• jrchambers

    The concept and the exercise of freedom often conflict with the concept and the practice of courtesy and what some consider
    respect or disrespect. This will not be going away soon. What causes outrageous laughter for some, will cause others to be highly insulted. This, of course is not going away any day soon. It is simply called a point of view.

    • Consuelo

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    • jimmy midnight

      Though I am a hard core leftist who actually tries 2 B politically correct, this costume repression stuff is a bridge 2 far 4 me. It’s Halloween, the night we have a party where telling death jokes and massacre jokes precipitates a party. Let’s cut each other a little slack, at least once a year.

      Jews–dress as Hitler, Mega-Church pastors as Roman legionaires, and so on. BOO! I adtually hope you’re NOT scared.

      • Krazeehors

        It’s a bridge too far for me as well, my friend.

        I don’t celebrate OR participate IN Halloween, but IF I did, I would dress as a homeless veteran to bring attention to the problem.

        OR, I might dress as a Scottish person, since I am Scottish.

        Then again, I might dress as a member of the Colonial Army from the American Revolution.

        One never knows. Haven’t “celebrated” since some idiotic school bullies tried to burn my very old rental house down with my son and I IN IT.

        That was enough for me.

        • niknar

          I kind of wish you would dress up, especially as a homeless veteran. I think that’s a great idea!

      • keedon

        You won’t find a real Jew dressed as Hitler. You will find Jews in name only who might do that.

        • Stephen Howe

          Er…let’s not forget Hogan’s Heroes…many Jews involved…yet no one sued anyone. Imagine that?

          • keedon

            Er let’s not forget none of those Jewish actors played Hitler.

          • niknar

            I loved Hogan’s Heroes! A lot of mocking of different ethnic groups, especially Germans, of course, in that show, but I don’t remember any great protests against it.

          • keedon

            Hogan’s Heroes was done at a different time. Colonel Klink and Sargent Schultz were both played by Jews. Banner who played Schultz actually fled Nazi Germany in 1938. The black soldier played by Ivan Dixon would never have lived to see the camp in the first place during the real war.

        • jimmy midnight

          I was ONLY being a bit facetious, trying 2 show my commitment 2 broad latitude in approval or not in costume choices. Costume choices 4 cryin’ out loud!

          A nice old Jewish guy myself, I must admit that Hitler get-up wouldn’t B my first choice, either. Now, I’m offended, as I always am, by those who draw distinctions between real Jews, and, I guess, fake, or failed, Jews.

          Well, I’m neither observant nor believant, yet when I occasionally show up 4 a Shabbat Eve service, I always feel like I’m among friends. There R few enough of us in this world, without creating any of these fake divisions.

          • keedon

            Good for you. I lived in Israel and had arrived 8 days after the Yom Kippur War started. I came into a country battling for its life. I am also a Jew. Not very observant when it comes to the holidays but willing to die for Hashem.

        • niknar

          That might be about the only exception, because of the extent of the hurt & sensitivity involved. But you would probably get at least as many anti-Trump people as pro-Trump people wearing Trump masks (same with Clinton or anybody else).

          • keedon

            Nothing new. Obama masks, Moochell masks, Bush, Sinton masks and Nixon masks all sold well.

          • niknar

            Definitely. The more controversial the person, the more masks sold.

    • niknar

      Exactly! It is better, as we used to do, to deal with these things through expressions of approval or disapproval rather than trying to force people to abide by these edicts. Courtesy & sensitivity are the way we should be treating each other; not shoving things down each other’s throats.

      • keedon

        Try telling that to the BLM, ANTIFA and the Neo Nazi far right.

        • jimmy midnight

          Hope springs eternal, including the hope that, by acting with a modicum of grace and humor, we can melt their cold, cold, hearts, one at a time.:-)

          • keedon

            To quote Prez Bush AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

  • ol jim

    I say how about a size 10 jungle boot in these morons ass to get their attention. How much more of this ignorant shit are we going to put up with. Teaching has become nothing more then how to teach your kids how to be a pussy. Wake the hell up America.

    • ol jim,
      You need at least a size 12 boot as the assholes are larger than you think.

      • Herb1949

        Yeah, but their heads are already taking up most of the room.

        • Herb,

          I’m not do sure. Their brains are so lacking that they all may have small heads.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Oh! Stop Ol Jim You’re being a bully!! Good post!! so true!! ROFLMDAO!!

    • The Master Chief

      Absolutely. Didn’t serve 25 yrs to have this Great Country tossed into a socialist cesspool. This has been going on for decades,most people can smell the rot. Now Or Never.

      • Kenneth Jones

        The stink is so bad and pervasive that it’s a wonder that conservative parents would even think of sending their children to these rotten institutions……these cesspools of liberal ‘progressivism.’ The moral atmosphere is so thick with the oppressive and downright deadly smog of liberal thinking that any decent American’s stomach would turn at the very thought of it.

    • barnjoer

      The left wants no winners except them selfs. No winners every one gets A participation trophy no more incentive to be the best you can and do what it takes to be first.
      This what is wrong with this Country the left wants to win and everybody else just exist in a stagnate world. No incentive to get ahead.
      I say the HELL with the left and it is time to take this Country back to the RIGHT SIDE OF LIFE! 🔫🇺🇸🤠🇨🇱

    • oaking

      Most of them have their heads so far up their own asses that they can see daylight.
      It is censure-ship, and violates the Constitution – freedom of speech

    • dude

      I agree with you I finely see why people are home schooling …I would if I was smart enough to teach past 4 grade …tried that with one of my grandsons made me feel real dumb…couldn’t even handle 4 grade lattice math which I think is stupid…something they’ll never use in life

    • tCotUS

      Your right jim….There are many college
      professor’s that “If” you do not share they’re views they will flunk you.
      Time to Flunk these professors…..
      One way or another.

    • Jack Henderson


  • lha

    Just imagine that your precious Child is enrolled in one of these moron factories. Your money is being spent to ensure your Child’s failure in life. Where are these indoctrinated “useful Idiots” to get a job so that they can buy an electric car,all of the trappings of a left-wing existence,etc. Organic,”sustainable” clothing made from Marijuana and other accouterments of the liberal lifestyle cost lots of money,so their Mommie’s basement will be their abode for a while. What a waste of brain power and lives lost on this crap!!

    • Rodney Steward

      I think we now know what all the FEMA camps are for now, gotta have somewhere to put these idiots!

  • John M

    We did not get to this level of insanity overnight. And we are not going to make it go away any time soon. But now is the time not to be afraid ask questions and push back. The Dems had their shot at it. You can see the results of their policies and it doesn’t feel good. From this point forward pull the lever and vote all Dems and RINOs out of office. That’s a step in the right direction.
    God Bless America

    • Rodney Steward

      EXACTLY John!!

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Right on! John

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Now to get the rest of America to listen up!!!!!

    • deertick

      There’s been more of the insanity in the last 10 months before. I never in my wildest dreams could have foreseen we would get to this point in America’s history. It’s really something to be proud of. I couldn’t believe some of the things they claim are culturely sensitive.

      • Herb1949

        No it has been building for the last generation. The last 10 months are just the culmination of what started a long time ago.

        • niknar

          PC goes back at least to the ’80s, when they decided that greeting people “Merry Christmas” & nativity scenes were improper. You know, they have to work on holidays 1 by 1.

          • David C

            I say “Merry Christmas” to everyone, we have a Nativity scene for our Home AND a ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ Sign on our car. If they don’t like it they can tell my A**Hole. I’m PROUDLY Politically INCORRECT!

      • John M

        Of course you can’t believe it, nor any normal person would believe the rhetoric.
        None of it is supposed to make any sense. The goal is making you question what you believe is normal. I highly recommend reading George Orwell’s 1984. You will not find this a compelling read, but soldier through it. As you are reading it, try to draw parallels to the world around you. All this from a book written in 1949! I can’t believe I’m referencing a work of fiction to explain the reality of today. Hang tough, we’ll get through this.
        God Help America

    • Florida Sunshine

      Schools are teaching students to hate America, that America is bad, that white people are bad, because we have white privilege. These kids are learning very well. As the World War II generation has all but disappeared, there are fewer and fewer Americans who truly understand what an exceptional country we are, and how high a price so many Americans have made and are making for our liberty and freedom. Thank you President Trump for working so hard to get America back on track.

      • Kenneth Jones


    • Kenneth Jones

      They’ve ‘shot their bolt,’ and they’re in a hell of a lot of trouble.

  • Rodney Steward

    This is our school systems, http://townhall.com/columni… and https://freedomoutpost.com/

  • Larry Brule


  • So, nudity is fine but racial costumes are not? I think this one is a matter of common sense.

  • Col C

    But we don’t care about the true evil of Halloween, how it is the satanist’s high holiday, how they sacrifice people or animals at midnight in their disgusting ritual ceremonies, we don’t care about the blood, gore and dismembering of heads and body parts, and the pure worship of death and darkness. No, we are worried about little girls dressed up as princesses, and guys dressed up as a mariachi, it is the worst case of straining at gnats and swallowing camels, that I have ever heard of. When ISIS comes in and starts murdering students on campus, then they will know what true evil is, and it’s not a “Trump for President” sign, lol, are these people for real? I would call them snowflakes, but that is an insult to real snowflakes, maybe just call them flakes.

    • keedon

      Halloween started as a Christian Holiday and the way it is now has nothing to do with Satanic anything.

      • Col C

        Yes, it started as All Hallow’s Eve, a weird Christian holiday, but it was definitely hijacked by satanists, and they absolutely celebrate it, I know, my father and his girlfriend were satanists, and I was tortured by them, so you can say it has nothing to do with the satanic religion, but it doesn’t change what they do, and how they celebrate it.

        • keedon

          Total disconnect there. The Satanic religion embraced Halloween but Halloween had nothing to do with Satan.

    • Kel57

      I know right! Snowflakes are beautiful so I’ll just call them “FLAKES myself”. 🙂

    • niknar

      No, the evil, disgusting part is what makes Halloween so popular!

  • keedon

    So if a black person goes trick or treating without a costume is he showing racial prejudice towards blacks? After all his costume is himself and no one is allowed to have costumes which show prejudice.

  • jimdarnall

    This liberal thinking is getting completely out of control. Satan is having a hay day.

  • David W BmyBud

    I’m dressing as FAUXcahontas!

    • niknar

      You will surely be 1 of the most popular people there!

  • CrazyAuntJane

    A bigger threat than just stupid and being offended at everything is a complete lack of a sense of humor!!! It’s not permissible to laugh at ANYTHING!! Much of the time I have to write the word sarcasm after my comments because the brainwashed babies take everything serious and are offended at anything!

    • Stephen Howe

      Sure you can laugh. At Trump. At Christians. At Patriots. At Conservatives. At fat people. At “rayciss” whites (ONLY whites seem genetically capable of “rayciss” behavior.)

    • niknar

      I make a lot of sarcastic comments myself, but generally will not label it so. People with wit will get it; others may be horrified about what I say & still others will approve. It’s interesting to see people’s reactions.

    • Lee Martinsen

      That’s exactly why I never use the stupid LOL. It is just trying to insult someone without them being insulting. If you don’t mean it, shut the hell up. Someone who can’t recognize sarcasm, has bigger issues than me insulting them. Everyone needs to chill the fuck out. Sorry for the foul language, NOT.

  • Charles Wolfe jr

    They think parents don’t have the brains to know what to let their children wear !

  • Murphmeister

    I’m going as Al Jolson tonight singing his hallmark song ” Mammy “.

  • Ruckweiler

    Bet this causes more folks to dress their kids in the unapproved costumes just to throw it in these leftist idiot’s faces.

    • niknar

      My guess is that you’re correct. This just gives people ideas. People are going to dress the way they want regardless. People will offend & people will be offended, if they’re so inclined, & people can make judgment on others, good or bad, as they always do, according to what people wear or not. No big deal as long as there’s no intimidation involved.

  • Barney O Brown

    Snow flakes need to grow up.

  • Keith

    Look, are these adults or toddlers? There is a difference you know. Sometimes it’s just better to say F.U.!!!!

  • Popetal

    What would they say about a black face in a confederate uniform. Racist????????

  • john

    I said to a negro yesterday “what are you going to be for halloween ” a spook? He glared at me with his cap on sideways and his pants falling off and said “YEAAA”

  • Estell Newton

    I find liberals offensive. Can we ban them?

  • baitmando

    The liberal take over in our colleges is a disgusting mess. They have no academic standards themselves, just their social justice feelings. Liberals are the most ignorant and intolerant of all people. Black liberals are the worst.

  • imbog

    What about Christmas???? Christmas trees and ornaments.0r EASTER??// These children are being taught garbage instead of Reading Writing and arithmetic … If everyone complained about something they did not like everyone who would spend their time bitching ……Schools teaching HOW to complain

  • Mary Clouse

    You know what I told my children,if the school said anything
    about what they wore to school{My Mother said I could} take it up
    with her,she’s my boss.

  • robertleo

    So can a real Native American wear an Indian headdress? Can a Native Mexican wear a sombrero? Can an African American go like them? Better not pick a fight with these characters this Halloween for being who they are for how are you going to know that they are not who they really are and they just may take you to court for being who they are because your prejudice got in the way of they celebrating their own native self.

  • John D

    These colleges need to be shut down. Who the hell do these fools think they are to dictate to people what they can wear for Halloween? A goof beat down is in order

  • cathylovesyou

    Liberal teachers Professors administrators are Communist dividing America. Taking away America’ s tradition,and values.
    I was in Russia in 1990 and saw the church’s boarded up stamping out tradition and faith. Want this for America, leave for Russia now it has been cleaned up little but the philosophy is still the same

  • richiediana

    No photos !..??

  • Bandit61

    My 10 yr old went on the internet to research American Indians for school. He read books for history. He drew a picture of what he thinks an Indian outfit should look like. We discussed how to make it and it came out pretty good. This was not a store bought costume of a make believe cartoon or character in a movie. This was imagination and research. He called himself Chief Running Chicken…and nobody was offended.

  • Daniel Salvatori

    Fuck those college pussies. If they get offended so easily, they don’t belong in college, but a mental hospital. This new generation is full of pussies.

  • HardingDies

    Wait til you get into the real world.


    Can anyone tell me what the disposition of the contents of the 100 trailer trucks loaded with life giving supplies sent to Puerto Rico ?

  • Richard Fox

    it’s time to look around you the school kids don’t have any chance to learn any thing why because we let them do any thing they want so when they get into trouble we blame other people which is easy you know the end is coming so wake up America

  • rocky63

    The large majority of college administrators, deans, professors and other “leaders” are acting like idiots and probably really are.

  • Stephen Howe

    How about all those monkeys on the Broadway stages dressed up like Alexander Hamilton?! Talk about offensive, cultural appropriation!!

  • Jennings B

    Political Correctness is so absolutely out of hand that you are expected to accept stupidity. “Political Correctness”, another name for loss of your First Amendment Rights!

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