Obama signed America’s Death Warrant!

    • sweetolbob

      Let’s hope not, but the evidence that Obama tried to do just that is overwhelming !
      He should face a firing squad for being a liar, a traitor,and a posing fraud !

  • Laddyboy

    The muslem ‘n’ thief along with turncoat karry singned an AGREEMENT with a rough government. This piece of paper is treated the same as muslems in the past do with EVERY agreement they signed. IT IS ALL FOR SHOW AND IS A LIE. This is one of the tactics of islam. It is ok to LIE as long as it allows the agenda of islam to reach its agenda. What is the agenda? To rule the world under the IDOL of allah located in Saudi Arabia in Mecca. The black stone is in a black cloth covered shack. The IDOL is located in the corner where the “faithful” can walk around and touch it!!!!

    • jimshaw54

      You nailed it, and guess what, few are going to listen and learn. There were many subtle things Obama did that indicated that he is a Muslim, and as a Muslim he has the “right” to lie if it will push forward to the time of the last Caliphate when all of the world will bow to Islam. People need to wake up, just as they needed to wake up when Hitler was aiming for control of all of Europe (and then the rest of the world?)

      • Sharonjbarber

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      • Estherbwilliams

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      • Krazeehors

        Amen. And with Achmadin-a-crazy running for president of Iran again, that country just becomes even more dangerous.

        • Jennifernbrown

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    • Obie Miller

      AMEN, Laddyboy! The muslim ‘n’ chief only made a “deal”, and not a treaty. Of course, it really makes no difference anyway, since the islamic faith teaches that it is okay to lie in order to achieve their goal!

    • warren s caldwell

      Obama needs to be prosecuted as he fully committed subversive acts over and over again and this is just one of many of his lies and garbage muslim deals he propagated !!! Well said Laddyboy !

  • Vinnie S.

    How can there be any agreement with Iran when they did not sign anything ? They never agreed to anything so this “so called” agreement was just another of soetro’s (obama’s) hope & change deals that didn’t work.obama and kerry hoped it would, but in the end it did change things ! This “deal” changed Iran’s picture of power by 150 Billion Dollars allowing them to enrichen the uranium and emboldened them to chant even louder “death to America” and financially support Terrorism around the World with inspections of their “Nuclear Power Project” only where and when it suits Iran and by themselves and we and the World are supposed to believe this “so called agreement” This is allowing Iran to become another player like North Korea on the “Nuclear Power Player “stage endangering America and our Allies and even the World is just a few short years away Thanks to this ridiculous one sided deal just so obama and kerry could save face and cover their own asses.
    This was supposed to make the World believe that obama and kerry were actually doing something, but it was just another miserable fail as were the last eight years of foul mouthed rap singers fund raising and golf (sorry if that gives golf a bad name)

  • VirgoVince

    sorass and ovomit BOTH NEED to be HANGED HIGH, for their crimes AGAINST THE WORLD!!

    • sweetolbob

      You find the tree and I’ll bring the rope.
      But I get to sell tickets to the event !

      • robert sanders


  • wdcraftr

    In the last days, some of earth’s largest cities will be destroyed, maybe by nuclear weapons.. God says to move out of the cities, for that is where all the sin, sex, drugs, violence is.. Of course if you want to forego an eternity of happiness with God, for just a few more years of so called earthly pleasures, then I guess you won.t mind living in the big cities.. Earth’s time is very short now, so make the most of it, for your eternity depends on it..

    • jimmy midnight

      If the last days R coming, go climb up on roof, the more quickly 2 B transported directly 2 Heaven without passing “GO.” U won’t need the $200.

      • wdcraftr

        I’m sorry you’re such a God the Creator hater.. You have No idea of what’s coming upon the Earth.. Major cities destroyed, major earthquakes and storms, fire falling from heaven on cities like Nashville, and the Roman Catholic Papacy is behind a coming national Sunday law that persecutes and kills those who keep the 4th commandment.. But I suppose you will be with the majority that worship the beast, and take vengeance on those who keep God’s commandments, and have the Testimony of Jesus, which is the spirit of prophesy.. Then there is the 7 last plagues that are poured out on the unsaved, like the extremely painful sores, all the waters turning red, and unusable for drinking or for ships, and then Jesus’ coming where an earthquake of about a 15-20 levels the cities, the mtns, and moves island out of their place, as well as swallows up some, then the 70lb. hail falls on the unsaved, and all the wicked are killed as the Earth burns and no life is left on the Earth.. It takes study and the help of the Holy Spirit to understand bible prophesy, and no one can fully understand it, for the words of the bible are God’s words written by his prophets, and go deeper than our comprehension…

        • jimmy midnight

          I don’t hate–not even your hopelessly pinched notion of Yahweh, supposedly also all that is. I just think that, in His omnipotence, He’s also clearly capable of vast over-reaching and over-promising.

          My prayers 2 the god of Laughter R answered when I read the clueless things U feel compelled to say, which R both ridiculous and pathetic.

          • wdcraftr

            These are not my sayings, but those of the Holy Bible.. Study Daniel 7, and Revelation 13 together, for they speak of the same beast power, plus a second beast power is mentioned in Rev. 13:11-18..
            Anyway, when you see the Sunday law pass, you will know the time of Trouble such as has never been has arrived, and the other events I spoke of will move exceedingly fast after that..
            Over reaching and over promising? My God is a perfect God, the one who made the heavens and the earth about 6000 years ago.. If you do Not believe the bible, then you cannot believe in God the Creator either.. You apparently think it’s just a book of fiction.. May God have mercy on you..

          • jimmy midnight

            When we get a Sunday law, I MIGHT think there’s something 2 your maniacal ravings. In the interim, I’d ask if U think it’s even possible that John, the Revelator, had read the Daniel scroll.

            Jewish tradition draws a distinction between Torah and rump Old Testament, so it (the Book of Daniel) was likely the single most widely known work in all of literature, “Back in the (new testament times) day.”

            Another possibility I’d suggest is that your God is something of a cheat and a hustler, and has successfully suckered U.

  • downs1

    Perhaps our government, and the folks who say Iran is doing its part according to the agreement need to read some Bible prophecy. How about Psalm 83 and follow that with Ezekiel 38-39. These two prophecies speak to events yet to come in the Middle East. Psalm 83 deals with a war instigated by the Palestinians in the Islamic countries immediately surrounding and having contiguous borders with Israel. These include Egypt, Philistia [Hamas, The Gaza Strip], Lebanon [Hezbollah], Syria, Jordan [Ammon, Edom and Moab]. Ezekiel 38-39 deal with a major war yet to come in which Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and perhaps others come against Israel. In Psalm 83, these nations come against Israel who defeats them with its military forces. In Ezekiel, God supernaturally destroys these nations on the “Mountains of Israel”. America is nowhere to be seen. Presumably, it does not exist as it is today. It is already beginning to implode!

    • jimmy midnight

      I did read the referenced Scriptural passages, which R irrelevant in any case, since the authors thought their prophecies would come 2 pass within a few years, so your Yahweh is something like 2500 yrs. late 2 the proverbial party.

      Ezekiel also thought the Saudis and Turks would be part of the anti-Israel coalition in the final Holy Land battle. In today’s real world, they’re Israel’s trusted allies, and Israel itself is as far from defenseless as it’s imaginable 2 get.

      • Marjorie Lee Peterson

        God works in His own time. ONLY HE knows when these things will happen. He didn’t tell the prophets the exact date! I don’t know where America is in these last days of Islam, but we seem to be on a downward slide, and we’ve been sliding so fast the last few years, I think it may be impossible for even President Trump to stop it. I have no doubt that he will do EVERYTHING in his POWER to STOP it, but we may have just been too late electing him. It’s in God’s hands, and whatever and whenever He decides to act is fine with me. Because when the holocaust comes, I’ll be in Heaven with Him and watching all the unbelievers left here go through it. I’m praying hard for every unbeliever I know, even the ones I don’t that they will come to believe and be saved from this horrible thing called Islam that is coming.

        • jimmy midnight

          Us Unbelievers will take our chances, while working 4 the next 7 generations of sustainable Human life.

        • Krazeehors

          A little boy was talking to God when he asked,

          “God, how much is a million years to you?”

          God answered, “It is like a second in time to me.”

          The little boy asked another question,

          “Well, God, then how much is a million dollars to you?”

          God answered, “Like a penny to me.”

          The little boy then asked another question,

          “God, can I borrow a penny?”

          God answered, “Just a second.”

      • downs1

        Gosh, Jimmy, I said it was “prophecy” which had not yet been fulfilled. Yahweh is in control, He is never late, but He tells His people what to expect. I also said, “perhaps others”. He is right on schedule . . . His schedule! Have a great day!

      • Krazeehors

        There was NO time line in the prophecies of the promised Messiah. You also need to look at the historical context in which the Book of Revelation is written.

        NOBODY knows when Jesus will return, but I can GUARANTEE you that it will surprise everyone when it happens.

        • jimmy midnight

          It’s true they didn’t specify a moment, but they did expect fulfillment within twenty years at most. In the interim, “Christ is coming back, and boy! is he pissed!”

          At all the belicose BS uttered, and murderous deeds and wars, perpetrated, in his name–but he still forgives.

          • Krazeehors

            WHERE, specifically, in the Bible does it say that the people expected the return of Christ within 20 years???


            With regard to your last statement, I neither said nor implied that “Christ is coming back, and boy is he pissed!”

            God has given the human race free will. It is EXACTLY that free will that CAUSES all of those “bellicose BS uttered, and murderous deeds and wars perpetrated in His name.”

            God does NOT cause wars to happen, and don’t respond with what happened during the OT. God does NOT cause bad things to happen to people. PEOPLE cause wars and bad things to happen to OTHER PEOPLE.

            Does God LET them happen? You bet He does. Why? Because He gave the people Free Will. He did NOT tell them how to USE it.

            There are millions of people just in our country who believe that Christ will come back with a sword and a gavel of judgment when he returns. And, to those people I would ask the same thing I asked you, “WHERE does it say in the Bible that Christ will come back as a warrior leader?”

            The book of Revelation was written by the Apostle John, who was the ONLY surviving disciple, AND the only disciple to die a natural death MORE than 75 years after Christ died on the Cross.

            Regarding forgiveness, yes. Christ DOES forgive. All you need do is ASK for it. And His forgiveness does NOT just happen once. It happens day after day after day, many times a day.

            As an aside,

            I was 15 years old and babysitting the night Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Jay Sebring, and Steven Parent were murdered. The heinous-ness of the crime is something I will never forget. When Charles “Tex” Watson, the man who murdered Sharon Tate and her baby “converted” to Christ, I could not understand how God could forgive such a man after what he did.

            And, there are many other events in my life that have left me feeling the same way.

            My pastor and my son explained it to me perfectly:

            From my pastor: Leave it at the foot of the Cross. I have to daily ask for forgiveness for my own lack of forgiveness.

            From my son: I forgave him (someone who hurt him terribly) because there is NO punishment on this Earth that will even COMPARE to the judgment he will face at the hour of his death.

            So, I ask you this: If the people who hurt my young son, and the families of those murdered in Manson’s mayhem can forgive those responsible, HOW CAN I NOT AND STILL CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN?

          • jimmy midnight

            John, the Revelator, who also wrote the Gospel that bears his name, was NOT a surviving disciple. He worked, from his hideout on the Isle of Patmos, in the early 2nd Century. And he did a helluva literary job.

            But its relevance…

          • Krazeehors

            Yes, he certainly WAS the surviving disciple. The Isle of Patmos was a PRISON, NOT a hideout. He not only wrote the Gospel of St. John, but ALSO his Epistle (John’s letters, I, II, III), and talks of his presence at the cross the day Jesus was crucified.

            I seriously doubt that they would be willing to admit “they had been wrong.”


            Because they were NOT wrong. Jesus told them all, “Nobody knows the hour of my return.” He ALSO told them to go into the world and spread His message of love and forgiveness — forgiveness that he begged the Father to give his killers in the last moments of his life.

            You have yet to provide anything but supposition regarding your claims.

            You interpret the Bible only as Literature. It is a literary work, written over 1500 years by 40 different authors.

            There are many like you LOVE to point out alleged “contradictions” in the Bible because you take those words out of context.

            But, go along believing what you believe, trying to prove the Bible wrong.

  • Sicklesteel

    ….or if there is another president after Trump…..

  • Camille Gilliam

    Obama was the most foolish because he hates. He is not an American citizen in the first place.

  • Gale

    iran is muslim obama’s butt buddy

  • Gale


    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      The only religion of peace I know is Christianity!

      • Krazeehors

        me, too.

  • ArmyMP6975

    What did we expect? Muslim Barack Hussein Obama is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and John Kerry’s son-in-law is an Iranian Muslim physician. Obama Chief of Staff was Valerie Jarrett, another Iranian Muslim. Ex CIA Director John Brennan is also a Muslim. Huma Abedin is a Muslim. Obama brother Malik is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • sweetolbob

      And the little pencil necked,muslim fraud, salted our government with as many filthy muslims as he possibly could. Then he imported and forced on Middle America, pods of mainly illiterate,never saw a flush toilet, welfare suck, supposed Somali refugees, to purposely overload the welfare roles and overburden law enforcement.
      What a guy, eh wot ?

  • Alleged Comment

    Thanks to the illegal sodomite Nerogro and the Demoncrap party up there for 8 years who armed and FINANCED North Korea via Bill Clinton and at least Iran that we know of the negro sodomite Moslem.

  • barbarakelly

    For people who know your bible –became came apprehensive when he was made Pres. and the why has been the question. Its the spirit of evil that was behind him telling him what to do. Remember the times we are in. Satan has been in charge for awhile and it is he that we must defeat. That spirit is still behind obama who is trying to destroy all of us. Using the muslims and their Allah works for him. And no I’m not off my rocker. He will use any means to destroy us who believe in God. It is part of the bible that tells us of the battle in the heavens. He is wanting to convert as many as he can to the evil side. as in what isis is doing to our Christian family. ———–I hope that makes sense to alot of you of where I was going. When you understand what is going on —-it makes alot of sense.!!!!!!!

  • kbmiller

    Without this Bag o $hit deal, X pres. Barack Hussein OHOMO is already the worst president we’ve ever had.

  • 9/11 destroyed America. see PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS


    The Iranian youth must choose the path they want to follow. #1. Say nothing and allow the ayatollah’s and Imam’s to dictate their future demise or #2 Revolution to take control of their own future. The trash deal by Omama will not stand and Iran will never be allowed to continue a nuclear path. They have made it clear just like the North Korean Madman their intentions to threaten and bully their neighbors.

  • Joseph R. Davis

    This is nothing more than pro-Israel bull-(expletive deleted). Iran is FIGHTING TERRORISTS, and Israel is SUPPORTING TERRORISTS. Attack Iran and Israel ceases to exist. Maybe that IS a good idea. Remember the USS Liberty!

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