• harold

    Idiots who enjoy the freedoms of the constitution never cease to amaze me when they try to tell people to break the law, that protects their freedom to spout foolishness!

    • Krazeehors

      He is going FAR BEYOND the “Civil Disobedience” that Thoreau wrote about in On Walden Pond.

      • Laszlo Ptarmigan

        The civil disobedience that HDT wrote about (in “On Civil Disobedience” which is sometimes included in the same book as “On Walden Pond”) was refusing to pay a certain tax.

        • Krazeehors

          I am aware of that. However, people have just READ those words, without reading Thoreau’s entire essay and decided that ANY so-called “Civil Disobedience” — riots, rock throwing, killing cops, protests, etc. — is okay because HDT wrote about it.

        • fran

          And don’t forget to add that the tax was PAID the very next day by Ralph Waldo Emerson, because he needed his handyman (Thoreau) back. Any long-time, knowledgeable resident of Concord (the home of RWE and where Thoreau’s “model cabin” — actually, a Tiny House with no plumbing — is located in Emerson’s back yard) will tell you that Thoreau was ignored for nearly a hundred years because he was a lazy moocher who — when he lived that “great experiment” on Walden Pond, walked into town every day to dine sumptuously at his patron’s dinner table. His treatise was only “discovered” by revolutionaries from nearby Harvard bent on supporting civil disobedience to get their way. I did first-hand research in Concord, MA, to learn this! Amazing what they DON’T teach in school — the TRUTH!

  • dumbvet

    What a wackadoodle! Needs a stay at Gitmo!

  • Karin Callaway

    Diablo Valley College? = Devil Valley, is that anywhere near Death Valley? Maybe MR. Ponce should live in Argentina, Iran, Siberia, or any of our prisons. See how much indoctrination he can get away with.

    • Not Represented


      It’s in California…where else.

      • jimshaw54

        Pleasant Valley, no less!! With nut cases like this Pleasant Valley soon will not be a pleasant place to live.

    • Name

      Maybe he needs to be taken out behind the barn and given a new education.

      • shortround

        He probably didn’t have a father in his home. You have to start the woodshed experience at a younger age !!Believe me it works. I spent quite a lot of time dancing in the wood shed. And I taught my son to dance in the basement. I’m so proud of him now. He has 3 sons, my grandsons of whom I love very much.. And they also have taken some dancing lessons from their father. It just makes for some good men when they become adults. No wonder this country is in such a sad state. It is our own fault. We let the liberals take God out of our school. We let them take out corporal punishment. No more prayer. Stand if you feel like it for our anthem. I’m one ole Viet Nam vet that served my country along with thousands of men and women that served thinking that our service would not be in vain. I am so sadden by how our youth have turned out. Most have no respect for anything. Most do not want to work. Mom and dad gets assistance. Why shouldn’t we !!! This president has to put a work for welfare program together. He can bring all the jobs he can back to America, but there has to be workers. I’m not talking about illegal immigrants. We have to start training these young people skills. All these liberal college kids cannot or will not do manual labor. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. May God have mercy on America and may He bless us and guide our President and his staff, and Congress into making the right decisions for our country. And may we always seek Gods counsel for all that we do, in our families and as a nation. God Bless

        • Name

          I agree 100% with you. I to am a Viet Nam vet and I retired with almost 21 years. To this day I am asking myself what good did my service do. I see the youth of this country hating it like it needs to be destroyed or turned in to a third would ghetto. I see the cause, but how do we get rid of the teachers that are indoctrinating our youth and get the parents to start taking responsibility for their kids and teach them what is truly right and wrong.

          • shortround

            You know, I think I have the answer and His name is Jesus Christ. To really know Him personally is a real change of heart. I came from a home with 9 brothers and sisters. Me and a younger sister were step children. Believe me I was a step child. I was the oldest and my step dad was an alcoholic. He used me for a punching bag and my mother also. The night I graduated from High School I left home and in 3 months I was in the Army and a year later I was in Viet Nam. These kids need to serve their country, all of them for a year or so just like in Israel. Most of them haven’t learned anything at home. Most family pets have more respect and obedience than the children do. But back to when I talked about no fathers in the home. We know that it all starts in the home. Children must be disciplined and loved. But we must set an example for them. Fathers must take the responsibility that they have seriously. And I feel just as you do, what can we do to help turn this around ? Afte! r I was saved “born again” I immediately started taking my family to church every time the doors were open. My children are both in church. My son is a youth director and a deacon in the church. What I am saying is, God gave us a book of directions for life. The Holy Bible. And if we will adhere to His word He will bless us. I believe that God is the only way that we can turn this country around. I’ve studies the book of Revelation in Bible College. We are in the end times. Jesus is coming for “His church”, being those believers who have accepted Him as their personal Savior. And I believe that it will be soon. The country just needs to do it Gods way. He knows what is best for each of us. Good talking to you and God Bless !!!
            —- Original message —-

          • DrBarbara

            Sir, please let me thank you for your service to our country. You are more appreciated than you know and believe me, you veterans have done much, much good! Welcome home, my friend!

          • Name

            THANK YOU very much. It is good to know that there are still people out there that do understand and care.

        • DrBarbara

          Mr. Shortround, thank you for your service. Veterans and active military are the foundation of our freedoms. And yes, I did time in the basement also as did my children. They are wonderful patriotic Americans now. I believe the main difference in children who grow up to be good citizens and those who don’t is how much time parents spend on their faces before God interceding for those kids. God answers prayer and we just can’t pray too much for our kids….. and grandkids. My Mom used to say that grandkids are the reward for not killing your kids. :o)

          • shortround

            Dr, Barbara, you are so right about grandchildren. And parents, 2, 1 man and 1 women, need to spend time in prayer with their children also. In our family, every evening as often as was possible, we spent time together in our bibles. Talking about God and the things of God and praying together. When you do it Gods way you cannot go wrong. And yes a true Christian will be in prayer every single day for their children and grand children.. And the prayer that I pray most for my children and grand children who are believers, is that they would seek Gods counsel and direction for their lives. I have one that has been driving, starting this year and I worry about him, and his two brothers who ride with him. Every day my prayer is that God would put a hedge around him, because that is 75% of my grandchildren in one vehicle. But, you know what I mean about grandchildren. They are a special kind of love as you know. And as for my service, I thank you so very much, it was an honor to serve, and I would do it again, no problem ! Have a great day…..God Bless

      • Teresa Barrows

        I have to agree for the most part…. too much control has been given away where parents are concerned…. I truly believe that God is the unlitmate Authority, and that “spare the rod spoil the child”… while I don’t believe in beating kids I firmly believe that the good Lord put extra padding on the butt for a reason. And that it is OUR responsibility as a parent to teach our children right from wrong and there are consequences for EVERYTHING… IE: for every ACTION there is an EQUAL OR GREATER REACTION!!! And yes I do pray that the LORD JESUS Christ will guide our President and ALL our elected leaders (local and national) in everything decision he/she makes for our country.

    • Rattlerjake

      Prison” No, they’ll all listen to him there because 99.9% of those in prison are as brainless as he is! Besides prison would be like rewarding him!

      • DaveyJ

        I would not be so sure he would if well in prison! You don’t know enough about prison to guess that. And it would depend on where he did his time!
        For sure he shouldn’t be teaching in College as his students will get blacklisted or their jobs. He obviously has tenure. Tenure is widely described by faculty as “pre-retirement”! He thinks he is safe! Sounds like some of his students would like to take him down. Eventually he will be tarred and feathered, in prison he would not get an audience. In terms of his present existence, he only has students because he gives grades. Undoubtedly either you write approval on your exams, or get failed. Problem is one day, some student will strangle him to death. Then he will get judged in a much higher court. Right now he laughs everyday to the bank.

  • davesop

    Send the SOB on a free trip to Venezuela for a month or so. See if his opinions change. If not, he is a complete fool and not just borderline.

    • Krazeehors

      Yeah, I wonder is he likes fried Flamingo? The hunger situation is so critical there that the people are slaughtering and eating Flamingos.

      • Gammi2Anna

        Sounds like he’s been swallowing a lot of crap throughout his life so flamingo would probably be an improvement.

    • Rattlerjake

      A month or so? Try permanently! These idiots can NOT be fixed. They need to live in a third world shithole for the rest of their worthless lives!

      • Allen Evans

        My sentiments exactly!!! I suggest that we round up ALL of our far-leftist, progressive liberal, marxist leaning indoctrinators, er, professors, and have them sent enmass to that South American “garden” spot. We’ll send ol’ Bernie along as a “tour guide”.

    • Kimberly

      No kidding!

    • slidenglide

      Send him to Iran or Cuba with a one way ticket. Better yet send him to North Korea, I’m sure the Rocket Man could teach him how to march.

    • lha

      He’s a perfect example of a “useful idiot” who believes that if he could get a Communist Utopia set up here,he’d be among the elite. It didn’t work out so well for those who helped Lenin get power,then lined the idiots up and shot them as he had no further use for them.

      • Dan

        He wants 14% of the population to take on 86% of the population because he can’t get his way. Take your bat and ball and go home moron.

      • Asperger_Gal

        They killed them because those useful idiots (their term) would have turned on them once they realized they had been lied to in order to be used to overthrow the previous government.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        “USEFUL IDIOT” poster boy #1:

        Che Guevara. Castro would have just been another dicktater wannabe without Che

        Once the rebellion succeeded, Che moved on to another country to conquer.
        Castro sent a message to the CIA telling where the ‘jungle camp’ was located, and WHEN Che would be there.
        Che had gone from ‘useful idiot’ to “USELESS IDIOT marked for extermination”.

    • Doxie

      Why not send the ass to N. Korea?? ….being sure to confiscate his passport upon departure. N. Korea would be Utopia for that jerk.

    • Donald Lindsey

      how about sent for life, Veteran and damn sick of these Anti-so called Americans, better yet gust shoot the Traitors and be done

      • COMPU-TRON

        Where did you serve again?

        • Donald Lindsey


          • COMPU-TRON

            You mean, nowhere. Why should anyone believe you?

          • Donald Lindsey

            Phd and still does not understand CLASSIFIED. You are no phd in anything

          • COMPU-TRON

            Classified is a convenient excuse for you huh, huh fake Marine?

          • Donald Lindsey

            Your phd stands for piled high deeper bullshit

          • COMPU-TRON

            Your military service is phonier than a 6 dollar bill

          • Donald Lindsey

            Only thing phony is your Phd since you have no brain to comprehend as to what classified means, but it usually common with demo-nut cases who deny everything that stands for America. Since you the one who disagree with all Americans who don’t believe in your communistic thinking. And in you in your own word calls us all cowards and liars even all who served/serving in the military today.

            The only coward, liar and hypocritical BS is you and you have proven it with your commits of lies and deceits.
            You know nothing about history as you claim that your area of phd. I will ask you when did you buy your box of crackerjacks that gave you your false phd.

          • COMPU-TRON

            I know you use “classified” as a cover for lying about serving, fake marine.

            I already told you where I earned my PhD. Can you remember?

            Please write back when your little temper tantrum is done.

            PS I am only calling you a liar, not the real marines. Just you. Burns you up, huh?

          • COMPU-TRON
      • COMPU-TRON

        What treason?

        • the American

          Advocating communism or government overthrow is treason.
          we used to either hang or shoot these people, which is definitely A fitting punishment.

    • Pursuithappiness

      What is your problem? Anyone who disagrees with you should be shipped out of the country? Are you really some white supremest trying to prove his point? Ed Uehling

      • davesop

        It is not my problem I am concerned about. All these people who think Socialism is so wonderful need to see a working example in Venezuela.

      • the American

        Traitors should be shipped out of the country to the country of their choosing, especially socialist countries, since they think socialism is so great.
        Make them put their money, or lack of it, where their foul mouths are.
        Live by socialism die by socialism.
        it has nothing to do with color and everything to do philosophy.

  • underthewire

    This liberal fool should be examined for a yet unknown mental condition. Black supremacy in inner city seems to be working. Maybe he should move.

  • Edelmira Espinosa

    They should that that comunist trash to Cuba where they did exactly what he advise students to do broke the law and made new ones that do not include human rights like brainhmg their so call laws or you’ll desapegar mi free press no teaching children anything you’re not instructed to say
    In fact no human conditions hunger and degradetion and their families buying properties in the US and coming to the only really free country in the world to preach so call liberal ideas that won’t make you free it’ll make you the eslaves of a dictatorship you won’t habe the chance if voting or protesting… Go live in Cuba liberals I guess you’ll feel like heaven there

  • 4freedom

    These Marxist progressive a hole professors have been doing a lot of damage to our country for decades, it’s time to reign them in. I’m all for free speech but crap like this is taking it too far.

    • Stephan

      Where is Sec of Education DeVos?

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        I would like to know myself WHERE IS SHE???????

        • MeWynne

          Yes, me too. I had high hopes for her, but we haven’t heard anything other than when she first became Secretary and was stopped from going onto a campus. Have we had any uplifting changes made, or any improvements?

  • Krazeehors

    What’s really, REALLY bad is that Joe Biden is going to run for POTUS, and he will probably beat Donald Trump. Can you imagine a Biden/Sanders ticket? It makes me shudder with fear.

    • 4freedom

      Two crazy old coots, I’m not worried. I’d be more worried about Michele Obama.

    • Shelly Shannon

      Biden won’t beat Trump. That’s what they said about Clinton too. All this time, and all they still have is Obama’s failed policies. Biden would have a huge job on his hands trying to roll back the clock. I believe all those silent voters would come back with vengence against Biden. Thats what scares the Dems. They have never figured it out.

      • Krazeehors

        I certainly hope they never figure it out.

    • Doesn’t stand a chance

    • niknar

      It would actually be quite formidable for such a seasoned pair of politicians. It would’ve easily won last time out, but might have more trouble next time, considering their record ages.

  • John M

    My new year begins with a new focus.
    I’m looking at what’s going on around me in a different light. Suppose all this SWJ. BLM, pull down statues, and so on are not just simple “protest” measures. But part of a greater plan to overthrow the government.
    Am I falling into a conspiracy theory?
    In the oath now administered to all federal employees…
    ““I, _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I…..

    These “domestic enemies” , that subverting professor is one, needs to be held accountable. Sure he has a right to his opinion. That’s guaranteed in the first amendment of the constitution. The same constitution he’s suggesting that his students disobey. And he also needs to be held accountable for inciting others to commit violence.
    Overthrowing the government is serious business. There’s a word that describes it perfectly. It’s called TREASON. In this new chapter of the American experience we do not have the luxury of looking away while these subversive “educators” are brainwashing our next generation.
    Yes, TREASON. There I said it.
    This must stop.

    • tinytim

      He’s probably going to pass all his students even if they don’t pass their exams

      • DrBarbara

        They probably don’t have to take an exam. Just raise your hand if you agree with Professor Liar and you have passed.

    • MeWynne

      None of the Domestic Enemies are even being recognized as such. By the time anyone realizes that there are grounds to arrest people like this so-called professor, too much damaage is going to have been done.

    • kristalsea

      Every member of the military takes a similar oath. Jon ( a vet).


    We managed to get through the first year of America’s great restoration without an open revolutionary assault on the legitimately-elected President of the United States. From the “Russian collusion” canard to the womyn’s waddle of dogs, dykes and dingbats to screaming at the sky on the anniversary of his election, however, the satanists, socialists and sodomites of the Obammunist left have fired just about every other shot in their lockers. The first attempt at a leninist-maoist uprising last November was a pitiful failure, but the kooks, cucks and communists are still out there and are getting increasingly desperate. We must remain prepared to put down offensives by the marxist and militant storm troopers that Soros and Steyer have hired and trained, and must remember that the last wave of bolshevik revolution that washed over this country in the 1960s (and almost succeeded, both here and in France) was stopped only by the courage of the Ohio National Guard at Kent State, the resolve of America’s bravest fighter against totalitarianism Richard Nixon and the irrepressible George Wallace, who told the hippies, yippies and dippies what would happen if they ever lay down in front of his car, or his country.

    • bernie mitchell

      The nationl guard committed murder at Kent state, shot over the heads of the pieceful demonstraters and killed those on a hillside behind the demonstration, who were just watching it all go down.

  • Shelly Shannon

    I don’t know why this guy is still a teacher?

    • 4freedom

      He’s not a “teacher”, he’s a progressive communist brainwasher.

      • tinytim

        You are right

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        He’s still teaching!!!

      • MeWynne

        so-called progressive. Progressive is a subjective word and only those who go by that name believe that it’s appropriate. I don’t think anything they have done is “progressive”, after all they’ve -beginning with that evil person Barack Obama- sent race-relations backwards, and are still doing so.

        • DrBarbara

          I agree~~ they are regressives.

    • tinytim

      Yes I kind of wondered the same. I just hope the rest of the teacher’s don’t follow his ideology

      • John M

        If they don’t agree with him, I’ll bet he considers them racists;)

    • MeWynne

      For the same reason that so many of them are: the “teacher” who banned a girl from wearing a cross, the “teacher” who banned (or tried to ban) MAGA t-shirts from being worn, the “teachers” who allowed riots on campuses so that conservative speakers had to cancel their speeches, the “teachers” who don’t have the guts to speak up for what’s right, and the “teachers” who don’t even recognize right and wrong any more.

  • bernie mitchell

    If the majority wants the laws changed, they will be. If a small group of trouble makers try to break the law , they will go to jail. If a real minority feels that a law is discriminating against them they can, peacefully, seek redress from the courts or the law makers. Anything else gets them in a cell with the other trouble makers. Where do you belong

  • marten5

    Mr. Ponce needs to read the Constitution of the United States as well as its history. He is allowed to speak his opinion, but not call for the overthrow of the government. That’s what the ballot box is for! If you don’t like the government today, work to get a government that is more to your liking or move to, say, Zimbabwe, Iran, Cuba, China, or even, North Korea where I’m certain Kim will be happy to hear your arguments.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    This idiot has freedom of speech but what happened to the responsibility of the school to teach truth? Where are the parents paying the bill for this pathetic excuse for an education?

  • Kendall H Drake

    That just goes to show that all we have teaching our kids today is educated idiots, this is a perfect example what people happens to people who live off of taxpayers going to school to long to get out of having a real job, they read and learn so much stuff that eventually they get over loaded and become stupider than they were when they began school. people may find my comment offensive or biased but before you do look around at people who have been in college more than 4 years. they start going the other way, and become radical freeloading socialist more commonly known as Liberals.

  • G.Mann

    Perhaps, since this “professor” advocates “breaking the law” a group of organized “law breakers” will take him by force to an undisclosed location and teach him, in a way he can never forget, this country is a “Constitutional Republic”….. not a “democracy”.

    It is, after all, what he is demanding. Seems he skipped the graduate class on “Unintended Consequences”. I’m sure a bit of tutoring and a makeup test would help cure his oversight.

    • rivahmitch

      Perhaps, if they did the job right, it wouldn’t matter what it did or didn’t learn from its final experience.

  • rivahmitch

    Let’s just have the race war and see who wins. The cost will be horrendous but Ponce and its ilk will not enjoy the final outcome. Semper Fi!!

  • Insanity is being instilled on college campuses these days instead of teaching critical thinking they are indoctrinated in anti-American, leftist, collectivist ideas that have never worked wherever they have been tried. A quick survey of all the major collectivist experiments over the last century shows nothing but failure and massive murder. These professors should find another line of work since if you can’t think yourself, you have no business pretending to teach others how to think!

  • ConservativeSenior

    Domestic terrorist.

  • Tom Pesta

    America’s MAGA citizens respect, follow, and enforce the laws. So you loony leftists go right ahead and break them. We will enjoy seeing you pay for your crimes.

  • Larry Brule


  • jkosow

    From where did the automobile come? The sewing machine, the washing machine, the computer, etc. How about all the advances in medicine?

    Now….. What has come out of Africa?

  • Big Ed

    A professor who believes and teaches that his students should break the law to punish anyone usurping their freedoms. Now, we’re getting someplace. My only questions are can any number play and do you have to be in this jerk’s classroom in order to get a roster spot? The reason I ask is that many Trump backers have been meeting and discussing the agenda and the steps forward when they were attacked and severely beaten up. To me, this attack sounds very much like having freedoms usurped. Does this mean it is OK to take out your concealed carry weapon and to defend yourself? I’m completely aware that blowing out the place where most people carry their brains is against the law-but the professor indicates this is OK. If the professor is advocating Civil War, everybody should have an equal chance to defend themselves. Either the government must put a stop to this kind of bullshit talk, or they should make ignoramuses aware of the fact that you should not play with a rattlesnake, because you might get hurt.


    Bbg those bser’s with 20 years on a chain gang for work to get their way out!

  • Laurence Almand

    Another stupid, Socialist intellectual. Just what is wrong with White Supremacy? After all, competent White males created America and built the USA into the world’s No. 1 country. Now the Socialists want to destroy it. Send this jerk to China for a year or two, and see how he likes it. Personally I am sick and tired of all this anti-White propaganda from the malicious Leftists. A PROUD WHITE MALE.

  • Obie Miller

    It is becoming more and more evident that the radical left wing hippies of the 1960s have now become the teachers in today’s institutes of higher learning!

  • Jim Strong

    Maybe it is time for him to be put in a box.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    This IDIOT is using this White Supremacy jibberish to find a reason to break law

  • The Capatin

    This idiot needs to permanently go to Venezuela. Sned him a years supply of light underwear as a “parting gift” (Perhaps he can sell it for some field rations along the way).

  • Murphmeister

    To my distant Irish ancestors, laws were written by the English to oppress the Irish. It really got worse after the Reformation. By the time they started to flee because of the Famine and came to America, they were in horrible shape as downtrodden, sick and starved. But in arriving, despite the nativism, they could tell America was more freewheeling, expansive and a place to make a future. The Irish were considered so inferior that in some quarters blacks were called smoked Irish.

    Rather than becoming bitter, they doubled down on their bet that America was the place for them. Fifty years later the dream started to become true. A hundred years later the Irish had woven themselves right into the fabric of the country. To the Irish, it’s always been the white man’s ( read English ) law only now the Irish have a big say in how the laws are made. Rather than reject those laws, they like to think they have improved upon them. To those who are aggrieved, get in there and change the laws but remember, you are in the minority, don’t think you’ll bowl over the majority lest we lose our patience, and we have been patient, perhaps too patient.

  • Dorothy Foster

    This A>H> needs a BIG ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!!

  • This Marxist preaches hate and violence.
    Why is he teaching in a college with those extremists views.
    People are losing jobs and going to jail for saying that skirt shows off your beautiful legs very nicely.
    What is this country doing?
    We need to stay strong for our beliefs of what the United States represents.
    Go Trump 2020.

  • TPS12

    If you don’t want to live under the rules of this Country feel free to go somewhere else. If your plan is to start breaking the laws you may be surprised with the outcome.

  • donald

    As a half breed Cherokee, also V. Nam Navy veteran I learned to get along with the German part of my family, I pick my friends black or white, V. Nam personnel , we are brothers to the end, bar none. I have a few Indian customers , I still fix Harley’s, 2 that are half breed. To me as long was they like the flag, that most of us fought for, we can get along. I tell PEOPLE , don’t give a damn who they are, if they don’t like the flag or MY COUNTRY then pack a damn bag & take your sorry a** out to another country, do all of us a favor–don’t ever come back. This a** hole is a professor, of what–STUPID-remember we cannot fix STUPID, & this nut is teaching !! It just gets better every day, the whole world is in turmoil.

  • swampfox2

    That idiot should be arrested, charged with sedition and put in prison for a couple of dozen years.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      I’m for hanging the Bastard!!!

  • Stephan

    Let him live in South America. He must speak Spanish if his nam is Ponce. Unlike white anglos, he will get a job and the lack of diversity in South America will be obvious, Hopefully he will meet up with a leftist anarchist group and they will teach him all about breaking laws and murder. When the local police get a hold of him, he will never see a court, maybe a fall out of a window or sky dive in the jungle will be his final treat.

  • DaveyJ

    Time to fire him and then put him to the fire! He is dangerous and is preaching destruction of the USA. All of the women I know would like to see this Professor in
    jail! It might need more than that!

  • realistredneck

    Come on Bro and smash this white guy!!
    We are just waiting for your kind to start some
    crap, then us old cragy white guys will put you down for good!

  • cp

    Of this country was run by negros, it would be called Africa….

  • Madalyn Guggia

    Who in God’s name hires these far leftist professors. I won’t s3ns my child to college these days as it seems they all have these idiots for professors. What an absolute shame. What is our country coming to!!!

  • Harold Sammons

    we can only hope this SOB suffocates from having his head up his ass!

  • Robert Wayne

    This Ponce is just another left wing bigot who hates white Christians. Turds like this need to be flushed down the sewer. But what gets me so mad is that so many of these college ‘professors’ are out and out racists who want to see all white heterosexual Christians eradicated from this planet. Why have so many universities hired scum like this and who is behind hiring them?

  • jimshaw54

    The Sedition Act of 1918 (Pub.L. 65–150, 40 Stat. 553, enacted May 16, 1918) was an Act of the United States Congress that extended the Espionage Act of 1917 to cover a broader range of offenses, notably speech and the expression of opinion that cast the government or the war effort in a negative light or interfered with the sale of government bonds.[1]

    It forbade the use of “disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language” about the United States government, its flag, or its armed forces or that caused others to view the American government or its institutions with contempt. Those convicted under the act generally received sentences of imprisonment for five to 20 years.[2] The act also allowed the Postmaster General to refuse to deliver mail that met those same standards for punishable speech or opinion. It applied only to times “when the United States is in war.” The U.S. was in a declared state of war at the time of passage, the First World War.[3] The law was repealed on December 13, 1920.[4]

    Though the legislation enacted in 1918 is commonly called the Sedition Act, it was actually a set of amendments to the Espionage Act.[5] Therefore, many studies of the Espionage Act and the Sedition Act find it difficult to report on the two “acts” separately. For example, one historian reports that “some fifteen hundred prosecutions were carried out under the Espionage and Sedition Acts, resulting in more than a thousand convictions.”[6] Court decisions do not use the shorthand term Sedition Act, but the correct legal term for the law, the Espionage Act, whether as originally enacted or as amended in 1918.

    Maybe it is time to bring this act back into play.

  • john

    He needs to be Ponced in the face…..

    • Rodney Steward

      Repeatedly !!!!!!

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Cute!! roflmdao!!

  • Rodney Steward

    This is what makes me sick, how are these sick socialist teachers allowed to be teaching in our schools! This doesn’t surprise that much at Berkeley, after all the President is the one and only Crook from the Obama tribe, the X-DOJ Janet Napolitano !! But our schools need to be cleaned out, B-A-D !!

  • johnnywoods

    More babbling bs from a brain-dead “professor”.

  • Calvin Harwick

    It would give me great pleasure to kick that horses a**in the a**and jar his brain cells back up into his empty head then slap him up beside the head and arrange them in the proper perspective.CHRIST what an idiot>>>>>> !!!!!!!!

  • 3indigo13

    almost completely taken over by the liberals the universities are breeding the future dissidents who will eventually bring America down.

  • GuardianFlame

    So why is this anarchist allowed to keep teaching at that college? If he is willing to preach breaking America’s laws, what is stopping him from preaching to break the College’s laws? If the college regulations board doesn’t grab this instructor and dropkick him into reality, they may find a student rebellion on their hands.

    Typical liberal college instructor so wrapped up in his own cause he no longer teaches but brainwashes!

    What race is this idiot? Whatever his race makes no difference, his stupidity far outweighs any borderline intelligence. Fire the schmuck.

  • Juanita Johnson

    Are any of you smart enough to discuss this material or what! This is not a conversation. It is ridiculous banter. Too bad. It merits discussion about what is hsppening on our campuses.

  • Mere Marlo

    There is no such thing in America as White Supremacy! There is however a large majority of Americans who work, have pride and ambition to succeed and improve their lives, people who pay taxes on everything they earn and everything they buy, save, or achieve, the backbone of the nation who take pride in supporting their own, value a proper education, and just want to be left alone to live their lives. They do not whine and cry when they do not get what they want for free, they have ambition and pride. They are Americans in every sense of the word — proud, working people who contribute to the country expecting only freedom to enjoy their lives and grow in peace. Peoples from every country in the world, people of all creeds and ethnicity, people from the caucasian, negroid, Asian, and mongoloid races have assimilated into American society and have succeed. If that is what you call White Supremacy, perhaps you should try it!

  • kassa1

    This stupid SOB is going to get some useful idiots killed! Hopefully he will be one of the 1st!

  • Heidi Kuhl

    Home schooling is the only solution right now.

    • jgfsmf

      And finding a conservative college.

  • donl

    They made a movie about this guy, The Nutty Professor. I remember it. Only this guy IS a real Nut job.

  • John Douglas

    As long as we stand silent and let this happen . They are PUBLIC universities . WE PAY FOR THEM

    • John Ing

      So much for our “higher education” that we pay to teach our kids!

  • James Hopkins

    professors like this need to be fired!! He has the right to say it but not to teach it in a classroom.

  • TJG

    Countless many have died protecting Our Rights Under the Constitution of the US and the flag of freedom that flies over our beloved country. How many of these left wing radicals are prepared to die attempting to deprive the millions of the freedom loving patriots from these rights?

  • dilligaf

    So i suppose he wants the “caucasian” population to just “roll over” and go belly up to his demands? Ain’t gonna happen. He will just have to live with what it is or end up in his own “civil war. Only one race will rule the jungle.

  • Gerry Costa

    We have people like this brainwashing our young. This POS needs to be hung by his testicles and see which law he breaks then.

  • Bill

    This person should be banned from the classroom forever!!! Teaching young people that they should break the law is unacceptable and always has been. We are a country of laws. Like them or not, they can be changed by legislation or else they must be adhered to. One of the reasons for the current problem is a former president named Obama who thought the laws did not apply to him. He openingly choose not to enforce the law and has caused major division in the country.

  • kristalsea

    No single race is better at everything. I have a wonderful black neighbor over 6 ft tall over 250 lb, no fat. No way I am better physically than he. My nephew was beaten out of valedictorian by a Vietnamese young lady. Marathon races are frequently won by African runners. I am a white surgeon but know many very good black and asian surgeons.No one race has a monopoly on anything.Jon

  • jgfsmf

    Is this his way of thinning the herd? All these people stupid enough to break the laws go to jail?

  • disqus_7KiKMOOd1L

    This SOB does not deserve his 1st Amendment rights to be spewing his vermin in American college classrooms. Why don’t he appear in a public forum with those who disagree with him for debate? Because he’s a weak coward who can only speak to young impressionable, vulnerable young people, who are too intimidated to question the crap he sells them.

  • DocJimmy

    I wager this clown has spent his entire life in a classroom with other like-minded people who think too much. Reality scares them and thus; the birth of the “Snowflake(s)”, “Antifa” and so on. He is fine with his 1st. Amendment rights, but; will be offended when Conservatives retaliate with their 1st. Amendment rights and put his paper-hang’n butt on notice.

  • PissedoffVet

    A smart man once said “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of
    ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal
    sharing of misery” and this guy hangs his hat on this. Fine live in it many many places to go and live but don’t change my country I think they call that treason. The law inciting a riot comes to mind also. He has the snow flake syndrome there is no cure for.

  • disqus_R2THCjWgK6

    A communist take over is always an interesting process to observe as it is never long before the oppressed become the oppressors. Time to wake up and send these people packing.

  • Donald Lindsey

    “We are taught to get up and to pledge allegiance to the flag every single day,” he said. “The flag is not really representative of everybody who is standing up in that room. Albert Ponce the Diablo Valley College professor who tells false lies just like this this one he stated.
    Ponce is seen explaining that America is the land of white supremacy and that minorities have the right – if not the duty – to break the law and smash democratic norms in order to change the system from the ground up. Break the law to get what you want means prison time for you. If you dislike America then pack your butt and leave for a muslim country and leave everything American behind. One Pissed off USMC when idiots like this trash the Country that we Veterans and those serving to day all has laid down their life to keep this Country free and now Anti-Americans are trying to remove all of what America stands for. Ship their lazy lying butt over the countries that we are fighting with and let them live there.


      Where did you serve, liar? No more of that classified bullshit, fake Marine

  • Jeff

    Another sick liberal, going too far off the deep end, the question needs to be asked who hires these idiots to begin with and why the hell has he not been fired, from what I was able to find he is still teaching, and spreading lies and hate, which at this point in our country, we have more than enough……Smfh

  • Ex Michigander

    Time to castra—te these satanic enemies of America and send them to Siberia!!!!!

  • johnH123

    sounds like ‘professor’ Al Ponce is a real ponce…

  • the American

    I can just smash his skull and be done with it.

  • the American

    Sjws breaking the law, makes it easier for the rest of us to get rid of them.

  • Asperger_Gal

    Well, I guess we know what the left has been up to for decades. Many people reporting on these radical liberal nut jobs were called conspiracy nuts themselves. I guess they have been proven right. Our country was on the brink of overthrow when Trump got in. I guess we can thank Almighty God for waking us up in time to hopefully turn things around. I can say that if God doesn’t help us, we’re up a creek without a paddle. These people lie, cheat, steal, murder, enslave and on and on and on. There isn’t anything they won’t do to get their antiChrist into power through a NWO.

  • Charles Wolfe jr

    Trash like that need to have a lifetime cell at GitMo or better yet just put a bullet right between his eyes ! Which would sure be cheaper!!!

  • George Rolf

    Interesting that he used the system to get where he is. His intelligence level in his statements show me he was given any degree, definately not earned. IDIOT!
    They should investigate these colleges that give these clowns a platform. It is our children who are hurt, going to college to get a rounded education, and being fed this kind of crap. Who are the administrators that allow this? What are their qualifications?
    The colleges should required to teach equal liberal and conservative classes. Then let the students decide. No racism. No hate.
    If they don’t do this, stop government funding to the schools

  • DrBarbara

    He wants to smash democracy!? Really? I wonder where he got his degree since America is NOT a democracy but is a republic. I think Comrade Ponce needs to get an education…… or leave.

  • NickinATL

    It’s just a real shame and disgrace that leftist-liberal Marxists like this ASSHOLE always aim for the young when spreading their vile, hateful rhetoric—they know that rational, thinking adults dispel with this idiotic foolishness and the only ones susceptible are young impressionable college age kids !!!

  • NickinATL

    MAN, if America-hating were a profession, this ASSHOLE would hold a doctorate in it !!!!!

  • NickinATL

    What this jerk fails to realize is, it’s exactly because of the unique ( in the world ) qualities of America that he’s allowed the freedom to spout his insane idiocies !!!

  • davesnrakleberger

    I can remember when professors were intelligent and rational instead of bigoted fascists.

  • James

    Someone should break the law and break his face

  • Murphmeister

    Ponce de Leon there must be in search of the Fountain of Truth, but right now he’s mired in a swamp. I think he should take the lead and go out there and violate some laws and be thrown into some heteronormative jail where he can meet a couple of patriarchal prisoners.

  • cathylovesyou

    Professor Ponce STOP !! your a fool and should be put out of the country on a rail. Poor youth of this country believe these Wing nuts.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Russia taught us that communism doesn’t work… All it shows that people disappear, property is taken away and the leaders get away with murder! Np one wins! Albert Ponce needs to be exiled from this country and live in Russia!

  • TJG

    This left wing radical logic is beyond the ivory walls and is showing its ugly head within the DNC as displayed by the Deputy DNC Chair Ellison in his /their support of Antifa. My mistake!!!.in believing that the Demos are law abiding.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    The man is a prime example of a racist and will be if he does get around to find how white people really are. My estimation he will never change unless he does. He is a self-segregationist!

  • fliponeover

    Why is this pus bucket in a position to teach anyone, anything??????????????????????????????????????

  • Jan

    It means they are a bunch of heathens that believe it is legal for us to work and for them to steal and murder white people. they need to get out here and live in the real world and see just what is going on instead of sitting on their ass complaining because they want everything for nothing. get off their ass and go to work like honest working people do.

  • Mary Clouse

    Californians,need to lock and load,because they have no one to protect
    them,the police,the DA,judges,have had their hands tied,to keep
    the Illegals in their state protected,run,run fast.Jerry Brown is your
    worst nightmare,time to over throw that regime.Take that professor
    out first,by any means possible,break the law ,he says it’s ok.

  • 0331Tap

    Put him and Pelosi in a cell together…Couple weeks they will both be foaming at the mouth…

  • 0331Tap

    Rubber room…Why is he in this country…Leave …Get out…Stop paying this SOB…What other country would allow this…

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