• Dale Reynolds

    This article is a Liberal using counter male bovine droppings to state
    the opposite of what will happen. The Majority of Americans deplore
    Socialism and those who contribute to Social/Marxist progressive
    agendas. I I will not buy from progressive corporations when given the
    option or grow/make whatever myself. Therefore, Bring on the Ap !

  • Ddenney1

    I doubt anyone has considered that MOST corporations give to ALL parties to have influence with ANYBODY that MIGHT help them in the future!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Selley

    Why does ot not surprise me that the makers of trash like Wonder Bread are Republican. Yuk. Wouldn’t eat it anyway.

    • Ron Mexico

      He really gives a chit what you eat other than your messiah, Obama!

  • Athena Marler Creamer

    What if a big company gives equally to each party? Soros’ portfolio is extremely representative of both sides of the economic spectrum…he owns Pay Day loan sharks as well as banking on Wall Street. He profits off everyone! Payless Shoes, Walmart…makes money off the middle class. And he is behind the indictment of Rick Perry.

    • Ron Mexico

      Soros? Are you kidding me? That guy is a far left hypocrite!

  • 1commonjoe

    We all should know that Heinz is Democrat. I think Campbells is too, though not sure on them. A Democrat Senator in Ohio has called for people to boycott Burger King. BK is buying Tim Hortons and moveing their Corp HQ to Canada, Less taxes. So I plan on stopping in BK More often. The Corp taxes should be lower to keep jobs here in America, but the greedy gov’t wants every thing they can get so they can spend and spend and control. The end result always means less jobs.


    Bout TIME Americans KNEW what politics are supported when our money’s taken from our wallet

  • Melanie Burns

    I guess the toilet paper I use is political too? Big BS on all this!!!! I eat what I want, drink what I want and stay as far away from left wing, blood sucking, lazy butt, “you owe me”, whining babies!!!!!!!!~ Grow up, Grow a pair and get a job!

  • William Neal

    I still did not get an answer coming here. Is Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, a Republican or a Democrat? Where do I get the app to find out?

  • independent thinker

    Why just make it an ‘APP’? There are those of us who don’t use smartphones, for one reason or another, there needs to be a way for us to get this info. I don’t shop at Target because of their stand on several ideologies I find offensive.

    • Paul Selley

      What are Target’s ideologies?

  • adrianvance

    OMG you now need an “Ap” to tell you which shampoo to use? All is lost!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen. It’s free.

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