are just as guilty. Hate mongers and liberal slanderers! They have failed us all!

  • Meg

    Finally, someone says it like it is.

  • G.Frazier

    American communism didn’t just begin!
    Eighty-two years have passed since FDR began the US government socialistic programs. The facts, no matterr how distrorted, are still there, th at the american political system is simply mking the wealthy beokme wealthier, while the poor either remain impoverished or become worse.
    Very seldom does someone make his way from poverty to the uppercrust, using the U.S. government’s get-rich-quick-scheme that allows for wealth mainly to find its way into the pockets of the life-long politicians!

  • gene smiith

    It sure seems to me that there is sufficient brin power and common snese in DC and all the other Cities in this Country to figure out what to do resolve all of this conflict.
    They know who is doing it and they know for damned sure whi is financing it…..those two ingredients alone should be enough to start doing some knocking down and dragging out and showing the rest of them that their behavior is not acceptable and will not be allowed.
    The Police can find sufficient grounds for arrest, I just know they can.
    Make their lives as uncomfortable as they are trying their best to make ours and our President’s and all others who oppose them. The mouths that roar, Maxine Blather and her ilk will not like having the tables turned, on and over on, to them.

  • Myke Britt


  • Mary Ellen Lucas

    Take Soros down and arrest him! Who is going to care about this scum? Freeze his accounts; all of them. Then pay off our debt. You couild probably do the same with Obama accounts. After all he is the one who built up all that $9Trillion debt.

  • akoby

    Excellent points by Keri. The left keeps giving passes to hate groups like BLM and Antigua (really a fascist group). They are more of a threat to our country than nameless white supremacist groups.

  • Sharrell Burcham

    I want the mayor to stand trial for his criminal activities. He caused all of this. Liberals cannot stand peace and quiet. They have to be stirring up shit all the time.

  • wittsend

    This article is EXACTLY RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! Everything it says is what should happen…IF we have an FBI that is honest enough to do some honest investigating. Trump was completely right in what he said. Anyone with half a brain could look at the video and see he was right, except they did not want him to be right…NO MATTER WHAT THEY WANTED…HE IS RIGHT!
    And Jeff Sessions said he was investigating it and also investigating who funded the BLM and Antifa protesters.

    • HDCycle

      There is so much video evidence it’s going to be impossible for the lame stream to control the narrative on this one. The vids coupled with all of the Governors lies that are being exposed everyday is going to bring light to this one.

  • Timothy Draheim

    I believe the American people see who is Really at fault in these violent protests. This has been happening for awhile now and the same agitators are always present. Berkley, Baltimore, Missouri, Charlottesville and on and on. Open your eyes America !!!

  • Larry Brule



    Mr Soreos is a non persona grata, deport the commie/facist!

  • Gary Von Neida

    For the last 50 / plus Years in America and 100 Years in the Soviet Iron Curtain Countries—Communism embraced One World Government and Dictatorship.

  • Gary Von Neida

    All demonstrators should have been: arrested, photographed, fingerprinted, and had Their financing scrutinized. My belief is that someone like george Soros financed the B.L.M. and other Communist Gangs.

  • Benjamin Michel

    TRUMP needs to go after Soros like the government went after the MOB,S ! There is things out there that the government can get him on !! IF are government wants there is a lot of things out there to get BHO and the Clinton’s on also the BLM has burned cars and set fires broke windows and caws body harm to a lot of people and called for death to are police it is now time to put a stop to all of this !! Jeff it is time for you to do your job !!

  • The facts are now clear that Trump was correct in his charge of wrong on both sides. ANTIFA is far more dangerous than the KKK and Nazis combined. None of them are acceptable in this country.

  • Pamela Sue Therrien

    Well said and way past due for such and article to be written and calls for investigations to be done well!

  • barbarakelly


  • Nellie

    Sick and tired of evil people destroying the ideals and history good and bad that if the average man and woman just sits back and doesn’t protest even with emails then you will wake up one day without that cell phone in your ear and see that you have no rights because you knew it was bad but you were waiting for someone else to fix it.

  • annefarrelly

    Trump was the only elected official who did not give ATIFA, THE REAL FASCISTS, a pass for their violence. God bless him!


    At both of these anti American groups next gathering there’s one thing that needs to be done. Lock and load several Ma Dueces and let the big dogs eat. I promise, they will never gather again!

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Go for it! Investigate everyone of them! Including the Money men!

  • Seenitbeenthere

    Somebody better do something before this country of ours looks like a war zone! This is down right BS!

  • JungleCogs

    Here, here!

  • CRollo2

    Things are becoming absolutely insane and it’s time to put a stop to it.

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