• Barbara Johnson

    Gee Gerry I do not think you have a leg to stand on in a suit of this nature and I do mean nature. The warming climate theory has holes punched in it from scientists all over the globe and I certainly trust their judgement over your cockamamie law suit any day and any way.

    • Deborah Pratt

      I’d love to see this thrown out of court as ‘frivolous’ by the judge!! However, we are talking about California, aren’t we!! The article states these actions are being taken against Pres Trump for the sole purpose of drawing ‘attention’ to themselves but, one has to ask the ‘quality’ of attention they’re getting!! It seems to me that most of it is negative and turning people against them. Brown is simply proving himself to be a ‘non’ patriot and totally against the well-being of this country! Many of the more ‘traditional’ California citizens are angry and disgusted with what he has done and is doing to their state!! He really needs to be removed from office!

      • Roland Lau

        Should start a recall and get him out of office. He is using the state’s $$$$ for frivolous lawsuits. Just recall him like we did to one governor sometime back!

        • John Williams

          A recall, right, remember the fruits and nuts reelected him a second time, after they already knew what an idiot he was.

          • James Rederburg

            Sorry! His first election resulted in a plastic toy, called Governor Jerry; you wind it up and it does nothing for four years! No one knew WHAT he was like, since he was in his office watching cartoons all the time. The only thing I heard about him, was when he was trying to get a date with Linda Ronstadt. There was no standard by which we could evaluate him for doing nothing.

          • Consuelo

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      • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

        The LT Governor is planning to be the next. He is just as bad. Citizens must make a change if they want to survive.

        • Edward Beadle

          Sadly California voters are t oo dumb to get us out of the “PRI-esque” government we have given ourselves! We got what we deserve for our stupidity!

          • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

            I find it amazing that the government thwarts federal law but needs disaster relief. They want to leave and form their own country but can’t survive isolated. If you don’t clean up voting rolls, it will get worse.

          • Edward Beadle

            The “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. Socialists don’t want the rule of law, only the taxpayer money! True Federalism and true Capitalism and going back to the basics are what we need to do. Get rid of RNC and DNC, birds of a feather; once were a bloc. Have true conservatives running a small national government and local governments taking care of the main needs of the people. We need to get and keep the religious based organizations involved to get rid of the welfare state. No more hand outs. Welfare continues through the prison system as well. That must go back to basics. Etc…

          • Gerry Costa

            Even then you will have states like california and New York that are controlled by 2 or 3 larger cities who unfortunately have the most votes.

          • TexasCoyote1

            There are really two very different Californias. I feel sorry for the conservative Californians who have to live with what we perceive as stupidity by the representatives of that state.

          • Edward Beadle

            I am one of the conservative Californians. I also sought to learn history and to keep my mind free from the kool-aid the liberals imbibe. We have a tough road. We need more leaders like Pete Wilson to lead the state. He was right and the liberals hated him for it. Too bad we did not heed his warnings!

          • James Rederburg

            Jerry Moon Beam gave the illegals free drivers’ licenses, so they can out vote the citizens! We the people, have no representation!

          • Laurence Almand

            Edward – So true! People vote for the incompetent Socialist politicians, then complain about the huge taxes they have to pay, and the bad services the state provides.
            Just whose fault is it? People get the government they deserve.

          • Edward Beadle

            The fault lies with us, we fail to learn from history. We do not teach or learn history in school anymore. We fail to learn about the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence anymore. They were required when I was in school in the 60’s and 70’s. Now everything is revised with a liberal/socialist bias. We fail to speak up. We fail to demand better standards for our children and grandchildren. To quote the Terminator movie, “only the fate we create!”

          • lionel

            count me out of that group, I NEVER voted anything except Republican. But here I am in the minority after all this time.

          • Gerry Costa

            I find it very hard to believe that a rational person would even live in that state.

          • Lee Smith

            Sadly enough but the state is mostly Demo and they will not vote anything but Demo. I remembered Brown’s first term in office and his fathers. Both the same mind set. Did not want him in again but I’m not Demo so I lost. AG will not be any better.

          • Edward Beadle

            The scarier thought is, who his heir will be. If we do not wake up and break this cycle now, it will only get worse. Moonbeam gave t”transgenders” the right to use any public bathroom they want. The aftermath to date is a “transgendered” person raped a 10 year old girl in a woman’s bathroom. Right and wrong, morality no longer exist here..

        • Laurence Almand

          Gavin Newsom is another Socialist dork who will only increase the state’s already huge debt of more than $94,000,000,000!!
          The voters of CA have only themselves to blame for the mess they are in – and the huge taxes they have to pay.
          And what about that billion-dollar boondoggle called the Bullet Train? How much money is wasted on that useless project?

          • Edward Beadle

            That money pit is a bottomless chasm. there is no end in sight. It will never finish as long as socialists like EGB are in power.

          • Got to agree about Ol’ Gavin, he is another communist idiot pretty boy, who does not cre one bit about the people of CA! Hell, they don’t even care about themselves!!

          • mtman2

            They’re rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as the band played on saying – “someone will save us”.
            And the sharks just waited…

          • AFVET

            California is burning! How do these fires start? Wait for the big one and it will fall into the sea. So sad.

          • ipsd48

            The last one? /Started by another illegal

          • James Rederburg

            Paid for by Soros/Hillary!

          • BatGuanna

            Well it is I would think that these do not start on their own or do they, I bet Al Gore has an answer. I do not think it is the climate change but someone with matches?

          • BatGuanna

            I have wondered for years how do they have these fires every year, this one was identified and now what are they going to do with him?

          • James Rederburg

            Jerry Moon Beam takes money from one project and applies it to another, so who know what he did with that bullet money?

        • OldHighlandGuyOne

          Oh no, the Lt. Governor is not just as bad….he is worse.
          Gavin isn’t senile like Jerry Brown and that makes him even more dangerous than Moonbeam.

      • ipsd48

        Not the SOLE purpose. Ancillary to it is to slow the progress of Trump’s agenda

      • elmcqueen3

        This is why so many of these liberals to include my brother who have moved out of California to greener pastures such as Oregon which has become a nesting place for displaced liberal Californians like by brother…I hope he’s reading this…lol

    • “The warming climate theory has holes punched in it”
      This pretty much shows the mindset of ‘total conservatives’.
      They willl keep saying that even as oceans rise as the temperature trends up. Forget logic. God will save you. And the earth is 8000 years old. Yeah right.

      • chuckkel

        Climate is controlled by the sun. Output varies on a sun cycle.
        Surface temperatures have gone down over the past 100 years. Measurements from poor surface ground stations statistically have been 3-5 degrees over actual, but many have been updated now. Oceans have only risen a few millimeters over the past 100 years, more accurate now with the ocean buoys. Only a handful of religious people believe that the earth is only 8,000 years old, that is not the common belief among christians. Supposed scientists can only get grants if they investigate climate warming, those who do the opposite do not. Hopefully Trump with make research monies available to both sides.

        • Let all of the global warming people keep on going. The more they rave the more they will have to take back as we go deeper into the Grand Solar Minimum that has begun. It is going to get very bitter cold and may stay that way for 100 years or more. Hot is far easier to live with than bitter cold. Burning fossil will not make it warmer but will help food grow better. When it gets colder, food is going to get very scarce and lots of people will die. We should be planning for this, not worrying about global warming.

          • ipsd48

            You mean the Mauder Minimum? That’s been suggested but it will be decades before any proof can be collected……………just like the liberal claim of ‘glo bull warming’

        • drantigmo

          No, the only money the liar-in-chief makes available goes to him or his lackeys. You want science? Then why did you vote for a moron?

      • a fool

        You are A True FOOL! I am a fool for God Who was, is and shall forever be! You will meet HIM upon your death, that is without any doubt!! At that Moment, you couldn’t even say: “Oh , God, I am sorry, I did not know you are REAL…” I would not want to be in your shoes!

      • davesop

        You are reading the wrong tea leaves. The oceans are not rising and the temps are not rising. Oceans are actually falling slightly because the ice caps are growing and taking up sea water.

        • John Williams

          The long term trend, for oceans rising is correct, they have been rising for thousands of years, if not millions, at issue, it has nothing to do with man caused or industrial, they have been rising long before any industrial revolution. Those who keep promoting man caused are simply trying to justify their reasoning on a possible, in the grand scheme of the age of the earth, a tiny blip in a very short period of time. Temperature, ocean levels, ice thickness or the stock market, nothing moves in a straight line. I have always believed that those governments who really push this climate change fiasco, are after one thing, and that is total control on every aspect of our lives. Think about it if you were one of the despots, dictators and globalists, what better way to control the masses than to pick something that affects every man woman and child; then get them to believe that only said dictators, despots and globalists could help save you from yourself. I am old enough to remember “global cooling” if memory serves we all should have froze to death in the dark by now, then came “global warming” that blew up in their face, so now we have the climate change fiasco. Absolutely ANYTHING can be blamed on climate change, from cow farts to hurricanes. I am not a climate “denier,” the climate changes all the time, as it has every day for billions of years.

          • ipsd48

            well, thousands anyway. Ocean levels lower during ice ages as more water becomes trapped in the ice

          • John Williams

            As I said, nothing moves in a straight line, there are peaks and valleys, but still a general trend.

          • TrueAmerican

            well it’s not the oceans are rising it’s the land that is sinking, with all of the runoff into the rivers and oceans taking dirt with it casing the water elevation to naturally rise fill a glass of water 3/4 and then dump a Cup of Dirt/sand/ etc. into it what happens? the water flows out of the glass. this stuff is NOT rocket science. it has NOTHING to do with Icebergs melting.

          • John Williams

            Pass that on to al gore, the guy who invented the internet, he must have missed the memo.

          • TrueAmerican

            that Dip Shit missed the entire book on reality not just the memo

          • John Williams


      • dutchman123
      • Laurence Almand

        I’m a conservative, but the Total Conservatives are just a lot of backward crackpots who cannot accept the facts of the real world.
        Yes, the climate is warming – the glaciers are proof of that. And the Creation Myth is just that – a silly myth created by ancient, ignorant people.
        When the oceans start invading coastal cities like Miami – which is already happening slowly – the Totals will have to wake up.

        • Laurence Almand, Thanks for the reminder that a conservative can actually be sane. 🙂

        • ipsd48

          You pick one of the worst cases for your claim. Miami, like most of florida, is built on the remains of an ancient coral bed. the ocean isn’t rising………the remaining sand is washing away.
          (and that probably has as much to do with all the seawalls and harbors built in the last century as the collapsing coral/sandstone structure)

        • drantigmo

          No they don’t have to wake up: they’ll just deny and blame Obama.

      • Keep it up as we continue into the Grand Solar Minimum. You will probably starve to death and find out about God.

      • bob breglio

        You must have missed the recent article showing that there have been over 400 papers just this last year punching holes in that absurd “theory”, which is all it is.. How about you use head for something more than a butt plug.

        • drantigmo

          Citation please.
          Over 90% of the world’s real scientists NOT bought by big oil conclude we are in for a disaster. You are just a stupid moron wanting cheap gas. Choke and die on your cheap gas so we who have already evolved can get this mess fixed.

      • ipsd48

        So tell us, where has the ocean risen…………not counting neap tides?

      • drantigmo

        thank-you for a voice of sanity in a hillbilly-moron landscape. Just to say: I believe in a Creator, not some guy in the clouds wearing white robes but the real “intelligent design” reality.
        As a scientist there are too many issues, especially biochemistry, that says there is something running under the current. But I also believe life’s goal is to meet the Creator. On our own. We wouldn’t get there fighting, polluting, poisoning each another.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      There’s a good reason he is called “moonbeam”!

      • luckymegc

        yeah he’s nuts.

      • Laurence Almand

        Brown is now 79 and should have retired ten years ago. There should be a law mandating retirement for all politicians at age 70. They become senile and incompetent and still stay in office! Fumbling Feinstein is now 84 – get rid of that old socialist. She should also have retired 15 years ago.



    • pmbalele

      What -California’s Governor Wants to Sue Trump! I think Trump has a very incompetent Attorney General – Sessions. Sessions is going around the Country campaigning for 2020 GOP WH nomination. Trump should stop Sessions from spending money for his 2020 WH campaign now. But also I wonder why Trump is letting Dr.Carson promote his invention during office hours.

    • Matlonc

      Hey barb- hope you don’t live out there. NONE of those far left wing idiots would ever win any election without the illegal votes and they know it. IF and i Mean IF they ever had a voter id law california could be saved. Since they never will they have become a “ward of the state” , “giant welfare case”, and WE ARE PAYING FOR ALL OF IT even though I live in Indiana. By the way as you so eloquently stated “global warming” garbage has been debunked (as hillary the fat old liar likes to say) time and time again but you don’t ever hear about it – it takes effort to look things up so the left wingers keep everybody out there “dumbed” down with socialist teachers and NOW the legalized pot will make them even “dumber”. Why can’t those people see they are being used?

    • ipsd48

      But as long as they can find a sympathetic liberal judge the case will go forward

    • pmbalele

      Did you hear this – Special counsel Mueller is about to jail somebody as relates to Russia investigation? I hope Mueller is not jailing our president Trump now. It is too expensive to elect another one now; and I am not ready to have Pence as new president. Pence is anti-progress in this Country. Pence would be perfect as president in Iraq, Somalia, S. Arabia, Kuwait, Libya and Iran. These countries do not believe women are regular people. Please Mr. Mueller do not jail our president now; wait until his term is done in 2020. I will pay for his one way ticket to Trump Tower.

    • Mamacat

      exactly.. they don’t tell you about the scientists who do not believe in this garbage of global warming.. I used to have a website of some of those scientists who do not agree but I lost it… NO one is going to change the climate.. Mother nature does that all by herself… it has a lot to do with the sun and the moon as to what happens with the weather…
      Global warming is nothing but a way for these idiots to steal money from the people and line their pockets…

    • drantigmo

      “….warming climate theory has holes punched in it from scientists all over the globe…..” citation please.

    • dude

      i agree there is no such thing as global warming that is caused by man made greenhouse gasses …if it warms it will be because it’s done it a lot of times before history and science has proved that …so that’s the way GOD designed it to happened and there is nothing anybody can do about it… it supposed to happen that way …so pull out of that deal and spend to money on something worth while either our border wall that we need more than anything else or prosecuting hillary and bill clinton which we want more than anything else

  • Helga miller

    What is in it for moonbeam? You always have to ask that! Does he have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

    • John C.

      I suspect what moonbeam has is a rare form of cancer of the brain

      • ipsd48


    • niknar

      I suppose he does. He certainly acts like he’s looking out for the future of Americans, contrary to what you see from federal Republicans, including the Trump administration, who are recklessly endangering our future just to prop up corporations, including the dying coal industry

      • NoRaceNoRacism-byANYONE

        Looks are deceiving.

      • davesop

        Corporations, when they are not taxed to death, invest money in capitalization and growth. This usually means that more people have meaningful jobs, more money to purchase things and subsequently other small businesses are created to support the new needs of those who now can afford more. Econ 101.

      • Shecky

        lol…living here in Kalifornistan the court jester better known as moonbeam should be tested for a brain. This idiot pushed through his ammo registration….as of the 1st of the year we have to have a background check to buy ammo…??? So the criminals just have to make a trip to Arizona or Nevada and load up….moonbeam is an idiot. The San Joaquin valley….he’s pushing to have all older trucks banned. Let’s see, I’m 62 with a 13 year old Ford 1 ton 4×4 crew cab dually, 7.3 diesel. Go buy one now….base price for this same truck is $82,000. I’ll turn my truck in when this idiot has it’s replacement sitting in my driveway NO CHARGE….other wise he can go pound sand. By the way, he just added .16 cents per gallon on gas and .20 cents per gallon on diesel…to already the highest taxed gas in the US. Guess they robbed our vehicle fees and didn’t have the money to fix our roads. Yep, spent billions on illegals…GFY and anyone that would think this moron is doing a good job.

        • Laurence Almand

          Shecky – The voters of CA have only themselves to blame, since they elect these Socialist dorks who hate the working middle class. Brown gets $165,000 a year for doing almost nothing, living expenses paid by the taxpayers, so what does he care?
          Now that CA is a Sanctuary State there will be millions of criminals pouring in, so be prepared for another round of huge tax increases.

          • Shecky

            Ya know we have a real problem with illegals and non-Californians here. First the illegals…since you think we all (I’ve never voted democrat) vote these idiots in, ill put you into the class of voting obeyme in. He made our border patrol into a lame duck operation. We’ve have illegals pouring through because of him. Next, we have more liberals moving here from east of the Rockies than any other state. Heck, look at hollyweird…..google 10-20 actors, then look at where they were born. Now look where they reside….we’ve taken YOUR idiots in. So, get off that high horse and help us…it’s probably going to come down to a civil war…I’m ready…are you?

        • niknar

          Finally a politician who will stand up to the fossil fuels industry & NRA, & do the things that need to be done in order to turn our country in the right direction!

          • Shecky

            So, you want all those jobs gone…? Typical dimwit. The NRA stands up for our 2nd Amendment….oh, that’s right you communist/socialist idiot don’t believe in our Constitution…wish I could catch you in the cross walk. Why don’t you move to one of those countries that believe you don’t have any rights?

          • niknar

            We have to change things around & stop working just for the corporation with no thought to the consequences for the rest of us.

            The 2nd Amendment was never meant to make us a fortress like it is today. If our founding fathers had realized it would be misinterpreted to mean that everybody should be carrying guns around, they wouldn’t have written it this way.

            I believe strongly in the democratic principles on which the USA was founded, & am very concerned about the efforts of Russia & their allies in the Trump White House, Republican Party & right-wing media to undermine our Constitution & exacerbate division in our country. Instead of supporting this subversion of our erstwhile democracy into a fascist corporatocracy, please move to the autocracy of your choice, be it Russia or North Korea.

          • Shecky

            Again, you don’t like the millions of jobs that big oil brings us? Where would YOU find those jobs?

            You call us a fortress? What the hell does that mean? The founding fathers didn’t want us beholden or ruled by an army of the government….you have NO IDEA what the founding fathers were thinking.

            You really need to stop listening to that fake news dimwit…check out what the clintons, obeyme and most of that group were up to. The Russians had them all in their heir back pocket….the hypocrisy smells to high heaven there buckey.

  • David T.

    Californication cannot fall into the Pacific soon enough.

    • luckymegc


      • davesop

        Duly noted. Sorry for the inference that everyone in CA has lost their minds. Be great if you could contact someone in South Carolina or Tennessee where the cost of living is much less and still are attractive places to live.

        • Laurence Almand

          The Southern states have much lower living costs, but their Bible Belt mentality makes them rather rigid and unpleasant. I spent 10 years in Tennessee and then moved out because I was sick of the narrow-minded attitudes and backward beliefs.

        • luckymegc


          • davesop

            Ok. CA has earthquakes, fires, mud slides, giving the term “mobile home” a whole new meaning to the rest of us. The mid west does have tornadoes but to be in a particular spot most of the time you are pretty safe.

      • Zelda777

        I agree there are a lot of good people in California but
        with Hollywood and the illegals together you don’t stand
        a chance and you have liberal morons in power! I pray
        for all of you good people that can’t get out of there!

      • David T.

        I hear you. But the place is run by so many liberals that you just end up being nothing but an afterthought to their agenda, which is unfortunate, but still a fact. I was mainly kind of generalizing with a half sarcastic remark. My son lives in California.

      • Laurence Almand

        There are millions of people in CA who are practical and conservative, but unfortunately the Leftist jerks have the majority in the state’s population centers like the Bay Area and Los Angeles.
        Northern CA is still largely middle class and conservative, but it has a lower population and fewer Socialist millionaires to fund the corrupt politicians.
        Why not do the same thing I did, after living 30 years in CA? Move to Nevada, where there is no state income tax, and housing costs are much lower.

        • luckymegc


        • ipsd48

          find a lot of them living in the harbors ………..and the desert.
          Where living in a fantasy will get you killed

      • I am with you 150%! I am in the same boat!!

        • bttrap

          vote him out

      • bttrap

        you still vote don’t you?

  • Pam Dunn

    Moonbeam was a total ANAL Opening his first time in office and has only gotten bigger and worse stinking this second time around.

    • Ladd

      You mean his 4th term, which was supposed to be prevented by law in CA. The stupid idiot was probably the one Linda Ronstadt sings about in “You’re so bad”, one of his claims to “fame” was his affair with her. She at least DID something with HER Life, he was just a perverted and washed out Hippie, never changed, never accomplished anything at all that counted. Not even a competent crook….

      • Zelda777


    • luckymegc


  • Mike Hair

    The stupidity abounds with this one. I wish we could convince Mexico to take CA back!

    • Linda Shelton

      They don’t want it, it is too far in the hole, and they don’t have the money to bail them out.

    • Zelda777

      I like that idea and make sure all the idiot morons in
      Hollywood goes with it!

    • bttrap

      even they don’t want them

  • Vivi

    Jerry you are a loon just like the students in your university’s,schools and representatives in your government oh I forgot the crew in la la land.

    • barbara

      Vivi well said

  • a fool

    Agree with your, Barbara Johnson! The mindlessness of those people brings out their True Nature~~ mindlessly thoughtless of each action’s reaction!

  • rick meek

    Dear Brown – you know CA is broke and like NY depends on federal tax money and federal tax exemptions to survive……Squeal like a pig and I enjoyed “Deliverance”.

    • Laurence Almand

      Now that CA is a Sanctuary State it should not receive a penny in Federal aid.

      • luckymegc


  • niknar

    This is just the kind of issue that deserves legal action to quell. Trump’s extremely anti-environmental administration is trying to reverse all progress on the environment at a time when we urgently need to accelerate progress toward addressing climate chaos, converting to clean, renewable energy, reversing deforestation, halting mass extinction, etc. For the benefit of public health, the environment, & a competitive economy, we need to slow down coal production, which would die a deserved death if left alone . Pollution annually kills more than 9 million people globally. Why people are fine with poisoning themselves just to promote a dying (but very greedy) industry is beyond my comprehension.

    Brown is a wise, practical guy truly oriented toward the betterment of the economy & society in a fiscally responsible way, as he has amply shown in California, with its amazing economic recovery since he’s been in charge. The federal government should learn from him & emulate him. We are lucky that there is a governor of an important state like California willing to stand up to Trump’s reckless edicts

    • Sharphitman

      You’re kidding, right? I had to laugh at your comment because surely you’re joking…

      • niknar

        When Brown assumed power, California was in desperate financial straits, close to bankruptcy & in a political stalemate. He quickly reversed their economic fate, got people on all sides working for solutions, made California the fastest growing state, & is very highly regarded all around as someone who gets things done.

    • luckymegc


    • PissedoffVet

      Have you been snorting the moon dust too like brown. If not you got a dose of kool ade that was tainted and you have lost all thought process. Take a deep breath then get back in the basement were your safe and were safe from you.

      • niknar

        How clever & original you are! I keep hearing these kinds of insults (same words) by either side who doesn’t like someone else expressing a different opinion from theirs.

        • PissedoffVet

          You might be taken seriously if you could just post the truth moonbeam is out there and has destroyed that state with liberal ideas he has forced on the people there so some might like it who are in power but the blunt of the people don’t so yea your going to get it from this side if you come here and post on a conservative site what did you reasonably expect to get from your post please answer if you will.

          • niknar

            Clearly you guys need some input of facts & reason to what otherwise is just an echo chamber of wild speculation fomented by the right-wing propaganda machine.

          • PissedoffVet

            As usual when they are asked to answer to the truth they run or lie or deflect they can not stand the truth so niknar were is your reply to this last post (crickets chirping) what I figured will not debate upon the chance he might be shown up oh well. Have a good one

    • bttrap

      are you a legal or illegal muslim to act the way you do?

      • niknar

        Are you a Russian bot or troll?

        • bttrap

          neither one, again are you a legal or illegal muslim to act the way you do?

          • niknar

            You repeat yourself. I am not Muslim. I don’t believe in any myth or dogma. I’m a free thinker, who comes to decisions based on evidence, scientific data, logic & concern about what will do the most good for the most people & other life on earth.

          • bttrap

            you didn’t answer my orginal question about are you legal or illegal that’s why I repeated myself

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Jerry Brown’s brain is burned out from all the those JOINTS he’s been smoking all of these years!

    • Laurence Almand

      Henry – So who elected this dork in the first place?

      • Henry Gregg Nash

        The liberal Pot smoking voters put him in office!

      • luckymegc


  • Fernando Bowens


  • Ron haymaker

    Gov. Brown….You are in a state where you belong. You are one of the biggest fruits there!

  • barbara

    just one more thing from crazy CA does it ever end????????

    • luckymegc


      • barbara

        more so in Calif.

      • barbara

        yeah but we do have dumb a*&^%$ in Virginia e.g., Governor McCaullie don’t know the proper spelling of name but any ways he’s a jerk and glad to get rid of him can’t succeed himself after 4 years. But at least we don’t have Pelosi, Auntie Maxine, Feinstein etc.

  • barbara

    just think people from CA elected Jerry Brown TWICE what idiots

    • niknar

      Actually 4 times by now. Twice in the ’70s as the youngest governor ever elected to California, & twice most recently as the oldest governor ever elected.

      • barbara

        I didn’t know that thanks for letting me know how much the people of CA are soooo stupid and dumbass

  • Ron

    When the heck is California going to secede??? They promised, after all…!

    • luckymegc


    • Shecky

      There are to many real patriots in Kalifornistan for it to happen. I spent 1873-83 in the Marines….many of my buddies live here and we still know what it takes to get a job done. There’s a small group trying to push it…can’t happen. If it did get any sort of legs, we would put a fast and painful (to them) stop to it. My oath stands to this day…defend my country against all enemies BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

  • RockinOn
  • ruth

    for this state that so far in the hole — you would think they would TRY to get along but since it is full of snowflakes and creep (director and actors) no wonder they cant get along with the government–all they see is –we hate the President an that is that—beside the climate is really not anything that we can handle no matter what snowflake Jerry says

  • 9400budlang8406

    Brown is a socialist of the first order with facist leanings. Almost up there with Hillary. Given histories’ counterparts in that ideology (Hitler, Stalin)you would think California might wake up. I guess they share the view that government is your caretaker.

    • luckymegc


  • downs1

    Gov. Jerry Brown was, is, and always will be a “fool”! He is intellectually dishonest, stands against everything that is “good” and “moral” and that deals with the Christian faith! He will be very surprised when he stands in judgment before the God he denies! Psalm 14:1 defines what characterizes a fool: “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God!'”

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Dr. Michael Savage is sure on the money when he states that liberalism is a mental disorder!

  • Susan Short

    Californicate is by far the most ridiculous, crazy state in the country! In fact, the state ought to become it’s own country, with that idiot, Brown, as it’s dictator, and we’ll see how that works out for the fools who live in that state!

  • donl

    Brown is a Socialist Liberal, on top of that he is just a plain JERK !! If he had a brain he would play with it.

  • Calvin Harwick

    Law suit on climate change???I didn’t know that Trump was god and controlled the atmospheric conditions.

  • Robert

    Liberals just want to stir up trouble anywhere they can.

  • bonbon111

    Moon beam strikes again, when is Calif. going too wake up and get rid of this Idiot!

  • PissedoffVet

    Seems moonbeam brown has inhaled to much moon dust its gone to his head. Or is that kool ade dust either way the man has lost his ever loving mind. Who elects this kinda idiots oops sorry forgot were he was for a second there.

  • Buck Stearns

    Biggest polluter is overpopulation, & this decrepit blast from the past just keeps letting millions of foreign invaders flow across his southern border, leads them to the public trough, & hides them from the Law.

  • dutchman123

    The biggest con job played upon the American people EVER: http://totallyright.us/home/2017/7/31/climate-change-the-biggest-con-job-ever

  • Larry Brule


  • Timothy Toroian

    Hey! Bright Boy! Aren’t you an Attorney? Have fun proving how untaken action will effect the environment. Unless you get a extra legal judge who thinks it is his job to enact new legislation in stead of following precedent and the Constitution. If that happens the judge should be disbarred. Forever.

  • Simply_Sis

    The liberal Californians also do not speak for the LEGAL citizens of the state. The majority of legal citizens are not liberal, but they have been overtaken (essentially overthrown) by all the illegal squatters and voters. The voter fraud issue needs to be directed at California. California needs to be under the spotlight and thoroughly investigated. If that were done, we would probably be able to push back the darkness there and kick the cheaters out of office (Brown and company). They keep stealing elections and thwarting the citizen’s will at the fake polling booths. It is time to take the bull by the horns and get the voter fraud issue dealt with once and for all. It will be hard to make headway when they continue to cheat conservative winners out of their elected offices giving us the required change We The People are voting for.

  • Gary Meck

    California will soon turn to the Republicans for leadership. When President Donald Trump removes all of the illegals California will become a Red State. Hollywood had their ass kicked , The Main Media had their ass kicked, crooked Obama and Hillary had their asses kicked, and now that President Donald Trump brings back Law and Order and less taxes and better health care a voter would have to be nuts not to come over to the Republican Party. God Bless President Donald Trump and God Bless Real Americans.

  • Laurence Almand

    In addition to becoming a Sanctuary State and welcoming criminals from Latin America, California has recently enacted legislation that will give criminals the right to vote, even when they are in jail?
    What next? Declaring the state a sanctuary for serial killers? The Socialist regime has ruined California for all law-abiding, middle-class working people. Time to call a halt!
    Brown the Bumbler should be recalled immediately, and a competent leader should be elected, to put a stop to the destruction of the once-great state of California.
    I lived there for 30 years, from 1969 to 1999, and saw the state go steadily downhill as a result of the Socialist polices of the Leftist politicians. (They have turned San Francisco into Bumtown, USA.)

  • Tom

    Moonbeam has simply smoked too much pot! He needs to leave and return to Haight Ashbury where he belongs.

  • Doxie

    This sort of attention seeking behavior is to be expected from this ultra liberal lunatic; his (tantrums) actions are backed up by the lunatic lefty courts in Califoony. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/04d5a4e84a3cbfe749b16e097636012a2142e540c6d92cb0d569971afcdcd20d.jpg

  • Alan Bowie

    Calidysfunctionia and its’ acid head Gov Moonbeam Brown are incapable of surprising me how low the human IQ can go and still have the person be able to utter words, even if they are incoherent. Face it, who ever the economic people that Moonbeam hires are only hired because they have good drug connections. It was a matter of time, with Calidysfunctionia being dead broke and borrowing more and more, (as it will make them wealthier !) that trying bogus lawsuits would follow as a way to try to make some money. Next, expect Moonbeam to be doing infomercials selling beads and ‘one hitters’ to raise money.
    If any of the govt leadership would just put the crack pipe down long enough to recover some logic, it might occur to them that there is no money in trucking illegals in directly to the welfare offices and providing free needles to junkies, sex ‘protection’ products to gays, harboring and paying legal bills for illegals and illegal criminals, etc, they might actually start getting their act together and start doing things that rational humans can do. Such as ‘think’.
    If the lawsuit does not work, Calidysfunctionia will next be holding a state wide garage sale or just go directly into the opium and prostitution business to make a few bucks. Illegals have to eat, you know.

  • Jerry Brown and ALL of his criminal cronies, are IDIOTS!! He will lose the suit, and once again be embarrassed by another attempt at fame! I am ashamed to live in California! Before anyone asks. “Why don’t you move”? I am too old. This was a beautiful state before the Jerry brown mafia took over!!

  • That’s only one reason why Jerry is named ” Moonbeam “. Californians have gone off the deep end without even waiting for the big one ( Caused by global cooling , climate change or global warming or Al Gore farting ). They elected this escapee from the asylum TWICE for goodness sakes. Even Linda ” Different Drummer ” Ronstadt dropped him. Too bad the Fantasyland voters are dumber than that zombie.

  • lionel

    When Calif. decided to to Drive 70MPH (back when in the 1970’s, i believe during the Oil Embargo) when the Feds had it at 55 MPH Nation wide, the state forfeited the money that it got for complying with that Fed. law. So that sets a precedence for No follow the federal rules, no money.

  • Garth

    G. Brown is nothing more than another Calif. lib. The crap these meatheads spew in Caliphonny never ends. I wish Trump would build the fence around Caliphonny and tell’em, there ya go, your on your own and then finish the southern fence. The more we fence off, the better. Brown is a politician who really doesn’t give a rats ass about the people. He knows he can say and do anything he wants and still get the peoples money for life. The bafoons that fall for his BS are the one’s that in the long run loose out. Way to many Californians are like sheep. Brown is Bo Peep in sheep clothing. Caliphonny is the crime and drug capital. Maybe that big earthquake we’ve heard about for years will come true and Caliphonny end up the smallest state in the union. Wishful thinking. I was in Caliphoony once, military basic training. That was enough for me. served my time and went straight back to the Rockies. God’s country and I don’t mean North Caliphoony.

  • TPS12

    Wasting more taxpayer money cus they know they can just steal more.


    There are several cockamamie democrat plans afoot to remove the legitimate President of the United States and in some way as yet undetermined to seize the power that the American people denied them last November. Violent revolution is of course the gold standard, and there is a revolt scheduled by the communists and black militants for November 4 in which Soros and Steyer have invested $20 billion. Impeachment for “Russian collusion” has now definitively collapsed, and they are making no headway except among Tinseltown perverts and Manhattan psychoanalysts with their “insanity offense” using the 25th Amendment. Some of them think that if they can paralyze the government with litigation and obstruction, the argument by some Obammunist pundits that the President has ceased to do his job can be translated into his removal in some way. This is clearly the motivation for frivolous legal cases such as the ones launched and planned by Moonbeam. This is legally and constitutionally impossible so they will probably have to go ahead and launch their revolution and probably a bloody racial civil war as well. Every American who does not want to live in the Third World has got to be ready to fight and to defeat them.

  • Jeff

    Once again there goes Californication, blowing more of its citizens time and money, the latter of which there isn’t much left, damn state is border on insolvency… lol… but hey what’s more important, when you look at just what Cali’s legislators are wasting there time and the citizens hard earned tax dollar on i.e., removing Columbus Day, making the whole state Sanctuary for crime and lawlessness, I do believe it’s no longer a crime to spread AIDS in Cali as well, but hey its all good, as long as there are going head to head, fighting with President Trump and not actually doing anything remotely for there constituents! You keep up the good fight Jerry, will see just how far you get, and who knows maybe just maybe by the time your done, Californication will be completely walked off!

  • Alan Welch
  • The Capatin

    Freaking Leftist “Moonbeam” moron! The creator of the Weather Channel (with several Doctoral degrees) debunked man-made “climate change” years ago. “Ol’ flax-seed brain” doesn’t have a leg to stand on. *yawn*.


  • Cheh Low

    The governor of California is a total moron as well as a gone case idiot. If people in California have more common sense they should vote this asshole out of the office as soon as they can.

  • Matlonc

    this is the far left fraud who had his hand out and was kissing trump’s ass looking for money for the wild fires……which by the way have been largely ignored (as usual) by the lame stream media. Anybody wonder why? Evidence suggests fires were set by illegal(s) connected to the drug cartels…….a lot of the legal pot farms were torched…. they gotta keep supporting the illegals and glossing over the crimes- disgusting

  • Raymond Bell

    Jerry, I feel is the typical Liberal whose brain has undergone chemical changes due to an
    abuse of controlled substances that he smoked freely in his days with Ms. Fonda!

  • Raymond Bell

    Jerry still can’t see the connection of made up man made climate change in the final objective of carbon taxes on vehicle use and how non- driver controlled cars are going to restrict the population of his geo engineered started fires that have burned down a good portion of his Liberal to the max State

  • Ted Duke

    In a statement Friday, Zinke said he “had absolutely nothing to do with Whitefish Energy receiving a contract in Puerto Rico.” He called the allegations “completely baseless.”

  • kassa1

    What would you expect from a crackhead like Jerry Brown! I think you want to be put in prison for violation of federal laws. I also be checking his taxes!

  • Bill Giles

    I wish our judges were intelligent enough to see what any person raised by good parents can see. What the left is pushing has very little to do with the founding of our nation and our founding documents. What you see on the left are idiots that don’t care how their warped, untested desires have on our society. They want it now, and if it ends up creating a negative impact on society, they can blame the government, and find something new to complain about. That is why Obama, his cabinet, and all the previous liberal Democratic leaders never improve anything. They leave their corrupt party changes on the people, and then try to use the excuse that changes in society are neccessary, which causes more negative changes by the government. Ever wonder why, if Obama was supposed to be a great president, this country is constantly at a risk of going over the cliff, the left are more unhappy because of damages that Obama made to our country, and racism and violent crimes skyrocketed during Obama’s reign. Many of the problems we now have with foreign countries is directly related to Obama bowing before world leaders, giving them control over our Constitutional rights, and allowing his foreign friends to “punish” us for being a sovereign nation. Anytime someone from the left opens their mouth, you wonder what drug or who’s financial influence they are under. Thank God, that we now have a president who’s productive and understands what America needs to become “Great Again”.

  • I recall during my exploits in my exposure to mother nature my old Biology Professor always professed the earth was always changing . One point he always made was the earth rotated enough to create shifts in the poles causing changes in the composition of dry land and seas. If anything we are experiencing earth changes that are natural. Believing the garbage the politicians belch is no more than them looking for new tax revenue and control over our lives.

  • Gene F Miller

    Governor Moon Beam has never made sense to anyone outside of California, and even those who are still able to think that still live in California. Remember when he was first elected Governor? No one ever saw him at the State House, because he was living the high life, traveling around with the elites and musicians. Things have gotten even worse because now he stays at home and promotes ridiculous Democrat ideals.

  • OldHighlandGuyOne

    Mr. Governor Brown, you need to get back on your medications or just move back to the monastery, or were you in a convent.

  • polly

    Climate change is a NW O concept to control the masses

    • niknar

      On the contrary, denial of anthropogenic climate change is a conspiracy by fossil fuels corporations, the Republican Party, the right-wing media & corporate think tanks to keep us dependent on fossil fuels to feed their insatiable greed at the expense of the environment, personal health, & the future sustainability of life on this planet, including human life. It is propaganda of denial, distortion, deceit & lies ultimately responsible for more human deaths & species extinctions than any other human act in history. That so many people are gullible enough to believe their propaganda & are willing to poison themselves & forfeit their future on behalf of the temporary enrichment of 1 dirty industry is a sad commentary on American society today

  • desert fox

    Golly, Governor Petunia Moonbeam…..you may end up with a cock fight that is not what your are thinking. I’m still praying for an earthquake under the 9th Circuit Court while they are in session. By the way why was he thrown out of the seminary? I bet dad is turning over in his grave another time.

  • gene smiith

    Oh PAHLEEEZE…..LORD take this silly man away from CA. and leave us in peace. He is far and away the biggest DOOFUS
    we have ever had in office / any OFFICE….and he just keeps on keeping on just like a sane person might….but he obviously is not sane and the rest of us must bear the brunt of his expensive snafus. Liberals are bad enough when it comes to money, JERRY BROWN makes them all look cheap…of course it is never his money he is frittering away either. JACKASS !!

  • Carl Pyzowski

    Hey Gerry! How much progress are you making in stopping cows from farting and raising the global temperature? I see adds for milk and cheese from California. How are you going to produce these things from cows with corks in their asses? Instead of putting the cork in the cows ass, put in your mouth and give us all a break! Just when you think you have heard it all, never fear, California is here with another dose of the ridiculous!

  • Jim Norris

    The Day MURDER become LEGAL he’ll be the first in LINE!!!

  • James Rederburg

    This kind of immature show of contention, is the reason Jerry Brown (Forgot his name for a moment.) is called Governor Moon Beam, by some in California. He’s in a mental wrestling match with common sense and thinks he’s winning, but since he rejects any data contradicting his amateurish fantasies, there’s no pending resolution to his mindless verbal spasms.

    He apparently doesn’t know that a Governor is responsible to positively influence the business and health environment of the citizens, of the State and not the potential interests of the illegal immigrants, who don’t have a drivers’ license, or the right to vote. He swore to uphold the laws of the State, but decided his personal agenda of helping and hiring illegals, is his new calling. He appointed a Mexican as the Attorney General of California, so I can only wonder if he has a visa, because he’s violating his oath too.

    Jerry Moon Beam apparently believes the propaganda that global warming is real, even though no one trusts Kerry’s motives and he was the one initially making speeches, pushing the idea to generate government wealth selling the carbon tax, based upon the so-called carbon monoxide foot print of those in industry, because of global warming.

    Jerry didn’t know that plant life uses it to make oxygen, while Kerry is a conniving trickster who would rather loot, and risk damaging businesses than generate revenue, but Moon Beam thinks Kerry is a scientist and Hillary is the Vice President. I can only hope both Kerry and Moon Beam would be eventually incarcerated, for treason, or deported to Mexico.

  • Jmanjo

    Brown has never been a serious politician. He has no brains for the job and continues to make horrible moves to hurt his state. They would be better off tying him to some tree out in the wild and hope the critters eat him!

  • alpambuena

    cant wait til the big one comes and drops the entire state into the pacific ocean…


    Calipornia’s mayor has a cracked pot and is leaking badly! The orange growers got rid of the brown rot flys that killed the fruit no longer good to eat: whats the hold up of the other one still chewing away on the skulls of other idiots’!

    • barbara

      you are so right, when that happens CA will be crying for Federal help that’s when the Feds say ‘so sorry’ you didn’t follow the LAW

  • Dan

    California, land of morons led by morons elected by morons.

  • Michael Valgos

    Jerry Brown is a little weasel, and we all know what happens to weasels eventually, they all get caught in traps. As a matter of fact you really don’t see that many weasels in the wild anymore, however, there is a great number of weasels on the democratic side of the the room. I cannot believe that Jerry Brown thinks that he doesn’t have to obey federal law. I say this to Mr. Brown, if you do not have to follow the law, then we do not have either. He is a pathetic little prick.

  • Maggietish

    Governor Brown has been repeatedly threatening to have California secede from the Union so why hasn’t he? Truth be told nobody cares and it will be a heck of a lot cheaper when California does secede from the Union on the American taxpayers throughout the Nation. Governor Brown because of his miss management and ineptness has brought California on the verge of bankruptcy and now he’s trying to suck every dime he can out of the hard-working American taxpayers throughout the Nation. Now Briwn and the rest of his California political gang want to sue the President of the United States and again spend more of the Gederal taxpayer’s money for court fees and costs. Brown has no conscience at all about that and he’s great at spending everybody else’s money including his constituents in the State of California. He’s a typical Democrat who just continue to spend without any thought or recognition of the trillion dollar debt that they have spent this Nation into. No wonder the State of California is broke under his so-called leadership. California lawmakers obviously have a lot of time on their hands since they can spend as much time as they do on News and Talk programs rather than doing the jobs to which they were elected and for which they are paid handsomely by American taxpayers. California has obvious major problems and one with think that these lawmakers should/would be doing their jobs to resolve those problems Instead of appearing on the numerous News shows and Talk programs that they do. The fact that they’re wasting taxpayers money and time means nothing to them.

  • MajorPain

    Ah yes another huge waste of the California Taxpayers Money maybe the taxpayers will try to recall you again and this time I hope they succeed. Global Warming hahahahahahahaha another attempt at world wide SLAVERY by Idiots and assholes with college degrees in everything but true Science. Global Warming a false Science Perpetrated in the 1950’s by an Ex Naval officer/Oceanographer Roger Revelle and two Chemist’s. The UN jumped on this in the 70’s as a way to redistribute wealth from more industrialized countries to poorer nations with fewer resources. The Paris Climate Accord would have cost American Taxpayers approximately 7 trillion Dollars a Year just to keep this Bowel Movement afloat thus turning America into a country of SLAVES and Masters called Politician’s running the day to day operations and funneling huge sums of money into the already rich and politically connected for years to come. Now does everyone understand why these Criminals want Trump GONE it’s all about money not climate and that’s all it will ever be about.

  • KenKadz1

    Jerry Brown and company need to remember, “What Goes Around – Comes Around” and President Trump is a fighter.

    Al Gore Gets Brutal News After 400 Scientists Disprove Climate Change Myth
    400 Scientific Papers Undermine Global Warming, and That’s Just for This Year

  • David in MA

    I am very concerned of so many court decisions which should be ironed out in Congress, to me this is legislating from the court, this is the job of Congress…. does Congress people know their Congressional responsibilities and authority?

  • Arnold Young

    And just why do you think the Calif. governor is called MOONBEAM??

  • donl

    Dufus Brown, what a clown.

  • Bishop351

    Send all liberals to the West Coast, wall it off, and watch natural selection take its course.
    Gerry Brown…he and Maxine Waters are perfect together. Two mouths, no brains – zero, zip, nada.

  • barbara

    what do you expect from CA when you have Pelosi, Feinstein, Auntie Maxine, Brown, etc.

  • Bill Van Etten

    Anyone who thinks Jerry Brown is is going to run for a higher office is delusional!


    It’s Hollywood all over again including one hell of a lota replays are required to keep in focus!

  • Paul Anderson Ed.D.

    With the level of moral depravity in Calif., I am not one bit surprised, that he would attempt to sue the President. The fool is wasting his time and money…

  • mannasage

    Gov. Moonbeam rides again! No wonder Calif is so full of worthless crap, look who their Gov. is!

  • Larry Poplin

    Damn, Jerry Brown is totally Insane!! Yes, he is so far in the left it is unreal, with he Tansexual Noun Verbage! His Sanctuary State bill he signed making California a laughing stock. Protecting illegals, giving them welfare, medicaid, housing, even free education. Why this is heaven to anyone crossing the border, even if they commit a crime they are let out of jail and they say Gee thanks Jerry!! These illegals cross the border and are treated like Royalty!! Hard working Californian people have to pick up the TAB!!! Jerry himself gets a GEORGE SOROS check for being a raw leftist throwing away California’s money. Jerry forces George Soros policy’s, for George pulls Jerry’s strings and Jerry Cry’s Out Open Borders for all. That is why Jerry is against the FIRST AMENDMENT, and is for non-conservative speech at any University. Jerry loves chaos, fiery protest, if you do not think the way Jerry does then you’re not allowed to speak!!!!!!!!! This Is the New California now a Socialist Leftist State, if you are a Republican, stay away, for many were dragged out of their cars beaten if you voted for Trump! California must be proud to have Nancy Corrupt Pelosi, who got rich from giving her husband Government contracts, with Lying Get Rich Maxine Waters who diverts money to relatives, and Jerry Sanctuary Brown who gave Illegals the right to vote!!!

  • gubllod

    The entire climate change notion about carbon dioxide and all the so-called pollutants created by our everyday living is pure unadulterated crap. There is absolutely no real scientific evidence for any of this and there never was. It has been used strictly as a political tool for pushing further government control leading to a dictatorship.

    The eruption of Mt. Pinatuba in the Philippines in 1991 let loose far more carbon dioxide and other so-called pollutants into the earth’s atmosphere in just that one eruption than the combined total of every conceivable pollutant, since Man has been on the earth and probably long before that. The issue is a scientific FRAUD. Politicians are hoping people do not know this and will cave in to the dictatorial laws and regulations they are pushing in order to saddle innocent civilians under their control. Man made climate change is a FRAUD from the outset. There are several volcanic eruptions going on every year around the world, probably in excess of ten spread over the earth. It has always been so. It is not a phenomenon up for political grabs. It is Nature operating normally.

    • niknar

      I’ll take my science information from scientists, not right-wing science-denying propaganda machines. We are at our highest atmospheric concentration of CO2 in at least 800,000 years, probably much longer. Oceans are at their hottest ever recorded. We’ve had 4 consecutive years of record heat since records have been kept. The record high for every month of the calendar year is since 2015. No month has averaged below the 20th century mean in more than 30 years. Fires have been getting larger, more frequent & more damaging every year. We suffered record hurricane damage this year.

      The evidence is clear & pervasive. We need to act urgently & massively if our species & most others are to survive. Doing so would bring us so many other benefits like cleaner air & water, more natural areas, more fish in the sea, better health, longer lives, fewer conflicts, a safer world… Why are so many people willing to poison themselves & risk the future sustainability of the world just to feed the insatiable greed of the corporate executives of a few fossil fuels companies?

  • pedro

    Let’s hope the DOJ can get this out of the ninth circus to SCOTUS in a hurry…if necessary.

  • Patriot1490

    This guy has been a failed governor previously and the losers in California put him back into office after his short visit to Oz with Dorothy while subbing as the scarecrow, looking for his brain. Well, as Chucky said, “I’m Back”; And back he is with more idiotic policies like Secession from the US, Legalized drugs, Sanctuary Statehood and now suing Trump over “Climate Change?” Personally, I say let him secede turning California into a dope smoking paradise for all the illegals he wants. Have the wall make a hard right at the eastern border & put California on the same side as Mexico. Maybe he does not realize all that marijuana smoke will choke the entire population of his newly created country. And being so high that they will not worry about Forest Fires, Mudslides, Earthquakes & they can save the snail darter in the bargain. We should put this on the ballot in the rest of the states and allow it as long as they promise not to attempt to rejoin the union.

  • Ronald Hagler

    Unfortunately, liberals have an exasperated agenda to discredit anything President Trump does and create the illusion that Trump’s tenure in office was fraught with inconsistency and failure. Their scheme is to cause as much chaos, as is possible, to distract the public’s attention away from the truth: Democrats have no platform, no guidance, no plan to help this nation and only seek power and position.

    • niknar

      Your last sentence would be true only if you substituted the word “Republicans” for “Democrats”.

      • Ronald Hagler

        No niknar, I do not stand corrected. My assessment is not only correct, but is validated by the very subject of the proposed lawsuit. To even think about such a stupid reason for any legal action is ridiculous, at best, only to be superseded by the fact that Democrats actually publicized it. I did not say Democrats had no agenda, I simply stated they had nothing helpful for this nation and the working Americans who support it. Obama had an agenda. The problem is, he wanted to destroy democracy and used every day in office to try to bring his agenda to fruition. Obama pardoned (or reduced the sentences of) over 1330 felons serving in Federal Prisons. What possible help could that be for law-abiding citizens? He released 201 Islamic terrorists, known to hate the U.S., from Guantanamo Bay. Where is the safety to Americans in that action? Obama brokered a deal with Iran in which nuclear material was given to Iran. What possible good can be expected from giving nuclear material to a nation that supports and harbors terrorists who have targeted the Western world?

        No niknar, it is you who is blinded by an idealistic urge to usurp democracy, totally ignoring the fact that your are stupid to believe such nonsense. Are you going to tell us that Hillary does not thrive on her quest for power? Are you going to try to persuade intelligent people that Hillary is good for this country after learning of all she has done which is contrary to that belief? You, and those of like mind, are the problem.

        • niknar

          I have never tried to persuade anybody that Hillary would make a good president since I’m not sure she would, or that she should be installed as president even if the election were nullified as I think it should be, because the election was corrupted & invalidated all the way back to the Democratic primaries, & therefore the election should be recommenced from the primaries on (but greatly shortened).

          Anyway, it is imperative that urgent & massive action be taken to save the world from climate chaos, resource depletion, aquatic degradation, mass extinction & other anthropogenic activities that threaten continued life on earth, and anything anybody can do to get us going in the right direction & remove impediments from this critical goal should be praised & encouraged.

          • Ronald Hagler

            I have stated before this world would be a great place to live, were it not for humans!

          • niknar

            That is definitely something we can agree on! The sad thing is that it is very possible (& actually more enjoyable) for humans to live sustainably & harmoniously with nature, yet so many refuse to do it.

          • Ronald Hagler

            The rapid increase in human populations is directly proportional to the decline in natural resources we all need to survive. Without regard for religious, political and economic affiliations, the world can only support “X” amount of life forms. Once this threshold has been reached, we must reduce it or all will face extinction. Much the same can be said about the economics of life. I do not believe in a “Welfare State” and will never support tax dollars being spent on persons who have never worked, never sought employment, never intend to seek employment, never paid any taxes and who spend days and weeks protesting for more; at local, state and federal levels.

            Although this may seem to be “off course” on global warming, it is directly relative to the misinformation on an expanding Ozone layer. The Ozone layer is fine, it is the layer of Oxygen between earth and the Ozone that is decreasing. Cutting down entire forests, over population and repeated forest fires are depleting our oxygen at alarming rates. This must stop. The demographic of persons who exist on the government “dole” is increasing and, even if one factors out the billions of dollars spent on feeding, housing and clothing them, we are still left with the ever increasing drain on natural resources this group has created. Once this group out distances those who work and pay taxes, the economy collapses and there will be nothing left to combat any threat to mankind, much less Global Warming!

          • niknar

            I understand your point of view. I share many of your thoughts & concerns & probably used to share even more of them.

            There is a huge variance in consumption among people, so population, while definitely 1 of the most important factors in the loss of resources we face, isn’t the only one. People in Africa consume a tiny fraction per capita of what Americans & Australians do (but still their population explosion is disconcerting, & it will be even more so if as they develop they follow the reckless pattern of energy use & consumption that most of the rest of the world has pursued instead of going straight to renewable energy; & their rate of deforestation & wildlife habitat destruction is very worrisome). I don’t drive, I hardly eat any meat, I avoid plastic as much as I can, my use of energy is very low, & I consume relatively little overall: very little beyond my basic needs, & I find it a very enjoyable, rewarding life, so I know sustainable living can be done even by Americans.

            I think using our resources for preventative measures, be it health, the environment, crime, poverty or whatever, is far more effective than bailing people out after the damage has already been done. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So this is what we must consider while allocating money & resources. I’ve never been a fan of welfare, but I am a fan of dealing with poverty directly & trying to prevent, remove or rectify conditions that lead to poverty.

  • jimdarnall

    Well this past week it was published where over 400 scientists completely demolished the Gore global warming scam. Ignorance and lies seems to dominate the liberal base world wide. Climate change goes on every day. It’s just the way it is.

    • niknar

      Where is that publication of which you speak?

      We have had 4 straight years of record heat; every month’s record high has been since 2015; fires are becoming more common & more destructive every year because of heat, drought & longer warm seasons; hurricanes & Typhoons keep getting stronger.

  • john

    Jerk Brownout, do you know why your bald ? Your mind was looking for something real and sucked your hair in……………………….

  • Patriot

    OMG! What is in the water out there in California? These people are truly nuts.

  • William L. Ramsburg


  • tdg54

    Governor Moonbeam. Nuff said.

  • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Hey Moonbat, the sixtes are over and global warming is a myth that Gore made millions on. You are obviously suffering from dementia and need to retire.

    • niknar

      If it’s such a myth, why have the hottest 4 years been the last 4 years? Why has there been no month cooler than the 20th Century mean in over 30 years? Why are all the record monthly highs within the last 2 years? Why did we have greater hurricane damage this year than any year in the past? Why did we have more fire damage this year than any year in the past? This isn’t happening at random, & there are no other phenomena than human activity that explain the cause of it.

  • BatGuanna

    While the dumb a– is filing a law suit he should maybe sue because Donald wife is pretty, or maybe because Donald has a lot of hair. Or just because Donald is an “God and American Loving President” or the fact that Donald is not ashamed to be an American and wants the USA to be number one again just like it was before Obama and George, there has been quite a few things that were not at the top of the game, dropping the credit rating of the USA? Bring the largest amount of the undesirable immigrants from all over the world that were not schooled to be here, or to live the American way. You left your way; where ever you came from leave it now that you are here or go back!

  • mas_smarba

    Barbara Johnson needs to get informed. There is an overwhelming consensus (97%) among climate scientists that global warming is real and that human activities are a major cause of it. Just google ’’scientific consensus global warming‘’

  • Rodney Steward

    This is the real 2 faced Gerry Brown http://www.worldtribune,com

  • mannasage

    Gov. Moonbeam groaning again. He was almost silent for 8 yrs. as brother Obama ruled like a limp dog. Californians are to blame for this moron being in politics & they can have him. He also wants sanctuary State status, I dare him to put that B.S. on the 2017/2018 ballots!


    More “IGNORANT, ARROGANT ACTIVITY and ACTIONS” by :MOONBEAM BROWN”!! He is still mad because he couldn’t be elected as President of the USA!!! He becomes more unrealistic each year he lives!!!

  • mtman2

    Just think how mentally ill these people are?
    A daily pretense of continuing imaginary boogeyman scenario’s with the feign fury of fools.
    They all are in need of serious mental evaluations…

  • cathylovesyou

    Brown Pelosi, Finestein et al Take your group of idiots and leave now for your happiness in Venezuela The Conservatives in Orange county will clean up your mess and make it what it used to be. Sunny warm and many smart people Adios

  • Richard Fox

    what is the problem we all want to sue some one that is what the USA is about so why make a big deal at it you can’t win join the crowd it’s away of life

  • Lakshmi

    I find it incredible that Jerry Brown hasn’t self destructed by now. HIs karma must be on hold.

  • James Langham

    Go get them! The MOST corrupt puppet president and cabinet in history!!

  • tCotUS

    Vast majority of Califonia is warped….period. Why would anyone in they’re right mind elect Brown, Fiensteer, Waters, or Pissloser??
    I rest my case….

  • rocky63

    Jerry Brown is an unthinking tool of the left wing radicals. He can’t even understand why his “plan” for high speed rail isn’t working, when anyone who knows anything about it can why it’s such a fiasco.

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