• Lori

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  • Bernadette

    Good for you POTUS! At least you are about our people and country.

    • Donald Kilb

      I second the motion. End volunteer organization funding entirely and construct strict guide lines including responsibilities for consequences of incompetent placement.

      • Bernadette

        Volunteers are just that, not paid staff so I agree with you.

        • Donald Kilb

          The volunteer agencies have high paid staff too. Check on charities like the Red Cross. Yes, they have volunteers, but they have high overhead for their paid staff and in most cases corrupt intent.

          • Allen Evans

            There is a list of “good and bad” volunteer agencies that circulates around on the web once or twice a year listing the salaries of the CEO’s (or equal position), amounts taken in, and MOST IMPORTANT the percentage of donations that actually are used for their intended purpose. Sadly, the American Red Cross was on the “bad list” along with UNICEF. Among the best agencies was the Salvation Army.

          • Pamela

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          • Nellie McConnell

            Many originations protect the Illegals. I won’t donate to Red Cross.

          • Donald Kilb

            The Red Cross has the false image of what it was in the past. In essence it is more a fleecing organization than volunteer agency, especially in disaster relief presence. They throw up the fund raising banner and divert the revenue to other things not related to the events, including their own use. Their % of funds used for the designated projects aren’t much better than the Clinton Foundation.

        • Pamela

          This can be true, “and” not true (of all), suppose Trump held the funds, used the allotted funds for (negotiated) materials with strict inventory the whole way. Even could use city markers as ~ new community’s of volunteers ~ contributing to the build. Let all Americans put their hand to making America great again. Most city officials are already on the clock so they are paid already and would just need to do their job within the complementary locations of the wall. There is the matter of engineers that would have to over see the entire pure out come, but like materials, they can be watched and negotiated. Trump probably already has a working relationship with these on the clock. And their could be incentives or rewards like a pizza party and a local band for dancing, for how many days with no accidents and gift cards for volunteers, who exhibits a good attitude and community excellence… Gov. thinks a charitable gift is $10’000.00 to $500’000. but $1’000. at a local grocery store to people along that boarder would bring out the best; shoot even $500. would be a big help to a lot of honest hard working people scratching in the dirt, while the Gov. can be so generous with corrupt beggars with their greedy hands out and crooked smiles.

      • fliponeover

        I think if the progressive liberal, commie pinkos have a need to have these illegals in this country for votes then I say they should be the one paying the bill to keep them here, There fore if you are a registered Democrat then you should be taxed accordingly, You see Liberals desperately need conservatives wealth where as conservatives can get along quite well with out liberals.

        • harry rubeniwitz

          Make the Democrats sponsor Akmed and his goats. What’s in your basement?

    • Terry Rushing

      cutting by 100% would suit me even better and begin deporting those already here.

  • Robert

    Those other Countries have shown us that those refugees are not interested in integration. They go to a country trying to take over pushing there law’s and views, commiting crimes.
    Then there is total chaos and no go neighborhood’s and people worried about there children and job’s.

  • Richard Oswald


    • RC

      I thoroughly agree. Personally, I don’t give a tinker’s damn if other countries like or even love us. What I would rather see is other countries respecting and fearing us. We have to be the biggest and nastiest around so they’ll simply leave us alone.

      • Jeanne Stotler

        I am in favor of returning all refugees to their country, fix your own country , do not ruin ours. Immigration should be allowed on a need basis, and qualifications of being able to support self and family, NO WELFARE, this is what it used to be. Dreamers need to return to their birth nation and use the skills/education they got here FREE to improve that country, once this is accomplished, then we can import ONLY IF WE NEED certain jobs filled, frankly I don’t think we need many.

  • James

    Good !!!

  • Larry Brule

    THAT’S 28,875 TO MANY!

  • Busterak1

    Please wake up! these so called Refugee’s we are taking right off the battlefield in Syria are Warriors and at this rate we will have war on our streets which is what ISIS wants, and it is what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants, they want to spread their Muslim Religion in America.They want to bring their Holy War to the United States and it has been their plan all along. PLEASE STOP THE REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM!!!! Make all Refugee’s go through Immigration and Naturalization and if they don’t have marketable skills so that they can support themselves or they can’t be vetted and are not willing to become American citizens within 2 years then deny them access to our country and they don’t get to come to the USA. It is time we recognize Saudi Arabia as the bad actors they are and the role they have played in forcing Refugee’s on our country. Please write and call your Senators and Representatives about the Refugee Resettlement Program. It is a matter of time before we will have to fight them on our soil here in the United States. Their Religion calls for War against all non believers of their Religion and they have already attacked our country from within. It will take the masses to call and write our Congress because their is money involved and they won’t give it up easily. CONTACT YOUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TODAY.

    • Bernadette

      You are right.

    • bttrap

      we need to stop them anyway we can

    • Made_in_the_USA

      I believe saudi arabia is responsible for funding all the mosques in the US. The mosques should all be searched and investigated. Confiscate all illegal arms stored in them, and then destroy not only the structure, but any outbuildings on their property. Trump needs to also have the 22+ known islamist training facilities like the one near Houston searched and shut down. We don’t need terrorists being trained in our great nation.

      We are a still a Christian nation, regardless of what obama and his minions said, and not an islamic state as he wants.

      • Busterak1

        The article says that trump slashed by 70% These Refugee’s and only almost 29,000 have entered in 2017. That is about 29,000 too many. We can not allow this and it amazes me that so many Americans don’t have a clue what is happening in their own country and now that the world is a little complicated and they say they want the best this world has to offer for their children, to that I say get off your asses and learn about what is going on in this world and don’t tune into you abc,cbs, nbc or cnn news because they won’t carry real news and yes they are part of what is wrong in this world. Do your own research and yes it may take a little time from time to time but once you get the gest of it you will know what you need to do. No chain Migration, No illegal immigration and No More Refugee Resettlement Program. Check out weekly Clarionproject.org

      • Paul Pleau

        OH ok, sorry so apparently there are 3 of us now. )))))) Saudi reps are very smart cats…..their oil supplies are not going to last forever, they know this. They are hell bent on hegemony of the rest of the world. The problem is, that the majority of the world finds that too farfetched to believe, so on we go….the blind leading the blind.

      • Nellie McConnell

        Yes the Saudi Arabia government funds the Mosque. FBI found guns, ammo and Military grade equipment. All Masque must be inspected. Go TRUMP

    • Paul Pleau

      Well Busterak1, you are the 1st person that I have ever seen, other than myself come out and call a spade a spade. If any one cared enough to do a little research they would see what you and I clearly see. That being that Saudi Arabia is indeed behind all of this horseshit and violence that is going on, worldwide. Literally!!! Every single parcel of land and every single mosque that has been built outside of Saudi Arabia has been financed by the Saudi fascist regime. Furthermore, no one seem to give a damn, or wonder how the hell several hundred thousand Saudi’s and other Muslim nation people go to all of these various countries, without any skill sets for employment and within several days and/or months have purchased lovely homes and never have to work, period and never so much as even look for a job. Within 2 weeks of 9/11, CNN, yes CNN interviewed the Saudi Government representative and confronted him with the very facts I have just stated here, and all he said, was, “…what has that got to do with 9/11?” Other than the fact that all but a few of these terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. Now, for the life of me I can’t find those interview anywhere on the internet. SURPRISE!!! Not.

      • Busterak1

        Thanks Paul, keep on educating and trying to get people to do their own research. I am going to do my best to educate people about Saudi Arabia the Architects of 911. These people are trying to bring their war to the streets of America. These people trying to use their religion to come here is BS and if the gov doesn’t take care of this problem then we the people will have to do it. WE TELL YOU WE DON’T WANT ANY MORE MUSLIMS TO TAKE CARE OF. WE ALREADY TAKE CARE OF MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS AND TIME TO VOTE OUT ALL INVOLVED PERIOD. Keep on your Senators and Representatives and if they don’t do what the people tell them to and opt for the money, vote them out !!!!!

        • Nellie McConnell

          We need to pull our base out of Saudi Arabia and no more money to them.

  • rtryon

    Few of the good people from desert bound middle east nations should be asked to survive in the U.S., if they lack our several common languages and skills to make an independent living. Those that do deserve to be welcomed to be employed in our new uncontrolled economy, not regulated by the Federal Reserve Board that believes it can control inflation to just a 2.0% growth. Just enough to allow for slight error in their Keynesian delusional perceptions of how to run a socialist economy! The collectivist European approach is failing as did the former one in East European through Asia of the Soviet Union.

    The Chinese allowed Western ideas to do what they knew did not work as shown in the USSR. Now they are into an age where pent up demand does not cover what the planners used as data to decide how to manage. They may figure out a way for individualism to continue in the name of collective will of the people’s ‘chosen’ dictators. We need to avoid this here!

  • Sandra

    The US does not need any asylum seekers or refugees no matter where they come from. We can’t take care of our own citizens so how and why should we take other countries citizens. Let them seek asylum or refuge in another country and not here.

  • Roscoe P. Coltran

    People like the Democrats sell their votes to non citizens and steal from citizens.

    • McBinOH

      Right, and I would like to know WHY nothing is being done about that! I’m concerned for the upcoming elections later this year – you know they will use illegals to vote in more DemonRats.

  • dahniuru

    And the question is still “Where in the world does Multiculturalism work? Which country makes the most effort to treat people as individuals having the same opportunities and living under the same rules and regulations? Cuz that’s not what Multiculturalistic countries achieve, or even try to achieve.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      My paternal grandparents came from Denmark in 1890’s, before Ellis Island, they were both grandparents, 2 aunts and their husbands and a couple babies, Bestepa was a baker as was his son in law, other son in law worked in factory and got job with J&J in NJ, , my Grandmother( Bestema) had 2 babies here and my father in Denmark on a visit, she was already a citizen, they worked hard and had a Bakery in Fords NJ until my Uncle retired. My father went into grocery business after serving in army WWI, I wish I knew more but he died when I was an infant, They signed papers that they would not be dependent on Gov’t or community and could support themselves, they spoke good English and learned history, they became Americans.

      • Cynthia Sillaman

        Wonderful story…and…SO MANY TRUMPERS have families w/similar backgrounds!! Hell..a lot of LIBS..have ancestors w/ same legal background!!! Don’t know HOW 2 take blinders off..the hypnotized!!!!!

  • laulau

    We have enough Mexicans. Why take any more? By the time they have 6 or 8 babies, it won’t be long before they will be demanding Spanish as the national language. That is the La Raza plan. If they couldn’t make a good career in Mexico, why should we take the illiterate who would be a drain on us.

    • melmack 1

      Been to Miami

      • laulau

        I guess most of those are Cubans? …fresh off the boats?

        • McBinOH

          Yep, you are correct. My father lives in Florida and told me how hard it is to find work because so many companies pay the Cubans very little and “under the table”.

          • Cynthia Sillaman

            There you go!!! A REALLY BIG PROBLEM…is the GREEDY BIG CORPORATIONS…who hide this ALLLL under the table.

    • harry rubeniwitz

      send the moslems to mexico

  • Fantastic administration MAGA.!!!
    Keep praying

  • Sgt. York

    Many say we’re the melting pot of the world. But what’s left out in this the words “America is the LEGAL melting pot of the world”

    • DrBarbara

      And eventually all pots get full, and need to be drained.

  • Big Ed

    A 70% reduction is a start, but we need more refugees in exactly the same sense as we need larger hemorrhoids. I don’t believe we need one more Muslim in the country, but is we are to add one any time in the future we should first complete a law which absolutely forbids the enactment of Shariah law anywhere in the country. Some may believe this to be unconstitutional, because it is anti-Islam. But, Shariah law is more than a set of Islamic rules-Shariah is a competing system for our Constitution. Our country operates under the US Constitution and the last thing we need is two mutually exclusive legal systems. Every refugee allowed into the country will make the cry for Shariah louder. Unless we have a law forbidding Shariah, sooner or later one of our leaders (probably the next Democrat in the White House), will capitulate and we will ever after be under Shariah law and our wonderful Constitution will be an artifact.

  • unbridled

    Cut it another 70%! That would mean that 40% of those already admitted last year would have to go home. That works for me!…

  • Carole

    Muslims are the fastest breeding group in the USA right now. America needs to be very concerned and take steps to prevent a Sharia Law takeover.

  • Lance

    Put all that refugee money towards education and schools for American born citizens.

    • Dirty Dog.

      This is a GREAT ideal .Lance.. Stop giving Tax payers money to non Americans. We need to take care of OUR people that love this country and need our help. Save America and her Children. God Bless.

  • cathylovesyou

    70 % too fair should be 95 %, The liberals have damaged the country so bad we need to get better before we can start being idiots again.

  • pappy450

    FINALLY…This has been a LONG time coming. a REAL POTUS that actually CARES MORE about the AMERICAN PEOPLE of THIS country and LESS about how “politically correct” and “compassionate” he needs to be to “foreigners” and ILLEGALS that are intent on INVADING our country and TAKING all the “freebies” they can.

  • melmack 1

    Somebody please explain what kind of IDIOTS would implement a LOTTERY immigration program??? Had to be LIBERALS but you can bet that there were some RINO’s in there helping

    • dorcus

      It was Chuck Schumer!

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Great job, Mr. President keep fighting for our country. And ours don’t mean Democrat control. I’m with you President Trump!

  • mistyl@windstream.net

    Great News. We need to take back America. I really hope we can save America.

  • Carolyn McDowell

    We have to control the refugee and immigration into the US or we will become the ‘train-wreck’ Europe has become. Crime rate has increased significantly in those countries that have let refugees pour into their country. It’s a huge social and security crisis. I’ve read that citizens of Germany are moving to Brazil to get away from the crime. You won’t hear this on thier mainstream press, as they cover it up. For a long time European ccountries were known for their unique cultures, not any more. That is going away.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Great, But what about getting rid of sanctuary cities!?!

    • McBinOH

      They need to burn them down…..or let N. Korea bomb the state of California right off the map since the entire state is a sanctuary.

    • dorcus

      He’s working on it!

  • Taryn Eldredge

    That’s our POTUS — always looking out for us U.S. Citizens! Thank you President Donald J. Trump!! <3

  • kassa1

    This comming in of the kids for the free ride( which the federal Govt s job is to keep America secure and its people’s wealth) off the backs of the hard working middle class for the pourpose of destroying the middle class, this kids get brought in and you can’t get ridd of them is pure BS! We have enough homeless, vets that need help, families barely getting by, for to bring in Illigals for the communist democrats to use them to overwhealming the system with debt to collapse the country, and turn this country into a 3rd world country?

    • Cynthia Sillaman

      I agree…100%!!! WHY..should we be taking care (alll aspects of care) of these kids born over here..of ILLEGAL PARENTS??? PRESIDENT TRUMP..GET RID OF THEM ALLL. YOU CANNOT…BARGAIN WITH THE INSATIABLE LIBS!!

      • kassa1

        There are not Libs and they’re not progressive as those are the only words they hide behind what they really are or communist trying to destroy our monetary system I overwhelming the system with debt! They could care less about any of these illegals they’re just there for one reason to overwhelm the system with that well that piece of dung Obama spent 12 trillion an ad of the Nother 2 trillion a year with all the illegals he shipped in with the help of these scumbags like Durbin and Schumer and Pelosi

  • Allen Evans

    Only 70%???? Why not slash more President Trump!

  • Charles Girard

    I don’t mind seeing these people resettled, given food and shelter just so it’s right outside our borders.

  • Susan Short

    This is one of the main reasons that Trump got elected! With Crooked Hillary. more and more illegals would be coming into the country. With Trump, we have a chance to get some control of that mess that Obama created!

  • disqus_v5723Mqspa

    Dammit! It should be 100%! NO moslems, ever! How much murder and mayhem will we be forced to endure before the law is complied with!

  • NICE START JUST LIKE THE TAX CUT. TIME TO GO BACK AND DO MORE FOR THE PEOPLE, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7379e5443ebc53ede63bd9dd26b161cca2b1e1591577150b93ba58f198e7e33b.jpg

  • Bill

    Good start, but why are tax dollars funding agencies that allow people to come to America who hate us??? Are we really this stupid? One must wonder how much money was donated to the Clinton Global Trust to pull this one off!?

  • David Fox

    muslims can not be refugees … they oppress and attack everyone around.

  • Richard Hayward

    Thank you President Trump it’s past time for this to happen. Drain the Swamp.

  • TwoElks

    It’s a start but you have a long way to go on the immigration issue. NO amnesty in any way, shape or form. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws. We do not need a 6th.

  • Shelba Herring

    Glad to see that refugees are being limited, now if the president and ICE will go after the muslim community in Michigan that has declared a no go zone to American police and all other officials maybe the US can break up this sharia law bunch of people and deport a few or many of them, these people have no intention of adapting to the constitution or obeying American laws they have already proven that fact by defying Michigan authority

  • Gary Von Neida

    Thank GOD for a real Commander & Chief that realized the invasion was under way for far too long and is GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • rivahmitch

    Good start but 100% would have been better until the entire invasion/immigration issue is brought under control. Seal the borders; deport ALL INVADERS (aka “illegal immigrants”) regardless of age; end ALL entitlements to immigrants; Eliminate ALL “refugee resettlement” until we establish a thorough vetting program; and, finally, establish quotas based on the value people bring to America and the quantity our society can support without degrading the standard of living of Americans. (Note that Sweden just increased their retirement age so that they could afford their new immigrants. This is an absurd abuse of governmental power.)

  • Cynthia Sillaman


    • barbara


  • Nellie McConnell

    Great JOB. We. . we need to vett the Refugees that are here. Open borders we have no idea how many Muslims came in illegally and not deported. UN was involved in Refugees programs and didn’ vett them.

  • Ronald Nelson

    Refugee programs should never become a permanent system … they are intended to provide TEMPORARY relief for sever humanitarian emergencies… a system that provides temporary relief from life threatening situations. As soo as the problems related to the emergency are over the people should be resettled.

    In fact, refugees should never be moved any further from the emergency than is necessary to provide a stable environment for their safety… until they can be returned to their homes. The use of Refugee Programs to permanently resettle aliens within the US of A are not only a waste of valuable funds… moving them to the US and establishing a home for them… they have proven to invite abuse and long term social disruption for both the refugee and local US populations. A better use of the funds would be to support refugee centers overseas… nearest to the refugees home. A place where they can culturally identify and easily assimilate until they can be returned to their homes.

  • mebuckwheat

    Bravo!! Time to cut all refugee programs and immigration for awhile.

  • Mere Marlo



  • Calvin King

    Except non-muslimes, cut it to ZERO!! Keep all muslimes out and suggest those here to leave. Deport any of them practicing or supporting sharia. Close mosques. Make them into shelters for the homeless, especially for vets.
    Muslimes have brought nothing to civilization but mayhem, murder, rape, pillage, misogyny and a total disregard for human dignity. Just ask the people in Sweden, France, Germany, Michigan and Minnesota.

    • Armin v. Thal

      Calvin, I have NOTHING to add to this statement!
      Thank You !
      Armin, Baron von Thal

  • Brabado

    Suggest to them, and their Corrupt Liberla Democrat sponsors and leftists supporters, to try Australia or Africa.
    Both these Continents are well Underdeveloped and they certainly need a Tsunami of Hand Labor to reach their Dreams and True Potencial.
    There is plenty of room and real possibilities in these Continents OR, stay in your own countries to really make a Difference, and work hard to help it grow and prosper, much like the Developed World.
    Semper fi.

    • barbara

      right on!!!!!!

  • harry rubeniwitz

    more proof that the (Deep) State Dept. has a world govt agenda. Amb. Crooker and his cronies want to flood America with govt dependent disruptive 3rd worlders.

  • Murphmeister

    Keep England Irish! That was a cartoon in Time Magazine back in 1964.

  • PWe72

    No more muslim/Islamic immigrants, illegal or otherwise….Christians, Jews and Hindi ONLY!

  • Tom

    If they aren’t Christian keep the refugees out and if they are Christian make sure they woun’t end up on welfare. We need our money for the Wall and road/bridge repair.

  • homer1057

    NO Mussies, NO Illegals, NO multicultural idiots telling this nation what we should do! U.S. LEGAL, Citizens needed! Productive people who wish and desire to contribute and speak english! ETC ETC!!

  • Steve Crawford

    Gosh, I hate to say this, I support #45 restriction on immigrants into the US. But I bet all the ones that he will let into the US are white

  • jackieray

    the Catholic church is running one of the
    major resettlement programs

  • Terry

    Thank God for that! Now, perhaps our Children will have more of a Chance to Grow up in “An America” that looks similar the the Proud Country that some of the Middle Aged & Older Americans & Proud American & Military Patriots were blessed to see, feel, sense & touch, instead of growing up “Surrounded” by Terrorists, False Religions, Middle Easter men who demand to Beat & or Rape their own young boys, young girls, beat, abuse & Rape & own their own wives (not allowed to speak out) and run behind their Mosque Walls & into the “Sanctuary Cities” to be protected by imbeciles like the Obama worshipers and their evil, corrupt regime. Thank You God, for giving us President Trump to Bless America and Make her Great Again!!!

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