• Brennan Barrington

    Well, why not? There are much more efficient and less deadly ways to get people from point A to point B, and there couldn’t be a black market in guns if they were all illegal – when any gun’s illegal, it’s much easier to get rid of them.

    • Terry Hamblin

      What are you on Brennan?

      • parlayer

        just like there is no black market on Hemp.

      • Americans Wake Up

        He missed taking his medicine this morning.

    • Valor

      That qualifies as the dumbest remark of the day. RPGs, shoulder held SAMs and other such weapons are illegal. But if you know where to look you can get them on the black market. The criminals will always have them. In fact, when guns are illegal only the criminals and the government will have guns. With today’s government the line between criminals and government is becoming more blurred every day. That ought to make you feel really, really safe.

      • parlayer


      • Ian MacLeod

        ” RPGs, shoulder held SAMs and other such weapons are illegal.”

        I’ve always wondered WHY They NOT illegal according to the Second Amendment. “The right of the citizens to keep and bear ARMS shall not be infringed”. PERIOD. RPGs and SAMS are indeed “arms.” Or would you care to argue the point? The Founders were aware of large cannon in the ri time. You can bet they knew such things would be improved. For that matter, can you think of any other way to get rid of the aircraft bug-spraying us every damned day?

    • Forcercn

      Brennan – Drugs are illegal yet I can buy anything I want with a 45 minute drive. If gun sales have to go underground – hide and watch it happen with my blessing.

      • Don Dale

        45 minutes? Not for me, only 15

    • redneckwithskills

      Remember next time your watching and/or listening to the gov spox hole telling you you’d be better off without a gun, they are themselves surrounded by their own personal armed security detail.

      • Don Dale

        redneckwithskills, nice name! ”Where there’s a RedNek, There’s a way!”

    • Red diaper doper baby.

      • john doe

        …said the fan of the Grateful Dead.

        • Get a real life (and a real name, while you’re at it).

  • CarterSatherford

    The America-hating racist in charge wants to disarm the American people. And after that, God help us. Whites will be slaughtered by ISIS and Mexican drug cartel. End of story.

    • don

      even more sad, they will probably try to pass laws prohibiting us from using a firearm to defend ourselves, and loved ones, with; england DID pas a similar law.

      • john doe

        There already is that law.

        It’s called the law against MURDER.

        By the way, you folks shoot innocent people far more often than any one of you has ever used a gun in self-defense.|


    • john doe

      In reality, the very much non-racist, President Obama, (who is half white and half black making in virtually impossible to be a racist…he’d have to hate himself, or one whole side of his family) has not taken, nor tried to take, a single gun in the entire time he has been in office. No “whites” will be slaughtered by anyone, as our military will always be armed to the teeth. You are an ignorant, racist fool. End of story.

      • NoMoreWireHangers

        And you’ve been drinking too much of that Socialist flavored Kool-Aid.

  • Joseph Toth

    The people in California deserve everything that happens to them. They are sheep led by wolves. So my advice to those who have common sense get out while the getting’s good.

    • Randy Hiatt

      Not all of us are sheep, and not all of us can just”get out ” unfortunately

      • bobwhite

        Perhaps a fund could be created that would aid the few sane people remaining in California to relocate. I would donate to such a worthy cause.

        • ClaudeLath

          Put me on your list, or better yet help us to make another state out of the Northern Counties.

        • john doe

          Somalia awaits you. No laws and all the guns you can carry. I’ll help you pack.

          • bobwhite

            NAh, but I’ll help you and all your Libtard pals pack.

      • don

        if we had the here where with, my wife, myself and our horse, would be out of here (california)

        the sad part is; most of RURAL california is much like most of rural America. everyone who lives rurally is usually very independant, likes their privacy, normally, many have served in the military, loves horses and animals, HUNTS and fishes and EVERYONE has firearms and at least two dogs.

        yet, some city-slicker official, elected by city-dwellers, pass these oppressive, draconian laws that govern the rural residents.

        in many, if not most, cases, rural residents, are NOT given proper representation.

        • Don Dale

          And sooner or later them citified assholes will make it illegal just to chop n burn your own firewood. ‘Well, we all have natural gas’, no we don’t. Ya notice the same dip shits have outlawed analog tv, now if you don’t pay for cable all you get is static!

          • Backwoods Bob

            The digital switchover wasn’t about money- although for cable companies it was a natural byproduct- it was about governments ability to communicate secretly. Our corrupt federal and state leaders communicate on analogue channels via analogue devices. Since the digital switchover for the unwashed masses- they have analogue waves all to themselves. Now all electronics are made for digital transmission and will continue to be that way. When everything falls apart- and it will soon- we won’t be able to find out what’s really going on but only what our officials tell us what’s going on… Which of course won’t be the truth. Buy vintage radios and receivers that work on analogues and pay attention if you really want the truth- and have your family do the same if you want to communicate when our systems fail.

          • Will

            Man, Bob. I wish that you were wrong.

          • Backwoods Bob

            I wish I was wrong too… But unfortunately when it comes to our current administration, I haven’t been wrong yet. And if anyone thinks Obama is leaving the whitehouse in two years- well, he’s not. He’s living and making decisions like he doesn’t give a damn about voters- he knows something we don’t- he knows he’s the last US “president”. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. “Americans” wanted Obama and now they have him until death do they part. Unfortunately all of us are stuck with him

          • john doe


            You are HILARIOUS and seriously disturbed and paranoid. Get some help, pal.

            No, Bob. You’ve been wrong about this current administration EVERY SINGLE TIME. But you won’t find that out from watching Fox News and Alex Jones and reading Breitbart.

            When Obama leaves office in January 2017 will you come back here and admit that you were a paranoid, delusional jackass?

            I doubt it. Paranoid, delusional jackasses never do.

          • Backwoods Bob

            I am not paranoid because they are out to get you not me-stick that in you’re delusional pipe and smoke it libby

          • john doe

            I’m cracking up over the image of you and the rest of the backwater hicks holed up in your “luxury” outhouses, clutching your guns and your bible and stubbornly watching static on your TV.

          • Backwoods Bob

            says the man child who lives in mommy’s basement

    • bobwhite

      Common sense in California…….. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Kent2012

    my guess is the numbers of domestic violence calls will go up….

    • Mary Taylor

      I agree. They are certainly working hard on this so BO can start Martial Law and stay in power.

  • ABBAsFernando

    VILE LIBERAL SCUM want your guns for the SAME REASON Hitler did!

  • Frank W Brown

    krazy kalifornians have helped us get this…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
 run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a 
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
 cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment 
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
 nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

    • Mary Taylor

      I read it all. You nailed it. This is where we now live. Don’t forget the, What use to be wrong is now right and accepted and what was once right is now scorned and called hate, could even land you behind bars.

    • Don Dale

      In NYC you can’t buy the 24oz coke, but you can still get a dbl quarter pounder with cheese and a large frie! I really don’t think they thought that one through! And WTF is wrong with these banks that take down Our Flag because somebody complains ”It’s Offensive”?????
      But, there is a Catholic Church around the corner from me (north east Ohio) at 6pm every day they play a tune on the bells, lately they’ve been playing ‘America The Beautiful’, yes there is still a ray of hope for our country

    • Will

      It isn’t being run by idiots, but rather by cunning people with very bad intent.

  • ConservativeSenior

    Didn’t anyone in California ever read the Constitution? or just Mein Kampf?

    • PatHenry

      They are progressives who don’t believe in the constitution just like Obama.

      • john doe

        Progressives ONLY care about the Constitution. Conservatives only care about one amendment….and only part of it.

        They love the part about “shall not be infringed” but ignore the part about a “well regulated militia” or think the purpose of said militia is treason, as they fantasize about taking up arms against our country, and delusionally believe that Bubba and Cletus with their AK-47’s are going to defeat the US military with all it’s might and bombs and tanks and planes and drones.


    • ClaudeLath

      You guys talk like your the only elete people left in the world, damn give some of us old geasers a break. We can not just pick up and go like you young farts

      • ConservativeSenior

        Claude Lath, thanks for the laugh. I’m almost 68 so I guess that makes me an old geezer too.

  • Brenda Harrell

    Obama and his minions want us all disarmed so his mulims can slaughter us. It is Obama’s caliphate, and the other liberal moron liberal government falls for it every time. Don’t tell anyone you have a gun, so at least we can protect ourselves. I will never give into this Marxist government.

  • David in MA

    It’s still all about disarming the American people so the Obama Islamic Marxist agenda can be implemented with no resistance.

    • shafawn

      It used to sound like some kind of nutty conspiracy theory but more and more it sounds like the truth. I’m sure in 1938 Germany there were ‘nutty conspiracy theories’ the Jews dismissed.

      • Paul Dragotto


        • Don Dale

          Sounds toooo familiar, up in NY I knew an old bitch who, if you rightfully said anything against her family (like stay out of my yard) she would call DSS (dept of social services) and she’d file a false report, then they’d come and take your kids from you until you proved the report was false, which usually took about 6 months! I remember that from 1983, There is still nothing illegal about filing a false report! That’s the kind of shit that’ll start in Ca, you’re a terrorist until you prove otherwise

          • Krazeehors

            It is illegal in Texas.

        • ihatelibs

          They’re afraid , no there

        • Liberty

          And for every one of guns turned in, each of us buys 3…and the ammunition to boot.

        • john doe

          All-caps rage much?

          Paul…based on your all-caps, paranodi rage-fest I would say, YES, you are definitely the kind of person who should never be allowed to own a deadly weapon.

          And by the way? This is the internet. So now…EVERYONE knows you own a gun and that you are an extremely angry (and probably very lonely) person.

      • Paul Dragotto


        • john doe

          What do “secreat”, “gastapo” and “spyed” mean?

          Ohhhh….you must mean SECRET, GESTAPO and SPIED.

          You’re illiterate, Paul.

  • Darrell Murray

    Instead of addressing the real problems and issues, libs continue to feel an innate object is the cause of the violence that is progressing in our society. Just shows how out of touch the left is, there over 20,000 gun laws on the books, so one more will fix it. F**king idiots!

    • Don Dale

      They just don’t understand that they’re just hurting the men/women going to work every day, paying their bills, and just trying to keep what’s theirs. But it’s the gangsta wannabes that go round with their illegal guns shooting what n whoever they want, stealing, robbing, n raping, that actually create a need for laws. But, the liberals just think ‘ohh they’re just misunderstood and we should protect them’, by letting them rob you without the fear of getting filled with lead or rock salt!

      • bill

        just think that two of the ruling class of the US , the old fool brown and the LYING MUSLIM in the white house have released onto our streets over 30,000 convicted felons and are attempting to take away OUR means of protecting our familys and friends. that’s just two misguided elected elite. sadly Kalifornia has the three witches of eastwick here also that have been inflicted on the rest of the nation.

        • ClaudeLath

          You got that right, and try talking to one of them is like talking to a wall, they can not hear…

          • Will

            It was intentionally done, Claude. They didn’t do it not understanding the results. They are at least as smart as us on average, and are fully aware of these consequences. Racial divides are easily manipulated, and the divided races are expecting trouble from each other. When the largely law-abiding communities watch the government agencies begin slaughtering the criminal element, the law-abiding will agree. One small, externally hated, group at a time.

      • ClaudeLath

        Forget the damn rock salt, they want to rob or rape they get the real stuff.

      • Will

        They know Don. It just doesn’t figure into the equation. The Big deal is to disarm Americans that are cogent enough about the real expectation for tyranny in our future. Young (largely black kids) criminals, will be wiped off the map first. It seems obvious that the public is being stirred by the news, to hate the criminals in Ferguson, while the young criminals are being stirred to act as criminally as they feel like and blindly act out their ‘rage’ on the local community. This smells just like the Waco slaughter to me. Government getting ready to kill a bunch of ‘undesirables’ with the surrounding community’s support. When that starts, it will go town to town, in the bad neighbahoods, young mislead black kids will be ‘gotten rid of’. As soon as the population at large is disarmed, one small splinter-group (who is hated by the other splinter-groups) will be either ‘subdued’ or eliminated with the support of other Americans who can’t see their time coming too. I have a really bad feeling about these goin’s on. Tin-foil makes lousy body armor, but you just can’t say we (Americans) have successfully been divided and are prepped to be conquered.

    • john doe

      Haven’t stopped rape or murder with the current laws either so I suppose you advocate for getting rid of those laws?

  • Daniel Unruh

    Just like the Bible tells us. Brother will turn against brother. Leave to the Wacko’s in Calif. to start it! To bad an earthquake doesn’t dump that heathen state into the Pacific!!

    • Fedupwiththefeds

      What do Nevadans do every time California has an earthquake? They stand on the border with crowbars!

      • William McClure

        Well, they ought to throw Harry Reid over first.

        • Fedupwiththefeds

          From what I understand, the current Governor, Brian Sandoval, is going up against Reid when he’s up for re-election. Sandoval is a Republican and I believe he is the man to beat him. I can’t wait for that to happen. Reid got 3 counties in the last election but 2 of them were Clark (Las Vegas area) and Washoe (Reno area). Not even his hometown (Searchlight) voted for him. I’m betting Reid will be out soon.

  • Proud US vet/American

    Leave it to the most liberal, left leaning, socialistic State in America! This sure reminds one of all the things the NAZI’s and Hitler did in Germany before WWII to get the Jew’s in line and to the Concentration camps.
    Why don’t we just give California back to Mehico and dump the problem on their door step? LOL

    • bill

      the stupid ass jerry brown already did that when he told Nieto that Kalifornia welcomes Mexican nationals.

    • Mary Taylor

      They’re heavy in debt, might as well.

  • Keith

    Just another step. Start burying your firearms California. You WILL need to be able to dig them up some day.

  • Shauna

    stupid laws by stupid elected officials..shocker. So, will his relatives rat on him?

  • Gosha

    Absolutely. It is an ALL governments,ALL corrupt politicians DREAM to make people DEFENCELESS from their
    TYRUNNY. Just look what is going on RIHT NOW in the country`s were peope can`t defend themselves.
    Ukraina, Sirya, Africa, all over the world. An ABSOLUTE GENOCIDE.

  • Shauna

    oh and I’ll add…”Come and Take it!!!”

    • Terry Rushing

      Sounds like you are issuing an invitation to the “SWAT” goons who will be only too happy to raid your home at 5 AM, wearing their ninja suits and announce their presence by shattering your door. They will be only too happy to shoot your pets, destroy your property and humiliate your family before seizing your weapons.

      • Shauna

        I live in Texas….We don’t tolerate goons in our state…see, we have excellent red politicians who stay out of our lives and let us live free from the choking policies such as this freak, moon beam Gerry Brown. God Bless Texas and our elected officials here!

      • Don Dale

        Yep, and they’ll swear they were doing a ‘No Knock’ raid on a suspected drug house!

      • Bobby Riffle

        Sounds like your on their side, are you drooling ?

  • Gosha

    This message is for those, who is watching my computer, and don`t allow me to place my commenta on Facebook –
    F…..you. I was not afraid for the Soviet government, I am not afraid for you.

  • 1uncle

    California is more a Territory than a State now.
    No point in hiring/paying a governor. Pinocchiobama is in charge.
    We should have saved all we paid the Senate the past eight years. Rubber-stamps. An alien Resident in the WH.

  • William Fisher

    What did everybody expect? Commiewood is in California and they have immense pull especially with an old queen like Jerry Brown.

  • Don Dale

    Next thing we’ll know from Califoriwierd is that they’re offering a reward for your relative’s guns in the amount of what the guns are worth (to the state) and those fruits will fall for it

  • SickofPoliticks

    Shades of Nazi Germany.

    • bobwhite

      Yes indeed.

  • Frank Brady

    It’s not just this current usurper in the people’s house that wants to disarm the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known, he is just the latest in an ever growing fungus clinging to the hope of destruction, Americas’ Distruction, then the disarmed masses will be humbled to the knees and willing to accept whatever evil the 1% can contrive.
    Unfortunately for them the lessons of history have been ignored, the spirit of liberty was never absorbed by them, either by hardship or sacrifice; so, they are destine to fail and destroy most of humanity with them on their meteoric plung into those dark days ahead.
    At this point life or death is of no concern;however, the projection of liberty and freedom for the generations to come is!
    This is what the shadow has not and will not concede, the Human Spirit will outlast the evil they can employ and at the end of the story, whenever that may be, the good and decent people will out-will the evil.
    But, for now we must endure the decept, the lies and the evil that we see all around us, and hopefully we will remember our motto that – “United We Stand” and if we do that no force on this earth can prevail above US…

  • MrPissonyourgrave .

    When I lived in commiefornia-I didn’t report ANY OF MY WEAPONS! NONE! if you’ve got it don’t say anything, go into states like AZ and NV and get those “high capacity mags”(Which are just normal capacity-free man capacity if you will), don’t register anything. That state is one earthquake away from Gun confiscation-remember how the “authorities” reacted to that……..

  • akoby

    We only have to look to history to see how well ratting on your neighbor works. Remember the Salem witch trials? Spying programs don’t work, they become a tool for the petty to wreak havoc in society.


    i FIGURE ITS NOT REALLY RATTING ON YOUR RELATIVE If they have a mental problem the relatives would be the first to know about it, and can help everybody that’s around them. Even the person themselves, Especially the family period. Common sense goes a long way. If i had a sick relative i would rather the police took his gun first. Every one has to give a little.

    • Ian MacLeod

      EVERY big problem started out small and those who “just need to give a little, just to begin with” often end up giving it ALL, leaving them with nothing while The Enemy has and always HAS HAD whatever they wanted. They’re willing to start small – just take guns away from anyone with “mental problems,” no matter if those problems do not interfere with their ability to choose when and how to use the weapon appropriately. THAT is the tiny hole in the dike they intend to expand into a flood! How long, I wonder , before they decide that ANYONE who was stationed in a War Zone MUST have PTSD, and so cannot own a gun? I don’t recall any such restriction in the Constitution. Does anyone else? Oh, but that’s right – “THEY” don’t follow the Constitution if it’s inconvenient. Why should they? Washington ISN’T really the Capital; it’s a bunch of corporations masquerading as the government. They have NO REAL, LEGAL AUTHORITY outside of D.C. We just believe the lies and THINK they do. A Common Law Court could settle this in a heartbeat, though! And as far as I know, the States cannot override the Constitution either, can they? It’s that Constitution that binds us together as a country, and not just a bunch of states with close physical proximity but few other ties.

      Jondo, wouldn’t it depend on exactly what KIND of sickness your relative – or friend or whomever – actually has? Read some real history, ASAP! Every time they start taking SOMEONE’S guns, eventually they take them ALL. When only the “government”, legitimate or not, has all the guns, the citizens find that they have become SLAVES. It’s sad to think that in America we MUST have guns to back up the Constitution, but they’ve had us asleep for a long, long time. It’s going to take a while, since the corporate leeches and their tools took over, to put us back on a footing of reasonable laws (NOT designed to make us slaves) and adherence to the Constitution, which, I’m sure you’ve noticed, Obama and every appointee of his absolutely LOATHE! it’s the Constitution of a free country, a free PEOPLE, That’s a horribly frightening thing for the wannabe oligarchs. And it’s desperately needed, NOW!

      • JONDO

        Yes it would depend on the illness Mac, i know this government we have in thr right now would use the flu to get your gun. I am talking about bullies and hotheads who take one drink and are ready to fight over nothing even people that are overly jealous can be set off over nothing, road rage is a sickness to, a lot of that stuff has to be sorted out, Hell the first thing they want to do to our soldiers when they come home is take away thr weapons because thr under stress, Well! Who made them that way. THe government did..Its like growing old one min. and then go back to wearing diapers again the next, Life is a bitch most of the time. I am 76 years old i made it but how many of the young people going to be that lucky I lived while we were free, but the good old days are gone now. We have a Rogue and corrupt government that has ruined all that for every one Back then you could shoot a trespasser, without being arrested you could defend yourself without being arrested, But now days when you go to work you can be arrested because the government and the law wants to steal your hard earned money.,The illegals dont and wont work and the law leaves them alone,They break our laws they are turned loose, American breaks the law they go to jail, Why is that ? Matter of fact the law helps them break our laws. They bring diseases into our country and no one does anything, one of our soldiers strays into Mexico and he is still in prison. And i will guarantee its not a state of the art prison where thr putting all these illegals who are flooding into our country illegally. Thr not only dying to get into our country, they cant wait to go to one of our prisons. With the new prisons like ours who wants to do a stupid thing like work. Its just like Welfare.Whats an illegals favorite past time ? Aside from drinking, its shoplifting, and Pelosi calls that a job.

      • notation

        Your relatives should have you committed, Ian. I’ll bet they’d like to.

  • 1LTLos

    First Constitutional Provision is that we can own, possess firearms. It is legislators who are so willing to draft bills that are contrary to the rule of law that must be stopped – Not a firearms owner. A governor or a judge who is so stupid that they cannot respect that such a law is a violation of whom ever is snitched on is absurd~! – This is an old liberal trick – They dont have a record then make one! To snitch that uncle so and so has firearms and … is just bullshit. We must act to have Jerry Full MOon bone head Brown repeal that law he just signed – its crap!

  • Scott Mullen

    This same destroyer of american values is for letting anyone come into the state of ca.from the southern border.i’ve listened to this marxist pos speak,he’s despicable. Ca. was not like this back in the late 80’s when i lived there.it is a real shame because it is a beautiful state,especially up north in the mountains.

    • bill

      true .. the people up north wanted to split off and form a new state but the commie/socialsts and fluffers in frisco and lost angeleeese voted it down.

  • Anne Immelnut

    The good people of CA actually elected ol’ governor Moonbeam again…people should have to pass an intelligence & basic history test before they can vote!

    • bobwhite

      Your suggestion would eliminate most Democrats from voting. That’s a good plan.

    • BigC

      As those should who vote in presidential elections; nationwide!

    • Shauna

      amen to that…and the same people who put him in probably didn’t know moon beam tried to pass a bill attempting to tap into your 401k’s…truly sad…don’t get me started on Pelosi…she was rubbing the feet of illegals on Easter..buawhahaha! I wonder if she has the ebola now?

      • Don Dale

        All I hear is complaints about that nutty biotch, a lot of them out of California. Just makes ya wonder, how does that fruitcake stay in office? VOTING FRAUD!

  • yachty

    IT is really time to impeach Brown and Obama!

    • Don Dale

      If we can’t legally impeach them, then we can just come together and overthrow the traitors! It worked in 1776, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work now!

  • Skip Plummer

    They just outlawed plastic bags, too. If they were to find you transporting your pistol in a plastic bag… Sacramento just may go into a melt-down mode!

    • bill

      amen skip … I’m going to rustle your statement for the good folks on huffpost and townhall.

      • Skip Plummer

        Thanks Bill. I’m the reckless type. I store all of my pistols in plastic bags, anyway!

  • Roy Austin Smith

    Cold war communist> Jerry brown has to go

  • Judge Ely

    I donated $500 to CALGUNs and I hope they will sue the hell out of the state and put this law up where the sun does not shine on Moonbeam Brown. California Vote Republican and send Moonbeam back to the Moon. He should never been elected in the first place. He is a triple dipper. Retirement form being governor last time, Mayor of Oakland, and Attorney General. I can remember when he tried to take the guns away from I believe it was the Berkley PD. He is a real winner. Linda Ronstadt (sp) was smart enough to get rid of him years ago. Smart Woman. Wake up California.

  • alaskat

    These imbeciles parroting the one life saved justifies anything lie need to look at the history of tyrants around the world.They’ve murdered tens of millions of unarmed or disarmed citizens, and our present tyrants in the U.S.A. are no different than those who preceded them. The sword of the Spirit, however, remains in the scabbard, and you can do something to prepare for its withdrawal. Have a talk with God about how to join the winning team through the sacrifice of Christ.

  • Yehoshuafriend

    O-Well maybe ISIS will first rid California of its only gun toting residents, politicians. Then California citizens will have some peace again, with their AK-47 in hand. Shalom!

    • Don Dale

      Go back to what ever sand pit you came from!

  • bobwhite

    That fumbduck law doesn’t negate the 2nd. Amendment. There should be travel restrictions to and from that insane asylum called California.

  • bill

    IT IS NOT JUST RELATIVES … IT IS ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SWEAR OUT AN AFFADAVIT AGAINST YOU. piss someone off driving or walking thru a door or disagreeing with someone can be used to start a complaint. and if you think that in Kalifornia , or for that matter NY or Mass. , that you will get your property back if and when YOU prove you are not a danger you’re gravely mistaken.

  • Mary Taylor

    It’s bound to happen. It’s up to us on how far this will go. I think we’re the only country in the world that allows its citizens to be armed. I could be wrong. I do know that without arms we can be led like sheep to the slaughter!

  • don

    gun control is more about CONTROL.

    i have been a resident of California since 1956 and have been a firearms owner since before that.

    when we came here from Oklahoma, it was not uncommon to see rifles and shotguns carried in the back windows of pick up trucks or to see a man walking down the street wearing a sidearm. now days, that would create a panic and bring down a SWAT team ready to kill the person carrying the firearms where they stood.the attitude is: “If you have a firearm, you MUST be a terrorist, or a murderer.”

    i’m far more concerned about the way shyster, irrational, dysfunctional, illogical, legislators, use their legislative powers than i am of firearms owners who legitimately purchase firearms through the distorted, convoluted, laws we have here, legally. they hold the belief that firearms owners do not possess the capability, knowledge and responsibility to use those firearms in a proper, legal manner; even in legitimate self-defense.

    there is an irrational fear amongst legislators of semi-automatic handguns and what they perceive as “Assault rifles”; the much feared AR-15 and AK-47 in the hands of a law-abiding citizen, YET, every law enforcement agency in the nation is issued AR-15’s, Ruger mini-14’s and even, in some cases, AK-47’s and…most have switched over to semi-automatic handguns from the once familiar double-action revolver.

    they so fear, and loathe, these firearms they have attempted to enact legislation to prevent a parent from willing their offspring the firearm(s)…their (legislators) biggest fear? that someone will walk into a legislative session and open fire on them.

    there are many, many, proposals submitted each and every legislative session pertaining to firearms, their use and their ownership; most are ill-conceived, poorly thought out, poorly written, and most do NOT meet constitutional scrutiny. most legislators do NOT consider the 2nd amendment as the peoples right to own and bear firearms as being a right, but as a privilege…the 2nd amendment DOES give the people the RIGHT to own and bear firearms and it’s been supported by the SCOTUS.

  • BigC

    It NEVER ceases to amaze me how these fools can continue to elect this trash to rule them, Brown, Pelousy, Watrers, Boxer, Feinstein, et al! They deserve ALL the misery they’re going to get, it’s too bad there are a lot of good conservative people there who are going to suffer along with them !

  • Robert Freedom

    This info might even wake up a democrat every one should see this google NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS, FREEDOM LAW SCHOOL, IS THE IRS PART OF THE U.S. GOVERENMENT? same question at http://www.youtube.com and see http://www.commieblaster.com and http://www.uhuh.com

  • mesaman

    Ya, ist gut! Herr krankenkopfengovernor Braun and his dumb asses have created the perfect anomaly, a gestapo squad using communistic tactics. How quaint. This will create mass paranoia, then mass hysteria, and finally open rebellion. Mao Tse Tung is probably smiling his cheekiest smile upon hearing of your efforts. May satan find a suitable crevasse for you!


    People that are sick and shouldn’t be around a gun should be ratted on if that’s what you want to call it, I call it self preservation for you and other families.Sure the law is going to abuse it, but if your going to let this dictator get away with what he is doing ,Why worry about the other stuff. I know several people i dont trust around a gun, they just haven’t got common sense at all.

  • Lizard

    They seem to be doing every thing under sun to dis arm America so Muslim’s can start beheading American people .. Not going to happen real easy i will fight for my right to own Guns

    • Don Dale

      I forfeited my right to own (’68 gun control act) but I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder and defend your rights right with ya!

  • Laurence Almand

    Another gun-grabbing trick. This law will make every law-abiding gun owner the target of any malicious relative who is willing to lie in order to seek revenge on a brother, sister, husband, etc. You can be sure the Malicious Mother-In-Law (and there are plenty of those) will use this law to get back at a son-in-law she doesn’t like.
    The NRA should fight this absurd law. After all, who is to say who is lying? Have these jerky “law makers” never heard of Burden of Proof?
    I can hear do-gooder Dianne Feinstein cheering over this law!
    Law-abiding gun owners who are lied about (there will be thousands) should take steps to sue for defamation of character if Mommy-In-Law decides to engage in spiteful lying.

    • Don Dale

      I bet there won’t be any law against filing a false report to retrieve arms. Every mother n sister inlaw would be calling in on somebody! ”Ohh he owns a gun! It might hurt somebody! I’m scared!” And I bet the calls will be all confidential and better protected than somebody’s mental records!

  • gregz

    California voters are 100% stupid! We, in NY boast that NY voters are only 99% stupid! Thank God that there are 48 states that may tip the balance of stupidity. The POSIC would think that there 55 states that may tip the balance.


    (Isoroku Yamamoto’s Diary had these words To attack the American’s by land would be suicide behind every blade of grass is a gun.)

    Strip them of there ability to defend them selves and demoralize them with the burdens of over taxation and destroy there economy and KILL OF HALF OF THEM AND we have our slavery!


  • adrianvance

    Jerry Brown has long been a deep socialist. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  • ihatelibs


  • backrow

    What do you expect from the left coast, more elitists trying to control every aspect of life, they are not content to let each person to live their life as they see fit, they want to tell you how to live each day, what to wear, what to eat, where to live. They seem to hate freedom, and those that desire to live free.

  • Frances Parker

    Like most Democratic run states, it is the people in the cities that make the laws for everyone else because there are more of them congregated together. Then if they move to another state they try and bring their nonsense there. They are like cockroaches, they keep multiplying. Californians moved to Kalispell, Mt. and have made them a very Liberal City. A once quite area now full of Californians and Washington idiots who don’t want to fit it, but change government to fit them. People are going to have to put their foot down and say no. They ruin their states and then move on to another until we all are as screwed up as they are.

  • Liberty

    California wants so badly to have a “Turn ’em-In-Program”? Anyone want to suggest they start with illegals?

  • hows this… buy bullets everyday… buy gun related items everyday. buy a gun as often as you can.. when you spend money on something it sends a message…. money moves politicans for sure……

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