• Vernon Devine

    Good for the networks! Very happy to see them act on good principles and not take the money and run his stupid ads. There is some integrity shown there.

    • river

      Did mommy have any toilet bugs that lived, Vernon?

      • liberaldisgust

        No ……

      • bttrap

        his mother should of practiced birth control

    • chief1937

      Spoken as a true democrat congratulations. What principles are you referring to? Haven’t seem where news media has any.

    • liberaldisgust

      Those networks have 0 integrity ….. their whole operating principal is based on a political agenda that’s based in Marxist Socialism …… these people are the enemy of America

      • Vernon Devine

        You are so full of shit.

    • bttrap

      but they will take money from the clintons

    • jaybird

      Have your children had you checked for dementia?

  • Paul Pleau

    “The real shame of this story isn’t that the networks blocked the ad,
    it’s that they couldn’t simply report the facts to begin with.” Well said and so very true. So much for impartiality and allowing the “general public” decide for themselves what is the “real truth”. It is so very apparent that the vast majority of all of the major networks have the preconceived notion that no one in the country can see “truth” (so called) but them.

    • jaybird

      Only some of us can recognize the truth or even investigate it and I guess that is what they are afraid of. They don’t want their audience to see the truth because the rest of us do not watch MSM.

    • William In

      What Facts?
      I don’t need no “Stinkin” Facts…!

      • Phil

        Good thing cause you ain’t gettin’ non, and neither am I or is America. The liberal media would burn and melt into the pool of s&%# they are if they told the truth. They give us the facts but seriously misrepresent/lie about them. Their facts are no longer the truth.

    • William Braudis

      The problem begins with each individual writing ” COMMENTS ” to this article. ” Sticks and stones may break my bones, but, names will never harm me ” and so your words allow you to feel better, however the bad guys will completely ignorer these comments. Conservatives are afraid to make noise. What will work ? Protest and Boycotts one or two sponsors from any show, any anti conservative NewsPaper, evening movies, late evening Television shows, Hollywood actors and other so called entertainers, particularly those how bravely stated ” If Trump wins I will leave the United States. ” . Simply Boycott the movie that they are to make an appearance in. The democrats are winning the war because they continuously repeat the lies that they tell about Trump, they take a simple comment and twist the comment to support their lies.

      • Dan Lloret

        Point well taken. The time has indeed arrived wherein we conservatives have to be as strident and focused as the libtards, which really is not so daunting considering we use facts to support our positions as opposed to fantasies.

  • TadhgMcLir

    I long since decided not to watch the LameStream “news”. I don’t trust them to report on anything short of a natural catastrophe, and they will slant that for their own ends. NEWS means What happened, Where it happened, Who it happened to, and maybe, once it is determined, Why it happened, and When it happened. Anything more is their guesswork/slanting of it, and not true NEWS!

    • Priscillatjones

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    • Dan Lloret

      Well said….when we were in school learning real facts, not the fake kind, reporters were expected to relay “who, what, when, where, and how”, and that’s IT…..anything more is just opinion

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Perhaps if the ADs referred to “NEWS DISTORTERS” instead of FAKE NEWS it would be more acceptable to the PROPAGANDA PRESS?

  • ECwashr

    Liberal Media rejected the ad because they reject TRUTH!! Liberals are a bigger danger to this nation than Radicle Islam is…

  • Rick D.

    I wonder why the MSM hasn’t spent much time covering the revelations by Comey, Clapper, & Yates that they have found no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians? No data reported about how many voting booths were hacked to change vote from the Crooked One to Trump? The answer: Because there is NO evidence!! But, liberals have never let facts stand in the way of promulgating their warped agenda. Some things just never change.

    • liberaldisgust

      Well said Rick and besides you and me I see no one bringing these truths up …..

      • Rick D.

        Thanks 4 support. Never forget that liberalism is a mental disorder.

        • Marymseward

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    • jaybird

      They are not reporting the things the Demorats have said about Comey, about him needing to be fired for the things he said about Hillary’s e-mails.

      I think Comey wanted to be let go or he would be part of Hillary’s body count.

      • SpeakMyMind

        I wish the news would report the clinton’s dead body trail. Liberals are unbelievable blind to the truth of the evil of clinton’s and Obama.

        • jaybird

          You can forget that, if they do they will conjure up fake evidence saying that it was suicide with a shot to the back of the head or those children threw themselves on the railroad tracks.

        • Luke Moseley

          Funny how fast the Seth Rich assination was closed. Just one more addition to Clintons body count.

        • Phil

          Liberals are not blind to the truth. They are highly sensitive to it but are more interested in an evil agenda. They know the truth but will surely lie about it every time. Remember that Sal Lewinsky(?) philosophy was to never give up the con. Even if you catch them in the act, no doubt in any ones mind, liberals are taught by their prophet to never, NEVER admit anything but rather accuse the opposition first. By accusing their opposition first, it makes their enemy appear guilty and in essence the liberals are the ones that are actually the guilty ones. Think of how hillary and all her cronies have dealt with us. We catch her red handed and she still lies and denies. Remember “there were no classified emails on that server”, “I have turned over all the emails from the private server”, “it was the result of a anti-Islamic video”, “Trump is working with the Russians” (when now we know that hillary’s staff was), etc., etc., etc. Never give up the con.

          P.S. notice the incidents that I listed all occurred in the last two years. I don’t have enough time to list
          just 10% of all the acts. Life is just too short.

          • jaboj

            You covered it all very well Phil. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both worshippers of Saul Alynsky’s Rules for Radicals(?). When Hillary was in college she wrote Saul a letter begging him to meet with her on the left coast. So there is really no difference in their philosophies. One is just as bad for America as the other.

          • Mike Menlo

            FYI: Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer. Google it.

          • daneagle

            there are two left coasts,the east and west,,,,,,,,which one?

          • Forget about Hillary as she is irrelevant. Trump is our new leftist problem and we need to focus on getting him out of office and getting a conservative Republican elected.

    • elmcqueen3

      The whole idea behind the liberal agenda is…if you present a lie to the American public and continually repeat the lie time after time…sooner or later many of the American public will come to believe the lie…this is how the liberal national news media operates…by repeating the lie over and over and over…these methods are also akin to “brainwashing”…that being said please take note that the tabloid approach of today’s liberal journalism is enjoyed by liberal Democrats as they glamour for more of the same.

      • Rick D.

        You’re absolutely right!! I’m amazed that most liberals refuse to watch Fox News but are quick to discount any news that comes from Fox. Yet, they act like lap dogs and soak up the nonsense spewed by clowns like Chris Mathews & Rachel Maddyke at MSNBC or Wolfman Blitzer at CNN. Brainless minions= Libs.

      • That is correct and it works. That is being used in the Trump campaign and administration. If a lie is repeated often enough people will believe it because people are lazy and will not vet their own prejudiced beliefs. People believe falsely that Trump is a conservative but yet he has no conservative or Republican history. Instead his history is of being a far left lifetime liberal ideologue with his associations and beliefs. The Trump presidency is just a continuation of the Obama Presidency. But then, Trump did say that Obama is a great President after funding his campaign and getting him nominated while he was an insider and king maker in the Democrat party.

    • Askjrsk


  • BlueWarrior

    We in the United States need a TV Free America such as Radio Free Europe was during the cold war era. No slanting of the news either way, right or left.

    • jimmy midnight

      But don’t U actually understand that such a thing is impossible as a practical matter? Who the F decides what’s real, and what’s slanted?

      Listen attentively to everyone, and then make up your own mind, based on everything you’ve learned that also seems relevant. Do we agree that, in this particular situation, it would B really useful;to C the networks’ ad guidelines, and/or 2 know whether there actually R such things?

      • liberaldisgust

        This isn’t about a small slant …… this is so slanted that the tires on the right side of the buss are off the ground …. so slanted that anyone who actually believes what they hear are fanatics …… this isn’t a slant measured in inches but in miles …….. and as far as guidelines … are you kidding the left uses the Constitution as a grab bag of options they use only if it suits their agenda and if it doesn’t they ignore it ……

        • jimmy midnight

          Now U think that the other’s slants R more slanted, I think your rhetorical bus is more likely 2 roll over, but that’s just opinion, 2.

          Network guidelines are a “private sector” matter. I hope we’ll all use the Constitution in exercising our speech rights. Your mixing them up makes me think I’d B the target of your censorship if U had that power.

          Lemme assure U that I won”t attempt 2 reciprocate.

    • chief1937

      My sentiments exactly just print the news and allow us to decide how truthful it is. We are not all morons some of us can actually read and understand.

      • Dave T.

        That would be ok if they would only print the facts…..NOT the opinion or bias!!!

        • bttrap

          they can;t print the facts because they like to modify to fit their sick opinions

      • Dan Lloret

        As I said: “who, what, when, where, and how”. is all that should be reported; ANYTHING else is an op-ed

      • Arthur Ittus

        Are you a democrat?

    • liberaldisgust

      While I understand your intent , I would like to point out that Radio Free Europe was a propaganda tool of the west ….

  • anthony j. manzo

    All the more reason Bill, has to get a group together to create an American News Organization to not only keep Americans abreast of the truth but knock the LIARS out of the box. Come on Bill, your country needs you.

  • Dave T.

    Trump needs to take em to court. He can EASILY prove lies and bias and FORCE them to run the ads for FREE!!!!

  • roy lembke

    CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS are nothing but propaganda arms of the progressive (socialist) wing of the Domocratic National (Fascist) Party controlled by extremely wealthy self identified “liberal” oligarchs who pay the greedy stooges in the DNC to use government to keep them wealthy – all in the name of “humanity”.

  • liberaldisgust

    They , the MSM have discredited themselves so much they are as irrelevant as the Democratic Party and still sinking ….

  • chief1937

    Once again our news media are showing just how bias they really are. In refusing to air his add accusing them of being fake news just proves they really are. Report news unbiased and truthful and they will loose that standing. Get most of my news off internet don’t know for sure just how truthful they are but it seems to me they are more neutral than our TV news stations.

  • Hey, it’s O.K. The networks have, like all democrats, come out of their tyranny closets and allowed us to see, know, and believe that they are little more than hateful gossip columnists that live on jealousy and tyranny. They no longer have a closet for protection… we KNOW what they are. I’d rather be in MY shoes than in THEIRS. For years I have boycotted all the news media except internet and the rightwing news that my brain tells me may be mistaken, but NEVER deliberately LYING like most of the MSM does constantly. ‘Nuf said.

  • jake mccollum

    Could you imagine the uproar if FOX had did this to Obummer during his reign of stupidity, ignorance, and malfeasance. He would’ve had the FCC shut them down.

    • PION????R

      Fox did do it. Where were you?

      • jake mccollum

        What was it that FOX refused to air when Obummer was in office?

        • PION????R

          First, you tell me what the prime networks lied about and Fox did not distort.

          • jaybird

            If you had any info, I am sure you would have put it out here. Pitiful.

          • PION????R

            Leonhart reports that “An incomplete list of the things he (Trump) has lied about include: Barack Obama’s birthplace, Obama’s phone “tapp,” John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Sept. 11, the Iraq war, ISIS, NATO, military veterans, Mexican immigrants, Muslim immigrants, anti-Semitic attacks, the unemployment rate, the murder rate, the Electoral College, voter fraud, the size of his inaugural crowd, his health care bill and his own groping of women.”

            Now it’s your turn if you have anything useful to say!

          • Leftist lie…Obama lied and so did Hillary and Trump. Why are you surprised? Were you just hatched from an egg today?
            I am never surprised when leftists act like leftists and lie.

            I listen to leftists just to see if there is any limits to their nonsensical lies. Trump is their new king and they cannot stop bowing to him. Pray for their enlightenment. It seems as if the dumbing down of America is complete by the left. Some even think that Trump is a conservative. God help them.

          • PION????R

            We all heard his lies in his own words. Unless you are totally cut off from any information from the outside world, you heard it too. Man up!

          • jake mccollum

            I thought so. Goodbye snowflake.

  • Mike Cummings

    The majority of media in the United States is not much different than the state controlled media in Venezuela . Both support the communist/socialist agenda of a political party and not the citizens of the nation.

  • Edward

    What the news did was report rumors b4 they checked to see if they were true. They were so hard up to find anything they could that would hurt the Trump presidency. Those liberal sob’s just can’t get over that Trump took Hillary’s turn to be president. As i watched the election results come in that night i had such a feeling of euphoria i don’t think i have ever felt b4. I watched in silence for 8 years as our country went down the drain. And now to see the news media tell lie after lie and ignorant ppl in the street’s i wonder what has happened to America.

    • PION????R

      Most of the rumor and faux reporting was on Fox news. Breitbart and such sites put out “rumors” which Fox picked up and treated as fact. And then you guys believed it.

    • Arthur Ittus


  • PION????R

    Why shouldn’t they honestly prevent lies and slander from being aired? They are private companies and can choose if they want to accept $$$ to air untruths or not. You should applaud them. Remember, remember how often Trump lies. Virtually ‘whenever he finds it more convenient to tell a falsehood than to tell a truth.

    “An incomplete list of the things he has lied about include: Barack Obama’s birthplace, Obama’s phone “tapp,” John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Sept. 11, the Iraq war, ISIS, NATO, military veterans, Mexican immigrants, Muslim immigrants, anti-Semitic attacks, the unemployment rate, the murder rate, the Electoral College, voter fraud, the size of his inaugural crowd, his health care bill and his own groping of women.”

    • jaybird

      You should pull your head out and investigate things more.

      • PION????R

        Look in the mirror when you write that.

        • jaybird

          I looked at your “sad” posting.

          • PION????R

            Put up or shut up comrade. You are miserably short of content.

  • marytg

    Where is your President. He has not be seen in days Is he hiding? Is he sick to old to ddo the job is the stress getting to him. How much money has the trump family made since he became president

    • David Wallace

      How much money did the Obama’s make and how much of the taxpayers money did they spend hauling family and friends around on vacations and golfing? Why is it you’re only interested in Trump benefiting financially but not Obama or Bush or Clinton? If Trump is all about making money from the job then why has he waived the presidential salary? Why is only certain corruption an issue for you while ignoring other corruption?

      • marytg

        Oh my goodness….. how many times has Trump flown to Florida to play golf. How many trips vacations, work for trump investments have the Trump taken.. WATCH so real News not fox where is one is being fired

        • bttrap

          how maney did obambie take with his family? including his mother in law

        • David Wallace

          I’ll ask again why the fixation on Trump? I don’t see anything currently going on that didn’t occur with the last five Presidents. Apparently you see some different so please explain how it’s ok for others to do these things but not ok when Trump does them. You are seriously biased and there’s way too much of that going on, orchestrated by anti-American interests and you have totally fallen for the manipulation. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so easy to manipulate.

          • marytg

            Oh yeah fox new.. Oh I will give myself a pat on my back when Trump is impeached

          • David Wallace

            I forgot to mention I don’t watch Fox News but you shouldn’t be making assumptions and just stick with facts and/or personal opinion. So tell me, what should Trump be impeached for? One of the phoney accusations made against him that were used as campaign rhetoric? I believe the minimum standard would be actual facts, not baseless accusations. Or don’t you care about the facts?

      • jaybird

        How much has Hilly made in trying to become the most corrupt President????????

        • David Wallace

          You’re supposed to memory hole those things as unimportant. Forget all about Hillary’s criminal and treasonous activities and worry about a guy peeing on hookers. That’s so much more important to national security than allowing an ambassador to get murdered while he was engaging in criminal gun running for the Clinton Crime Family.

    • bttrap

      hitlery did all that during her debates

  • ruth

    your expectations arent top form cause you allow the garbage that comes out of the mouth of your news programs to spread the shit you want the American people to believe — no wonder your ratings are down and the people would rather shut off they news than LISTEN — if you had some thoughts about good news– then you would do it but I can confuse I dont listen to any of your people cause they love the crybabies who havent grown up and will never grow up– remember the people make you and the people will destroy you

  • SpeakMyMind

    We as Americans need to take a stand. We can voice out in this comment section and please or displease the reader, or send emails to each and every station that blocks Freedom of Speech and make a difference?
    “his achievements were silenced by CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC” = communist behavior! I will send an email to reach station or a letter. The more we boycott the more these stations Lose!! It’s wrong to block the President from his/ her rights to promote the good they’ve done. Freedom of Speech is in jeopardy bc of liberal brainwashing!

  • elmcqueen3

    Why of course Trumps “fake” news advertisement does not meet their guide lines…it’s not fake.

  • PION????R

    Y’all ought to get your concepts in order ! lib·er·al·ism (lĭb′ər-ə-lĭz′əm, lĭb′rə-)
    1. The state or quality of being liberal.
    a. A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.
    b. often Liberalism The tenets or policies of a Liberal party.
    3. An economic theory in favor of laissez-faire, the free market, and the gold standard.
    4. Liberalism
    a. A 19th-century Protestant movement that favored free intellectual inquiry, stressed the ethical and humanitarian content of Christianity, and de-emphasized dogmatic theology.
    b. A 19th-century Roman Catholic movement that favored political democracy and ecclesiastical reform but was theologically orthodox.
    lib′er·al·ist n.
    lib′er·al·is′tic (-lĭs′tĭk) adj.
    American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

  • Arbie Viau

    Why does everyone think what’s happening today with the mainstream news media is only current? This has been going on forever and kept Americans unaware of what has been going on because they are in cahoots with the now recognized DNC party as being Communists, whether you Democrats like it or not. Never in my lifetime have I seen a “Party” so against what true Americans want and yet they are mesmerized and brainwashed in believing their lies, after lies and after lies. Trump has been the butt of their attacks and Americans are now beginning to see through their “trappings”. Men and women I once had respect for has diminished to the point that I can see through their deceptions and unless we can recognize them for who and what they are, America as we know it is finished. However, we have President Trump that has come to America’s rescue and we must back him in his Administration to continue to “drain the swamp” of these evil elite people who are only the ones to profit by the “Resistance Organization” to gain power over OUR government and oust President Trump. I will stand by him with all my power as God has ordained him to do.

    • Dan Lloret

      Excellent….what astonishes me is these mindless historically ignorant zombies inissting that socialism is the best form of gov’t. ever, depite the fact that, over the last 100+ years it has NEVER lived up to it’s lofty goals of equality and peace, but has ALWAYS devolved into totalitarian dictatorships. And, why? Because asking the “have-nots” to do without for the sake of the “haves”, and the “haves” to give up some of their stuff for the sake of the “have-nots”, runs contrary to human nature. We are at our core self centered, the proof being demonstrated by any two year old’s behaviour ( before society has had an effect), summarized by the mindset of: “I want what I want when I want it”.

      • Arbie Viau

        Dan, you are absolutely right, but what amazes me is some Americans buy their crap hook line and sinker. I have a friend, who is very intelligent and we cannot even discuss politics because he believes all of their nonsense.

        • Arthur Ittus

          You don’t need them for a friend, find someone with
          a brain~

          • Arbie Viau

            Well, can’t, this friend is a cousin. You know what they say about relatives. But that is good advice.

  • polly

    Never watch these stations and now starting to turn off Fox.These people do not want to hear truth. They bask in untruths.

  • Askjrsk

    ABC is owned by DISNEY, which owns ESPN,CNN. Touch Stone, Pixar and Dream works and Mirmax studios, just to name a few. Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave with all the anti America rhetoric coming from his successors.

  • dclach

    I don’t understand why anyone other than a committed leftist would watch such “news” programs, other than perhaps to have their presuppositions validated. I NEVER watch any of them… and that includes Fox.

  • ProudPilgrim

    Fox used to be great. The younger Murdocks don’t get it and they are taking it down the drain with shepard Smith, Bob bottle up Beckell, Huan Kiss obamas ring Williams…

    Tucker Carlson is great but they limit him too much. Hannity is on his way out.

    I wish Mark Levin would take Tucker, Sean, and others like them and add to CRTV. To much comedy, too little Levin and blanking in womans name.

  • donl

    Those on the LEFT want control of the News Media, so as to be able to spread their Communist Style Propaganda. We did not have this type of news environment prior to Obama.

  • Phil

    It wouldn’t have mattered to me anyway as I would have never seen the ad. I stopped watching anything on all these networks due to the election coverage and refuse to allow anyone in my household to have one of these idiot lying networks on our TV’s. I respect our TV too much to submit it to these liberal satanic globalist fools. If everyone would act in a like manner, the liars would go away quickly.

    P.S. Just ask my kids what would happen if caught watching NBC, ABC, CS, and CNN. I added FOX about six weeks ago. That
    goes for at another house also. There is no decent programming on them and if you do find a family friendly show,
    you have to worry about inappropriate commercials airing in prime time. These networks are intentionally removing the
    moral fiber from our society. They are minnions of Satan and are doing his bidding. We can only stop watching.

  • don76550

    Trump should put it on Fox news and the Hannity show and all over the internet. The lying liberal journalistic prostitutes of the lame stream media no longer have a monopoly

  • jaboj

    I have always thought that the purpose of the FCC was to keep the airways and cable companies from broadcasting lies and indecent programming. Seems to me that if the FCC was doing their job, they could yank the licenses of a few of these perpetrators of lies, and indecency like Colbert, etc.

  • desert fox

    New names for CNN-clinton news network, ABC-ashwhole news network, CBS is now the crunt news network, AND NBC-nutsy news network,

  • HardingDies

    How True!

  • I care

    go Trump

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    I have never seen the Disrespect of a president-By the News Media in all my Life–What ever Liberal owns these News-Station-You’re not True Americans-You should be Ashame of Your self-Your Totally-Disgusting!!!!

    • Trump is a far left lifetime liberal pretending to be a conservative without any conservative credentials. Perhaps they do not like his deceitfulness in pretending to be a conservative for the first time in his life.

    • Herb Branch

      I am almost 73 years old. I remember my parents discussing VP Nixon’s problems with the media in the 1950s. It seems that in the late 1940s, Senator Nixon (R/CA) had been chosen to prosecute Soviet spy Alger Hiss (former WH aid to FDR and Truman) in his treason trial before the US Senate. Nixon won the prosecution and the US Senate sentenced Alger Hiss to a long prison term. {This will look a bit long, but the NY-DC cabal has a very long history of betraying and destroying people who do not cooperate or capitulate to their agenda (CFR Policy Position Papers).}

      The backstory was that Hiss was a darling of the Liberal Establishment in NYC and in DC (as well as much of liberal academia from the late 1930s and past the time of his being exposed as a Soviet spy operating from within the White House). The American Liberal and Progressive Establishment NEVER FORGAVE Nixon for his successful prosecution of that case. As a result, the Liberal Leftists in acadenia, media and politics dedicated themselves to dogging Nixon’s footsteps for the rest of his life – to attempt to destroy his career. The attempts were many. And there were never any appologies for the deliberate efforts to destroy that man.

      The so-called “Checkers Affair” (early 1950s) that the media and political opponents dogged Nixon with (trying to force his resignation from the office of VP) was about his receiving the gift of a Cocker Spaniel puppy from a friend and former business associate. The Left wanted Nixon to resign, claiming that gift tainted his judgment and was equal to violation of the “emoluments clause” in the Constitution. The value of the dog was then less than $50.

      Then, in 1858, the media publicly raked Nixon over the coals over the so-called “Kitchen Debate” with Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev, claiming the such debate was in deplorable taste and counter to all US diplomatic protocols! The location was the American display at the World’s Fair in Moscow in the late summer (Aug – Sept) of 1958. The setting of the actual confrontation was a display of contemporary American kitchens (with an array of new US made automobiles located nearby). The entire incident was caught on camera by a combined US-Soviet TV crew (which footage was ahown on American TV, but then barred from Aoviet TV).

      Premier Khruschev claimed to VP Nixon and the TV crews (and their live / delayed audiences) that the entire American display (modern kichens, entire homes, and all of the cars) were fabricated to perpetrate a hoax, and that none of the displays represented what ordinary Americans could ever hope to buy or own. Nixon countered with some movie footage of American middleclass neighborhoods, as well as scenes from US appliance showrooms and movies of various brands of US automobile dealerships located on busy city street corners in various American cities (both showrooms and outdoor display lots, as well as what kind of cars were then in normal traffic).

      If you check the records you’ll see that the 1959 American autos were all quite futuristic in appearance: wide, long, low, very stylish, some with large fins, and equipped with powerful engines (look up the entire Chrysler and GM lineup for that year, as well as the first Edsel by Ford, plus the first 4-door T-Bird, plus the Lincoln Continental and the Caddilac ElDorado). They all looked like futuristic “dream cars,” but they were the real deal. The whole display and the debate that took place collapsed the entire Soviet propaganda hoax of its own people: that America was an impoverished nation full of factory slaves with no hope or joy in life. (But the backstory to that was the extra-long steel strike, which set in motion the 1958 Eisenhower Recession, which really hurt our economy). But, THAT was an abberant, atypical labor dispute – way outside the norm.

      Then, their was media collusion with the 1960 JFK campaign to make Nixon look as bad as possible in the TV debates. JFK made many reckless charges about “missile gaps” with some statements he knew Nixon could not refute with facts on camera (because those facts were classified information). After JFK ‘s innauguration, the alleged “missile gaps” just “disappeared” and were not mentioned thereafter, as though Kennedy had solved the problem (while actually putting Robt S. McNamara in charge of Defense — who would later do much internal damage to Defense readiness and military morale, by curtailing production of B-52s, B-58s, and starting to decommision and scrap some 1500 B-47s – the primary aircraft in the entire Strategic Air Command — right after the Cuban Missile Crisis, between December 1962 and March 1963).

      But, Nixon had the audacity to eventually campaign again for the US presidency in 1968, and he won! The Media again pulled out their long knives and went after him in every way possible and almost every day. It was cloaked in more civil-sounding rhetoric then than now. But, make no mistake, the NY-DC Establishment was out to skewer and destroy Richard Nixon from the day he was innaugurated as president. Watergate was set up as an entrapment for the Nixon WhiteHouse.

      The Democrat Party had operatives aiding Daniel Ellsberg’s leaking of the “Pentagon Papers” – which were alleged to expose Nixon misbehavior through the Defense Dept. But, the bad things exposed (and alleged to be Nixon’s misdeeds) were actually problematic policies dating from the LBJ-McNamara comtrol of DOD (1965-68). That is how convoluted that whole mess was. Watergate was a DC Insider Presidential Coup..!! I have an 850-plus page book that completely documents the research into that entire intrigue (Henry Kissenger was the real Deep Throat behind the alleged Deep Throat at the FBI).

      Nixon never knew how much Kissenger loathed him until Kissenger disclosed that in his own autobiography. For Nixon’s own autobiography, which he published some years prior to the Kissenger book, disclosed his personal trust and confidence in Henry K., even at the time that Mr. K. was being duplicitous in that relagionship. Nixon did not know that Kissenger was actively betraying him behind the scenes. Not until he read Kissenger’s own book.

      Added brief background: In Jerusalem, Israel, there is a small memorial stone marker and tribute to the late Sen. Henry Jackson (D) for his career-long support of Israel. And that tribute mentions that it was Sen. Jackson who got the needed military aid to Israel (Yom Kippur War, 1973) from Nixon after a 1-week delay that should never have happened. Kissenger had blocked that ordered aid, without ever telling Nixon that he had done so. It took Israel almost 20 years to discover that is wasn’t Nixon who withheld that help,but rather it was Kissenger (done to fulfill a promise to Egypt – that he would “soften up Israel” by “bloodying their nose” in advance of future negotiations over the return of the Sinai to Egypt). That was the sort of insidiously clever person Dr. Kissenger was, and still is. (So, I worry about K’s visit to the WH close to the time of the approaching Israel-Palestinia negotiations.)

  • donl

    I don’t consider them “fake news” i consider them as just plain Commie LIES!!!

  • George Hilliard

    The MSM is in dire need of major reforms. They demonstrate that every day. I refuse to watch ANY of them.

  • Petru Dans

    the best fight again them: BOYCOTT THEM!!!! hit them on the money!!

  • The Redhawk

    Networks and Presstitutes Do not like to be EXPOSED to the TRUTH about what they LIE ABOUT !!!

  • Walter Flatt














    • Do not forget that it was Trump who got Obama nominated for POTUS when he was a Democrat insider and king maker. He funded Obama’s campaign and after his successful efforts Trump called Obama a great President when bragging about his efforts.

  • Gale

    liberals = sleaze bags that waddle in their own filth.

  • Gale



    Short and to the point ! We shut down our Dish and turned our TV’s OFF ! We will never ever watch these scumbag networks ever again. They all are corrupt to the core and 150+ million are awake to their BS….All 5 of my kids, three still in college NEVER watch TV or News ! That’s our future! so go ahead and continue giving yourself the rope to stretch your own necks you treasonous trash ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, CNN, FOX, HN, CNBC and including FaceBook, YouTube, Google, Twitter (on the fence with Twit for now). Trump is spot on and We will start our own honest reporting networks for news and social Media. global lies and Proppaganda has began it’s own death spiral. In my opinion..

  • anthony j. manzo

    Surprise, Surprise, I believe they believe their presses would probably break down printing something that tells the TRUTH.

  • Name

    The MSM is so bad they should be stripped of the license to transmit any signal.

  • donl

    They fear the truth, like most Commies the Dems. are fearful of the truth and someone who is Honest. That is why they go into attack mode as soon as they hear the truth about them.


    Communists, just happen to be sheep herders, and the the fuey deifels who are trying to upset the hard driving Repubs and will get their asses cleaned like a used plow after they are all turned under!


    ALL THAT don’t join President Trump’s truthfulness…will eventually submit or cease to exist!

    • Very creative in using Trump and truthfulness in the same sentence.


        I take it your not a President Trump supporter and that’s your choice. However, what USA needed was a bull [Trump] in the china shop [USA government] to make as many things right that need to be. Bare this in mind no human being could have beaten the rigged system, challenged media-democrats-republicans-billionaires-foreign governments…without the help of Devine Providence. But then that’s another level for those who would like to hear. Trump will be the best president this nations has had since the revolution.

        • ROFLOL! Are you really calling George Soros “Devine Providence”? Don’t you think that his support, advice and over a billion dollars to the Trump’s helped? Soros now has his puppet in the White House and Trump’s cabinet is filled with former Soros executives. Trump is just his puppet and a very ignorant one which may result in the undoing of this takeover of the US Presidency by Soros and his boy Trump. Leftists like yourself admire bullies and low intellect leaders like Trump but you are extremely ignorant by being taken in so easily by these charlatans and Svengali’s who are truly Trojan Horse candidates pretending to be conservatives while governing without respect for America with lies, intimidation and traitorous activity. Trump’s history is of being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. In the election, he ran to the left of Hillary and yet many people who normally would have voted for a conservative voted for him. This fiasco is on your shoulders and hopefully your conscience. I know, you really did not vote for him but against Hillary. In any case, you got what you wanted which is an imbecilic bully in the oval office.

          • VINNY BARONE

            Refer to the BIBLE-Declaration of Independence n Webster cristoiglesia…GOD is the creator of heaven and earth, and that all that occurs in the universe takes place under DIVINE PROVIDENCE, that is…under ALMIGHTY GOD sovereign guidance and control. Our CREATOR governs creation as a loving father, working all things for good…cristoiglesia do you agree or are you part of the FAKE news ? Soros paid roughly $1 billion of roughly $3 billion to try to topple Trump. DEVINE PROVIDENCE delivered Donald Trump…germanic lineage…ruler…graced by GOD elected…President…United States to lead USA n World, BIBLICAL PROPHASY came to pass November 8, 2016!

          • Webster does not publish my Bible. But, indeed God does allow the ignorance of his people to support evil leaders. Historically this cannot be denied. However, that does not mean that God wants his people to abandon Christian values to serve God but just the opposite.We are to be godly people and a light unto the world and the worldly. Was the attempted genocide of the Jewish people God’s exercise in his “Divine Providence”? Of course not, God does not want his people to endorse evil or even embrace evil at all.
            How am I a part of “fake news” by proclaiming the undeniable truth but you are giving evidence of your embracing of fake news. Soros gave over a (((Billion))) dollars to buy Trump and this election. This is well documented and easy to verify with proper vetting of this lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue Trump. But people like you did not vet him at all but simply justified electing this leftist as POTUS by claiming that you voted against Hillary while voting in a candidate to her ideological left. Use some logic and challenge your compromised intellect. Why would Soros give a (((Billion))) dollars to the Trumps and only eight million to Hillary in the campaign in an effort to topple Trump? Soros has not spent a dime to topple Trump. Your theory is totally illogical and the conclusions of a compromised intellect by prejudice or ignorance. Trump by his history and actions is a truly evil person that is not the fulfillment of prophesy but by the influence of evil that evokes people to follow a false prophet tht causes evil and separates men from their divine promises.

          • VINNY BARONE

            Soros gave over a billion $ to defeat Trump…GOD gives HIS creation choice RIGHT n Wrong…NOT theory FACT. cristo you have to learn how to read, once you can learn that your on the right path. This conversation is over.

          • Of course the facts support the opposite of what you claim. I know how to read it is you that ignores the copious evidence of Trump being bought by Soros. There is no evidence of your claim whatsoever. But here is the evidence of Soros giving over a (((Billion))) dollars to the Trump family.




          • VINNY BARONE

            Again you mix business [apple] transactions far before Trump campaign [oranges]. Point your snoot towards campaign contributions Soros through his corrupt organizations spent roughly a billion $ to defeat Trump, cristoiglesia you beginning to remind me of the fake news spin media. Wake up!

          • Truth…Soros gave 8 million to the Clinton campaign and more that a billion dollars to the Trump campaign. Ponder for a moment on the difference here. The difference here is that there is evidence of my claims and no evidence for yours. There is also the quid pro quo of most of Trump’s cabinet being former Soros executives. Soros bought the presidency and Trump is his puppet. What are you not incensed by this corruption in our executive branch?

          • VINNY BARONE

            WRONG, ABSOLUTELY WRONG, UNQUESTIONABLEY WRONG! THE BLAZE…Rob Nichols was referring to a 2004 loan from Soros to Trump to build Trump Tower Chicago for $160 million, which was a business transaction between the two billionaires, not a campaign contribution. Soros donated $25 million to Clinton, not $8 million. If you refer to my writing above beginning with Bob Beyan these are the only RINOS Soros donated to. READ n COMPREHEND, NOT READ WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE…Soros lost roughly $1 billion! This conversation ends here. If you believe Trump got a billion from Soros, fine.

          • So another paid apologist for Trump…No one claimed that this was a campaign contribution directly but instead it was a way of getting around campaign rules to donate money to Trump under the guise of a 312 million dollar loan forgiveness. Good try but poor twisting of facts to defend Trump and Soros.
            I cannot find where Soros donated 25 million to Hillary but even if he did that is a far cry from the donations of 312 million directly to Trump in the Chicago deal and the more than a (((Billion))) through Jared Kushner. Your are a very poor apologist and creator of faux news for the Soros, Clinton, Trump cabal. I read and comprehended and found you to be a liar and spreader of faux news. I believe that Trump got far more than a billion dollars from Soros because he clearly did and it is well documented.

          • What are you saying is wrong? In my research I can find only 8 million given to Hillary compared to more than a billion given to Trump. Where are you getting the 25 million figure given to Hillary? At the time that Trump received 312 million from Soros Trump was broke and facing bankruptcy in Chicago. We also see tht more than a billion (possibly 2 billion) went to Trump from Soros through his son-in-law Jared Kushner. I see that you resort to whimsical nonsense when defending against the Soros involvement in the Trump Presidency but the quid pro quo evidence is overwhelming. Facts are stubborn evidence to overcome even for a paid apologist like yourself.

          • Vinny, I could not help but notice that you have no sources for your claims except your imagination. Soros spent more than a billion dollars and possibly nearly twice as much to buy the American Presidency. Trump is a Soros puppet. I have to go with the verifiable facts and not ignorant prejudice from a paid Trump apologist spreading faux information to confuse the facts.

          • VINNY BARONE

            Seek and you shall find its called google it!

          • I have tried to find verifiable evidence of your claims and there are none. Your leftist dreams are not evidence.

          • Actually, Soros did not spend a penny to defeat Trump. But he really did give more than a (billion) dollars to Trump and Kushner. Then we have the quid pro quo of all this in that Trump has most of his cabinet as former Soros executives. None of this is coincidental but instead purposeful.





            (((Where is your proof?)))

          • VINNY BARONE

            George Soros reportedly lost about $1 billion after Trump’s election

            Bob Bryan

            Jan. 12, 2017, 9:05 AM 24,738

          • Soros did not lose the 1 (((billion))) dollars but that is what he gave to Jared Kushner for the campaign of Trump along with the previous donation to Trump of 312 million in loan forgiveness. Soros in contrast gave 8 million to the Hillary campaign.

          • VINNY BARONE

            After almost a billion $ invested in DINO Clinton n democrat losses in 2016 elections, Corrupt Soros continues to band with other corrupt elitist donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’…Major liberal [communist] funders huddle behind closed doors with DINOs [democrat in name only] Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Ellison, and union bosses to lick wounds, retrench.

            George Soros and other billionaire liberals [communist] who spent in aggregate roughly $3 billion trying to elect DINO Hillary Clinton failed, gathered in DC three days, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left [communist] to fight back against our new President Donald Trump n majority of true valid live citizens who backed him by the grace of DEVINE Providence.

            The conference, sponsored by the influential Democracy [communist] Alliance donor club, owned by Soros, included appearances by leaders of most leading unions and liberal [communist] groups, as well as darlings of the left [communist regressives] such as House leader DINO Nancy Pelosi, DINO Sen. Schumer, DINO Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional [communist regressive] Progressive Caucus co-chairman DINO Keith Ellison, according to an agenda and other documents obtained by POLITICO communist regressive FAKE news media.

            The meeting was first major gathering of the institutional communist regressive lefties since Trump’s shocking victory over Clinton November 8. 2016, agenda is liberals plan for full-trench warfare against President Trump to deal with gearing up for 2017 and 2018 elections, while others focus on thwarting President Trump’s 100-day plan, which the agenda calls “a terrifying assault on President [DINO Regressive] Obama’s achievements for a communist progressive [regressive] vision for the nation.
            Many liberals are reassessing their approach to politics and the role of Soros Democracy [Communist] Alliance, or DCA, as the club is known in communist finance circles. The DCA, its donors and beneficiary groups over the last decade have had a major hand in shaping the institutions of the communist far left, including by orienting some of its key organizations around Obama n Clinton, and by basing their strategy around the idea that minorities and women constituted a so-called “rising American electorate” that could tip elections toward Democrats.

            FORTUNATELY aforesaid didn’t happen in the presidential, congressional, judicial and state elections 2016, Trump won largely on the strength of Citizens in majority across the small business, working-class, of all color, spectrum. Additionally, exit polls suggested that issues like fighting climate change and the role of money in politics…which the DCA’s beneficiary groups have used to try to turn out voters DID NOT resonate as much with the valid citizen voters who carried Trump to victory.
            One Democrat liberal strategist claimed the DCA itself should be called into question, a very good case it’s nothing more than a communist social club for a handful billionaire donors and the corrupt labor union bosses, they own, to drink wine and read memos, as the Democratic Party burns down around them.
            Another liberal operative who has been active in the DCA since its founding rejected the notion that the group or the left, more generally …needed to completely retool its approach to politics.

            But Gara LaMarche, a communist, president of DCA told donors gathered some reassessment was in order. You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake, without making some big mistakes…assumptions, strategy and tactics…LaMarche added that the reassessment must take place without recrimination and finger-pointing, whatever frustration and anger some of us feel about our own allies in these efforts…It is a process we should not rush, even as we gear up to resist the Trump administration…
            LaMarche emailed donors begin the process of assessing “what steps we will take together to resist the assaults that are coming and take back power, beginning in the states in 2017 and 2018.
            In addition to sessions focusing on protecting Obamacare and other pillars of Soros/Obama’s legacy against dismantling by President Trump, the agenda includes panels on rethinking polling and the left’s approach to winning the working-class vote, as well as sessions stressing the importance of channeling cash to state legislative policy battles and races, where Republicans won big victories with 1/10 dollar challenge….Democrats need to invest more in training officials and developing policies in the states, argued DINO Regressive Rep. Ellison (D-Minn.)

            DINO Regressive Ellison a communist liberal voice for a form of economic populism that Trump channeled more than Clinton…DINO Regressive liberals look to rebuild the Obama/Clinton DINO regressive Party of corruption n Deceit, perceived by citizens in majority on a more aggressively liberal bearing, DINO Ellison has emerged as a top candidate to take over the Democratic National Committee, and he figures to be in high demand at the DCA.
            Raj Goyle, a New York Democratic activist who previously served in the Kansas state legislature and now sits on SiX’s board, argued that many liberal activists and donors are “disconnected from working class voters’ concerns” because they’re cluster in coastal cities. “And that hurt us this 2016 election, also involved in the DCA.
            The Democracy Communist Alliance [DCA] launched after the 2004 election by Communist-Nazi Geroge Soros, late insurance mogul Peter Lewis, and a handful of fellow communist mega-donors who had combined to spend tens of millions trying to boost then-Sen. John Kerry’s ultimately unsuccessful challenge to then-President George W. Bush.
            The donors’ goal was to seed a set of advocacy groups and think tanks outside the Democratic Party that could push the party and its politicians to the communist left while also defending them against attack from the Constitutional Conservative right.
            The group requires its members …a group that now numbers more than 100 and includes finance communist titans like Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman, as well as major labor unions and communist liberal foundations…to contribute a total of at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups. Members also pay annual dues of $30,000 to fund the DCA staff and its meetings, which include catered meals and entertainment.
            Since its inception in 2005, the DCA has steered upward of $.5 BILLION to a range of groups, including pillars of the political communist left such as the watchdog group communist Media Matters, the policy advocacy outfit communist Center for American Progress and the communist data firm Catalist — all of which are run by DINO Obama/Clinton allies who are expected to send representatives to the DCA meeting.
            The degree to which those groups will be able to adapt to the Democratic Party [aka DINO Communist Regressive Party of Deceit & Corruption], is not entirely clear, though some of the key DCA donors have given generously to them for years…includes Soros, who, after stepping back a bit from campaign-related giving in recent years, had committed or donated roughly a billion $ to boost DINO Clinton and other DINO [Democratic] candidates and causes in 2016. During the presidential primaries, Soros had argued that Trump and his GOP rival Ted Cruz were “doing the work of ISIS.” A Soros spokesman declined to comment for this story…

            But, given that billionaire financier Soros only periodically attends DCA meetings and is seldom a part of the formal proceedings, Soros scheduled appearance as a speaker suggests that he’s committed to investing in opposing President Trump.
            The DCA agenda invokes Soros’ personal experience living through the Holocaust and Soviet Communism in the context of preparing for a Trump presidency. The agenda notes that the billionaire currency trader, who grew up in Hungary, “has lived through Nazism and Communism, and has devoted his foundations to protecting the kinds of open societies around the world that are now threatened in the United States itself.”

            However, Soros [AKA Gyorgy Schwartz] leaf out that he was a member of Hitler’s nazi SS himself who brought thousands of Jews to their untimely deaths. Pinhead LaMarche, who for years worked for Soros’s Open [communist] Society foundations, told POLITICO [communist fake news media network]that the references to Nazism and Communism are “part of his standard bio.” Somewhat untruthful would you say????????

            Devastating’ 2016 election for House Democrats triggers request for DINO Pelosi resignation. Surrogate LaMarche, moderates the discussion with Soros, does not plan to compare whatever we face under President Trump to Nazism…I don’t think there is anyone who has looked at Trump, including RINOS, as well as Republicans and majority of American citizens would even suggest such…And to the extent that Soros and his communist foundations have ties to with xenophobia in Europe, new world order, etc.., we wont use that approach.
            The Soros conversation was added to the agenda after Election Day. It was just one of many changes made on the fly to adjust to the resounding defeat of 2016 regressive DINO liberals, n projected Clintons first 100 days moving Soros anti-Constitution pro-communist national policy agenda 2017… examine “what happened” on the cataclysm Election Day November 8, 2016, second will focus on combating the massive threats from President Trump and Congress in 2017 to foil Soros/Obama regressions toward America and citizens, which included the 2016 Election Hacked by roughly 18 million deceased citizens registered democrat, who fraudulently voted for Clinton n democrats supportive to Soros.

          • VINNY BARONE

            Soros supported Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and contributed millions to super PACs backing her campaign, so it may come as no surprise that he was skeptical of the market after Trump’s upset victory.

          • Yes, 8 million compared to well over a billion dollars to Trump.

          • Your reading comprehension is obviously quite low. “Fake News” is an euphemism for the truth about Trump. Ironically it was coined by Trump himself. You sir are not a prophet but pretending to be one. That only makes you a liar and a deceiver.

          • VINNY BARONE

            That first verse professor cristoiglesia is directly from Webster dictionary…GOD is the creator of…

          • What? Soros gave approximately 1.5 billion to the Trumps just before and during the campaign. Where have you been?

          • dondehoff

            “Criss….”, you are still at it and your “colors” are beginning to show. See my response above, to you. If what you say is even a little bit accurate, the Democrats would have announced, long ago, still another “witch hunt”. Criss, if this keeps up there is gong to be serious “blood in the streets”, and all of you left leaning people must accept responsibility for that blood and probably many deaths. Then, for the rest of your life, how are you going to look your spouse and siblings in the eye? Ditto for all of the rest of those who play your bloody socialist game?

          • I am NOT left leaning at all but instead I am a far right conservative lifelong Republican. I am a Patriot and I will fight again for America as I did in Vietnam on a hill at Khe Sahn in my youth. I earned my right to be a conservative and to speak out when the leftists like Trump and his enablers like you who labor to deceive Americans who believe what they hear with their itching ears. You leftists supporting Trump are the socialists wanting things like a government controlled media. God help America to survive this onslaught against our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Our freedom and conservative values are worth defending against leftists like you and Trump.

          • You are obviously a paid Trump apologist. If you do not like our free press in America get yourself a little bungalow in Moscow and enjoy socialism first hand.

          • dondehoff

            A “paid” Trump apologist? Come on, I am a retired USAF Major, and later spent 26 years with one of the Best Life Insurance Companies in this great Republic— The New York Life Insurance Company. During my military career, I earned a BS from the University of Maryland, after about nine years of night school. I probably have a retired income that is greater than your income. I am now a self-taught student of the Muslim culture and its very barbaric Islam and Sharia Law. I am also now 85 years young and trying to write a book about the shortcomings of Islam, th3e Qur’an and Shariah Law. And, I don’t “hate” Muslims, as hating requires both mental and physical effort, that I choose to expend on positive conservative issues. I have little tolerance of profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk and thoughtless statements that you spout like a NWO advocate, trying to hide it in your conservative ramblings. I firmly believe President Trump was honorably and legally elected and his only major shortcoming is he lacks the “political polish” that most of us are accustomed to. Let us give him a fair opportunity to present his case. For the last few days the liberals have been howling about the single typo or possible “code word”; in a recent tweet—the liberals and you are acting like a bunch of grade school students who have been brainwashed by liberal teachers.

          • You are a leftist liberal Democrat wanting a government controlled media. Your leftist foundation is exposed by your leftist ideological pontificating.

        • I guess you are saying that the more than a billion dollars given to the Trumps by Soros was divine providence. I look at it as buying influence. Trump is the puppet of George Soros.

          • dondehoff

            “Cris….” that alleged “giving”, would have serious tax consequences—and one cannot move that kind of money around in secret. I suspect there would be a reward from the IRS, if it could be verified—-let us have your sources. I sense you are either very ignorant or a paid “troll” (plant) to take our focus off of the issues at hand. And, I admit, this is the first time I have heard this liberal accusation.

          • This is not a “liberal” accusation. I am a lifetime conservative Republican and I must admit to being a bit of a political junkie for years. I am constantly researching and Trump being a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue has kept me busy in my hobby. I am fascinated and bemused by the ruse he has been able to perpetrate on the American people




            Similar nonsense went on when Obama ran for POTUS. At the time Trump was a Democrat insider and kingmaker for the Democrat party. He got behind getting Obama nominated and elected as POTUS. Trump used a great deal of his money in support of the Obama campaign. But, at the same time George Soros was funneling money through Trump going to Obama. This is quite easy to research. What we have in the executive office is a Trojan Horse President. He has no Republican credentials or history before this election. Instead he has always been a far left liberal Democrat. This election is evidence that the dumbing down of America is complete by the left and that could not be accomplished without the participation of the liberal media to help portray Trump as a Republican. However if you look RINO up in a pictionary you will find a picture of Donald Trump. We need a free press and we must resist the attacks of the left led by Trump to portray conservative news sources as “faux” news. Americans need the truth whether they want it or not. Otherwise America will cease to exist.

          • dondehoff

            Political “junky”? Just what are the attributes of such a person? Also, I note you seldom ever address other’s specific rebuttals. I would like for you to provide specifics as to Soros “funneling money” to the
            Trump cause, and how they avoided the “all-seeing eye” of the IRS.

          • I did that two days ago providing the information on the money that went to Trump and to his Son-in-law Jared Kushner from Soros. More than a (billion))) dollars has been transferred from Soros to Trump.
            This is easy to research and you do not have to be dependent on being spoon fed information. Learn to use a search engine yourself and get informed.

            One other thing…Soros and Trump conspired the same way to get money to Obama in his presidential campaign.

          • If you were doing your research and were really a conservative instead of a leftist apologist for Donald Trump and George Soros you would be more objective and reasonable.
            It is very easy to do your own research instead of asking someone like me to spoon feed you. Stop sucking on the tit of liberalism and get informed. How much of your support for Trump is actually just celebrity envy. You are just a Trump groupie and do not care that he is a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue.

          • dondehoff

            “crist………”, speaking of doing one’s “homework”, I have several thousand posts on the internet (mostly on Disqus) and they all are of a conservative nature, with many “thumbs up”. I have a perhaps “shortcoming”, in that I have no tolerance for profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. I personally believe that is just “mental masturbation”, being used when the author has run out of “on subject” material. The left has taken advantage of that very contagious off-subject disease and they frequently. respond with off-subject gutter talk, just to take our focus off of the critical issues at hand. Then, we have many well intentioned “good guys and gals”, who respond in kind, and the original subject matter is ignored–“mental masturbation”, at its finest. Now, can we get back to the issues on the docket? Let us lay off of the President, he was lawfully elected and the democrats have not found a single illegal Trump vote or voting issue. They just now have spent two days howling about a single misspelled (perhaps “strange or secret”) word in one of his tweets.

          • I am admittedly not very tolerant of lifetime leftists like Trump claiming to have suddenly received an epiphany and become conservative and Republican. Why did he not run on the Democrat party instead of switching parties to Republican? Why would the Democrats care about illegal Trump votes as they have one of their own as POTUS pretending to be suddenly Republican and conservative. His lifetime history as a leftist puts into question his honesty and purpose.

  • Using the words “Trump” and “truthfulness” in the same sentence is profoundly creative. I never thought I would ever see that done.

  • dondehoff

    We need a law or Constitutional Amendment that holds the media to a higher “truth” standard than the citizens on the street. They should be required to report all sides to a story and then if they want to editorialize, it should be done on the editorial page of the newspaper on at the end of the TV/Radio news broadcast. There also should be an independent agency that “keeps score” for all false news or “mistakes”, with ratings of one to five, with the five being the most reliable. And, all acknowledged false reports or just plain “mistakes” should require an official apology within 24 hours of the time they were discovered. Also, all media outlets should also have to publish their “rating” along with all ads and headlines. Also, all news broadcasters, should be required to announce that it is their news or that of their employers or “others”. Here is an example: “Here is “XBC’s news for tonight”. I suspect we will find that most news people are just “sheep” following scripts prepared by others. Also, photo cropping of photographs or camera scenes should be prohibited, as those are “visual lies”. If a cropped scene is used it must be identified as such at the time of showing.

    • A free press is essential to Democracy. There must be a free press whether we like it or not for our free republic to survive. The country has moved sharply and suddenly to the left with the Trump administration but we should have been ready for this since he is a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue. He is arguably the furthest left POTUS in history. America has survived far worse attacks but the one thing we should protect with every effort we can muster is the freedom of our press. Without it we put our democracy in danger.

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