• Scrubjay

    It has been blatantly obvious, especially since Obama, that the Democrat party and by extension progressivism, have historically been the party of exclusion and divisiveness.

    More and more, people are waking up and not believing the caricature of the Conservatives painted by the utterly corrupt Democrat media machine.

    • real talk 1

      It’s about time !!!

  • Jimmy Quick

    The voice of reason says that we have tried it your way for almost (8) years now and government corruption and mismanagement have been multiplied by the thousands during that period.

    The fact that you have not noticed is proof positive that you are completely disengaged from the facts.

    If you have any hope to remain a free people something has got to change and Hillary is the worst possible person to have in a leadership position.

    Why didn’t you elect a candidate who didn’t have a long history of corruption?

    Had you only stopped and thought this all through to a logical conclusion, you certainly would have gotten a better result.

    Without sounding inflammatory, don’t you think it is far better that a non-criminal should be our leader?

    • RufusVonDufus

      Perhaps a lying squaw indian? High cheekbones my butt!


        Translate that comment!

      • Jimmy Quick

        I get it. These donkeys don’t have much of bench.

    • Obie Miller

      Well said, Jimmy!

  • doesn’t sound they want to unite.. they are out there on the streets spreading their hate and refuse to give them man a chance to run this country and fix the mess it is in.. They don’t seem to care that their candidate was extremely corrupt, lied to the America citizens over and over and to Congress and the FBI.. HOW does anyone trust someone like that..
    Trump isn’t perfect, but he is far better than putting a criminal in office to do more damage to this country and shove us off a cliff into the deep cesspool… Trump is not a racist, he does NOT hate anyone .. these fools need to stop listening to the lying media who will NOT report the truth when it comes to Trump… They don’t say anything about all the good he has done for many people…

  • gerald Hughes

    The liberal dem bloodsuckers had only one accomplishment in the last 8 years.
    They caused the entire republican party to evolve.
    We had cordially despise the liberal dem bloodsuckers for the 50 years prior to Obama.
    He lead us to hating the liberal scum with a depth, intensity and bitterness that has no bottom
    We no longer wish to deal with the liberal scum at all.
    It behooves liberal to be quiet and very polite. they are walking the precipice of civil war.

  • l2a3

    The problem is that liberals “feel” and do not “think” on situations. They do things to make them feel good, not what is needed for society.

    • Phoebe Isley

      I have always been taught to make decisions not based on your feelings but your brain meaning to think before you say or do. COMMON SENSE has left the building people. TRUMP is our PRESIDENT like it or not so stop with the whining. You all sound like a bunch of spoiled brats who need an arse whooping.

    • Americans Wake Up

      They lack common sense and logic.

    • real talk 1

      They don’t give a damn about society they don’t know what the word implies they are just plain stupid !!

    • Thomas D Harrell

      Well freakin said. I love it.

    • Eternal Vigilance

      There is another side to that equation which affirms that the left put in place quite a few programs with interesting names, starting with the Great Society and ending today with Obamacare. The problem with the left is they put in place a program, go around slapping themselves on the back and then disappear! I never have seen a leftist that stepped up and said, “We put this program in place and, because of that, we have the responsibility to be accountable for its success or failure and if it is failing find a way to make it work within the budget that we put forth. Then, if we can’t do that then we being the originators of a this failed fed program must bring it to an end. Nope! Never have seen them do that but if they want to give it a try maybe their first effort should be directed at the massively failed US Dept. of Education.

  • junkmailbin

    Liberal progressives are a classic example of Einsteins axium, ” Insanity is dong the same thing and expecting a different result.”
    This group cannot understand anything outside tier limited perspective. There are many that will never find someone who voted for Trump in their life. This tells them that he in by cheating.
    They realy need to get out in the world

  • Estoban

    Liberals no longer share the ideal of Americans to ‘live and let live’. They insist on agreement and compliance with their wonderful progressive ideas and pursue this with PC, brainwashing, propaganda and in extremes, violence. It’s a really sad and dangerous state of affairs.

    • RufusVonDufus

      It is now time to wrest control of our schools from the clutches of the liberal progressive NEA and begin actually educating kids as to the real world rather than the make believe world they are being taught now.

      • Estoban

        And then we can stop graduating so many snowflakes.


        Eliminate the lazy, money pit, slovenly ABC departments!!

    • real talk 1

      One they will surly lose !!

  • PatriotGal

    Does anyone else remember the current POTUS, when winning the election, derisively speaking to the Republican members of Congress, snarkily saying, “I WON!”. So much for working together with the Republicans amid the DEMONcRATS holding both the House and Senate for the last TWO years under Bush and continuing for the first two under OWEbama. Rememeber Pelosi called us Tea Party members “terrorists”. Amazing how the country healed from the riots the Tea Party Terrorists held when OWEbama won twice – the looting, the fires – oh wait, there WEREN’T ANY because we the people are the law and order people. Obviously, it is we who voted for the law and order POTUS – President Elect TRUMP!!!


      AMMO UP and pray we don’t have to use it!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        11 boxes of 9mm hollow point, many with a drop of pigs blood in the tip. ???

  • daveveselenak

    Don’t hold your breath, nothing but utter chaos and defiance will ensue from the Communist Party USA i. e. the democ-rats as that is all they know what to do to get their agenda! Trump had better not capitulate one iota now that he has HIS PEN, the senate and house – stick it up their asses as they had done to “US” for the last eight years!

    • RufusVonDufus

      Start with Obama with Harry Reid next to him. Make sure you get all of the RINO’s, too!

  • Patriot47

    The only bi-partisan they acknowledge is RINOs crossing to their side.
    Spoiled children one and all. Let’s spank ’em.

  • RufusVonDufus

    One more maybe: Maybe all of those wussy millenials will run to their “safe space” and pee their pants one more time! Nothing could be better than to see a millenial wetter in the moooooooooooorrrrrrrrrning! Millenials are the weakest, saddest, most disgusting P’sOS alive today. The Republic certainly does not need them. Ship em out with the illegals and the moooslims.

  • Phoebe Isley

    I blame all this chaos on Hillary and Obama. Since this election started those two never ONCE stepped up to stop the rioting. They more or less encouraged it. Yeah what an awesome loathsome president and Secretary of State. To promote such division and hatred is a shame and you all going along with it are just pawns. Get real and get right. Time to come together from all the segregation this administration has conjured up. Open your eyes and hearts and be a true citizen not a black, purple, white or orange citizen. Not a mexican italian irish etc American just true US of A citizens. United we stand divided we fall. We The People have voted and the tally is in. It’s done so let’s start moving forward! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

      • Phoebe Isley

        They certainly aren'[t my leftist pigs! I am not surprised at all after reading the article. Drain that swamp quick and put these treasonous traitors under lock and key.

    • Ed Shick

      They were led and Sponcered by George Soros , he is now spending his ill gotten money on riots ! , His Voting Machines worked for Obama , but people turned out for Trump ,, We must change laws so only Americans Vote ,I heard over 3 million Illegals voted this time !Freedom is not Free!

  • Danang

      Pied Piper ridding us of RATS!!

  • Danang
  • Danang
  • Danang


    • real talk 1

      Enough Said !!!

    • Rick Beyer

      Sure does.

  • Danang

    President Trump, you have it all, republican Congress, republican House and the Presidency, now get the job done! Make the LIBERALS SQUEEL LIKE PIGS!


      The little cuocakes already are!

  • Danang

    I have learned through the years you can’t argue with the liberal progressives, you have to defeat them! So lets do it!


      DONE!! Now it is time to undo all of the damage!

    • real talk 1

      Thanks for that comment it’s right on !!!

  • Americans Wake Up

    Kind of strange they keep saying they want diversity and want to unite us. They are no mutually inclusive in the goals. Diversity is to divide.

  • Betty

    their extreme actions caused fear that resulted in this election you cannot force your beliefs on someone and not have a reaction when it gets too bad

  • real talk 1

    The line is now broken and you dumb ass liberals had better learn to toe one !!!!!

  • Michael Dennewitz

    The root of ALL the liberals problems is, millions of them are awakening to the reality that their FREE RIDES are to be extinct once Mr Trump takes the oath. They’re ALL scared shitless, even thousands of politicians. HAHAHA???

  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Does anyone remember all the riots when Obama was elected? neither do I !

    • Ed Shick

      No , we did not Riot , but maybe we Should have , The little foreign creep doubled our National Debt , and installed Communists and Muslims in our White House , and Al Sharpton could sleep there when in Town!

  • MIKE6080

    Lets see all the democratic run, bankrupt, sanctuary cities cry now .

  • junkmailbin

    Time for a little behavior modification. Tell tem to sit down, shut up, and do as told OR we make sure you do not get reelected

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    You can bet the destruction of emails will be rampant before Trump gets there. That way even Obama will not be prosecuted. The best hope we have is to collect as many emails before the Obama Administration Leaves. Never, NEVER, does the media ever describe the destruction of emails by Hillary, nor do they mention her perjury, nor do they talk about what the pay for play is about They just say her email problems. I WILL NEVER AGAIN TRUST ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, REUTERS, OR AP. Will only trust Fox Business News, Fox News, and CBN News. I will when oppotunity arises to let those who advertise with these dishonest sources that I do not want to buy their products.

    • Theresa M Collet Armstrong

      CBS is Clinton News Station

  • 7818TD

    Let’s begin by revising the Entitlements, set a whole new criteria, for who is eligible for Govt Assistance, of course, once you re-qualify, there will be Drug Testing. Few Americans desire to support your Habit, we work hard for our money. Lots and lots of money can be saved, simply be demanding that all able to work, work. Free Rides over. The Democrats, and useless Republicans have been running our Govt. one way, down!!! Now, the worm has turned, the Party is over. We have an intelligent, vibrant businessman running things, and he cuts the fat. Because of extremely Poor leadership, if you could even call it that, we’re a train wreck, but we’re coming back, don’t get in our way. The Trump Train is coming down the Track!!!

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    George W. accept their people in offices of the government. NEVER AGAIN. We must pray that Donald Trump is able to fill every job in the Administration and remove people like Loretta Lynch, Jame Comey and ever stinking last supervisor in the IRS to have people who will allow as many 501c4’s or Tea Party and any conservative organizations as are legal as possible. Christians are not Second Class Citizens and it is time to remove every obstacle for Christians to be allowed to practice their faith. Liberals are allowed to do so and therefore Trump may need to remove alot of the Apellate and Supreme Court Justices who won’t follow the Constitution.

  • Sgt. York

    Guess we should of had the Benghazi Murderer as our President and windy the clown as VP. LOL WE HAVE WHO WE WANTED AND THOSE WHO DONT LIKE IT FOOLS ITS TS we are running the real show now. When the jobs start Comming in let’s see if you eightballs turn them down and if so there goes your freebies starve you A holes

  • kbmiller

    White liberals, especially women, thought their “Guilt” would be erased if they voted for a nigro. We’ve all found out what a disaster that turned out to be. The racist, redistribution Socialism crammed down our throats by this incompetent charlatan have hurt the country, economically, abroad and psychologically at home. This corrupt administration NEVER intended to allow ANY conservative to be INCLUDED in policy strategy sessions or negotiations of any type. Now the Dumb A$$ oc RATS and their liberal TOADIES (The LAME STREAM MEDIA)want the Trump administration and all of us conservative voters tyo believe that they favored inclusion. I THINK NOT !! Yes, now they want us to forgive and forget what they did to us, all in good spirit. UN F’N BELIEVABLE. I’d clean house of EVERY leftist in EVERY federal department, starting with the IRS and onto Justice Dept, Education, Energy, Interior and especially go after the Clintons, Holder, Lynch and Obummer, even sweep the Post Office of the dead weight. Come on Trump, do what you said you’d do.

  • Jons_On

    Wasn’t it Obama who said that Republicans get in the back of the bus? The republicans need to remember that when they listen to democrats. The new senate minority leader is a real j@#!a$$ and I would hope the republicans don’t give him the time of day. Of course the out going senate minority leader is possible an even bigger a$$hole. The speech he give after the election of Donald Trump was the most unprofessional thing to ever come out of the senate. Even democrats have scolded Reid over his comments. Reid is nothing more than a crook who has gotten away with too much. Thank you Nevada for giving us such a creep. The republicans don’t need to reach across the isle. They need to ram their agenda through full speed ahead. Get rid of all the crap that Obama put in place as well as a bunch of crap that has been there for a while (IRS, EPA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Homeland Security and the Dept. of Energy. The reason all these should go you ask? What do any of these agencies produce? Nothing. All they do is regulate and take bribes from special interests for their pet projects. So to unify with the democrats will not change a thing in this country. Shrinking the size of this massive blotted corrupt government is the only way we will have change for the better.

  • TPS12

    They were so smug george clooney couldn’t wait to say Trump will not be President. Now the hypocrites just can’t seem to come to reality including the msm who said their bias got in the way of the truth. But as we can see they still won’t report the truth but look for ways to attack President elect Trump.

  • dude

    Christians and queers are not going to meet in the middle… cause if you’re a queer then you are doing something that GOD himself forbid us too do or be…it’s mentioned numerous times in your bible…it is a direct abomanation to GOD himself and a sin …so if you’re a true CHRISTIAN you can’t meet in the middle with out losing your own soul …and going to hell …you must fight and teach against it forever and as hard as you can it’s a mental problem that can be treated and was till late 70s..so all you queers if you want ETERNAL life repent and go seek professional help…



  • RsGoat

    It is sad that the liberals have this self inflated image of being all inclusive but when reading comments from those opposed to Trump there are so many that do not support that statement. Also the idea that a popular vote which would give the presidency to those who focused their efforts in only the most densely populated areas and could forget the rest of the country is not very inclusive is it? Under our current system the winner must gain the support of as many people across the face of our nation as possible to be our president not just the highly populated cities and coastal areas!
    I find it disheartening that so many educated students and educators can’t understand this simple point. We have a House of Representatives staff according to the Population of each State to control the money of our country and a Senate with 2 from each State representing their needs and abilities to support our Federal government in it’s laws. It only makes sense that the one chosen to be it’s leader come from a process that includes a popular and State vote. Each State holds a popular vote to provide the State vote for our new President.
    We survive by working on a consensuses of the people and that means that we don’t always get exactly what each of us wants but what the group determines is best by this process.
    If we waited for 330 million people to come to agreement most of us would be buried before anything happened and instead of being a great nation we would be one in decline.
    The people we elect to office will do the best they can and if our press dose their job we can make good decisions. If they play games or politics the public will lose faith in their reporting like has happened and they will be ignored.
    This election cycle the press was obviously out for one candidate and he damage is still being done. they have 4 years to fix this if these guys want another chance and it needs to begin now, not wait 4 years.
    These stories of racial hate need to be tracked down and brought to light as either fake or real with names and places. some we already know are bogus. It is time to regain reputations and heal our country not drive in more wedges.

    • Danang

      I wish I had the time to really get into depth on your statement, so in short the liberals consider themselves as the intelligencia from their birth and or education. In our higher learning institutions (Harvard,Yale,UP,etc.,etc.) I went to one of them through the Military, the Professors and faculty are 98% liberal loons! Since we the parents send our kids to the best colleges we can afford, we brainwash our kids to believe in the higher learning centers of our great country. Once they are in college they start to get the fact that grades matter and if you fight the professors(the system) it will reflect on your grades. So, if you want a good job after college you have to get good grades. Without knowing, we accept the liberal bias from the teachers, professors because it reflects in the grades. Our kids in college are around 20 years old and they are pressed by us to get good grades, to get a good job so we can be proud of them! After college they get a good job from a liberal corporation and it seems that is a never ending cycle! Some of our kids really get into it, mine did to, had to do a lot of facts and counterculture to get the brainwashing neutralized!! If you have not noticed it is mostly college students, lawyers,professors, doctors, etc.etc., who belong to the intelligencia BS. The only way to stop it is to change % of the liberals, conservatives at the learning centers!

      • RsGoat

        No the only way to change it is for the people who buy into this crap to fight back and look at what it is we have that lasted over 200 years until those in the educational institutions quit selling it out and teaching it right!!
        And if they are going to sell out our country by not teaching our children right I will continue to to be a thorn how ever small in the side of their institutions.
        You would be surprised at how a small idea planted into the minds of others can grow into a nuisance.
        It is time for someone to fight for our country instead of making apologies for it. The design of our constitution is a work of art compared to other systems of government as it creates a way for a country this size to form a consensus and continually move forward instead of falling into anarchy if we don’t sell it out but too many in these last few years especially those from the Press and our educational institutions have opted to sell out on us and turned the daggers inward.
        Look at the way students are behaving at our colleges today.
        That comes form first not understanding our system of government and second a liberal press that sold out on it’s honor during this election and went to work for he Democratic Party selling fear and Hate instead of working on reporting the news.
        Depending on what news stations you watch or if you’ve ever bored yourself by watching a Senate hearing if you can recognize that.
        If I come down on these groups hard it is because after seeing both houses of congress change out, the tea party come into existence and all GOP candidates rejected for an outsider who is soon to be our president still people don’t get it!
        Tomorrow the educator’s and Press will continue like nothing happened.
        We have a good thing here by design and some one will want to copy the socialist model to improve it. every time we do things go down hill. We turn from God and the same happens.

  • Ed Shick

    It is nice we have Conservatives to Work for America ! Liberals are just not cut out to be workers or to be in our Military! We now have a fighter as our President !

  • Jons_On

    The liberal message is nothing more than a lie. It always has been and probably always will be. If the liberals told the absolute truth to the American people they would rarely get elected. This article is so correct about their desire to rule and control not unity and freedom. Some of us have seen through these lies for years. Others are slowly waking up and realizing just what these democrats really are. How can these people be trusted when their idols are people like Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Castro, Lenin, Alinsky and Hitler. All of these people were communists and most had many thousands to millions of detractors murdered. What a wonderful ideology. They offer nothing to America except for pan, misery and for some death.

  • Tom Ford

    What I love about this is that the DC elites are showing their vast sense of ENTITLEMENT! Not only the establishment politicians, but the reaction to the Club 21 event shows the same thing in the establishment media.

  • Dannie Poe

    With all the unrest we are seeing the true face of the Liberal Left. We already knew that all the lies from the Liberal main stream media were false lies used only to discredit Trump. Now we are seeing all the discourse that defines the Liberal Left. They will never be happy until they get what they want. This Liberal Left is also showing its ugly face within the GOP Elite. Sadly Trump will have a rough road to hoe if he wants to get anything done. I see it as a war against Corrupt Politicians and President Trump. Trust me, it will be a war. These corrupt politicians do not want the swamp drained. It means loss of power and riches. Who Trump picks as his cabinet may dictate what he can get done.
    One thing we as Americans can rejoice about is that we will no longer have a Muslim in the Oval Office. As a nation based on Christian values we should never be endorsing Islamic ideals. These ideals are in no way ideals based on individual freedom.

  • Eternal Vigilance

    The Dems have made the most simple of life’s decisions, choices made everyday by millions of people world wide and changed them into agonizing altenative! The have even changed the simple selection as to where to go to the john on that is homophobic, zenophobic, Islamophobic, racism, anti-feminism, etc. Maybe, ultimately, the election put Trump in office because the Dems hyper-ventilate about everything!

  • Danang

    A Democrat, liberal progressive is impossible to convince even with solid facts, so the only thing to do is to win, we have a good start now, so lets kick their ass and make them sit in the corner, with their newly elected Chucky cheese Schumer!

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