• Nellie McConnell

    YES! Everyone should have a carry permit that is a Citizen, training. We need to protect ourselves from Criminals.

    • Martin Michaels

      WE DO have a “permit” – it is called the Second Amendment – “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed!”

      • jimshaw54

        Unfortunately those “do gooders”, who make up too much of our government, believe they know better than we the people who should and should not be “allowed” to carry guns. Also unfortunately they believe they know better than the rest of us what is best for us in just about everything that has to do with our everyday lives.

        Time to get the “legislators” to stop writing new legislation, and start taking out all of the bad legislation that has built up over years and years that is ruining our country and taking away our freedom.

    • Phaedrus51

      Training is free if you serve your country in the military. You can even get a marksmanship medal for Pistol and/or Rifle. I highly recommend it. 😀

      • Rodney Steward

        I second that my friend!!

      • David Henderson

        Exactly..everyone needs skin in the game..everyone for 2yrs..miliary or jobs corp..something to contribute and not be a welfare recipient as a career…

      • slidenglide

        Perhaps, the worst thing we’ve done as a country was to abolish the draft. All able bodied men should be required either when they quit high school or graduate to complete basic training in the military. Women that choose should be allowed to complete separate training. Men have lost discipline, respect, and morals. They don’t know love of country and appreciation for what they have.

        • jimshaw54

          I prefer men and women who love this country enough to join the military. Some would use their training to go off the rails once they were highly trained shooters. I would suspect that some, dare I say it?, Muslims are getting training in our armed forces that will be used against us.

      • bttrap

        yes bring back the draft system

        • Rodney Steward

          Need to, and clean up these good for nothing snowflakes that will never work!

  • Nina Ferguson

    They would only take my gun from my cold dead hands.

  • bleedgreen

    all of congress except those that have a mental condition (liberals) should carry in washington and every place else

  • Bob

    nothing will change my mind on gun control. Every American home should be required to have at least one gun per family member

    • The Swiss take their machine guns home with them after military service. One reason why they haven’t been invaded, every household has a assault rifle and they qualify every year.

  • donl

    Yeah, the shooting did change my mind…………….I need another gun!!

    • antiliberal00

      Don’t forget the ammo.

  • wjkuleck

    I have an idea: let’s make murder illegal That will solve the problem! And will somebody tell these “reporters” that the NRA is not a “gun lobby”? It’s the oldest and largest Civil Rights organization in history, with five million paid members and their ten or fifteen million family members and friends?

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is the industry lobby, not the NRA,

  • PION????R

    I support a universal draft where everyone gets proper training in self-defense and respect for weapons. Alternate forms would be available including military service, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, etc. to recognize all religions and belief systems,

    • John Williams

      I don’t disagree, but remember, it will not always be those who are friendly to your idea that will be the ones making the rules on what “proper training” is. This also applies to second amendment rights for those with mental issues, it is WHO decides what those mental issues are. Under a socialist/progressive obama or clinton regime the definition would be much different than under a Trump administration or another who actually believes in the constitution.

  • Martin Michaels

    It is often said by gun zealots (of which I am one), “When the government outlaws guns, I will become an outlaw…” A more correct phrasing is “When the government outlaws guns, they will MAKE me into an outlaw.” As with the other Amendment s in the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment was not “granted” or “given” to the People by the Founders, but as they themselves said, by GOD the Creator. The Founders were, in fact, considered “outlaws” by the British government. And by defying the unjust government laws and regulations imposed by the British, the Founders created, in the name of God, the greatest nation ever to exist in the history of man. And it wasn’t because the USA conquered more of the world than Alexander the Great (we don’t colonize in the fashion of empires), or because we literally saved the world twice. It was because we gave more freedom to more people, more fortune to people who had previously had none, more contributions to science, and more glory to God than any previous nation.

    Now there are evil people in the world, and even in our own government who think that they know better than the People, better than the Founders, even better than God, how to govern the citizens of America, and even the citizens of the world as a whole. We must never let these people control us. This is the very reason the Second Amendment is the single most IMPORTANT natural right! We must NEVER allow the government to assume the role of “protector” – that is the job of each and every citizen!

    I will take care of my own protection, with God’s assistance, and the assistance of my weapons…Molon Labe !!!!!

    • andrew
      • Sure, they can have my gun but bullets first and I won’t need it anymore because I’ll be dead.

        • William Ingram

          He would (actually) have said – “Bugger off”
          Your response has a nice RING to it.

        • William Thompson

          Sir Harry, I don’t know how Dirty you are, but I do know you will last longer if you belong to a Malita because if you aren’t, you will be an automatic target.

          • 40 years in law enforcement. Crack shot at 200 yards. Survivalist knowledge in food, clean water and wild food gathering. If US gets hit with a EMP within 90 days 90% of population will be dead or dying from starvation or drinking unclean water. It will be total anarchy and Hell on Earth. You have to be able bodied to be in a Militia. I can teach survivalists skills as I’m disabled.

      • Medic RN

        Top drawer stuff. Excellent.
        Hey? I’ll manage my own healthcare OK? Me and my doctor can figure it out.

      • AntiGOP


    • As one Delaware Sheriff stated that when the Feds come for our guns, it will start a Second Civil War.

      • gadgetcoder

        It truly will! But I still have faith that MOST, though not all, of the military will side with the citizens…

      • leviathan

        The one problem that I have addressed before is that decent, law abiding citizens,are not really united.I would venture a guess that every militia unit started by (forgive me) white people,is under scrutiny by the leftist DOJ and FBI.However while they are watched,Jihadist training camps are thriving all over America, BLM more than likely has arms stored provided by Soros,and they are just waiting for the signal.The reason why Obama and the others will never be brought to trial is because they know there would be mass riots all over, which of course is just what they have wanted for years.A house divided against itself cannot stand.OBTW I haven’t forgot when the black panthers advocated the overthrow of the government and the NBP are outspoken about killing whites.

        • I’m not in a militia “yet”. It’d be a crippled brigade, can’t run so I’d just hunker down and give ‘me He’ll. I’m a armed citizen. Fortunately in Florida, allowed to carry gun in glove box and long arm in trunk. I remember the Deadly Tower Texas sniper in 1966 when the cops were outgunned. Deer hunters pulled out their deer rifles out and poured lead at the sniper until a cop blew his head off.

          • gadgetcoder

            The cop who shot him actually made it to the roof. It was what Charles Whitman (I think that was his name) wanted. He was having a really bad time in his head, and no one was listening or helping him – he snapped.

          • livefreeordiehard

            And he had already killed his mother, so no, I don’t believe he planned to be leaving there on two feet. It was scary. I was in about 8th grade and my best friend was visiting just down the street from there when it happened.

          • mtman2

            My message to all ready to “snap”- go end it in a firefight with Mexican drug gangs down there – or – otherwise right here with Ms13; be a hero in this world= not the innocent.
            Otherwise- Jesus is the only true answer now and will be in the end…

        • William Thompson

          More that one professional writer has predicted that the next world war will begin as a revolution here in The United States of America and that it will be based on racism. The Christian Bible has it that the last war will be that no one will be able to tell who is who because of the world is filled with so-much interracial mix. Your best friend could and might kill you because you don’t approve of their racial statics.

          • Deirdre Mullen

            I’ve been noticing that race relations have NEVER been this bad – black people who have never ever been mistreated by whites in any way have such white hot hatred for whites in full belief (of lies) that whites have “privilege” and have been keeping them down. This is because from pre-school onward, our leftist indoctrination schools teach lies, lies, propaganda, and absolutely no substance or logic.
            You are so right. I would be interested in where it is in the bible, I’m not as well acquainted with the Bible as I should be but I would love to know where that is – that people are so badly mixed up that nobody knows who anyone else is? LOL but we can all see it coming, especially when every TV show, movie, commercial have now got mixed couples black man and white woman (get the message, sheeple? The elite want you to mix it up) of course the only role white men are shown in are as the dopey rube with drool down his chin. As if that very specimen was never the one engine that drove progress in nearly every discipline we consider – science, medicine, literature, etc. He simply must have a well-built, strong-voiced, confident, dominant black guy to show him the way.

          • Medic RN

            Like blacks are going to prosper in the opportunities given? Feds have given one million dollars for every black in the US in LBJ’s war on Poverty. Look what they’ve done with Affirmative Action. Look where we are now. Chicago is a realistic picture. Black lives Matter?
            To who? Certainly not blacks! They’re constantly murdering each other, night & day, as fast as they can.
            White privilege isn’t a privilege at all. White progress is learned, repeatable modeling in the family and community. Blacks don’t have that, don’t recognize that, don’t conserve, build or value that. Until that construct changes at the heart level, we’re all stuck.
            A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

          • m1a0n3u0e1l2

            In what planet of a very distant solar system of a remote galaxy have you been living?

          • gadgetcoder

            The REAL one…I see the same thing, and I’ve seen it for a long time…increasingly so…

          • AntiGOP

            YUP ANOTHER BLAME THE leftist ASSHOLE.

            I’ve been noticing that YOU ARE AN IDIOT…WHAT ELSE IS NEW…RIGHT !!

          • gadgetcoder

            That’s redundant…Leftists ARE assholes (far too often)!!!

          • AntiGOP
      • oaking

        3rd Civil war –

        • 3rd Civil War? Damn, I never got a shot off in the 2d one, when did it happen?

          • oaking

            Well, I guess we normally call the first Civil War the War of Independence. The Second we call the “Civil War” I guess it depends if the war is successful or not?

          • Edward N. Barnes

            Some of us call the second one “the war of Northern aggression-)”

          • oaking

            So, perhaps we are waiting on the 1st civil war – although war has always been less than civil I think

          • mtman2

            Yep heard that now and again…
            So who was it that shot first then~?

            It truly was secession caused by huge moneyed interests at the top of the southern food chain that oppressed both slaves and the poor whites kept on their company store debt-list basically as indentured servants they brainwashed to fight for them. All started by British forced slavery to start with and mega greed extending thru the 18th century carrying thru OUR War for Independence and by then entrenched as a way of life; tho not for the 90% kept at the bottom nor the slaves for sure.
            The un-Civil War never should have happened; it tho did create mega wealthy monopolistic entities emanating from the vast monies borrowed from the even then Bankster created divisionary wars and conflicts they gladly fund both sides.
            You see wars are the biggest money makers of all time and they made sure to let potus Buchanan bankrupt America to then hand it and Civil war to ol’ Abe his 1st day in office.
            So he HAD to go to the banks which was their big foot in America’s door; and never left but now own us literally- as U.S.A. INC.
            WE need to awaken and change this Trump may be OUR last chance= why do you all think he’s attacked by’em all? They will kill him too if they can’t stoppem so other way.
            They got Lincoln first because he was going to turn on them- then many more too…

          • mtman2

            Yep heard that now and again…
            So who was it that shot first then~?

            It truly was secession caused by huge moneyedintefrests at tbe top of the southern food chain that oppressed both slaves and the poor whites kept on their company store debt-list basically as indentured servants they brainwashed to fight for them. All started by British forced slavery to start with and mega greed extending thru the 18th century carrying thru OUR War for Independence and by then entrenched as a way of life; tho not for the 90% kept at the bottom nor the slaves for sure.
            The un-Civil War never should have happened; it tho did create mega wealthy monopolistic entities emanating from the vast monies borrowed from the even then Bankster created divisionary wars and conflicts they gladly fund both sides.
            You see wars are the biggest money makers of all time and they made sure to let potus Buchanan banrupt America to then hand it and Civil war tp ol’ Abe his 1st day in office.
            So he HAD to go to the banks which was their big foot in America’s door; and never left but now own us literally- as U.S.A. INC.
            WE need to awaken and change this Trump may be OUR last chance= why do you all think he’s attacked by’em all? They will kill him too if they can’t stoppem so other way.
            They got Lincoln first because he was going to turn on them- then many more too…

      • mica

        Sir Dirty,
        Taking our guns will start with them buying up from local populations as many guns as possible. This has happened in some drug infested areas.

      • AntiGOP

        Sir Dirty Harry Martin Michaels • 2 days ago
        As one Delaware Sheriff stated that when the Feds come for our guns, it will start a Second Civil War.

        NOBODY is coming for your guns you idiot…

        Well wait a minute…maybe in your sicko case they should !!

        • Medic RN

          What does “infringement” mean to you?

          • AntiGOP

            It sure as fuck doesn’t mean…if your a sicko you should own a gun.

            And it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t prove your competency and skill.

            It’s not a fucking game…

            It’s not a fucking joke…

            Registering your weapons isn’t an “infringement” that’s for fucking sure.

          • Medic RN

            How does registering firearms…or any other infringment, stop a sicko?
            Third world sickos are killing people using knives, baseball bats and motor vehicles….cars which the world registers with a passion.
            Oh? Think about checking your language. First, you own it and it marks you, undermining the credibility of your point, putting you low in the pool. Second, you have no idea who is going to read this. Perhaps your own grandchild. Lift him up. Don’t press him down. Third, if your perspective is true, it will stand by itself. Thanks in advance.

          • AntiGOP

            Medic RN
            >>>How does registering firearms…or any other infringment, stop a sicko?

            May not stop them…however it may in some cases make it much easier to prosecute them…

            >>>Third world sickos are killing people using knives, baseball bats and motor vehicles….cars which the world registers with a passion.

            And your right…except we are not talking Third World here…we are talking USA citizens…period.

            Also to your point…your car is registered to you and you need to prove competency with a license…thus if you violate the law your (car) weapon/s should be removed. Also you need to provide insurance. Which protects others financially should YOU cause harm / damage in any way.

            Pilots have to be certified in TYPE and Class of Aircraft and prove competency 6,12,24 months depending on certification.
            With that…the Aviation Industry has a near perfect record….all things considered.

            I don’t think someone with mental issues should be allowed to buy a AK-47 one month and shoot up a baseball field of congressmen the next month.
            The other side of the coin, it’s not right that nobody should be able to buy a AK-47.
            Should you prove competency then you should be allowed to buy un-infrindged any weapon you want.
            Airline pilots need to prove competency EVERY 6 months and provide a current medical certification as well.

            And to say there should be no rules or requirements because the Constitution says infringed is….PURE BULLSHIT.

            That is CAVEMAN thinking…and as you can see…weren’t not living in caves anymore.

            As far as the rest of your post…need a interpreter…

            Oh? Think about checking your language. First, you own it and it marks you, undermining the credibility of your point, putting you low in the pool. Second, you have no idea who is going to read this. Perhaps your own grandchild. Lift him up. Don’t press him down. Third, if your perspective is true, it will stand by itself. Thanks in advance.

          • Medic RN

            What is the purpose of the second amendment? Why should the right to keep and bear arms NOT be infringed? Who should register their firearms? Why? What is the individual constitutional exposure? Are you a veteran? Have you put your life up in front of someone else? What does history statistically teach? Freedom is a cage of huge responsibility.
            I’m a licensed pilot. I’m insured and my driver’s license is valid and current. I’m a law abiding citizen, CCW and veteran.
            250 years ago, our founding fathers knew that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They knew governments willing to slaughter their own people to hold power. (See history: Nazi’s, Syria. N. Korea….et.al.) They’re still here. As long as there are governments, there will be government slaughter of innocents. It’s nobody’s business how or why I’m armed. If I’m convicted of a felony by due process, I loose my right to own one. In the mean time I target-center four times a year, licensed carry and, having done so in combat, I will shoot back. What makes you think we’re not living in caves? Ybeen to Syria? Afghanistan? Vietnam? France? Germany? Spain? Poland? Any war torn country?
            Thank you for almost checking your language. It was the right thing to do. Next, we’ll work on your honesty and accuracy.

          • AntiGOP

            Medic RN >>>>I’m a licensed pilot.

            No your not…

          • AntiGOP

            Medic RN >>>>It’s nobody’s business how or why I’m armed.

            The We the People aka (GOV) needs to know…and you know that…

          • Medic RN

            Honesty and accuracy originate in self esteem. Speak the truth because truth is the durable high ground.
            Yes. I am. No. They don’t.
            Its easy. Its true. Its the right thing to do. For some, truth and accuracy are often a puzzle. But it’s always a choice.

          • AntiGOP

            Medic RN>>>>Yes. I am.

            Yes a pilot…really…

            What is meant by 4774 in the box ???

            Watch no answer…

          • Medic RN

            A quiz? I love quizzes. Perhaps has a lot to do with why I fly. But if you want me to teach you to fly, you’ll have to schedule and pay me for my time.
            Flight number heavies position for take off to ground tower frequency. Not nationally required. Mostly local chatter. Good luck. Pay attention. Stay awake. Try to remember the truth is what you say, what I say, finally, the truth regarding what actually happened. Be responsible, balanced and determine to lean toward that last one.

          • AntiGOP

            Medic RN • 5 hours ago
            >>>>>A quiz? I love quizzes. Perhaps has a lot to do with why I fly.

            >>>>>Flight number heavies position for take off to ground tower frequency. Not nationally required.

            No…not even close…sorry !!

            No your not a pilot…however you are a liar !!

            Any pilot knows what that means in a heartbeat !!!

            And that wasn’t the only clue to your lying !!!

            1st clue…

            >>>>I’m a licensed pilot.

            Sorry…more proof…you are a Liar…

            >>>>Speak the truth because truth is the durable high ground.

            And I speak from the Higher Ground…of Knowledge / Experience and Certification !!

            >>>>Next, we’ll work on your honesty and accuracy.

            I THINK you need to work on your own honesty and accuracy my friend !!!

            Try a church where Righteousness has some redeeming value…and if that doesn’t work try Nature.

          • mtman2

            This raving nut should be investigated and have his license to fly revoked on mental instability…

          • AntiGOP

            Dumbass…you can’t get a license to fly…wow


          • mtman2

            The guy is a mental case….if he started his belligerent crap at a bar he’d get beat, knocked cold and dragged outside.
            Here he can get away w/his childish disrespect.
            He doesn’t care nor care to know truth or principles in OUR Founded+Framed nations relevance to actual-
            “freedoms under Liberty” –
            Being a Leftist parasite does that to people~!

          • Edward N. Barnes

            Registering firearms always, always, ALWAYS leads to confiscation!

          • AntiGOP

            Edward N. Barnes AntiGOP • 4 minutes ago
            Registering firearms always, always, ALWAYS leads to confiscation!


        • That is the least of my worries. What are you going to do if a Jihadist wants to collect your head?

          • AntiGOP

            Come’on dude…see a doctor if you can’t figure that one out !!!

          • mtman2

            We see you’re to much of a coward to answer him- eh~?

          • AntiGOP

            mtman2 AntiGOP • 6 hours ago
            We see you’re to much of a coward to answer him- eh~?

            WTF ???

            Another idiot has arrived…

          • mtman2

            No your the “idiot” and a coward if you don’t answer the question honestly…
            Will you use a firearm to defend yourself- and are all the arms you have voluntarily registered~?

          • AntiGOP

            mtman2 AntiGOP • 5 hours ago
            No your the “idiot” and a coward if you don’t answer the question honestly…

            No Jihadist is going to take my head here in America…
            And yes I would defend me and mine…to answer your dumbass question.

            Will you use a firearm to defend yourself- and are all the arms you have voluntarily registered~?

            Yes & Yes

            All my weapons are registered because I’m not planning on using them in any crimes.
            When my father passed all his were registered as well…now registered to me.

            Two more dumbass questions answered…

            Are all your weapons registered??????

          • mtman2

            It wasn’t my pertinent and relevant question but SirDirtyHarry’s + likely your arms are all pistols +/ or you must live in a city. Very few places have pulled off registering long-guns.
            Some States still operate on and from “shall not be infringed” period- with more now following suit;
            ie- nonofurbizness what I have= as it was meant and should be- being “WE the People” live in a Representative Republic and not a socialist/statist Democ-Rat oligarchy.
            Tho the Far-Left desires it to be so- with select elitist determining what your Rights are if any –
            ” All animals are qual, but some animals are more equal than others.”
            – Orwell = the swine

          • AntiGOP

            And you bullshit point was…??????????

            Another question you won’t answer…

    • wac4761

      WELL SAID!!!!!

    • William Ingram

      I’m with you.
      I’m already an outlaw (according to Liberal definition)….
      BUT – I am alive and well and plan to stay that way.

      • mac

        Outlaws we are and together we will stand , I also am still alive ,and will not go down without a fight ,you may try to take my gun –but only when i’m stone cold dead !!!

        • Medic RN

          We colonists have always been outlaws. Ask King George of England.
          Militia…good idea. Strength in numbers. Shoot and move. Don’t stay around to be a target for certain return fire, a grenade or shoulder mount rocket.
          Oh? Carry your IV, tubeing and bandages in the top right of your pack so I’ll find them when I get to you.

    • robertinccnv

      Very well said!

    • jimshaw54

      But with all of the P.C., whose proponents claim will make us a better and safer country, we are becoming a less safe and less free people.

      • oaking

        Safer for the “Leaders”

    • William Thompson

      It has been proven that people have a short memory span. And when the government takes over via give, give, give, give, give, ect., the people tend to forget that what the government gives, it can take. I’m one of those that will be an outlaw because someday in the future, WE will be HONORED as those that resisted.

    • ronirwin

      Very well written and directly to the point. It’s just too damn bad the liberal judges in this country don’t understand what you have just said.

    • b0213

      We must never forget, We the People are the government!

    • mtman2

      All good and right: tho not the “saving the world” twice part; because had DemocRat potus kept his 2nd term campaign promise “IF ELECTED not to enter into WWI”(would’ve been no WWII) .
      Well he was elected on a lie and immediately set about entering Euro-“peons” stupid (OK corral showdown shootout) war.
      His interfering at great cost of American lives
      (from no threat to us) allowed the French+Brits to loot, pillage and rape Germany(@gunpoint) for 12yrs- by forcing the Treaty of Versaille along with $billion$ in “reparations” on a starving broken Germany.
      THIS created WWII- and the Bolchevik communist hold on the continent.
      Where then- potus Wilsons- Bankster-Globa”lust” The-FED crashed us in 29 to install bought+owned statist FDR who created the bureacrat insing monopoly over us now; gave Stalin 1/2 Europe(the free world) sold us by SS-number to the IMF as debt slaves while installing the U.N. on U.S. soil- giving us both Korea+Vietnam and Maoist China.
      These same Banksters that own us now had JFK killed for daring to mention them once- to then install their man (FDR mentored) LBJ to enrich once again the owners of the “Industrial Military Complex” potus Eisenhower sheepishly warned about in his farewell speech.
      GHWB, Both Clinton’s, GW(50/50) and the Obama-nation are groomed loyal Globa’lust’s’ as was the well meaning-dunce Carter=shillbots of these world controlling Banksters edging us all to their NWO with a OWG.
      Andrew Jackson was the last president to openly win against the foreign banksters and two attempts were made on his life whereas “they” did and attempted several other assassinations thru-out 200yrs.
      WE the People(the sleeping giant) put outsider Trump in office- jilting the to be installed last “coffin nail” Hilliar’y into America as Founded+Framed.
      “They” hate Trump as he could pull an Andy Jackson on’em…

  • barnjoer

    When will these Demwits understand that it is there own Demwit supporters that are doing the shootings not Republican supporters! Are they really that blind to reality?

    • I don’t want a Smart gun. NSA may hack the site and turn the gun off just as a mugger thug pulls a dumb knife on you.

  • CBA

    Instead of filling school children with useless garbage the left see fit, how about we give them a gun and hunters safety course. You cant hit the reset button when you pull the trigger.

    • socialsavvy

      Because children are not mature enough to know when and when not to use a deadly weapon, nor even whom they should or should not shoot. That is more stupid than any statement I’ve seen in a long time. Not many weeks ago, a little boy in K brought a loaded pistol with him in his book-bag. The gun fell out of his bag, another child picked it up and the damn guy went off shooting another child in the stomach. The shot child had to have extensive surgery and was in the hospital for some time. He did survive and is in school again by the year’s end. This is not fake news. It was a real situation. Think before you offer irrational, immature and stupid suggestions regarding children. Now if you want to send your child to school with a pistol, make sure the remainder of the class know to stay at home, as well as the teachers and everyone else. Safety courses. Really! wait til he gets a gun with out the safety.

      I am for gun rights. But not with out responsibility, or responsible people using and handling them.

  • Rusell Reitz


    • Lynne Douglas

      To “Russell Reitz: Well said, Bro!

      • bttrap

        a men

  • David in MA

    Hasn’t changed my mind.

  • PION????R

    . It doesn’t really work that way. Our physicians are in private practice in the free market. Thisis true no matter which kind of insurance pays part of the bill. Thus it will be physicians in the free market place to make whatever decision about health issues not the government – no matter who is in charge.

  • Ronnie

    I have always kept a gun in my nightstand so anyone wants to break in my place good luck ass holes!

  • Vernon Devine

    Having guns around leads to more often accidental gun injuries and death. The NRA is a terrible organization, true idiots.

    • Mustafa Curtess

      Having motorized vehicles around leads to accidental injuries and deaths – too. But the positives grossly outweigh the negatives – and the same thing applies equally to guns legally in citizens’ hands.

      • Vernon Devine

        You are nuts. There are little benefits to having guns in home and lots of costs. Read the statistics.

        • bttrap

          you are nuts and some day I hope you get in a situation where you would of wish you had a gun

          • Vernon Devine

            Very unlikely to happen. I am 73 and never used a gun for any reason or felt the need for a gun at any time. I have never had a gun in my home or car and never will. You gun nuts are over the top. Try reality for a change.

          • bttrap

            you need to take a walk down the south side of chicago and see if you can make it without protection I’m 74 and things are not the same when we were young for one thing there were very few gangs and the ones around kept to themselves

          • Vernon Devine

            I would not walk down the south side of Chicago. I do not live in a high crime area and never will. I will not walk in any high crime area or drive through such areas.

          • bttrap

            some day you may have too then what?

          • Vernon Devine

            Never will have to. My home is in a low crime area. My office is in a low crime area. I do not drive in high crime areas.

          • bttrap

            do you think it will stay that way forever?

          • Vernon Devine

            Will never have to. I am not that stupid.

          • bttrap

            so dead is better?

          • Vernon Devine

            I would never walk down the south side of Chicago. I stay away from unsafe places. I want to live out my natural life.

          • bttrap

            the gangs are spreading out so it won’t be just the south side it will get to your neiborhood some day and you won’t be able to protect yourself because you think guns are bad remender a bad guy with a gun gets elimated with a good guy with a gun and cops can’t be everywhere

          • bttrap

            that means you probably never served we are almost the same age and I guess you never went to nam. when your over there my M1 was my best buddy and when I got out I joined NRA best thing I ever did besides joining viet vets glade you weren’T THERE WISH i WASN’T THERE BIT HAD TO GO HATED EVERY MINUET THERE

    • Rodney Steward

      You’re an idiot on every sight you go on,grow up and be something, you can’t be a Shariacrate all you life!

      • Vernon Devine

        Just telling the truth since the NRA are a bunch of lying assholes. They deny the statistics on death and injury related to guns in the home. They are despicable people.

        • Rodney Steward

          Go to Chicago, the NRA isn’t their, just drugs and thugs and thank God they’re keeping themselves thinned out!!

          • bttrap

            let he see what chicago is like without protection every time I go there I carry vernon is just like obambie empty heads and nothing between their ears but air

          • Rodney Steward

            LOL, I really do believe that, he’d be great to carry along as long as he kept his mouth shut!!

        • bttrap

          you need to get your head out of the area between your two back pockets and wake up you don’t know anything about the NRA

          • Vernon Devine

            I know it is a pro gun organization and does not admit the dangers of having a gun in your home. They deny reality and not worthy of respect.

          • bttrap

            like I said before you don’t know anything about the NRA of coarse it’s pro gun what do you think the R stands for in NRA wow are you stupid

          • Vernon Devine

            I think it stands for retarded which is what the NRA is.

          • bttrap

            see I told you you don’t know anything about the NRA it should be NO RAT AHOLES like you so GTH

          • Vernon Devine

            I know it is a horrible organization that is opposed to gun control and promotes guns. I know they are a disgusting organization.

          • bttrap

            you are disgusting you keep up with the clintons about gun control ans see what it gets you looser

      • Vernon Devine

        I try to be a voice of reason and intelligence among the postings of idiots. It is a lonely task but some may listen and may start to show some intelligence

        • Rodney Steward

          Good luck!!

        • bttrap

          why don’t you wakr up and see no one cares about your voice of reason as it’s nothing but B.S and if you don’t like our postings go somewhere else

          • Vernon Devine

            I will make that judgment myself and not be influenced by others’ comments unless I judge them to be useful.

    • bttrap

      the NRA is the best thing around you don’t need to say anything about the NRA as you seem to have no knowledge about them if you don’t like guns then don’t buy one as an idiot like you would probably shoot yourself if you had one

      • Vernon Devine

        The NRA is a terrible organization.

  • Ronnie

    I have finally become afraid of the left to the point of supporting the president in any form in public to me has become dangerous, I am afraid of putting a bumper sticker on my truck because members of the left will retaliate and damage my truck I do not dare wear a Trump shirt or hat because I may be attacked or killed by members of the left! What if we the right wingers had of treated them this way the failure Obama!

    • rivahmitch

      Then carry and lose your fear. Semper Fi!!

    • Dick

      Welcome to the club. Back when I worked in Milwaukee, I had a Bush bumper sticker on my new and parked in a downtown public parking garage. I found out how the “peaceful” liberals acted when I finished work, went to my car and saw my bumper sticker ripped off and my new car was keyed. NEVER trust a liberal, a socialist or a communist.

      • Lynne Douglas

        Liberal, communist, socialist, Democrat, Left-winger, “progressive” should all be listed as synonyms in our
        thesaurus in its most current edition. And antonyms for these: Patriotic, reasonable, ethical.

    • Lynne Douglas

      What a contrast to the way Left-wingers feel free to “advertise” their anti-American views with impunity — they
      know that Right-wing, Conservative Republicans don’t react by destroying property, setting fires, attacking their
      rivals, etc. Violence is THEIR method of expression. Something here is decidedly lop-sided.

    • The Right can always pay them back in 2020 if Hildabeast, Bernie, Joe, Makala or Pocahantas runs for DNC president candidate. Remember the rotten tomatoes and eggs at their rallies.

    • antiliberal00

      I have NEVER put a bumper sticker or any signs on my vehicles nor do I wear clothing that would betray me to my enemies. I believe it is better NOT to advertise your mindset or capabilities to your enemies.
      The less information your enemies have about you, the better. It is better to blend in until the time comes to show your hand.

      • Marty Xavier

        Very well said. I think I should develop some more advanced guns. The revolution might need them. I will look into the legal requirements.

    • socialsavvy

      If you live in this state you’d have nothing to fear. WR extremists will protect you. Most carry. Use whatever sticker you want as long as it isn’t offending them. I would only carry a gun if my spouse wanted to and he would be the one to have the gun. This is a conversation that actually is not needed in peaceful neighborhoods. When travelling inside the country we have a gun. I was not aware a gun was with us in the car for years. It really is a sad state of affairs when Americans fear other Americans. Especially because of political preferences. It all goes back to people who hate and promote hate. This was the worst election I have ever known of in America with all the hate espoused by the one candidate who really thrives on chaos, even now. It makes me wonder abouto people whom I thought were peace loving individuals; maybe different a bit, but trustworthy as real Americans. Guess life has changed. It will not get better if we do not get rid of the hate for someone elses opinion.

      • Marty Xavier

        I fear the government and deep state. Not terrorists or at least not by the common definition. There years ago I didn’t fear anyone.

  • Dick

    Yes, that shooting did change my mind. I will now carry concealed wherever I go. If the crazies will attack politicians WHO HAVE ARMED GUARDS, they will not hesitate to attack an unarmed senior citizen. Thank God for an organization like the NRA who cares about the United States and God bless President Trump.

    • bttrap

      a men

  • cathylovesyou

    The Baseball shooting confirms in my mind Guns in proper hands is a positive, in the hands of haters and disturbed people is a negative. I don’t owe a gun but probably should, I do know how to handle one but would brush up, and I do appreciate the fact I can own a gun without some Politico with Body guards trying to stop me.

  • larry outlaw

    If the criminals have guns, the law abiding citizen is in deep chit! So if you don`t want guns in,don`t get one or turn it in,and when you need it don`t start crying, you bunch idiots.

    • Dimwits can call 911 to ID their corpses after home invaders get finished.

  • bill sexton

    The Philippine nation has gun laws. Almost no one has a gun. You cannot purchase a gun in any store. they are not available. Yet the enemy, Muslim terrorist have so many guns they actually out gun the Philippine military and police forces. The black market is alive and well in most countries with strict gun laws. Almost every criminal has a gun in the Philippines, but the average citizen does not. People here are not able to protect them selves and thieves know it. Houses have high fences and barbed wire all over the top to try to keep the bad guy out. if they do get in, there is no defense against them. An entire town in South West Philippines has been taken over by criminals loaded with massive fire power. No citizens had guns. Many were lined up and murdered before being thrown into ditches. The police were beat before they could retaliate. All their armory, guns and ammo were confiscated by the bandits numbering around 200 heavily armed bad guys. Only 200 people with guns took over an entire town of over 200,000 residents. Maybe they should allow Filipino citizens to have guns. Then they could protect them selves like in America. This is one picture of why it is not smart to take away Americans guns. The bad guy seems to always have a gun. Innocent people need guns to protect themselves.

    • Lynne Douglas

      Who can possibly believe that “stricter gun laws” will be obeyed by criminals??? What a totally unreasonable
      concept. Oh, I just answered my own question: Who believes the taking of guns away from regular citizens
      makes sense? The loud, lunatic Left, that’s who…

    • bill sexton

      just in, Duterte has claimed the possibility of civil war in the Philippines. He stated that “maybe we must arm the Christians so they can protect themselves” or words to that effect. The town in question is now a ghost town. The bandits are still holding around 200 civilians hostage. The civilians had no guns for protection, but the bandits had more guns than the police force. Where did they get those guns in a country that does not allow guns sold in stores?
      This could happen in America if we allow the liberals to take away our guns. Now in Philippines the only way to solve the problem is to arm the citizenry. The government is actually contemplating to give guns to every citizen for protection.

  • Robert Hicks

    NO, NO CHANGE OF OUR MINDS. GUNS ARE NECESSARY. obama’s gun standard is 2 faced- he has all kinds of gun protection and thinks HE IS SPECIAL. OBAMA IS IGNORANT AND DUMB AS A ROCK, AND FURTHER CONNIVING. .

  • Samantha Melton

    More determined than ever to support legal guns and permits to carry. If everyone carried maybe the crooks and murderers would think before shooting at us.

    • jaybird

      We need permits to be recognized in all states, right now NJ does not, they will lock you up if you come into their state carrying, even with a permit.

      • bttrap

        then no one should go there

        • jaybird

          They should not even take a chance in going thru that state while carrying!

  • Mai Tran

    I never again people cary gun ,but I never own one for myself, today I will go get one for me ,right time to own one or two

  • Larry Brule


  • Had those ball players had been packing a open carry or a concealed carry on their person or in the dugout. That shooter would have had more bullets coming at him. People in that neighborhood may have grabbed their rifles and joined in. That shooter would have ended up just as dead.

    • antiliberal00

      Just remember that someone practicing open carry will likely be the first person shot.

      • bttrap

        that depends on who is the better shot I put my money on the carry person

  • Dan Meyer

    Every time Dems blame insane acts on a gun, they spit on the graves of our founding fathers, all who have sacrificed to keep us free, and the victims of crime! That alone should be enough to dissolve what has become the Democratic Socialist/Marxist “party” of hypocrites.

    • jaybird

      I don’t think they ever knew anything about our founding fathers! They skipped that class!

  • pappy450

    Why don’t we take all the guns away from SCUMOCRATS…They seem to be the ones that are doing these “shootings” over MANY, MANY YEARS!

  • Stephen Griffith

    Remember when Ex-President Barry, said”that we were bitter cliggers to our Bibles & Guns”. Well Praise The Good Lord!!! & pass the Bullets! of truth & a few Nuclear Smart Bombs & Missles of Right On Mr. Trump”s put America First!!!! I voted for Trump. I firmly believe should stand for Our God Given Rights!!!!

  • Jerry Del Vecchio

    Just take the guns away from the liberals, Democrats, illegals and others on the left and we’ll be just fine.

  • Charley C.

    Very well said Mr.Brooks.And May God heal,& watch over our republic ! Witch we call the United States of America !

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Yes, it should be made far easier to get a concealed carry permit and there should be far fewer gun free zones. We are all sitting ducks since crazy people and criminals do not obey the laws anyway and all are crazy like liberals and democRAT-ICK politicians.

  • AmazeTech

    This shooting just solidified my concealed carry everywhere. I’d rather face a judge later, than have my family plan a funeral.

    • bttrap

      good advice for vernon devine

  • Vernon Devine

    Did not change my view. We need even stricter gun regulation.

    • bttrap

      tell that to the gangs in chicago abd they will laugh at you before they shoot you for your info no matter how strick you make the laws they don’t care they don’t obay the laws on the records now and you want more? wow how dumb can you get remember the only way to get a bad guy with is with a good guy with a gun

  • William Ingram

    Nobody changed my mind.
    I have always carried a weapon in “suspect” areas
    It saved my life once when I had to shoot (and kill) a Libyan who wanted to kill me.
    He made ONE mistake.
    He attacked me when I had my dog with me.
    My dog attacked and knocked me out of his way and all I got was a hole in my leg.
    He died from a bullet through his eye.

    • stgabrn

      glad you are ok.

    • bttrap

      good shot

  • Estell Newton

    The liberals are trying to make us defenseless so they can run the country their way. Which means only they would have rights. If anything, more of us need to get armed so when the left decide to up their violence we can defend ourselves.

    • mrpoohead

      Name a country were “liberals” have removed guns. Estell No Facts But Still a Bimbo!

      • Estell Newton

        You can’t read or understand anything dummy

        • mrpoohead

          Can’t think of any countries can you and why is that? You are full of poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Pewter

    needs to go back to the wild west days..everyone who wants to walk around with a quick draw type handgun

  • leviathan

    This debate will never end as long as the left is out of power, however let them gain power again, and twist the constitution as they did during the Jarrett years (oops Obama) with communists on CNN (Jones) and the left elites using Alinsky tactics fooling millions who like the rats and the Pied Piper, the mobs will take control.If people give up the only means to protect their families it will be all over.America is at a precipice ready to plunge over into full blown communism if they succeed in getting Trump out,whatever means they employ.

  • kassa1

    Just remember this is not about safety for the American people this is about safety for the corrupt whores in government, in this case it would be the communist a.k.a. Democrat party which the Democrat party has been infiltrated by the Communist Party 70 years or so ago. This is about over taking America this is about taking off freedoms away this is about taking our property away our land away. When the Second Amendment sky on so will be no freedom of anything but only what the elites will allow you to have. Michael Bloomberg is one of the examples of the billionaires who think they should have the right to carry wherever they go because they are people of importance but we the people should not have that right , Yeah people like number one exempt their self my lawsuit when they take your right to protect yourself away and they want to protect their self from a lawsuit against them,for doing that,as one they take that right away they assume full responsibility and they want to exempt their self from that responsibility. One last thought there is no greater rate than the right to defend yourself, your family and your property, and those who are in need and cannot protect their self.

  • mac

    As so often has been said before When they Outlaw Guns we will all become Outlaws ,and so it will stand ,nobody is taking my guns,in fact I intend to make a increase to my collection,,nobody wants to protect us ,so we must protect ourselves and our country,,Damm democrats aint helping in any way,,all they want to do is take,take,take,Until there is nothing left !!!!!!

  • George Hilliard

    It didn’t change my mind about guns, but it did reinforce my opinion regarding hateful, homicidal, left wing progressives.

  • zizi Newton

    The root of the problem is not gun. It’s the twisted mind of those terrorists. The baseball shooting was by a political terrorist whose mind had been poisoned by the left side lies and instigation. Our society seems not want to treat the root of the problem. Just like teen or subteen pregnancy, instead of starting to teach young kids not to toy with sex, the society advocates giving 10-year-olds contraceptive devices. This is sick. I don’t own a gun and will never own one. But until we are sure that NO ONE in the country has a gun, no murderers have guns, we should allow everyone the right to have gun for self defense.

  • shadowlee

    Lib. DemocRATS should not have guns !

  • Maureen Oleary

    No it doesn’t change my mind on GUNS. We’re all sitting ducks. In most circumstance, it’s kill or be killed, in th

    • mac

      You are so very true !! With the democrats trying to destroy everything that Trump tries to put in motion ,Democrats keep blocking him,at every corner,in as little time they talk impeachment , if any political charges are made they should be made against the people responsible for this mess we are in ,whatever happened to Clinton and Obama all the scrunity that they created ,all the bills,other countries are responsible for,the war on terror,illegals,taking in more refuges,,,,,Hell we can’t take care of our own people,we have people starving and homeless,but they still let more people in,,,Build the Wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peter watson

    God bless America.

    • mac

      Yes indeed ,God Bless America , Please Hurry ,before the Democrats destroy what is left of a beautiful country, Build The Wall !!!

  • El Ja Cardin

    We will not allow anyone to take out guns away. The second Amendment give us our God Given rights and we will not give in, or give up. Leave our protection alone.

  • alaskat

    With all these vile and hateful Democrats running amok we’d be well beyond insane to give up our right to send them to the Devil’s fire pit.

  • retreaded

    What this incident proves is that liberal demonrats should not be allowed to own any type of weapons, period.

  • Manuel Gonzales

    Now I am more convinced than ever everyone should own a gun to defend themselves or to take out the thugs who would shoot unarmed innocent men and spectators.
    Forget the snowflakes and just ignore them and pass a law okaying the carrying of weapons at large.

  • Ronald Hagler

    That a society has reporters who are so base, so common as to even ask such a question, at a time when all should be helping the wounded and shaken, is testament to the depths of ignorance, callousness and malicious actions of liberals in respect to that which they disagree with. We are already experiencing a decay in our 1st Amendment rights by having Federal Courts support groups who claim to be offended by Christian prayer in public schools. These same groups, and same justices, are now supporting the demands of Islamic worshipers to provide Muslim Prayer Rooms in these same public schools.

    Just as radical liberals think the first part of the 2nd Amendment supersedes the second part, they are first in line to claim total freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment, while supporting the eradication of that part of the 1st Amendment which states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. If the Supreme Court orders all schools to refuse admittance to students wearing Christian themed garments, is that not prohibiting the exercise of religion? If the Supreme Court rules that there should be no Christian prayer during school hours or inside school buildings, is that not in direct violation of the first section of the 1st Amendment? If the Supreme Court supports the rights of Muslims to have their daily prayer sessions during school hours, by allowing them a special room for such observances, is that not giving special treatment to one religion over another: the very argument used to discontinue Christian prayer in most public schools? I say Yes, yes it is!

  • Robert J Fritz

    this is a regular attempt by the liberal democrats to use some unfortunate event as an excuse to take our guns away. it would not surprise me to find old george soros or the clintons behind this event in some way or another . However we must again be very clear to all of those liberals that don’t get it . Very slowly now , repeat after me , Gunnns —Doooo —– nottt—killlll —-people—–People—–killlll—–people. If you lay a gun on the ground or a floor , no one will ever be shot , harmed or killed by it. Only when some idiot like the DEMOCRAT follower of bernie , picks it up and points it and pulls the trigger .will some poor soul get hurt or worse . since the bought and paid for liberal cooks will never even read this or give it serious thought. this is for the intelligent true liberals out there that may still feel like they have to follow the wayward DNC , to think who is really peddling the hate and violence in this country . we , the vast majority ,Trump followers , welcome you to the logical and peaceful side of this revolution. I did not say soft or fearful . If it’s fight the loony liberals want , we have plenty of that . However.True Americans accept the will of the people . This past election is the first in our history that was followed by such hatred , violence and damaging protesters . Again . all due to the DNC and a host of individual followers who have supported this kind of reaction to the outcome of a valid election. And even now by omission remain still in criticizing those who perpetrate violence. Remember who is responsible for this mayhem when the next elections take place . If they support violence now , what would make you think they would listen to you and your problems ? You would become the new enemy and would be treated just like they are treating Trump and Trump followers , only worse. One final thought to remember is that all they ( Liberal DNC ) have done for the past 6 months is attack , complain , insult and fabricate . They have no program except to stop Trump , no matter what . If they were worth anything . they would be acting like adults .presenting other programs to give the people a choice on each issue but instead they continue to stir the pot of hatred , spewing lies and falsehoods like ” the Russian Boondoggle ” that has not produced one shred of proof after 6 months of investigations and hearings. All that wasted time that has cost you and I millions upon millions in tax dollars. Remember when you vote ,who is behind this time and money wasting “Which Hunt” . It’s the Liberal DNC . But than again , money is no concern of theirs. Take nancy “I’ve produced nothing of consequence ” pelosi , who when she retires , because of the tier system , stands to receive some 800,000 thousand a yr !!!!!! How much are you going to get when you retire? It’ s people like this that have to be put out to pasture on both sides of the isle . Yes .we trump followers want to get rid of all the old guard . Republicans and Democrats alike. Dnc followers will be told who to vote for because they consider you simple minded sheep .Hillery called us despicable and not worth saving . Any and all former clinton and bernie followers . We welcome you and respect you . Please join us and save your pride and individuality . Trump won by a vast majority and we are still here and growing in numbers that will result in another mandate victory for Trump. Be a winner this next election . Dump the old DNC . It;s fun over here supporting a peoples choice president who fights for our rights and future interests , instead of blaming us for failures like hillery did and stills does blame everyone except herself for her failed campaign. God bless us all and help us unify our divided nation . Rob 423 – Dump the DNC and Rinos – vote for businessmen and women not lifetime political cronies .


  • Consultant

    A Gun didn’t Shoot anyone, it was a Socialist Democrat that did the Shooting; Just as this Bernie Crazed Lunatic, sought out to eliminate Conservatives, it was also a Gun that came to the Aid of those being assaulted, killing the Perpetrator, because they had Guns. … . What more Nonsense is the Left going to peddle this week . … .

    Just as HRC, James Comey, Chuck Schumer and the entire Socialist Democratic Party have been out to Resist Trump, it’s apparent; There’s no need to Fear Guns, Guns, don’t do the Shooting, it’s the People Behind the Weapon; Get Real, this Nonsense has got to go the way of the Socialist Democrat, just as in Georgia, Right has no sympathy for literal idiocy of the Left, as exhibited by the Huge Win in Georgia . … . Trump, Constitution, Making America Great Again . … . The only way to achieve that, is to Win Elections . .. !!!!!!!

  • Alleged Comment

    “The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to ensure that we always have a republic,….”

    Yes, let that be a warning to Demoncraps and the lying lieberal. Which, ironically gives them the right of free speech to “hate and berate” this country.

    Don’t you want US armed in case you lose your mind?

  • Donald Lindsey

    After all, they (Radical Socialistic Democrats) think, in their wildly-twisted minds: This guy came and tried to shoot one of us gun-toting Republican folks. So does this mean that only Republican folks carry guns?

    But the shooter was a RADICAL LIBERAL SOCIALISTIC PSYCHOPATHIC DEMOCRAT with a gun. And these same psychopaths now want more gun control NOT CRIMINAL control that used a gun.

    These psychopaths cannot in their kindergarten minds that it takes a person to pull the trigger and that GUNS do not talk and tell you to do it. These liberal socialistic democrat psychopath are total imbeciles (a classification system, somebody with an IQ between 25 and 50 and a mental age of between three and seven years).

  • John

    I don’t think that guns should be blamed for this incident. Would you outlaw a car if it ran over and killed someone. No you wouldn’t. It isn’t the gun that kills anything or anyone It is the person behind the gun. If you take away all guns The only people tha will have guns will be the crooks and the cops

  • Tiger

    When in the face of a tragedy where guns saved lives, and if all had guns it would not have happened the Left comes out with something like this. Proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are incapable of having any ability to see truth. They are permanently marred with this ingrained mantra and if it were their family put in harms way, would they still say they won’t arm themselves? If that is the case we need to ignore them completely. Not give them the time of day and do just as our POTUS is doing, state our points then move on with our business.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. You can lead these people to the facts but you can’t make them think. They have lost much more than elections, they have lost their minds.

  • dusty

    vernon devine- if you were with me in nam and had an attitude like that, i would make sure you would never come back

  • dude

    yea! make’s me want to buy more than I already have

    • AntiGOP

      dude • a minute ago
      yea! make’s me want to buy more than I already have

      Were you thinking of shooting up a church, school or your favorite employer !!!???

      Sick…sick people !!

  • Busdriver Bill

    I would like to ask the reporter if he knows of any country which has absolute gun prohibition, being safer or more at liberty than ours. I would ask him if he knows the statistics for crime and how it always rises upon the prohibiting of personal firearms liberty. I can name two examples of how gun prohibition reduced “crime” – Communist China, and The Soviet Union. Perhaps this newsman would like to live under a similar regime?

    • AntiGOP

      Well Bahama’s they don’t have a gun problem…and aren’t Communist !!

      Do you have anymore brilliant statements of bullshit Bill ????

  • no it has not. Here is whyhttp://seekingalpha.com/account/authorboard/instablog/

    is under investigation whom has anything to do with assisting n
    proving the that Supreme Court decision to declare the Federal lo
    Reserve Act of 1913 constitutional, is an error since made it legal for
    the U.S. treasury department to counterfeit U.S. dollars. This would
    cause the collapse in the currency which already has lost its purchasing
    power many times over due to the resulting massive inflation. Full 600
    pages of details in published details exist and are available. at
    aseeking alpha.om blogs at

  • To be in Syria, Washington has to pretend to be “fighting terrorism”
    rather than supporting it. The lie has been given to this claim many
    times, but now that an American pilot has proven that the US is in Syria
    to support its agent, ISIS, not even a Megyn Kelly presstitute can
    honestly claim to believe that Washington is fighting ISIS.


  • Roger_T73

    Why not REPEAL the FIRST AMMENDMENT, CNN has trashed it thru the widespread intentional use of FAKE NEWS!!!

    • Nancy Anderson

      I respectfully disagree with that. I think we should booster the first amendment and go after the liars. Make them prove what they put in print or on the news. If they can’t prove it, or it’s found that they lied, hit them with huge fines, because money is all they will listen to.

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