Tuesday, 22/8/2017 UTC-4
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Obama’s Weakness to Blame for Putin’s Aggression

The devastating situation in eastern Ukraine has fallen beneath the fold of the page for much of the late summer, with news outlets focusing on the Michael Brown case, the growing threat in Iraq, and Obama’s strange distance from the matters of utmost concern to the majority of Americans. All of that changed on Thursday when Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced that at least 4,000 Russian troops had crossed the border.

This signals a dramatic change in strategy from Vladimir Putin, who up until now has been satisfied with merely supporting separatist forces with weaponry and funding. Now, it appears that Putin is willing to take a more hands-on approach to the conflict even in the face of sanctions. The United Nations is meeting with Poroshenko to devise a response, but anyone waiting on the UN to actually make a difference might as well hold their breath. The asphyxia would be less painful than the inevitable disappointment.

According to Russian propaganda television, of course, the militia heading west is made up entirely of volunteers. True, some of them are active-duty Russian soldiers – no denying that – but reports from Moscow suggest they are vacationing troops who decided for themselves to help their brothers in Ukraine rather than relax wherever it is that Russian soldiers typically go to unwind. To say that this explanation falls short of the laugh test would be an understatement, but it does go to show just how far Putin-controlled Russia has fallen back into their USSR patterns.

And so here we stand, waiting to see what kind of action our commander-in-chief will take in the face of the worst European aggression since the end of World War II. The safe bet is that he won’t do much of anything. Obama has spent the majority of his presidency relying on a very simple, ineffective doctrine: wait until the very last minute, put up a weak response, and hope that the situation resolves itself before his approval numbers have a chance to plummet.

This president’s weakness, in fact, is responsible for the rise of Putin’s Ukrainian aggression in the first place. Only a fool would believe that Putin would be flaunting international law if there was a real man in the White House. There’s absolutely no chance he would have tested George W. Bush in this way. But he knows that Obama is spineless. And just like the illegal immigrants who continue to surge across our southern border, he understands that his actions will likely face few consequences.

It’s already a given that Obama will go down in history as one of the nation’s worst presidents. It’s only now, however, that events suggest that he might go down in history as a coward as well. Liberals took his message of apology and appeasement as a welcome change from the “cowboy rhetoric” of the previous administration, but the mess in Syria, the mess in Iraq, and the mess in Ukraine clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of Obama’s inaction. For the sake of a world falling increasingly into chaos, let’s hope he can get his head out of his ass before World War III comes knocking on our door.


  • sturgis

    His weakness is by design. One step at a time. His first agenda is to destroy America and turn it into a muslim state. He figures islam will someday take care of the Russians and the rest of the world! This POS knows exactly what he’s doing. Wake Up America,,,,,,,,, Before It’s Too Late!! If it’s not already.

    • Valor

      With 40% of Americans still approving of Obama it is past too late. Anyone that can not see, by now, that Obama is purposely destroying America is too stupid to deserve consideration. Sadly, that is a lot more than 40%.

    • Amber

      How do you think we should take down Obama? Just by knowing what he is about is not going to do anything. We all know the only thing is civil war, but they are not dumb. The reason why they are denying soldiers medical attention is cause they know if they were well they can lead the people to take out this Government.

      • sturgis

        Never mind about the solders being denied medical attention. (by the way I’m a veteran) I’m not crazy about the idea but, I think the ONLY way it can be done is by a military coo! The patriotic solders will do what is necessary (what they’re told) If that’s what it take to save this country then let it be! It’s better then having this country taken over by radical islamist!!!

        • rhondareichel

          who would enlist now? Only someone desperate for a job. The military has changed so dramatically they are going to have to start a draft or pass that amnesty enlist bill to get soldiers

        • rhondareichel

          From what Islamists say they don’t need to use the sword….they infiltrate and get in high govt. The only way we can win is vote more wisely only for constitutional candidates

          • Harvey Melton

            they are there now. they are trying to change the voting laws around to thier benefit.

      • 2399molly

        The Patriot Act gives Obama too much power and he can turn it against us. You really need to read it.

        • rhondareichel

          Yes & I won’t vote for any republican who voted to give Obama that power. Really no president should have it.

        • Amber

          Yeah, thanks I will read it.

      • rhondareichel

        NO civil war. Gandhi showed us how to do it peacefully— non compliance
        Civil war would be playing right into the hands of martial law

  • Quisno Rodonovich

    This is not correct the Globalists want ukraine ands are willing to set up a offensive missle system in poland and ukrains? what if Russia tried to put missles in Cuba what would your feelings be? Oh ! you say oits already been attempted? selves in their shoes. Please lets not let the Hegelian dialectic control the pages?

  • DonCentTX

    Of course it is! That has been abundantly apparent all along.

    • Valor

      Only to those with half a brain or more.

      • David in MA

        Thank you.

  • Joanne

    Who can still believe Obama is ruining our country because he’s inept, this is all by design. A ten year old could do a better job than what we’re stuck with. Somebody please help us, our country is failing.

  • Ddenney1

    It not weakness when you are doing what you have been told to do by the Soros of the world!!! I obviously know it’s more than one person, you can add all multimillionaires and above to the list!! What is really funny is WHEN this happens and it is revealed WHO is really behind this they will be the real slaves!!! They are the evil naïve of every generation!!!

    • Amber

      Try Rothschild’s they are the ones running the Federal Reserve. Also Rockefellers who run Big Pharma, and Bill Gates, and Henry Kissinger who is CEO of the New World order. And then there is George Soro’s who is responsible for all illegal Children coming to America, and the downfall of Ukraine. In fact George Soro’s was paying the Ukraine people to take down the Government. He even admits it. He is the one who put a Neo-Nazi in charge of Ukraine. Right now Ukraine is not doing to well like they would have you believe. you know that 400 Ukraine soldiers left and went to Russia saying they were tried of fighting against their brothers. In fact ukraine soldiers were not giving very good equipment, or food to eat for that matter by the ukraine Government. I seen the vests they got, they had pockets in them where they could only put pieces of metal in them for protection. Now they only got teenage boys and 60 year old men to fight the Russian insurgents with. And they were forced into it, they were told do or die. They were threatened with murder if they did not fight. You want to know something George soro’s said he said he was happiest when he was a 15 year old boy taking Jewish homes, and property away and killing Jews when he worked for Hitler. He is not even a American citizen yet lives here. He is Hungarian. I would not be surprised if the Rothschild’s caused the ukraine to go bankrupt. It is also known that Vice President Joe Biden’s son was to open a business in Ukraine taking over the gas rights. You do know that the American people have been sold out by the American Government we will all be slaves to the Rothschild, while Obama and other presidents keep borrowing money from them. All Americans were used as collateral for the Nation’s debt. We will all be slaves and we can not fight them cause they have control of terrorists, our soldiers, and our police officers. The Rothschild’s are not from America but are from London. In youtube search engine type: The secret of Oz and watch the documentary.

    • rhondareichel

      I have read that Reagan was the last president that was elected….all since are puppets….including Bush

  • David in MA

    Obama is a never was“““Putin:2016 ?

  • savannarose55

    he told putin to wait till he had more leverage after he was re-elected. there was some sort of an agreement between them.

    • rhondareichel

      Google PL 87-297
      one world govt. and a Russian will be the commander of the world army

  • got it right about bush, id rather have a cowboy than a wuss in the wh!

    • CharlieSeattle

      Laughable BS!

      Bush’s response to Russia’s 2008 “incursion” in Georgia was exactly the same as Obama’s now.

      Sanctions and a few ships in the Black Sea.

      Lol, …Bush = Obama …Obama = Bush

      • big dif. he invaded 3 months b4 bush left office. obama has 3 years left. think about it

        • CharlieSeattle

          Lol, That the best you got?

          Bush was YELLOW! Obama is black.

          Ya, it was not ”exactly the same”. LOL

          • yellow?? whatever. you really think bush would’ve gotten permission fro a dem controlled congress to give military aid? i seriously doubt it. yellow, my azz.

          • CharlieSeattle

            Busk sucked Arab and Russian dyk!

          • you are high if you believe that!

          • rhondareichel

            Bush was the reason the congress turned democratic in the first place.

          • wrong. it was corrupt rinos.

          • rhondareichel

            That was none of our business either.
            We need to close the School of the Americas and reign in the CIA

      • rhondareichel


    • rhondareichel

      He’s no cowboy….no cowboy would lay naked in a coffin and confess his sexual history to a bunch of perverts (Skull & Bones)

      • so says an ignoramous, thanks i will take your comment & put it w/ the rest in the trash bin.

  • Phillipe Violette

    obummer is showing weakness but it is all part of his plan to distroy America and the American way .

  • WiSe GuY

    The whole world knows that 0bama is a sissy bitch.
    ISIS didn’t threaten Russia, or China.
    They only threatened that faggot in the Whitehouse.

    • rhondareichel

      Not attacking Israel either which is really illogical…..considering Gaza bombing

  • CharlieSeattle

    Lol, an interesting war of words.

    Putin “Russia has not invaded, only volunteers helped the separatists.”
    Obama “Ukraine Not Invaded; Russian Incursion Just Violates Its ‘Territorial Integrity”

    ……………….. OK, Let’s go with that.

    Let’s agree with Russia on that point, and fire a few hundred cruise missiles directly at the Russian tanks and troops that are NOT on Ukrainian soil.

    Then both Obama and Putin can say “nothing was hit, and no one was killed” because they both agreed they are NOT there.

    ……………….. Three Card Monte anyone??

    • rhondareichel

      Stupid logic….why do we care if ethnic Russians want to join Russia again….the only choice as I see it compared to IMF austerity….that’s why Crimea chose to join.

      • CharlieSeattle

        Ethnic Russians living in Alaska don’t act like that.

        Ethnic Russians living in Britain don’t act like that.

        Ethnic Russians living anywhere else don’t act like that, …except in former soviet block countries that the Czar’s invaded and took by force or after WWII when the Iron Curtain fell and captured them.

  • adrianvance

    If Obama were serious about being President he will tell Putin we will build enough LNG facilities and ships to serve Europe, get a new multibillion Dollar business and put them away the second time in 30 years and Putin would go home, but Obama is not that smart. He is really a dull man, the product of Affirmative Action.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen. It’s free.

  • 2399molly

    I understand that Putin is the only one who will not allow Muslims into Russia, and will not allow the Americans to adopt any children from there. We all need to wake up. Do not listen to those Democrats who want to start a war with Russia. I bet he does not do a thing about ISIS until they take over the Middle East. We need to get rid of Obama and I think it will be very hard as he and his thugs have got a lot of the Americans thinking he is great because they can get welfare, unemployment insurance and the promise of free insurance that we the taxpayer foot the bill. Our Senate and House better wake up.

    • rhondareichel

      We have plenty of American children that need adopting. Muslims in Russia have to accept Russia’s laws and customs or leave.

  • rhondareichel

    It’s apparent by George Soros and Victoria Nuland that we inIitIated that coup in the first place. Not willing to put in the billions to prop up the Ukraine govt. who is going rapidly under puts Putin in the driver’s seat. I frankly don’t care if a that country is divided into 2 states….that’s DEMOCRACY.

  • Harvey Melton

    obamas weakness in every area, except making life as difficult as possible for us here at home, is a well known world fact.how did we end up with so many idiots that cant see obama for what he is?are they just focusing on the shiny sparkling objects that they get from this manchurian or what?everything obama has done has been punitive in nature.of course, he isn’t by himself, he has plenty of special help scattered around in key positions.of course he doesn’t care about being a good president,just a muslim, radical islam hero.at least in thier eyes this empty suit is stuffed with something and we all know what that is, but it is a long list of ingredients.