• Ddenney1

    “It’s nothing but a way for the federal government to dip their greedy hands into the American pocketbook once again, having decided that they weren’t getting enough from federal income tax. It does nothing to improve the healthcare situation in the U.S., and it is having a disastrous effect on employers.” Don’t you LOVE it when articles answer their own questions????

    • Gabe T

      BANG!! nailed that one on the nose!! As I always say… their grubby little fingers — bastard oligarchs from hell in congress too.

      • babby660

        at least you can be healthy enough to enjoy it!

        • Gabe T

          what’s that got to do with any of this?. Move to Canada then. I am from there and didn’t know how good I had it with their system. As socialist as it is, at least it isn’t a ploy for the govt’ oligarchs to skim money off of middle class businesses like OBAMANATION of Care

          • Barbara Necker

            Perhaps if we HAD your healthcare system here we’d have a better system. Obamacare was a compromise meant to win GOP cooperation. Obviously, it didn’t work; the GOP has obstructed the president since the first day of his first term.

          • WaaahhWahaWha. Obongocare was no compromise it was ALL DEMOCRAT. Blame it on the GOP because that’s your only excuse for this POS tax. Why don’t you go whine to someone who cares? Just part of Obongo’s plan to destroy America and idiots like you want to help him do it. Do you even know what the word patriotism means? Ever been proud of your country? How about lately?

        • Where?

    • Aren’t they supposed to?

  • Lizard

    I do not under stand >>> Obama is nothing more then control freak Niig–r ..Do not do as Obama says and democrats Fuc–em all

    • Gabe T

      who would have thunk it! The Oligarch bastards using reverse discrimination to keep a demonic puppet in office…. how frickin quaint!

  • Yehoshuafriend

    And destroying our Nation just as Obama’s radical Islamic Muslim alliegance planned for it to do. Shalom!

  • wapitihunter

    It is not time to repeal. We must get out in force and vote in November. We must impeach, try, and execute this illegal Muslim as a spy and terrorist. This will get everything he, she, or it has every done thrown in the sewer.

    • Roger Mills

      Nice flag loser. Muslim? That’s just a bunch of crock. Get serious and stop spreading nonsense.

      • wapitihunter

        Your the one spreading lies and deceit. Believing in a half breed that forgot what one half is and plays the race card.I am serious and you better wake the F up.

      • wapitihunter

        shut the fuck up Demoncrap!

      • Bets? He’s not even an American, but you still want to cuddle, eh?

  • don

    the house has voted 42 times to repeal the ACA…the senate keeps on killing it…time to replace the senate. the senate is NOT supposed to originate law, OR imposing a TAX, they’re supposed to approve or kill proposed legislation from the HOUSE of representatives. BO & the senate FORCED THIS LAW ON THE US ILLEGALLY…THE SCOTUS RULED IT AS A “TAX”.

    what ever possessed them to label this insidious law “Affordable”? have you looked at the premiums? higher premiums with vastly higher deductibles than most were paying before.

    we have witnessed a DANGEROUS precedence set by this president and the senate…by-passing the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES to get what THEY want, NOT what the people want!

    under this president and senate…the “Check and balance” system is gone. don’t think so? how many times has obama said: “If congress won’t do what I want, i will go around them.”?

    this senate and obama must be voted out! obama should be impeached NOW…

    • babby660

      you can’t vote Obama out; this is his last term — or didn’t you know that?

    • alwanderer

      What ever possessed them to label this insidious law “Affordable”?… the same mind that see’s them selves as “good”, and us “dumb”.

  • RayR55

    REPEAL!! REPEAL!!! REPEAL!!!! How many times are blogs and news outlets going to use that tag line and for what reason? They know damn well that it’s not going to happen! Not now, not ever, not even if they take back the Senate. Does anyone really believe that the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN PARTY would want to give up that much control of the people anymore than the Liberals do? If you do you must still be living in a world where SOME POLITICIANS were still trust worthy. Sorry to disappoint you but that’s just not the case.

  • southie55

    obummercare slowing economic recovery and killing jobs. Wow! Who could have seen that coming certainly not the Demorats they all voted for it

    • Roger Mills

      Nonsense. Look a little deeper into who the GOP supports. The banks and big business. Sending jobs overseas but using local children workers. Thanks China. Go to WalMart and look to see where more than half the crap comes from. CHINA! You buy it? You own it.

      • B.Badenoff

        And who’s opened up the border for more cheap labor. This isn’t an accident this was done by design. I’m sure big business isn’t benefitting from all the illegals {cheap labor} that have flooded into this country over the past 6 yrs. The door wasn’t closed, but never this wide open thanks to this bumbling baboon. Big business loves obomba.

      • And why do they go overseas? Come on smart guy, tell us. Could it be that AMERICAN BUSINESSES ARE BEING TAXED AND REGULATED OUT OF THE COUNTRY? Blame it on the GOP you worthless moron. When are you people ever going to take responsibility for your actions?

  • ECwashr

    I work with a room full of Obama “useful idiots”. Everyday all I hear is how great ObamaCare is. Everyday lies and excuses for Obama the muslim usurper. Nothing is his fault, Bush, the GOP, racist white men, ATM machines, Ticket Kiosk at the airports, etc. Its all their fault, meanwhile Obama goes on vacation after lavish vacation, golf outing after golf outing, sends more tax dollars to his terrorist pals the muslim brotherhood and laughs at the useful idiots who allow their own nation and standard of living to be destroyed on a daily basis. I ask you, HOW does one combat such ignorance and stupidity?

    • Roger Mills

      Not true at all. Just hate poop from Kochs (brothers that is, the rich one’s with all your money.)

    • babby660

      Obamacare would be so much better if he hadn’t leaned over backwards to please the Repugs.

      • B.Badenoff

        That homo leans over a lot, just ask his boy toys.

        • babby660

          How do you know Boris? You one of them?

          • B.Badenoff

            Yea, why do you think your heartthrobs ears are so big By the time I’m done with him he’s squealing like you babble boy.

          • Barbara Necker

            boris, it sounds like you have a bunch of problems, so i’m not going to waste any more time talking to you. bye.

      • Yeah, Bath House Barry leans over a lot. Is that why you idolize him?

  • Alco Cda

    ……..the stupidity continues, eh fools?

  • Roger Mills

    Oh bullpop. Love how the author of these stories doesn’t show his full name. That’d because telling lies makes Jesus mad I hear.

  • Paul Brown

    This muZlim dictating terrorist pig doesn’t give a damn about the economy or anything else, just so he has his asshole name on something. This bill we all knew would destroy jobs and the economy and many peoples paychecks would suffer for it. The big problem is this jackass knew about all this as well as the liberals, but they aren’t worried as long as they get what they want, more taxes and the fees from IRS collecting them.

  • EllenBernal

    And the Democrats thought they could control the American people. It’s not happening and never will.

    • don

      CONTROL is what it’s all about…once they control your health care, they control YOU.

      right now the federal govt controls:

      mortgage industry
      student loans
      banking industry
      and trying to get control of the health care of the nation: “What we, ultimately, want is a one payer system”

      they’re also using the banking and health care to attempt to get “Gun control”: “operation choke point” is for federally controlled lending institutions to refuse loans to firearms dealers/manufacturers.

      health care providers are asking: “Do you have any firearms?”

      this will be a different nation…a socialist/marxist one if we don’t wake up!

  • WiSe GuY

    Piece of crap president, piece of crap law.

  • sturgis

    The only way barry soetoro can be stopped (and I’m not crazy about the idea) is with a military coo! Impeachment would take too long and, by then it will be too late! I don’t realistically see any other way to prevent a muslim take over.

  • WiSe GuY

    Turn 0bama into a tree ornament.

  • Republicans had the PERFECT opportunity to have ACA/ObamaCare declared unconstitutional; instead of doing the RIGHT thing, the GOP dominated SCOTUS, appeasing the Republican herd of follower class “values” voters, decided to embrace “corporate personhood” over freedom of religion (which MUST include freedom from religion).

    SCOTUS should have and still could reverse its Hobby Lobby decision and acknowledging that any law (AVA) that must deny one human person their constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of/from religion in order to protect another (corporate) person’s guaranteed right of freedom of religion IS both unworkable and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    TO: what passes for “leadership” within the REPUBLICAN PARTY: Instead of “impeaching” Obama or some equally silly purely inconsequential political stunt, file some suit that enables SCOTUS to revisit Hobby Lobby and AVA TOGETHER and get ACA declared, unworkable and, in toto, unconstitutional.

    • Speaking of inconsequential, you are a beacon of ignorance and hypocrisy. You want the SCOTUS to okay something that is unConstitutional while ignoring the reasons for impeachment which concern Obongo’s obvious breaking the rule of law and his sworn oath of office, also. Oh, by the way, you obviously don’t know what that decision was all about. Just barfing up MSNBC talking points like a good little obamobot.

      • I rarely watch MSNBC and am NOT an Obama fan.
        To whatever extent I can enlighten your ignorance and expose your hypocrisy, I’ll acknowledge being a beacon of light.

        If your objective is to push for RESULTS that benefit Americans, then you want the boondoggle which is the ACA / Obama Care law gone much more than wanting to waste congressional time over a symbolic vote to make a failed attempt to impeach a lame duck president.

        This morning on WSB Atlanta a conservative radio talk show host indicated Congress has only TWELVE days actually scheduled as work days before they break for “the holidays” (exclusive of any lame duck session after November election).

        Even if the House wastes one of its twelve working days, the Senate would not vote to convict.

        Those that resort to name calling are indicating they have not valid points to make in the discussion — that shoe fits you.

  • adrianvance

    Obamacare is but a millisquigeon of the problem. Get him out!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen. It’s free.

  • Alco Cda

    Just how stupid are you people????

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