• Edward

    Since under obama rule everyone was forced to buy insurance why do we need planed parenthood free clinics. Their argument is they need it free. No lady your insurance will cover you now go get what you need from your doctor. I am totally fed up with democrat lies

    • PatriotGal


  • TPS12

    It’s all about the money before and after the election no matter what party. A major part of the establishment politicians lifestyle we need to put under the spot light.

  • HadEnough

    What the *** is wrong with people. The writer of this article said: “Things will settle back down and hopefully, (in that time) – the (Trump Admin.) – (Can START) (Doing some real good) – for the people of this country” ???? – What the (crap does the writer think he’s been DOING ever since January 20, 2017) ??? – and even during his campaign run.??? – He’s BEEN DOING GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY EVER SINCE HE WAS ELECTED – I’m So Sick of the (brain dead people)

  • Morton99

    So far Trump has moved NO legislation – has fiddled with Executive Orders (which expire with his presidency) not all of which were successful. His popularity appears to be sinking. I do not think that DJT is capable of actually telling the truth. He reconstructs every narrative in a way that paints him as the hero, and simply invents missing pieces.

    • Sinnie Kemp

      It is hard to get the job done with criminals from both sides keep getting in the way to discredit him.

      • Morton99

        Who are you alleging is a criminal ?

      • Sinnie Kemp

        All corrupted politicians are criminals.

        • Morton99

          Who are you – God ? Sounds like libel to me. Who are the ‘corrupted politicians’ ?

  • george briar

    We haven’t had a real President in over 8 years and certainly haven’t had a real leader in over 16 years. Trump fills the shoes of both and he’s just getting started. I believe he will be very successful and will easily get reelected and after two terms of his triumphs he will have made it nearly impossible to fill those shoes after he leaves.

  • Gale

    unreal: thereligionofpeace.com

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