• Jason Daniels

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  • Jimmy Quick

    I know this is far too simple, but the erosion of our culture began in the hearts and minds of each and every one of us when we started to believe that we are an authority unto ourselves.

    We all matter, from the great to the small. Our people have forgotten the principles upon which this nation was built and our collective emptiness of conscience has given us such utter failures as Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and O’islama.

    Just the fact that a stooge like Krugman can muster together an audience is evidence that many a fool will line up to devour the swill that the left serves up daily.

    Honestly, I wonder,,, when will this stupidity end? Will these people keep feeding dope and idiocracy to our children through the schools and the entertainment industry until it is an impossibility to find a straight thinking person?

    Dear God, I thank the Lord everyday for Donald J. Trump and I pray he will not get sidetracked by our evil legislature or the media.

    Someone has got to put this country right again or we are all doomed.

    • Rosartaube

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    • WELL AND TRULY stated, Jimmy Q!!!!!!!!!

      OLD ONE 80

    • AirFrank


    • tracy

      do you love the gays and atheists too?

      • Linda Shelton

        You love everyone, that is the new commandment Jesus gave us, to love you neighbor, however that does not mean you have to love what they do.

        • SamVBar

          Excellent Linda. You did a better job on this than I did.

      • Doris Will

        Tracy, I am a Christian, and I don’t care what ANYBODY does in the bedroom JUST DON’T TELL ME ABOUT IT. We have a right to have our own beliefs, same as all Americans. If Victoria’s Secret doesn’t doesn’t sell my size, I go to store that does. Simple as that

      • Jimmy Quick

        What is your definition of love? Mine is very simple and it comes from the creator of everything you will ever know.

        1 John 4:8 says, “God is Love.” I want to make it very clear that God is not the idol moon god allah.

        So, your question might be rephrased to ask; Am I willing to share the gospel with any and all who are seeking the Truth?

        The answer is absolutely, yes. Are you interested in Truth or just trying to find a way to tear at others because you don’t like them?

      • tCotUS

        Just for the record…Marriage between a man and a woman was instituted by God with Adam and Eve. Genesis 2:24 states: “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

        In Matthew 19:4-5, Jesus reaffirms this: “He answered, ‘Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one’?”

      • SamVBar

        Love them as people, NO. Love their souls and the ability of GOD to forgive and save those who open their hearts and ask of forgiveness of their sins. Does that answer your question. I might add that there are many people including Obama that I dislike immensely but I still love the heathen’s soul.

    • tCotUS

      Agreed…BUT..IS ONE MAN GOING YO DO IT ALL HIMSELF? H*** no. We “America” must get involved. We have been lax way too long.

      • Jimmy Quick

        Unfortunately, I think sometimes they want you to feel isolated and alone.

        Most of these people are playing Pac-Man with lobbyist money and if what you want or need does not line up with them getting the money, they will turn a deaf ear to you every time.

        “We the people” need to study Trump and learn how to bend the media to work our will. Only then will anything begin to change.

        • tCotUS

          Like I said Jimmy..We have been Lax too long.. WE elect someone into Office, then go about our business & forget who we elected & why. Freedom is not free like today’s Liberals want you to believe.
          It’s something we should practise everyday, & exercise our Rights.

          • SamVBar

            Very good tCotUS. It appears that you might have hit a nerve among most intelligent and ardent Americans. Maybe even me. I have not laid back and played dead during these 8 years of O’Islama. i have tried to educate those around me and to those who would listen and I have posted to every blog that allows input. So, I may not have done everything that was possible but on a small scale I did try to do some good.

          • tCotUS

            My hats off to you Sam!! There are many of us out there doing just that. We will not be silenced, we will not retreat, the truth is on our side.
            Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones..Keep up the good work !

          • SamVBar

            Merry Christmas to you and your family tCos. May the spirit of the season pervade your house, family ,and mind. May health and prosperity be yours and your family.

          • tCotUS

            You & Your Family have a Merry Christmas Sam. May God bless all of us & give us the strenght & time needed to see this Country become great again. Take care, & never give up the fight for truth.

    • Jimmee41

      That Man is the Lord Jesus Christ. Let your life be His!!!!

    • SamVBar

      Thank you, Jimmy. Great expose’. Well worded and to the point. Bless you and your thoughts.

  • tCotUS

    The Obozo family, Clinton family, Soros family Have lost all hope of America being taken over by Criminals, Thugs, Communists, Elitists, Radial Muslims, Dumbo-RATS & the Crooked Liberal Media…
    What is wrong with America ?
    It now appears it’s going to be overrun with Patriotic Americans, Christians, Jobs, Good Will towards Men, Women, & Children. …………….. Merry Christmas One & All ….

    • Marty Charleville

      well….heaven forbid, imagine that, eh? Imagine the ‘Change’. The United States is now going to be overrun with people of patriotic spirit, who love America, who are are law-abiding, hard-working and of great moral character.

      • tCotUS

        You sound Canadian EH?

        • Marty Charleville

          LOL Nope. Homegrown American all the way.

          • tCotUS

            Great…Have many comments from Canada, England,Australia which I do not bother answering.
            I hope & look for miracles, but know reality..But the attitude on the street is definitely up swing in comparison of what we’ve had. People actually say Merry Christmas without looking around. More are speaking their mind in public & not worried about political correctness. Many more Americans know more about the Constitution/Bill of Rights than ever before. This election brought many out of their shell…I hope this continues & we become more involved with what is happening around us… Originated in the fourth verse of a 1768 patriotic ballad, “The Liberty Song”, by John Dickinson
            -Uniting we stand by dividing we fall-..

          • SamVBar

            I am not hoping but doing what I can to insure that we continue to speak our mind and also to say Merry Christmas. I have never stopped saying that and I don’t have any intention of stopping. The political correct BS has caused us more trouble than we will ever know. It has caused division and racial strife throughout this wonderful country. I love this country and would gladly defend it against any enemy foreign or domestic.

          • tCotUS

            It’s all we can do Sam. We will defend our Country from it’s enemies both foreign or domestic.
            Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones.?

          • Joanjbryant

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          • James Baur

            Don’t forget Benjamin Franklin, who said approximately the same thing when he said, “We
            must all hang together, or we’ll all hang separately.”
            I believe his words were
            paraphrased in the song from which you quoted.
            May God please bless America.

          • tCotUS

            No doubt James..Very wise words by Franklin. A quote from Jefferson always comes to mind when Obama’s name comes up..Jefferson was spot on.

            “The executive power in our government is not the only, perhaps not even the principal, object of my solicitude. The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come. The tyranny of the “executive power” will come in its turn, but at a more distant period.”
            ― Thomas Jefferson, Democracy in America

          • Arminius

            All the things Krugman, the blind hypocrite, said are what the Progressives, Democrat and Republican, are guilty of. This is the first election since before Woodrow Wilson, the progressives lost. They (Shumer, Ryan, et al) fight on but we’ll have to crush them many more times before the end game. What the poorly educated Krugman and his ilk don’t realize is none of Caesar’s assassins were republicans, they just had their own candidate to save the Republic (always next year).

          • daneagle

            Caesar was ritually kill by members of his own clan, stabbed 25 times simply because he wanted to let the Christians rule Rome,,,,

          • Carl Looney

            It wasn’t quite that simple. He used the rabble and noncitizens to make trouble and assumed dictatorial powers, sort of like Obama. But he was stabbed about 47 times (or more) in the underground tunnels between government buildings by the elected representatives of the Republic of Rome for usurping power and using it illegally. Sort of what we had to do to Obama/Hillary in a figurative way, only they had millions of dead voters and illegals voting on their side.

          • Jonathan Clark

            You do realize that Julius Ceaser was assassinated in 44 B.C. (B.C. means “Before Christ”).

          • Marilyn Z

            I noticed that about Merry Christmas this year, too. I think we have already had some freedoms restored.

            Watched a short bit on PBS today about the Christmas markets in Europe (always wanted to go to those) and those people are not worrying the least about being PC. I am loving this. Wonder if the muslims have tried to get rid of Christmas there and failed. Of course, it was much easier here with a muslim in the White House. I hope I am correct in saying….NEVER AGAIN will we let this happen to our country.

          • tCotUS

            Marilyn..WE must not allow another … O”bomination type to darken the White House again. We learn by our mistakes that we should have been a lot more politically active the last 16 years. I can already see the attitude of many around me change for the positive.
            Best Wishes….A Merry Christmas & a Positive New Year to You & Your Loved ones.

          • Marilyn Z


          • Lee Blair


          • James Baur

            Committed TO America
            completely. At this point,
            I consider Trump to be a
            self absorbed, untutored, rich jerk. I voted, not so much FOR Trump, but AGAINST Hillary. I voted, not so much FOR Bushie Jr, than AGAINST Al Gore.
            Both Hillary and Al, are, in my opinion, progressive socialists. I recall a time when the term progressive was synonymous with the term Communist.
            Hillary’s give away programs would further
            bankrupt an already bankrupt America.
            I will wait to see what Trump proposes in order to reverse the downward
            spiral in which we find ourselves after 8yrs of
            Obama. Hard days lie
            ahead, but remember that America dug itself
            out of the Great Depression, and prospered thereafter.
            Our biggest problems
            will come from those
            who hold the “entitlement” mentality.
            These spoiled brats have had everything handed to them; never
            having had to actually work for anything in their pampered lives. I, on the other hand, worked
            full time, and lived on the street in a
            1971 Chevyvan, while attending Cal State Northridge. With a degree in Medical Technology, I was able to help save the lives of
            my fellow Veterans at a
            VA hospital for the next
            32yrs. Who, of the current crop would be willing to do that?

          • James Baur

            I wish the world, and all mankind, a very Merry
            Christmas. We’ll see what 2017 brings, but I
            sincerely hope, and pray, that our differences
            can be overcome without the bloodbath which is currently being predicted. More people have been killed, throughout history, in the name of religion than for
            any other reason. How religious is that?

          • KABUSA

            Religion not answer. Personal relationship with the Lord. 1 and only fs&s Jesus

          • rivahmitch

            Those two terms “progressive” and “communist are still synonymous., along with “Democrat”, “liberal” and “socialist”.

          • Arminius

            The same people, from Wilson to Obama, hide behind a mix of names that mean the same thing.

          • Osamao


          • Lee Blair


      • cccarr

        .just imagine how great it is.

    • tracy

      arent Gays and atheists welcome?

      • william couch


      • tCotUS

        I did say Patriots..Are they Patriots?

        • James Baur

          “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

      • blogengeezer

        In the middle east they are truly welcomed… dragged into the same cages occupied by Christians, as they are soaked in gasoline and lit afire… to “watch them Dance”..

      • James Baur

        You’re just trying to start a fight. Grow up, and join the adults.

    • RuFus92

      Do tell; is there a modicum of twisted irony at play here, or is it plain old sarcasm? Very good analyst of the scene though. Big Thumbs Up to You!

      • tCotUS

        It can fall either way …Approach with an open mind… Thanks

    • Bob Marcum

      HUH ??????????????? WWhhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttt ????????????

      • tCotUS

        Makes one think doesn’t it?

    • SamVBar

      I am confident that we have a long way before we can sit back and rest on our laurels. We still have a serious immigration problem, refugee problem and our economy is not rock solid yet so we do have a way to go but we are on the right track and not quite ready to throw in the towel.

    • cccarr

      hallelujah! !

    • mrpoohead

      ………………..and bankrupt by lunchtime I suspect. You’re forgetting the alt-right media – devoid of facts, they just make it up to suit. Blame someone else, it’s their fault, surely? Funny as! Ignominy, self-destruction or respectability only options now – unfortunately latter no longer available. Trump or Clinton merely the final nail in the coffin. Sad!

  • Susan Short

    Krugman is a totally pathetic piece of liberal crap, who thinks he’s smart, but doesn’t know SQUAT! I’m still mocking him over his ignorant, election night statement, when he said that the markets will never recover from a Trump presidency! Hey, Paul, how have those markets done since the election?! People like you just need to shut up and go away!

    • daneagle

      Yes Susan you are totally right on the mark about slugman!!!!!!!!

      • tracy

        The country looked great in 1928, too. 1929 will come again, for the poor, not Trumps’ pals, and Trump will ruin social security for all those who paid their taxes into it, but the rich will get richer.
        I am white, with lineage going back to 100’s here, inventing the first submarine for George Washington’s army.
        I have watched republicans act out their beliefs all my life, and I am 74. .
        That is why i can be objective when I say that It has always been the blacks who were the great hearts and souls of this country, and not the Genocidal Whites who destroyed the native Americans and who still hate blacks.
        Jim Crow elected Trump.

        • Frank W Brown

          Full of CRAP much???

        • tom anderson

          Too bad your ancestors did not drown in the yellow submarine. We would not have to see your drivel.

        • blogengeezer

          Ahh yes, the infamous ‘Hunley’.. it sure did a fine job,…. of drowning everyone that ever was pressed into it’s ranks of service..including it’s Inventor.

          In case you were not paying attention, The Great Society, War on Poverty doomed Social Security, as the wall separating the S.S. Funded Trust, from being slushed over into the General Fund, …..was removed.

          Not only did The Great Society, War on Poverty doom and demonize the Only historically sustainable socioeconomic system, Traditional Family… into the sub standard role it occupies today, it financed the Cradle to Grave subsidies to encourage the Feral Relationships and predictable random Spawn. An unsustainable system of which the formerly unprecedented Drugs and crime sprung forth.

          Today the productive tax Paying Traditional Family of role models, morals and Faith, is outnumbered by the insatiable perpetually dependency addicted… Thank the Liberal math for that situation.

          $20,000,000,000,000 and counting after eight years of ‘free stuff’. But who pays attention to that…. The ‘Rich’ will pay it… [sarc]

          • Jeff Zucker

            The submarine attributed by the man is the Turtle used in the Revolutionary war.

          • blogengeezer

            Oh yeah, the Turtle. Not as well known, nowhere near as famous as the Hunley, which comes to mind immediately… after it’s record. Good Turtle, never drowned anyone. :>)

          • SamVBar

            Beautiful explanation. It squeezes the history of Lyndon Johnson till the present.

        • chuck rhodenizer

          even though you are a moronic imbaselle you are entitled to your opinion even though it is wrong

          • SamVBar

            Next time don’t hold back Chuck, just let it all hang out.

          • chuck rhodenizer

            I try to stay mellow, but when people make absurd statements I forget my manners I should have just called tracy a (F) tucken idiot and left it at that

          • James Baur

            Owning your own mistakes, as you have done, Chuck, is one of the things which allows you to rightly claim membership in both sane, and polite, society. This concept seems to elude so many people these days. The strength required, and your willingness to do so, is, in my opinion, something which needs to be noticed, and congratulated. You are, hereby, congratulated.

          • chuck rhodenizer

            well thank you and Merry Christmas

          • James Baur

            The word you’re looking for is imbecile, imbecile.

          • chuck rhodenizer

            you do not deserve the correct spelling, “tupid” and you do not deserve the s on stupid

          • chuck rhodenizer

            Go test your air-bag imbecile

        • Carl Looney

          You have a serious problem, Tracy. We are all Americans, some of us are just a bit stupid, like you. The rest of us need a different type of leader from the Clinton’s and Obama’s who seek to elevate and enrich themselves. Harry Truman was the last good Democrat. He took the city bus and paid the fare out of his own pocket. Contracts with Obama’s wife flying around the world and blowing money like a drunk sailor – and she doesn’t even work for the government (so why didn’t she have to pay her own way??).

          • SamVBar

            The idea was to drain the coffers and then cry wolf so he could run out and borrow more money from China, who he relishes. The connection between Obummer and China was the Communist connection. He loves the Communist Manifesto almost as much as he loves the Quoran.


        • SamVBar

          You are one of the political correctness crowd aren’t you Tracy? It is okay to speak your peace we don’t have Omabum in office any longer and you will not be sent to prison or shot at dawn for making an open statement. The strength of this nation lies in the1st and second amendments and as long as we keep those alive we will flourish.

          Are you wanting to see a depression like the one in 1929? It will not come on Trump’s watch and in a way to remind you there was a melt down under Obummer.

          Are you casting doubts on Trump and his adminsitration or are you just happy that Ommuber was AC/DC?

          • James Baur

            The depression you’re speaking about is already here, and it was caused by
            Obama’s reckless handling of the economy, among several other causes. This
            is what Obama created, and left for the Trump administration to fix.

          • James Baur

            Not only do you need to get your facts straight, you also need to learn to spell
            the words you use in order to make your point. Review your post in order learn that the proper word is piece, and not peace. Note that the properly spelled word is administration, and not adminsitration.
            If you want to be considered intelligent, you have to be able to use, and spell, the PROPER terminology within its PROPER context. I am completely, and totally, happy to be able to say that Trump defeated the
            progressive socialist Hillary Clinton.
            Having voted for him, I plan to give Mr. Trump the benefit of the doubt until I can see the direction in which he intends to take our country.
            Did you finish high school, or were you another of those who were just passed through?

        • Jimmy Quick

          Well, your “Great Hearts” commit 90% of the violent crime in our nation and they always have their hands out looking for someone to give them something they didn’t work for. And if you want to talk about genocide, the blacks have got the market cornered there too, not to mention all the babies they kill through abortion.

          The “Native Americans” as you like to call them, without any proof whatsoever who they killed off in order to possess the land before the European settlers came, were as much responsible for their own demise as was anyone else. Just like the muslims, they attacked at will and without provocation until they were hunted like animals and the few that could be reasoned with were put in zoos that we now call reservations.

          Today, those who choose to adapt often flourish in business and are accepted into society with open arms. The ones who wish to remain as angry, petulant people are also allowed to do so.

          Yep, you really picked the right people to support cause most of them could be given a million dollars, like Rodney King, and they would be dead and broke within just a few years.

          You can also sit back and lob mud at the people who are working to do something because you are just a small, bitter, foolish old man.

          Your time is almost through here and you haven’t got a clue what it is all about.

        • river

          You really need to get over it. That’s history, and history has it that slaves built this world, like it or lump it, it happened. Don’t believe me? Who built Rome? Who built China, Japan, India? Who built the pyramids? Who built America? Slaves came in all different colors, creeds, or sexes. Slavery still exists in Africa. But the point you need to think over is that whites as a group do not hate blacks. You just hate whites.

        • Arminius

          Of course he did. The Easter Bunny supported him as well.

    • tracy

      The country looked great in 1928, too. 1929 will come agai,, and Trump will ruin social security for all those who paid their taxes into it, but the rich will get richer. The blacks are the real
      I am white, with lineage going back to inventing the first submarine for George Washington’s army.
      I have watched republicans act out their beliefs all; my life, and I am 74. .
      That is why i can be objective when I say that It has always been the blacks who were the great hearts and souls of this country, and not the Genocidal Whites who destroyed the native Americans and who still hate blacks.
      Jim Crow elected Trump.

      • SamVBar

        Tracy you are so far off base with SS. Lyndon Johnson was the one that took all the money out of the SS fund and placed it into the General Fund. That was the torpedo that sunk the ship. If we stop giving every Tom, dick, and Harry free SS without their contributions we would end the need to do anything except for asking the government to repay the monies that it drained from the SS fund starting with Franklin d. Roosevelt.

      • SamVBar

        Duh you did fall off the proverbial pumpkin wagon. so sorry for the fall.

      • J_in_TX

        You sure didn’t learn much in those 74 years. I guess the brainwashing worked.

    • SamVBar

      He is a nay sayer in pure form. He is so left of the middle line that he can no longer see that line. He is a rumormonger and a person who loves to jump on a delicate subject in the hopes that out of all the wrong calls that he has made he will score one. I have no respect for this man,

  • SammysDad

    Krugman has shown himself to be a loser but in his realm and now venturing out into politics.

    • SamVBar

      He couldn’t spell Politics until after he graduated from the Leftist School of Lying.

  • John Minnick

    Consider the source of all that bile! Nobody loves Paul Krugman, as much as Paul Krugman loves Paul Krugman! Just ain’t humanly possible!
    Just another loony left socialist Democrap, who is only a legend in their own damn mind!

    • Rick D.

      Right on, my man!! If the NY Times ever went under (a distinct possibility considering the significant decline in readership), the left-leaning, bed-wetting liberal, Krugman, would be SOL, because I doubt he’d be hired by any reputable news organization.

      • SamVBar

        it is rumored that he has already asked for a job in China with their psychological research for mind blowing.

  • Barkingdeathsquirrel

    Translation of what krugman wrote.

    I have no idea of what I speak of or write. I have not studied history in the least bit and have to slam our representative republic and economics that work for the people and and does not solely serve my democrat cult masters.

    I hope this helps

    • SamVBar

      If it don’t help it may create a great joke some time.

  • Alice Stacionis

    When the Roman Empire fell it was the decadent end of the Arien Age… now 2150 years later we are at the decadent end of the Piscean Age.. so we are on schedule for the collapse of the American Empire. It is all about growing… Change is inevitable. We are also at the decadent end of a 12,000 year negative cycle… going into a positive 21,000 year cycle. We are in change times.

    • Jimmy Quick

      What are you talking about? Your timeline has been broken by the rapid advancement of mind control through electronic projection and surveillance. A full 80% of the human race can’t think past their next meal or paycheck and they walk about with their faces stuck to some form of electronics and they haven’t got a clue how or why they got there.

      We have reached a point where moral people are looked down upon and fidelity is considered by most to be a liability.

      I have personally witnessed the lackadaisical downward spiral and behavior of our government. I was told personally by a member of the FBI that they have no interest in investigating the criminal activities of government officials and they are not interested in any crimes that do not involve a figure of $1,000,000.00 or more.

      In other words, our government is more interested in controlling the masses through manufactured fear, inertia, and sedatives than it is in prosecuting criminal activity.

      The real problem in the USA is you and me.

      If we continue to allow these government institutions to pretend us all to death with their lack of any real action, then we deserve exactly what we get… Nothing!

      • Alice Stacionis

        you are correct in much of what you say….. we are in the decadent end of two major negative cycles…we are in the darkest before the dawn but as you notice so many truths are coming out..and more are waking up… You will see some strange twists in just this next year… and our gov as we know it is not remaining.. or at least won’t remain the same… and it may totally transition.. Sadly a lot won’t make it. Already i am seeing a lot of deaths… both young and old…

  • denniscerasoli

    All this phony bickering is nothing more then a distraction of what is going on and we may be caught with our pants down.I just watched a video of the man who talked face to face with Khalid,the man who masterminded the WTC attack and you can see it in the FOX news section.While most media outlets are talking about liberals and conservatives we are being distracted from those who are bent in a life and death struggle to make sure that the death of the west does happen.Even though Khalid is dead his predictions are happening and that America’s weakness is its willingness to welcome its own collapse through the immigration of those bent on destroying us.

    • SamVBar

      I can agree with you 100% Dennis. I watched the Fox News report on this man and you have reported it as the Fox news hosts stated it. The Lefts are notorious for distracting people while they pull a shenanigan as we concern ourselves with their pseudo emergency.

      • denniscerasoli

        What the left fails to understand is that Jihadist ideology opposes them at every turn and not just those that are active,the ordinary Muslim who may live next door abhor’s everything the left stands for.

  • james gould

    Krugman, failed hack! Time for better journalism.

  • Richard Knack

    The nation will not “return to sanity” completely as long as liberals continue to make their pathetic, whining voices heard. Liberalism is a mental disease in which one of the symptoms is a belief in a roses-and-lollipops “neighborhood of make-believe” world, where there are no rich people (because, through the valiant efforts of liberal lobbying, they’ve been taxed out of existence) and the lazy don’t have to learn skilled trades or even work at all since they can always get welfare (sucked out of the pockets of the rich and the people who actually work for a living), there are no guns (because the law-abiding sheep have turned theirs in, and criminals always blanch in fear at the thought of new gun control laws – ha ha), and everyone is politically correct (for fear of being sued for “being hateful” if they exercise their freedom of speech, freedom of religious beliefs, etc.), and nothing anyone does is morally wrong as long as nobody is actually “hurt”. The only way to restore sanity to the nation completely is to give the liberals their own little colony (say, the Peoples’ Republic of Californication), walling them up inside it, and giving them as little say in how the nation is run as is possible.


    As Ann Coulter said, if you want to know what a liberal is doing look at what he is accusing you of. It is just rich irony after rich irony with these people. Republican norms defied? How about rule by executive order by the marxist muslim from Mombasa? Powerful people defying the rules with impunity? How about the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke and her entire campaign, not to mention the actions of the rapist and the cupidity of Webb Hubbell’s ugly daughter? Erosion of democratic foundations? How about the increasing control of the country by an oligarchy of pointy heads, hanky heads and kinky heads, epitomized by Krugman himself? Like Scrooge on Christmas eve, the United States has been given one last chance, procured in this case not by Jacob Marley but by Donald J. Trump.

    • Julia Sanford

      Ann was absolutely right about that. You could see it clearly in Hillary’s campaign. Things that she was “shocked” about that she said Trump said or did were things that paled in comparison to her and what she was doing..

  • KRUGMAN is a notorious leftist progressive, but he is correct when he describes “the sickness of American politics……”. Unfortunately, Krugman and his NY Times have, over the years, contributed much to cause this sickness. Now if any party could be exposed as having the desire to be a “one party” system, it’s the New Bolshevik Party, aka Democrats. If any POTUS could be described as having delusions of “Caesarism” it would have to be Comrade Barak Obama and that vile and loathsome creature called HildaBeast Clinton!!!!!

    OLD ONE 80

  • ebohsytram

    He should have compared our Republic to the Greek Republic. The foundation of our Union is found in Aristotle not Ceasar or the Roman Senate which was closer to an oligarchy than a Republic. We are set up for swings in power. Though I do not fear the Constitutionalists bringing us to Fascism as Communists do, I do fear the left bringing us toward less and less freedoms for the individual. The basis of our constitution is that all people have the ability to flourish with effort. We as a people should honor effort. As Jesus said to his desciples, “you will always have poor among you” his point was that there will always be those who do not wish to put forth effort or are disabled or have lost hope. We will always need to find the way to help the helpless and the provide help to those who are willing to learn skills that will give the ability to earn. Back to the Greeks, they fell because they lost their Federation, they lost their ability to work together, they lost their strength. We must stay united and we ARE united.

    • Sherry

      This nation USED to be a nation under the God of Heaven as our Fathers knew it could only survive as long as we remained faithful to God and Jesus Christ. Now that over half of this nation has turned her collective backs to God and scorn those who KNOW that is what is needed, we are seeing the results of our lost and lack of faithfulness. We, as a people, need to fervently repent and return to the God Who gave us this nation of freedom and not squander the gifts He has so graciously given us! We have been so blessed since we became a nation: Leading in faithfulness, wealth, inventiveness, Christian hope and care, true education; everything that made this nation GREAT! We will never be great again until God, through Jesus Christ, becomes the head of this nation once again! This WAS a Judeo-Christian nation, no matter what the left says! Our historical documents prove that beyond a shadow of any doubt!

      • jimmy midnight

        Today’s significantly lesser resemblance 2 a fundamentalist protestant theocracy is actually a sign of human progress. Thinking that some ill-defined religiosity is something that can, much less should, B imposed or re-imposed on us, is delusional. Attempts 2 do that would lead to some pretty terrible violence.

        If our founders were around today, most of them would B castigated as “Secularists,”

  • AirFrank

    It’s not shock. Krugman is certifiably nuts. He should be locked up for his own good.

    Talking about a 1 party system. Look at California. I doubt that they will ever again have a republican government.,

    • SamVBar

      California is an insane state in and of itself. I once lived there and really liked the state. You could go to the beach and then head to the mountains and enjoy the cool temperatures and sometimes even snow but; that does not fit the description of California in today’s world. There is no hope for that state. The only thing that would change the state is for the St. Andreas Fault to erupt and break the state off from the mainland and send it out maybe 50 miles into the Pacific Ocean. This would probably change the attitudes and demeanors of the people.

  • Patriot47

    History tells us republics fail because democracy takes over. All that’s needed to preserve our Constitutional republic is already IN its Constitution.

    • Sherry

      AMEN and AMEN!!!

    • SamVBar

      Most people do not understand the difference between Democracy and Republic.

      Read this and consider what we have at this stage of the game.


      (a) A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections; (b) The active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life; (c) Protection of the human rights of all citizens, and (d) A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.[3]

  • Jerry Del Vecchio

    As usual the man fails to acknowledge the truth and the NY Times prints it. Consider this:
    When the NY Times used to print the uncensored truth.
    The Causes of the Fall of the Roman Empire (History consensus BTW)

    Christianity (Today it is Islam)
    Decline in morals
    Public heath issues
    Political Corruption
    Urban Decay
    Inferior Technology
    Increased Military spending and wars
    Barbarians in the military and learning Roman tactics

    • Sherry

      VERY WELL SAID!!! Thank you!

    • SamVBar

      He belongs among the Left. His entire character is Leftist and that includes all the things that you have enumerated.

  • buddman

    Paul Rughead is a Commie loving A SSHOLE

  • cathylovesyou

    One of the reasons I canceled my subscription to the NY Times after 58 years was Paul Krugman. I think he is Stalin’s illegitimate son. He is a very stupid man and it only comes out when he puts his own thoughts in writing. He is excellent at many of the things he does, resulting most people hating him. Not easy to do but he found the secret.

  • Rick D.

    Krugman is a typical left-leaning, bed-wetting liberal who has never met a Republican that he likes or respects. Reading what he has to say is like reading a science fiction novel and telling yourself that the story is real. His only hope for professional longevity is for the Washington Post and NY Times to stay in business.

  • kassa1

    I don’t know which book this dyslexic in the brain guy read about Rome and how it’s the Republicans fault that’s what’s going on. No everything done and Barack Obama is illegal term is exactly what they did during the Roman days overspending socialism etc. etc.

  • stonington

    The fall of Rome was caused by the failure to adhere to the principles that enabled it’s growth. When a civilization loses it’s moral direction it will fail. The progressive movement lacks normal moral direction. If there is a lack of moral guidance a civilization will fail. The ” whatever feels good” attitude will doom the left. They are rudderless and a rudderless ship is doomed.

  • Rob D

    Ignore this mental midget. Let him wallow in his useless words and live somewhere else. Like Uganda.

  • Wayne Thorson

    All you people that voted for Trump live in a dream world. Just look around right now and try to remember how good you have it. No body bags coming home across that ocean. Everyone can have any thing they want. There is no inflation. Borrowing at the bank is at it’s all time low. It can’t be better than it is right now. You will never see this again. It is going to get bad. Trump and his billionaire administration will not be doing one thing for you and me and the average Joe. It will only be the filthy rich that will benefit from the Trump administration.

    • Jimmy Quick

      You’re too stupid to post on this site.

      Please leave and don’t come back unless you have a note from a doctor proving that you have had a brain transplant.

      • Wayne Thorson

        Time will tell. Trump has already said how he is going to reduce taxes on the filthy rich by 10%. I would say this is good evidence that I am correct. He is going to cut into Social Security and Medicare to pay for this cut. There are a lot of other benefits that you are enjoying right now that you are going to lose to pay for this big benefit for the filthy rich. This is not a laughing matter.

        • BH

          WT, are you really that ignorant? Tax cuts for taxpayers. And then cut some loopholes. No one, except Obama has said or done anything about cutting Medicare or Medicaid. Now, take a deep breath, it will be OK.

          • Wayne Thorson

            I hope I will have to admit I am wrong but I doubt it. Trickle down economics has never worked. Both the Bush’s tried it and failed.

          • BH

            It did work. Why do you think the Slick Willie years were good economically? It had nothing to do with him. And it was his policies that caused the economic meltdown. (They said Fannie and Freddie had to lend to anyone who asked. Democrats wouldn’t let W. make changes. Banks tried to make lemonade out of the lemons Clinton have them and we all suffered.

          • Wayne Thorson

            You better do some fact finding. Bill Clinton got the nickname Slick Willie because he tricked those Republicans into doing his bidding. That’s why that do nothing Republican congress we had for the last 7 years wouldn’t do anything for Obama. Slick Willie has the highest approval record of any of the most recent presidents. Even Reagan.

          • BH

            LOL, you seem to forget the ’94 sweep by the GOP. Some bills were submitted several times until he decided to sign. If not for GOP, Cigar Willie would have run up massive debt, just like Obama. I guess liberals don’t care how many women he forced himself on. And GOP has a war on women?

          • Wayne Thorson

            Again I say you need some fact finding. Bill inherited a country that was way in the red. He put it into the black and turned it over to the other Bush who put this country way back in the red again. Also he didn’t chase Lowinski. She chased him. With his charisma he didn’t have to chase any woman. They all chased him. When they found out they couldn’t have him they had buyers remorse. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.

          • BH

            WOW!! I don’t know where to start. First, the mini-recession was caused by the Fed raising rates. It’s what they do when a Republican wins the White House.(they’ve already started with Trump). The economy had already come out of the recession by the time the election came, the media just didn’t report it (just like they didn’t report Bill’s womanizing). And again, GOP policy was put in place. As to the women, Monica may have batted her eyes at him, but he was the one who whipped the cigar out and dropped his trousers for her. And I guess Kathleen Willey pursued him so he could rape her?! You’re sick.

          • Wayne Thorson

            The only people that believe all those lies and fabrications are people that want to believe them. Usually Republicans with very little common sense. If Bill could run for president now there is no one that could beat him. Every pole that was taken showed him being at the top every time. Now you just got done voting for the least popular person Trump. There are politicians in his own party that wish to impeach him. This has never happened before and will never happen again.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Hey you Wayne the whiny sniveling clown with the Canary size cranium,& the pea size cerebellum. Have You not taken note as to Trumps popularity percentage points . Presently above 51 % & still climbing. Hell The man hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Still Trump has already managed to solve more issues. Then had your little limp wristed fag boy Barrack Insane Hussain Obummer Obama had in all of his useless 8 years in office. Yea your retired Alright, Retarded maybe but no loser ever retires from collecting tax payer subsidies ,welfare ,housing assistance, food stamps an the like. Right whiny limp wristed wimp With canary size cranium an the pea sise cerebellum.

          • Wayne Thorson

            And you think you have more intellect than the POPE?

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Why hello to you to: Mr Canary size Cranium with the pea size Cerebellum P.O.P.E. = Pompous Old Peckerheaded excrement-bag. His moniker is not really all that different then you ! Is it ?.

          • Wayne Thorson

            Does your minister know what mean nasty mind you have?

          • socialsavvy

            Did you ever consider that Lewinsky was a set up? She had problems, before going to DC. Who encouraged her to go, and how did she get to Bill etc. (I am speaking of her job in his office?) I have never looked that up, if it is available, but I wonder about the Republican connection!

            “I did not vote for Trump.”

          • Wayne Thorson

            For that you get an atta boy.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Wayne Thorson ! Your full of crap!Look to the US Treasury debt scheduled for the years 1993 through 2001! There was only one year our nations debt was even to revenues. And that year was Clinton’s second to last year in office of his last term. With the sole exception of that one year all seven other years including his last year. Clinton’s administration=Clinton ran debts, & deficits. US treasury debt scheduled does not lie. Google search US debt scheduled for the years 1993 through 2001 There all will find the facts Clinton left office with both debts & deficits there was no Freaking surplus. As to women chasing Clinton? Horse shit: Rape sexual assault is not women chasing him ! In fact One need only look to the many out of court settlement cases to see the true character of Bill Clinton a serial rapist.

          • mrpoohead

            Not really a good example considering the growth then was thanks to moronic lending created by the abolition of the Glass-Steagall Act (Republicans) which then gave us the Financial Crisis 2008, which’ll take two generations to resolve. You don’t get out much do you?

            Out of court settlements – don’t think he’s up to the 3500 like Trump. Most settled out of Court. Presidents – bunch of losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, wait we the people are the losers.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Wrong Ass clown GDP National economic Growth during Clintons 2 terms can be directly tracked traced an lined up with The Congressional Newt Gingrich inspired Contract with America. Then again any evidence which contradicts the idealism of you socialist Ass clowns is never considered to be good exsamples least wise according to you Ass clown Trolling stalkers.

          • mrpoohead

            ….and then after the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed it went nuts. Totally based on idiot lending. Duh!

            Stuff socialism moron, I’m a capitalist – I’m in business. Common-sense over stupidity rules!!!!!!!!

          • Peatro Giorgio

            The Asine Dodd Frank Bill has in fact froze,out small business lending. Which OF COURSE HAS CONTRIBUTED TO the longest period of truly miniscule, anemic economic growth since the great depression. Your neither a capitalist or a bussiness owner operator. You are a socialist progressive Trolling stalker.The Glass Steagall ACT it’s self was a huge detrament to economic growth.
            Though one certainly would be correct to say it’s full repeal was foolhardy at best, Even as the act need major ajustments.

          • mrpoohead

            What is “Asine” – something at a road junction? And “detrament” – give up with the big words, doofus!

            The reason growth has shrunk is because people owe money they don’t have and/or struggle to repay. Because they lent eleven times what folk earned or 200% of the value of the property we are now up the creek without a paddle. The bill still has to be paid and economics balanced out, suspect two generations. Suck it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            After the Great Depression nothing improved, we just had a war which made us make things. Did you want another war?

            If what you say is true then please explain growth from WWII onwards with the Glass-Steadall Act in place, why do other countries move on, why do other countries not have such ludicrous crashes without US assistance? W Europe et al all have similar things in place and they have had growth – Germany probably the most and they have propped up the rest of Europe who got dragged into America’s lunacies.

            If you don’t justify a loan, you don’t deserve one – moron! That’s not socialist that’s pragmatism. Grow a brain.

          • mrpoohead

            Just a thought – last time we had idiotic lending it gave us the Wall Street Crash, which gave us the Great Depression, Hitler and WWII.

            Think America will be out on it’s own this time – the protagonist. Worth noting that unless we turn up late and get to choose sides we’re not very good at fighting – Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq. All the gear, but only morons to use it.

            Just a thought……………

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Revisionist history spoken by a limp wristed progressive socialist draft dodging Ass clown. Korean war came to a draw. Why for the very same reason Vietnam was lost.Criminally Cowardice scumbag demo-rats Would not finish the war MacArthur wanted to go all the way into China..MacArthur was right! Look where we are now with China our nations relationship is one of indebtedness wirh China not good at all. Dumbo-rats again are wrong. Vietnam Demo-rats in Congress refused to declare war limiting the Presidents JFK, LBJ an Richard Nixons ability to have a complete win.
            Then we have IRAQ Afghanistan ,Pakistan. Limp wristed wimp ass scumbag progressive morons Pulled out prior to those nations Military an governments ability to protect their countries from insurraction by the Islamic exstremist jighadist terrorist We had Huge wins In each an every single one of those wars only to Lose. For ignorance, cowardice by ,pieces of shit dumbo-rat progressive socialist scumbags who were all to willing to quit befoRe reaching the goal post.. To spill our nations blood treasure only to let it be wasted for not. That is the way of the dumbo-rats.

          • mrpoohead

            Very sensible considering entering China would have triggered WWIII – China and USSR had an agreement that if either attacked the other would come to aid. Moronic! Also, none of our business and everyone else thought MacArthur was a stupid choice.

            Currently our issue with China is all self created – our businesses moved there for cheap labour and bigger profits. Who’s fault? Germany still produces quality and competitively – they ship the Poles over the border to work cheap – the benefit of the EU. Ha, ha! Bit late to play the blame game! Also, very Hitler-esque.

            Vietnam – none of our business, not even the right side. Despite having four times the man power we still lost – what do we need ten times? Think the last declaration of war was WWII – nice try, no cigar! Don’t think Presidents win wars – make speeches, but that’s about it.

            Iraq and Afghanistan – none of our business; can’t complete. Pakistan; you’ll have to let me know when that was? Is it “revisionist history?

            Hitler had wins, a battle doesn’t win the war – duh!

            Too young to be in “draft” and too intelligent to volunteer. Who’s the dummy – Pea-brain!

          • Peatro Giorgio

            O So You didn’t know ?Caught with your pants down an your tiny girly dick in hand were you. Yes Ass Clown US Troups where killing Taliban, An Algeda in Pakistan. Your lack of knowledge isn’t suprising to me at all. You begin with Revisionist history which has no semblance of reality. An End every diatribe a with ever increasing bullshit bluster.

          • mrpoohead

            Not sure what an “Algeda” is, but think you’ll find no war in Pakistan – in fact they are on our side. Just because folk were hiding over the border does not mean it was a war with Pakistan. Moron!

            Please refute one of my statements – $10,000 to a charity of your choice. Offered you this before and still nothing! You are a nothing!

            We only win when we turn up late, well mostly anyways. Can’t beat inferior opposition despite greater numbers and weapons. Hitler was winning, “was” doesn’t finish! Crushing the enemy – how many years have we been involved in idiotic incidents – can’t do it! Why? Because we’re disorganized rabble.

          • mrpoohead

            What enemies – this is the 21st century. Very few enemies today. A few idiots preaching extremism but that’ll get dealt with. The UN works as a platform for discussion and rationale’. We may have economic competitors but that’s our own fault and hardly requires a war. More countries are democratically elected – currently the most sinister drivel comes from extremists and the US which seems able to invent enemies everywhere. Extremists aside just who the hell do you think is a threat or even an enemy. Can you not function without someone to hate – how pathetic!

          • mrpoohead

            What no response – walked all over again. How embarrassing Pea-brain 0, MrPoohey 5994795797974030375147!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Peatro Giorgio

            I see you with drew your $10,000.00 offer shit head !! What happened ?? Did you finally realize shit head that a world wide nearly global war on terror did not require a declaration of war on each sovereign nation. For which US troops entered in pursuit of the enemy. Yes Shit head our troops, US troops were fighting in Pakistan: Yes Ass clown they were in hot pursuit Chasing & killing Taliban & Al-Qaeda across borders from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Make that check out to Peatro Giorgio Ass Clown! This is only about the ten thousandth time you where caught with your tiny girly dick in your limp wrist-ed girly soft hands. You and your bullshit REVISIONIST HISTORY; PAY UP YOU PERPETUAL LYING SACK OF SHIT ASS CLOWN.

          • mrpoohead

            Suggest you re-read. US was/is not at war with Pakistan. Has never been at war with Pakistan. In fact Pakistan our Allie in fight against extremism. That makes it still you with the “tiny girly……….” Obviously the revisionist history is/was. and will always be of your creation. Dummy!

            I note you don’t have the kahuna’s to stand by your missives. Who’s the fairy?

          • Peatro Giorgio


          • mrpoohead

            Suggest you re-read your own drivel, “Then we have IRAQ Afghanistan ,Pakistan.” No war against Pakistan – Pakistan on our side! Chasing a few folk over the border is not a war with Pakistan, especially when we had permission and their help.

            Do you actually believe your drivel? More revisionist history? Care to provide a source? Ahhh; just in your head huh? Along with the voices?

          • Peatro Giorgio

            For the tenth thousandth time your wrong again Ass clown. No where with in my posted comment had I either inferred, implied, suggested or stated we were at war with Pakistan. No what was actually written implied inferred suggested was we had won the war in Afghanistan Iraq Pakistan ! THAT WAR WE FOUGHT Against the TALIBAN & AL-QUEADA NO WHERE ASS CLOWN DID I SUGGEST WE WERE FIGHTING PAKISTANIS. FURTHER MORE WE HAD WON THAT WAR . UP AN UNTIL THAT IS THE LUNATIC FAR LEFT COWARDICE DRAFT DODGING LIMP DICK MORONS DECIDED TO BAIL OUT . JUST AS THEY HAVE DONE, IN EVERY SINGLE POLICE,MILITARY ACTION OR WAR THIS NATION HAS FOUGHT AFTER WORLD WAR 2. YES LIMP WRISTED DICK SWALLOWING LUNATIC LEFT FRING COWARDS CAUSED OUR LOSES.

          • mrpoohead

            You make it too easy for me Pea-brain – “was we had won the war in Afghanistan Iraq Pakistan”. what war in Pakistan? Maybe next time you should write a bit better? Remedial English perhaps?

            The Korean and Vietnam Wars were entered into by the Democrats – your comment is thus a little stupid. Nothing new there I guess. Republicans could have returned to Afghanistan and Iraq if needs be – they had the power in the House. Dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            What is “FRING”?

          • Peatro Giorgio

            The war on terror; the war against Al-Qaeda An the Taliban Ass clown: You know the war G.W. Bush stated would a generational war. The power in the house You are a freaking moron The president is Commander and chief ASS CLOWN THE REPUBLICAN HOUSE HAD NEITHER THE CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY OR ANY AUTHORITY TO SEND TROOPS ANY WHERE : ASS CLOWN THEIR POWER IS OF THE PURSE.

          • mrpoohead

            The President gets to announce it, the House decides if there’s a war – they vote, he sends. Duh! Commander in Chief is a title, does not mean they decide were the war is – duh! “Constitution for Kids” – suggest you read it.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            ASS CLOWN : THE AUTHORITY OF CONGRESS IS TO DECLARE WAR. THE POWER OF THE PRESIDENT IS “TO MAKE WAR-WAGE WAR ! ” GOT IT ASS CLOWN ” ? The Constitutional powers of the President includes the ability to wage war against sudden or deliberate Attacks against the US, With no requirement need for Congressional approval ! Cough up that $10,000 DOLLARS You lying freaking idiot ! This is but One of the ten thousand’s time’s for which I’ve proven you wrong Ass Clown. Hey Ass Clown read the federalist papers interpretation for Presidential war powers. Then Read the Constitutional powers granted to the President,an like wise those war powers Granted Congress. ASS CLOWN ITS ALL COVERED UNDER US Constitution 101 first year. YOU FREAKING IDIOT Ass Clown

          • mrpoohead

            How is the President going to pay for the war if Congress doesn’t offer funds? Still zip – dippy!

          • Peatro Giorgio

            WRONG AGAIN ASS CLOWN : Pay $10,000.00 Ass Clown.
            President Orders Military action. Payed for by both the Pentagon’s an The Militarys,Annual Pre approved ,pre allocated Budget for that years fiscal budget: Ass Clown! As per Presidential Consituational Authority :Ass clown: The President needs only to assume an eminent Attack or eminent danger of an Attack in order not to have to recieve a Congressional declaration of war. Though those action are limited by a specific time frame for which the president may act upon Ass Clown. You are so freaking stupid. I may have a spelling an punctuation issue however those issues are not unlike many highly intelligent persons issues. You however are a complete retard on almost every single other subject matter.

          • mrpoohead

            Why did we leave Iraq? House removed funding. Responding to an attack is not an act of war, it is not charging off to Belarus on the President’s say-so. Try again! Your own acknowledgement of the limitations negate your, again, idiotic arguments.

            An’ I’m the stupid one! Spelling and punctuation; what not mentioning your complete and utter lack of fact based drivel. You may believe what you say, but conspiracy theory doesn’t do the job! You are a nothing, which is why your rhetoric mostly comprises of shouting and abuse – that’s all you’ve got.

          • mrpoohead

            “we have IRAQ Afghanistan ,Pakistan. Limp wristed wimp ass scumbag progressive morons Pulled out prior to those nations Military…..” Really – Pakistan? Revisionist history rocks huh!?

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Folks take note as to how Mr Ass Clown chopped off, shorted the entire most pertinent front an back portion of his revised revisions history of exactly what my implied inferred suggest an stated comment where. I think will all agree Mr ass clown Mrpoohead, short for shit filled cranium is a God forsaken liar.

          • mrpoohead

            Siorry, “Then we have IRAQ Afghanistan ,Pakistan.” Start of new paragraph, following sentence immaterial – just a rant by a buffoon.

            So the question remains; what war with Pakistan? An I’m the idiot – were’s that leave you. Amoeba?

          • mrpoohead

            Ohhh and what happened to the “idiotic lending” theme – lost again! Doofus!

          • mrpoohead

            ….and BS, BS, BS is the way of the retarded. How’s the revisionist history coming. Anymore drivel and non-facts?

            How about a New Years Resolution Pea-brain. Check your facts before you commit, then you may actually get something right, which’ll be a first. Fingers crossed then.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Ass Clown Idiotic lending did not lead to the great depression Ass clown. What actually occurred Ass Clown is what has always happened The TERM SUPPLY & DEMAND MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU ASS CLOWN. Depression 1929 -1941. Direct link ,Direct cause. Over abundance of crops both in Europe & the US. Which brought about drastic price cuts On Commodities s Exchange. Which brought about late farm lone payments. Which brought about Farm Foreclose-rs which brought about. Bank failures which brought about Huge runs on the banks leading to more bank failures. It all goes Back to Supply& Demand ( Dummy ) The farm loans where sound business practices. The problem was in the over production of crops. ( Dummy ) Yes the lunatic left blames the banks the lunatic right blames The borrowers of those loans ;BULL SHIT TO BOTH
            Supply demand .Those two words have lead to more recessions more depressions then any other 100 words combined.

          • mrpoohead

            Prior to the Wall Street Crash; “Over $8.5 billion was out on loan, more than the entire amount of currency circulating in the U.S. at the time.” On unsecured loans used for speculation. Just on what level is that not idiotic lending? The bust was created because money pushed up stock prices not company business.

            This then led to the Great Depression, Hitler and WWII – on the bright side it also gave us the Glass-Steagall Act, until some morons repealed it which then gave us idiotic lending again and the Financial Crisis 2008. Obviously we need a war to get things back on track – go Trump!

            Since the Glass-Steagall Act our boom and busts have been moderate and since it’s repeal we’ve had a whopper! On par with the Great Depression but economic skills (or not, depending on perspective) propped up the banks so crash not so deep but debt huge and still too be repaid. Suck it up buttercup! Think everyone too scared to let it fall like last time.

            Obviously you left school at 6. I must say your belief in what is right is commendable, your facts are unfortunately sadly lacking in all areas. Still, what do you expect – America, a nation built on European rejects and folk stolen from other countries. Useless at economics, crap at war, ’bout as useful as tits on a bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Lunatic left or lunatic right is immaterial – history remains history. Idiotic lending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • mrpoohead

            You’re still top of my list of “retards”. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • mrpoohead

            He’s back and still getting walked all over – dah, dah, da, naaaaaa. Pea-brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome home moron!

          • Wayne Thorson

            Peatro, you have obviously watching to many Republican blogs. I bet you don’t believe Trump raped that 14 year old girl also.

          • carl bebar sr.

            he also has the biggest stain on his pants

          • Wayne Thorson

            Which proves he is a normal human being not like that baffoon we are getting in January. That’s what the parliament of England called Trump when he was running for president. They also said if he was elected that he wasn’t going to be accepted on their shores.

        • Jimmy Quick

          The top 10% of income earners use 0% of the governments handouts. Why do you want them to pay your taxes?

          Don’t you enjoy the protections provided by the military and the police? Did your children go to school find jobs under the protection of the US economy?

          So, what is your problem? Why are you running a man down before he has even taken office?

          Are you a paid troll or do you just do this for free because you hate America?

          • Wayne Thorson

            No last May I sent in over $14,000 between state and federal taxes. This over and above what I had already gave in taxes over the year. It upsets me that those tax dollars are going to the most fortunate instead of the least fortunate. If you enjoy giving your tax dollars to the most fortunate then that is your choice. It isn’t mine. Just keep voting Republican then.

          • Jimmy Quick

            You know what upsets me, if you really care, Obama and his spawn wasted over 85 million of our hard earned tax dollars on his worthless evil self.

            Obama has personally profited off the backs of the American people to the tune of $10,000.000.00. And that figure is only the money he has reported stealing. I’m certain that with little effort, given the proper access, we could uncover the facts to prove that he has stollen billions if not trillions of our hard earned tax dollars.

            And fools like you worship the ground he walks on.

            He’s done all this while I’ve been working to find a cure for stupidity.

            You poor pathetic little piece of crap. One day you are gonna wake up and realize that you have lied yourself with Satan. Until then you are just another obstacle that the smart people are all gonna have to figure out how to work around.

          • Wayne Thorson

            You obviously have a very weak mind to believe all that Republican fabrication. I’ve heard all that false facts before. You have nothing to show to back it up except some Republican blog said it. And you believe it because you want to believe it and no other reason. You should be ashamed of yourself for repeating it and showing everybody how gullible you are.

          • Jimmy Quick

            Oh, in case I forgot to mention it, I am a licensed private detective, so I did what detectives do. I investigated you.

            Wayne Thornhill – New Finland, Canada. You’re not even an American and you have probably never been to Texas.

            Your whole life is taking pictures of real people doing real things, but you are a loser.

            Do you want me to post your phone number, address, or criminal record?

            I’ll do it, but first I’ve got a suggestion. How about if you confine your comments to your own little country and leave the USA alone?

            Next time I see you posting to this or any other site, where you are running down America or Americans, everything goes up, even your real picture, you punk.

          • Wayne Thorson

            Boy you are some detective. You didn’t even spell my name right and I live in Albert Lea, Minnesota. I hope no one hires you to track anyone down. I don’t expect you to be very smart after all you voted for Trump.

          • Jimmy Quick

            505 Green Avenue. I told you.

          • Wayne Thorson

            You didn’t tell me. I told you. Typical Republican.

          • Jimmy Quick

            Not too smart are you?

          • Wayne Thorson

            For someone who uses an alias and doesn’t want people to know who you are that is quite a statement. I would bet a dollar to a donut that you are not a licensed private detective. They would never make a mistake like you did. I didn’t expect you to be to smart you voted for Trump

          • Peatro Giorgio

            Still dwelling in the late sixties Wayne. A dollar won’t buy you a donut. 1 munchkin but not a donut. Not a crispy creme, neither a Duncan donuts.
            ( Sitting well behind the times.) Humanity is on a comeback. Trumps leading the way either get on board the Trump train or pack your shit an cross over the border. What you’ll then find is your not welcome anywhere else. Leaving but one choice remaining for you & the ilk like you. Sling that 1 inch hemp rope over the highest stiffest limb on the nearest stout tree. Climb up a 6 foot step ladder draw that loop in that rope tightly around your neck then kick that step ladder out from underneath. Ending your sad excuse of a useless user life. I’ll provide both rope & ladder .

          • Wayne Thorson

            I am obviously right again. You let your alligator mouth overload your canary ass.

          • Jimmy Quick

            What mistake. I played on your pride and you ratted yourself out. You’re an idiot. LOL

          • Wayne Thorson

            Doggone it I am right again. You let your alligator mouth overload your canary ass.

  • gerald Hughes

    Krugman’s venture back into Roman history, reminds me of another group, that had issues with the Roman Republic.
    It was a city state called Carthage.
    There were continuously deviled and having their beards pulled by the Carthiginians.
    After a fairy long period of time, finally, Rome lost all patience with them.
    They invaded, burned Carthage to the ground leaving nothing standing, killed every man, woman, child and animal.Then they plowed the ground that Carthage stood on and sowed salt as they were plowing.
    Liberal scum, no one’s patience is inexhaustible.

  • Mark Brickey

    He’s not reading for comprehension as just about any classical scholar will tell you that liberalism is the downfall of Nations, Republics.

  • Todd

    I would believe much what Mr. Paul Krugman says!

    • Barkingdeathsquirrel

      That would show that you cannot think critically at all.

  • daneagle

    Not only is Krugman nutzo he also looks like belongs in a wax hall of fame

  • BH

    To say that maybe they will return to some semblance of sanity assumes at some point they had some sanity. I have my doubts they ever did.

  • Airborne869


  • Airborne869

    NOW we have MUSLIMS
    creating HAVOC on an Airplane…
    get kicked off and they call it
    WHITE racism….

    back to Country of Origin…!

  • John Williams

    Paul krugman is a blithering idiot, remember he is among those who have been telling us that Trump had no chance to win a primary, no chance to beat clinton, krugman along with the rest of the left wing loons, have lost even the shred of credibility the left once had, he is irrelevant.

  • G.Mann

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands.”
    Anyone recognize where this comes from? Apparently the writer never heard of it..

    Democracy: Two Wolves and One Sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.
    Republic: One Well Armed Sheep inviting Two Wolves to eat all the grass they want.

    Thank you President Trump and all who understand this country is a REPUBLIC, founded on Christian Moral Standards.

    Liberal snowflake buttercups have been dictating the public dialogue for an entire lifetime using “Political Correct” imposed speech.

    The Revolt came because enough people woke up and “Political Correct is now replaced with “Political Direct”.

    America First.

  • Todd

    I would not believe much what Paul Krugman says = Cannot be Trusted!

  • daveveselenak

    These devilish bastards are too much, we’ve had a fuk’n Muslim-Marxist jihadist, “Dick-taker-N-Thief” in the “Outhouse” for the last eight years but because he was a Leftist tyrant it was no problem; now they want to project their tyrannical reign on the incoming Republican President! They get away with it because of the State-run, fifth column propagandists and their mentally ill and suicidal sycophants that support them! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, communists never cede power peacefully!

  • Mt Native

    The sad thing is that those whining crying liberals will just eat this up and believe every word this guy writes.

  • tracy

    But, it can, definitely can, happen with one awful candidate: P.K. is right.
    Trump is an insane, narcissistic, megalomaniac. He is like Hitler and Mussolini combined .

  • Frank W Brown

    krugman is an IDIOT of the first degree, PERIOD!

  • robert sanders


  • NavymanBill

    Krugman is just a lefty with a bully pulpit. (The NY Times and Newsday are co-defendants!) While I am not a huge trump fan, I voted for him. I hope he can reign in the ‘shoot from the lip” stuff. But I did read somewhere that Paul Krugman is the reason we HAVE Trump now. The number Krugman and Harry Reid did on Mitt Romney-a very decent man-back in 2012 led to the re-election of Obama, and now the Election of Trump. A regular republican would NOT have gotten elected this year.

  • JT1964

    Nah, it’s usually the “drag down syndrome” that occurs when people are allowed to benefit from the system without having to contribute. The wealthy don’t cost anything and don’t expect handouts. Republics fail when there are more parasites than producers. We’ve been way too nice to those that contribute nothing.

  • Jimmee41

    What does Krugman know about Republics??? He just got a beautiful demonstration of a Republic but the whiner has missed all of its lessons. Living in the “People’s Republic Of The New York Times” his understanding has been demented. Just like Hillary and all of the Liberals… demented. When the NYT crashes and is no more neither will there be a “Krugman” to harass Truth and destroy America!!!

  • usathoughts

    Krugman neglects to explain the Democratic Leadership are Statist. When enforced by the Courts and Police Power that is the Tyranny that Krugman speaks off. A Constitutional Republic is governed by established Law. To make changes in the basic laws of the Nation an Amendment process is provided for. The Democrat Party simply ignores laws that impede its agenda. When in power they have no problem with ruling by decree – hence Obama’s hundreds of decrees.

    If Krugman is truly a student of history he has to know that Tyranny and/or Dictatorship always follows Socialist and/or some form of Democracy. It is obvious Krugman has no understanding of the Roman Republic nor its follow-on Dictatorship. One could make the argument that both forms of Government where Statist.

    The Democrat Party leadership stands with the Globalist; in their own words. How does this square with Main Street America? You have but to look at your community and your personal living standards over the past decade to know the Globalist are your enemy – the effect for 85 percent of us is rather negative. Then there is making common cause with Islam. What is all that about? The DNC even wants a Muslim to be its Chairman!

    From my perspective I see the war on the Republic began with LBJ and has continued unabated since then. Nixon & Reagan were are only interludes but they had to contend with a Democrat Congress. President Trump will be our first full Republican Administration since LBJ – 50 years past! Think about it!

    Recall when Trump said he had hoped the Debt Crises would hit before he became President; well, no such luck. Trump is going to inherit the coming recession even deeper than the 2009 Crash. Perhaps this is what concerns Krugman as whatever is done politically will be draconian.

    What is precipataing this Debt Crises is 35 Trillion dollars in loans that must be rolled over in 2017 by Corporate America. In total Personal Credit Card debt, Government, and Business Debt is 67 Trillion Dollars. To put this into perspective; the total value of the United States is about 110 Trillion dollars.

    Well, the Market is betting on another major Stimulus program from the Federal Reserve. Bit of a problem as the Bond Market is tanking. The Federal Government is rather concerned about selling Bonds to cover Deficit Spending.

    Smoke & Mirrors – Going to be interesting! If I were Trump would resign the day after taking office!

    • Question then for you: What options are there for Trump when it comes to debt, other than defaulting, either totally or partially.

      • usathoughts

        Jim Richards of Stansberry & Associates addresses this very subject in a multipage discourse. The Bottom Line… we are screwed! The last two paragraphs of my post about sums it up, “What” & “Well”.

        First of all; it is not the Federal Debt that will bring us down immediately. It is outstanding Personal and Business Debt that is the Bull in the China Shop. Personal Credit defaults, (90 days & over), running at 30 percent. Half of Business Debt must be rolled over in 2017. The Banks at present do not have the reserves to do this.

        Options; Would require a change in our banking laws. Extend the Principle payback for one year(s). They would pay only the Interest at whatever the new Interest Rates are. Would help the business to recapitalize. The Federal Reserve by raising the Interest Rates for Treasury Notes & Bonds would insure our deficits are funded. (Right now there are 30 major corporation in danger of filling for Bankruptcy.)

        Of course the Banking Industry would scream bloody murder! But HELLO! – they caused the problem with the help of the Federal Government. It is time for them and Wall Street to feel the pain.

        The above two paragraphs are just the headlines. Much to be flushed out – like NO stock buybacks.

        From my perspective it would squeeze the Globalist HARD! But they have earned it.
        Reply with your perspective. If I have just gone MAD say so.

        Merry Christmas to you and yours,


        • It is an analysis that is lucid and frankly ignored by too many. Well, those who do so undermine their own credibility.

          • usathoughts

            I take it you read the article.
            What do you do to keep from freezing? Are the energy costs reasonable? In Texas we had two days of Winter (freezing) then back to Summer. I bought a new but old fashioned wood burning stove. It is adequate for three rooms. What it does best is keep the humidity down.
            Did you read about the latest government folly. They now want to create the “Truth” Police. Referring to the Europeans.

            As to the Debt Crises seems they will have to decide whom to save; the Government or the Globalist. I suggest they both jump off the cliff! Either way the citizen pays the price.

          • Let’s just say that I prepare for winter to last for 6 months in my neck of the woods, for it isn’t my first winter.

            As for energy costs being reasonable, here is a story for you: People were saying to get your gas tanks & jerry cans filled before January 1, because the price of gas is going up. It did, in some places about 11 cents a litre, which translates to roughly 50 cents a gallon (mind you with a Canadian dollar worth about 74 cents US, I’ll leave the depressing calculation to you). There are people who are not happy at all, and PM Trudeau is making things worse because he is on vacation in the Bahamas (his office didn’t want people to know, which gives the impression that there are things they don’t want people to know).

            Needless to say, folk will see how patient folk are, because the next Alberta election will be sometime in 2019 (we hope), whereas in 2020 is when the next federal election can be counted on. We’ll get through it, but I’m not quite sure what shape we’ll be in when we emerge from these self inflicted wounds.

          • usathoughts

            I am quite happy in not having to endure this after my 8th year.

            Just installed a wood burning stove in my shop. Been using one for two decades in the house – works great. I do have one advantage – cut my own firewood.

            Stay warm,


  • annefarrelly

    Krugman is a total freaking idiot. Obama is the least democratic pres ever, stacking the Court, legislating with his pen, lying to us, screwing up the entire healthcare system, growing government regulations and taxes, politicizing the justice department, invading Libya, interfering in Israeli elections, using the IRS to weaken his enemies, lending our tax money to his cronies’ failing businesses, etc. Caesar was assasinated for less when he threatened the Republic. Krugman is one of the worst threats to the Republic along with The NY Times.

  • Paul Krugman is living proof that lobotomy’s don’t work.
    These Mickey Mouse Issues Are A Distraction To Keep Your Eyes From The Real Communist Goal. The Take down Of America. Christians Must Abandon The Democrat Communist Party. Left Means Communist. Right Means Main Stream American. The Democrats Put American Troops In Prison For Serving Their Country. Obama Hates The Flag And The SSB. He Will Tell You So If You Ask Him. The Media Is A Communist Propaganda Tool. You Can Not Be A Ten Commandments Person And A Demo Commo. It Is The Party Of Death To Little Children. No Different Than The Nazis. They Call Child Murder Settled Law. Hitler Called It The Final Solution. Notice They Label Their Enemies Facists And Nazis But Never Say Communists. That Is Who They Are.

    Water boarding Only Works With Music. My Favorite Tune Is Surfin Usa.
    Act 1 Scene 1. The One You Love The Most Is Buried Five Minutes From The Interrogation Room. They Have Ten Minutes Of Air Left. You Have A Gun. Sitting Across From You Is The Fiend Who Buried Your Love. He Is Laughing At You. His Aclu Lawyer Has Three Feet Of Documents To Read About His Client’s Rights. After You Shoot The Lawyer What Do You Do Next?

    It Would Not Take Much To Start A White Exodus From The Communist Party. Followed By Latino Families, Gospel Blacks And People Of The Torah.
    You Can Not Be A Ten Commandments Person And Support The Party Of Death To Little Children.
    The Communists Call Them Fetuses. I Call Them Jr And Sis. This Party Threw God Out By Vote In A Previous Convention. You Can See It On You Tube. They Have Already Divided The Nation By Choice. Jesus Says You Can Not Serve Two Masters. You Will Love One And Hate The Other. Run Christians Run.

    It Is The Miracle Of The Electrical College. God Gave Trump All The Volts. Now He Is Charged Up And Ready To Go. God Also Got Oj 50 Years For Stealing Baseball Cards Plus Another 10 For Stealing Cookies In The Prison Kitchen.
    NBC (NOTHING BUT COMMUNISTS) Just Signed Up Hilary For 10-20 Years. She Will Have Her Own Show. Cooking With Hilary At Ft. Levenworth. OJ Will Do The Cookies And El Choppo Will Do The Veggies. Her Favorite Dishes are Potato Scorn And Veal Salmonella.

    Let’s Get Syriasse. Obama Pardons Drug Dealers And Terrorists But He Never Raised A Finger To Pardon The Gi’s He Put In Prison For Fighting For The USA. He Never Helped Their Families Who Live In Poverty And Shame With No Benefits As Their Main Bread Winner Is On Suicide Watch At Ft. Leavenworth.

    Obommie The Commie Should Pardon Himself For His Murders In Benghazi. He Could Not Get There In 13 Hours But Got Money To The Iranians In Ten Minutes. Then He Covered Up The 2,000 Americans He Lost In Afghanistan Plus 20,000 Wounded. Not One Made Headlines In The Communist Press. They covered it up by saying the dead were NATO troops to be identified later.
    Trump arrived just in time to stop the big sell out.

  • Henry L

    The NYT and Krugman make a good pair.

  • cathylovesyou

    Krugman. Trash! A communist mind from the fifty’s. Can’t help it as this the way he was raised. A Drudge on the country for 200 years

  • Bob Marcum

    Jackasses, like Krugman, need to be reminded, frequently, that this nation never was a democratic state, and was not
    intended to be. It is ( as it was established, initially ), a “Constitutional Republic “. Toomany beuracrats use the word ‘democratic’, too often when it should not be used, at all. And; the Roman republic was not a constitutional republic.
    Henceforth; there is no room for a comparison, here.

  • Irshgld

    Krugman just described America’s last 8 years….

  • Chuck

    Is there a law against allowing the demented to publish works of fiction that are claimed to be factual? Krugman has been spending too much time on other planets. He should try Earth for a change.

  • Bob Stewart

    For the last 60 years the democrat party, with the help of progressive republicans, has edged us closer and closer toward socialism and the welfare state. Paul Krugman is just another in a long line of dishonest reporters trying to bring about the end of capitalism. Democrats have lied and cheated their way through decades of political payoffs in exchange for votes of poor people who never had a chance to achieve the American dream. They got trinkets and promises that never materialized. Democrats laughed at the fools that sold their votes so cheap. How do I know? I sat in on many meetings with democrat leaders discussing politics and voter participation before I could stand it no longer and changed parties.

  • Laddyboy

    If he wants to talk about gerrymandering, go to Maryland where the art of gerrymandering has been practised with precision by the DemocRATic Peoples’ Party.

  • texasmom1943

    Paul Krugman is a putz and a joke. I pity the little man; he takes himself seriously.

  • blogengeezer

    Krugman, as another flaming Liberal, would be the first to abolish the Electoral College. Once that he accomplished that deed, he would claim that it ‘Saved Money’ and was Common Sense, as the rest of the states going through the presidential voting process would be futile, as NYC and LA would elect Every president… forever..

    • Steve Makovec

      You are concerned about Krugman’s perspective on the Electoral College.
      — How do you reconcile the ‘equal protection’ provisions of the 14th Amendment [“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”] with the Electoral College and the fact that a Wyoming vote as cast in the Electoral College counts MANY times more than the vote of someone from California?
      — The privilege of having your vote honored on an EQUAL basis in a Presidential election, is reduced or denied if your state happens to have lower ratio of Popular Votes to Electoral College votes.

      • blogengeezer

        Without the absolutely ingenious Electoral College, NYC alone would elect Every President …Forever. Add ‘free stuff’ demanding, Democrat swamped LA, and it is a 100% shoo in.

        Even the consistently Liberal voting, totally dysfunctional, deadly urban core Chicago, would be rendered irrelevant.

        Why even vote? from All of the other obviously useless [in that unimaginable scenario] states, if that were the case? The ‘Collective’ of main media fawning LIberals, nodding in robotic, synchronous approval, along with their programed Talking Heads, would vote as they are… the Collective, the proletariat numerically ordained majority..

        • Steve Makovec

          Clearly, President-Elect Trump won the Electoral College, and you are pleased. I understand.
          If he had won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College, i suspect that many of his supporters would argue that the Electoral College was a part of the ‘rigged system’ and should be eliminated (as Trump advocated several years ago), because it ignores the will of most voters.
          The most-populous states drew residents from other states over the last 60 years.
          – Why should their votes count less in their new locations, than the votes of people in smaller and mid-size states (like mine)?

          • blogengeezer

            Some of the most populous states in many cases today, are actually losing residents, especially from the Democrat controlled, taxation adoring, core urban cities.

            Chicago [10% sales tax, stacked value added ‘fees’ and astronomical property taxes] is very noteworthy in it’s significant losses… ….aside from those predictably ‘KIA’… nightly. Is only one.

            The states attracting residents, are those, large and small, that have turned away from the flagrant subsidizing of perpetual dependency addiction inherent in governed Liberalism, and adopting conservative values with far less infringement on individual Freedom.

            Heavy Taxation, regulation, restriction and Fees on business ventures, is a dead end street… they Flee, leaving shuttered, boarded up, abandoned structures to decay into blight, the annals of history..

            Those to prosper and gain residents, with their productivity inclination for prosperity, are located in the likes of … Texas.

            Only one example [there are many], the corridor between San Antonio and Austin is now a superhighway of business ventures, surrounded by residential communities. Real estate where a dozen years ago existed only cattle and ranch land.

            Any states that ‘lose’ residents are themselves, the voters, guilty of Driving them away. That is their choice… obviously. Possibly they enjoy the tranquility of less humanity?

            Redistributing the wealth to subsidize the non productive, while to Pay for the subsidized, ‘Raise’ the overall costs of living past the available options and the productive people, as top entertainers… “leave the building”.

            ‘Sim City’ teaches even that basic principle. It should be required before taking office, for Every Politician, Every Bureaucrat..

  • carltjohnson

    The Problem was the illusion of a demoncrapic facade. Without that illusion fostered by progressives teddy and woodie on down through Stalin’s useless idiots that took power; we would have never put up with the increasing immoral, unethical and shear lack of conscience we find in government and the culture it created.

    Demoncrapicies die when they become too demoncrapic, when anything goes, everything goes and there is nothing left to hold up the Republic, (or the demonocracy), self rule and maximum responsibility. Everyone in government and its culture refuse to follow the rules that made the Republic something to be sought after by the worlds weary.

    Paul K falls prey to the same disease of the left. Failure to take responsibility syndrome.
    The antidote to this syndrome is self introspection…Oh, that’s right, they’d have to be conscious to do that in the first place.

  • Jeff Zucker

    When I was at OSU in the early 1970’s we saw at least two signs of the decline of our society: one was credit cards being given to students, most without jobs and the other was a lack of TANSTAFL. TANSTAFL is the abbreviation of a book called There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. The expansion of consumer credit combined with the anti-TANSTAFL understanding is what is leading us to destruction. These attitudes are just as valid in the private as well as the Public sectors. Under both Democrats and Republican administrations there has been a spend like there is no tomorrow.

    • Bill

      Jeff zucker, you are so right on this issue. The dem’s and the republican have both made a huge mistake by ignoring our founding fathers warning’s; 1) do not let the banks gain control of the monetary system.
      In 1913 nearly 103 years ago Wilson and congress authorized the federal reserve act. You know the one that gave our money printing to a non profit elitist organization. You know the one that says federal reserve note instead of US Treasury. Their job was to keep the US $ stabilized, another failed policy. Then FDR confiscated gold in the 1930’s,( our constitutional form of money) Then in 1971 Nixon took us off the gold standard and NOTHING backs our currency. The final blow comes when our paper currency is replaced with cyber money. You know, the 1’s and 0’s. It will be for the good of us all, prevents money laundering, black market etc, etc, etc. and the government will be able to track everything we buy or do, but don’t worry if you have nothing to hide it will be nothing to worry about. Except your freedom, privacy and ability to move about in our once great nation.

      • Jeff Zucker

        I don’t have time to go long on this; however, one of the biggest hoaxes and tricks played on the American people is the Dodd-Frank Act which cancelled Glass-Steagall. The progressives told everyone that the new consumer protections would be the ultimate protection from the banks and that our credit cards, debit cards, our accounts and other funds would be safer. Nothing could be further from the truth. By allowing banks to be both investment and commercial banks they put every penny that every American has put into a bank at risk. The banking collapse of 2008 will be nothing like the failures to come from the derivative bubble of $255 Trillion comes tumbling down. Rich or poor every American will feel the sting as no one can bail out the banks. There is not enough money in the universe. Total derivative exposure for all banks worldwide is close to $500 Trillion and even a BAIL-IN won’t work. Now is a good time to buy gold and silver. ESPECIALLY SILVER!

        • Bill

          Jeff zucker, your right on except I’ve read our derivative market may be 1.2 quad trillion. But what is 5-7 hundred trillion more. The Ponzi scheme is beyond comprehension. Have a Merry Christmas and invest smartly as you probably have.

  • Steve Makovec

    I think Paul Krugman overstated the point, as this election alone has not sealed the fate of the republic. And he probably would not have written this opinion if Hillary had won the Electoral College [part of the concern is because Hillary handily won the popular vote, but the will of MOST of the U.S. voters was ignored].

    But can we agree that we have some systematic movement that seems about to disturb our sense of balance? For some, especially minorities, the movement feels positively seismic, and bodes ill for minority protections. Those minority protections from tyranny were valued quite highly when our founders argued passionately over the initial words in our Constitution.

    – The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision gave unprecedented ‘freedom of funding speech’ to allow corporations to spend virtually unlimited funds with no attribution of the source or political affiliation.
    – The growth of what seems to be a political oligarchy in our country, where systems allow very few at the top to maximize their wealth and minimize their tax contributions.
    – Social safety networks have to be cut or eliminated to fund an ever-growing % of spending on our military.
    – The growing reality that ‘wealth = power,’ including the parallel that GREAT wealth entitles one to GREAT political power.
    – Ponder the themes led by Bernie Sanders [and adopted by Trump’s campaign], calling for voters to change a system that was rigged against Middle Class America.
    – The steady replacement of American jobs that constitute a living wage, with low-end service jobs with near-minimum wage, while CEO salaries continue to inflate to hundreds of times the salary of the average employee.
    – The growing power of banks and their ability to maximize their return without legal repercussions for shady financial dealing, as they reduce restrictions designed to protect the U.S. from another financial meltdown.
    – Our Congress refused to reinstate provisions of the Voting Rights Act that were formerly agreed with bipartisan majorities.
    – Many states have behaved badly by restricting voting rights [without evidence of significant voter fraud] and dramatically cutting the number of polling locations in minority areas.
    – The actions above amount to ‘stacking the deck’ against working-class people in favor of the top 1/10th of 1 percent.

    One of the main objectives of tyranny is to silence the voice of people or those who don’t agree with you.
    – Consider the actions above; they should give us real concern about the future of our country and its direction as a republic. And they should warn us about the potential for tyranny if the current direction continues.

    • Bill

      Steve makovec, you just don’t get it. Stop reading the nyc times, watching MSM, get a job and take on life’s personal responsibility’s by taking care of yourself.

      • Steve Makovec

        Bill, I read conservative and liberal sources to understand a variety of perspectives.
        – Let’s agree to discuss specifics, and we may be able to find common ground.
        – I retired 3 years ago, and I prefer that everyone has that chance!

        • Bill

          Steve, sounds fair to me. I do the same thing, but lately I can no longer stand MSN’s as their bias is so obvious. It’s so unfortunate our great nation has become so divided. I prefer our country to be the way it was and support draining the swamp in DC and all the corruption, lack of enforcing the rule of law, violating our constitution, poor education and obvious social engineering.
          I appreciate your thoughtful response and apologize if I miss read your comments. You appear to be a decent guy.

          • Steve Makovec

            Thank you, Bill. Let’s agree to continue to hold our elected officials accountable to ethical behavior.
            – Steve

          • Bill

            Steve, sounds good and I agree elected official need to be accountable for their actions or inaction.

  • chuck rhodenizer

    This guy must of had parents that were closely related, like the liberal leaders of acient Rome

  • chuck rhodenizer

    NY Times the biggest fountain of miss-information; I would not use this newspaper for toilet paper I would be afraid of a toxic rash

  • Carl Looney

    OMG! That bozo Krugman is trying to tell the practical Americans some kind of made up crap. I caution everyone to be aware of his inability to come to terms with reality. It is a textbook fantasy that he BELIEVES in spite of the raised spirits of Americans, the stock market improvement and the world looking at us for answers. Krugman, go sit down and think things out before you get committed to where you belong. The American people are coming home – don’t get in the way.

  • Jons_On

    Liberals are insane to begin with. It doesn’t matter how long Trump is in office they will still be the same crazy people. As for the tyranny we just dodged tyranny. Hillary is a died in the wool alinskyite and marxist and if president would raise taxes and push more regulations so that nothing could get done with out the government saying it was OK. The democrat party has been all about tyranny since it’s inception. They were all for keeping slaves, they put the native Americans on reservations while taking their land, they approved and many were part of the KKK, they built the inner cities to maintain control over minorities, they interned the Japanese in WWII and the only reason LBJ signed the civil rights act in the 60’s was that he knew the blacks would see it as a democratic idea and vote democrat for decades. The truth is most democrats were against the civil rights bill in the 60’s. If tyranny will come from someone in America it will be a democrat. They love to control. They love to raise taxes. They love regulations and they want to take guns from the hands of law abiding citizens. Once they have the guns they can get rid of the rest of the constitution and rule not govern. Merry Christmas America we won this election by not electing a tyrant in pants suits and Mao jackets.

  • Marcia Fridland

    Hillary lost because she messed up badly as Secretary of State, she proved to be incompetent in her handling of crisis after crisis, she gave every indication that she would follow Obama’s disappointing lead, she was insufferably arrogant, and she deliberately avoided listening to the public. Blaming others for her personal failures reminds me of junior high kids who still have not learned to accept responsibility for their own actions. Ironically, Hillary is simply NOT qualified to be President of these United States and the public told her so.

  • MIKE6080

    barry and the democrats almost destroyed the republic and he is still trying till the last day , banning drilling , destroying syrian alien lists , spinning climate control by firing people that dont tow the democratic line, interfering with Israels right to exist .

  • Alleged Comment

    The stupid sodomite (is he a sodomite?) own party was tyranny. Foisting on Americans a radical racist sodomite negro that IGNORED constitutional requirements and the negro went on to rule with a pen and phone instead of through Congogress.

    If that is not DICKTATORSHIP or TYRANNY I don’t know what is.

    So, it is obvious to this sodomite (is he a sodomite?) that when we rule by laws and our Constitution that is TYRANNY upon the land.

    This is sodomite (is he a sodomite?) should go live in a TURD world country he so desires our country to be like and see what happens when he gets raped and calls the police. He’ll just get another orgy instead!!!

  • Osamao

    This idiot is what’s wrong with our Universities.

  • cathylovesyou

    Paul Krugman shouldn’t be paid any attention, he is an unfortunate person, his mind is warped.

  • cccarr

    Krugman has always been more than a little wacky!

  • rivahmitch

    “Liberals” aren’t! They’re statists (which is the antithesis of traditional liberalism). and.. the only good “liberals” are dead ones.

  • Sgt. York

    If Krugman had a half of a brain he could qualify for a halfwit to. He is a fool with Ovomits pen and Clintons paper writing for Soros

  • Andy Johnson

    Something to consider regarding the death of our Democracy,, We, America, has reached the “life cycle”, of a Democracy of 200-250 years, (2016-1776=240 years. BUT, BUT consider if a country/people do as they did in the Bible Jonah chapter 3. We do have a chance to change as the did them.

  • .This guy spews so much stupidity , he should have been named Crudman. I see someday that he may accidently tell a truth and his last 3 readers will disown him and that will be the end of him. He will never understand that it is the liars and phony intellectuals like him who are responsible for the Trumper movement.The only thing that may end is the democrap party unless it stops going into their little crying rooms, starts using men and womens toilets again and realizes that America was built by workers and not girly boys going to college to use crayons and study cry-ins.

  • American Eagle

    Paul Krugman is a wasted pack of bones with very thin skin stretched around them. He, his paper, and the Clintons are dead meat, and a more vile & rancid meat I can`t imagine.

  • river

    Krugman is right, we do have the possibility of descending into a one party system. Gonna be that way for quite a while, several decades matter of fact. But not because of the GOP. It would because of morons like Krugman who hate conservatives, who hate the religious, who hate sovereignty, who hate white people, who hate losing control, who hate freedom, who hate our constitution. The list is long and distinguished and Krugman like his goose stepping cronies have made their own bed.

  • randy jackson


  • Peatro Giorgio

    I nominate Paul Krugman For the ass-h##e of the year & entury award is there a 2nd.

  • Walter Flatt







































  • RsGoat

    Jack fails to realize that his Leftward fallen media has developed the habit of pushing the public into believing what ever liberal fairy tales this group wants them too. Most recently our media told the American public that we should trust a person who could not handle classified material, part of pay for play charity and was not by all appearances overly concerned that Benghazi happened or the excuse given the American public was a bold face lie. When half of Congress tried to get at the truth our media joined in with the Democratic Party to tell us it was no big deal.
    When the IRS was playing games with American Tax payers our media joined in with the Democratic Party and told us it was no big deal? Our IRS tuning on us no big deal?
    When the EPA robbed farmers in California of water for a minnow what did our media do? As little as possible, they let the farmer’s go under instead of fighting for the little guys. Same with the men who grow beef for us, stood on the side of government so the price of our food can go up, thanks.
    Most of our media makes more money then any of us will ever see which is why they sound like the rich Hollywood stars and politicians. These guys don’t need to clip coupons to make ends meet like they once did. In a Reporter’s Life that was one thing Walter Cronkite did point out towards the end of his career. Around pg 350 if you want to read it for yourself

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Krugman, Ha. That boistard starts speaking, eyes crossed then uncrossed, how the hell does he do that? Anyway, i lose him, or he loses me as he double speaks, contradicts, says one thing, they says what i mean is, completely another thing. makes me want to scream, so i just silence the mortar forker! I don’t think i have missed a thing! He is a liberal, so couldn’t have. He is unsincere, then totally sincere, never know what the fracck he says, could mean anything, kinda like Nostra damas!

  • SamVBar

    It would appear that Krugman does not know the distinct difference between Republic and Democracy. They are both alike but entirely different. The biggest difference being in the selection of representatives to express and fight for the initiation of the populace’s desires. Both forms have positive and negative factors. If the two could be married together with the best of both forms we would have a super system.

  • Osamao

    They were running around peeing their pants when we elected Reagan too.

  • DEE

    Can’t get rid of OBUMMER too soon.

  • Joanjbryant

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  • RGS48

    He is the poster booster boy of hate. He is his own hate crime.

  • don76550

    Is there any rational reason anyone should pay any attention to what a deluded left wing propagandist like Krugman has to say?

  • randy jackson


  • Herb Branch

    Paul Krugman lersists in misreading the lessons of history. The American Founders were educated men who had deeply studied classical history and the history of western civilization. They deliberately created a Republic, because they had discerned that ALL prior attempts to create a workable and fair “democracy” eventually collapsed into tyrany! Even the famous Athenian Democracy became a tyranny that collapsed upon itself. The Athenian Ideal became impossible to maintain, because humans are far too fallible and sinful to remain altruistic, which is what Athenian Idealism required of each citizen. They each needed to be like Adam and Eve before their Fall from Eternal Grace. Can anyone be like that now? Answer: some get close, but only through the Grace of God and His Truth. Otherwise: NO!

    The American Republic was designed to hold 3 interacting branches of government in check through limiting each other in various self-assertions of ambition and aggrandisement of power. Our Republic was designed to keep strong-willed men in the tension of a balance of power, thus checking one another from asserting tyrant-like prerogatives over others.

    Unfortunately, the Founders never envisioned the possibility of a single political party deciding to internally cooperate with a deliberate pattern of frustrating the Founders’ goals, so as to achieve the dictatorship otherwise denied. And it is the American Democrat Party, with the goal of a Socialist Dictatorship, which had almost succeeded in that plan. The current danger to America is not Fascism of the Right, it is the Fascism of the Left. The Democrat Party wants to gain control of all businesses and social institutions and news outlets, to make all persons dependent upon Party approval for everything. That is what ObamaCare was designed to help the Party do to the American People: to make US all slaves of government!

  • Kiam Larsen

    Where are & who is the Patriotic Americans the Christians ( that should be FOR Christian Values) and the people of GOOD Will. What the Rep are doing does not sound like it for or towards the Men, Women & Children of America….

  • Kiam Larsen

    Good Will towards who??? Did you happen to catch the Christian Patriotic American women in the grocery story YELLINg insults at a young Hispanic girl???

    • Peatro Giorgio

      Did you catch this fact ! That fat assed Hypocrite of a nasty disgusting woman who was talking thrash to others is a registered democrat.
      One of your welfare queen types.

      • Kiam Larsen

        No, the fat assed women talking trash is a Republican. She said, Now that WE voted in Trump was know something will be done about this situation. Read the article stupid….

        • Peatro Giorgio

          Hey idiot listen to the video. The written article was edited by libTurd fake news producers. The audio on the video doesn’t lie. That fat assed demo-rat racist bitch gave it away all away union demo rat.

  • chuck rhodenizer

    The gray lady is now the old lady and people should boycott it and it’s lying reporters they all suck and are not champions of the US

  • 4ever49

    “Republican institutions don’t protect against tyranny when powerful people start defying political norms.”

    This comment identifies Obama who openly defied laws in place (immigration, etc.), consorts with the enemy against our interests (Iran deal, walking away from Iraq, dithering foreign policy, etc.) then stabs in the back an ally (Israel) when they refuse to act against their own interests, repays political backers by guaranteeing union pensions (UAW GM employees during bailout) while ignoring the non-union employees, and purposefully destroys a registry of Muslims entering the country.

    Obama’s departure damage reminds me very much of a petulant child in need of corporal punishment.


    If you take REPUBLICAN out the put DEMOCRATE in this article will be correct!!

  • liberaldisgust

    And Krugman is a fine example of the cancer that invades a Republic infects it causeing it’s death ….. Obama , Clinton , Soro’s , Reid , Pelosi and others are also diseases that can kill a Republic …… Thank GOD we have at least temporarily inoculated against this scourge with a shot of Trump ..;.. we must stay ever vigilant ……

  • We do indeed, need to take a serious look into past history. Every nation including Rome, pacified but ignored poverty. When they needed the poor to help defend the nation, the poor offered no help. The ship sank. We are in danger of doing he same thing. We basically ignore the poor and give them handouts solely to get their vote. Then we ignore their plight. We want to take from the wealthy and give it to the poor. Sounds good but it never works. The poor have been so poor for so long they do not know what to do with wealth.

    Meanwhile, the GOP wants to improve the economy to the point where the poor can get jobs and begin to pull their own weight. Will they do that? Many will but some will not. Those who can make more money selling drugs will continue to do that as long as they have a market for drugs.

    We are not a nation of Robin Hoods. We are a nation of offering every citizen the opportunity to ride from poverty and become more wealthy. That is the American way. Let’s get back to it.

  • ironbiker

    HACKS HACKS and more HACKS…..U S Pravda

  • rivahmitch

    Krugman’s been doing everything it can to end this republic so it’s article is bovine scatology.

  • epauls

    It’s people like Krugman who channel adversity.

  • Tpatriot

    Krugman is drunk on his egocentric manic idiosyncratic philosophy. Or, more simply put, an idiot.

  • TAM44

    America will be great again thanks to a real American citizen named Donald John Trump who has a real birth certificate, and his own social security number, not one that been made to fit by some democrat hack for the imposter barack hussein obama to ruin this country and divide it like he has because he’s a true racist.

  • Carl Looney

    Krugman is a diehard political rat who can’t keep academics free from his political phobias. I read h is columns and it seems that I disagree with every one of them as being a TRUE BELIEVER who is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. That just goes to show that a degree from a highly rated university doesn’t make one an expert, except possibly in a very narrow slice of a field. I certainly would not want my kids to take economics from this farce with a prestigious degree but no common sense. Cheers, CGL, Ph.D.

  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Again the NY times proves that it’s only uses are either house breaking a puppy or cleaning a windshield

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