• Pamela

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  • Donald Lindsey

    Apparently the rogue socialists known as Antifa now have the official support of the Democratic Party. At least, that’s the only conclusion one can come to after seeing this tweet from Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison, who posted a picture of himself holding up “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook and Ellison, who is himself an extremist Muslim who has no business being anywhere near the national political scene.

    America does not need any form of radical muslim in our government pushing for violence against we the people, send him and family of radical muslim idealist butt overseas to Guantanamo for TREASON against America or hang the Terrorist traitor.

    We Veterans who have/are serving not did not fight for this country for some camel butt to walk in and control

    • kim

      We truly do have communist’ in our own government; including Ellison, and perhaps even more so in the thought process of voting him even into such an Office, when his very political views CAN NOT even be different than that of his ‘religion’ since said ‘religion’ has its own government//laws//punishments, etc.; and their holy book tells them to NOT ASCIMILATE with any other ‘infidel’ government outside of their own beliefs….And there is no room for tolerance of any other religion or law other than their own.

      • bumperkm

        Amen Kim

        • Sarah

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    • Sgt. York

      Dang your i know your aware Ellison is a muslin and antifa blends in with them 100%. He is just showing America his true colors, Muslim hate red,and Devilcrat Yellow. I agree with you 100%

      • We can’t afford any Muslims in our government; we can hardly afford to pay the Demo-Turds.

        • Rex Whitmer

          We had one there for eight years, and no one was ever brave enough to publicize it!

          • I guess I should have said “we can’t afford any more Muslims in our government”. I got to admit it was an eight year cliff hanger.
            There were two or three individuals the media couldn’t shut down, Trump being number one on that issue! Now we just have too thin out the Demo-turds.

    • Robert Kahlcke

      Especially those who have been whelped from a swine who fornicated a goat.


    • Jim Strong

      Time to weed out these socialist. Seems like the gov. is not doing anything to control this bull shit.

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        It may be because they are part of group!!!

        • Rex Whitmer

          Look at the laws passed over the last six or seven years. All of them, especially Obama care are socialistic in nature. One part of the Constitution states that no man should be taxed to pay another man’s debts! Which is what socialism does. Only most of those paid contribute little to the fund, and collect far above what they take from it. I also usually cost much more because the government always takes more for themselves! They are also much more wastful in their spending tending to give more business to favorites.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Well said Rex, I rest my case!!!

    • elmcqueen3


      • elmcqueen3

        Check it out.

    • Rodney Steward

      Amen friend, he’s also a very close friend of Louis Farrakhan, another POS, and this is what the Dem. party has become, Traitors to America!

    • Munge

      Thanks for your service brother.

      • Donald Lindsey


    • Ronald Halverson

      Thank GOD we have TRUMP to lead us in the right direction again. The Dem. Party is the Communist party. Pres.Trump is doing his best to drain the swamp. If he needs help We the people are capable of speeding up that process. Actually we could put in an express lane if needed. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE FIRST FAMILY.

      • Rex Whitmer

        Actually the Democrats = Nazi’s! Communists are out of date!

    • Jim

      Donald, I think you for your Service too our Country.It is people like you, me, and a host of others who have kept it free, and I would do it all over again.

      • Krazeehors

        Me, too.

      • Donald Lindsey

        Semper-Fi to all

    • Krazeehors

      Amen. Thanks for your service. I served 7 years in the USAF. My son is a US Army Sergeant.

      • Donald Lindsey

        thank you and your son, Sempi-Fi

    • Mark Owen

      Well said! Enough already with trying to get our POTUS run down the road. Every one that’s anyone knows he’s a patriot, loves this country more than anything. Gave up a luxurious lifestyle for the unbelievable abuse he’s been taking from the left and the main stream media. Ellison got elected why?Morons in Minnesota will elect any trash that comes along. Maybe someday they’ll wake up. Doubtful but you never know.

    • mannasage

      Perfect call, Keith Ellison is a camel butt, I love that !

    • Rex Whitmer

      Antifa=Nazi! Only Black’s the chosen race!

    • Craig Vandertie

      Only total extermination of that terminal pandemic known as islam will save the planet from completely being infected, only the completely naive will disagree with me and when I am proven correct the totally gullible should be grieved least of all.

    • Craig Vandertie

      My gratitude for your service in defending our Constitutional rights and later keeping the peace.

    • Dennis Anderson

      This is the way Hitler started out and got jailed for it. It was Germanys mistake they let him out. We know whats going on, and its time to do away with these people. We already have rules for immigration, and a constitution. Try your hand book for something to wipe your ass with. Where you need to be sent there is no modern conveniences.

  • Gammi2Anna

    The DNC seems Hell bent on Impeachment these days. They are all coming out about it everyday. OK, Democrats, here is your first and foremost case for Impeachment. This is a ‘top DNC Democrat’ government official that is endorsing the death of Americans by Terrorists which he wants to bring in as assassins. Let us know as soon as the Democrat National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison has been arrested and Impeachment proceedings have begun. Americans across the country will be ready to support your dreams of Impeachment. Now someone will need to contact DNC Minority leader, Ditsy Nancy Pelosi and explain to her that when she replied to the question regarding Democrat members of Antifa “You’re not talking about the far left of the Democrat Party, they’re not even Democrats. A lot of them are socialists or anarchists or whatever.” What are you expecting Pelosi will do? If she does nothing then she was just trying to cover up the fact that they have a ‘socialist and/or an anarchists’ within their own political party.

    • Rex Whitmer

      The problem Gammi, is you don’t impeach party leaders! They aren’t even elected by party members. The party big wigs took that out of the Democratic party quite a while back! Generally Democrats are pretty compliant and never question those whom the party leaders okay, and just to make certain, they have “super delegates” whom vote many votes from just one person!

  • TexRancher

    Remember, Ellison is an avowed Communist (Member of the DSA) in the Democrat party as well as an anti-American muslim!

  • Sean Rickmin

    People like this ellison character don’t belong in AMERICA much less in our government and then coming out and supporting a terrorist bunch,he must really hate AMERICA.Maybe even more than nobamba and h.clintstone and friends.

    • Jim Strong

      Time to weed out these people that hates this country.

  • Brian W.

    Stories like these need to be blasted all day long for weeks by Fox News and friends when midterms come around. Just show the Democrats in their own light and the right side ( correct side ) should win hands down. Why anyone on the left would keep this lunatic around is beyond me. If the damaged left keeps involving themselves in government its all over for them and their party. Now I lead to think this is why Democrats involve themselves in voter fraud. No one would vote for a party affiliated with Domestic Terrorism. If they can’t or won’t get rid of him the next play would probably be trying to make it look like the Republicans are the extremists.

  • Lajos Markos

    Mr President build the wall

    • Brian W.

      Trump I believe is currently trying for $18 billion for the wall. I hope he and the republicans get it. That is the staple of the legacy he is building and its why we the majority elected him. Any politician that puts up a fight against the wall is only punishing themselves. It shows that any politician that wants America invaded as to be fiscally drained and abused as well as culturally is not fit for duty and in no way should they ever be in command of this nations military for not understanding what an invasion looks like and understanding what is involved in stopping it. Build a wall and adhere to legal immigration and America will be golden forever, do the opposite and stand for nothing and your a traitor to this great nation. So what party do you stand with? The American Party ( Republicans ) or The Anti-American Party ( Democrats ), that is the question!

  • Walter Siebert

    The Democratic party is doing a great job destroying themselves, keep up the great work !!!

    • Dave T

      And the Dems of Minnesota should be proud as well. Franken and Ellison, the daily double in political hypocrisy.

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        Whoooo could imagine… That they would freak out… In Minnesota?
        Minne minne sota… Minne minne sota… etc.

      • Rex Whitmer

        What do you expect? Obama has been sending Muslims there and to Texas for the past eight years!

  • Steven Kaspar

    What do you expect from the scumbag dems they all need to be rounded up and thrown in prison or they will be the death of America as we know it!

    • Rex Whitmer

      Mostly they’re just ignorant as far as the common body of the party is concerned. They have a large portion of the Blacks in their party whom often vote as they’re told, because the Democrats have told them that THEY are their only salvation. What they don’t tell them is that They (the Democratic Party) are the ones who are forcing them into impossible situations. The Republicans can’t seem to make them realize their situation. The same goes for Union workers. The Unions now a days do not represent the workers, rather they represent the Democratic party and its leaders! Socialism is sold on the idea that people wont have to pay as much for what ever service is needed. What they don’t tell you is that THEY get to decide who gets helped and by how much! It usually is not the most needy whom are helped either!



  • DaveyJ

    As a registered Democrat this is the last straw. I could NOT VOTE for Crooked Hillary, did NOT VOTE for OBAMA ever as I interpreted him (accurately) to be a Muslim which means tied to extremism no matter what he preached. Besides I got the message after 9-11 even if most of our media did not! This Democratic Deputy Chairman is regarded widely as a extreme pro Islam radical. The Democratic Party has obviously passed into the shadow world of indecency, decadence, and total anti-American behavior and intent! Time to drain their cesspool! Not a swamp, far worse than that! Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are on the fringe of reality. Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren are known liars and total hypocrites! When is our media going to realize that this country is in grave danger???

    • Dave T

      Probably never, ’cause they are the enablers of the danger (if not one of the perpetrators)! Ellison is one dangerous meathead and counts on his numb constituents to keep reelecting him. I lived among them for almost 20 years…the folks of MN will elect ANYBODY!

      • Mark Owen

        Yeah, they elected Franken! Look where he ended up. Another garbage headed Democrat Communist.

      • Rodney Steward

        And MN is filling up with muslims too, they’ll keep Ellison in office!

        • Rex Whitmer

          You’re just finding out? Obama’s been building them towns complete with prayer towers for the past eight years!

          • Rodney Steward

            And he was arming them too, like Tyson Chicken in the main plant in Tenn. employ’s almost all muslims, changed all holiday’s and built prayer rooms for them! We’ve stopped eating Tyson Chicken! I

      • tCotUS

        Amen Dave!!

    • tCotUS

      Welcome Patriot…

    • shortround

      Listen folks, we have the right idea and the proof was in the 2016 elections. We must and I repeat MUST, search out those who are running for offices in our jurisdictions, make sure they are Americans, true blooded, that they believe in the same God that has blessed America for the past 200+yrs., that they are prayer warriors, believing in the U.S Constitution, and willing to give their own life for this country. And there is so much more that these people should be, but, I think you know what I am getting at. We can change what is going on with Gods help. But, we had best do it quickly !!!! And yes I know that there will be wolves in sheeps clothing, we’ll just have to deal with and weed those out in the next elections. This is one Viet Nam vet that is just sick of seeing this country headed down the same road that Sodom and Gomorrah was on. I know this sounds harsh, but, folks I believe what I am saying is true. Pray for America and Pray for our Leadership. God Bless America

      • dk1xley

        Shortround, I agree with everything you are saying is true. We as Christians need to pray for God to lead America and our leaders.

        ◄ 2 Chronicles 7:14 ►
        If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (KJV)).
        God Bless America!

  • tCotUS

    This is proof even a blind Lib can see. …The DemoRatic party has been taken over by a Radical Communist infiltrators, it is now the confirmed enemy of “We the People”.

    • Robert Kahlcke

      Better dead than red.

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        Better live surrounded by dead reds.
        Death to communism by MAGA MAGA.

      • DrBarbara

        Patrick Henry,……”give me liberty or give me death.”

    • Rodney Steward

      And the FBI and CIA!!

  • Doxie

    If it’s democrat/liberal or has anything to do with democrats, it’s anti-AMERICA. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9de8671666bba69447692f9ef8c1883b6c80ac1d7330720d929e83dec8ddfff2.jpg

  • Paul

    I will not vote for a demoncrap fos as long as I shall live. This is the party that screwed the working man and now openly supports terrorist activities.

  • cathylovesyou

    Kieth Ellison follower of the head Black Hate Monger of all time as well as devout Communist as is Ellison. Ellison a un intelligent buffoon steering up trouble just like Antifa, sponsored and financed by Communist Czar George Soros. Portrayed his own people to the Nazi’s during WW 11. This is the garbage Democrats are slurping up and brain washing our kids with. FBI if we only had one should investigate Antifa thoroughly and expose them. We do not have Top Police anymore in our country to do the job, yes we still have the dedicated troops but he leaders are rotten. (Most)

  • barbarakelly

    This has to be coming from –who else –ELLISON———NEVER DOUBT THE MUSLIM.!! He is showing his true colors. YOU bleeding hearts voted for him. and he needs to go-!!!!!

  • Larry Brule

    i mean, he is a muslim and they are all in for terror! antifa is a prime example of a terrorist group.

    • Rex Whitmer

      Antifa is a terrorist party. It isn’t a Muslim association. They have similar goals though. To take our freedoms away! Both are anti Christian and would like to see the religion (all factions of it) erased. Antifa generally is made of persons whom believe that they are being denied freedoms that they are using, and would deny everyone else those same freedoms. They also believe that they should be cared for without any effort from themselves!

  • The DNC is way too liberal and so I am not surprised they would back a terrorist group. ANTIFA is worse than any other terror group we face. They all belong in prison under a life sentence.

  • lha

    Well,here you go!! Liberals joining forces[officially] now with a terrorist organization,as if they were just a “grass roots” organization to begin with. Libs and Commies have been behind these scumbag cowards from the first day. The abandoned Walmart stores [and other big buildings] should be retrofitted to house the POS cowards for a few months while facing terrorism charges.

  • disqus_7KiKMOOd1L

    The Republicans have got to take off the gloves and paint the Democrats as the party of Socialism (Sanders) and radical Islam (Ellison) to the general public. Beat this to death during the midterms, and point out that the Dems – with Hillary, Biden, Sanders, Chuckie, Peloco (Nancy), Feinstein, Durbin, Hoyer – are indeed the party of old white folks and they usually stack the deck so that party power-brokers decide who the candidate is. RE: 2016.
    In contrast, Trump was ANYTHING BUT the GOP power-brokers’ choice for the party’s nominee. Help the people realize which is the democratic party – which party enables its members to decide their nominee, not some mucky-mucks in the back rooms.

  • Dennis

    Ellison needs to go to a muslim country and not here. He is the poster boy for the demoncrats and should be brought down as supporting a terrorist organization!

    • Mark Owen

      He would not last a week in a muslim country. Once they found out he’s an American, they would lop off his empty head. Good for us bad for him.

  • Brabado

    It is obvious that anything Criminal, Illegal, Immoral, and out right Evil, the Corrupt Liberal Democrats will always support, endorse, including the encouraging of sale of “still living baby parts”, by Planned Parenthood… Now how Evil is that? And it is exactly, all these ugly traits our President Trump has been battling them, 24/7 – and they don’t like it.
    Semper fi.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    They are all part and parcel of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.
    ellison is a muslim swine.

  • daneagle

    I was a Democrat 32 yrs ago because the changes were becoming painfully apparent and not like the party I used to love and I’m glad I left. As a republican I regained faith that our country COULD become GREAT AGAIN,,,,lo an behold! The big D ,Donald Trump who has done more for this country in 1yr than any President in these previous 32 yrs,,,,,,,,,,you GO! Mr President clean the swamp,,,,,,,,,,build that wall!!!!!!!!!

  • Stan Leonard

    The Democratic Party supports terrorism … and how this is NEWS to anybody with at least 1/2 a living brain cell?

  • MIKE6080

    said that the demonratic party should be on the terrorist list , does this prove it now.

  • Radman414

    What can one say except the obvious: “Birds of a feather flock together!”

  • pappy450

    There will come a time when “We the People” have had enough, and the BULLETS will start flying. (I predict sooner than later)
    It seems “law enforcement” are too scared to protect American Citizens, so like in days of OLD, Apparently it is becoming more obvious, we will have to step up and protect OURSELVES. THAT is why the DEMOCOMMIES (with their “false flag” operations) are trying desperately to SCARE the people to get them to agree to more “gun control” and disarm. (easier for them to “take over” that way)
    OUR GUNS are the LAST barrier against a TYRANNICAL “government” so don’t be “fooled” by the “rhetoric” and give them up and think you are more “safe”.

    • bttrap

      poland had to steal their guns back to put up a fight with the nazis in the getto

  • BT

    How ’bout them mixed metaphors? A leopard changing his stripes? Lol. Anyway, it is clear that it is up to the voters to take responsibility for draining the swamp and the vile people who think it’s OK to kill babies by the millions, invite to our country anyone who will come to live on our money, and to behave like thugs suppressing anyone who disagrees with said thugs, and to allow our colleges (and even high schools) to celebrate other countries over ours. Shameful!

    Bottom line – we get what we deserve by not voting or not speaking out.

  • captainmvh

    leopards have spots not stripes.. be that as it may The DNC is a trashy mix of all things unamerican

  • mannasage

    If Nancy supports the Antifa, we Americans should give her the credit for the Liberal cause that welcomes this terrorist group. Way to go Nancy!

    • Rodney Steward

      It’s been going around and on the tube they want Nancy OUT this year, she does have the brains of a dead horse, with her sisters Warren and Waters!

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    What do you expect from a muzz nigger?

  • gabriel wilson

    They are all part and parcel of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.ellison is a muslim swine.

  • barnjoer

    Kick his Goat Smelling Ass OUT!!

  • mesaman

    You certainly didn’t expect anything more patriotic than this from a communist infiltrator and self-proclaimed leader of the corn smut rebellion and the coal dust rioters.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Antifa should be banned and outlawed!

  • William Peter Remsen

    WHY did this group not call itself anticom-for anticommunist? Simple-because they are communists! Which by the way, is far, far worse!

  • John Douglas

    Own him Demon rats !

  • Victor F

    This should be front page headline news but the paid-off liberal media won’t report this.
    If Republicans did this holy-shit we would never hear the end of it.

  • warren s caldwell

    The McCann/Walters act of 1952 is a law banning “ALL” Muslims from even being in our country ! Why is Sessions not using it ????

  • Ha, Ha, Ha “a leopard can’t change its strips”

    Nasty needs to retire her Pelosi; it’s making all the demo-turds crazy!

  • tCotUS

    DemoRATS…. The enemy of our Constitution.. Making them the enemy of American Patriots

  • Lee Martinsen

    Antifa, the anti fascist clowns are not anti fascist, because that would mean, they are against themselves. What antifa really stands for is Anti First Amendment

  • mannasage

    Keith Ellison belongs in prison, he’s the enemy w/o question!!!

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    I thought you might get a smile out of this.

    Donald Trump was asked by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News if he could quote any bible verses.

    He answered: “Yep, I sure can”……”Trump 20:16”

    “What’s that?” asked Bill.

    “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.

    Deport the son-of-a-bitch, and you’ll never have to feed him again!”

  • Maggietish

    Big surprise that a top Democrat supports Antifa. They all do. The Democrats are the ones who encourage anarchy, violence and division among the American people. That’s the communist doctrine is to divide and conquer. They continue to betray the United States and the American people and certainly their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this land. Ellison Is clearly a communist or at the very least a socialist but certainly anti-American through and through. The fact that he’s the Deputy Chairman of the DNC and is openly supporting Antifa proves what a traitor he is. Wake up America. It’s more than time for we the people to save this country We’ve got to move now and we’ve got to get these socialistics/Communists, A/K/A the Democrats, out of office ASAP

  • Obie Miller

    I would say the Democrat Party has have pretty well defined what they really stand for, since their leader is an extremist muslim working with Antifa! Just about the only difference between socialist Antifa and communism may be in the way they are implemented.

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