Wednesday, 24/5/2017 UTC-4
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What Justice Alito Said Should Terrify Every Christian in America

Delivering a commencement speech at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Pennsylvania last week, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito warned the graduates that they were heading out into an America much different from the one he grew up in. Alito left no doubt in the minds of the young men and women that religious freedom was a dying concept in today’s United States.

“For most of my life, the American people have been united in their strong respect for religious liberty,” Alito said. “But recently, things have started to change. The idea that speech can be banned if it expresses an idea that is offensive is spreading around the country.”

Alito angered the LGBT community two years ago when he wrote a blistering dissent in the Obergefell v. Hodges case that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. He reminded the students of that dissent in his speech, quoting:

“I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employers, and schools.”

Of course, Alito’s prediction has already begun to materialize. Christian views on marriage are being marginalized as hate speech in mainstream America and it is no longer acceptable in “polite society” to even QUESTION the right of a man to marry another man. And that doesn’t touch on the legal consequences endured by business owners who refuse to be a part of gay wedding ceremonies. Bakeries, florists, T-shirt designers, and even farmers have been persecuted financially for opting out of these ceremonies as anti-discrimination laws are stretched beyond the breaking point.

Meanwhile, we have the rise of safe spaces and other anti-First Amendment movements on college campuses around the country. Tomorrow’s leaders are being indoctrinated to believe that not only are conservative ideas wrong ideologically, they’re actually WRONG, morally and legally. And while a handful of academics have tried to push back on this harmful trend, too many school administrators have given into the pressure, fearful of the protests and riots we’ve seen unfold when crybaby liberals don’t get their way.

THANK GOD Donald Trump won in November, thus giving us a conservative Supreme Court majority for the foreseeable future. Because once we lose the high court to the liberals, all bets are off when it comes to our cherished freedoms.

  • jgfsmf

    He sure hit that right on the money.

  • Natalie

    If liberals ever recover the power they used so wrongly and abused so badly all bets are off period. They will destroy this nation in their quest for dominance and control of everyone and everything. They came close with the divider in Chief, but they made one big mistake, they far underestimated the love, devotion and pride real Americans have for our country and its true ideals.
    Let’s hope they never get it back. Scratch that, let’s make SURE they never get it back by voting, every election, every time, we’ve already shown what we can do when we band together, let’s not forget that lesson any time soon.

    • Elizabethjsteven

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    • joanne

      I GREE Natalie but I will go farther and say we SHOULD all get active in our local Republican Party and straughten them out, they SELDOM nominate anyone I want to vote FOR, I am simply pulling the lever for someone as a vote AGAINST someone!!!

      • marshmil

        Joanne I think a lot of us are forced to do that lately. In 2008 I had no liking whatever for John McCain–I just selected who I believed to be the lesser of two evils. Then my suspicions about Barack Obama all proved to be valid– a non-American who wanted to destroy our Constitutional Nation.

        • Sue Breslin

          NATALIE, MARSHMIL, JOANNE, I will further state, that the best thing we can do RIGHT NOW, is to support our president, and not be taken in by the communist media. We need to stand together and boycott the nets of their negative news, Start writing to Congress and provide Warning that the American people are NOT FOOLED, We are very aware, very alert to the obstructionism going on in Washington and WE will no longer accept those standards by voting anyone who is ANTI-America out. We need to start Marching on Washington demanding the enactment of the Laws of Treason to be enforced. And those that act in a seditious manner to incitement of discontent or rebellion against our government, these United States should be held accountable by prison, expulsion or death. For as Justice Alito stated change is coming and I quote former Ronald Reagan’s remarks on Freedom. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

          • marshmil

            I like your post Sue. Thanks. The obvious failure of communism over the past century has proved to be a fact since its inception October, 1917. The only ones who support it are a small elite who want to be at the top of the totem pole far above the “masses” over whom they rule like the former Russian Czarist families. It’s simply an evil group trying to gain power over We the People. Our Founders considered the evils of Royal oppression of the people and formulated a new government OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People as summarized by Mr. Lincoln. Our Constitutional government tolerates no dictatorial demagogue at the top such as the one who for the past eight years attempted to usurp power with a “pen and a phone”. Last November 8, 2016 We the People restored power back to the People. We cannot rest. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty against the tyranny of an elitist minority.

          • Rodney Steward

            Great Post!

          • marshmil

            Thanks Rodney. Like you, I’m for maintaining the fabric weaved by the Founders. It does not shrink nor do its colors run.

          • Debra(bogene)

            Amen !!!

          • Rodney Steward

            Amen friend, it’s like taking the Oath to our country that has no exploration date!!

          • marshmil

            Did you mean expiration date?

          • Rodney Steward

            LOLOLOL, YES, I’m not exploring anything!!!! My goodness, wasn’t playing with a full deck their, THANKS!! 🙂

          • Marie Palmatier

            Beautifully said, marshmil💙

          • PaulaRevere

            I like Sue’s post, too, very thoughtful. But he was tolerated, Marshmill. The first half -black half -white racist President of our USA and his administration committed treasonous and impeachable crimes against this nation multiple times and our liberal Congress allowed it, people complained, but it was tolerated. Even after the House gained control after 2014 elections! Liberals and Moslems are multiplying fast, while responsible conservatives have few children. We ARE one generation away from oppression, less than 20 years. I suspect there will be no USA unless WE The PEOPLE get passionate about our freedoms and about this country once again. Complacency and comfort lead good men, and women, to do nothing. God bless America and may God bless President Trump.

          • marshmil

            Amen! Paula.

          • jobird

            Wonderful read,I truly am concerned about my grandchildren and the newest great grandchildren.
            Just watching young people today with all the electronics,cell phones etc.they appear not to know how to carry on a conservation and are totally unaware that their “Free” country is being eroded right in front of their eyes.

          • Debra(bogene)

            Totally agree. Well said.

          • Carolyn Tyler

            Very well said!!

          • Marie Palmatier

            Please, let us not forget to pray🙏! Pray without ceasing – God is very real – never give up!!

        • slidenglide

          I didn’t vote for Dole, McCain, or Romney I voted against their Democrat opponent. You are so right about voting for the lesser of two evils. I still don’t like either of the above candidates, I still don’t trust them and they’ve proven me right, but I’d still vote for them before I’d vote Democrat.

        • Vernon Devine

          You are truly an idiot. Obama was a great President unlike asshole Trump who is a terrible loser.

          • charles becker

            You are without a brain.

          • marshmil

            If he had a brain he’d take it out and play with it.

          • marshmil

            Thank you Vernon Deplorable if that’s the best you can do. Barack Obama was the Imposter-in-Chief, Constitutionally unqualified for the Office he was illegally sworn in to. The Nation is blessed now that that Kenyan-born foreign student is gone. We now have an American citizen in the White House who is cleaning up the train wreck left by the Imposter.

          • Janet Julien

            Yeah, Ovomit WAS a GREAT President: Great at tearing down any respect the world had in America, Great at egging on the Race Wars, Great at giving more undeserving, able-bodied people Welfare while shoveling more taxes on the back of those already struggling to pay off the National Debt that he increased, Great at ignoring the cries of the American people and listening (and bowing down) to the call of the Imans and other Moslems for the destruction of America, Great at running off on Vacations whenever he felt like it and Great at making the Patriots look for ways to hide our arms and ammo so that his goon squads couldn’t come and confiscate our arms illegally just because some little snowflake was afraid.. There were only two things he was fantastic at:1) Adding to the National Debt and racial tensions with all his social welfare and immigration programs and 2) Hitting a little white ball around the golf course.

        • Vernon Devine

          Barack Obama was a great President not an idiot like Trump

          • marshmil

            Thanks for posting your opinion. I support freedom of speech and of the press; something Leftists don’t do unless it agrees with their agenda.

      • John Wirts

        The big problem is that the RINOs have taken over the Republican party. Conservatives need to VOTE OUT THE GOOD OLE BOY “PARTY LEADERS” and replace them with TRUE CONSERVATIVES! Then establish a CONSERVATIVE PARTY PLATFORM, and require loyalty to the platform to be able to to claim the title Republican!

        • Carolyn Tyler

          Start with the evil democrats, like Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi

          • John Wirts

            Yes that is true, but the RINO’s have destroyed Trump’s agenda just as effectively as the DEAMONCRATS! If the Republican party was made up of TRUE CONSERVATIVES, Trump could get his agenda items through and restore Americas greatness again!

      • Obie Miller

        I totally agree joanne!!!

      • jaybird

        You are correct in getting involved in your local Republican Party, that is where it all starts in picking the best candidate! They are state delegates then they run for AG, Senators, Congressman, Governors of your state.

    • marshmil

      Thank you Natalie. Beautifully stated. Satan is the Prince of Darkness and rules over his leftist snakes. The USA is One Nation Under God and as long as We the People observe that Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty those snakes shall not prevail.

      • Barbarawnair

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    • Mikki Orton

      very well put Natalie totally agree

    • pmbalele

      Justice Alito should have talked about Repubs and TPs who fake religious; but actually are racists, bigots and good for nothing. Just imagine these same people I see in church singing loud. But once they get out the church they are lions ready to attack Blacks.

      • Natalie

        Did you get all of that from your tinfoil hat? Or the race baiting propaganda arm of the democratic party, desperate to create the same kind of hate and division they constantly accuse others of?
        The only people attacking ‘blacks’ are those who feel superior to everyone else while falsely accusing everyone else of superiority and erroneously believe that ‘blacks’ need to be led and cared for and cannot make decisions for themselves. Smug, arrogant, liberals, who hide their oblivious bigotry behind a lot of empty, meaningless words about tolerance and compassion while showing absolutely no tolerance or compassion for anyone who does not swallow their nonsense whole.

      • kbmiller

        You again you RACIST, LYING AZZwipe? Go to a black LIES matter web site.

      • kbmiller

        Go to Chicago and see who’s killing the negros.

    • Bird

      Amen! Well said.

    • Anais Cesena

      Thank you for your post it is sad that a lot of WeThe People are a sleep and will just let the elite take over their freedom because they don’t know what is going on and just don’t seem to care. ☹️☹️☹️😞😞

  • Manuel Gonzales

    “For this cause God gave them up into vile affections; for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the me, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that penalty of their error which was meet; And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;” etc…
    When your read the 1st chapter of Romans; The bible outlines our present standing in this day. Not only here in Romans but elsewhere in the Bible.
    We are living at the time that Jesus said would be a very perilous time. I sure do feel sorry for those who think that there is no God and that God wouldn’t do that to the people. God won’t do that to HIS people, but everyone who isn’t, beware. Just read the Book of Joshua and Deuteronomy when Israel entered the promised land.
    God is a sovereign God. He can do whatever HE pleases and whenever HE pleases. “Even so Lord, Come!!”
    Read the first chapter of Romans in the Bible. God has everyone’s number including yours truly. That is why I chose to follow Jesus no matter what man thinks. I would suggest we all consider our present standing in Christ.
    This really doesn’t apply to all you atheist or agnostics. I’m really speaking to the Church, as the Bible is written to us. I don’t need you non believers to reply. I know where you stand.

    • Vernon Devine

      Glad you know that in my opinion Christians lack all credibility.

      • Rubykbrinkley

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      • liberaldisgust

        And you are credible why ….. because your bigoted delusional national socialist azz tells you , you are ….. How self important elitist are you …. too funny …..

        • Vernon Devine

          Not really. I do not feel self important. I feel all the crazy miracles of Christianity makes it not credible. Like believing in Santa Clause. When you grow up you learn it is all bullshit and that is exactly what Christianity is. People coming back to life after 7 days, that is a favorite total bullshit thing they seem to like. Virgin birth is another totally idiotic idea. No sperm, no pregnancy, means the Jesus birth is total bullshit as well. Christian dogma is bullshit in all the miracle examples. Did not put that altogether until I was at a retreat for prospective ministers and another attendee mention these stories that had led to doubts about her beliefs. A more conservative minister challenged her with the question you believe in God, don’t you and when she said yes then he said she should not have doubt because God is all powerful. Two other younger ministers stepped in and said things like we all have doubts it is normal. I had a powerful awakening in the realization that I did not believe the miracle Christian bullshit and I became a free man. Never looked back at that crazy Christian bullshit again except to wonder how intelligent people can possibly believe such crazy things. But certainly you are free to swallow that total crap all you want! I am happy to be free of it.

          • marshmil

            So you are “Free at last, free at last. Thank Satan Almighty, you’re free at last”.
            Good for you. have fun!

          • Vernon Devine

            Those are your words not mine. I would say that I am happy that I realized Christian miracles are nonsense and part of a radically stupid religion that has outlived any positive contribution to humanity. Preachers like Billy and Franklin Graham epitomize how inadequate and harmful this religion has become. I am not saying it was not a horrible religion in the past but that it continues to be horrible.

          • marshmil

            Thanks for your contribution. Have a great life!

      • ch

        Really and why is that?

        • marshmil

          I agree with you ch. **Let facts be submitted to a candid world.**
          Why do “Christians lack all credibility”? We are waiting on your reply Vernon Devine.

      • marshmil

        Says you. Are you going to say that to God at The Last Judgement?

        • Debra(bogene)

          No he won’t,, cause when he stands before HIM,, he will be speechless.

          • marshmil

            Right Debra because everyone will be treated equally and there will be NO EXCUSES because everyone had the same opportunity. Like the parable about the Ten Virgins, some were wise and prepared for the future. The others were too busy with the NOW and failed to prepare. —unfortunately. (Leftists will not be able to connect the dots on what we just said.)

          • Debra(bogene)

            You’re right. They are going to be in for a rude awaking.

          • mallen11

            There will be no equality in heaven: those who follow His Word will grow spiritually and will receive rewards; those who do not will have their resurrection body but no rewards. The Book of Revelation is very clear about that in Chapters 2 & 3.

        • Manuel Gonzales

          Saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Romans 8:1 I’ve already been judged and am saved. I will stand before the bema seat to receive my rewards.

      • Mustafa Curtess

        Of COURSE they have all the “credibility” of incredible “scripture”. It says so ITSELF ! Myths and fairy tales supported by more myths and fairy tales. How DARE you suggest that they have no credibility? Just ASK one of them – and they will Swear On The Bible that it’s all true!

        • marshmil

          “Mustafa” implies that you are a Muslim Curtess. Tell that to God at The Last Judgement.

      • Manuel Gonzales

        Christians are no better than the secularist. The only difference is we believe in a saving God who is merciful and gracious to forgive our sins. Secularists still haven’t figured that out. I hope they do before God loses his patience and pours his wrath out during the Tribulation which I don’t wish that on anybody.
        We as Christians are not perfect….Just forgiven!! Plus we are children of God John 1:12. We will get our perfect state at our glorification. In the meantime we live our lives “with a new attitude towards sin” It is called a repentant life walking in our sanctification. Be ye Holy as I am Holy! God commands.

    • jimdarnall

      Everything you have brought up from Romans is true and has and is happening. Sadly so many are lost without hope but their is still hope for others. Because of willing ignorance and belief in self, humans just can’t seem to see the truth and sadness. We pray for all through grace that our Lord promises and for those that recognise their downfall that repentance will come and salvation be reached.

      • Manuel Gonzales

        “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.” That includes liberals as well….”Do not neglect so great a gift as salvation”. “God is not willing that any should perish but that all will come to receive salvation”. Call upon Him while it is still today. We never can be for sure of our tomorrows.

        • Debra(bogene)


    • Tom Schuckman

      Manuel, Right on, Bro. See, also, Jude 18… concerning the “Mockers,” like the ignorant, goofy, ding dong, Vernon, trying to get in your face…..LOL. Visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. Email: –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. Smile.

      • Manuel Gonzales

        Welcome home brother. Nam “65-69” 3 tours. 2 with 3rd Marines and 1 with 1st Marines. God was watching over me and I only got wounded 1 time. Landed in Nam with 9th MEB in April 65. 100% disabled.

        • Tom Schuckman

          Welcome Home, to you, too, Manuel ! And yes, God protected BOTH of us, so that we might be His servants, to help others find the Lord, and the Gospel ! I hope you have a chance to visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL, that seeks to help other combat Vets deal with the corrupt VA system, etc. Take care, Bro.

        • jobird

          I was a volunteer for the Red Cross during those years.We met the air evac’s at Tachikawa AFB on their way home from Vietnam. Many of the men were still wearing their bloody uniforms having been given
          treatment from a field hospital.You might think you are grown-up but those sights,smells of those heroic men remain with me to this day.Thank you for your service.

          • Manuel Gonzales

            My honor to have served. Thank you

        • Debra(bogene)

          God Bless you sir and Thank you for your service (from the wife of a Vietnam Vet =’68-71 and he says thank you too.

          • Manuel Gonzales

            Just got on the net…..Thank you for your husbands service as well.

          • Debra(bogene)

            Thank you.

      • Debra(bogene)

        God Bless you sir and Thank You for your Service. (from the wife of a Vietnam Vet =’68-71 and he says thank you too.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    I have fingers crossed for the untimely deaths of Breyer, Ginsberg and Kennedy. Call me mean spirited, but I would not shed a tear if Kagen and Sotomayor would join them. Nine Constitutionalists sitting on SCOTUS would get America back for Americans!

    • Manuel Gonzales


    • jobird

      From you thoughts to God’s ears.How about “Just Resign”Please!

  • I don’t much care, I will say and think what I want, when I want to, if anyone does not like my expression of “Free speech”, they can stuff it! Liberals have no place in my life, and NEVER WILL!!

    • canda

      I agree!

  • Dan Meyer

    This discourse is proof positive that We the People have been and are divided and conquered by elites who don’t give a damn about you or I. All they want to accomplish in life is to escape accountability for their many high crimes and demeanors.

  • downs1

    The argument of the left is not against Christians, but against God! They have denied Him and have spit in His face, and there will be consequences for those who have! When they stand before Him in judgment they will have no one to blame but themselves! You don’t mock God and expect to get away with it! I don’t say so, His word says so . . . many times!

    • Niko

      The left , who are most certainly a bunch of filth are not the only ones ergo to mock God. Let us go back in history: in the 10/11 century ,the english mocked God with black magic mysticysim. The romans mocked God by crucifying Christ.The jews also mocked God , when Moses brought down the tablets with the Ten Commandments. The Babylonians mocked God by sacrificing kids on top of the Tower of Bable to Moloch. History repeats itself … Mankind in general is slow to learn and very good at forgetting the past!!!!!

      • Rodney Steward

        Very good my friend and so very TRUE!! Doing well!!:-)

        • Niko

          Rodney always good to hear from you and thanks !!!!!. I’m not doing well, i should be alot better ,but i am not. I’m still hanging in there ,i hope you and your family are all well.

          • Rodney Steward

            OH Niko, don’t tell me that, I’ve been hoping so bad that you were going to be better, but don’t give up my friend, maybe it’ll just need more time! Family is doing well and staying busy between our home and summer home, toooo much grass to cut! Did you ever get married, and if so hope all is well there! So get your butt better my friend, praying! 🙂

          • Niko

            I am so glad to hear all is good with you and your family. Grass ,i miss it.Cutting grass when i had the house ,i do not miss,lol. I am just slightly better, as usual i am having problems with compensation and the insurance company. I should have been in therapy a month ago. I’m still waiting to go to therapy for my neck. I don’t like to sue people, that’s not the way to go. These people need to be taught a lesson in my book – when I’m done with the two or three other revision surgeries on my elbow and both shoulders i will have to look into a malpractice/negligent case. My future wife is still in Florida wrapping up a few loose ends with the passing of her mom 7 months ago in Ghana. All that stuff takes time and there’s red tape to boot. How well can it be in this multicultural cesspool of NYC,LOL. I am sick of the morons that i am surrounded by when i go out. Other than that it is always a pleasure and i will keep pushing forward as usual. EASY. Over and out!!!

          • Rodney Steward

            Please take good care my friend, OUT!!

      • joanne

        And so many of our churches are falling into that.

        • marshmil

          Many of the Christian (?) denominations are becoming luke warm as Jesus said about one of the seven churches in Asia mentioned in The Book of Revelation. The intellectual cop out “to each his own” might sound good for the here a now. How will it stand at The Last Judgement? (Liberals will have a great laugh at that statement.)

          • PaulaRevere

            You are 100% correct on that!

        • Niko

          The churches in America are also becoming no they have become indoctrination centers for the last 50 years maybe longer. In the old days the pulpit was a fire and brimstone ponderence into politics and sin put forth to their congregations ,now they embrace all that is imoral and against Gods word as given to Moses in Deuteronomy . Thanks for you a text much appreciated !!!!!.

    • Debra(bogene)

      The Truth, Well spoken.

    • Marie Palmatier

      Be sure you (all of us) know Christ as Savior before you meet Him as Judge🙏!

  • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Obama’s USA now only gives religious freedoms to Muslims, don’t even try to deny the truth.

  • Anna

    Michael Savage wrote: It’s not the Muslims who are going to destroy America but the Liberals.

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      They will do it together.

  • mallen11

    Yes, thank God for President Trump. More people need to put God first in their lives before America can be great again.

    • marshmil

      Thank you mallen11 During the past 50 or so years this Nation has essentially told God to
      “Hit the road Jack!”. Therein lies the greatest problem. Atheists/agnostics will do their usual laughing at that statement.

      • mallen11

        I thank God that you are part of His pivot of believers who know the truth and follow His ways from His Word.

        • marshmil

          Yes I do. Our road is narrow but not “crooked”.

  • Tom Schuckman

    “For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God.” — 1st Corinthians 3: 19. —Ain’t it the truth ?? Some simple — yet profound statements like this need NO explanation ! Yet most Liberally ‘educated fools’ will NEVER be able to understand these sacred ideas and scriptures….. But I can’t help but wonder how the wicked, unbelievers will feel after they see the Rapture…. as they will be ‘Left Behind,’ with Satan…. Ha! The KJV Bible says that, “They will water their knees.” –Go figure…. My humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. My Email: –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, Helicopter ‘door gunner.’ —Tommy Schuckman.

    • Debra(bogene)

      That was what my husband was in Vietnam, a helicopter door gunner. Ya’s paths may have crossed, since ya were there at the same time. God Bless and take care.

      • Tom Schuckman

        Do you remember what outfit and what year he was over there ?? Camp BearCat, RVN: 69-70.

        • Debra(bogene)

          He was 7th Cal 101st Airborne Div Quntray North Vietnam in ’70 and ’71. He did 2 tours.

  • While these Liberals are demanding placing a muzzle on anyone who dares to disagree with them I certainly want to see what a good job they do in converting Muslims in America and the Middle East to marrying gays in their Mosques and allowing their kids to cohabitate with the same sex.

  • Rodney Steward

    Time for the American people to take a stand, fight fire with fire, it’s coming sooner or later anyway! We can’t keep giving in to these socialist, and these judges that were appointed by Obama over his 8 years of destruction, all of this is just part of it! Bad days are coming!!!!!!

  • ray Maurer

    I enjoy shopping in the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart, for there I can talk with working men and women who go fishing! I ask them about what lures they find working at “Lake poo-poo Pa Pa,” or wherever, and what fish are running.

    In Texas in 2010, I found them invariably to be Democrats, but with the beliefs of northeast US Republicans – self reliant; gun owners; the glories of our wonderful country! I came to them from the New York-Philadelphia corridor, and told them of the voter fraud being used there.

    I also joined the TEA party and the Republican Party, and encourage them to talk with Lamar County Democrats every chance they got.

    The whole county turned Republican in November 2010, and even the current Democrat office holders changed to Republican.

    We can all have influence in bringing the non-voters to the polls to fight back!

  • GuardianFlame

    Liberals are so removed from Reality that they now believe their own make believe worlds created to hide all their inadequacies! Their own parents constantly reminded them of what horrible achievers they were, that they whined and cried and screamed “unfair” when someone smarter or prettier than them won anything. Libs are the scourge that run “Hollyweird” which creates this sickness with all their egocentric actions.

    How sick is it when a young child wants to be like a movie star or rock star or sports figure only to discover that person – who the child emulates – is found beating his girlfriend or rapeing women or doing drugs, or in O.J. Simpson’s case, killing his wife. What kind of message does that send to a young child — twisted just doesn’t come close to describing it.

    If our Society goes diwn hill, it’s because we have let it do so. There is no one but ourselves to blame! When parents chose to play with their grown up toys instead of mentoring their children and showing them the moral and right things abt life, parents pushed our Society down the wrong path of IRRESPONSIBILITY! YES! It’s hard to parent and get it right! Yes it’s challenging and vuts into your “Me” time. But it is each parent’s responsibility to guide their child so they can make rational good choices when they become adults.

    Is that happening now? No! Except in string Faith driven families where God matters and sacrifices are made to lead a Christian life.

    What we are seeing is the Generation from the “Latch Key kids” who were left on their own while both parents worked. These kids grew up watching TV as their companions, not having a parent there to inform and explain. They were exposed to a life on their own, making friends with just anyone so they weren’t alone. Parents were to busy being breadwinners or creating great careers to further their pride and bank accounts. Little Johnny was left by himself to figure out what the world was about…and many times what he discovered wasn’t wholesome nor good.

    These are the parents raising the students if today – with warped and confused minds about what is moral and what is not. These students are the offspring of oarents who had no guidance but experienced both the good and bad of life. Are they good parents? Probably not, because they had no help to understand or direct. Can they raise moral kids? Probably not because unless you have been taught abt God and morality, which most were not, how can you teach your own kids?


    It will take ALL of us to change the hurtful and destructive path the liberals are trying to force America down. Faith is the bond that binds mankind – perversion is the poison that destroys us – and our Family unit – and our Country!

    Choose God — or choose not. If we want to save America, GOD must lead the way!

    • Debra(bogene)

      Very well said. That covers it all. Thank you.

    • Marie Palmatier

      Guardian Flame – well said!! Thank you❤️

  • Phantom

    That’s why we must take to the streets if the wrongly do anything to President Trump. The same violence the
    Liberals excercised and no one no judge, police, politician did anything about it. They called it constitutional right. Well we should practice the right too when our turn comes if it does. You fight fire with fire. I’m ready, are you?

    • PaulaRevere

      Violence, division, in-fighting among black, white, gays, traditionals, ACLU, constant agitation and harassment is all part of the SOROS / SOCIALIST plan. WE must get more involved at all levels of government, WE must teach our children well, WE must sack the bums in Congress, WE must elect those that represent our Constitution and us. WE MUST WORK TOGETHER. If we do not, yes, there will be civil war, which is just what will result in the death of Democracy as well as the USA. Mr. Trump has promised to work for, not against the Constitution. He is trying to get us to pull together as a Nation. He is reaching out to allies, testing enemies. All those who promote division and chaos in this country, with a completely liberal agenda, are anethama to America. They must be stopped. God bless America, may God bless President Trump.

  • dprato

    Don’t worry about the left making any significant gains politically or otherwise. We should actually encourage them to continue their mindless behaviors and rants, short of the violence. They have succeeded only in displaying what they are really all about which is offensive to most rational American Citizens. My prediction is simple, in 2018 the Republicans (if they keep on task and follow the Trump agenda) will have super majorities in both houses of Congress and in 2020 Trump will win in a landslide because by that time he will have reduced illegal immigration and voter fraud significantly and we will have fair elections where only those legally able to vote will do so. In doing that he will severely eliminate any real advantage Democrats have had historically because of their propensity to cheat. So regardless what you read in the “fake news” things are looking up and those of us who support President Trump should feel confident in the future.

  • kassa1

    The Bible says in the LAST days good will become as bad and BAD will become as good !

  • Katia

    Liberals have lost the art of speech all together..They think freedom of speech applies only to them..They are in for one big surprise one day..Bottom line is a real marriage is ONLY BTWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN PERIOD..When men can start getting pregnant and women can impregnate themselves we’ll talk

  • Betty Case

    I will have my religious freedom

  • Concerned Citizen

    Liberals [and non-Christians] are systematically trying to destroy our nation.

  • albany le

    We cannot and will not accept any (so called religion) that allows children to be raped and sold off to others, women being killed and many more evil things.
    We believe in God, Under God We Trust. If you believe in a God who loves and guides us all to do good and live clean lives-That is religion.

  • fred russo

    We need the snowflakes to GROW UP and start paying taxes!!!!!

  • Estell Newton

    The Bible states that in the last day man will say what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. Perfect definition of liberals.

  • wdcraftr

    God places leaders,and removes leaders/kings, all to fulfill his prophesy.. And God’s end times prophesy is for Rome, the Catholic Papacy to heal it’s deadly wound, and again rule the world.. This will come about when America passes a national Sunday law mandating rest and Worship on Sunday, the Papacy’s day of worship, in the name of peace and safety,. But God the Creator says to worship Him on His Holy Sabbath, Saturday.. This will be the final battle of Armageddon over, Who do you Worship.. The beast’s Mark is Sunday worship, and God’s Seal is Saturday Sabbath Worship.. And as in the Dark Ages, God’s faithful will once again be persecuted for their Faith.. How many hundreds of millions will die this time as martyrs? Who will you worship in the last days? The bible says every person on the Earth will have to make this choice, as the whole world will follow the beast and it’s Sunday Law, and if you don;t keep Sunday worship, your spouse, child, parent, friend, or neighbor will tattle on you, and then the govt, or whoever will deny you buying and selling, confiscate your belongings like home, land, car, etc..Then jail, and even death as punishment.. This is the Great tribulation, the great time of trouble, just before the 7 last plagues/ bowls/ vials, are poured out on those who took the Mark of the beast.. “He who endures to the end will be saved”. Matt. 24:13 God uses ISIS to pour out wrath on those who need to repent, as well as using storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, disease, drought, etc, but Satan also causes destruction, disease, and suffering too.. We are not in control of this world, but God is, and the Jesuits, Catholic church, free Mason’s, and others are also his tool.. There was a war in heaven between Lucifer and God, and WE are the jury deciding who’s way is right, and the 6000 year trial is almost up.. We are either on God’s side, or Satan’s side, and the Sunday law will make us cast our deciding vote..

  • Walt

    Folks if your not a Christian, you better be repenting of your sins, because Jesus Christ is coming back soon. Put God first and trust in your faith.

  • peter watson

    2 Timothy 1:

    7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

  • Alleged Comment

    Yes, the RISE of the fatherless as prophesied in Isaiah, because of our SINS.

    Petulant women and children shall be your leaders. And yes, they are deranged and deluded. You will not be able to reason with them.

    They will drown you out with shouts and screams. Like I said, petulant women and children are coming and they are to be your leaders.

    They will be like a plague sent upon you.

  • Another Civil War is gaining strength. The New Liberal Confederacy will fly the Obama Flag while the Conservative Patriots will rally to Ole Glory. Liberals will use gangsta tactics: home invasions, drive by, riots, death squads, bombs and scare tactics. The Conservatives will use Snipers and Military tactics to defeat the Dem-Wits at their own game.