• Patriot47

    Who’s surprised?

    • Chandler

      No one on the right I imagine !!

  • barnjoer

    These people lie so much I don’t think they could tell the truth if there life’s depended on it!

    When will the truth become the truth again? I was raised to tell the truth.if you tell a lie then you have to remember how you told it & who you told it to do you can tell it the same way again.

    We the American people deserve nothing but the truth! Good or bad. Put A polygraph On everyone that opens there mouths that testify in or before Congress with A camera on them to record what they say!!!

    • ted j

      the truth does not matter to the libs.. they only care about their agenda…. achieved by any means necessary

      • Mike Thomas

        It’s becoming more obvious by the day that the Democrat war on President Trump and his administration is actually a war on evidence, logic, and facts.

    • Chandler

      Nice comment !!

  • pappy450

    No surprise here. THAT is how this “narrative” that the LAME STREAM MEDIA has pushed constantly concerning the so-called “Russia information” about PRESIDENT TRUMP and his Administration keeps popping up . Just another GAGGLE OF OSCUMBAG “plants” to stop our PRESIDENT from “draining the swamp” of these entrenched “elites”. As you can tell, these “shadow government” people will do ANYTHING to keep their TAXPAYER FUNDED cushy jobs, large bank accounts, and comfy offices.

    • Chandler

      Nice clean post , thanks !!

      • Phaedrus51

        Ditto. Elegantly stated, and on point.

    • Mike Thomas

      The era of “Hope and Change” was nothing more than a banana republic, overseen by a paranoid autocrat. Obama’s love of censorship is symbolic of the Democrats and the left. In order to bring about their utopian paradise of big government multiculturalism, Obama’s delusional followers continuously resort to treasonous activity.
      It’s time to end the Obama nightmare for good.

      • Chandler

        Wait for the rest of the story, thing are going to get interesting I will bet.
        If there is no prison time for all concerned then justice will not be done.
        If it were any legal citizen that taped into a person running for Office in America they would be in prison toot sweet.
        So how about it Attorney General for America are you up to put this traitor Rice former ATT.Gen. in prison along with any and all that had a part in this.
        Time the illegal Barack Husein Obama pays the piper along with others.
        What say all of you ??

        • Cathymrichards

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        • Elizabethpmatthew

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  • John Williams

    Keep saying it enough times and the useful idiots will line up behind it.

    • Chandler

      That is what the Demo-rats do to bring down there adversary’s,Shame on or government and the politicians that over see these maters.

  • Jmanjo

    It is amazing that the media and liberals when faced with testimony from the same intelligence agencies they boast about that there is nothing to the Trump-Russian thing they flat refuse to drop the issue. It is like they are in heat or something! Never would have believed they would go these extremes just because the Hillary lost the election, even when she cheated!

    • Mike Thomas

      It is the ole bate and switch trick. They were the ones that were dealing with Russia when Killary was Secretary of State selling them 20% or our uranium while her and Slick Willie were making millions on the side from the sale. The Demon Rats are so Crooked they will have to screw them in the ground when they die.

      • Chandler

        reply is spot on there Mike!!

  • Chandler

    I know how you feel, isn’t is a shame what links these politicians and our own security will go to.
    Just to hang a honest or innocent person because they don’t like them or in fact hate that they lost.
    Our government went out on a limb and it appears that Barack Hussein Obama’s has a hand in this.
    That he probably has formed a shadow government, just down the street from the White House.
    If it is proven then Barack Hussein Obama and those involved must be charged with Treason.

  • TPS12

    Say it ain’t so, how shocking. Not!

  • elmcqueen3

    I wouldn’t put it past the CIA for come up with a plan to discredit Donald Trump as being in collusion with the Russians…Not forgetting the 17 Intelligence Agencies, NSA, Homeland Security, the CIA, the FBI, and all the other pertinent agencies such as the BTAF, DEA, etc. of which same agencies are actually the frame work behind the deep state shadow government which supports the global governance of the New World Order…Trump is not in their favor…Further more “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American Public believes is false”…William Casey, Director CIA 1981-1987.

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    I think the CIA and others-Really need to be Loyal to our President and America.If your Loyalty is with OBama-Then you need to Leave-Not do anymore Harm-To America.

  • Michael Heagney

    The above article fails to ask a significant question. Why wouldn’t the DNC allow the FBI to help them track the hacking? What were they hiding to turn away cyber security experts at the FBI? Does not pass the smell test to me.

  • R Monty


  • junkmailbin

    it happened under Ofaggots watch so he goes to jail along with every last minion who thought they were covered

  • Paul Anderson

    The fact that the CIA was involved in the drug trade in Viet Nam, leads me to believe, they are capable of almost anything. During the Cold War, the CIA was engaged in covert activity in the Soviet Union. We would send CIA agents to the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union would send KGB and Military Intelligence to the US.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    The CIA has been a rogue organization that has toppled governments around the world, assassinated heads of state and many others. The have a “black” operating budget (unaccounted for budget). This organization is the equal, and sometimes colludes with similar foreign organization entities. The American public and most government officials have been kept in the dark about their mode of operation. Conspiracy theories abound about this organization but some are in truth.

  • mrp15

    So whatever the Obama CIA claimed was related to Russia, most likely was not. Thus proof of President Trump’s ties to Russia does not exist. What does exist, however, thanks to Susan Rice’s “smoking gun” is that the Obama administration unmasked Trump associates and leaked what they found to the media despite claiming what they did was in the interest of national security, in fact it was motivated by politics. Lock ’em all up, including crooked Hillary.

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