• Ted Duke

    Let’s encourage her to run…ACROSS THE U.S. BORDER. Good riddance!

    • Darren Rusty

      Love this. Please get the camera ready. Facebook and Mark ZuckerTrash should love watching it!

  • Darren Rusty

    These LibTurds are hopelessly STUPID. It must be some biological mutation or something. How could so many so call “intelligent” people be such idiots?

  • John Doe

    These people are overwhelmingly stupid for even suggesting such an idea like this !

    • Mike W

      You have to really feel sorry for them – when the Hildebeast is the best thing they have to offer.

  • larry outlaw

    let the worthless piece of crap run straight to the gallows.

  • John M

    It’s not that I’m distressed about the idea of her running again, but just hearing her name makes me I’ll. Note to Hillary: Please go away. If those reports were true about Bill being angry with her for writing that book I can understand. He was probably advising her to take the money and run. But no…. She had to keep sticking her fingers into the pot. Now Bill’s old indiscretions have risen from the dead. The Clinton shenanigans are being subject to investigation. Had she kept a low profile, the current pursuit of justice might have taken on more of an appearance of revenge. But she continued to fan the fires with lies and there is no one left to “validate” those lies. The house of cards is falling, fast. I’m praying that there will be more than the 2018 elections for the Democrats to worry about.
    The list is too long to list here but let’s start with Clinton(s), Obama, Holder, Rice, and Lynch. I don’t want to overload the Justice department with work. Digest that bunch first, and then pursue the Mueller “team”. 2020 will be a GREAT election year!
    All of the above mentioned characters need to be investigated and charged with their crimes. Unlike the false accusations leveled at POTUS and any others who dared to oppose them. MAGA

  • George E. LeFebvre

    Sounds like something that would be coming out of the Late Night Show Idiot COLBERT .

  • Donald Lindsey

    It just proves the point that socialistic liberal democrats only care in destroying America not protecting it according to their oath of office. By the way which does state the following under U.S. Code § 3331 – Oath of office:

    An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath:

    “I, their full name do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    The Socialistic Liberal Democrats do not believe that this Oath really means what it states about defending the Constitution nor America. This equals HIGH TREASON by all the democrats in DC.

  • Joe Casci

    One liberal RAG deserves another liberal HAG

    • Chi Sam

      The simple word ‘another’ means one more of the same. Rag is to rag, what hag is to hag, dimwit. Embrace English…or go back to Mexico or whatever third-world cesspool you belong to.

  • Rich Williams

    Explain to me how she can conduct a presidential campaign from prison?

    • The Redhawk

      Sitting on a bar stool with seat belts to avoid falling…

  • Db

    I say hildabeast please run again so then you can say your a 3 time loser. President Trump will smoke you again in 2020! MAGA 😁

    • mrp15

      That’s right. Three strikes and she’s out. We already know she lacks self respect after what she endured at the hands of her pervert husband throughout their entire “marriage.” Running again would further add to her lack of self respect.

    • Karen

      Really, seriously, we should all encourage this.

  • tCotUS

    I want the biddy to run for a jail cell inhabitant 2017.

  • Kevin

    Lmao Good. It’s going to be real good to see her get beat again!

  • Jim

    All these dems talk about is the last election,the 2020 election and Russia,Russia,Russia. They don’t have anything to offer.Never mind that Hilary and Obama sold us out to Russia with selling 20% of our imported uranium to Russia for 145 million dollars to her corrupt money laundered Clinton foundation.

  • Bishop351

    She won’t have to worry about apparel….orange jumpsuit daily!

  • Why don’t you throw an anchor to a drowning man? This man is very obviously insane at the very thought of such a IDIOTIC move! It would be the downfall of the Democratic party! On second thought, let her run, and get ‘er done!!!

  • greyghost5632

    The President waxed her last time! With no illegals voting, no dead people and no multiple voters able to vote this time, he will beat her by more than he did last time!

  • Rob D

    Hey now, they need a chance to get their cheating game back on par. Didn’t have enough illegals and welfare voters last time.

  • Murphmeister

    Oh, Hillary please run again against the likes of Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and maybe even Stuart Smalley on a tour of contrition. you can throw in token Corey Booker.

  • The Redhawk

    BY all MEANS let her run AGAIN…and let her Nominate MAXI WATERS as her vp so that ONLY BI COASTAL votes will get them FEWER votes than SHIL LIAR RY got last time in the VOTES that COUNT …THE ELECTORAL VOTE!!!
    But will she be OUT of JAIL in 7 years???

  • Mike W

    They keep talking about Hillary in 2020 – from what I have been seeing of her she will be lucky to be alive in 2018 – she looks like she can barely move on her own. Wheel chairs – – walkers – people holding her up – she is either totally stoned or extremely ill.

  • Larry Brule


  • joe

    Hillary’s got “the runs!”

  • Barbedwire

    If she did run, she’d be the first candidate to do it from PRISON.

  • Dennis Clauson

    Please I’m eating.

  • Mary

    Even though she hasn’t been convicted ( and I do believe she’s being protected by the shadow government and George Soros money.) A lot of new scandal has surfaced on the Clinton’s. Their phony speaking fees, bribery, pay-off, racketeering, Clinton pay to play schemes and not to mention Uranium One, and now new information on Benghazi. And the fact Comey covered up for her and hid pertinent information that could have convicted her.
    Of course, some Democrats would still look the other way, but I believe she’s now damaged goods and if she ran against Trump in 2020 would be easier to beat than last time. Libs think Trump is finished but he’ll pull it off in 2020 again with more votes than he had in 2016 from disparaged Clinton voters.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Sing Sing is a lousey place hold office!

    • Chi Sam

      Lousy, you dummy.

      • Henry Gregg Nash

        Who made you an English teacher?. Who cares if I can’t spell!.. You shouldn’t!

        • Warden Clyffe

          If you truly believe that correctly speaking one’s own language suggests “teacher”, you’re a complete ******* imbecile.

          I’ll tell you who should care. You. And you ought to be ashamed, not only for yourself and your own lack of pride, but for all of us Trump supporters that are castigated as ignorant and uneducated because of overly-vocal dummies like you.

          We’re not even accepting Mexicans anymore that don’t speak English. It is not at all unreasonable to expect that a man born and raised in the United States be somewhat proficient in our shared language.

          • Henry Gregg Nash

            If I want your comment, I’ll ask for it. FOOL! I have more pride in my little finger than you have between your ears!

          • Warden Clyffe

            No you don’t. Not real pride. Not the pride that comes from doing a task right. Not the pride that comes from accomplishment.

            You have some fake pride that allows you to remain stupid so long as you are seen to be defending your honor.

      • Henry Gregg Nash

        Careful…Who made you an English teacher, Fool!

        • Warden Clyffe

          You posted a second time, because you did not see your first reply. You do not know why you did not see your first reply…because you are not a smart man.

          Typical, that you botch very basic concepts and simple words yet call those who point out your mistakes fools. You’re a coward. A thin-skinned, low self-esteem coward.

          • Henry Gregg Nash

            Why should you care? I’m smarter you think… !!!!

          • Warden Clyffe

            “I’m smarter you think” means nothing whatsoever…not even to you, dimwit. Did you perhaps ineptly omit a word in your boast of your intelligence?

          • Henry Gregg Nash

            You messed with the wrong person!

          • Warden Clyffe

            Your wife looks like a huge pile of Jello topped with a with a Dollar Store wig. Debra Joan is actually fatter than you are.

            (You have yet to be ‘messed with’, stupid. I’m all about messing with inept, mouth-running jerks like you.)

          • Warden Clyffe

            My mistake…she’s actually pretty hot. Too bad she’s a Trump-hating lesbian.

          • Chi Sam

            Says the silly little man that has no choice but to close his profile because he cannot stand the scrutiny.

            Yeah…I really messed with the wrong person.

          • Chi Sam

            I am very curious as to what that possibly might mean. I think it means nothing whatsoever, but I would enjoy hearing you say it.

            I will give you as many opportunities as you feel are necessary to cough up your admission that you simply got ahead of yourself and ran your mouth out of misplaced pride.

            It’s your call.

  • NickinATL

    Liberal Democrats–CLUELESS, just Friggin CLUELESS !!! How else can you explain it ?!!

  • robert sanders


  • Sgt. York

    Most of America would like to see clinton run. But it’s run for the hills as the Presidental gig is not your bag there dear old crooked clinton. Bmene

  • pappy450

    The only place hitlery needs to “run” to, is a prison cell where she belongs with ALL of her crooked minions.

  • Keith

    I dare them to run her again. They don’t have the balls! I still have all my Hillary dirt. Go ahead, make it easy on us. P.S., we will never elect anyone ever just because the candidate is a woman. You did that shit to us when you elected a Gay Muslim Communist with Fake Papers just because he was black!

    • Mt Native

      and only 1/16 black at that.

      • jimshaw54

        Oh, but he LOOKED black. Maybe these people didn’t read Little Red Riding Hood when they were little, else they would have seen through the wolf with a sheeps clothing on his back.

        • Mt Native

          Yes and proof that looks can and are deceiving. Even with all the lies he told they elected him a second time. A nation filled with low info voters.

          • jimshaw54

            The only “cure” for getting rid of low information voters would be a civics test that they would have to pass in order to vote. Just because you are born here doesn’t mean that you will be a good citizen, nor vote with intelligence.

            Having said that, a lot of the problem can also be laid on the shoulders of those (media) who are supposed REPORT and not skew the news. How can people make a good choice when voting if they don’t really know what their candidate stands for.

            In today’s world with so much “blather” rather than real information, maybe we need to go back to voting for local people who will vote for our various representatives. We usually know (or can know) people who live closer to home, who they are and what they stand for. In the past the people didn’t vote directly for President etc. because many did not have access to the news. Today we have the opposit problem, but we have also seen how polarized toward one of the two parties the media can be, and unless you are willing to look elsewhere you can get a very skewed idea of the various candidates and what they actually believe.

  • vinny

    Why so she can make an ASSHOLE out of herself again. I hope she is in prison by the next election.

  • Ron Sheppard

    Life could not get better if she became the Dumbascrap nominee again. If you think she got a whoopin last election, this would be laughable. It would be declared a holiday. Can’t wait for the debates.

  • jimshaw54

    We NEED to have a woman as president — why? Our president should be the best of the best, and I would hate it if a woman who is not the best of the best would be voted in just because some people think we “need” to have a woman president. I would gladly vote for a women who was the best of the best, and there are women out there who would be great presidents. But choosing Hiliary Clinton just because we “need a woman” is one of the most assinine reasons to vote Hillary Clinton into office. Ask any woman or man who married just because they thought they “needed a spouse”. That usually doesn’t work out very well, either. Leave it to a Democrat to come up with such a hair-brained idea.

    • Mt Native

      Kind of like the reason obummer was elected – we needed the first black president. The joke is on them as he is only 1/16th black, the rest is 1/2 white and 7/16 Arab.

  • niknar

    I do like your first paragraph, especially your last sentence: “Young rapscallions like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders!” And the article is quite amusing overall. However, no truly “liberal rag” would urge the establishment corporatist has been to run.

    Having someone as president sharing mutual hostility with Putin is not necessarily in our interest. Putin isn’t quite Hitler, & Hillary certainly is no Churchill.

    “Hillary Clinton being elected president (at last) would monumentally
    piss off misogynistic trolls, and what’s not to like about that?” It would also monumentally piss off at least 2/3 of the American public, most of whom (I hope) are not misogynistic; that’s what’s not to like about that. It would be great if the next president were a woman, but pushing someone just because she’s a woman has manifestly not worked well for the Democrats.

    We should all be wishing that both nominees are worthy candidates, which we haven’t really seen since 1956. Even having 1 major candidate that would really make a competent president is a rarity.

  • Get Real

    The Democrat party has become the ‘Ship of Fools’ adrift in a cesspool of corruption…Not one of them can be trusted ever again…. The Republican Party is the “Gang Who Can’t Shoot Straight’…. What to do? Primary them all out and start over… We can send them all running after they pull their pants up…

  • downs1

    This woman has proved over and over since the election that she would be absolutely terrible as President of the United States of America! She is dishonest, self aggrandizing, power-hungry, immoral, greedy, and very possibly mentally unstable! If she does anything, it is for her own purposes and desires! Also, there is a 20 plus year history of corruption all the way from Arkansas to the White House as First Lady, and subsequently as Secretary of State! We do not need her! Most sane people do not want her as their President!

  • Edward

    I sure hopes she runs . And let’s tell her she has a 99% chance of winning. To make sure she will run again. Cause we all know from the last election that 99% for her is still a loss. And we can have 4 more years of a real leader that has the united States roaring back to greatness. The mighty Donald Trump

  • Maggietish

    It’s a great idea for Hillary Clinton to run in 2020. That will mean Donald Trump would win by a landslide. Question though, how is she going to run for the presidency and govern when she’s in jail where she should be.

  • Tom Pesta

    Don’t be fooled like the media, Mueller has her in his crosshairs !!

  • Brian Freed

    Elizabeth Warren <> Her only connection to the Indian Heritage is her mohawk cut on her short and curlies/

  • Alleged-Comment

    Oh, this lady must NEVER become your President. You are putting in a very SICK and DELUDED lady. She must not be President at ANY cost!

    It would be like getting the SODOMITE obama all over again and possibly worse. And that’s saying a lot because the Negro was the WORST PHONY ever put in office.

    We got nothing out of it, and all the Negro did was sabotage this country in anyway he could, being a Negro. Hillary being a women, will feel the same way as the Negro did about being a Negro.

    Both of the do not invent or build anything and are not capable of it. Hence the RESENTMENT of productive and inventive white males.

    That is why both like to shop (women) and shoplift (Negroes). Their favorite activities.

  • Gammi2Anna

    What will it take to cure America of this FUNGUS Among Us? I personally am sick of hearing the name, Hillary Clinton. It makes me throw up in the back of my throat every time. Please, can anyone give me one good, logical reason why this person would ever be considered for POTUS? She’s been shown to be a selfish, devious, evil, hate-filled, angry, traitorous, greedy, immoral, wicked, heartless, mentally deranged and unstable psychotic lunatic. Oh my goodness!!! I just described what the Democrat Party believes to be the perfect Presidential candidate. In that case, I guess WE, the Deplorables will just have to do what we did in 2016. Vote Trump AGAIN. Surely by then someone will have developed a cure for the Clinton Fungus.

  • John D

    Matthew Rozsa of Salon? Well that explains a lot. An idiot working for a corrupt rag.
    Oh, please convince Hillary to run again. I’ll bring the popcorn.

  • Richard Alex

    I can’t stop laughing at this article, What fool would want crooked Hillary as President. she cares only about herself and the family. Everyone knows she a master LIAR, DECEITFULL
    AND EVERYTHING else. Please never encourage her to run for office ….

  • james Conner

    Damn Liberals, Are nothing but a bunch of corrupt bunch of perverts, pushing anti-God adgenda. Yet, they still want their crooked and very corrupt Queen to run what’s left of our Country to the gates of Hell. Obama nearly got the USA there! Sad, she is the only one they can run. George Soros will be pulling her strings as he did OBAMA the Traitor!
    SAD SAD Mueller wants to charge Flynn with lying to the FBI ! How many times has Hillary lied to the FBI, Congress and GOD and never been charged! How many people have died mysteriously that had the goods on Her!!!!! Yet, the Snowflakes praise the woman that sold our country out to the highest bidder. This is what the Democrats want!!!


    It would be a pleasure to vote AGAINST her again.

  • Joe Casci

    You obviously don’t comprehend a little English slang . Tell you what I’ll buy your ticket home for you. LOL

    • Chi Sam

      Are you addressing the author of this article…or did you reply in the wrong space due to sheer incompetence?

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    It would be fun to watch her lose again!

    • Warden Clyffe

      Every time I think that I’m in…they push me back out!

  • Warden Clyffe

    Hillary Clinton, in The Godmother part III

    “Every time that I think I’m in…theyyy push me back out!”

  • dude

    know they don’t she’s never had a chance of winning and she has close to 0 chance now besides most legal Americians hopes she’ll be in prison by the next election

  • Gregory Brewster

    I say Hillary has the right to run. Just start out slow but, a woman of her years should really not run more than 1 mile. That’s the only running I suggest she do.

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