• OnTheRoad

    NRA Lifetime Member! “From My Cold Dead Hands”!

    • American Me

      DITTO !!!!!!!

    • William Thompson

      There are demoncrats that want to do just that

    • ihatelibs

      Life Member Here TOO . LOCKED & LOADED… MOLON LABE

      • OnTheRoad

        A great quote also: “Molon Labe”….come and get em”! Luck to you brother. Be safe & ready!

  • Connie Snyder

    We need to let congress live on social security and then see if they ever need any help with finanaces….you know like deciding on meds or food…and for this the dems would take away a right. The dems can not wait for the boomers to die because we are a generation who understands the rights we are supposed to have

    • American Me

      I really don’t think they should get a lifetime salary after they leave office.That is why we need term limits for congress.They are supposed to be citizens first and should return home and back to their jobs or collect social security like the rest of us do.But they voted that in,just like giving themselves raises.They are out of control.I hope President Trump can pull this off.So far he is moving very fast and I pray for his safety.Their not happy with him.

      • Connie Snyder

        I agree and if they do get any kind of payment it should be a lot less than what they are getting. It is no wonder they do not understand what the average American has to live on. We need term limits

      • OnTheRoad

        Agreed! They’re not happy. Give Trump a chance before the snowflakes have their ridicules hissy fits! Hey, we had to deal with a far left POTUS for 8 years. We didn’t like it, but we didn’t protest, riot, and needed puppies to pet! It’s the grown ups time to run the country. Please step aside libs, we got it. #MAGA

      • Valor

        There is one way, and one way only we will get term limits. Via an Article V Convention of States. The movement is afoot in 34 states, has been passed in 8, and various phases in about 20 others. Additionally, it is being pursued in numerous presently convening legislatures. Contact your state legislators and governors to encourage them to get this going. As for Trump’s safety, that is a very real concern. The left will stop and nothing to prevent him from improving things. Nothing!!!

  • Barkingdeathsquirrel

    Seems to me that communist 0bama has violated the oath of office several times and should be held on trial for treason several of those violations as well as giving iran 1.4 billion dollars, giving “freedom fighters” a.k.a. terrorists in Syria US arms, and working with hitlary rotten kill’em in covering up the whole Benghazi attack just to name a few.

    • American Me

      I agree,but doubt that anything will ever be done.He did violate his oath of office but no one seems to care except the American People.Write to your Congress Men and Women.Unless we push the things we want,it won’t happen.And I am not sure that will even help.As you said HRC should also be punished but I don’t see that happening either.

      • Valor

        That oath of office is violated by most politicians and judges. Especially Demorats! They hate the Constitution because it tries to limit their power.


          You remember the old saying “Absolute POWER corrups ABSOLUTELY” The DEMODUMMIES want absolute POWER!!!!!! Now they are pissed they are not getting it!!! ……..LOL……LOL….LOL

  • Virgil Ferguson

    Eliminate $200 tax on supressors. Also background checks .

    • patriot2

      allow legal machine guns in again.

  • liberaldisgust

    And because of this liberals are screaming Trump is giving crazy people guns ….. personally , I think liberals are violent and crazy …. maybe they should lose their gun rights ….. especially with the riots , assaults , and threats against President Trump …. They have claimed for years Conservatives are terrorists …. they have proven by action they are the terrorists ……

  • Bob Stewart

    Between McCain, Graham and McConnell, they will have the republican party the minority party real soon. America needs new leadership in the republican party, one that honors the people instead of the old line RINOS.

    • Morton99

      The sooner it becomes the minority party politically, the better. Its already he minority party based upon the popiular vote – the only legitimate measure of a democracy.

      • patriot2

        in case you missed it,the US is a republic,not a democracy.

        • Morton99

          If you had graduated High School you would know that it is a democratic republic.. Unfortunately under DJT it is headed to be a fascist republic, as is Russia converting from a communist republic to a fascist republic as well. At any rate it is very unAmerican for our great leader to label the press as lying – when he himself tells les with every breath. Besides which the press has a constitutional right to report the truth. He will just have to grit an bear it.

          • patriot2

            if you hadn’t been held back in kindergarten you might have known that it’s been obama that’s been lying to Americans for the last 8 years,he not being one of us.as for the lying press well,they’re just going to have to suck it up or quit lying so much.yes,America is a republic,plain & simple.

  • Mare

    Just because a person can’t manage money does not mean he is incompetent to own a fire arm. Some people suck when it comes to finances. That does not make them a danger to society. Obama is a communist who would do anything to take everyones firearms away from them. He and he alone wanted the power of the gun- no way for us to fight back. Look at Europe-the citizens can’t defend themselves from criminal migrants and their source of defense? rocks and sticks-kind of like cavemen.

  • Jon’s On

    Anything to infringe on your 2nd amendment rights. Isn’t that the democrats motto. Screw the constitution we know what’s best for Americans. People like Obama and Dianne NotsoFineStein should be thrown in prison for disobeying the constitution.

  • Morton99

    I’m all for it. There are so many thousands of accidental deaths among gun owners that its a sort of simple way of decimating the conservative ranks.

    • John Williams

      I would suggest you do some home work, conservatives are going to be around for a while sparky. Latest numbers, 2014, by the CDC, accidental deaths by firearms a whopping, 586, non transport classification that leave out automobiles, 98000 and one of the largest major sources of accidental deaths is an estimated 250,000 per year from “medical errors.” you are safer sitting in a room full of gun owners than you are at your local hospital, unless of course your doctor accidentally shoots you then you could claim a gun death. Of course with your mentality, or lack thereof, along with your mouth, you may be in line to get accidentally shoot

      • Morton99

        I suggest you get someone to help you read.
        If you check that reference you will see
        All firearm deaths
        Number of deaths: 33,736
        Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.6

        • John Williams

          I would suggest you read your own post, you clearly said ” There are so many thousands of ACCIDENTAL deaths among gun owners” you are now changing your reference to ALL, which undoubtedly include those racked up by the gangs, who if they are even capable of reading will almost definitely vote democrat, so you are probably losing more voters on your side. You are lumping in suicides and homicides to your number, those hell bent on killing themselves or someone else are going to accomplish it one way or another. What you and your ilk want to accomplish is disarming of the “LAW ABIDING” while leaving the law breaking, by definition, those who will ignore the gun law, still armed, mission accomplished for the socialist left but real people screwed, it is the socialist way. If you will bother to look farther into the statistics and look at the rate of change of per capita gun deaths, even with the massive sales of guns racked up under obama, the rate per capita has been on a down trend for years, thus more guns do not equal more deaths but it does equal less crime.

          • Morton99

            LOL! Frankly it is impossible to accurately calculate whether a death was accidental, pre,meditated, or meant to scare. Mainly because the NRA has lobbied against any kind of proper statistical management out of fear that they would become targeted with facts. But to make you feel less put out – let me suggest that all gunshot deaths will tend to radically cull the conservative morons in our society – yes people exactly like you.

          • John Williams

            Well since you were using statistics, I was led to believe you knew something about them, so which is it do you or don’t you, make up your mind. You know nothing about the NRA other than what you parrot for the rest of the useful idiots, the NRA provides extensive training, they lobby to get laws already in effect to be enforced and they do not lobby against PROPER and TRUTHFUL statistical analysis, they will however fight against BS statistics provided by uneducated fools who have no clue what they are taking about. Yes they do these things and they do it because it is right, but they do it because members, like myself, would not donate to them if they did not provide that service. I am sure you think you know everything but I find it highly unlikely you know much of anything factual when it comes to firearms. Yes I am sure that us “conservative morons” like our guns, as we despise tyranny and prefer not to rely on someone else for defense of ourselves and our family. Here is the thing we also tend to be educated about the guns we own as well as train how to use them. I believe we would find that those who are “uneducated” about guns, apparently that would include you, do not, or you would have to admit to being the hypocrites that we see in the news today, my recommendation to you and the rest of the liberal weenies you should just leave them alone so you don’t become a statistic.

          • Morton99

            Look – I am actually NOT anti gun. I come from a conservative family with a very strict father who was adamant about gun safety. We were beaten for the slightest infraction; I was taught to shoot at the age of seven and while I was a good shot it was not my thing and as I grew older I began to find shooting pastimes such as duck shooting and deer hunting simply immoral, quite apart from my dislike of that gamey taste. However, just like the abortion issue – I believe that it is a decision that must be made by an individual – not a government.

            My principal objection to gun management and the lack of enforceable laws – is the proliferation of guns and the very obvious inadequate education about gun usage. When you add to that the fact that many studies would indicate that at least 20 percent of all Americans go though a period of mental instability – a divorce, a rejection in a relationship, a lack of a job, a bankruptcy – and dozens of other stressful situations – with so many weapons available – we have a minefield in which many completely innocent people will be injured or killed. Statistics bear this out and would seem to indicate that this terrible statistic is exponentially increased in societies where guns are easily available.

            People who live in remote or rural areas should indeed have access to weapons for self defense; but I find it hard to extend that need to most citizens, who live in urban areas.

            I find the argument about preventing government tyranny to be somewhere between fatuous and absurd. When you actually think it through it is impossible to imagine a scenario where an armed citizenry would become much more than a target for a determined military or armed police force. Even the idea of an armed citizenry actually taking control of this nation is frightening since the chances of them actually agreeing on any government or giving up the power they have seized is highly unlikely – as has been seen globally after any armed insurrection.

          • John Williams

            Let me address your issues, hunting has absolutely nothing to do with the second amendment, it is a separate issue, those that use the excuse for gun control “that is not a gun used for hunting , so why not ban it,” fall into two categories, either they are intentionally using an excuse that does not apply or they are totally ignorant. It is simple, if you don’t like hunting don’t hunt, if you don’t like guns don’t own one, the left seems to think if they don’t like something then their ideas must be shoved down everyone else’s throat.there are a lot of things that people do that I don’t like, but like you said, it is an individual decision. There is more to hunting than the anti-hunting people will admit, management is the biggest one, when you watch hundreds of animals die of starvation, simply because they cannot access enough food for their own population during bad times in winter, it will enforce your thoughts on the “need” for game management. Along with management, which “is” necessary, comes at least, the benefit of a “death, not involving a slow and agonizing death by starvation” as well as the economic benefit to the hunting industry, the STATES and communities, make no mistake that economic benefit is tremendous. The “lack of enforceable laws,” is a joke, there are plenty of laws that are not being enforced, laws that the nasty old NRA lobby tries to get enforced, we as a group do not like those who abuse the “right” to own guns, it gives us all a bad name. Try a little exercise on your own, take ‘any’ newspaper from ‘any’ mid sized city and larger, review every story on a crime involving a gun, you will find that the overwhelming majority of crimes committed were committed by a person or persons, who according to laws “already in effect” are NOT ALLOWED to own a gun. I have done this multiple times with multiple papers and have never came up with a percentage less than 87%, it is usually in the high 90th percentile, criminals, by nature, simply ignore the law. It is only the “law abiding citizen” who is affected by gun laws, the little ditty “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” is a fact, not a joke. Statistics simply DO NOT agree with your perception that more guns equal more gun deaths, in fact the opposite is true, are there gun related deaths, yes, but refer to my previous post about “medical mistakes” I don’t see people trying to ban doctors and hospitals that are responsible for far more deaths. The overall trend shows the fallacy of anti-gun rhetoric that more guns equal more crime and more gun related deaths, is, for them a bold faced lie. Given that loose logic with the large number of guns purchase during the obama regime, crime and gun deaths should be thru the roof, they are not, (guns sales up, CCW permits up, more guns and more people packing but crime is down) the trend is still down. Every state, “without exception,” when they enact CCW laws, see their violent crime rates drop, the majority see a slight bump up in the years that follow but all still show a significant decrease overall. Your statement that “People who live in remote or rural areas should indeed have access to
            weapons for self defense; but I find it hard to extend that need to most
            citizens, who live in urban areas.” is naive. Rural areas by the statistics always show a lower rate of violent crime, we can debate the issue, but my belief will remain that, gun ownership has a lot to do with the fact that those in these areas are much more likely to own a gun, criminals are not real smart, but they still have a strong sense of self preservation and fear the possibility of getting shot. They simply move on to a place where the chances are less, right to those urban areas you would disarm, these people have just as much right to defend themselves as anyone else. The hypocrisy of those who claim that guns only bring an additional danger are forgetting the very fact that they themselves benefit from areas with a number of gun owners, see the previous statistic on CCW permits. Criminals are stupid, we know that, but given a choice between two different areas, one with strict gun laws (where it is extremely difficult for law abiding citizens to own guns) and the probability of encountering a home owner with a gun being low, or an area where guns are more prevalent, simply because of easier access to them by law abiding citizens, just where do you think that criminal is going to go. See the previous statistic about states with easy access to CCW permits. Permit holders, those with ability to carry a gun, has risen over 125% in just the last few years, with that, violent crime has fallen by double digits, according to some reports as much as 22%. Your thoughts on ” government tyranny” shows you do not understand the original intention of the constitution and the “second amendment” that is exactly what it was intended for. I do not disagree that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to deter a “determined military or armed police force,” with that said, it would be a hell of a fight and would not look good on the world stage. You also are failing to consider the fact that it would almost have to be some forign entity, because I find it extremely unlikely that the majority of ‘our own’ troops are going to fire on their own friends and relatives. The idea of an armed citizenry taking control of the nation, is not what it is about, remember that is what we elect representatives for, they simply want the government to respect their rights. As far as a tyrannical government goes, you are among the ranks of the useful idiots if you cannot see the creep of “government overstepping their place,” go back and read the constitution, you have included yourself in the group who will wake up someday and say what the hell happened and then it will be too late, wake up. The following link is slightly dated but it is very relative to what I am telling you, if you only get your info, like the majority of anti-gun nuts do, from the likes of “mother jones” or some other liberal rag that has an extreme bias, you are getting cherry picked numbers simply meant to deceive you. http://ijr.com/2016/01/510415-10-charts-that-put-obamas-gun-violence-town-hall-in-perspective/

          • Morton99

            On statistics there are prolific numbers to refute your version of the facts
            for example.

            I concede that professional wild animal management could be justified under rare circumstances.
            However your reasoning about the safeguard against tyranny is frankly ideological and I have never read a reputable projection of how it could ever succeed.
            I think we are far too far apart to agree on most things so lets leave it like that – and agree to disagree. I shall work tirelessly to limit weapons in the hands of the untrained or unqualified and I am sure you will do the opposite.
            Thank you for your attempt at civility.

          • John Williams

            A very simple look at the link you provide, tells me you did not even look at the information I sent you, you are not interested in anything other than your own short sided views (one part I will agree with is the “stolen gun” part, that does not change as a problem and confirms just exactly what I said about criminals, they by nature, refuse to obey the law, either for the possession of a gun or the theft of one, again laws only effect the law abiding citizen.) Look at the information that I provided, pick a chart with a timeline and you will plainly see that what you provided to me is a 1995 study that is irrelevant, statistics are normally somewhat older than studies, due to the time line for someone using said statistics, to what I gave you and what I tried to point out, all the trends are down from your old and out dated information, your outdated paper only verifies exactly what I am saying, more guns, more people packing and yet the trend is down, damnedest thing, but the trend is still down. Correlation to this in case you cannot see it, more guns DO not equal more gun deaths and crime.

            “I concede that professional wild animal management could be justified under rare circumstances.” I suggest you look at every state and see how many of them have a “division of wildlife” maybe you missed that little fact of life. Rare it is not, so somewhere, the “professional management” people have stepped in out of necessity.

            I agree, will will agree to disagree, as far as working to place guns in the hands of the untrained and unqualified, that is a subjective argument, as always, the key to that statement used for any number of laws or situations people would like to see, “who decides who is untrained and unqualified” someone with knowledge and common sense or some unelected, unknowledgeable, unaccountable bureaucrat, who is at the beck and call for the whim of whichever party is in charge at the time. With that said, that would have been a total disaster under the obama regime, the most anti-gun president in history. States and cities use that very thing to deny law abiding citizens the right for a permit, see Chicago and Kalifornia.

            Your insinuation that I would go out of my way to place guns in the hands of the unqualified and untrained is typical of those who have no real argument and certainly not an attempt at “civility,” I will however, ‘always work tirelessly’ to preserve the constitution.

  • John Williams

    Simply put, democrats prefer the decision by self promoting bureaucrats rather than “medical professionals,” even for the useful idiot liberal lemmings this should be a red flag, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Alleged Comment

    Any American citizen already had gun rights. They came from G*D! What the 2nd Amendment rights was about was related to being a MILITIA requirement and has nothing to do with gun rights, according to some.

    But they used that about limiting your “gun rights”. So, ya’ll been taken for a ride……

  • Gary Von Neida

    Please Mister President help Conservative Californians wake up Governor Moon Beam ( Brown) that controlling the border and criminals is the first line of defense against crime—GUNS DO NOT KILL, criminals do!

  • keepersleeper

    I wish I could’ve PERSONALLY thanked Obama for being the BEST DAMNED IMPETUS for increased gun sales, during his presidency! Every time he opened his BIG mouth against gun ownership, gun sales went through the roof!!

  • 2starider

    Again the references to Sandy Hook reminds me of the dozens of unanswered questions still lingering about that event. Sworn testimony before a Judge has shown the school was closed at the time and had been for several years. After Trump has his Justice Dept. established I hope he directs them to investigate this hoax.

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