• Frank B.

    Why don’t you people stop with your losing bigotry. I mean, how dumb are you assholes.. You keep fighting the same losing battles over, and over, and over again……. And keep getting the same results… LOSERS!!! Why don’t you assholes just grow the fuck up and leave other people’s private lives the fuck alone!

    • jgfsmf

      Who are you talking to Frank? The voices in your head?

      • barnjoer

        Got Frank blocked so I can’t hear the voices in his head😁

        • jgfsmf

          They are pretty loud, huh?

        • markypolo

          barnjoer: LOL. Tin foil works well too! HeHe.

        • Shecky

          Got him blocked too….figured somebody’s parrot got loose and knows how to peck out a few words on the computer.

    • Kyle Bendix

      You libtards are the ones who keep pulling your weirdo lifestyles out of the bedroom and pretending that they represent “normal” values. BTW, Obama is gone. Hillary lost. America will be great again…and without you and your ilk.

      • Frank B.

        Why don’t yo keep your nose out of other peoples bedrooms… Then your punk ass won’t be “offended”– Event though I am sure that you probably are just another closet dick sucker yourself!

        • Kyle Bendix

          YOU are you one dragging your perversions OUT of the bedrooms.

          • Frank B.

            Man fuck you.

    • James Jones

      Oh sure because all of you are so open and welcoming right? Ha! If y’all had your way we would all be gay until that was all that was left on the planet. That is obvious by all your parades and protest against those of us who stay within the archaic ways we learned from our parents and ancestors. If you are so capable of family values such as having children try doing it without the help of natural means. What you can’t? Why not if it’s so natural and normal? Your arguments don’t hold water. You can not reproduce without the help of a member of the opposite sex or artificial implantation.

      • Frank B.

        Well Frank B… is not “welcoming”– at all.. And I do not speak for anyone else bitch…

        • James Jones

          The redundancy of what you are saying shows exactly the kind of ignorance you hold within you. I must have hit a nerve eh? Well get some cuddle time with your buddy And you should be okay.

          • Frank B.

            I don’t know what you are trying to say but I’m sure you got my message

    • alex

      Why are you assholes the only ones allowed free speech?

      • Frank B.

        Because we are not the ones marching through the streets of Virginia with tiki torches… calling for the death of Black & Jewish American Citizens… That’s why mother-fucker.. Any more questions?

        • alex

          That doesn’t answer my question you stupid Fuck. But it does show how incredibly stupid you are. By the way, who even brought up calling for the death of ANYBODY? How stupid are you??

          • Frank B.

            Then obviously you are not asking the right questions bitch! But that’s typical of redneck racist right wing crackers like you. Love to talk shit, but NEVER deal with reality! So fuck you asshole!

    • markypolo

      Frank: Donald Trump is the President. Looks like YOU are the “loser”. Fukking Moron!
      Hey, try starting YOUR own business. Then tell us what a “winner” you are. Idiot.

      • Rodney Steward

        He’s lacking between the ears to start a business!

      • Frank B.

        For Now,,, Mother-Fucker.. For Now!

    • Rodney Steward

      If you want to ware a dress go ahead Frankie, we don’t really care just keep your hands off little boys!

  • barnjoer

    He is correct, famileys values have gone down the sewer along with the rest of what this Country was built on!!

    • Kristina

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    • Melissa

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    • dude

      I agree 110% and I think queer anything doesn’t belong in any country and transgender is the same just a name given to a fancier queer and the one that said queers can have kids is dumb cause it take’s the opp. sex to make children with artificial ins. or the natural way either way it take a man and a woman’s semon the way GOD intended …either way you’re sick and it ought to be against the law for queers to have anything to do with children…way to go professor you’re right and I hope more stand up for the truth and try to teach these college idiots the facts

  • davesnrakleberger

    sansgender would be a better term and it has been established it is a mental illness. Those sick creatures are only a fraction of a percent of the population. Why should anyone let them shove their sick demented agenda down our throats..

  • Phaedrus51

    Traditional Family Values are the great strength of America. Parents need to be parents, be teachers, be councilors, and disciplinarians when needed. Their job, like in all the rest of nature, is to teach fledglings to spread their wings and fly on their own, run on their own, hunt on their own, and pay it forward. Sadly, there has been a lack of that in some households.
    No matter what the LGBTXYZ community says, there are only two, count then, One, Two, genders. You either have an inny, or an outy. There are rare exceptions, but that’s nature’s call. Now, what you do with them may be your business, until you break the laws of society, or nature by forcing your “parts” on others. Then you’ve put your fate in the hands of strangers. Don’t do that.
    Children in college shouting down TRUTH because they don’t want to hear it, doesn’t change anything but themselves. They become misfits, that the great American society will eventually purge. So sad, too bad, that’s the way it is. Do your part to ADVANCE the race. We all share the same DNA, there is only One Race. Just us humble homo-sapiens. Don’t divide us in your minds and hearts, Unite US! Move forward and have a nice day. ~ Phaed out

    • Rodney Steward

      You nailed it, “Parents” is what is lacking much more than people think and of course the schools that we’ve aloud to become infested with liberal socialist idiots that hate everything moral in this country!

    • drantigmo

      From being in the closet to putting YOU in the closet; you want hormone-mimicking chemicals? Then you want homosexuals…simple as that.

    • AtwoodMarie

      Very well said, I agree.If you like history you can trace the beginnings of a lot of this back to the 1920’s as both the economic and cultural values began to drop the (Roaring Twenties) Husbands went to war in the late 20’s and wives worked all day and went to clubs at night that offered the ‘new’ dances, hot music to go with it, late nights, booze, broken marriages, and lost children. The principle behind this is that parents today have succumbed to having fun instead of responsibility and teachers to the easier route of what does it matter, they won’t remember anyway. Add to that a president whose term was riddled with scandal and the cultural habits followed suit with a lot of America. The only positive was The Great Depression that when the banks failed everyone lost all of their money halting the night club business for a time. Followng that with a president (Harding) whose term was one of rampant corruption, riddled with scandal. Do you think it all happened overnight? Not at all, but one disaster would feed into the next and culture continued to get worse. The bottom line is that fewer people today believe in God or practice Christianity even when saying (and thinking) they are Christians.

      • Phaedrus51

        The historical perspective is important. No better teacher that history. If only we choose to listen. There’s also the story of the Black GIs that were hailed as Liberators by the peoples of Europe, then came home to be treated as second class citizens, with few rights. Our injustices often outweigh our goodness, but we have to keep trying, don’t we? Sure we do.

  • markypolo

    Democrats/Liberals are what is “wrong” with America. Idiots and Morons beget more Idiots and Morons. Then, we let them VOTE! That’s how we get the Clinton’s and Obama’s.
    “Transgenderism” is an ILLNESS! Just that simple.

    • Jarhead

      No only VOTE several times at each election…..but free Welfare & a Driver’s License…..What could go wrong??

  • l2a3

    More dripple from the mouth of clueless indoctrinated not educated students. I hope and pray that there is an ADULT running that University and not want to be liked wimps.

  • Estoban

    There are hundreds of cases of transgenders raping, molesting and even murdering. This Professor has got it right.

    • drantigmo

      Funny how the “pedophile” priests are never called “homosexual pedophiles.”

      • Estoban

        Homosexuals ignore that reality like the plague.

        • sweetolbob

          Pedophilia, whether homosexual in nature or heterosexual in nature, is admittedly incurable, and should be remedied by a quickly administered death sentence.
          Any person, that’s ANY PERSON, who becomes sexually titillated by thoughts or pictures or of viewing a pre-pubescent child of either gender doesn’t need to breathe any of my air.

      • taliesin319

        They are called just that by the Roman Catholic Congregations they betrayed. It did not start until the Roman Catholic Seminaries admitted homosexuals who never stepped out of line and passed for straight. They advanced to ordination.Many were given advanced education and were assigned to Bishops who knew what they were because they too were bent. There is a 5 Volume book which took 13 years to write and unlike the usual Catholic basher it was written by a practicing Catholic who does not hold with the Novus ordo Church.You can read it one book at a time free if you have Amazon Prime.It. names names, provides the money trails, includes interviews from. victims families. Its very hard for Roman Catholics to read but its sonething every Roman Catholic has a duty to do. No Roman Catholic I know ever gave a pass to the scum that did those things. Most would not care if they jailed the lot and put them in the general prison population. The books are called The Rite of Sodom. The authors name Is Randy Engel. Not sure of the spelling.It has a vast bibliography. Needless to say you will not find this in Catholic book stores. e are all aware that not all homosexuals are pediphiles. Unfortunately. for us Catholics the ones who joined the Roman Catholic Church were.

    • mica

      Over what period of time?
      And no, I am not in any way part of the progressive movement, and believe God created only two unchangeable genders. Transgenders are a very tiny percent of the population, ( fraction of 1%). I have not heard in the news of any rapes, molestations or murders by transgenders lately. In the past ten years, maybe, but to count would not need to use more than the fingers on one hand.
      Exaggeration reduces ones credibility.

      • Estoban

        These have occurred over decades and seldom make much news because police generally list the crimes as done by males. Silly police don’t seem to believe you can change your sex. Anyhow I am posting a number of them. Check them out and repost here if you want more. They were collected from different sources by a friend on the net so I can’t just give you a site or sites.

        ***Thomas Gi Gi, LGBT activists were
        startled to learn earlier this week that Prince George’s County police on Oct.
        16 charged veteran transgender activist Gigi Thomas with first-degree murder
        for allegedly stabbing to death a 47-year-old man inside her residence in
        Temple Hills, Md.

        A police statement of probable cause
        filed in court says police were called to the address of 5712 Linda Lane in
        Temple Hills, where Thomas lived, about 7:50 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 16. Upon
        arrival they found Devale Lamont Avery of Fort Washington suffering from
        multiple stab wounds to the upper body, the statement says. It says Avery was
        pronounced dead on the scene by emergency firefighters who also responded to
        the scene.


        THOMPSON, “Vikki”, aged 21, a man
        who identified as a woman, was gaoled in Manchester in 2014 for assault and
        theft. He had beaten up a teenage girl, robbed her mobile phone, and stolen
        from various shops. The first sentence was suspended but when a few months
        later he re-offended, he was sent to HMP Leeds, a men’s prison. He demanded to
        be put in a women’s prison and when this was refused, he committed suicide. He
        was found dead on 13th November 2015. His boyfriend informed the press that
        Thompson had been “groomed” as a child.


        TITLOW, Harry, a.k.a. “Nicole
        Vonlee”, of Chicago, was found guilty in 2001 of the murder of his uncle Donald
        Rogers, 74, of Troy, Michigan. Prosecution said that he had been paid to carry
        out the murder by Rogers’ wife, who feared he would cut her out of his will
        after she ran up $50,000 gambling debts. Rogers was found to have died apparently
        from excess of alcohol. The day after the killing, his wife paid $100,000 into
        Titlow’s bank account. Police suspected nothing , until an informant came
        forward and said that Titlow had told him about the crime, and that he wanted
        the money for sex-change surgery.


        TRUJILLO, Michael Anthony, a.k.a.
        “Michelle”, aged 33, of Colorado Springs, USA, is a man who identifies as a
        woman . He was convicted in 2003 of attempted sex assault on a child by a
        person in a position of trust. The victim was a 14-year-old girl. Trujillo is a
        native American, six feet one, with many tattoos. He also has some drug
        possession offences on his record. When he moved to Colorado Springs, there
        were protests from a feminist group who said that the name and gender change
        should not be allowed as it concealed his criminal past.



        TURNER, Daniel Arthur, was convicted
        of criminal charges in Michigan arising after an incident involving the
        kidnapping and molestation of a girl under the age of fourteen. He wore
        lipstick during the assault and urinated on his victim.

        In 1998, he brought a legal case
        suing the court on the grounds that GID entitled him to a more lenient
        sentence. This was rejected.




        T.S. is an Indiana Man with gender
        dysphoria who idenitfies as a woman. He went to prison for two Counts of Class
        B felony child molesting. Approximately a month after his release from prison,
        T.S. was involuntarily committed for, among other diagnoses, a sexual disorder,
        with intermittent periods of gender identity issues as well as insecurity
        regarding some of his sexual issues. T.S. challenged his commitment. The
        Indiana Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s conclusion that T.S.
        presents a substantial danger to others. The court also found that his
        placement in a state mental hospital was appropriate.

        In Re T.S.

        VELLON, Nouchie W, b.1988, is a
        White-Hispanic U.S. male convicted of rape in 2008. He is in a New York
        penitentiary and is presented by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project as a victim in
        need of sympathy and support. He featured in the SRLP calendar for 2014. If you
        want to contact Nouchie he is on Twitter as NouchieWVellon@srlp




        VINCENT, Debbie, a former soldier of
        Bristol UK, militant animal rights activist, was jailed in 2014 for his part in
        a conspiracy to blackmail employees of a laboratory testing animals.

        Vincent – who underwent a sex change
        after leaving the army – appeared at Winchester Crown Court. He and his group
        Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) for ten years targeted suppliers and
        customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Their tactics included accusing
        HLS staff of being paedophiles, sending incendiary devices, posting sanitary
        towels claimed to be infected with Aids and causing criminal damage to
        property. Vincent was jailed for six years this Europe-wide conspiracy. He protested
        at being sent to a man’s prison.


        WALKER MARCIA (MARK) Child Rapist, A
        CHILD rapist who once threatened to blow up Prime Minister Theresa May has been
        jailed for making more hoax bomb threats against prison staff, including the
        governor. Paedophile Marcia Walker, a transgender prisoner previously known as
        Mark Walker, made three hoax bomb threats while in custody at HMP Long Lartin,
        a high security prison in South Littleton, near Evesham.

        The 43-year-old had previously been
        jailed for six months for claiming there was a bomb at Prime Minister Theresa
        May’s home in November 2012 when she was Home Secretary, telling her in a
        letter that she was ‘a dead woman’.


        WAELDE, Donald, 22, of Phoenix, USA,
        is a man who identifies as a woman. In 2014 he was charged with with conspiracy
        to commit bestiality after trying to sexually assault a horse.

        He was arrested after placing an
        advertisement on Craigslist seeking a male horse.

        An internet user reported the
        bizarre personal advert to the police. Press then wrongly reported that the
        crime had been done by a woman.


        WARD, GREG AKA Karisima Garcia, is a
        man that idenifies as a “Transgender Women currently incarcerated for robbing a
        person with cerebral palsy at knifepoint. He has appealed to the Prison
        Abolition and Prisoner Support group for a penpal, an effort supported by the
        Sylvia Rivera Law Project. The law project is well-known for encouraging people
        to write inmates, many of who are serving times for violent felonies, including
        child sexual abuse, without disclosing this information.Here is an article
        detailing Ward’s most recent crime:


        WEBSDALE, Geoffrey Ian, aka
        “Michelle” went on a shooting spree where he killed two, left one man a
        quadraplegic, and shot a woman in the arm and back. Websdale, had a one night
        stand with Deborah Astill, 19, who subsequently rejected any further advances
        from him. On the night on November 7, 1989, he broke into her home and shot
        dead Karen Deacon, 20, and 24-year-old Ian Hutchinson. He then shot Darryl Lamb
        in the back, leaving him paralyzed for life. In prison Websdale changed his
        name to Michelle

        WHITE, Rodney S. White Jr. of
        Richmond, Virginia, USA, was convicted of

        a sex offence with a minor in 2011
        when aged 19 and got three months in gaol. In subsequent years, he identified
        as a woman. He was murdered in 2013.


  • Linda Christensen

    There is no compromise for the family unit. Look at the blacks that do not have the family values for an example. Their society and social values seem moot. You cannot have a strong society with chaos, rioting, plundering, and killing taking place all of the time. We work hard to get rid of the criminals so we can have a strong society. Society is about unity, compromise, sharing, being honest, forgiving,

    • mica

      That goes for all colors.

  • David W BmyBud

    You aren’t allowed to speak against the leftists and mental degenerates, don’t you know?

    M A G A !!!

  • Babsan

    The destruction of our country that the Democrats/Communist started in the 50’s has reached saturation level and the 2008 election of a Muslim FRAUD confirms that

    • rivahmitch

      No. It actually began much earlier than the 1950s. One can easily trace it to Wilson or even to Lincoln (who did receive an “attaboy” from Karl Marx).

      • mensatim

        Lincoln, really? Marx only point that mattered in his letter to Lincoln was his congratulations of Lincoln on his reelection. The rest was just Marx’s usual rhetoric about workers of the world and other idiocy.

        “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution”, is my favorite Lincoln quote. It means democratic republicanism, NOT communism. Only a fool, like Marx was, wouldn’t understand that.

        • rivahmitch

          Guess you’ve forgotten that Lincoln gave us aour first taste of the Washigton imperium and using the states own property to bribe them to do what the central government wanted?

          • mensatim

            Sorry, I’m NOT a confederate sympathizer and do not subscribe to the usual revisionist history that you use. I’ve studied actual history, so I know what Lincoln and others actual said and did. Good try , though. Maybe some here will believe your propaganda.

          • rivahmitch

            So… you don’t see Lincolns Land Grant (College) program as bribing the states with their own property to do what the central government wants? I’m not arguing the merits of the program, just that it set a precedent for future government programs. BTW, it was primarily done under Lincoln in Union, rather than “confederate” states;-)

          • mensatim

            No, from Marx’s point of view, many of Lincoln’s programs were socialist. The truth is that Lincoln was even more enthralled by The Declaration of Independence than The Constitution. He signed the Homestead Act, as well. Lincoln thought that what the founders, especially Jefferson and Franklin believed was that America was and by right ought to be a meritocracy and that the “promote the general welfare” line was what he was trying to fulfill. In essence, he was giving citizens the tools, through education, land and freedom to fulfill their God given possibilities. For someone who had actually argued against Christianity as a young man he had an unusually deep understanding and knowledge of the Bible. It is mostly confederate sympathizers who try to argue against the reality of what Lincoln actually did and why. If you claim to not be a confederate sympathizer, I won’t dispute it.

          • rivahmitch

            I make no claims at all beyond believing in strictly limited government, nor do I feel any need to do so. As government grows, individual freedom dies.

          • mensatim

            I don’t disagree, even a little. The program you sighted, though, gave grants of land to start colleges. It didn’t start government run, or government controlled colleges. The program I sighted, the Home stead Act gave away government property, i.e. land, to anyone who agreed to build a living building and work the land. After a certain number of years, I seem to remember that it was 5, the homesteader got title to the land. While I am always against government control of citizens beyond what is necessary to maintain law and order, I have no problem with the government giving away things that we don’t have to pay for through taxes. The whole tax and spend system didn’t really start until the rise of the Progressives, around the end of the 19th century. That is what I am most against.

  • rocky63

    I applaud the professor. The student is, apparently, still a child in his thinking ability.

    The student is just a child who wants to be able to engage in any kind of “play” of a sexual nature. He, no doubt, would be crushed by the demands of actually being the father to children and the husband of a woman and a co-leader of a family.

    The absence of fathers in huge number of black families has repeatedly been shown to be the source of much in the way of violence and crime. PARENTS — a Father and a Mother — mostly produce healthy, dependable adults.

    • Kel57

      Whatever your color of skin.

  • Larry Brule


    • The Rev.

      The parents most of all need help

    • slidenglide

      IT isn’t a pronoun, nor will it ever be. You are so right “JUST BOYS AND

  • Mike W

    School kids are not being educated they are being indoctrinated. And not just at school pay attention to the cartoons and tv shows they are watching.

  • William In

    If you are not “Normal”
    THEN – what are you?
    Fag, Queer, Ahole, Wierdo, Loser, JackAss, Duphus or ?

    • joe

      there is nothing normal for two men having sex where they defecate

      • William Ingram

        It is normal is Saudi Arabia.
        I witnessed it on a couple of accounts.
        One time there were (10 ?) or so Saudi men in a circle doing the deed.
        It was sickening and the best thing was to just leave QUICKLY.

  • robert sanders

    bust the kids ass when they need it. problem solved.

  • Fox Ealem

    If the Administrators of Boise State don’t produce a stiff spine they will lose the opportunity to send a strong message to the academic world that they are ‘pro’ free speech and won’t crater to vicious vitriolic venon (a Dem would label it Hate Speech) from the peanut gallery; where is the P.C. banner of the left when the vanguard of trans-gender (who am I today) incorporates “queer” as a hash tag ? As to procreation, it is still pretty far-fetched for men to ‘build a kid’ outside of Jollwood, and artificial insemination seems to propogate credence to the operative word ‘artificial’ and less emphasis on feminism.

  • Bill Hutchens

    transgender is a mental disorder, you cant fix those by altering genitals

    • pappy450

      You got it..Those pesky DNA and chromosomes have a way of sneaking through and “showing” just what they are, no matter WHAT their mentally deficient brain is SUPPOSEDLY “telling” them.

    • Jarhead

      There have been no reported successful vagina transplants ……. Y**E**T…….

  • Robert

    When Gay’s and Trans try to push that crap on children and undermined the parent’s and there beliefs. They are declaring war on not just parental rights but on Christianity. That makes me glad to see people kill them crazy homos

  • niknar

    I don’t see anything in Orlando’s statement calling for the dismissal of Yenor. All I saw was his exercising his rights of free speech in his rebuttal to what Yenor said. So now, who really is against free speech? It looks like the author of this article is against the free speech of anybody who criticizes Yenor. Free speech only for your side is no free speech at all.

  • a fool

    Let them show us their duel Reproductive instruments!

  • desert fox

    America and the traditions of the family have been wiped out by the left possibly by their unsatisfactory sex life and their confused roles in the human race.

  • drantigmo

    Well, thank the chemical industry, the plastic’s industry & the petroleum industry for blanketing our planet with gender-bending chemicals. You want atrazine, you want lined food cans, you want cheap formaldehyde-based building products? Then you want homosexuals. Simple as that. Want to get rid of the homosexual wave washing our country in immorality? Then clean-up the hormone-mimicking chemicals in our environment. Otherwise: the wave will be washing your beach too.

  • mensatim

    The problem is that most people and almost no one on the left knows how marriage became a legal construct in the first place. If you don’t understand the history, how can you understand the truth of marriage today?

    Marriage was only a religious construct for thousands of years. Around the year 1800, some countries realized that it would be best for children if their parents were legally married. What that meant was that one man and one woman would be legally responsible to, and legally responsible for a child. That was when they made marriage a legal, as well as a religious entity.

    Without the possibility of children, there’s no reason to call a relationship between two adults marriage. I have no problem with a legally biding agreement that gives other relationships the same rights as married couples, but, calling it a marriage is historically ignorant.

    The idea of letting minor children decide about either their sexual orientation, or their gender is contrary to thousands of years of human anthropology, history and social science. The left knows their Marxist playbook well, though. If you make the child an entity of the state, rather than the family, you can destroy a society much more quickly. That is their ultimate goal, destroy the family to build the Socialist society that they long for.

  • john

    To be a tranny is to be an abomination of nature. That is what everyone should be told…case closed

    • rivahmitch

      The simplest description is still the one in the dictionary, “FREAK”.

  • Charlie

    First : Let’s leave the children alone ,let the children be innocent like children should be. Children should not be even thinking about their sex or sexual situations at all.
    Second : There are two sexes with all creatures ( except worms , worms are asexual ) any so called sex change is just humans getting butchered by greedy doctors and pharmaceutical corporations . Even if a male has his genitals removed , hormones to grow breast and fake female openings the human is still male . Then there is the issue of suicide over 65% + of those that have their sex changed commit suicide .
    Third : Family values really do play a major part in preventing the mental illness that causes the mental illness to desire such bizarre warped action of the so called sex change .
    Why should our society support the desires of the mentally ill ? ? ?

  • jimdarnall

    Of course this professor is correct but America like many other nations has lost its moral compass. It’s most obvious in the liberally controlled colleges and therefore is brainwashing weak and ill informed youth minds. The day will come when all things are set straight. For no matter what these lost souls believe God’s truth will light up all the earth

  • Pamela

    How can this even be a logical discussion? There is only male and female all this other stuff is made up by some depraved minds. Or even a few bleeding hearts who want to celebrate ~ what ever… I’ll drink to THAT!!!
    Just seems blind dumb to me, that its gotten as far as it has, but then Sodom and Gomorrah had this same issue take over the minds of simple leaders. God had to fix the mess it was so far gone. I hate to have to say it, but it may take an act of God to fix this mess too.

  • One needs only go back a few years and read the objectives of the Communist party. One was to destroy the family and create free sex as a means to destroy any semblance of morality . The Communist have done an outstanding job and the only obstacles left is to grab all the guns and shut the mouths of Christians. They already control the Democrats.

  • alegalcitizen

    Well if you think those under 18 years of age are smart enough to know if they are a boy or a girl, and want to mutilate their bodies, WHY aren’t they going to college at 5 or 6, or voting for that matter. What a bunch of MORONS!

  • Dan

    Family values are hard to uphold when there are fewer and fewer families consisting of a male and female. Black families are said to be less than 50% with a mom and dad and I am sure the number of whites in broken families is growing. When we kick god out of our lives this is what happens. On a National Geographic TV station the other night Compton ( a part of LA) has a murder rate that is approaching 500, all black on black and kids out of broken homes to the tune of 75% of the homes. While this may not coincide with gay or transgender families it too shows that the traditional family may some day be in the minority and god help us then. With leaders like Obama and his friends they see this as appropriate and I think time will tell as more of these non typical families produce children without morals.

  • Robert Saul

    You have to wonder why the transgender advocate is so threatened by the professors argument. He doesn’t just assert the professor is wrong, he seems to need retribution for his opinion. Another example of the lack of tolerance for any opinion but there own by the progressive/liberal miscreants. So much for free speech on college campuses.

  • Shelba Herring

    Transgender is a joke little boys have always at some time or another played with dolls or girls toys and little girls have played with what some people consider boys toys or hobbies, some mothers will snatch the child up and dress the boys in girls clothes and declare them girls when the child is too young to realize what is going on, same goes for the girls. if these kids were left alone to play normally they would not have a problem identifying who they are and what sex they are when they are older

    • stopislaminUSA

      It all started with Ken.

  • GuardianFlame

    Let’s remember that this student is so typical of most higher education students. They think they know it all! Of course they are very naive about life in general and totally lack wisdom abt anything. But they sure believe they have the answer to our Social issues. THEY DEFINITELY DO NOT!

    Good luck telling them that they are way off center! REMEMBER, they are educated College students that have all the answers – all the answers but NO WISDOM NOR EXPERIENCE!

    Boise U’s Administrators handled this perfectly. I’m sure that student was upset when the University refused to remove the instructor. That’s a Life lesson for the student – don’t think you know everything – there’s always someone smarter than you!

  • RussellRightWing

    To all these people: Read your birth certificate. See what it tells you. If you disagree, go get a DNA test. If you still disagree, find a good shrink, for you have serious problems that need resolved.

  • Paul Anderson Ed.D.

    Thankfully he is not the only professor, that is standing for the family, and moral values. History just happens to reveal the consequences of human depravity. Civilizations across the globe, are in ruin as a result of moral decline. As militarily powerful as the U.S. is, God can still rdeuce it substance to ashes. As powerful as the ancient Roman Empire was, it lays in ruin, as a testimony to the moral decay of mankind.

  • sweetolbob

    “VERITAPHOBIA” ! A new phobia that the people who suffer from “Islamophobia”, “homophobia”and scores of other phobias and isms suffer from.
    It is the deadly fear of THE TRUTH !
    I encourage all the people who are sick and tired of being accused of one or another of these made-up, fairy tale tags, to use this Phobia that is real when referring to muslims, and their lies. It applies just as well to our Manure Stream Media and their “official anonymous sources”.
    Great word ! Doncha think ?

  • Amy Smithe

    THE ONLY REASON THAT FAMILY VALUES HAVE GONE THE WAY THEY HAVE, IS THAT THERE ARE THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATING OUR KIDS FOR A LONG TIME. IT IS SICK AND WE HAVE TO STAND UP AND SAY no! We do not have to accept anything that is against the basis of life, living and humanity that has and was defined long ago as to what is right, wrong and what is not acceptable! No one has to accept that which is against decency, human dignity, what is proven fact of science and faith in God. NO ONE has the right to push crap and nonsense on anyone….and those that think gays, trans and moronic such immoral things are acceptable and push that are dead wrong and we don’t have to listen to them. They have all the rights civilized humanity has but they think their quicks and sick ideologies ought to be as accepted and considered right as the things that are truly right, decent and are acceptable as civil. That Is satan talking and not what is right. There has to be rules of living and they were established a long time ago…they are NOT to be changed as what is right and what is wrong DOES NOT CHANGE FOLKS!! WHAT IS WRONG IS ALWAYS WRONG AND WHAT IS RIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND WHAT YOU HAVE TO DECIDE IS; DO YOU CHOSE TO BE RIGHT OR DO YOU CHOSE TO BE WRONG! INTELLIGENT OR IGNORANT, IMMORAL OR DECENT AND SO ON….THAT HAS BEEN THE LAWS OF LIFE SINCE THE BEGINNING of TIME and GUESS WHAT? IT HAS NOT CHANGED; WE HAVE just let these idiots push their brand of evil! People find it easier to turn from what is right and take on what is evil. It makes for a very horrific world too!
    Evil never wins in the end you know and evil begets evil—-so break the chain and reach for good and let’s pull together to make this a good nation and world again! Besides NONE of us gets out of here alive anyway!! MAke the right decisions and
    tell satan and evil to take a hike!

  • John D

    These ignorant students need to shut the hell up and listen. They may actually learn something.

  • Frank W Brown

    There are TWO, only TWO genders, everything else is MENTAL ILLNESS that needs treatment, QUEERS are an evolutionary DEAD-END, PERIOD!

  • R A Reed

    Ryan Orlando is entitled to his opinion just like Professor Yenor is. I agree with Yenor though. The LBGT group has de-humanized babies and children. Non gender specific, making life changing decisions for minor children for a cause not because it is right or correct. It is my personal opinion that bi is a moral choice and trans is a mental illness. Though there is yet to be any genetic, hormonal, or metabolic reasons for being homosexual, yet, I believe there needs to be more studies to find the answers. No I am not a homophobic, I believe their cause has been hijacked by the bi and the trans and is damaging their cause.

  • Tony Bertrand

    truth hurts, but is better than living with a lie

    • Barbara Sweeney

      I am having trouble reading all these comments. Gays and transgenders are not mentally ill, they were just born with mixed up hormones. Are they any different that a child born without a leg or an arm and gets a prosthesis. His birth doesn’t dictate that he lives his life that way. When I saw where the professor taught I realized that is Mormon country. That church still does not recognize those who are different than the norm, but I wonder what they do when they have a child who is not considered “normal” whatever that is!!

      • Tony Bertrand

        the tg’s are dealing with mental issues,, they cannot change the dna

  • jimmy9522

    Meanwhile these perverts mess up young peoples minds and tell them a bunch of garbage. First get some mental health help for the grownups.

  • mesaman

    What does a naive, semi-literate college kid know about the long term effects of sexual perversion? All this and he denounces a professor’s right to free speech; as if he were to avail himself of that basic freedom. The hippies may be dead and gone but their thinking seems more prevalent each year. Go little snowflake and don’t fret reality; it’s over your little head.

  • taliesin319

    The article is an opinion formed by one who has studied this issue. A person who does not agree states emphstically that the man who wrote the article ” should be punished ” the man who advocates punishment is just another person airing his opinion. He is not a special citizen any more than the professor is. Both are protected under the Constitution, and both are free to be offended. Neither have the right to advocate any sort of punishment for speaking their minds. Universities used to be areas which delighted in robust debate and discussion between people of differing ideas. Now they are areas of suppression and indoc- trination. Places sensible people should avoid like a plague and refuse to send their children to.

  • Richard Fox

    you say parents should do more with they kids you know
    that the kids do any thing they like the parents are to
    busy doing other things and why worry if two people the same sex
    get married when you don’t worry about parent of straight kids let
    them do what they want

  • vinny

    Shouldn’t part ways with Professor Yenor, they should part ways with you HOMOS!!!

  • Mary

    hate the sin, love the sinner

  • As a BSU Alum, I take issue with the fact that transgender issues DO undermine family values.

  • Daniel Lloret

    I love the student’s “correction” of the author: “Yenor seems obsessed with the idea of procreation within heterosexual marriage (which by the way is possible for queer folk)”
    No dimwit, Yenor is stating fact. Queer folk can only have children via adoption, or artificial insemination (lesbian couple needs so one else’s sperm, gay couple needs a surrogate, so, the queer folk CANNOT procreate BY THEMSELVES)…..math dictates the birthrate is drastically diminished. Heterosexual relationships are the most efficient means of procreation, and have been functioning steadily for millennia. No matter what is said, men are the ONLY beings with the XY human chromosome. And without them no humans are created……

  • 9400budlang8406

    It seems many of our current crop of college students have the common sense of a tree stump. Their core moral values have been destroyed by the very educators to whom their parents pay thousands of dollars. And when a professor comes along who sees things for what they are (think sexual perversion) the brainless students can’t help but follow their base Soros backed brain washing. This is the generation that wants to destroy the country that has so greatly blessed them.


    ITS ABOUT TIME CONSERVATIVE PROFESSORS START SPEAKING OF GODLY CORE PRINCIPLES…accountability-honesty-integrity-morality-respect-responsibility, traditional family VALUES!

  • KT

    All though this post is like 3 to 4 days old now…..! This is the Truth of the matter, the whole defiance of all these Feminist, Liberals, Progressives, atheist, anti-Americans, Politically Correct and out of their mind-Democrats are..satan’ s vessels to kill, steal and destroy this Nation. We were founded on Godly Christian principles!!!! This is a spiritual battle that takes prayer, fasting and the Word of God to win….and we will win….It is written! Revelations prophesied it! We win…..the righteous, God fearing, the sons & daughters of God! What is sad, these ones that have aligned themselves with the lawless one (satan)….are in danger of loosing everything, even life eternal.
    I pray they awaken to the Truth of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…..that He went to the Cross on their behalf and paid a price for their sins & died so they could have life eternal with God, because why? The God of all creation loves us! Bottom line!!!!

  • Jarhead

    QUEEERRR is the one word.

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