• Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Not surprising in the least. Obamacare was designed to fail and usher in single payer, a la communism. Fraud was everywhere in every aspect of Obamacare.

    • BlueWarrior

      Obamacare, it should be Obamascare! It cost many people their good insurance policies. What a waste of taxpayer money. Failure leading to communism as you say.

      • Barkingdeathsquirrel

        I’ve been calling it 0bamacide or the unaffordable healthcare denial act.

        • Gloriajhill

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      • Bella Gray

        Not to mention that the amounts of money wasted can impact families is ways they can never recoup. The government doesn’t know who a family may have to support. Many families are trying to support loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Loses of thousands of dollars is wrong. It is wrong to destroy one group of Americans to support your “favorites.”

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          That’s how commies roll, decimate and eliminate the middle class with things like this designed to destroy the finances and make more people dependent on the government. So only the richest of the rich can afford to live without big brother government.

          • Bella Gray

            True ?

        • Rebekahhmurphy

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        • Dalemporter

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          • Edward

            I bet you are just using this add to make ppl do work for you. And they make pennys to the dollars they make for you. And all you do is sit on your fat but and rake in the money. Your not going to con me.

      • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

        Cost me almost 6k per year in annual premium increases out of pocket.

    • pmbalele

      Thank God Trump is going to expand Obamacare with no premium and deductibles any more. That means you will deal your doctor only for no private insurance will intervene. Funding for Obamacare expanded will come from 0.01 sales tax increase. You will not feel the increase because it will not apply to food items.

      • Barkingdeathsquirrel

        Put down the crack pipe. Reality calls to you.

        • mica

          Amen! Lol

      • kbmiller

        PMS balele YOU again, you babbling IDIOT. You have never gotten your facts straight on ANYTHING here or any site I’ve seen you on.

        • pmbalele

          Now i am learning Trump is a Democrat and that he will expand Obamacare. Are you going to jump in the lake when you will not be required to pay premiums or deductibles? Then it you is an Idiot.

          • kbmiller

            Re read your comment. Then read my last one, you FOOL.

          • pmbalele

            I am surprised it still bothers you at this era that Blacks are as good as you’re. Well, they are here to stay whether you like it or not. You hurt them, police will be after you. Good luck in your life.

          • kbmiller

            Your English is atrocious. Go back to 4th grade. Are you as racist as this post demonstrates? Some negroes are better than me, some not. I don’t care where anyone stays. As long as they leave me alone and I don’t have to pay for them. You are going to need more than luck. Stupid and ignorant people usually don’t fare well in society. Unless they use their skin color to leverage government into giving them free $hit. Go away, you dummy.

          • pmbalele

            You don’t say-I am in state where certain agencies are not allowed to hire Blacks and especially in supervisory positions. I will keep you posted if you want to. Please read your posting. You screwed up your grammar.

          • kbmiller

            Again, you make NO SENSE. Nobody can understand what you type. Where are you from? What was your highest grade level? What state do you live in?

      • Edward

        I have figured out how to give the working ppl affordable healthcare. You can not do it if they have to pay for ppl who don’t work and live off the government for free. They must get jobs and pay just like you. Then you can get insurance down to an affordable price.

        • pmbalele

          But you know insurance companies are your friends only if you do not get sick. But if you spend 3 days in ER, they will tell you that you were not covered. With my plan, you will only deal with your doctor.

    • EnjoyzCoffee

      Fraud was everywhere in every aspect of Obama’s presidency.

    • “Fraud was everywhere in every aspect of Obamacare.” Not just in Obamacare, in EVERYTHING from the election to his tranny ‘wife’ & ‘their’ children and everything in between.


    It’s not a surprized American who knew the whole shebang was on our way to infinity, the other side of the town known as UTOPIA!

  • Seán McGouran

    ‘Utopia’ or possibly ‘Sweden’… (or the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark – the Grrrrand Duchy of Luxembourg, and other horrifically totalitarian places.

  • Terry

    Key word is socialism and that is were the lift liberal Democrats want to take us to hold power over us forever !

    • Julia Sanford

      Yes and this was a Canadian company which cost millions and never got it right. This firm was owned by a friend of Michelle’s. Wonder why it wasn’t given to an American Company who would probably have gotten it done and done right for a lot less cost. I hope never to hear complaint about Trump wasting taxpayer money after looking at everything Obama did to bankrupt the country and I’m convinced that it was by design.

      • Phyllis Schultz

        I completely agree, I’m sure it was by design along with all the other horrible things he has done.

      • Donald Johnston

        Michelle’s friend was actually her college roommate.The price was 500 million dollars which double before it was up and running. Obama took the money from Social Security to pay for it. SS wouldn’t be in trouble if Dems quit “borrowing” from it.

        • Antogeny

          I actually read 1/2 of the ACA before it was passed and I knew it wasn’t going to work. Moochelle’s college roommate was incompetent, but the DumBO’s wanted to do something for a friend – at the expense of America’s taxpayers.

  • Shelly Shannon

    I don’t care what you do. You will never ever be able to help every person in the US. Entitlements such as Medicaid need to be looked at carefully. There is so much fraud and people on Medicaid that shouldn’t be. Medicare is different because the vetting is pretty cut and dry. If you are not of age to claim you can’t. The only way you can get it is if you are deemed totally disabled and you cannot work. Not only that, you have to be off work for one year before your disability payments can begin if you are disabled. Then you have to have letters from Doctors that have taken care of your disability for a certain amount of time. You cannot collect any disability unless you have worked long enough and paid so much money into soc sec. Children are allowed to collect payments tho based on the death of a parent who was eligible to collect. Medicaid has none of these safegards in place so sorting out medicaid would go a long way to saving billions of dollars. Alot of these people could afford their insurance if Obama care was replaced.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      “A” and “lot” are two separate words. The ubiquitous misuse of the non-word “alot” likely comes from visual association with the REAL word “allot”, which means to designate or parcel out something.

      • Marialice Barone

        If you buy across state lines it would be more choices, more competitive and cheaper. Years ago I had a business in NJ but had insurance from a group in Texas for my employees!

    • william couch

      I was off for 3 months.. I had a seizure in the office in front of the agent.. No questions ask..

      • rastus

        It’s nice when you don’t pay for it Socialist.

        • william couch

          !!!!! F U C K Y O U !!!!!

  • David in MA

    Another example of Obama weakening every avenue of American security and exposing Americans to criminal, Islamic & Marxist evil.

  • ALL of our problems stem from OUR “government”, also known as “incompetent imbeciles”. Yet MOST decent people FAVOR government and are terrified of anarchy which merely means: NO RULER. Dictionaries decided to alter the word with a “better more observable meaning”: “chaos”, which it does not have to be. Anarchy is the only true freedom known to man, yet most intelligent good people think of it as the politicians and media WANT them to think of it: as CHAOS.

    Everyone has an idea “what would happen, how dark our lives would be were we without dictatorial government taking as much of our money to waste as they choose, sending our young men to war, stripping us of our freedoms”. Can no one out there see that we are living under darkness, have a chance to live in the light, but are too fearful to try it? What are humans? Merely sub-mice? If every nation on earth would fire its government and be determined to live without any government, the world would become another Garden of Eden. I hate to think of us as “wimps”, but in fact we ARE.

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      Without any kind of government, societies would end up being ruled by tyrants who would instill their own forms of order.
      The United States Constitutional Republic, in it’s purest form, gives a maximized amount of freedom for the people without throwing everything into some kind of anarchy/chaos from which tyrants would arise and take over.

      • And your proof is?

        • kbmiller

          He’s right. Read some history books and “The Prince”.

      • kbmiller

        The problem we’ve faced for quite a while is that some sharp lawyers can find ways “Around the law”. I believe most politicians have been, somehow involved with the law. When elected, they write the law. In court they prosecute or defend, the law. Human frailty, weakness, greed, the desire for power, etc., are usually the causes of man’s moral demise, ethical lapses or flat out crimes. Not 100% sure, but I believe the Founding Fathers designs and behaviors were better than this.


    it’s a miracle that millions of Americans did not have their identities stolen. How does anyone know for sure American identity info has not been stolen or compromised. We may not realize the extent of the breach for years to come. Ten years down the road, some persons identity is compromised. Would the first thought in the investigation point to the obamacare website as the culprit? Hell no.

  • Jmanjo

    Like everything else Obama touched it was a total failure! The fools that are touting it now are just that…total fools. It doesn’t help anyone except the cheap skates who got free coverage so they wouldn’t have to pay IRS a penalty! The coverage isn’t worth flip cause you gotta pay big copay to get care! The rest of us got screwed. Thanks to all you liberal retards!

    • Dick

      But it WASN’T a failure. It is all part of his plan to destroy America. The democrats and Rino’s did a good job of helping him. And they continue to help him destroy America, you and me, by opposing President Trump and his plans to bring America back. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  • GuardianFlame


    It’s time Pres. TRUMP REMOVES THAT TICKING TIME BOMB IN EVERY AMERICAN’S HOME. IT is not helping anyone but causing people left and right to drop their health insurance. WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO WHEN THEY CAN’T EVEN AFFORD OBAMACAUSTICCARE? That health mandate was supposed to HELP THE POOR who couldn’t afford health care — AGAIN ANOTHER LIE FROM THE GREAT MANIPULATOR OF TRUTHS, barack “the bad” obama.

    FYI: obamaCAUSTICcare was NEVER CREATED to help any American, but to destroy America’s economy…which it almost did. When the braindead Pelosi told Congress to sign it now, read it later (she knew none of them would ever take the time to read that mandate of many thousand pages), our clueless, idiotic Congress passed that monstrocity without blinking an eye. Now how stupid do they all look?

    Understand that obama’s agenda was to never help our country but to undermine it. He was like a sugar addict in a candy store and our Nation got thrown under the bus time and time again while he got his sugar fix!

    Anything he does outside of the White House should be considered subversive and treasonist. BARACK OBAMA IS THE #1 ENEMY OF THE U.S. AND SHOULD BE IMPRISONED NOT WALKING AROUND DOING HIS DIRT…because he is doing just that. He is NOT EVER TO BE TRUSTED AND DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWED IN ANY OFFICE IN OUR GOVT. HE IS “SPITTAL” MATERIAL – nothing more nothing less.

  • Irvan

    As long as Obamacare is active the people will continually be left on the short end of the stick. Ryan’s supposed replacement was NO BETTER. The people need to rise up and eliminate the RINOs and the NO ACCOUNT DEMOCRATS before any good can come from our government.

  • MIKE6080

    barry built it

    • bhagawan

      and he blamed FoxNews (when being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly) for their negative propaganda about Obamacare and hence poor enrollment!

  • Maureen Oleary

    It has everything to do with fraud. If obama’s involved its bad news. Do not go on Obamacare Website they collect your private information. Those Dam Dems. Drain the swamp… must

  • John Williams

    “The Healthcare.gov debacle was an abject embarrassment for the Obama
    White House, and it’s a miracle that millions of Americans did not have
    their identities stolen.” A simple question, who would be in charge of letting people know if their information was stolen? Answer, the very people in charge of the web site who already knew that the site was a disaster, it was unsecured and there had already been tremendous problems with the roll out of the web site created by moochie’s college buddy’s. Do you really think if they did not care to start with, that they would all of a sudden care if your information was compromised? I think not.

  • Der Marm

    Was a security mess reflective of its “handle”……..

  • rastus

    Obamacare was constructed without any over sight from other political parties. It was constructed in a way to deter anyone from knowing it’s end result’s. As it stumbled along. Obama changed it on a regular basis to pro-long the death spiraling end of it where it would not happen during his last term. It was rolled out without regard to finances or the actual health of American’s. Done by a low-class community organizer………….sigh

    • Unfortunately, we are not rid of him. He’s, still, working on destroying America from his walled in home that’s near the White House. His ‘mission’ is not complete. It’s hard to believe that someone hasn’t PERMANENTLY gotten rid of him, yet.

  • kbmiller

    Anyone know anything about the truth of whether or not Moochelle’s college friends got the contract to build this failing bucket of $hit website?

  • usmcltc

    Obama’s legacy should be that he was the first and only President to lie to the people to get them to support a pet project. A pet project that was ill conceived and supported by the Democrats ONLY because of politics, even though they did not know what they were doing or causing. if there was ever a reason WHY Democrats should not allowed to run our government, Obamacare is it.

  • honest glenn

    Everything that Racist Mus-slim did was detrimental to this country! Sister Hitlery would have NO DOUBT been worse then brother B.O.!

  • Alleged Comment

    WHEN it comes to America Demoncraps don’t care a whit about your security. They are communist and want America’s secrets exposed.

    From the Military to its citizens – ALL exposed for the convenience of our ENEMIES. A health site run by the Federal government would have been a DREAM to them and a NIGHTMARE for you!

    The other Demoncrap Hillaryous freely exposed many TOP TOP Secrets to our enemies from the convenience of her 7-11 servers.

    But WHY you ask? Because Demoncraps is another name for COMMUNIST!!

  • Laura

    people still screaming about people losing health care had no problem with the billions of us that lost great plans we used 4 years to be mandated to use more expensive insurance that covered FAR FAR less then our plans did. I even lost my emergency dental care and had to buy separate plan.

  • rastus

    Socialism at it’s best. The end result is allway’s failure.

  • daveveselenak

    This communist “Death Care” was always meant to be just that: death to the capitalistic system, middle class, those in the womb (abortion) and those hearing the tomb (euthanasia), doctors making the medical decisions, privacy of doctor and patient – this is what these Godless, Satan worshipping power mad elitist ghouls had in mind when they passed this “Death Care” REVOLUTION is going to be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  • Gale

    observe: thereligionofpeace.com

  • Edward

    I never intended to sign up for obamacare. Anytime you are force to do things against your will is communism. I would rather go to prison than to do anything against my will. I will not allow anyone to take my freedom away. Especially obama who can’t even prove he is an American.

  • bill sexton

    A lot of people who live under the program in Canada and the UK have told me they love their program. I asked them, “doesn’t it raise your taxes through the nose”? 100% they ALL tell me their taxes rose but slightly. The offsetting affect of not having an insurance bill to pay each month and no deductible far outweighs the small increase in taxes. I see the problem as being a large of number of able bodied people in this country do NOT pay taxes. If everyone paid taxes the increase in a single payer system would be very small indeed.
    So the question in my mind is who is telling Americans that a single payer system is so bad? is it the insurance companies? Where does that negative information come from? I am totally conservative and do not trust the Democrat party one bit. Obama and Hillary are both liars and in my book, criminals. But, the fact remains that people are without insurance. In a country that puts 550 million dollars in defense compared with China that only puts in 150 million and the UK at around 50 billion should have enough sense and means to offer the same kind of health care offered to Canada and the UK.
    Actually, I believe there are a lot of lies going around on both sides of the isle.
    I would scrap the IRS totally. Get rid of the payroll tax because not everybody has a payroll. Institute a consumption tax like what I see in the Philippines. That way EVERYBODY pays something and no body pays for someone else. Everybody carries their own weight. A single payer tax would pay for the insurance.
    I wish all the lies would stop and Trump would institute a commission to study this problem if health insurance and make recommendations that are based on FACT!
    I would also lower the college costs for students. When a person understands that a professor only teaches a few times a week compared to a high school teacher that teaches all through the day one realizes there is tremendous waste going on. In addition, a college professor makes more money than the president of the U.S. Incredible waste pasted on to our children attempting to gain a foot up in life. Colleges could be forced to lower costs just as sanctuary cities are being forced to follow federal immigration policy. Strip them of money and watch them bow down and make college cheaper for all.

    • Marialice Barone

      That’s amazing what you learned. I lived in Canada and the U.K. And lot of people I knew hated the system. I have lots of anecdotes re. The systems! Lots of waiting for care and not much testing and follow-ups after cancer treatment.
      It won,t work here because the salaries are capped on all clinicians and even if you have a private practice you have to give an allotted time to the NHS.
      Clinicians are basically capitalist and business people and a large percent of them won’t go for that

      • bill sexton

        Thank you Marialice for your response. Now I have another piece of the puzzle. It seems not all people are in love with that system. I am glad to learn from you. thanks a million.

        • Marialice Barone

          I learned a lot from you too re. The Philippines! We also cap the number of doctors in the US with few medical school admissions which are difficult to get! I had a baby in Italy and there are a large number of doctors who make about as much as a bus driver. I was referred to a pediatrician by a fellow doctor there and since he wouldn’t take any money, we gave him a carton of Marlboros and slipped money in his drawer when he left the room!

    • Marialice Barone

      Can you talk American doctors into earning minimum wage. They don’t pay doctors much across the world…they leave those countries if they can and go wherever they can make more money. I.ve learned through my travels that a lot of counties have doctor shortages because they leave for greener pastures!

      • Marialice Barone

        I agree with you re. University tuition. They have administrators to administrate the administrators. The student loan abuse has let the universities get paid so they just keep charging more to pay for the glut of liberalism they engender.
        Why do you think there are so many profit making crappy universities on line whose degrees are not worth spit!

  • Dennis Anderson

    Hey Stewie youre right on it! I seen an old video of Obama talking to union leaders before he was elected the first time. Amazing the numbers of people that still act like they didnt know what was going on. It was all about the color of Obamas skin look whats become of that idea? Now you fruit cakes wanted to put a woman in the position of president. It didnt matter to you women just as long as it was a woman. You would over look Bill Clintons pedophile behavior do get the job done to. How about people start thinking whats good for the country instead of thinking with their ass. Its not supposed to be a god dammed popularity contest. Thats what Obama said he was after single payer plan. The hospitals and clinics were being burned by low lifes and illegals crouding these facilities . You know they arent going to pay in the first place, so they lay it on to the rest of us. Im all for the government getting the hell out of my doctors office and my fees.

  • Marialice Barone

    Socialists can never grasp the fact that the USA is still a Capitalist society. Single payer will never work here because the system is dependent on capping all Clinicians salaries.,whose going to put up with that in a Capilalistic society.
    Doctors and even Nurse Practicioners and PAs are independent contractors and business People!

    • mrpoohead

      Works very well in W Europe et al – all of whom have better societies!

  • Michael A. Brown

    hahaha, Trumpcare will be so much better than Obamacare for the Young and Rich. The 2 groups that need insurance the least. So I guess Trumpcare really just benefits the Insurance agency.

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