Friday, 18/8/2017 UTC-4
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NRA Spending Record Amounts on 2016 Election

The National Rifle Association is working overtime to make sure the Second Amendment has a great deal of political support in the U.S. government. According to an Associated Press report, the NRA is “on track for record spending” in this political season, spending big to help Republicans win Senate races in Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada.

From the AP:

The NRA has spent $23.4 million in this election cycle, with a month to go before voting on Nov. 8, compared with a previous high of $27 million in the entire 2014 campaign cycle, according to federal data gathered by the Center for Responsive Politics.

$1.8 million of that has gone to support incumbent Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, who is facing stiff competition from Jason Kander, a war veteran and gun owner. According to the latest polls, Blunt is still ahead – but not by much. He is protecting a 2.5% lead over the Democrat, who carries an “F” rating on gun rights from the NRA. Kander supported the background check legislation Democrats tried to push through Congress this summer.

The NRA’s primary mission, of course, is not to protect any particular Senate seat but to keep the Democrats from gaining a majority in November.

The ultimate doomsday scenario is that not only will Hillary Clinton become president, but she will become a very powerful president, unchecked by Republicans. The NRA has thrown their support behind Donald Trump, but they know that true political power rests on Capitol Hill. Even if Trump wins, the NRA wants to make sure he has a Republican Senate backing him up.

The importance of putting all of this together cannot be overstated.

Every four years, we hear how THIS election means more than the last fifty combined, and we have to be on guard against that “boy who cried wolf” reaction. Because there is one very simple reason to believe that this time, it really is different: Antonin Scalia’s vacant Supreme Court seat.

Hillary Clinton has been very clear about where she stands on the Second Amendment, and she will nominate a Justice who reflects those views. To them, the right to bear arms is – like the rest of the Constitution – subject to endless amounts of interpretation. They are constantly trying to “modernize” it, as though any living lawyer or politician is fit to second guess the genius of the framers.

The NRA recognizes the stakes, but they can only do so much.

It’s up to us, on November 8, to come out in droves and make sure freedom is not lost.

  • allenhip

    No amount of NRA money is going to save Trump after his sexist tape was released today.
    As for Commonsense gun control change is coming it is inevitable.
    Politicians who close minds are going to lose this election regardless of party affiliation. Even the NRA wants changes made.

    “People on the government’s terrorist watch list should not be allowed by purchase guns, American voters say 86 – 12 percent, including 83 – 14 percent among voters in households where there is a gun, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today.”

    “American voters support 93 – 6 percent, including 92 – 8 percent among voters in gun households, “requiring background checks for all gun buyers.” Support is 90 percent or higher among every listed group.”

    “Support for universal background checks ranges from 88 percent to 93 percent in eight Quinnipiac University national polls conducted since the Sandy Hook massacre in December, 2012.

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    • jgfsmf

      Right. Because no man ever has said anything close to what Trump said. Oh wait. Millions of men have said exactly what Trump said. And they’re still okay. Oh and by the way. This woman is voting for Trump.

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        When I was an 18 year old kid, I worked as an orderly in a hospital, with nurses and the nurses aides, all female. The things this 18 year old kid heard from those womens mouths embarrassed me to no end. So, it isn’t just us nasty old men that say nasty things.
        At least Donald said it while Bill DID it with Hillary as his enabler. I know, I repeat my comments but I am angry.
        jgfsms, thanks for bringing it up and voting against Hillary….now I’ll have more coffee. Good Morning!

        • jgfsmf

          Good morning and I’m angry too. It just bothers me that something like this has any effect and the crap that the Clinton’s pull doesn’t. I am so amazed at the stupidity of the liberals.

    • Wayne_63


    • GuardianFlame

      Hey D.S. You are quoting Polls run by Liberals and that DEFINITELY DOES NOT INCLUDE EVERY DAY AMERICANS WHO ARE NOT ANSWERING ANY LEFTIST POLL CALLS. There are more “Silent Majority Americans that “love” their Freedoms and guns than there are ALL those Leftist Polls totaled together…it’s such a scam and only dummies fall for that one.

      You have to be an idiot to NOT see what happened at the Debate last night. I read ALL the IMPORTANT REVIEWS! They “ALL” said Trump won hands down — that even included the female narrators that previously bumped heads with Trump.

      The video of Trump making those “LOCKER ROOM” comments was the only ploy killary had to “try” to catch him off balance. IT DIDN’T WORK!

      So your.whole comment is BOGUS, FULL OF HOLES AND UNTRUTHS LIKE EVERY LOONEY LIBERAL LOSER TRIES TO SPEW AS FACT. Nothing you say “floats” — it all sinks down to the mire and the muck of despair.

      GET A FRIGGIN GRIP. Killary doesn’t care about YOU ESPECIALLY, nor any other American. You are a TOY to her and when she’s broken you, she’ll throw you away and buy another. That’s what elitists do.

      So either grow some clankers and.admit you are even more sexist than Trump and have said things a lot worse than that in college or beyond abt the girls you fondled or take a life “Time Out”. Either way, no one has to listen to your obvious B.S.

      • PION????R

        And what will you do when the cops stop and frisk you the umpteenth time? DWR

        • GuardianFlame

          I’ve never had issues with cops…ever. And when I got stopped for a driving violation, I usually got a warning, not the ticket. So, why should I worry about cops…period. As long as you respect the laws and respect the people who are the Law’s protectors, there aren’t any issues. When you break that respect boundary, you deserve to be stopped and frisked. That’s our world. It’s what you choose to do that influences those around you.

          If you are worried about being stopped by law enforcement because of guns, go learn Karate or some other self defense using your hands/body. They’ll never know that your strongest weapons are right in plain sight and you’ll never have to worry about anyone finding your guns because you won’t need to carry them. It’s a thought…

        • studi30

          NYC stopped the Stop and Frisk Program because the perps caught with guns were mostly black. The murder rate went up by 200 a year in the city. Guess what color the thugs were doing the murders?

    • John Williams

      Check out that lady you are so proud of, she puts a sailor to shame.

      • Combatvet52

        Because she is the biggest bitch ever.

        • OldHighlandGuyOne

          What, you never met my mother-in-law!

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        Hey, hey, hey……you picking on sailors? I know, its an old saying, “swears like a sailor” so I’m just being sarcastic and I do know old sailors that swear like a sailor.

        • John Williams

          My apologies to sailors everywhere for using them in comparison to the old bat.

    • GuardianFlame

      SILLY MAN, Women have already forgotten that statement because it isn’t as important as the ISSUES FACING THIS COUNTRY’S DEMISE. GET OVER IT. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE HAVING A HISSY FIT DUDE. Is it because you are a transgender female trying to make a name for yourself? Forget it. That tape is nothing but trash to try to discredit Trump…and it is too late, because unfortunately for the Dragon Lady, Trump has the following of the majority of Americans and any American woman who gets her panties in a wad because he said that in a Locker Room situation, has better face reality — GUYS SAY THINGS LIKE THAT BECAUSE IT IS A TESTOSTERONE BATTLE, NOTHING MORE. AND, there isn’t one guy (unless he is a homosexual) that hasn’t said something to that affect at one time in his life — or he wished that.

      Since you are so drawn to that statement, IT MAKES ONE THINK THAT YOU GET YOUR JOLLIES OFF OF THOSE WORDS. Whatever, now bloggers just need to BLOCK the Insanity you are trying to spread Mr. TROLL. We know who you are and what you are trying to do…BLOCKING you is what you deserve, TROLL.

      For those bloggers not interested in this trashman’s dirt, just BLOCK him!! Click on the down arrow next to his name and click “BLOCK”. POOOOF, he’s gone — no more vomments, just sane Americans discussing How to Save Their Country from the Lunacy of the Left!

      • granny_forUSA


    • Linda Shelton

      I guess you have never heard a bunch of men talking but the thing to remember is that 11 years ago Trump was a Democrat, now he is the head of the Republican ticket. Most men had said the same thing, Hillery has said just as bad to people who are suppose to protect her, and her husband did worse.

    • usmc354

      As mentally challenged as you appear I have but one request! Please allert the public when you wish to go out without your keeper that we not be exposed to your evident braindead disorder in the event it is contagious!

    • Combatvet52

      Back round check just doesn’t work all the mass shootings and cop killings were registered gun owners NO NO NO
      looneys and terrorists.

    • OldHighlandGuyOne

      Women Will Remember? But Women forgot when Bill was running so I cannot count on some women to remember history. What Donald said was stupid but what Bill DID was criminal and Hillary is/was Bills enabler therefore that makes her a criminal too. Therefore Allenhip, you need to rethink your position.

      • allenhip

        Bill Clinton is not running for president. And yes women are extremely angry at trump. The polls show it clearly.

        • studi30

          The same polls you quoted above that lied? You are so gullible. The Dims are quaking in their boots about Trump. They will create any falsehood to stop him. Only the liberal Dim women are angry with Trump. Most others who will be voting for him know that Hillary protected that scuzeball Bill.

    • studi30

      You really are gullible aren’t you? First of all there are background checks. When you go to a gun store or gun show the dealer calls the NICS SYSTEM for an instant yeas or no on the sale. THE NATIONAL INSTANT CHECK SYSTEM IS RUN BY THE FBI. THE FEDERAL AGENCY THE FBI DOES THE BACKGROUND CHECK. None of these polls are valid as they are all made up lies. There are 100 million gun owners in the US, one third the US population with 450 million guns, the most civilian gun ownership in the world who have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car. What is the government terrorist watch list? When Al Gore and Ted Kennedy were on it could it even have been valid? Sandy Hook was committed by an anti Christian, satan worshipping far left liberal who shot his mother to death and took her guns. Do you think a background check would have stopped him?

  • ardvietvet

    They may be spending BUT NOT IN MAINE!!! Vote NO on Question Three!!!

  • Alan404

    The last sentence says it all.

  • PION????R

    I’m a Second Amendment person, and no more of my $$$$$ are going to support Wayne LaPierre’s personal political money pit. Bucks for his political cronies. Not for NRA programs.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    If Clinton gets the WH, there will be a civil war.

  • OldHighlandGuyOne

    Yes, I want Trump to win. Yes, I want to retain the Senate. But, there are so many RINOs in the Senate it may not do any good. What we need to do is get rid of the RINOs and also put Trump in the White House. Under no circumstances can we allow Hillary to win nor lose control of the Senate.
    Personally I am worried about this nasty presidential race. We cannot allow Hillary to take this.
    Americans, VOTE! Do not abstain! If you abstain then Hillary wins! VOTE against Hillary!

  • John Williams

    Here is proof of Trump’s transgressions.