• Brady

    Which side of the river does this guy support? What has he ever been elected too? I don’t really understand how one judge can change so much, can this a–hole be fired?

    • Ron haymaker

      Wondering same thing!

    • edcedar77

      Where did this judge come from? Was he elected or an appointee by the liberal democrats if the latter it is payback and the whole country pays the price. It appears the country has lupus disease and eating itself from the inside or it is trying to self destruct.

      • Jim McCormack

        A Federal Judge is appointed by the President and it is a lifetime appointment. The Democraps got that through back in Estes Kefauver days.

        • bttrap

          then lets get the president and congress to change the law

        • Mustafa Curtess

          But — If Clinton could fire them – why can’t Trump?

          • chief1937

            I believe it was federal attorneys Clinton fired not judges but I could be wrong.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            My Bad.

    • chief1937

      It sure doesn’t seem so.

  • Donald Lindsey

    Put a wall around, nothing goes in nothing comes out, except for all Illegals and muslims being sent there

  • HardingDies

    How does he get to rule on his own ruling? Why would you expect anything different?

    • Brady

      These judges are really starting to take over, I still have the question “can they be fired?”, and if so why not?.

  • MrInterpid

    Sounds like this “judge” is eager to get his a$$ handed to him, big time. I hope it hurts when it happens.

    • Rosadbarrington

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  • pappy450

    Time to FIRE these so-called “judges”. If THEY can’t uphold or obey the “LAW” then they do NOT deserve to be on or anywhere near the “BENCH”. (seems to be the “norm” when it comes to COMMUNIST LIBERALS.

    • cathy floyd

      These so-called judges took an oath to uphold the law and to be inpartial in their rulings,they have broken these promises and should be removed from the bench,they are obviously biased in their opinions and should not be making decisions based on their political affilation.

      • mk

        cathy floyd if there was voting today on replacing judges, judges would be acting totally different because they were be threatened with being voted out

        • William Thompson

          The best way to vote the out is to cut off their heads because they are muslims trying to sneak up on ya.

          • Kathleenddavis

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      • Tinacnelson

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      • Ed Watson

        Cathy, judges and ALL politician should be voted on. Term Limits will “cure” our political teat suckers”. Two terms and your OUT. Judges need to be voted on as well, no more lifetime appointments as they also need to be accountable for their calls that are shady at best, obviously biased and illegal.

        • BIGOTIST

          ONE term is sufficient to form an opinion~

          • Ed Watson

            I recon you may well be right. In one term they all seem to lose their virginity.

    • Ronald Nelson

      There must be a permanent sitting Congressional Judicial Review Committee with the power to investigate charges of misconduct by Federal Judges and to initiate Impeachment proceedings as necessary to remove offending Justices from their Bench… It is time to hold the Federal Judiciary accountable for their ACTIVIST, often unethical and illegal conduct.

      Congress is remiss in their duty to oversee the Judiciary… there needs to be a certain expectation by the Judiciary that Congress will not tolerate a politically Activist Judiciary… that it will act to remove them from their seats on the Court… no matter where or what Court… including the Supreme Court of the United States. Congress needs to send a clear message that they are in charge of the policing of the Courts and intend on becoming very active in doing so.

      • pappy450

        I agree. If this WAS the case, MOST LIBERAL “judges” would be fired, and half of the SCOTUS would be gone for “legislating from the bench” . I for one am tired of reading the words “activist judges” and seeing how they can uphold one law, but just “skip over”, ignore, or re-write the ‘laws” they don’t like. ( like our last “president” and his minions)

        • Askjrsk


        • Obie Miller

          AMEN paooy450!

      • Askjrsk

        Spot on.

      • Jimmy King

        Hey Colonel Cupcake, why don’t you read the Court’s decision so you know what you’re talking about

        • You are the clueless one Jimmy

        • Ronald Nelson

          Hey Jimmy… I have read the order… This Judge forgets that these are Block Grants and that the State must apply for them … the Administration may reject their application based on need and merit. Trump may find that other States need and have greater merit for the Grant… thereby funding their grant and even increasing it while… declining to fund other grants.

          Sorry but the Court has no enforcement powers… force of arms. As the Administration can pull an Obama or Jackson on them and simply tell the court to huff and puff all they want, but in the end they must know this… their orders stop at the court house steps if the Administration refuses to enforce them. Talk about Constitutional Crisis… push it and see where it leads. The Streets may well run red with the blood of tyrants as we refresh the tree of liberty … with that blood.

          The Courts are out of control and must be stopped… they have grossly exceeded their authority and need to be restrained by law… rewriting the Judiciary Authorization Act… limiting the original jurisdiction of the lower courts and powers to hear cases involving sovereigns and ministries… Executive authorities per Article 3, Section 2, Clause 2… such cases must originate in the US Supreme Court.

          Our founders never intended inferior (lower) courts to have jurisdiction over States or the Administration/ministries… the only Constitutional Court with that jurisdiction is the Supreme Court. Read the Constitution.

        • chief1937

          Excuse me but maybe it’s you that needs to do the reading.

      • Linda Shelton

        Congress is completely remiss in so many things it is difficult to list them all, They spend all their time “Investigating Trump” that things that need investigating are never seen.

        • searcher98

          Why do you think the Dems keep yelling Russia when there has been no evidence of ANY wrong doing by the Republicans.

          • Nellie McConnell

            Just another way to take the news or no news off Hillary and Bill. And Obama. They need jail TIME. Lot of damage to our Federal government in 16 years. Lots of money stolen and Hillary was in bed with Middle Eastern countries. using Clinton Foundation to launder MONEY. Obama might be one to waterboard. Go TRUMP

          • chief1937

            Simple to keep the focus off themselves and repubs don’t seem to be smart enough to realize it.

      • mk

        Ronald Nelson, this is the reason President Trump said there should be new regulations on limited term on how long those officials can hold office, including judges

      • John

        I totally agree with you and we the people need to contact our senators and representatives and have them make this come true!

        • BIGOTIST

          Now that’s a joke. They’re ALL in the same bed~

      • John McPherson

        You are right of course, but I am not going to hold my breath until they do.

    • David in MA

      Re-assign them to traffic courts then appoint constitutional judges to the vacancies.

      • Askjrsk

        Reassign to prison for sedition.

      • Mustafa Curtess

        I’ve wondering why replacing judges isn’t being done already? Is it possible that there are so few known candidates for “constitutional judge” available?

        • bttrap

          that’s because they don’t know the constitution and they think they can over ride what it’s all about

        • Ronald Nelson

          There are no Constitutional requirements for judges… Individuals don’t have to be lawyers or experienced in the law to be Constitutionally eligible for appointment as a Judge. Let’s fire all the sitting justices and appoint non-lawyers to be judges… to hell with the lawyers. If they object and speak badly about a sitting judge… revoke their license as they are not supposed to defame a sitting judge, under penalty of disbarment.

        • chief1937

          It is no wonder our laws are no longer respected the whole system is corrupt.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Sadly – I do not believe that the U.S. electorate fully understands how true that is. There is no doubt that the liberals during 8 years of Obama finalized and institutionalized the corruption – but I honestly see no effort by the Trump admin to do anything about it.
            No Judges have been replaced – and none of the Obama-Clinton principals have been indicted. The “investigations” are more of a “Roman Circus” merely to distract the Trump base and maintain its enthusiasm – while very few things of genuine importance have actually been accomplished. (An almost irresistibly easy and popular circus act will be to destroy separation of church and state.)
            I see no reason why Republicans will not increase their majorities in both houses next year. But for that to translate to increased congressional support for Trump, is a VERY “long shot” – unless the RINO’s can be either neutralized or purged.
            Frankly – I believe that we can never be “great” again – and the U.S. public better get their minds wrapped around the notion that in another decade or sooner – the nation will be a very different and bewildering place that nobody today can imagine.

        • BIGOTIST

          Oh there’s plenty available to be judges.
          judges are just lawyers that couldn’t make the grade~

          • Mustafa Curtess

            But the issue is men who are dedicated to the concept and wording of the Constitution and Amendments, and the ability to set personal prejudices aside and be guided by it altruistically.
            (I honestly was not aware that a law degree and bar acceptance was not required above Justice Of The Peace.)
            On the one hand, the notion of John Q. Public on the bench has a nice “ring” to it – but on the other hand: Given many of the cockamamie interpretations of the Constitution in comments – it is downright appalling. Even so – it is bad enough (Justice Ginsberg believing that laws of other nations to be considered when ruling on our own, etc.) but add in the fact that so very many citizens are morally convinced that Biblical law must be given precedence over Constitutional law – it would be a social and humanitarian disaster. (Maybe best that we keep what we’ve got?)

          • BIGOTIST

            Huh, very astute observation~

      • bttrap

        they don’t know the laws there either

      • Warpaint

        Night traffic court!

      • Ronald Nelson

        Not a bad idea… one could redistrict the Federal System and leave them all without a bench to sit on. Do away with their seats and appoint all new justices.

      • chief1937

        I’ll vote for that maybe twice.

    • Linda Lee

      Their actions like Orrick’s are criminal. The court is no place for this crap. . They are there to uphold laws already on the books, not play protestor.

      • bttrap

        i’m sure soros is behind it somehow

      • Jimmy King

        In this case the Judge chose to uphold the constitution and strike down the unconstitutional order written by Pres Cheeto

        • Jimmy Queen opines again ! Wow , he or it of the talking sphincter insulting the President . The judge did not uphold the Constitution and Santa Clara will soon quit gloating. President Cheeto , gee what does that make you….Princess Snowflake ??

        • ipsd48

          Care to cite where in the constitution it says states can ignore federal law?

          • chief1937

            That research should keep Jimmy K buisy for a while searching for something that isn’t there.

        • Ronald Nelson

          Chetto didn’t write the order… the DOJ and the White House Counsel collaborated to write the order, the President merely signed it. The problem isn’t the order or those professional lawyers who wrote it… the problem is the Judge who ruled outside the law … against the order. It is on appeal… we shall see how it ends up and if it is found lawful … the Judge of original jurisdiction needs to be disbarred and impeached.

    • Jimmy King

      They ARE upholding the Law and the constitution. Maybe you should take the time to read the courts opinion so you understand the reasoning. Better yet, have someone read it to you, there are some 3 syllable words in there

      • ipsd48

        You still haven’t cited the part of the constitution that says that. Make me wonder if YOU read the decision.

      • chief1937

        Grow up and wise up if you can. Troll.

        • Jimmy King

          Typical of those who can’t argue with facts

    • Rob D

      Hang ’em high too.

    • Dave

      Osama II is NOT long gone. He is back at his old career of “organizing”, “radicalizing the nation”, and using his power to destroy America from within.

      • pappy450

        THAT is why this TREASONOUS TRAITOR (and his minion “followers” infesting the democommie and rino party) Need to be arrested, tried, convicted, and hanged. (the ONLY”fitting” punishment for traitors) Soros and HIS “minions” should also get the same treatment, as he and his “companies are “bankrolling” MOST of this. The time to COMPLETELY drain the swamp is NOW if we are ever going to MAGA!

        • John McPherson

          The Snake’s head in this case is George NAZI Soros. You know to kill a snake, cut it’s head off!

          • pappy450

            You got it! That is where all the “funding” is originating from, SO, time to arrest, try, convict, and HANG the snake. Make sure you hold his “family” accountable also. Siblings are following in “daddies” footsteps. ALSO freeze, confiscate, ALL assets and business holdings, to make sure this never happens again. (the only way to treat a TREASONOUS TRAITOR and inciter of riots is to hit them where they live) IN THE WALLET.

    • Raymond Bell

      Well said and do it fast as lives of innocent tax payers are at stake. Judges are over reaching the purpose of their appointments.

    • mk

      pappy450 I TOTALLY AGREE, seems obama got his way on EVERYTHING he wanted and now has these judges on his bankroll, and President Trump is being attacked on all sides!

      • Ronald Nelson

        The DEEP STATE includes nearly the entire federal bureaucracy and Judicial System… the powers that be have been stacking the courts, DOJ and FBI with their operatives and the people are finally awakening to find their government… their Nation HIJACKED by the Establishment and Deep State.

    • Bella Gray

      You don’t fire judges, you impeach them, and then the American Bar Association would have to disbar them. Assuming you want to stop them from practicing. The House of Representatives has oversight of the courts.

      • pappy450

        OK..Fair enough, SO IF they cannot obey the LAW themselves, and attempt to only change, and enforce the Laws they WANT TO (like OSCUMBAG DID with OSCUMBAG CARE) impeach. and disbar. What’s the “hold up”?

        • Bella Gray

          The hold up is due to the threats from the Communist Anti-American Democrats and the logistical difficulty. Plus the idiots can’t even repeal ObamaCare, what do you think their odds of success are? Their plate is too full, even if things were going well. The ugly truth is we have too many RINOS. For them to be successful they have to have more Reps in office to over rule the RINOS.

          We already know the Democrats are dirty, as dirty as it is possible to be. There is nothing they are not able to corrupt. They ran their people as Republicans and won Republican seats under false flags. Now we have RINOS voting as Democrats instead of the Republicans the public voted them in to vote as.

          There are two sites you can go to that will show you who these guys are. The first will show you so many RINOS you will think we have absolutely no one we can trust. However if you skim far enough you will see we do have some great ones working for us. The trick is learning the difference.


          Back on subject: The 9th court should be fairly easy to disbar, well those of them who deserve it. Why? Because the SCOTUS has reversed their decisions 80% of the time. Thus they have supplied evidence against themselves. What the House has decided to do instead is split the court adding a 12th.

          There are 11 circuit courts right now. You take the corrupt 9th and divide it into two, which makes 12. That division spreads out the corruption judges and gives people at least a chance that the new judges will counter the corruption of a single judge (that heard the case and gave a corrupt judgement) on the appeals process.

          Frankly it sucks in my view, because it burdens the public, wastes money, time and resources. Example you get a bad ruling from the corrupt judge, YOU have to foot the bill for an appeal, YOU have to spend the time fighting in the appeal, YOU might still get a cluster of corrupt judges deciding your case.

          Yet it lets the Congress shift an ugly corrupt problem yet again. Why do it then? Because the Communist Anti-American Democrats are masters at corrupting media and through them, the American public into believing they are the victims. How does anyone win against Communist Anti-American Democrats? They don’t unless the American public wakes up to who the Democrats really are.

    • William Thompson

      I do believe the best way to git rid of something such as the demoncrats is to treat them as the muslims treat the rest of the world. Cut off their heads and then they be around to bother anyone.

      • pappy450

        Your comment DOES sound brutal, BUT I believe like you, that the ONLY way to STOP this CRAP is to “eliminate” the source”. AND there will be no more “coming back” to try again.

    • RC

      What seems strange to me is that a so called judge can override the federal government and break the law of the land. Of course I suppose we have to consider the fact that Mexifornia (Used to be California) doesn’t consider itself a state. Then of course there are those brainwashed, uninformed, indoctrinated idiots in the bay area in general and Frisco in particular.

      • pappy450

        I have asked the same question myself and received absolutely NO answer from my so-called “representatives” that incidentally are DEMOCOMMIES from N.Y.. IF mexifornia doesn’t “consider” itself a STATE, then we should stop and remove all federal funding going there. Let mexico “fund” them. Actually maybe the “wall” should be built around THEM also to keep the TRASH in, and make it a communist/liberal “sanctuary”. Put up guard towers every one hundred yards with orders to SHOOT any “escapees”.

        • BIGOTIST


        • RC

          Perhaps we need a fence along the Mexifornia border. I live in Arizona and that would be nice.

    • schnauzerfriend

      These judges, whether they are appointed or elected are TRAITORS to America when they refuse to uphold the law. They must be removed by what ever means is applicable.

      • pappy450

        AGREED! So SOMEONE please tell me WHY liberal so-called “judges” can “legislate from the bench” and get away with it. THIS ALSO INCLUDES SCOTUS. They are in there to abide by the Constitution and the written laws, not “rule”, change laws they don’t like, or make “decrees” according to their “personal feelings” or “beliefs”

  • It is about time Trump follow the lead when President Bill Clinton told Janet Reno to fire all 93 U.S. Attorneys in one day. Read more: http://americanlookout.com/… . or http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/03/flashback-bill-clinton-93-u-s-attorneys-fired-one-day-video/
    Now he may get some flack but how much more and for how long?
    God bless our administration and lets MAGA !!!

    • sweetolbob

      HE DID WHAAAAAAT ?? OH ! Surely you must be mistaken ! Why the hero of the downtrodden, Bill Clinton, and his sweet little darlin’, Janet Reno, would NEVER do anything so heartless ! Would they ?
      Why,our stalwart media would surely have reported such a thing over and over again ! Wouldn’t they ?
      I don’t remember a thing being reported about it. Do You ?

      • bttrap

        if it’s not true maybe we can do it now

      • Shel

        I remember

      • Mustafa Curtess

        A few words of applause – only.

  • Agreed….fire them all.
    The swamp creatures are very defiant and obstructing everything he wants to do.
    This didn’t happen with Obama the lead swamp creature who created this mess.

    • Warpaint

      And their entire staff

  • Richard Bagenstose

    so send in the fbi and arrest him , for braking federal law ,and deport him with the rest of the illegals

    • Mustafa Curtess

      “Deport”. PLEASE! Every time I see that word – it destroys the credibility of everything else in the comment.
      Natural born U.S. citizens CANNOT BE DEPORTED! At the very worst they can be imprisoned, and – if on a felony charge – deprived of their rights as citizens for the remainder of their lives.
      Likewise “GITMO”. It is NOT a federal prison! It is a military torture and “interrogation” facility for aliens. (I doubt that a U.S. citizen could even be “detained” there.)

      • Richard Bagenstose

        shows you how much you know , your citizenship can be revoked for a number of reasons , imprisoned and deported , terrorists go to gitmo even home grown terrorists

        • Mustafa Curtess

          No citizen born in the U.S. (and certainly not of parents who are citizens) can be deported. I mentioned how a citizen can be deprived of many of their rights as citizens – but they remain legally “citizens”.
          Please cite an instance if any second-generation citizen who has been deported – or even “Exiled”.
          About “home-grown terrorists” – I suspect that in going abroad and attaching themselves to officially-deemed “terrorist organizations” – it is taken for granted that in doing so they have renounced their status as citizens. Please cite an instance where a citizen who has never physically left the U.S. has been sent to GITMO.
          Back on topic – a fired federal judge (or even a convicted political criminal) can not be sent to GITMO, and it takes a special kind of stupid to suggest it.

      • ipsd48

        They can be, if a direct connection to international terrorists is found

        • Mustafa Curtess

          Example, please. (Deported to WHERE?) They could only be imprisoned until they can no longer be considered a threat.

          • ipsd48

            Not deported. Sent to Gitmo.
            By the way, they CAN be exiled.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Sounds like wishful thinking, to me. I’ll believe it when I see it, and ACLU will have a field day. That would be SO unconstitutional.
            Bear in mind that I’m looking at this from a strictly legal and above-board angle. We all know that the Pentagon and the CIA (and the Clintons) can do anything they want to – but it still isn’t legal.

  • ECwashr

    Liberal FOOL judges need to be FIRED now President Trump!!

  • tCotUS

    Ever hear the term “Hang the Judge”?? It would only take a couple of examples to send the message..

    • Brady

      Hey if we get rid of one, the rest will cya and start doing things right.

  • Agostino

    The GOP House needs to begin impeaching some of these judges. Or figure out another way to remove them. The Constitution does not require impeachment to remove federal judges. It’s the only Constitutional way to remove a president or VP, but it’s merely “available” to remove judges. You can read it.

    • bttrap

      then lets get started

  • Warpaint

    One more tool that bath house barry put into place, fire orric and merrick, flush the 9th court as well.

    • edcedar77

      Bath Barry – Perhaps you would like to tell how he earns that fitting term, Warpaint.

  • alegalcitizen

    Toss their a$$es in jail, they can’t do as they please!

    • bttrap

      bubba will take care of them

  • MidnightDStroyer

    I think that judge needs to review Article 6, where it requires that all STATE LEVEL OFFICIALS are under US Constitutional Oath of Office, in conjunction with the State Constitution’s Oath. This means that all State Officials must abide by the Supreme Law of the Land as well as the Laws of the State. This judge is exhibiting BAD Behavior on the Bench & as such is subject to Removal From Office.

  • Dennis

    We need Constitutional judges and not the ones from the Obama era left wing judges. Judges are not suppose to be political and when they become political, then they should be either fired or step down from office, that is if they could go down any further!

  • Betty

    how can a judge uphold his own ruling that should be illegal oh that’s right they don’t believe in the law only their own wishes

  • Jmanjo

    If the judges cannot live within the scope of established law it is time to terminate their tenure! The liberals do not have the right to flaunt their stupidity and ignore laws enacted to protect Americans! Time to end this farce. The Supreme Court needs to move swiftly to put this sham to rest!

  • ramrod

    This is BS.These judges need to be arrested and hung.To many communists running these state offices.

  • AmazeTech

    Send it to a higher court. Appeal it. Orrick is, and will always be, a joke. He is a travesty against justice.

  • John Kane

    Another judge using his own interpretation of what they think instead of upholding the law. Time for judges like this to go.

  • AmazeTech

    Ignore Orrick. He can’t come and get the money. Tie him up in court!

  • Tinman Jones

    When judges become so blinded by their political/personal/interpretive biases that they fail to uphold the law, they need to be put on swift and speedy trial themselves so they may be found guilty of dereliction of duty. Bar them from having a seat on the bench at any level ever again. The citizens of the USA are paying heavily for the decisions of these judges who interpret the law instead of apply it. Romans 12:12!

  • Estell Newton

    No money for sanctuary cities. If they can’t take care of the people they have, that’s their problem, not the problem of law abiding citizens in the rest of the country.

  • Ronald Nelson

    This Judge needs to be IMPEACHED… and Pres. Trump’s DOJ, should issue a legal finding, that outlines the Court’s usurpation of its Constitutional powers, by overreaching and interfering with the Executive Powers of the President… further it appears the Court is engaging in willful OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE as the Executive branch attempts to enforce existing law by taking remedial action against offending elements in the government.

    A separate and immediate Criminal Investigation should be instituted against the Judge for Obstructing Justice… along with his Impeachment. In addition, should the Courts Order be held Constitutional… the Administration should then take action under criminal statutes to put Mayors, County Executives and City Council members in Jail for Obstruction of Justice… as they intentionally order their municipalities and counties to ignore the law… obstructing justice.

    • bttrap

      if they can’t learn their lesson then send them to the middle east to see for themselves what they are protecting murder-rape-killing non muslims. then come home if they still have their heads on

  • george briar

    never be surprised with what money can buy.

  • Arturo Delos Santos

    The District Court Judge William Orrick should be impeached immediately without following the order of our President Donald Trump dis banning the Santuary Cities for these illegal people interring our country (cannot call them illegal immigrant). FIRE OR IMPEACHED THIS JUDGE FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE
    GOVERNMENT. Don’t have any respect for this judge.

  • Nick

    Unfortunately, it is ANYTHING BUT A JOKE! What the hell happened to the United States?!? The country became unrecognizable. Any district idiot who (for some reason) is called a “judge” can really judge and not only inside the district or State he happens to endanger, but also direct the President of the Country what to do and how to conduct the countries immigration policy! WTF is happening to the country of law respecting and normal people?!? Why are imbeciles suddenly have the right of decision and the people do not?!? Let’s tell those idiots: DONALD TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Get over it and shut the fuck up!

  • David in MA

    Maybe it is time to charge whomever signs or orders that illegal immigrants can stay with violating the federal immigration laws?

  • Edward

    All mexican are mad cause they can’t continue to bring family members over here because Trump is enforcing our immigration laws. They want to be with family members so bad why don’t they move back to mexico. Then both of our problems are solved. No more ppl coming here illegally and dying in the back of trucks. Or sponging off our welfare system. Its a win win for both sides. Maybe someday they will stand up and fight for their rights in their own country instead of living off the blood of the Americans that fought and died to give us our rights

    • bttrap

      we need that cry again (REMEMBER THE ALAMO)

  • JCluvsTrump

    Arrest these judges along with the mayors and city council. The charges are conspiracy to commit murder, rape, robbery, arson, DUI manslaughter, burglary, sale of drugs, etc.

  • Doxie

    WOW, those Santa Clara taxpayers must LOVE paying for all those illegals they are harboring, …but when it comes to federal funding, we all get stuck with the bill. Another liberal judge that should be removed from the bench.

    • Askjrsk

      Let’s not let this happen. God be eith President Trump as he fights for us against these communists. Those in black robes must be held accountable.

      • bttrap

        or deport them to the middle east where they belong and they can see how they treat non muslims or women

  • Askjrsk

    Just another reason to hang this Judge for treason. He represents his own ego. He does not warrant the position that puts Americans at risk, compromising our safety and security. Execute him!!!

  • MIKE6080

    please secede into the ocean with your judges

    • bttrap

      or burn up the state which has a good start now

      • MIKE6080

        cost taxpayers too much money putting out fires there every year

        • bttrap

          don’t put them out

          • MIKE6080

            tell that to the tree huggers , liberals and millionaire home owners out there , best for them to secede – into the ocean.

  • Ron Long

    I do not believe that there is any requirement, within the Constitution, for the Federal Government to pay anything to any state.

  • Elfego

    Folks will eventually realize the legal profession has taken over our government and we have made lawyers our dictators.

    • bttrap

      time to crack down on these crooks also

  • ch

    Orrick you took an oath when you hopped on the bench to defend the constitution and enforce the laws of the United States. Since it is apparent you have your own agenda, you need to be removed. The people voted for President Trump and he is doing exactly what we want him to do. Hopefully he will start removing all of obamas judges that he appointed.

    • bttrap

      or give them term limits voted by the people of the U.S.as to weather they stay or get booted out

  • Tom

    Remove the liberal ass#5*e from the bench. This came out of California of course!

  • Larry Brule


  • Herb1949

    Ignore the judge and cut the funding, What is the city going to do to enforce the ruling? Pretty dam simple.

  • GuardianFlame

    Orrick is a joke along with his District Court. Have you been to Santa Clara? There are more illegals than natural citizens and the place is a disaster. Orrick thinks it’s working??? For who?? NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS! Santa Clara is a hotbed for criminals and orrick likes it that way. He must be “on the take” from some of the Drug Cartels so they can reap more $$ while exploiting not only the Illegals but our country as well.

    FYI: There are several enormous Cartel Pot Farms in the wilderness areas of Northern California owned by the Mexican Cartel AND NOW THE CHINESE CARTEL, yes the Chinese Cartel! People have accidentally hiked to close to those properties and shots were fired. Gov Brown, with the ugliest 6th grade crayon portrait in the Hall of Governors, refuses to do anything abt the Cartels. Why? Because Pothead Brown is getting kickbacks – $$ or cannibis – and won’t destroy his own personal goldmine.

    Orrick is another opportunist like Brown. He’s getting something from the Cartels too but eventually President Trump will figure out how to circumvent Orrick’s destructive Progressive ruling possibly by having orrick’s private dealings investigated. There is lots of dirt there under orrick’s arrogance – it will give him away eventually!

  • Mike W

    How the hell is it an appeal when the same judge reviews his/her own decision?

  • Ron Brooks

    I would love to know how exactly are judges not being removed from the bench for violating federal law. They are harboring fugitives & so are the city leaders.

    • Mike W

      They are playing politics with the law – instead of upholding the law they took an oath to do. Once they start playing politics they are no longer able to do their jobs and should be removed. Justice is supposed to be blind – not chose sides.

  • Linda Lee

    These district courts are in direct violation of law.

  • JTR

    need to dismiss this judge, he don,t have the right to do this, should be sued, fined and never let into law of any type

  • AlaskaFreddy

    Why hasn’t that judge and all the others like him been arrested? Failure to follow federal law is failure to follow the law. When they refused the right to vote to African Americans in the South in the 1960s the feds sent in the 82nd Airborne. And, when the South told the North that they wanted their “own rights” the whole nation went to war. This is exactly the same thing, so why is it okay if Northern judges “secede” from the Union and their is no consequences? No. Just like voting rights, – send in the paratroopers and arrest them. Put handcuffs on them, and board them onto a C-130 just like they did with Noriega. Time for Washington to stop being afraid of those Northern “secessionists.” What is good for the gander is good for the goose.

  • rjet43

    go arrest this judge!!

  • RC

    Strange. Some judge can override just about anything the President of the United States says. And it’s also strange that places like Mexifornia (used to be California) can simply ignore FEDERAL LAW. Something is very wrong with the way our government works, thanks to people like Obama and so many, both Republicans and Democrats, who came before him.

  • Walter Flatt


  • Sgt. York

    And right under his letter was a pic of Wimpy Ovomit,so even here we see who it was so told him what his decision was to be and what to write as an asnwer. This is one more liberal Ovomit placed judge who needs to hit the road.

  • Garth

    These liberal judges are not true judges of the law. They are jokers of the law and need to be made accountable for their despicable behavior. What in hell give these baboons in robes the right to make their own laws?n While taking the very important oath to become a judge, they have decided to make their own laws and “F” America’s laws. It’s outrageous and needs to be stopped at all cost. I fought for this country and we need to take back our country.

  • R. T.

    WHAT OATH DID THEY TAKE TO BE A JUDGE ????????????????????

  • Jeffrey hamilton

    Time to BOYCOTT ANY CITY OR STATE THAT believes sanctions against state or federal laws are okay! Who the hell would feel safe there? NOT ME!

  • David Islay

    First of all, there are no “Federal Funds” — the Federal Government does not have any money until they steal it from the citizens who work for it. The missing link in all of these arguments are the rights of the citizen. The illegals have only one right — to leave. The States have an obligation to protect their citizens along with a collective right to help protect ALL citizens of the USA. A lawbreaker who is in this country illegally (just crossing and being here illegally is a misdemeanor; commit a crime can lead to both Federal and State charges.) is not entitled to be harbored/protected by any city or State. Those cities and States who call themselves “Sanctuary Cities” are committing criminal acts themselves and those representing those cities and States deserve punishment — not just the threat of withholding so called “Federal Funds”. If you are in one of those cities or States currently violating the Constitution and US Law by harboring criminals and offering sanctuary – inviting criminals to continue breaking the law, you need to listen up. The people of the US deserve MORE of your caring than that you are giving to criminals. If you want kumbaya relations with folks from other countries, go ahead — but don’t jeopardize my family’s safety with your heart felt sympathy for criminals. Send your own money to them in THEIR country and help immigrants go through the necessary paperwork, screening etc to be allowed here legally.

  • Sim Dunn

    Obama threaten to withhold school funds if they didn’t comply with their lunch programs and other curriculum.

  • gene smiith

    OK So with all of that said, what NOW Houdini? Seems to be a NO-BRAINER to me, but even that might require too much
    brain power for these Liberal Judges…..what could they be thinking?
    However, our President is always correct in his moves to M>A>G>A> and I have no doubt that in this case as well he
    will prevail, it just might take some time and brute strength of WILLS.

  • Jim P

    The liberal judges are violating the law with allowing illegals to stay and seek shelter in the communities. The federal funds need to be stopped that go to these states that violate federal law. If the law means nothing to these liberals then the laws concerning these federal funds should mean nothing if the funds are stopped. STOP THE FLOW OF FEDERAL FUNDS.

  • Last of the patriots

    This guy is no judge, maybe for himself. But if i lived in his district, i would ignore anything he’s says. He’s just a American hating libturd scum, and should be shot on the spot! They are our enemies!!!

  • RockyMtn1776

    Who needs enemies with liberal Judges like these ? They have done more harm to our country than any group of terrorists could ever dream of doing. Trump has the power to over ride these traitors using an Executive Order. Why isn’t he using it ?

  • Christopher Murano

    Since it is obvious that we are no longer “The United States”. perhaps it is time to begin investigating means to remove sanctuary states from the Union. Since they refuse to obey federal laws, it might be time to separate them from any involvement with federal government, and impose embargoes on those states.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, must cease their fornication with barnyard animals.

  • Yourhuckleberry

    Let’s say they need to be “PERMANENTLY” removed from office.

  • Warpaint

    And the head of the santa clara counties board of supervisors needs to go. I left there in 2000 because of the morons that run that area.

  • Gerry Costa

    F–k this judge and his unlawful ruling. He is nothing but a district BS libtard jerkoff who needs to be replaced. Go over his head and then make him eat his own ignorance.

  • dutchman123

    If they can just ignore Federal law, then we can just forget to send the money for….well a long time!

  • unbridled

    Arrest and prosecute them all for VIOLATING THE LAW AND THEIR OATH OF OFFICE! Who the fvch is running this country?…

    • Resbo

      Nancy Pelosi and HELLary Clinton???

      • unbridled

        Yeah, well, Pelosi can’t get down on her knees anymore and Hellary only does young girls….

  • Nina Ferguson

    How is a Judge able to uphold his own ruling? Can they do that? As for Santa Clara, if they take the Federal money, they have to follow the Federal laws.

  • Maria Y. Vela

    Time to Fire These So Called Judges

  • Resbo

    It’s actions like this that we must remember for future election!! We must CONTINUE to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  • ricciricci

    Shhh..dont tell anyone but the law of THE STATE (where a sanctuary city may be found) can and EASILY overrules FEDERAL LAW..that is why we have states with legal and pseudo legal marijuana -get it? This STATE LAW supremacy started with the Civil War when STATES decided that the FEDS can not DEMAND a law created in D.C. be followed in a state where the citizens have THE BALLS to serve as sanctuary cities. Are Americans learning their own history anymore or just making stuff up? THE FEDS, if they choose, can invade a state/city and enforce FEDERAL LAW, and the second that happens, we are no longer a United States but instead we are a Democratic Republic where citizens in their own states have no way to vote for or support ideas THEY want to see in effect. Again, this all goes back to the Civil War and everything that has happened since. If you are afraid to live in a sanctuary state; MOVE or use your VOTE to elect people who change the state law… ok?? “Sad” -DT.

  • Mary Holder

    when did they get to go over the supreme court rulings?

  • dumbvet

    This POS needs prison time!

  • Rick D.

    What a farce!! So, according to this lame-brain judge, upholding the law when it comes to immigration is optional? I suppose this means that citizens can pick and choose which laws they decide to obey! What a crock!!

  • bob breglio

    You need to arrest the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors president for sedition and send his ass to the slammer for 20 years. Then arrest Mayor DiBozo in New York and Mayor Emmanuel in Chicago and put their asses in the slammer as well. Maybe arrest the entire city councils for allowing this travesty and cut off ALL federal dollars for whatever program until they comply with federal law in all respects. And some of these so called judges need to be impeached and removed from office. Let the trials begin. We won, you lost, get over it and comply with the law.

  • kassa1

    I say he can I told federal funds is the federal funds blonde we the people not that scumbag black robe thug it is a judicial activist and should be removed from his bench one way or the other maybe by the way of his committing Tierney against the country. The people need to do their job and start removing these pieces of shit. If the military is not going to do their job and the federal government that being the agencies are all corrupt anyway nothing but whores of the one world order money that’s not gonna happen so it’s gonna have to be up at the people to take care of this is Land I suppose just like it was during the Civil War days cause that’s what it’s coming too.

  • gdonna612

    For some reason, they think they can legislate from the bench.

    • dutchman123

      Only the most arrogant people would do such things. As Clint Eastwood said: “A mans got to know his limitations!” Then he shot you. I like it.

  • Sinnie Kemp

    The black robes now believe that they are bigger than the US Constitution because they break the US law left and right.

    Should We The People get rid of them all? The black robe with a hood would make a grim reaper that is what they become.

  • eruebsamen

    IT amazes me that the people who are supposed to upheld laws decided to go rouge….. They should be jailed. They are not staying true to their old as a Judge. Just following their own desires. No wonder our country is going to hell in a basket. How can those who are granted the “honor” to be an actual JUDGE to go against the laws of this country. If they don’t like it, don’t show it in that sort of movement, JUST either follow the law, or step down…..

  • TPS12

    Sooner or later their citizens will realize these judges and politicians do not have their best interest in mind.

  • R A Reed

    I think the crooked FBI should investigate the crooked judge to see who is funding his criminal activity.

  • Paul Anderson

    These liberal judges will support sanctuary cities, until one of them looses his or her life. Reminds me of liberals, and their opposition to firearms, until one or more looses his or her life. For some reason, they think nothing will happen to them, until it happens. When it happens, it’s too late .

  • DocJimmy

    Aiding and abetting, obstruction, perverting the course of justice and many more. What they are doing is wrong and they know it. but; they don’t like OUR new POTUS to the extent that they are jeopardizing their legal citizens safety and well-being. How in the world is this being allowed to continue…? Round them up and send them to GITMO – – – – – NOW…!

  • warren s caldwell

    This jerk off is a district judge and I dont know if he falls under federal jurisdiction or not but some way somehow they need to go !!!! WC

  • Phyllis Schultz

    Cut off the funds and remove him from the bench. He is obviously another liberal who doesn’t care about Americans. It’s time to go.

  • Susan Short

    “A travesty and a joke!” That is what this country became, under Odumbo. There is a huge job to be done now, undoing the damage that Odumbo did! So you’re telling us that this country is so fuxked up that you can have a dumb fuxk judge, who hates Trump, that can tell the president of the U.S. that he can not enforce the law?! This piece of shxt judge is saying to Trump that he is going to defend what is illegal?! How in the hexx does an azzhole like that become a judge?! Judges are supposed to uphold the law, not fight the law, but maybe this dumb fuxk judge didn’t get that message! Well, I hope that this judge gets the message and soon, hopefully in a way that he is not going to like!

  • 2399molly

    Orrick thinks he has the power over the President. I can hardly wait for the funds to be withdrawn. California who is fated for bankruptcy again will try to get money from other states. Californians need to wake up. Their taxes and insurance is the highest and more companies are moving out of state. I am tired of progressives ignoring the law.

  • Donna Boutin

    IMPEACH these fk’in judges..out the door friggin liberals

  • conc11111

    Put the idiot in jail and get it over with


    THE GOAL of the democrat communist party is to shred the military to pieces. Making it easy for a communist takeover. Everything they do is to break the military from no funding to no morale. They have wussufied the military to the point that the greatest generation would die laughing.They reward traitors and cowards and imprison fighting men. They worship and pardon traitors like PVT Manning pay for it’s sex change operation while vets wait in line to die at th VA. KGB agent Snowden is their version of freedom of speech. Frances Fox Pivens a known communist has said Obama under the radar has seeded the government with key people. There is all your leaks. Obama the worst president in history has rewarded the Iranians in cash for killing Americans. He paid for the IED’S THAT SHREDDED THE LIVES OF 2,000 GI KIAS. AND 20,000 WOUNDED. HE , KERRY AND THE IRISH MOSLEM HEAD OF THE CIA SHOULD BE IN FT LEVENWORTH. KERRY BACK TO NAM WAS ENDORSING THE JANE FONDA WORK OUT AT THE HANOI HILTON.

    There are at least ten families suffering poverty because their bread winner is rotting in prison for fighting for their country. Convicted by al queda and supported by Obama they were charged with un premeditated murder on the battlefield. Many were convicted by Pentagoon judges with no combat experience. WE HAVE NO IDEA how these helpless families lost their bread winner and all benefits not to mention sell all they own to pay legal fees.LlVES ON HOLD FOR 15 YEARS.

    YET the communist media branch of the party of death to little children managed to hide for Obama all his losses in Aghanistan, All 22,000 never made the press. They classified them as NATO troops to be identified later. Later never came. Obama would not let them die as American troopers. The biggest mistake the American people made was believing that the democrat party was still the Party of Truman. Harry said when they call the roll in congress, they don’t know whether to answer present or not guilty. When he left office he still had a mortgage on his home. Just like Hilary. I am sorry king of Morocco your three minutes are up. Please deposit another three million dollars for the next three minutes. No one ever asks where did the Uranium that the democrat party sold to the Russians go? Russia has it’s own stockpiles.

    Never forget that in the 60’s Gus Hall the head of the communist party USA declared no more candidates for office under the CP banner instead they were ordered to join the democrat party. at least a third of the party of death to little children is communist/socialist. If you google congressional members who were registered socialist, 70 democrats proudly come up. Less than 1% of the nation protects 320 million Americans.. When they are gone we are gone. In the last election only two presidential candidates stood on the platorm. Two white people from the all inclusive racial party. Everybody bought it. Seventeen ethnic candidates in the race party vs really only Hillary Bernie was bought off IN THE BEGINNING.

    We have seen Trump stand alone and triumph over demo commos and rino rats. Only the people stand with him. It will be the people that flush the political toilet.
    Never forget the party of death has no God, no country, no kids, no flag except to burn it. No anthem, no pledge. they call their enemies facists but never communists because that is who they are.

    Stand with Trump and make America great again.



  • ruth

    wondering how he can do that– he is not a federal judge and of course from the snowflake state

  • markie R

    fire all of these liberal progressive unamerican assholes! time to really clean the swamp and get America back to be a law abiding country again ! MAGA

  • Irvan

    The STUPID BASTARD. That judge needs to be replaced with a judge that will FOLLOW the laws.

  • Fedup

    This idiot has the nerve to call himself a judge. He wouldn’t make a pimple on a real judges a)s)s. He rules on his personal feelings and not on the law. Has no business sitting on the bench.

  • wayne g dearry

    This guy is no Judge he is an IDIOT.

  • Jeff

    Go figure which admin. Hired all these liberal cry hearts and apologetics into office… let them push there soft and illegal rulings, it will just make it that much easier when it’s time to remove them! Umm and I’m thinking time is running short…

  • Darlene Houlton

    The Judges need to be replaced, since they think they are above the President of the United States of America, this is what I call a disgrace, Trump needs to throw them ALL Out if they cannot stop this BS.

  • keepyourpower

    The citizens in these areas are just going to HAVE to get off their rears, and tell their officials what they think. Until they do, they will continue to suffer, at the hands of liberals.

  • Nellie McConnell

    Just another judge that’s paid off by Liberal state officials WITH tax dollars. Crime rate by the drug gangs is unbelievable and closer to borders seems WORSE. The drug gangs invade a home, strip the home down to Windows and doors, then burn the house. On going murders and home invasions. Kidnapping and human trafficking. Go TRUMP. Our COUNTRY needs lots of prayer. Law enforcement can NOW do their job.

  • silver fox

    fire this fake judge fake ass barry is gone

  • silver fox

    what is congress doing

  • chief1937

    There has to be some way to control these liberal judges and their decisions. Flatly disobeying the law then turn around and profit from it ridiculous. Wonder does that privilege extend to the general public as they are the ones footing the bill. Something screwy about that picture.

  • 45 cal

    I wonder if this “judge” would hold the same opinion if he was a victim of these illegal alien criminals who rob, rape, kill and claim immigrant rights and all the Liberal benefits sometimes exceeding benefits of US citizens?

  • Gary Von Neida

    Have the Government Accounting Office look into THIS MAN.
    Californians need to know just whom it is controls Him.If found guilty of a crime he should become: disgraced, stripped of any retirement and fired.

  • Ronald Hagler

    The good judge (William Orrick) has spoken, once again. It seems almost humorous that a District Judge is asked to rule on his original ruling: where is the justice in that action? As for unconstitutional, which part is so? If withholding funds from cities and institutions engaged in harboring illegal aliens is unconstitutional, then the Presidential Oath-of-Office is a farce; at least in the eyes of the judicial branch! Write your congress members and demand that they support President Trump on this issue.

  • J.B.Jacobs

    I think the first thing that needs fixing is Congress. It’s obvious that congress does not care about the people or the welfare of this country anymore. The first thing that needs to be done is term limits. We can do this two ways. Congress can mandate term limits or the people can impose term limits by voting the sitting Congress out after two terms. I don’t think Congress will ever enact term limit legistration, because it would mess up their little world they have made for themselves in Washington. I think a lot of good people are voted into Congress but after being there 6 or 8 years, get as corrupt as the ones that have been there for 20 or 30 years. It seems like the longer they stay in the worse they get. They learn how to become rich at the taxpayers expense. I hope after the next election all this will change. People are getting fed up with the way Congress spends our money and nothing to show for it.
    There should be no political appointed judges that are there because they helped some politician get elected. No lifetime appointments either. Judges should be elected by the people, and if they do not do their job, be removed just like the working people who pay their salaries will be if they don’t do their job. I am hoping a lot of this will change after the next election.

  • Bella Gray

    It is time the HR went in and cleaned out the liberal courts. Oversight of the courts is the authority of the HR. They had better do it while the Reps. hold the numbers. Americans have had it with these corrupt courts.

  • R DoCdoWedo!

    I think Trump sure put them all in Prison. Because they are lying to their own people in California and the people believe the judges. some of the California people should pick up some law books and read them they might learn something what the law of the land really is. Wake California before it is to late.

  • Richard Carpenter

    Put 100% tax on all grant money going to Sanctuary cities. By Executive Order. Use it to help those attracted by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities.

  • Dorothy Wolfgang

    These judges need to be arrested! They are not above the law.

  • Walter Flatt
















  • jimshaw54

    Our entire government has become so politically partial to their own side that We The People are forgotten and our needs are not being taken into consideration. When a judge can allow illegal aliens to break the law and a judge turns a deaf ear to the needs of our legal citizens, it is time for a civilian uprising against our government and those who are allowing this to happen.

    How many of you who blog on this space, and others like it, would be willing to stand up and do something about this sort of thing? Next is what can we do together that would get the attention of our elected representatives? Obviously what we are currently (elections) isn’t work for the people.

    I propose that each and everyone of us disenroll in either of the two major parties if you are a registered Republican or Democrat. Then copy and paste the article with my suggestion to an e-mail and urge all those you know who have an open mind to re-register as an Independent — or lets start a new party of the “People”. Unfortunately I don’t know how to start something like a new party but there are people who think like us who do know how to start something like this.

    • daneagle

      sounds damn good to me, at 80 I could not do much,,,,,but I could join in the movement and more than likely my sons also!! I will pray for a leader to appear,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • mtman2

    Any judge or paid employee can be-
    legislative branch do your job…

  • willr3

    Why is Trump holding back he has the opportunity to appoint some 1000 judges o the lower courts. Sessions should be pusihing this because it would change the face of these out of hand rule breaking judges like Orrick, and perhaps eventually replace him or redistrict the lower courts so that crap like this can’t happen. Under obama lawlessness was all the rage . Judges just emulated obama who regularly said he wold not follow the law. he acted like a 3rd world dictator. The main saving grace of the US is that we have always been known as a nation where “Rule of Law” prevails and that justice is equal for all. Under obama and hillary and the Dems that all went out the window. Now it will take years for Trump to fix this, but he needs an AG to help. I like Sessions as a congressman, but as AG he is as weak as a wet noodle.

  • MIKE6080

    its bs that one judge can rule the entire country

  • Irvan

    Why don’t they get rid of that BASTARD and other judges just like him??


    Cities that refuse federal law should be denied federal fund$, period……

  • Gary Von Neida

    The TROJAN HORSE is within Our Judiciary.With the enemy within Our Gates We can expect to be over run.

  • Walt

    President Trump should be able to fire the judges that want obey the laws. All of the Mayors, Governors, Sheriffs etc that disobey the laws that the President of the United States makes should be fired. Theses judges take an oath to uphold the laws and when they fail to obey and abide by the laws, they should be fired and replace by law abiding judges.

  • mtman2

    The House has –
    1) “The Power of The Purse”
    2) “The Power to Impeach”

    It’s responsibilities as set forth in the Constitution~!

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