Tuesday, 22/8/2017 UTC-4
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GOP Congress Begins Taking Back Their Rightful Power

President Obama’s catalogue of faults is a long read, but the biggest problem with his presidency comes down to his steadfast refusal to stay within the boundaries of the executive branch. Again and again, this supposed constitutional scholar trampled like a wild bull over the checks and balances that keep our government from sliding into tyranny. Democrats, pleased to see their liberal agenda being imposed on the country, chose to ignore Obama’s flagrant defiance of the Constitution.

In a way, it may turn out to be a good thing for the country that Donald Trump and congressional Republicans do not see eye to eye on all issues. If this were President Jeb Bush, it would be all too tempting to hold onto all of that power that Obama created for himself. Hey, it was good enough for Democrats, right? Why should we be held to a double standard?

The problem, of course, is that you’re setting precedents that will still be in place when the other guys are in charge. Democrats spent the last eight years acting as though there would never be another Republican president. That’s why they’re so terrified and shocked by Trump’s election. Only now do they see the folly of allowing their president to run roughshod over the legislature.

At the starting gate, though, it looks like the GOP is going to make it a priority to steal back some of their rightful power on Capitol Hill. In the opening week of the 115th Congress, House Republicans are scheduled to bring two bills up for a vote that would give lawmakers the final say when it comes to federal regulations. The Midnight Rules Act and the REINS Act, if passed, will erase this president’s final-year regulations and force all major regulations in the future to be approved by the House and Senate.

“Our federal agencies are out of control, and Congress is partly to blame for that,” said Rep. Doug Collins. “We’ve ceded our legislative responsibility to agencies that were never intended to make laws, and the result has been redundant, counterproductive rules that have massive impacts on our economy.”

The success of the new Congress will depend largely on how much of Obama’s agenda they can eliminate, but it will also depend on restoring the system of checks and balances upon which our Republic’s future rests. Let’s hope the GOP washes away the worst of this president’s stains.

  • chailibe

    At last! There’s hope of a return to the clearly worded intention of the Constitution, and an end to dictatorial “I have a pen and I have a phone” misrule.

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    • Dan Zimbeck

      we never departed under the Obama administration from as you put it “the clearly worded intention of the Constitution”,We now have a true dictator in office and a unchristian administration, as well as what will be uncontitutional actions by them.

      • jim scofield


        • LShiflett


        • Dan Zimbeck

          Ok, I guess you are full of it, is why you can’t see the truth in what I’ve said!

          • judy

            Because it is all misinformation. Obama is a democrat right. Democrats usually stand for progress and moving forward fast. This last 8 years the democrats have gone backwards. Obozo as I call him as he is nothing but a clown to me, has put us at least 100 years behind in the black/white race. More people are out of work but the polls don’t show it because the unemployment checks have run out. Our Veterans who fought and died for us are living and “dying” on the streets because they can’t get help, it has all gone to the “illegal immigrants” that get, money, food stamps, medical and housing all free. Obozo gives all this to illegal’s but won’t lift a finger to help our Vets and that really pisses me off.
            With obozo it is either his way or the highway. I am 71, a Vet, disabled and on Social Security. I haven’t had more that a $5 raise in 2012 and a $3 one this year. Every time I get a raise my co-pays go up 6 and 4 dollars, so I actually lose money on a raise.
            Obozo stole from the Social Security the 9 trillion dollars that added to our debt instead of bringing it down. And he wants a 15 percent increase in his “retirement” I hope he goes to jail for all the illegal things he has done and is sentenced to life in the prison where he turned all the prisoners loose from that were murderers, rapists of little children and women and drug runners. The prisoners left there will take care of him real fast or he will be in solitary confinement. Serves him right. If you don’t believe me do a little fact checking before you open your mouth again.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            TO JUDY:

          • DotDot

            Yeah, we sure did see REAL progress!! Obama’s main goal was to destroy our country. He wanted us to become another third world socialist country known as the USSA and sure a majority of us didn’t want our country to become what he wanted for us. Obama didn’t try working with the Republicans. It was his way or the highway. Thank goodness he was stopped. Hillary would have only carried on what he didn’t finish.

          • Sloughfoot

            My my my Rev. You’RE having a time controlling yourself. YELLING DOESN’T MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE WHAT EVER CRAP YOUR TRYING TO CONVINCE THEM OF.

      • realistredneck

        Dan, Have you been asleep for the last 8 years?

        • Betty Hall

          ‘S SUCK UP.

          • Angee

            Dan swallowed the Obozo ‘merde’ Pardon my French!

        • maxx

          Most likely was living in Mom & Dads basement smoking that funny grass. The muslim administration is on it’s way out that includes all the muslims and the Brotherhood that Barry brought in as advisors.

          • andrew

            He didn’t need ” funny grass ” He is fubar enough on his own…

          • ttodd


        • Angee

          He sure sounds like he was.

        • Dan Zimbeck

          to realistredneck: Just because you disagree with Obama’s decisions dose not make him wrong! You by your comment, must have been in a coma for the past 8 years not to see the gop republican obstruction and their complete disrespect fullness of the American voters choice.

          • Debra Shawver

            See my comment above and educate your supposed educated self……

          • Sloughfoot

            Someone had to try to put the brakes on Obama’s pen. You really don’t believe that this country was built on one person signing a paper to change things do you?

          • Rick D.

            Dan, maybe I need to enlighten you with some facts…..something that bed-wetting liberals seem to abhor. Trump won the election is 30 states (60%); he won 3,084 counties out of 3,141 in the US-84%; and, he won 46 of the 62 counties in NY State (74%). Hillary’s 2.9 M. margin in the popular vote came solely from large metro. areas- she won in all 5 counties of NYC by 1.8M and had similar margins in LA, S.F. & Chicago. Large metro areas do not & should not speak for rest of our country! As for Obozo, his 8 yrs. have been nothing more than a disaster….ISIS is NOT a JV squad; Obamacare costs have skyrocketed; Conservative groups have been targeted by IRS; our military strength has diminished while those of our enemies have increased; and his foreign policy has been a disaster. Get your head out of your Ass, and wake up to reality. As a liberal, I know that must be hard…but try anyway!!

          • Nancy

            Plus his totally expensive vacations were outrageous. Now he says he has to take his wife on a NICE vaction, she deserves it…WHY?? He didn’t like the millions of dollars we paid for his outlandish vacations where they took all their relatives etc. on our dollars.

          • Rick D.

            I hate to think what Obozo considers to be a “nice” vacation considering that the cost of their previous and countless vacations have never been concern for them. After all, it’s not his money, is it?

          • Lord_Reaper

            WOW! If you can read you should research and compare between his and G W’s vacation time and costs. G W’s time off and vacation costs make Obama’s look like a drop in a bucket.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            anything Obama did concerning vacations were mi;de compaired to any of his predecessors.

          • ttodd

            F-cking LIAR! Spoken like a true commie Liberal! Like the sky is green, and the grass is blue…

          • ttodd

            The Obama’s are so totally GREEDY, they are lobbying for Michelle’s MOTHER, who has lived in the lap of luxury with them at the WH, to receive a $6 figure pension from our tax payer dollars!!

          • Lord_Reaper

            Keep drinking that conservative koolaid. Your numbers are inaccurate. Also Obamacare costs have actually kept steady than when everything was prioritized. Mine used to go up yearly between 20%-25%. Now in the large company I work for my insurance costs have gone down more than 40% with excellent coverage. You need to do a better job on your research. Take a look at some of those conservative polls about the Trumpkin now. He has a republiCON approval rating of under 40%. Take a look at his cabinet nominees. If you’re not in the top 3% you’re screwed…BIGTIME!

          • Dan Zimbeck

            to Lord- reaper:
            right on , keep up the good comments against these vermin!

          • Rick D.

            Obviously, you must be relying on the Clinton News Network (CNN) and Mostly S*** No Body Cares about (MSNBC) for your source. Nothing I’ve written is inaccurate. Hillary won the popular vote ONLY because of the large #’s generated by NYC, LA, Chi, SF. Studies conducted nation-wide have shown that the average increase in monthly premiums is 20-40% with some over 100%. You conveniently omitted the fact that most deductibles are so high that most people never reach them and have to pay all of the cost out of their pocket. If your situation is different, then good for you. You’re definitely one of the rare exceptions. As for your reference to the top 3% being on his cabinet, my response is so what? What this means is that they have a long history of being successful in private enterprise. As for me, I’d rather have someone who has a hx. of success. But, I guess, being one of those left-leaning, mindless, bed-wetting liberals that thought probably never crossed your feeble mind, did it? How sad! LMAO!!

          • Dan Zimbeck

            to rick D:
            Its funny how in recent year all you conservatives choose to disregard facts and forms of statistics, yet now you want to use them, how hypocritical of you all.

          • Rick D.

            You liberals are adept at trying to cloud the issues by speaking in generalities…..example being your above remarks. Now that I’ve presented you with FACTS that clearly point out the fallacies associated with the popular vote, you offer a weak reply. I provide you with facts related to the flaws of Obamacare, and you offer no refutation. I point out media bias of the lame-stream media and you have nothing to say. I provide you with pertinent information about how Obozo has used the IRS to undermine Conservative organizations and you have no rebuttal. And, I remind you how Obozo has turned his back on Christians, even claiming “we’re not a Christian nation” and you slink away in shame. So much for WHO ignores facts. So much for who is the hypocrite. So much for who projects blame on the other party instead of looking in the mirror and seeing and admitting the truth. Last for letters of your party are “R-A-T-S”; mine spell “I-C-A-N”. LMAO!!!

          • ttodd

            In the dictionary, your photo is displayed for the word Hypocrite…and a stupid one at that!

          • teamsbill

            But you say nothing about Hilda beast just winning major cities in California New York Chicago she won nothing

          • Dan Zimbeck

            to rick d:

            So what. Hillary
            still took the popular vote by about 2.5million
            and counting this is a fact!

            Obamacare cost have gone up but only because the gop republicans would not work
            with Obama; because of their pack thy formed on the eve of Obama s inauguration
            in Jan of “09”, they agreed that if Obama was for it we had to be against it,
            was the saying).They decide to oppose anything and everything Obama supported,
            they put party politics over and above the wellbeing of a nation.

            Isis is not Obamas fault, it is the result of gwb and his gop republican party.
            Cheney while secretary of defense under bush senior to senior on desert storm
            not to take Iraq down because it would destabilize the region. Guess what gwb
            did just that destabilizing the region there by setting up the region and the
            world for the emergence of isis.

            Now per your own advice “Get your head out of your Ass, and wake up to reality. Our military is not weaker, yes Obama has re portioned money being spent on these two unpaid for wars by your gop republican party.

          • Rick D.

            Dan, I will not waste my time trying to explain reality to someone who is so out of touch with it. I find it amusing that you play the typical liberal card—-it’s Bush’s fault!! To claim that our military is not weaker contradicts what most every military authority who is asked about this issue. Your boy, BHO, called ISIS a “JV Team”. Once again, most every military authority asserts that ISIS has increased in strength since BHO took office. So, don’t take my word for it….check with those who are experts. Finally, I truly feel sorry for your congregation for their are being led–correction, misled—by a man who is biased, is unable to critically analyze issues, but most importantly endorses principles that are not Biblical and in keeping with His Holy Word. Sadly, others expect better from a “man of God”.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To rich D:

            1. Derry friend “out of touch with reality” you’re
            the perfect example of it! It is quite apparent ; that if reality slapped you alongside
            your head you would denies it. Yes the isis is bushes fault I explained the
            facts to you clearly, but you typical of the conservative right denies fact and
            logic reason , just as they denies the reality of “climate change” and other
            national and world issues.

            2. Reality you retain the ability to twist truth and
            facts to what you choose to believe and think, so that you can justify your own
            perverted thinking.

            3. Oh now you want to rely on the “experts, when
            at the same time your kind denies the experts on “climate change” etc. IF our military is weaker, thank gwb and his
            gop republican cronies for the harm they did to it by going into two wars at
            the same time un paid for That undoubtedly will have an adverse effect on our military,
            which means BHO inherited it from your beloved gwb and the gop republicans.

            4. You need to feel sorry for yourself and those
            like you for not being told the truth, which means you’re the ones being misled
            and deceived! truth you have to be willing to accept it bud, but your kind denies it, because it does not fit into your conservative mantra. by the way, you consrvitives have thrown Jesus Christ and His Gospel under the bus in lew of a new religion” conservatism”.., which means you honor a faults God, tis is called “Idolatry”.There is noting you have said or statedthst conforms to His Gospel

            5. You talk about biased, look into the mirror bud,
            and you’ll see biased looking back at you. Everything I stated is Biblical
            based in principle , everything you purport
            is UN-Biblical and UN-Christian from its very foundation of Biblical thought.

            6. Just because you don’t like what I say or state
            does not make me an UN-Godly man, but makes you the one who encompasses evilness in its form of
            Mind set and attitude, And whether you think so or not ;yes I am a man of God
            who supports God, the Bible, and Gods
            teaching through the gospel of “Jesus Christ”, I shall not depart from it no
            matter the conflicts you try to throw out.

            7. It matters not to me what you think or say, its ultimately
            your choice, sorry you choose the UN-Godly, UN-Christian way, “Evil” mind set
            and attitude purported by trump, and his gop
            republican praty, who are in fact the “face of Evil” right now, and very
            possible the for-runners of the “anti-Christ”.

          • Rick D.

            As a retired professional who spent 35+ years in the field of mental health and one who has 3 college degrees and several licenses, I have seen 100’s of patients who have presented with numerous pathologies. But, you, Dan, have to be right at the top when it comes to being out of touch with reality. One characteristic of delusional thinking is that one’s thought processes are incompatible with the majority of others. I find it humorous how many others have taken you to task for your delusional perception of the world. You present yourself as a Godly man, but your beliefs are vastly inconsistent with Biblical teachings. You display pathology by projecting blame on others & fail to own up and acknowledge the failings of those you admire and endorse. I truly feel sorry for you and would strongly encourage you to seek professional help. If not for yourself, do it for your family,as well as for your church. W/o professional help, your symptoms will only exacerbate & your condition will worsen.

          • David Hansen

            Rick D. Thank you for posting. I’d say that is game set and match

          • Janice Forler

            We WON! There is nothing else to say. So…GET OVER YOURSELF, POOR LOSER! You can talk until your eyes fall out, but nothing you say will change anything. Tomorrow when you wake up, REPUBLICANS WILL BE IN CONTROL and THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! WE INTEND TO HANG ON TO THIS WIN UNTIL YOU CROAK! DEAL WITH THE NEXT 8 YEARS, AT LEAST!!!

          • ttodd

            DZ- contrary to what he has claimed, Obama is a secret Muslim, and a friend to the Muslim Brotherhood, who has backed him, and supported his campaigns, since before he was even elected. And Hillary Clinton, whose right-hand-woman, Huma Abedin, is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood. If Clinton had been elected, would have had the closest access to spy on the POTUS, for our enemies in the Jihadist countries around the world!

          • ttodd

            Clinton got about 2 million ILLEGAL ALIEN votes, mostly in CA, the Hispanic state. So without those, she didn’t win anything! GET OVER IT!

          • David Hansen

            What is the meaning of ” re portioned money”? Please learn English and he meaning of words.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            to david hensen:
            I tried to find that comment you quote from to reconnent with my train of thought, but can’t, so all I can say it probable was an over site I made while either copy pasting from word into this site, because some times when pasting into this site strange things happen. or I simply missed the screw up in typing of the comment where ever the mistake happened.sorry about that

            1. once gain, I never claimed English, grammar, spelling proficiency Its always been an issue with me (try as I may, I just can’t seem to get on top of the issue) Just not my talent nor forte as others are more talented in tht area.; but most of all it is legible enough for most logical thinking people to understand and grasp the meaning.granted it may take some time and effort, and true clarity in writing is most beneficial,
            2.any way it is what it is.Please don’t be so petty as to pick out simple erores in English or typing etc. theres mor important tings to talk about. I do try to review my comments, but even then I miss stuff.

          • Evan

            Great post!

          • Rick D.

            Thanks….but quite honestly, it’s probably a waste of time to attempt to educate liberals with facts. They’re so blinded by their hate that it’s like water on a ducks back. But, even if it helps one lost soul to see the light and stop sipping the Obozo, liberal Kool-Aide, then maybe it’s worth it. LOL!!

          • Nancy

            He didn’t earn our respect. He didn’t care. He had his own agenda

          • Dan Zimbeck

            to Nancy: He earned my respect( no one will get gain everyone’s respect), although he tried and no he had no agenda, what agenda are you inferring to? your agenda comment is jusdt a statement to side track the conversation I do not respect trump( he showed me the kind of man he is during his campaigning, nor any of his gop republican cronies hes putting into his cabinet.If trump wants my respect, hell have to earn it.

          • Swampfox1965

            Dan Z: The election just completed tells me that the American voters finally realized the folly of their choice in the previous two. The voters have rejected, resoundingly, Barry and his treasonous power overreach.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            to swampfox:
            try again because you reasoning is error-ed being Hillary took the popular vote by 2.5 million and counting., so no trump did not reciev a total victory, only the electoral The american voter re soundly supported Hillary and berry” as you referred to.trump lost the popular vote.more people supporeted Hillary!

          • teamsbill

            American voter where California New York Chicago thst is basically it trump won 30 or 32 states

          • Daniel Brofford

            No Dan not the American voter the illegals in Ca. Surely you know without Ca Trump won the popular vote by 1.4 million. You also know that Ca allows illegals to get drivers license and at the same time register to vote. Surely you are not stupid enough to think we don’t know what’s going in and you can come in here and change people minds by spreading lies. You are talking to smart people here not other democrats so stop with the BS. I’m sure you know better.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To Daniel brofford:

            1. No trump
            did not win the popular vote, Hillary won the popular vote nationally, and won California.

            2. Now our
            drawing at straws and excuses to justify trump’s popul;ar vote loss. Regardless of cal. Voting allowance’s each state is different , you can’t throw one out just because you don’t like the results.,
            you can’t throw out California, to justify yourself.

            3. I did not
            lie nor am I spreading lies, you all are grabbing excuses to justify your self’s.

            4. All through
            gop controlled state they (the gop) have gerrymandered the election process to
            dis enfranchise democratic voters, and thrown thousands of democratic voters
            off the voting rolls based on name similarity.
            There has been people who proved their legitimacy to vote bt submitting their
            name differences by middle name, and residence but yet were denied there right
            to vote.

            You sir, need to stop trying to justify trumps lost in
            the popular vote by trying to delegitimize Hillarie’s popular vote win, this
            activity is typical of conservative
            right wing people and the gop republicans. I think you sir are and should be
            better than that. People on here are smarter than what you are trying to do
            here( they see through your shenanigans), most on here see through your
            lies and bs. most see trumps alignment with puttin and Russia,
            trump’s slogan “make America
            great again” is actually make Russia great again.

            Trump has already said” let the arms race begin
            in regards to Russia, so you know what that means, were going back into the cold
            war era again. That sir is going backwards, a dangers world path. Puttin’s goal is to make Russia a great world super
            power once again, hes using his puppet “trump” to do it.

            There is plenty of evidence the Us has ; we have that shows Russia’s hacking and influence
            of our 2016 election all with puttins
            finger prints on it. To explicitly help elect trump, and denigrate Hillary. Tump
            still defends putting and Russia, in his attempts to squash this emerging issue. He knows if it really
            becomes full blown, he s going to be held up on treasonous charges.

            I have read and heard Puttin wants to reopen 2-3
            of their bases, One in vet Nam area north Korea region, and one in Cuba. That means
            he’ll put missiles aimed at the us once again, I’m sure you remember the Cubin missile
            crises, that JFK handled the standoff masterfully
            had to handle during his presidency. I
            don’t want that again especially with trump ( one of Russia’s cohort) in office

          • David Hansen

            For your information you spelled Hillary wrong. Your reasoning leaks and it is not helped when you can’t spell

          • David Hansen

            You are a certifiable nut case but could you please write in English? A sentence begins with a capital letter. What do you mean by “you reasoning” and error-ed” ? You need help with spelling too. “reciev” is not a word. Maybe you will be able to write in English after you graduate from High School

          • Dan Zimbeck

            to David Hanson:
            true to the conservative gop republican form, you can’t post anything of a constructive value so you capitulate to pettiness issues.
            1. I never proclaimed English or grammar proficiency buddy.
            2.I guess you think your perfect! dream on bud!

            3.When I do copy past from word to this site, it some times does some strange things. that I can not help.

          • Evan

            Take off the 3 million illegal votes Killary received and Trump won the popular vote also!

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To Evan:

            Get real, out of the last 3 billion votes cast thee has only
            been about 38 illegal votes castoff which were gop republican votes, not the
            fictitious 3 million you claim! If in 2016 any illegal votes were cast, it
            would have been in Florida which trump carried. Hillary would have taken it! No
            matter how you desperstly try to tist tis, you way out of reality here, and
            right down brainwashed. Get with the program, put aside your consertvitive lies
            and maligning attitude.

          • teamsbill

            Barry don’t think so that piece of crap

          • Evan

            You bet we have! O-Homo will soon be gone and I am glad!

          • John Minnick

            Hey, Dan, what “obstruction by the Republicans” are you talking about? The Republicans rolled over and played dead when it came to Omama, and his policies! They didn’t want to be called “racists” by you Democraps and the lame stream media! Nothing Omama put forth was EVER approved by Congress, anyway! Everything was ramrodded through via “executive order”! Far as you go, Slick, you’re so full of shit regarding Trump, your eyes are a permanent shade of brown! And you really need some heavy duty medication for your warped mental state!

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To John Minnick:

            1. There were several times Obama and the gop had reached
            agreements in discussion negotiations between Obama and the gop throughout his presidency, it is now
            all history, but when the vote was actually taken the gop republicans voted
            against the very thing they agreed to in negotiations. Example, jobs bill, “the
            so called grand bargain deal”. Witch actually included small cuts to ss

            2. The gop constantly Filibustered more than any
            congress in US History for the expressed purpose to delay or stop a vote. Because of it, it was the most unproductive
            congress in history.

            3. The gop used this to remain true to the gop pack
            agreement made on the eve of Obamas jan “09” inauguration, when the gop
            republican leaders met in the back room of a local D C. restruant and made the
            pack to oppose anything and everything Obama was for, The saying was, if Obama
            was for it, we had to be against it. They held absolutely true to it; putting party
            before country in the face of the gwb republican great recession. The gop absolutely
            did not want Obama administration to be successful on any level; hence forth
            Mitch McConnell’s statement “our objective was to make Obama a one term president”.

            4. There were a number of tings Obama put forth to
            congress but the gop just stone walled on everything, ther by Obama did use
            executive orders to accomplish things that needed to be done for the benefit of
            our nation whgen the gop refused to put the health of our nation before there
            party. By the way he used executive orders in accordance to his constitutional authority.

            5. I state fact on trump! Hes so ridiculously arrogant,
            disrespectful to all races, women, and to the American people by lrge he has
            white supremacy groups in his corner that
            are just seething awaiting
            for trumps racist policies to be enacted. By the way these racist groups,of
            bigotry, the and prejudice’s re all party of the gop republican party.

            6. As to my
            mental stare, I see very clearly and need no medications, but yo on the other
            hand need to get off your illegal drugs, and dry out. Open you eyesd and tak a
            deep breath of fresh air, get out of the pot filtrated air you breath.

            7. I know I hit a never of truth concerning my earlier
            comment, otherwise you probably would not have responded.

            8. People like you and those like you can’t stand
            the truth about you and what you support
            to be revealed! Ya you’re the one who needs help bud! You asked, I told you.

          • Janice Forler

            Look guys! This idiot can count! I bet he is proud of himself! He got all the way up to 8! hahahaha

          • george briar

            Forget Dan he hasn’t come out of his parents basement in 15 years and still plays with a hoola hoop down there thinking they are the new thing and gets most of his ideas from the fortune telling 8 ball he also believes is new. yeah he’s out of touch with reality.

          • Obama was a complete disaster. It’s beyond preposterous to defend him, even for a low-info Democrat trolltard like yourself.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To crooked democrats:

            1. Ok just where are the democrats crooked, your
            hop republicans are the ones twist facts, to their liking to justify their own means’.
            Gwb and Cheney and the gop lied to
            congress and America about the facts of Iraq nuclear weapons.

            2. It was all about Halliburton and oil to them.

            3. It is the gop republicans coning America to
            redistrick in a manor to throw Democratic voters off the voting rolls.

            4. Obviously I’m more informed than you.

            5. How yo can defend a party( the gop republican
            party, which is no longer the party of Lincohn); now that embraces Evil in mind
            set and attitude, is beyond normal rational thinking.

            6. It not my fault nor problem your thinking is
            screwed up, your completely brainwashed by your gop republican party.come back
            to reality.

          • David Hansen

            Dan, Please explain “your hop republicans”? What is redistrick? Your should have stayed awake during English class and leaarned sentence structure and spelling

          • ttodd

            DZ- the reason Republicans voted against a lot of Obama’s efforts, is because COMMUNISM IN AMERICA is NEVER OK!! Its NOT because he’s half Black, not because he’s a Liberal, or a Muslim. it’s because he’s a COMMUNIST!

        • gene613

          Old Dan actually appears ready to end the halcyon Oshitface days by actually believing the nonsense of his unending Swansong of accomplishments.Today he gave himself another award for allowing no terrorist attacks on up his watch…Ft hood Baltimore massacre Flori!a gay nightclub Ft Dix plot recent murders in NY and NJ Tennessee recruiting facility with a4 marines ansd sailors murdered Boston marathon with h7ndreds killed or losing limbs-even After we had been warned by Putin.A dozen more have occurred during his “watch”but he was too busy playing more golf than any prior Pres and of course attending endless fund raiser- oh wait the most infamous being during the murder of 4 Americans but of course they were inthe now ungoverned BenGhazi Libya 5banks to Oshitface and madam canklejole.

      • Frank H. Deery


        • Dan Zimbeck

          To Frank H. Deery:

          1. OK you proved yourself to be a gop republican or
          a supporter of! By your disrespectful comment on my name. respectfulness is their game and MO.

          2. You must be illiterate to not get my name
          correctly when it is clearly stated.

          • Frank H. Deery

            YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU EARN, Thank you.

          • tbs

            Frank I agree with this statement! Trump worked 24/7 to earned the Presidentcy and Hilly did not as she just expected to get it and did not work for it! Enough said!

          • Bird

            And you Dan have proven yourself to be a dyed in the wool liberal Democrat. Your presidential choice, (talk about name calling) referred to 1/2 of the ENTIRE republican party as “deplorables” and the other 1/2 of the republican party as “irredeemables”……. THIS coming from a woman who desired to be OUR president as well as yours!! Donald Trump WILL be our president, how about giving him a CHANCE…. he’s not even taken the oath of office yet!!!

          • Sloughfoot

            Trump has already said he will work with both sides of the aisle and wants to get things done. NOT signing at midnight before a recess something he wants to go his way.Obama the thug,couldn’t do his job in the light of day. Clinton was a lying, scheming, foul-mouthed, money grabbing, power hungry, whining, sneaking, loser and criminal.

          • American

            I will not call you names, but I will tell you how uninformed and brain washed you are, and that isn’t going to change I know you love dictators and communists and there is no cure for it. Cuba is a great choice for you, your own kind lives there,or China.

          • Dan Zimbeck



            Dan Zimbeck NOT TRUE!

      • Michael Arnold

        Obama should be in jail for all the treason he has done. He is nothing but a racist Muslim boot licking corrupt communist!

        • Evan

          I agree and I also hope Trump finds a way to put O-Homo and Killary
          in prison where they both belong! That would be a GREAT DAY INDEED!

      • Laddyboy

        Dan: I agree that most Americans have not departed from the “intention of the Constitution”. However, the “elected representatives” have surrendered to the whims of a communistic muslem DICKtator. These “representatives” MUST be removed by We The People and replaced with HONORABLE and TRUSTWORTHY Americans who will ENFORCE the LAWS OF THE LAND.

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          Did you mean dick taster when referring to Bathhouse Barry?

          • Laddyboy

            curmudgeon: GROSS! I concede.

        • Angee

          Great comment! We do need to remove the dead wood in Congress. Reid read the writing on the wall with President Elect Trump coming in, and he left in a hurry with all the millions he already made in his deals with China. The last one was to take away the land from ranchers and sell it to China so they can make Air conditioners in Nevada!

        • Sloughfoot

          We need honorable people who don’t love money and power but love their country and it’s people more and see the folly in power grabs. Also people who don’t care what demands comes out of Hollywood. (God help us!)

      • LShiflett


      • David Nichols

        You are, of course, literally correct–Obama is still in office, so “dictator and unchristian administration” is exactly right…
        Thanks for your honesty in recognizing that fact…

        • Dan Zimbeck

          TO DAVID Nichols:

          1. Yes I know I am correct, thanks you for being honest
          to admit it.

          2. Yes Obama is still in office till the 20th
          of tis month.

          3. The dictator and unchristian administration” is exactly
          right… is in reference to the trump administration coming in, the entire gop
          republican party is now the “face “ of Evil in this country and around the

          4. Everything the gop stand s for and has done has been
          UN-Christian and their ideals founded in b bigotry, biases, prejudice’s, and hatred,
          bent on lies, control, and domination trampling on peoples constitutional rights,
          and Christian beliefs, and religious liberties.

          It is in fact the
          Democratic party that is more gospel compliant in accord to the teachings of God through his Son “Jesus
          Christ”, (Democrats without the
          extortion of the church, as the gop does) have done so by honoring a fundamental
          teaching when in governance “ when you do to the least of these , you do unto
          me”. Something the gop republicans do not do,they only honor their wealthy elites

          • Robert A. Clemons


          • Dan Zimbeck

            TO ROBERT a. CLEMONS;

          • Robert A. Clemons


          • Dan Zimbeck

            to robertt a. clemons:
            thank you for you for so eloquently describing yourself and you gop conservative republican. you did a good job!

          • David Hansen

            Robert is right. The Democrats did take God out of the platform. Deomcrats are also backing keith Ellison for DNC chairman. He is a Muslim

          • Sloughfoot

            Depends on what you’re doing unto others. I don’t think lining your own pockets counts. Obama had a huge opportunity to bring some “hope and change” to our countries’ poor and forgotten. You really shouldn’t be preaching about God being part of the last 8 years.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            TO SLOUGHFOOT:


          • Sloughfoot

            No need to yell rev.
            1. Lets remember who had the most wealthy donors in our most recent election. Hmmm, I think it was Hillary.
            2. Whether we like it or not,this is a country of checks and balances. It is not okay for 1 person to sign in to law everything that was voted down by congress. You will not convince me it is a good thing for someone to wield a pen at midnight of the start of a recess. That’s kinda like giving everyone a participation ribbon so no one gets their feelings hurt.
            3. As a rev. you are pretty thin skinned and I think it is time for you to go get a kleenex.

          • Dan Zimbeck


            Sorry I accidently hit the caps button without realizing it,
            I can only typ with one hand , stuff happens, what can I say. I just did not
            catch it.

            I uauslly copy a comment into word, and then type out my
            comment, but I huess I tidn’t do it that way tht time. Som times when I put the
            comment into the digress system, it post differently, why I don’t know, but any
            wayt it is what it is, sorry.

            1.Yes Hillary does have wealthy donors, but the gop
            republicans have by far more, with wealthy cotporations and corporate owners

            2.Yes we do have checks and balances ine reason we have a
            constitutional contingency for executive orders.I m not trying to convince you
            of anything, but just kicking tis back and forth, this a necessary part of debating issues, we may or may not
            come to an a complete understanding in agreement , but we can respect one another.

            3.Now the issue about using his pen past midnight is not an
            accurate comment, gop congress during the gwb adminestratiomn pulled a shenanigan
            about usps retirement by ignoring the
            Democrats right to participate in the meeting and passed the law requiring the
            usps to put 1-2 billion way for retirement purposes here by over burdening the
            usps, they sent it to the president gwbfor
            his signature, which he sifned. The government has never done tis to any other
            business in our history. This was don not in the interest of retires but to
            weaken the postal union.

            4. again as a rev. I am nbot thinned skin, just have to firm
            and direct with ungodly mind sets, and attitudes which tis man trump and the
            gop republican now encompass. I do stand firm on the Gospel of “Jesus Christ”, what He taught by living example actions and word.
            and will not waver from it. If that mean putting myself out there into the heat
            of disagreement and discussions, then so be it. I know and understand; thst
            any time you comment in a public form duch as tis, you open yourself up to
            criticism and rude comments, that just goes with the territory.still there is no need for people to be rude or disrespectful to one another, no matter how heated discussions get.

            think you can see and agree that people while commenting
            lose civility and consciousness focus of being respectful and

          • Rick D.

            If your preaching is as warped and inaccurate as your political statements, I’d recommend that you give up the cloth and take up politics. I think that profession would be more suited for you. Read Robert’s comments below. He’s right on target when it comes to Obozo’s attitude towards God. Where were you when the Judicial Watch exposed BHO’s targeting of Conservative groups by the IRS? What were you reading or watching when he sabotaged Israel last week (God’s chosen people, Rev)? And, how can you support a leader who supports the killing of millions of babies by labeling it as a “woman’s choice”? How do you reconcile that with God’s Word, Rev? My church would never support someone like you.

          • David Hansen

            Stop yelling with the capital letters. You make no sense so yelling doesn’t clarify anything.

          • David Nichols

            Put down your bible, pick up a dictionary, and look up the word
            Get it…?

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To David Nichols:

            I don’t need to put down the Bible and look up

            I have
            not been sarcastic to you or any one, only direct with truth and reality “ get

            A word of advice, just read the comments and don’t
            read your own interpretation into them, making them out be something other than
            what was stated, Get it?
            5. When I read comments of others I try not to make them out to be something other than what they stated.

          • David Nichols

            I wasn’t implying that YOUR post was sarcastic…
            I was pointing out that my original post, inre BHO still being the president, was sarcasm on my part, directed towards your hyperbolic (in my opinion) comment regarding our incoming president.
            I don’t know if Donald Trump will be a good president for America, but neither does anyone else at this juncture.
            It seems better to wait and see what is done, and then criticize those actions with which you disagree…
            Demonizing Trump before he takes office is not unlike the Romans treatment of Jesus, before he ascended to be with his Father.

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To david Nichols:

            1. OK, my bad for miss understanding your directed
            comment sorry.

            2. True we
            don’t know how good trump may or may not might be.

            3. I can only surmise according to how he campaigned; what he said and how he demonized people he disagreed with and those who
            opposed him, etc. , I truly believe in this
            statement “when someone reveal who they are by word ,deed and actions , believe them”. In
            this case I believe he had revealed who he is in and during his campaign. It
            makes me very lery and distrustful of him, but when the rubber meets the road
            as he is faced with the pressures of governing, he could surprise us all. I jut
            really prefer not to take the chance on him based on how he presented himself.

            4. Actually it was not the Romans so much
            concerning Jesus as it was the religious leaders of His day more so than the
            Romans. Pontus Pilate when the religious leaders brought Jesus to him, washed
            his hands “say I find no fault in him. Pilate
            then gave the people a choice Jesus or Barabbas which was customary of the time
            to offer a choice to the people. The religious leaders encouraged the people to
            choose Barabbas a criminal over Jesus.

            5. I am not demonizing anyone, just pointing out
            the mind set and attitude he reflects compared to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
            There is huge difference here, not even

            6. If he means what he said” he wanted to be president
            for all our citizens”, then he needs to prove it, I will not just give my respect over to him, he has to earn it, if he meant what he said.In the mean
            time, he needs to be held accountable!

            7. read Ezekiel 16:49, it describes exactly why was

            Sodom and Gomorrah

            destroyed, this in my opinion describes the gop republican party for by which they support in word deed and actions. I am not saying god will destroy this nation, but I am saying I don’t want to go down this path to find out what god’s judgment or actions will be.

      • daveveselenak

        Your an azzhole, commie or useful idiot or all three – I say all tree! Crawl back in your hole jerk!

      • TPS12

        Funny you can see nothing wrong with what bo and the dems have done in the past 8 years but you already know how bad Trump is and he’s not even in office yet. Are you to biased to wait and see what he does, not willing to work together to better our country? We gave your guy and the dems 8 years.

        • Dan Zimbeck

          1.I did not say I agree with everything Obama has done or supported, because I don’t especially on the tpp issue.
          2. now as to biases I am not bias, just don’t like the evil mind set he,. and his cabinet encompass.
          3.as to working together, boy you should look at your own gop republican over the last 8 yrs. the gop leaders met on the eve of Obama’s “08” inauguration and made a pack to oppose anything and everything Obama was for and supported, the saying was “If Obama was for it, we had to be against it” they remained true to it for 8 solid years It was all about party, not about our nation to help bring our Nation back to economic health. the idea ,and thjeir main goal was as Mitch McConnell said to make Obama a one term president which failed.
          4.You did not give Obama 8 yrs, he earned his 8 yrs by the peoples vote. trump only has been given 4 yrs as of now.even in being given 8 yrs gop have disrespected this nation, our people, and the peoples votes.
          5. I suspect Democrats will work with trump where they can, and fight like hell where necessary.


            Dan Zimbeck,Donald will also have 8 years ! ask the LORD !

          • DotDot

            You can be sure that Obama will have his nose in everything that Trump does. Unlike all other presidents, they have packed up and gone home, but not Obama. He thinks everyone wants him around Washington D.C., but WE DO NOT. He should go back to his Chicago and help his friend, Rahm Emanuel, with their problems . Since Obama has been president, he has divided our country. He has NO one else to blame but himself!

      • American

        The true dick was Obama and a dictator he was, so glad that fascist criminal thug Soros dressed up and passed off as a President an ignorant fools voted for will soon be gone, not soon enough for me.

        • Dan Zimbeck

          to american:
          so typical to try changing the subject to soros, when trump has the ties to put tin, and Russia, heck It wouldn’t sduprise me if trump and put tin collaborated together on the hacking, not say he did, but with the coziness between them and trumps continual defense of Russia and puttin, what message does that send? corruption, and espionage! almost like Nixon in 1968 concerning Vet Nam When LBJ had negotiated an end to the war, Nixon intervened and ruined the negotiations. it all on white house tapes now housed in the LBJ presidential library in Austin, TX.

          • Sloughfoot

            I lived through that era and what you say is BS.

          • DotDot

            On the hacking, Obama said he knew 18 months ago and NEVER said one word until after Hillary lost. He said he didn’t do anything before because he thought Hillary was going to win, but she didn’t and Trump won. it’s only now he’s saying something because he’s mad as hell because Trump won and NOT Hillary who was going to carry on as a 3rd term of Obama. And that’s NOT what people wanted and voted for Trump! Obama has been a LIAR the entire 8 years he’s been in office. Obama is NOT an honest person and NEVER has been. He’s been the WORST president EVER in U.S. history!! I can’t imagine the mess that the Trump administration will be left with when the Obama administrations leaves. Obama still thinks he’s president after January 20th and will do whatever he can to undermine what Trump does. You can bet on that!! Did you see George W. Bush do that to Obama? Nope, I didn’t think so!

          • pmbalele

            I can easily predict there is going to be a war between Trump and Repubs and TPs. Yesterday, GOP proposed to loosed ethic rules. That means Repubs and TPs in Congress will accept pecks from lobbyists and company CEOs who want subsidies. Remember Trump has vowed to subsidize business. Let’s wait for corruption with these TPs and Repubs. This going to be fun to see them in prison.

          • David Nichols

            Maybe they will get cells next to the Clintons…!

      • Debra Shawver

        Dan…you obviously have never read Karl Marx or Mien Kamf or the 45 Communist Goals to Takeover America..(placed in our Congressional records Jan 10, 1963) or the Communist Manifesto…then again maybe you have…because king o and his anti-American thugs have been the real traitors to our Constitution…you are so dumbed down you don’t even know..all you do is spew the moveon.org and Soros globalist talking points..and the true American Constitutionalists are sick of folks like you and the the thugs like assaulted that poor homeless man…you libbies spew only hate and division…

        • Dan Zimbeck

          To debra shawver:

          1. Well just where has Obama been unc constitutional? The answer
          he hasn’t. He has done nothing but exercise his constitutional authority,
          whether you or those like you like it or not.

          2.all your doing is spewing out the same old gop republican BS as they usually DO! THEIR all
          FULL OF GRAP, THEIR EYES ARE Brown, there so full of it. You can trust a one of

          perpetrators traitors.

          RUSSIAN SPORTIVE PEOPLE.Hes trying to exercise
          his influence on “twitter”. What a joke
          and moron!

          Now if you want to engage in disrespectfully name calling ME as
          “you are so dumbed down”.
          I chose not to disrespect you as you have done me I prefer to be a little more
          civil, something you obviously are not acquainted with.

          5. as to spewing hate, look no further than yourself and your gop republican party
          of conservatives who cheat in elections, and cheat people out of their
          constitutional rights. You are the ones responsible for the hate and division in
          tHis country. Those of us on your receiving end are standing up to you, which is
          why you spew more hate and vial contemptuous crap.

          6. soros has nothing to do with this conversation, so why are you bring his name
          into this? Your drawing at straws here that have nothing to do with this.

          7. I’ll take a “Libbie” as you call them over a conservative Evil mind set any day
          of the week or year.

          8 as JFK so eloquently said; JFK
          said it best: “when Republicans tried to make the term liberal
          anathema, Kennedy embraced it. A liberal, he said in one speech, “cares about the welfare of the people—their health, their housing,
          their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties,” and
          under that definition, he said, “I’m proud to say I’m a ‘liberal”.

          God said “when you do to the least of these, you do unto me”. This definitely supports the Liberal connection, and conviction. So if
          this action means I’m a liberal, then SO BE IT, AND I’LL PROUDLY WARE THAT
          LABEL! Amen!


            Dan Zimbeck SURE DO NOT TALK LIKE A MAN OF GOD!

      • Sloughfoot

        A lot of sugar in Koolaid. Were you in a sugar coma and didn’t know it??

      • Nancy

        DUH!!! Dan!!!! Where have you been??? obummer did everything to ruin the good ole USofA. He failed. He does NOT like America …We now have someone who loves America and will bring us back to a beautiful country. We never had so many killings and riots as we have had since obummer ruled us.

      • CNKIV

        What a bunch of garbage. Obama was shut down at least 8 times by the Supreme Court for his Executive over reach, with many more of his policies still winding their way through the courts. I’m not quite sure where you are getting your information, but, this administration has gone out of it’s way to try and circumvent congress. As to Donal Trump being un-Christian, that’s laughable. This current, but, outgoing president has done nothing for Christians being persecuted in the middle east and Africa, yet promoted policies, and, made huge errors allowing Radical Islamic Fundamentalist to wreak havoc.

      • David Hansen

        Dan, obozo is a muslim and certianly never a Christian. You need to become a little informed and stop drinking the kool aid.

      • ttodd

        People like you, DZ, are the problem! Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated, and you call him a “dictator”!? WTF? The true dictator is Comrade Obama, and has been for 8 years. He has almost destroyed the most wonderful country in the world, with the aid of the Communist Party of America, the Democrats.
        You are brainwashed, and this is why American citizens rose up, and elected Trump, fair and square. It is the evil Liberals who are the violent, racist, anarchists—NOT the Republicans, nor Pres. Trump. Get a life!
        Please watch the documentary: Enemies Within, by Trevor Loudon. A real slap in your faces!

        • Dan Zimbeck

          1. Ttodd wake up, obviously you have not paid
          attention to trumps talk, and incendiary actions.

          2. Trumps talk and disposition (things he supports) are the exact mirror of
          dictatorship, he attacks the media When they reveal his lies, and UN-ethical
          issues in positions.

          3. He attack all people with disdain bigotry an
          hateful comments, he disrespected women

          ( even his own daughter), people of faith, and anyone who stands up to him.
          These are all signs of being a dictator, his way or the high way, no attempts
          to understand others, but an attitude that he is King or God!

          Obama had tried to work with others across the isles,
          but the gop just stonewalled and obstructed. He in no way is a dictator.

          Democrats are not communism, they’re the More
          Godly party in tis nation the gop republican party has become the “face of Evil”
          in our nation and in the world. Obama and the democrats have gotten our nation
          back on a positive financial footing without any help from you gop republicans. they only
          trtie to make things worse by their obstruction.

          No the American citizen’s did not rise up and
          elect trump, oh he took the electoral count, only, he lost the popular count.More
          people nationwide voted for Hillary than trump

          Libetrals re ore Godly in mind set and attitude
          than you op republicans. They care about the unfortunate and try to do tings to
          hrelp then, while the gop republicans only care about the rich and wealthy. Bud
          when we all go to heaven your riches are not going with ou, wont hwlp you at
          all. You won’t be ablte to buy your way into heaven. GET IT

          I don’t neec to watch your suggested documentary,
          I know and see the real enrmy, it is attitude mind set of evil, which the gop
          republicans and trump have capitulated to completely.


    • Marykcho

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    • There’s hope, but it’s small. Many GOP Congressors are RINOs owned by the Israel lobby or the Chamber of Commerce types, and advocate for bankrupting wars, nation-destroying immigration, and endless welfare for Israel and big corporations.

      McCain and Kinzinger were involved with Clinton and Obama in creating ISIS to sack Assad for Israeli “security”, making them also responsible for the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and the rape of Europe re: the “refugee” crisis


    • slidenglide

      There may be hope if the RINOS don’t breed with the Demo-RATS. If they do what they usually do and “reach across the aisle.” they will sink the good old USA. Trump is our last hope. We’ve all prayed for him and God has answered our prayers. We need to continue praying that he is able to do what he can do.
      PS If the Russians were able to hack Hillary’s private server then it’s her fault. The information found in the emails was the killer, not the fact that it was hacked. “Even a 14 year old could have hacked it.”

    • dude

      I was thinking the same thing and while there at it they need to get rid of exsacutive orders altogether that way we won’t have that problem the next time we get a weasel in office

  • Dan Zimbeck

    OH give me a break! “rightful power”. the gop has no right to “rightful power.
    1. their unchristian, by the gospel standards of Jesus Christ.
    2.they do not honor the constitution. the gop republicans denies people their constitutional rights.
    3.Just because the gop now has federal control dose not give them any mandates .
    4. More people voted for democratse than for republicans.
    5. the gop only won by cheating, gerrymandering in redistricting to take away peoples voting rights, to position themselves to win unfairily. they can’t win by fair elections, so they resort to cheating.
    6. trump ‘s campaign was in contact with Russia put tin through out the presidential campaign, so yes Russia was involved in our elections. it has been proven that “malware found originated from Russia, put tin was directly involved in its orchestration..

    • jim scofield

      I take it from Your post You approve of Dictator Obama and his pen
      and phone and his unconstitutional EO’s or allowing un elected bureaucrats
      like the EPA making laws. You should stop watching MSLSD or CNN it shows.

      • Dan Zimbeck

        To Jim Scofield:

        1. Yes I do approve of Obama.

        2. all his eo’s were within his power constitutionally,
        he did not violate the constitution by exercising his constitutional authority.

        3. I don’t
        watch the two shows you listed, you should stop watching “fox news”, they lie
        and edit the truth , twist it to their own liking. Their slogan “fair and balanced”, it is anything but fair and balanced!

        4. Trump has promised to use eo’s to overturn
        Obamas, that makes him no different, THAN

        Obama as you claim Obama to be!

        • tbs

          So now your retort is it was okay for OB to use eo’s but NOT Trump? Humph, talking out of both sides of your mouth make you look uneducated and not smart or clever as you think you are!
          Plus it has been debunked that Russia had anything to do with our elections…another double standard….it was okay for OB to have an effect on Israel’s elections? Explain that please!
          Let it go..Trump won fair and square….so be a REAL American citizen and get behind him, for a smooth transition, to show our youth what a role model you can be…if that is possible for you to do?????

        • jim scofield

          Fox news lies do You mean like Red Dan Rather or Lying Brian Williams

          or any one of the news readers from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, WaPO NY Times.

          As for approving of Osama ben Obama that just proves that You would

          probably like it better in China or North Korea since You like Communist’s.
          And what about His EO stating that the Federal government has the right

          to confiscate Every ones Cars Trucks Farm Equipment as well as seize any
          Food You may have stored in Your home If His highness says so. You should
          Really read some of the crap he has put out. I bet You also approve of Communist
          Core for teaching Your Children. Did You approve of his fiasco known as Fast and
          Furious where they walked guns to the Drug Cartels. Or Fast and Furious 2 where
          His people were Arming al Quadia and ISIS that Got 4 Americans murdered.
          2 of whome were worth ten thousand Obama’s as well as an American Ambassador.

    • Danang

      Hey Dan I don’t know how to tell you YOU ARE A Idiot! Why don’t you go to eastern europe for a while and see how you like socialism, because that is what the Progressive left wants and you seem to be one of the idiots from the left! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7624ead53c7edcfc0abfc009ac956fd3eaf3f366f624b08b378f3ac22610afca.png

      • Frank H. Deery

        SOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! TRUE.

        • Dan Zimbeck

          to Frank h deery: read my response to danang, your both messed up in the heads. Just for your benefit I repost my comment , just for your benefit:

          To frank deery concerning danang::

          1. Ok, so your a gop
          republican or supporter, I can tell by your attitude of disrespect, consisdtant
          among gop republican and their supporters.

          2. why don’t you stay on topic concerning the artricle
          instead of trying to avert to a different topic?

          3. Contrary to your pathetic views and understanding of
          issues, socialisim is not the cadle of
          sin or corruption. It is capitalism.

          4. If you are Christian,
          you should read and study the Gospel of Jesus hrist, who was God in the flesh.

          5. HGods teaching through Jesus Christ by word, deed, and
          example very much reflected more socialists principles, not capitalism. Capitalism
          breads corruption, dishonesty, selfishness, and elitism.

          6. Yes I am a progressive and am proud to be one( If this
          reflects God, which it does, then I am one), sorry your so limited in your own
          understanding of issues, and views.

          7. Now when we get to heaven, if you get there, your going
          to be surprised at who you see, and shocked at who you don’t see.

          8. “JFK
          said it best: “when Republicans tried to make the term liberal
          anathema, Kennedy embraced it. A liberal, he said in one
          speech, “cares about the welfare of the people—their health, their housing,
          their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties,” and
          under that definition, he said, “I’m proud to say I’m a ‘liberal”.

          God said “when you do to the least of these, you do unto
          me”. This definitely supports the Liberal progressive connection, and conviction. So if
          this action means I’m a liberal, then SO BE IT, AND I’LL PROUDLY WARE THAT

          • Frank H. Deery


          • Frank H. Deery

            I read it , dismissed it as trivial.

      • Dan Zimbeck

        To danang:

        1. Ok, so your a gop
        republican or supporter, I can tell by your attitude of disrespect, consisdtant
        among gop republican and their supporters.

        2. why don’t you stay on topic concerning the artricle
        instead of trying to avert to a different topic?

        3. Contrary to your pathetic views and understanding of
        issues, socialisim is not the cadle of
        sin or corruption. It is capitalism.

        4. If you are Christian,
        you should read and study the Gospel of Jesus hrist, who was God in the flesh.

        5. HGods teaching through Jesus Christ by word, deed, and
        example very much reflected more socialists principles, not capitalism. Capitalism
        breads corruption, dishonesty, selfishness, and elitism.

        6. Yes I am a progressive and am proud to be one( If this
        reflects God, which it does, then I am one), sorry your so limited in your own
        understanding of issues, and views.

        7. Now when we get to heaven, if you get there, your going
        to be surprised at who you see, and shocked at who you don’t see.

        8. “JFK
        said it best: “when Republicans tried to make the term liberal
        anathema, Kennedy embraced it. A liberal, he said in one
        speech, “cares about the welfare of the people—their health, their housing,
        their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties,” and
        under that definition, he said, “I’m proud to say I’m a ‘liberal”.

        God said “when you do to the least of these, you do unto
        me”. This definitely supports the Liberal progressive connection, and conviction. So if
        this action means I’m a liberal, then SO BE IT, AND I’LL PROUDLY WARE THAT

    • Laddyboy

      Dan: I disagree with each POINT you have described. There is MASSIVE evidence that what you have stated is what is now being called FAKE NEWS by the DemocRATic Peoples Party. Please open your eyes and let your brain absorb some truth and real facts. Your messiah 0-bama IS a FRAUD and has OCCUPIED the President’s Office ILLEGALLY.

      • Dan Zimbeck

        to laddyboy:
        It is your right and prerogative to agree or disagree, but just because you disagree does not mean all the points i made are wrong, they are entirely correct. Any on can disagree, thst does not make them right or correct!
        2. democrats are not clling tis fake news, you should open your eyes and”let your brain absorb some truth and real facts”. you are believing faults news reporting from the right!
        3. I never claimed nor insinuated Obama was the messiah, again another right wing lie political slam on him.
        .4.Obama was not a fraud occupying the Presidents office, another right wing lie, perpetrated by Trump. Obama id an American citizen, elected to office in a landslide of popular vote and electoral college vote in both the “o8,and 2010” elections.He occupied the office legally!
        5. this election 2016 trump only got the electoral count. Hillary won the Popular vote. by about 2.5 million and counting!

        • Geo

          Danny boy, you should open your 3rd grade spelling book once in a while!

          • Dan Zimbeck

            To geo;

            Oh how petty and typical of a comment from a gop republican support.
            You should learn how to offer something constructive in your comments , if that is possible for
            a limited thinking person such as yourself.
            I have never claim grammar or spelling proficiency ( its always been a problem with me) no matter how much I try to improve it, just not my forte, but you must ink your better than anyone else.

  • jim scofield

    This is the reason the muslim in chief has gotten away with so much
    even with a Republican Congress if You show weakness to a muslim
    he will take advantage of it. The Republicans have fallen victim of PC.
    They were afraid of being called names instead of standing up to the
    left and O bongo. If President Trump strays then correct him but don’t
    restrict or tie his hands so that he is unable to do his job.

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    I won’t be happy until there are term limits.

    • Sloughfoot

      And putting some limit to how much benefit they can vote for themselves. The Constitution of States is the answer. Google it.

      • 2 parrots and a dog

        I agree.

  • george briar

    Send Obama to Gitmo to join his buddies and relatives that’s where he really belongs.

    • Mt Native

      Unfortunately by the time that would happen all his buddies will be gone considering the rate he is releasing them to rejoin the troupes and go back to killing American soldiers in the Middle East.

    • Sloughfoot

      Oh well. He likes to work alone it seems

  • McFerguson

    Obozo’s a Marxist, so he governs like one. He blows up the taxes, the government collects all the revenue and then he, Obozo, decides how it will be distributed. He picks the winners and losers and calls all the shots. Like, “You didn’t build that, somebody else did”. Translation: “Hey, all you entrepreneurs, and all you who think you live in a free market society and practice capitalism, you can’t build anything until I say you can.” Fifteen days and all this fly-flecked horse shiite comes to a blessed end.

    • LShiflett

      Yes! It does! Finally!

  • Laddyboy

    Shawn: There is only ONE WORD that I disagree with in your entire editorial. That word is: “steal”. Congress need not “steal” what rightly BELONGS within their powers which have been delegated unto them by the Constitution and We The People. That POWER was always theirs’. This UNConstitutional FRAUDULENT president was presented, by the WIMPS in congress, the powers of overstepping his LEGITIMATE “executive powers without reigning him in. These WIMPS of that congress consisted of DemocRATs, RepubliCANTs and RINOs. These congressmen/women MUST be REMOVED by We The People for not adhering to their OATH OF OFFICE.

  • tbs

    First off, it should not have gotten to this point! Politicians were greedy and “We The People” were asleep, at the switch, being too trusting!
    So it was very easy for “anyone” to come in and steal our freedom and disregard our constitution!
    About time we get back to taking care of America and the legal citizens of the country!

    • jimshaw54

      You nailed it. Unless the people stay alert the same thing could happen with this administration. Unfortunately, too many people sit back and do not hold those they elect to office accountable. They have many excuses, but I suspect watching TV (or DVD’s) takes precedence over finding out what our elected representative are doing. With the press in the tank for the left, watching “news” doesn’t help much. People really need to start paying attention, and perhaps with the controversy over Trump as our president more people will, especially those on the left.

  • OnTheRoad

    I really think we should ALL work together….but we know that’s not gonna happen. So screw em’! We got it all..”na na na na naaaa na”! LOL

  • junkmailbin

    First move is to tell Schmucky Chucky that He and Dirty Harry changed the Senate rules so 51 votes confirms most Presidential Appointments. Give them a high five , a hearty hand shake, and a pat on the back . At that point confirm everyone

  • Richard Bagenstose

    what really makes me laugh are these oboma supporters , they want the socialisum, but don’t realise if they get it, their days of protesting are over , protest and you get thrown in prison or killed , like cuba

  • Harold Sammons

    So now without a job in the US, will Obama jump to the UN and take the reins and complete his world domination; get back at all those Evil USA residents that wouldn’t follow his every order?

    • 75matt

      The US needs to get out of the UN. Defund the UN and throw all of them out of our country. That is the answer to UN debacle.

  • whisper

    Now we just have to imprison those in the House who committed treason against the people and usurpted our Constitution.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      If only that would happen ! But I wouldn’t hold my breath .

  • Wordell

    Everyone…Dan Zimbeck is a troll…and a sophomoric on at that. Little Danny of the political left is so entranced by the beauty of his God Obama’s vision, that he cannot see the ugly reality his God Obama created in the United States and the real world.
    Here’s some advice for Little Danny: The election was a complete repudiation of Barack Obama: his fantasy world of political correctness, the politicization of the Justice Department and the I.R.S., an out-of-control E.P.A., his neutering of the military, his nonsupport of the police and his fixation on things like transgender bathrooms. Since he became president, his party has lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 14 governorship’s. Preaching — and pandering — with a message of inclusion, the Democrats have instead become a party where incivility and bad manners are taken for granted, rudeness is routine, religion is mocked and there is absolutely no respect for a differing opinion. Zimbeck is an Obama revisionist…telling lies to shore up his despot. Here’s what Zimbeck would have written about other despots he would have followed and/or endorsed in history: “:As we mourn Emperor Caligula, let us always remember his steadfast devotion to Senate reform.” “Although flawed, Hitler was a vegetarian who loved animals, was a contributor to the arts & proud advocate for Germany.” “Kim Jong Il will always be remembered fondly for his leadership and contributions on climate change.” Propagandists like Zimbeck are a dime a dozen. It’s hilarious to read how obvious their delusion is…and even funnier that they can’t…or won’r see it.

  • Walter Flatt


  • Rob D

    You SOB’s of the GOP better get this right fixed!

  • don76550

    GOP is going to “steal” back their power? That is an excellent example of journalistic incompetence. They are not going to steal anything. They are going to REGAIN what was theirs and stolen from them. You wonder why the public despises the vermin of the news media.

  • TPS12

    Let’s get one thing straight congress is not partly to blame, congress owns the whole failure, you left bo run rampant. Your fear of being accused of racism allowed you to become irrelevant. Instead of calling bo out for misconduct and poor leadership you saw color and ran the other direction. So thanks to your poor leadership we are now a country divided.

  • American

    The cowards sat for eight years and let Obama do as he pleases to screw America, and support terrorists and rob tax payers. All of a sudden these morons what their power back, screw them, we need term limits now to rid ourselves of those morons who have spent years screwing Americans and making millions for themselves.

  • SamRLPDRetired

    Recall please; his comments to an interviewer complaining about the Constitution consisting of a bunch of “negative liberties” restricting government.



  • Junior1950

    It has been stated that the President CANNOT create his own laws (legislation)!! The power to legislate rests with Congress, and Congress ONLY!!!! Herr obama has run roughshod over the Constitution by doing end runs around Congress from day one as president of the USA!! It’s about time Congress does what it is supposed to do, instead of sitting on their hands and doing nothing!!!! In fact, Congress should have done something about Herr Obama’s abuse of the Executive Branch of our government within the first TWO MONTHS of his presidency!!!! January 20th CANNOT GET HERE SOON ENOUGH TO PLEASE ME, when we will FINALLY, AND HOPEFULLY, FOREVER BE RID OF THE mUSLIM POS HERR OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angee

    Voters made the right choice. Any of the congressmen who were running for the presidency would have done the same as Obozo did. Thank God Trump is an outsider of the Swamp. He is the only one who can possibly return the power to the People.

  • bookworm

    ‘ . . . steal back”? That’s a really loaded phrase. Was it intentional? It implies Dems stole Reps power. Why wasn’t it labeled “regain their rightful power”? IF the Reps are conservative, then they will be representing 2/3 of the American people according to Pew, Mason-Dixon, and Gallop polls and regaining the rightful power of the electorate. They are not stealing anything.

  • Debra Shawver

    About frickin” time…they have had the power the past 2 years and did not use it…in fact they caved to king o at every turn…which is what fueled the anger by the American people and got Pres Trump elected!

  • Sloughfoot

    I hope they are wise with their use of power and do what is right.Obama went whole hog with regulations during his 8 years. Business, (a dirty word to liberals I guess) cannot hold up under the strain.

  • barbarakelly


  • RsGoat

    They also need to look at our federal agencies which have been over stepping their authority to bully the American public at every opportunity. The EPA was in the process of destroying the coal industry with no directive from Congress which seems to me an overreach. I am especially not happy that it was an executive order that began the process, reminds me too much of one person controlled governments which is not what we have here. Any high school and especially all college graduates should understand that our country came into existence because those that formed it learned those styles of governments were bad for the people and since then any like them attempted have either ended badly or not done well. This “Old piece of paper” as some educated people like to refer to our Constitution came into existence to protect people form power hungry people like politicians. It works well too if we all pull together that includes our media which was charged with the duty of being the “watch dog’s” of government”, not the “lap dog’s” they have been acting like for so long. They are only a useless propaganda machine when they work for one political party supporting one political ideal. Editorialist express opinions but reporter’s tell us what is happening without holding back. No re-ordering of words or re-defining their meaning “so the public knows” what was meant!” It is up to us to assign meaning to words and not those with political intentions.

  • george briar

    Trump is looking better every day. On Jan 21, 2017 Obama will be nothing more than a bad memory much like Fidel Castro and many other A$$holes that decided on their own how things should be. This country was never meant to be run by these kind of jerkoffs and hopefully like other countries that had them we too learned an important lesson and never let it happen again. We were lucky Obama wasn’t very smart and surrounded himself with idiots otherwise he could have done a lot more damage than he did.

  • Richard Daugherty

    We will see what Congress will do. I want them in lock step with Mr. Trump as we try to come out of this. The Congress is totally corrupted so I do not know if this is possible.We do need severe term limits. We may have to put the power back to the state level. I believe we will need Convention of States to do this. They will not police themselves.

  • Motorhead

    The struggle has only began. Patriots, our eyes have been opened…stay alert because it is not over. There is still a great danger that could still come from this Traitor! God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!

  • Walter Flatt


  • Vivi

    2 more weeks of his hitler antics and people still praise him and Hillary.people take your heads out of your a…

  • barbarakelly


  • real talk 1

    The smart and reasonable thing to do is never let them back in power that party must be run out of existence this is a Republic let’s treat it like one !!!

  • James Bell

    He ended up being nothing more than a cleverly disguised black troublemaker from the streets of Chicago that made a mess of this country, one that is going to take s decade to fix.