• Thomas Gladden Wilson

    I love it! It should stay on the books! As a reminder of what happens when you allow less than 1.5% of the population to ram it’s values down our collective throats. The politically correct use the phrase “diversity” as a catchall to constantly drive a wedge between the South’s ethos of traditional family values and the “freakshow” of being all inclusive which at the end of the day is a war on families.

    • David in MA

      another communist item on the agenda of the communist manifesto.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran


  • VirgoVince

    WHY?? It NEVER should have been accepted as ‘law’!!

  • David in MA

    Simple solution: Make all restrooms single person use, no more multi person availability at a time, and locks on the doors with the outside of the lock with a small window showing “OCCUPIED” or “AVAILABLE”.

    • rfrichey

      David, That sounds like a solution, but with the sick-o’s we’re dealing with here they would just lower their panty’s and go on the floor anywhere in the store. What gets me about the whole transgender, gays, or whatever the case may be is that 1-3 percent ends up costing trillions of dollars to the public. I am so glad I was born in 41 and haven’t had to listen to this $hit my whole life.

      • David in MA

        The cost factor is the bullet to bankrupt America and is being “shot at” every level of society.
        Remember, Hitler did the same thing, made the country so poor, etc., and then offered the solution of Fascism, which the poor and hungry readily accepted, Obama and his ilk are on the same path.

      • TheEPClark

        Then if they do that, they can be arrested ( or put in a Loony Bin” )!!!!

    • jimmy9522

      Evidently you don’t go to ballgames or such.

      • David in MA

        Evidently you don’t know how to build a divider wall with individual doors.

        • jimmy9522

          If you have the money you can build anything but it it still won’t work. Much better to get these poor confused individuals mental help instead of exploiting them for stupid left wing agendas.

          • David in MA

            On second thought maybe the muslims do have the solution to these people.

          • Granny Filec


  • Richard Knack

    Instead of pandering to and coddling these mentally and morally deficient freaks, why not dump money into finding a cure for their problem? Then they will be straight, and normal, and this will be a non-issue. The ones that don’t want to be cured can all move to the People’s Republic of Californication (the “breakfast cereal state” since it’s full of “fruits, nuts, and flakes”!), and turn it into their own little country instead of being part of the USA.

    • Huck Finn

      The problem is! The left wants to turn mental cases into voters,because they could care less about right and wrong! It is all about the almighty vote rather than The Almighty God.
      This is what takes place when moral standards are thrown out the window, for elitist progressives, ignorance of truth knows no bounds.

      • l.bell

        And vote =POWER . Power= corruption, dillusion, out of touch with reality =Liberal Democrat.

      • Linda Shelton

        Someone ought to remember the last time the whole world become morally deficient, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

        • Jim Norris


    • Marcia Fridland

      Ha, ha, ha. The situation was never more cleverly expressed.

      • bill

        I can’t wait for the muslims to take over the US and start throwing these perverted lgbt asshats off 10 story buildins.

    • l.bell

      Hey whoa now I’m from the once great state of California and I’m none of those things nor are my friends and family . So how about instead of dumping all this countries waste on california let’s treat that waste first then it can be put back into the environment as fertilizer. And that way we can Make California Great Again. HUH HUH see how that works . But if you insist on dumping the crap here at least let the sane part of the state break off and for the state of Jefferson please.

      • Bobby

        Your State of Californicia-The People voted for true marriage, man and woman 79% to keep; in their State Constitution. Millions voted for, and one rogue, sodomite Judge;Criminally overruled the referendum.Just a few years ago. CA is proven to have the most illegal aliens,along with other voter frauds.Stealing the rights of the true people. Thank God, the great State of NC stood strong for norma, true and right. This will benefit the over 30 States who also fought evil mussy BO’s unrighteous decrees, that curse a Nation or State.Blessings to those who stand for good.Isaiah 5:20, 11:1-3.Genesis 12:3; proven in history and every time,a leader comes against Israel,their God-given land.Nations by leaders, State, Cities, groups and people.Also, against Christians, the spiritual seed of Abraham, through the Seed,Christ. See ‘As America Does to Israel’, just one of so many amazing, disaster warnings that usually happen within 24-48 hours of a so-called nations’ alliance leaders,a Pres coming against.In words and deeds.’Gay pride, also. I sent Gov McCrory tweets,after prayer.The Lord said, don’t trust them ( that one county group).You won, big.Fight on, check Charlotte-Meck and all. Fight, the Lord is having all fraud and corruption exposed.Out of Staters,multiple votes, and illegals;cheated you and the people of NC. More fraud and corruption is going to be exposed, Stand and Fight.Contact Jay Sekulow, ACLJ.Org, VoteFraud.org, project Veritas,Christian Adams-Election Law Center.They will help you uncover. The next day, Detroit was,and Chicago.Please send this info to Lt.Gov-Dan Patrick, Gov office, and the true Gov Pat McCrory. As there is a satan’s puppet counterfeit, going by Gov Pat’s name.And tweets are limited.Thanks and Merry Christ-mas!

        • TheEPClark

          California is not a place I would want to live or for that matter….visit !!!!
          I could find more of a fitting location where civility and common sense were practiced, at any LOCAL ZOO !!!!!!!

        • Jim Norris


      • nicki-baby

        U may not be , but It seems like the most are far-left-loons, it might just drop off in the ocean, bub, so you just might want to move far,far away from there, California is a very strange place, to say the least, they don’t think like ordinary people, STRANGE , weird, maybe!!!!!

      • Richard Knack

        Just make sure the “insane” part of the state that gets walled off includes the university at Berkley, a rabid liberal hotbed and indoctrination center. They won’t even call illegal aliens what they are anymore, because it’s “politically incorrect”

      • Jim Norris



    Evil never sleeps, folks. No matter WHAT the “solution”, the people who defy God, morality and/or civility will whine enough for the politicians who want their vote to mollify them. I think this could be well served by making a LGBT bathroom, separate from that of normal folks. Any objections?

    • l.bell

      How about we make the LGBT separate from normal folks? Why waste the money right? I mean they claim they want to be treated equally .but somehow their equally seems to equate to equal but extra special . They are the ones who need to ” Get in step” with the rest of us not us with them.

    • nicki-baby

      U are SO right, left loons!!!!’

  • Ellen Thrasher

    This just repulses me from the get go ! We have ISIS reeking havoc all over the world, environmental issues killing our planet, crime, illegal aliens, Radical Muslims ….. but, we have to waste our time with a ” Bathroom Bill ” ! This is absulutly a Liberal Democraps piece of crap bill !
    If you were born with a wiener and male genome, then you better get to the male bathroom ! I guess woman and children have to be raped and killed in bathrooms all over the country before this will be reversed !


      THIS is exactly what they want. They want us to FOCUS on this and forget about the rest of the world. That way they can further their agenda in the world and then take on US.

      • Jim Norris



          RIGHT on………. YUP NERO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!



    • l.bell

      But why waste the money ? Just sa no . No they are not special .No they do not get special bathrooms .No they do not get special privileges. Just say no these “people” are wasting time money and resorses on their agenda of pandering to the lunatic fringe. Enough is Enough.

  • ken becht

    Our nation has lost its way long ago. We took the Bible out of schools. We then took prayer out of schools. We sanctioned the Genocide of defenseless babies. We sanctioned homosexual marriage. Then the bisexual, racist, anti-American, Kenyan, Muslim in the white house promotes transgender degenerates using the bathroom of their choice????? We allow homosexuals in the military to shower with normal people (heterosexuals). Would any of you want to shower next to guy you knew was queer? (Yes, they are queer which means abnormal.) NBA & NCAA support this insanity. These degenerates, be they homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender et al have ALWAYS had an agenda not to live and let live but to force their dark, immoral, sick, twisted behaviors on everyone else. There’s a reason we are called the great Satan by some countries ….it fits. God will not be mocked. There are consequences for what we’re doing.

    • Mary


    • Linda Shelton

      Rain, remember the rain.

  • bobangelo

    Good for North Carolina. Thank God for the southern states to keep some sanity in the country. Hopefully all this division and special interest groups nonsense will stop with Trump. This LGBT is just another minority group dreamt up by the Demorats and then they drum it into their mindless heads that they are being oppressed by the nasty conservatives. (America is such a nasty place). Of course if you only have 2 brain cells it is easy to be swayed.
    Can’t remember the name of the movie, but Bing Crosby was explaining to Bob Hope what a zombie was. ” Mindless, half-dead lost souls, that wander around and follow each other like sheep”. Bob Hope then says to Bing – “Oh they’re Democrats”.

    • Terry

      I Love that last like! Just made my day bobangelo with Bob Hopes reply. Classic TV & Classic Bob Hope! .

  • peter

    Lesson Learned. Never ever trust a democrat to compromise on anything

  • don76550

    I applaud the North Carolina legislature for standing up to a bunch of pathological militant perverts

    • Jim Norris


  • tracy

    the values of the conservatives are: ignore the wishes of those that are different from the majority, period, and that goes for all their beliefs on aspects of life. But, they wont admit that.
    God is dead but they dont know it.
    Love is love no matter what, as long as it is between humans, not bestiality, and not just man and woman love–and they don;t know that yet.
    An abortion is the right of the woman to decide whether or not to have it, at any time of the pregnancy, , not the state or federal law. They dont know that.
    We are our brother’s keeper, and that means the rich have the responsibility to share ALL their wealth with their brethren, and not just give a portion of it to charity–and they don’t know thatt.
    Private property is fine as long as it doesn’t flaunt its size and prime beach front location as being bigger and better than those without a place to live, and they dont know that.

    • David in MA

      On one episode of STAR TREK Spoke made a comment I like, it goes something like this: The needs of the majority outweigh the needs of the few.
      A real strange idea, don’t you think?

    • Fox5live

      What planet were you born on? Are you saying that those who WORK for a living have to share with those who choose to SIT on their BUTTS? There is always a single bathroom available everywhere…if you wisely dress as a member of the opposite sex, no one would notice unless YOU choose to flaunt it in their faces. What you do behind closed doors is only important to you. You have no right to force it on others who believe a lock has a key…two locks or two keys separately don’t open a safe…oh….and don’t forget the truest statement every made…there are NO atheists n foxholes..and…murder is murder.

      • Mary


    • Mary

      If a person works hard to earn his money, he should not be FORCED to give that money
      Away… what incentive is that for anyone to improve himself ?

  • dave

    close all restrooms,& replace them with port-a-potties,that would end all the problems !!!!!!

    • But that would meet the needs of people with true disabilities that need help or extra space.

  • American Eagle

    To hell with the LBGT “community“ AND the left wing.

  • I see the press is saying that North Carolina is no longer a democracy. They look pretty darned good to me.

  • J.B.Jacobs

    This is not about the law or anything else but the fact that Democrats and Republicans will not work together for the betterment of the American people. It doesn’t matter if the bill was the best thing for the people, if the Democrats present the bill, the Republicans will do their best to shoot it down, If the Republicans present the bill, the Democrats will try to shoot it down, even though both parties are supposed to be representing the people.

    It’s all about the vote. One party is afraid if the other party presents a bill that most of the people like, it will give them a better chance of getting re-elected in the next election if they let it pass. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best thing for the American people. That’s not what they are interested in, it’s about getting their vote. This country will continue to go downhill as long as the parties refuse to work together

    • Mary

      When the Democrats begin to stand up for the common hardworking middle class family man that has the decency to marry the woman he loves and support her and the children they produce- THEN the Republicans will gladly “work together”. As long as Democrats are for TAKING resources from the middle class to give “freebies” to illegals, perverts, and unwed mothers, there is NO “working together”…

    • bill

      politicians being able to stay in office past 6 years work only for the betterment of themselves period. to beat this TERM LIMITS NOW!!!!!

  • Wayne Alan

    An observation made by one of the Founding Fathers of our Country, James Madison, during his presentation of the Bill of Rights to the Congressional Committee on the Constitution, was about the abuse of power and I quote:

    “In our Government it is, perhaps, less necessary to guard against
    the abuse in the executive department than any other; because it is not the
    stronger branch of the system, but the weaker. It therefore must be leveled
    against the legislative, for it is the most powerful, and most likely to be
    abused, because it is under the least control. Hence, so far as a declaration
    of rights can tend to prevent the exercise of undue power, it cannot be doubted
    but such declaration is proper.

    But I confess that I do conceive that in a Government modified like
    this of the United States, the great danger lies rather in the abuse of the
    community than in the legislative body.

    The prescriptions in favor of liberty ought to be leveled against that quarter where the greatest danger

    namely, that which possesses the highest prerogative of power.

    But it is not found in either the executive or legislative departments of Government,

    but in the body of the people, operating by the majority against the minority.”

    Seems Madison was quite correct. ALL CITIZENS are by our US CONSTITUTION afforded EQUAL PROTECTION of our basic civil rights and basic liberties. The actions of North Carolina Republicans in their actions against a minority have violated the very core premise of our US CONSTITUTION. They, in absolute, have no authority to impose their tyrannical Christo-Fascist laws against ANY MINORITY.

    To date, North Carolina has been cost over $400 million in lost income to the state and as of the failure of their legislature to repeal their “bathroom law”, a call for a total boycott of their state has been purposed by a very large number of organizations.

    It is my sincere hope that these Republican legislators are removed from office by recall votes of every single one of them.

    The “Banana Republic” actions of that state reflect on the US as a cancer of the worst kind, self destruction is the only outcome for their actions.

    • Bill

      Wayne Allen, you miss one major point, the moral mass of people do not support transgenders or anyone who feels at the moment they want to be the opposite sex. Most people do not care what sex some may want to be, they just do not want some male who feels like being a female intruding on their wives, daughter or grand daughters. Remember, we the moral majority do not have to be discriminated against to satisfy a small minority. This issue represents why Trump won, because people are fed up with the PC BS. The liberal left is trying it’s best to destroy our great country and people have had enough of the Political Correctness. Our founding fathers were brilliant people, we have a republic not a democracy. Most people are fairly tolerant of the gay/lesbian society, they just do not like the idea of this type of “in your face politics.”

      • Wayne Alan

        @Bill, No Bill I didn’t miss any point at all. It is in fact YOU who has missed what James Madison stated. ALL CITIZENS are GUARANTEED equal treatment in our country. I ask, if for some reason you suddenly decided you were no longer happy being a “Christian” and choose to become a Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim, something also the majority of our population do not consider the “norm” with regards to spiritual beliefs, would you not demand your basic civil rights to worship as one chooses to worship? I think the answer would be yes.

        In the case of transgenders and homosexuals, they have no choice in their psycho-sexual orientation. It is an ingrained part of their very being, thus being able to present themselves in accordance with that orientation, it becomes their basic civil right to do so. Human sexuality has a very broad range of configurations and each and every one of them DEMANDS the ABSOLUTE RESPECT of our basic civil rights be applied to them.

        I have several friends who are transgender or homosexual. I also have a very close friend whose transgender child is now transitioning. We’ve had many conversations about how she/he felt and what was amazing to me was she/he KNEW she/he was psychologically the opposite sex when she/he was about 3-4 years old. She is now a He. Presents as and is now a He and is very happy as a result.

        The lack of acceptance by society as a whole of the minority has no legal grounds to impose discrimination upon that minority in the operation of the LAW, nor does the majority have the authority to impose that discrimination under the law.

        It is not a manner of morality as you claim but simple decent respect for the lives of individuals who are undergoing the most traumatic experiences of their lives.

        Your argument of a “male” intruding upon a female domain is non sequitur since a transgender person who is female trapped in a male body is NOT MALE but in rear fact FEMALE.

        This issue is NOT by any way shape or form the reason Trump won. And as you will find shortly that the middle class of our nation is going to be taking the worst hit since the Great Depression under the new Republican reign of terror which they are about to unleash.

        But since you are unable to break free from your point of view, I shall agree to disagree with you.

        • Bill

          Wayne, the constitution does not say anything about special treatment to satisfy all. There is a big difference between equal treatment and special treatment. If we made laws and regulations to satisfy all, there would be no equality, freedom or free speech. Most people are not hung up on gays/lesbians /transgenders but they do not want to be told, regulated or laws past giving them special rights. All of us have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but nowhere does it say anything about special rights must be given to anyone. What liberals have done is categorize groups of people, i.e., blacks, gays, Hispanics etc, etc and then demand they receive special treatment and force the rest of society to accept it and pay for it. Sorry, but we are Americans not segregated groups of individuals. Your argument lacks merit in YOUR interpretation of Madison.
          Your argument on religon is baseless also, who is saying you can not practice any religion you so chose. In our country as long as you are not breaking our laws or committing treasonous acts we have more freedom than anywhere in the world. Your argument follows Sal Alinsky’s rules for radicals, may I suggest if you do not like our country then leave as your thinking is twisted and destructive at best.

          • Wayne Alan

            Indeed it DOES say all citizens are entitled and guaranteed equal treatment. Read each of the Amendments. You’ll find that they apply to ALL citizens.
            The First Amendment is very clear on just what can be legislated when it comes to laws regarding religion, which is where most conservatives obtain their supposed right to impose their dogma, doctrines and beliefs upon all other citizens. But it doesn’t say that at all.
            The 14th Amendment makes it even clearer that the right to equal enforcement of the law under due process.
            “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the
            jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State
            wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall
            abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;
            nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property,
            without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its
            jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The political right has ignored these parts of the US Constitution for years and warped them beyond recognition.

            As for your attempt to blame Clinton and Obama for the loss of jobs in the US that is a laugh. The movement of jobs out of the country started back in the 60’s with the first major imports of automobiles and junk from China and the actions taken by retailers like Walmart who sent millions of manufacturing jobs of just about every type to China and Japan.

            Trump is going to do just one thing, look out for himself and his rich buddies. As for your thoughts on PC you will be happy to know the PC will become an even more important process in the future because it will be the moderating force to counter the extremist Trumpites in the next 2 years.

            Yes the people of the US will see just how extreme the Republicans are and will remove them from office in 2018.

          • Bill

            Wayne, EQUAL treatment NOT SPECIAL TREATMENT! Your interpretation is yours and your liberals friends only. Reread what I said on religon, you have a funny way of twisting information. As far as YOUR PRECONCEIVED ideas on Trump are nothing but BS. It was Clinton who signed NAFTA. In the 60’s China was not a trading partner, Japan came into the picture in the late 60’s and 70’s. Obozo did what? Your right nothing in 8 years other than get our country in deeper debt than all the previous 43 presidents combined. As a black president what did he do to help the black community? Your right, nothing! Unless you think Obozo care is great or common core education is good. You and I will never agree because I chose to be a responsible citizen and you feel the government needs to provide for you. Americans are good hearted, but understand not everyone who sits on their a$$ deserves to be taken care of by those who work hard for their own survival. So many good hard working people have lost their jobs in the past 8 years under obozo’s leadership. The liberal left can whine and cry all they want, but your PC crap will not fly except in your minds. You lost the election because your candidate is corrupt, a liar and committed treason, sold her self for donations to her family trust, but most of all she is morally bankrupt.

          • Wayne Alan

            And just what do you consider “special treatment” ? Simply wanting to live ones life as their psyco-sexual orientation tells them to is NOT “special treatment”. How would you like it if you were living in a society where homosexuality was the norm by 95% and you were part of the 3% of heterosexuals in the minority or the 2% who were bisexual ? and the majority kept degrading and demeaning you??? Wouldn’t be nice now would it.

            Actually Bush signed NAFTA December 17, 1992, over a year after he had been elected. Suggest you get your dates correct. It is a common mistake that those brainwashed by the Faux News media and friends make.

            When a Congress is in opposition to a President it is very difficult for a President to accomplish things, but just for your information here is a link to a list of his accomplishments in spite of a Republican Congress. http://pleasecutthecrap.com/obama-accomplishments/

          • Bill

            WayneAllen, look mr know it all you need to get your facts straight,
            Clinton signed NAFTA agreement on December 8, 1993 and it became effective in January, 1994. I suggest you stop watching CNN and stop making up your own interpretation of how you would like your twisted world to be. With your interpretation of equal our country would be wacky world. You libs are all the same, you demand we change our ways to suit your view of how life should be. You demand we must be tolerant of your view, but are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with you. You call republicans, racist, rednecks, homophobes, gun toten bigots, etc, etc, etc, but it is truly you libs who are all these names. When was the last time you saw conservatives rioting in the streets, destroying property, over turning cars, breaking windows etc, etc etc. In addition, we do not demand SPECIAL TREATMENT, we believe in equality, personal responsibility, morality and helping people improve their life, we believe in a helping hand, not a permanent hand out, we believe in our constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Christian way of life. You know all the things you liberals hate!

          • Wayne Alan


            This link gives you the history of NAFTA. As you can see, Bush signed the bill as I stated.
            It was a TREATY.

            The House of Representatives approved NAFTA, by a vote of 234 to 200 on November 17, 1993,

            and the Senate voted 60 to 38 for approval on November 20, 1993
            It was signed into law by President Clinton on December 8, 1993, and took effect on January 1, 1994.

            BOTH votes of Congress were VETO PROOF so President Clinton signed the bill even with the reservations he had about the effects of the bill.

            It is very obvious that you do not understand the concept of “EQUALITY” so I’ll not attempt to debate with you what you don’t understand.
            You sound exactly like a warning made by Sinclair Lewis back in the 30-40’s. He warned,

            it is not if but “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a Flag carrying a Cross”

            Your spiel about what you believe is exactly the opposite of what you are doing in the Republican Party.

          • Bill

            Wayne Allen you got it right finally who sign the Nafta treaty, very good! The problem with you libs is every time you people demand something you don’t stop, you just keep encroaching more and more. Many, many people do not want males in women’s bath rooms or showering with the girls in high school and they have rights also. But you libs don’t care about their rights or human morality, you just want to impose your will and beliefs on the rest of us and I don’t buy your ideology. Most gays/lesbians do not support this either. It is really time for the Democratic Party stop to trying to over through our constitution and stop with the sal Alinsky rules for radicals. Our country is a great nation, enjoy it and stop trying to tear it apart.

          • Wayne Alan

            It is absolutely NOT a matter of encroaching upon anything. IT is a DEFENSE of personal liberty, personal freedom and personal civil rights. NOTHING LESS.

            A person who is male/female transgender IS NOT A MALE psychologically. They are FEMALE. So that person has absolutely NO interest in fellow females.

            For a person who would allow their mental illness to invade the privacy of a woman’s restroom, there are already many laws on the books which are designed to prevent those actions. Use those laws to convict those mentally ill persons, but to apply your supposed morality or religious dogma, doctrines and beliefs to a psycho-sexual orientation of transgender is an outrageous violation of the individual personal liberty, freedom and basic civil rights.

            Your implication that the Democrat Party is trying to overthrow the US Constitution is outrageously simplistic and as usual your reliance on labeling liberals with a Sal Alinsky radicalization is simply ignorant.

            The only persons trying to tear our nation apart are people like yourself who attack basic civil rights of the individual, small groups, larger groups and some religions.

          • Bill

            Wayne Allen, you really are a troll, you portray their innocence and I understand what you are saying, but you keep missing the point. You already have high schools stating if a male student feel like a girl then he can shower with the girls. This is part of the problem as there is always someone who will take it to a new level. For the most part if a transgender dresses like a woman, most people would not even notice, but you know it will never stop at that, it will just keep escalating. I’m sure when our founding fathers talked about equality, transgenders were not thought about, but irregardless if it would stop at the simplicitic way you describe it, most people would never know. But you know it will not.
            As far as your comments on demo’s not trying to sabatoge, you are very shollow in your observation of your party. Read about the two professors from Drexel university who just stated “whites need to be genocide.” The other said he’s not a liberal he stated he was full blown communist. In think you should look up sal Alinsky and remember he was Hillary’s mentor and she also wrote her masters thesis on him and rules for radicals.

          • Wayne Alan

            A. I am not a troll. I state facts. That is all.

            There are of course limits. A physiologically male/female transitioning person who still has their male parts of course should not be showering with female students. (even though personally nudity has never bothered myself) many females would find it uncomfortable. In those cases accommodations need to be made.

            Your reference to escalation eludes me as it makes no sense in your argument.

            And your reference to our Founding Fathers not knowing of homosexuals or transgenders is laughable as history well documents hundreds of very famous persons of both orientations. Regardless of their orientations, the Founding Fathers would have considered them citizens.

            One thing you need to know before you make a further fool of yourself, I am NOT a Republican, I am not a Democrat. I am an registered Independent who is a mix of fiscal Conservative, civil rights Liberal and governmental Libertarian. Unlike many who claim adherence to a party line like yourself. As for the Drexel University professors under our 1st Amendment they are guaranteed their basic civil rights to their opinion just as am I and yourself. Just as are the Neo-NAZI’s and White Supremacists who supported Trump.

            Your true failure to understand our Country and the rights of Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Equality and most of all Justice for all citizens is you’re AFRAID of the “wrong” people, those that don’t believe as you do, being given those basic civil rights.

          • Bill

            Wayne Allen, Bush sign an agreement with Canada and Mexico, then he left office and Clinton signed the bill after congress pass it. How could Bush sign a bill that was not even voted on or approved yet?

          • Bill

            Wayne Allen, mr. Know it all, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA on December 8, 1993, it became effective January 1, 1994. So I suggest you get your facts straight and also stop getting your info from MSN propaganda news. As for obozo’s accomplishment, wow what a disgrace, wait a minute he created 10 million jobs of which 9.5 million were part time jobs. He also got our country in more debt than the previous 43 President, great job Obozo!! One consistent theme you libs have is you demand everyone be tolerant of your view, but you fail to realize you libs are the most intolerant bunch of wacks. Equality does not Equal special treatment as you would like it to be. If you and your type would just accept what you are and stop demanding we the people must accept your view and subject us to your standards of life, you and yours would be fine. But do not tell me I must accept men or boys can shower with girls if they feel gender change or use a bathroom with our wives, daughters or girl friends just because they feel like a woman at that moment. You and yours need to become tolerant and stop imposing your will on us.

    • Mary

      The law is not there to protect people based on the lifestyle they CHOOSE to live but on the characteristics over which they have no control: race, nationality, sex. A LIFESTYLE that is CHOSEN and goes against morality and common decency is NOT protected . When a court starts to dictate to people that they have to support immoral and indecent lifestyles, a line has been crossed.
      I am so proud that NC is supporting common decency regardless of the “economic impact” that liberals purport is at stake. I feel safer and THAT is what matters…

  • Bird

    Want to put ‘tradition’ back in place…….. REplace the people in office!! It’s as simple as that; get RID of the liberals,,,,,, politician’s can’t survive without YOUR support!!

  • Russell

    Good for NC! Suggestion for the perverts: When you get to the bathroom door, look at your birth certificate to give you a clue as to which one you should pick. If you need to carry it with you to help you remember, that’s okay. Just check it often!

  • wellilltellya

    and thank barry for using the homos to split AMERICA. ATTENTION is WHAT THEY ARE AFTER ? is it their way of getting their plight in public awareness ?

  • Dannie Poe

    At what point did we the people of the US step into the Twilight Zone? To think anyone could support the concept that a person can change their sex with their mind is beyond me. Totally absurd. Choosing the rights of a pervert with out an once of morality over the rights of ALL other US Citizens has no place in our society. Tell me why the labels of Men or Women should be changed? In my upbringing I understood this terminology so why change something that has worked for hundreds of years? Where is the logic? When did the use of another sexes’ facilities even become a political problem in the first place? In a world of political unrest, why are we even wasting our time on social issues like this? If a person does not know the sex they were born as I would say that person has a mental problem. Time to stop this stupidity and move on to issues that concern everyone, not the select few.

  • pudge1

    Can’t believe this was even in consideration of repeal.

  • Harry Trawick

    Getting to chose the shower, toilet, or dressing room of your “Sex of the Day” is a perfect way for perverts to enter these facilities Legally! You are welcome to change facilities AFTER sex-change is complete.

  • cathylovesyou

    Grow up. Some Restaurants have Rest rooms that state Men and Women, no one complains, a few transgeners never even thought about a separate rest room, but those idle wacko liberals with nothing to do and add positively come up with anther waste of time project to keep their mind on hurting America. Boy I tired of them are they tired of themselves. Why don’t they collect stamps or coins

  • chuck rhodenizer

    If you have balls you go in the men’s room even if you do not know how to use them, this is one of the best laws ever passed. Face reality what you were born as; man or women that is what you are “deal with it” and stop being a loser that causes problems

  • jimmy9522

    Why don’t they spend a little time and money on these poor confused souls instead of trying to liberalize everything.

  • papa doug

    Who would have thought this “pervert law” would have survived repeal. That’s what this law is, a law to satisfy and help perverts. There really is no big discussion here. If a person has a penis he uses the mens restroom and if they have a vagina they use the girls. End of discussion. What is so hard to figure out? Stop listening to the PC’rs and just do what’s right!

  • Chuck

    It is amazing. The good folks stuck by their righteous and moral guns and told the fruits and nuts to shove it. Sorry the N.C. people elected a Dopeycrat as their next governor, but with a strong balance in the legislature he will be neutered. Thus, all is not lost.

  • Barry Melly

    On this subject and many more, I think something is severely wrong with the scarcity of healthy minds in the heads of the Democrats.

  • TheEPClark

    Guess we all should wear “DIAPERS”, give up using public toilets, or shit in the streets as a protest ?????
    I wonder what comes next ???

  • GuardianFlame

    TRANGENDERS ARE NOTHING BUT “FREAKS” OF NATURE…AND THE DEMOCRATS THAT VOTED FOR THIS BILL ARE CLASSIFIED IN THE SAME CATEGORY, ONLY THEY ARE DEGENERATE FREAKS OF NATURE. But there needs to be a line drawn here…it’s entirely out of control because of some radical tweaker democrats who have no idea of what moral or immoral means nor do they give a flying Bee’s Balls about the innocent women and girls that are being harassed and frightened by these misguided confused individuals.
    There is nothing wrong with transgenders having their own bathrooms, but lets make it one bathroom with “TRANSGENDERS ONLY” written in large, flashing red letters. If they want to be singled out as having the ability to pee or whatever in the same bathroom they identify with, then they can use their very own bathroom that has a urinal and an enclosed toilet so both the females that identify as males and the males that identify as females can do their duties…together as a cohesive unit.

    But for the love of God, do NOT let these freakish, maladjusted people into the same bathrooms as normal women and children or men. Transgenders have no business frightening or harassing those normal people just because a law says they can.

    I would be teaching my daughters to carry pepper spray, etc. when going into those bathrooms where those laws applies and if anyone looks or acts “non-female” spray their twisted sister faces. After being sprayed enough times, perhaps going to the biologically correct bathroom will be a pleasure after a while. If anyone tries to go after them for spraying a “Freak”, all they have to say is that they felt threatened and in danger — they are the victims NOT the transgenders!. There’s nothing the law can do in that circumstance.

  • GuardianFlame

    The only way to cure our nation of these transgender freaks is TO EDUCATE THEIR VERY OWN PARENTS IN CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. If most of the doctors who work on these transgender cases ever went public, you would find out just how many of those parents, one or the other, REALLY WANTED THE OPPOSITE SEX THAN WHAT THEY GOT IN BIRTH.
    Yes, it sounds sick and twisted, but with a “ME-ITIST” society that cow tows to every individual’s special needs, a Mother can easily change her little boy into a little girl by adjusting the toys and incentives that child is given (and visa versa with a girl). Instead of giving a little boy trucks and cars or a tool box or G.I. fatigues, etc. a parent gives “him” dolls, fluffy dress up dresses, make up and jewelry. What do you think will happen to that little MALE? He will default to feminine things and soon he will be thinking he is a girl, not the little boy he was born as. AND THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED WITH SEVERAL OF THE TRANSGENDER BOYS WHO THINK THEY ARE GIRLS…THE MOTHER literally “built” her little girl out of the little boy God gave her. I do believe there is a special place in Purgatory for someone like that — or perhaps a place closer to the fires below.

    So if you want to rid our society of these confused maladjusted kids, first educate their parents as to what is moral and immoral about trying to change a child’s natural tendencies. And, make sure the parents know it is a SIN to PLAY WITH GOD’S CREATIONS JUST SO YOU FEEL FULFILLED…you do not want to feel His wrath! But perhaps they should, and will through their own grown up child’s confusion and tweaked unhappy adulthood that the parent created all by themselves!

  • GuardianFlame

    The only way to cure our nation of these transgender freaks is TO EDUCATE THEIR VERY OWN PARENTS IN CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. If most of the doctors who work on these transgender cases ever went public, you would find out just how many of those parents, one or the other, REALLY WANTED THE OPPOSITE SEX THAN WHAT THEY GOT IN BIRTH. Yes, it sounds sick and twisted, but with a “ME-ITIST” society that cow tows to every individual’s special needs, a Mother can easily change her little boy into a little girl by adjusting the toys and incentives that child is given. Instead of giving a little boy trucks and cars or a tool box or G.I. fatigues, etc. a parent gives “him” dolls, fluffy dress up dresses, make up and jewelry. What do you think will happen to that little MALE? He will default to feminine things and soon he will be thinking he is a girl, not the little boy he was born as. AND THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED WITH SEVERAL OF THE TRANSGENDER BOYS WHO THINK THEY ARE GIRLS…THE MOTHER literally “built” her little girl out of the little boy God gave her. I do believe there is a special place in purgatory for someone like that — or perhaps a place closer to the fires below.
    So if you want to rid our society of these confused maladjusted kids, first educate their parents as to what is moral and immoral about trying to change a child’s natural tendencies. And, make sure the parents know it is a SIN to PLAY WITH GOD’S CREATIONS

  • Ronald Hagler

    The liberal lobbyist, both perverted and ignorant, have screamed uncontrollably since this law was passed. The problem is, these ignorant, perverted, blind minions of the DNC have no idea as to what HB2 is. They scream about discrimination where there is none. They claim North Carolina has lost millions in revenue from protests over the passage of this law, thus surrendering morality for financial gain. Copies of this bill are available “online” yet none of the “anti” HB2 minions has taken the time to read it. Had they done so, they would see just how stupid their objections are. HB2 is not discriminatory, but, rather, descriptive. It changes one word in laws already on the books. It simply explains what the term “sex” means in existing laws. It states “Biological sex. – The physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate “ and changes the word “sex” to “biological sex” in existing discrimination laws.

    As I said, HB2 is descriptive, not discriminatory! All who voted for Cooper, out of protest over McCrory’s stance on “bathroom” expectations, have shown just how ignorantly prejudiced they are. They have proven their lack of morals and love of money, while demonstrating just how blindly they will follow any liberal, immoral sect.

  • Bernie Lounds

    I love it too and hope all the other states will follow their example.

  • dude

    well if those trannie queer …which tranny is just a fancy queer …they should use the gender that got gave them when they were born and use that bathroom or hold it till they go home or buy a van and put a porta potty in it before you get yourself hurt or killed

  • Bill

    Wayne Allen, again your interpretation is wrong I did not say anything about our founding fathers and homo’s, I said transgenders were most likely not thought about as I doubt they could have survived the surgery. You need basic reading skill and need to learn to stop imposing your beliefs into what is said as you appear to assimilate words wrong.

  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    If you can stand to pee, use the men’s bathroom
    If you have to sit to pee, use the women’s bathroom
    This isn’t rocket science!

  • Jim Norris


  • mike74

    these perverts need to stay out of the ladys room . when my wife and daughter go to the bathroom I stand guard and my wife know where the bail money is .

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