• grunion

    She can be really stupid if it is financially or politically expedient for her. She lies so, that her heart has turned black. When I look in her eyes, I see no love, only avarice, greed, hate.

    • RobertNorwood

      She actually is pretty stupid. When you are as disconnected as her, stupidity sets in.

    • LEL

      She’s a Saul Alinsky‎ priestess.

      • Angry American

        Now that is a picture of one fugly bi–h I couldn’t do that if I used some one elses, with a bag over her head & a blindfold on me, totally revolting to me

    • Angry American

      You can look that skank in the face? Wow you have nerve I wouldn’t look at her unless I had the look of contempt on my face just another lying pos. Christ the picture I see below of my post is so disgusting I have to run to the bath room to puke. I am glad I don’t hear that voice that is like chalk on the blackboard to me. In other words I think this is one sorry pos of a woman. I sure don’t blame bill for seeking his sex else where, I mean how could you knowing what she looks like a blind fold wouldn’t do the job either

  • Barto

    She should be in jail over Benghazi murders.

    • LEL

      Well come on now, if we did that we’d have to lock-up (preferably execute) 99% of the progressive communist democrat party.

      • Angry American

        Well that is certainly a good idea

        • Dawn Harsley

          She is one ugly broad…….a two bagger for sure.

          • Kathleen Lutman

            If you want something ugly, read her book from the 80’s “It takes a Village”, and she’s running for the highest office in the land, she will surely have in box cars headed out to camp’s that are just waiting. History can repeat itself if we allow it. “God Bless America” we as Patriot’s CANNOT allow that to happen!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dawn Harsley

            Then I suggest that everyone get out and vote in 2016. We can’t afford another 2012 where 3+ million registered Republicans stayed home because Romney wasn’t “conservative enough” for them. We will need each and every Republican vote, along with some Independents to win the WH in 2016.

    • supergun

      You are absolutely right. She just smeared the fact that 4 American Heroes were murdered that night. What difference does that make?

      • 4Bill_O_Rights

        Nobody died at Watergate.
        R.I.P. Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods

        • supergun

          Who said anyone died at Watergate. Let me ask you one more time just in case you can’t read English. Who said anyone died at Watergate. Do you know why she was fired by the top Attorney investigating Watergate. If you don’t know this answer look it up before you post anything stupid again.

          • 4Bill_O_Rights

            Nobody died at Watergate and yet it ended Nixon’s Presidency. People died at Benghazi yet no one has been held responsible. My analogy is meant to emphasize the scandalous nature of the Benghazi tragedy. The deaths of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Wood should have definitively ended Hillary’s political career forever. Without the scandals Hillary has no record. Without Bill, Hillary is just another crooked lawyer.

            It may have no relation to Hillary but Brian Terry died in relation to Fast and Furious. If the Watergate scandal was enough to end the Presidency of Nixon then it only stands to reason that the Fast and Furious scandal and death of Brian Terry should have ended Obama’s Presidency yet no one has been held responsible.

          • supergun

            You are damn right. I was just venting exactly how you feel. But I did not know 100%. I apologize.

          • 4Bill_O_Rights

            Thank you for that. I understand the frustration. Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress and NOTHING happens. If you or I were held in contempt I think we would be in prison.

            We all need to make our voices heard (here, else where, and at the polls). Blood was shed for our freedom to speak, let’s not waste it being silent while our country is gasping for breath.

            P.S. I did do a little research and thanks to you I learned something very interesting today.

            Jerry Zeifman, served as chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon Watergate hearings. Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, fired then 27-year-old Hillary and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career. Jerry Zeifman fired Hillary for unethical behavior and that she conspired to deny Richard Nixon counsel during the hearings. In Zeifman’s words she was fired “Because she was a liar,” “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

            I repeat, this time with more emphasis…

            Without the scandals Hillary has no record. Without Bill, Hillary is just another crooked lawyer.

          • supergun

            This little bit of news could be a bomb shell in 2016. Earlier this year it was aired one time on Fox and then they shut it down. Don’t want to show all the cards just yet,,,,,do we? What she did in Watergate was just as bad as Watergate itself. Nice chatting with you. I will the same way you do. A lot of MEN & WOMEN have given their LIVES for our COUNTRY. And,,,,,about holder being in contempt,,,,,about all the illegal firearms that he sent to Mexico. You and I would be put in prison for about a 1,000 different infractions concerning our personal firearms,,,,,which are infringements against the Constitution. Which are illegal in the first place.

          • Dawn Harsley

            He was simply making a point that Nixon’s crime pales in comparison to the crimes of Obama and Hillary Clinton. There was no need to attack him for telling the truth.

          • supergun

            I know. Did you read the after the chats that he and I had. Thanks Dawn for taking up for a fellow patriot.

          • Dawn Harsley

            I believe he did apologize, as well he should. We’re all on the same side here.

          • supergun

            Who is the “he”?

          • Dawn Harsley

            Sorry, you’re the one who should be apologizing. He brought up Nixon simply to show that Nixon’s crime pales in comparison to the crimes committed by Obama and Hillary Clinton.

          • supergun

            Did you not read the comments? Good nite, Dawn. Sweet Dreams.

          • Kathleen Lutman

            Amen, and Amen let’s remember that fellow Partiot’s. That’s what they want is to hear about our bickering. We stand United!!!!

          • Dawn Harsley

            Unfortunately, we don’t stand united. There is way too much friction in the Republican Party. We’re all in this together and it is time we come to a meeting of the minds. Everybody isn’t going to get everything they want; everybody has to give a little to get a little. Pitting one faction of the Party against the other doesn’t get us anywhere other than on the losing side.

        • Ronald Hagler

          The only thing I see wrong with this post is that you beat me to the post. You are “Spot-On” with your analogy of the fall-out from Watergate as compared to the total callousness of the administration’s stance on Benghazi.

  • Joseph L. Light

    Yeah, about as smart as a SLUG and about ugly minded as a cobra.

  • Terry Rushing

    Sadly, I think she actually believes that government is the creator of employment. I suppose she sings “Praise Government from whom all blessings flow….”

    • What makes you think she can sing? I have never heard her sing, but I always try to avoid rancorous noise whenever I can!

    • Dawn Harsley

      Every job the government creates decreases tax revenue. They don’t pay enough income tax to account for the drain on the budget. In fact, some $2 billion is owed in back taxes by government employees.

  • Coming from a dedicated MARXIST what would you expect?…….Enough of this stinky SKANK…..someone take the garbage out!!!!!!

  • Jerry McCarty

    American’s need to remember that she said the words, “Companies do not create jobs”. We all made the error on “Hope and Change”. Let us make the future verses being given the future of Progressive government.

    • Gary Ritzke

      Also the comment “What difference does it make now”

      • Dawn Harsley

        That comment should be front and center in every Republican campaign ad, along with the photo of her when testifying before Congress. That face tells it all.

  • MIKE6080

    has she , barry or most other politicians ever had a real job?

    • No! None of them have ever had a legitimate job in which they earned money. But they certainly know how to deceive the electorate.

  • RobertNorwood

    Is that why she and Bill left the White House, ha ha ha ha, “flat broke”? Unbelievable ain’t it, Hillary our own “One Broke Girl”.

    • Angry American

      After all they only had a mere 10 million coming. That was her attempt at reaching out to most working class
      Americans & that didn’t work, or did it how many think she & bill really were broke? 47%?

  • RobertNorwood

    Hillary is someone who is lost, adrift, trying to make a connection in her quest to be great. I don’t think a lot of folks, including some you (us) out there realize what a truly unimaginative and unoriginal person she really is.

    If she was she would’ve realised she’d get caught out on a lot of her really stupid lies. And now she’s back to women and mealy mouthed activists trying to be relevant in their eyes again. I think she’s in trouble and knows it. She’s out of lines, she has no case – Obama fixed that for her. All she can do now is go full on against Obama; something she can’t do. She tied herself to him and all she got was a t-shirt that says “What Difference Does It make!”.

    If Hillary were really as smart and original and imaginative as some think she would’ve stayed away from Obama and waited in the wings.

  • TAM44

    killery Clinton is nothing but a liar and because of her and obama’s dereliction of duty four men were murdered in Benghazi. And now the lying tub of ugly lard shows her ignorance once again proving she not qualified to run a hot dog stand more less our country. We damn sure don’t need another four or eight years of obamalite.

    • Angry American

      Oh I don’t think I would write this c–t off as being obama lite, she is more than likely to be worse

  • USARetired

    She is ‘Dumb as a Rope’ and twice as stupid, and worse then that, she is a certified lunatic with an uncontrollable temper!

  • grunion

    The author writes how the Reagan tax cuts pulled us out of the 80’s recession,”And they did so much faster than anything our current president has done to get the economy going again…” That implies the President has done “Something” and we are not in a recession… I don’t believe anyone anymore.

    they did so much faster than anything our current president has done to
    get the economy going again. – See more at:

  • wildeagleone

    Hell what does she know she couldn’t even create a position of attention for bill

    • Dawn Harsley

      I think she did pretty well as his pimp.

      • wildeagleone

        She evidently had a lot of practice starting at the time they met in College.I have heard of sex for money but they evidently felt it was better to use it as a way into the white house and now she wants to live in it one more time for the good ole days

        • Dawn Harsley

          She pimped for him when he was governor and she pimped for him when they were in the WH. It was one way of keeping him away from her. I do have doubts about her sexual orientation.

  • Combatvet52

    Yep she belongs in JAIL (( Businesses Don’t Create Jobs )) she must be smoking the same crap that Bozo smokes, yes the sax player creates jobs he keeps the hookers busy POS trash.

  • marilyn


  • beware

    would someone at arms length slap the SHIT out of this stupid BITCH where is Bill when you need him?

  • supergun

    She doesn’t have a clue to what it takes to own a business and making it run successfully.

    • Angry American

      She doesn’t have a clue period.

      • supergun

        U Right.

  • lha

    If businesses don’t create jobs,who the hell does? Government,in the eyes of libturds,is the answer,but who pays their salary? Answer:the taxpayers,who are a dwindling number due to Ohomo and his policies of enriching the non-working class at the expense of the producers. This is the root of the problem,as articulated by Margaret Thatcher”you always run out of other people’s money”.

    • Angry American

      That ohomo kind of sound just about right, I like it

  • Angry American

    This comment tops the one Obama made about “you didn’t build that business”

  • Fedup

    Why do these libtards constantly criticize policies that work yet give no alternative to their beliefs? I had a boss once tell me “Don’t come in to my office and complain about something unless you have a solution to the problem”. I’ve never heard a Democrat offer a solution. They only say “this doesn’t work”. If they offered a solution they know their followers would drop them like a hot potato. Just like Obama’s platform in 2008. He promised hope and change but never outlined what his strategy was. The dumb ass people that fell for his bs need to be lined up and shot just for being ignorant. That would take millions off the overburdened welfare system and save the taxpayers trillions!

  • George

    But their taxes create government jobs – and their lobbyists line the pockets of commies like her.

  • adrianvance

    Hillary Clinton is doing a poor imitation of Elizabeth Warren and making no sense. Hillary is old, fat, ugly, sounds like fingernails on slate. She is a disaster in ugly shoes.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts.

  • JoAnn Dolberg

    hillary, along with hussein, both know and have done, soooo much, that it would take a bulldozer to gather up the trash they have left behind. The only “spectacular failures” we have witnessed are their own personal and public lives.

  • 4Bill_O_Rights

    Without the scandals, Hillary has no record.
    Without Bill, Hillary is just another crooked lawyer.

  • hangman57

    Really ? All government jobs do is create more taxes on the American people . Private sector jobs are the only thing that makes revenue for our Treasury . All government jobs do it create taxes .

  • It seems that most democrats, especially the Clintons, will do and say anything
    to try and get votes. The Clintons have somehow managed to remain popular in spite of the dumb things they have committed, especially Bill. But we must
    expect the liberal democrats (Or is that repetitious?) to do whatever they can to get a candidate into office.

  • adrianvance

    If the best Hillary can do is try to steal something from Chief Elizabeth Warren is pathetic. She wants to be President?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clear thinking.

  • Ray Heffley

    That Clinton Lady has an Army of 2,000 and more Liberal Progressive lawyers in think tanks that have put this Nation on a crash course toward their goal Of Socialism and Joining with the Communist Country’s in the near future in a one world order. They can then enjoy the head seat’s of power (as Hollywood types would say, Kings and Queens) and end the need for elections as they install a Socialist Regime. Joining in the World Order, the debts will be erased. War wont be necessary any more because we will be one big happy communist order. But the damnation to come will come because somebody always throws a stick in the machine. Israel Certainly wont join this world order. The Jewish people have a pride in truth unlike their American counterpart.That’s why Liberals in government are so angry. What will they do with Israel? Netanyahu has now been called a chicken…t. They have separated Americans. Now they need to remove Israel and turn their followers on the new path against the Jews. Sounds like the rise of a world war two foe to me. Global warmers want to put republicans in jail. Islam wants to despise Christians. IRS is filled with Liberals committing violations against the enemy. The justice department is working toward the goals of dissolving the constitution. And on it goes. America better wake up. All those drugs they issue you wont help you when reality strikes and their sweet ways and free money run out.

  • Ronald Hagler

    Well, it seems that Mrs. Clinton knows no more about applied economics than does she on running the State Department. But, that is not news to anyone with even a microbial amount of intelligence. If you fail to grasp the concept of businesses creating jobs, or if you think they do not, have a large business close it’s doors in your city (or state) and watch what it does to your employment stats and economy. In North Carolina, Thom Tillis is seeking to “dethrone” Senator Kay Hagan from her seat in D.C.. Hagan supporters, the DNC and Hagan herself, have aired misrepresentations of Tillis’s stance on the rich and elite. They state that Thom Tillis has turned his back on North Carolinians in favor of giving tax breaks to the rich and affluent businessmen in that state. What they fail to mention is that in order to get new businesses, and to keep the old one’s, the state has to make their state more appealing to businessmen than any neighboring state. This is accomplished by giving businesses tax breaks and other financial benefits. These tax breaks are usually offset by the taxes paid into the system from newly employed citizens of said state. Is it not better to lose corporate taxes, upfront, to create 100s of jobs, which produce thousands in income tax revenue? Those who support Hagan and oppose Tillis have misrepresented the facts, but, that is nothing new to Democrats, as they have been lying for ages.

  • Darrell Murray

    Is this dumb bitch selling bridges in Brooklyn? Liberals continue to show they have NO brains.

  • Joe T

    (Feel free to copy and paste anywhere) 2014

    Conservatism vs Liberalism

    >Political Views:
    Right-wing:Anti-federalist. Republicans.
    Prefer smaller government, less regulation, most services to be provided by the private sector in a free market, and a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

    Left-wing:Federalist: Democrats.
    Prefer more regulation and services like free universal health care to be provided by the government to all citizens.

    >Economic Views:
    Government should tax less and spend less. Cutting spending to balance the budget should be the priority. Higher income earners should have an incentive to invest (credits). Charity is the responsibility of the people.

    Left Wing:
    Government should provide more services to the less fortunate (like health care) and increase taxes if necessary. High-income earners should pay a larger percentage of their income as taxes.

    >Social Views:
    Right Wing:
    Opposed to gay marriage, abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Support the right to bear arms, death penalty, and personal
    responsibility as an individual.

    Left Wing:
    Gay couples to get equal rights like everyone else (e.g. marriage); abortion should be legal; support embryonic stem cell research. Support restrictions and regulation around the right to bear arms.

    >Personal Responsibility:
    Right Wing:
    Individuals should exercise personal responsibility and it is the governments role to hold them accountable even with severe penalties. Laws are enacted to reflect the best interest of the society as a whole.

    Left Wing:
    The people should look to the government to provide a structure. Laws are enacted to protect every individual for an equal society sometimes at the expense of economic freedom if necessary.

  • Joe T

    John Hawkins | Nov 16, 2007
    Does Marrying Bill Clinton Qualify Someone To Be President?
    But isn’t Hillary Clinton is a brilliant politician in her own right? Oh, please. She has been involved in more scandals than the whole rest of the Democratic and Republican fields combined, she’s a participant in an off-putting sham marriage, she has minimal charisma, she is one of the most polarizing figures in politics, she has a reputation as a shameless liar, and so far, in her entire tenure in the Senate, she has never once accomplished anything of great significance or displayed notable leadership on any issue. Additionally, this is a woman who has gotten away with taking bribes, which is what her famous “cattle futures” scandal was really all about and had she been Hillary Jones, ordinary person, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, First Lady, she would have ended up in a jail cell over White Water.

  • William

    So if a business decides to open up a store or a plant in another location she is saying that does not create jobs? She is so full of manure she will explode before she runs in 2016. Government does not create jobs like they try to make it look like they do. People with supply and demand creates job not the government. If there was not a demand to meet businesses would not expand! I am not a college graduate but COMMON SENSE tells you this!

  • you are a stupid woman

  • adrianvance

    Sadly, Hillary is incapable of an original idea. This is an Elizabeth Warren ripoff. Will Hillary be claiming to be an Indian next?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  • sanford paris

    Let’s see. Business doesn’t create jobs. Benghazi doesn’t matter. Yup. Hillary is well qualified.

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