• VirgoVince

    ERASE ALL turd world threats to AMERICA, domestic OR foreign!!

    • Georgiammangual

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  • buddman

    perhaps young Kim dumb dumb should be told we will send his real Mother Hillary to Spank him if he Keeps Misbehaving That would scare anyone

    • dude

      that would scare the heck out of me …I’d behave just keep that evil b#$% hillary far away from me

    • dude

      he’s probably been threatened with sending hillary over there that’s why he wants the nuc’s to try and stop her …I can’t blame him for that she’s evil

  • Mary Muennig


  • David in MA

    The only thing that will solve the NK problem is for her citizens to revolt and reclaim their country.

    • TheEPClark

      I think we should send DENNIS RODMAN over there as a “permanent EMISSARY ” !!!!! One week there and the NORTH KOREANS will surrender !!! ” UNCONDITIONALLY” !!!!!

    • jimshaw54

      Unless what I have read about NK is wrong, unfortunately the citizens of NK are so beaten down by starvation and deprivation, and possibly so out manned by the NK military that has been fed, that I doubt they have the energy to revolt.

      • David in MA

        They are dying anyhow, so why not die for the freedom for their kids future. Besides, the numbers are on their side with one on one deaths..

        • jimshaw54

          Many probably are dying now. But how do starving people, who most likely have no energy left go against a regime that spends money that should be used to feed the people on the military and military equipment instead of feeding their starving citizens.

          • David in MA

            Where there is a will, there is a way.

      • jaybird

        Obama did not help them the last time they went to the streets to protest and some were beaten and killed locked in prison’s. They probably think we will desert them again.

      • rochesternative
  • junkmailbin

    N Korea and Iran need the same approach. Next time they violate a treaty , they get a dozen nukes dropped on them.
    The leader will keep up their nuke development in spite of anything except total destruction.
    Occupation of Iran by an Arab Sunni Army would make them heal

  • SouthernPatriot

    The appeasement by Obama to the pervert demented Korean communist dictator sure did not work. Tillerson is correct. A new approach is needed. The situation now is that all the normal partners in discussions are angry with one another, so it may be a challenge to our SoS just to assemble a willing coalition against North Korea that includes: China and South Korea both strongly working with us.

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      Yes! It’s in China’s best interest too to neutralize N. Korea!

      • David in MA

        China enjoys NK being a pain in the ass to the world.

        • BasketofDeplorable1

          China and Russia also enjoy setting “illegal picks” (diplomatic vetoes) against the U.S. in the UN Security Council to protect ‘Dear Leader’ in North Korea.

          • David in MA

            Who knows, maybe there is no reason to worry, the fat boy might just blow himself straight to hell with the next launch.

          • BasketofDeplorable1

            Or maybe it could be made to look that way …

          • David in MA

            Ya never know…….

          • jaybird

            We can only hope so!

          • We actually dropped an atomic bomb named Fat Boy on Nagasaki. So let’s drop another Fat Boy on fat boy in Pyongyang

  • lha

    Maybe we should kill Kim junk ill, take Ohomo and parachute him into North Korea so that he can be the new Communist “Fearless Leader” and “god”. He will have accomplished what he wanted here,and he’ll be so busy looking at a mirror that the people can have normal lives. Koreans and others on the Indo-Chinese peninsula have been occupied and/or at war for thousands of years and Ohomo is so incompetent that he would be quite a relief to them. My Father fought there in 52-54 and though the fighting ceased,we really lost,like Vietnam. The Commies are still strong and ruthless,but also still incompetent.

    • TheEPClark

      As a Vietnam Veteran, in never passes my mind, when I realize that the “ONLY WARS AMERICA EVER LOST” was when we started fighting COMMUNISTS !!!!!!!!

      Make no mistake about it!!!!!………… COMMUNISM is “ALIVE and WELL”, and DAMNED NEAR WON THE ELECTION FOR THEM THIS PAST NOVEMBER !!!!! THANK GOD FOR TRUMP !!!! But the WAR IS FAR FROM OVER !!! You can see how the COMMUNISTS (who change their names every other day to mimic an innocent “IDEOLOGICAL BYSTANDER”) IE: COMMUNISTS, MARXISTS, SOCIALISTS, LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES, ANARCHISTS, ATHEISTS, NAZIS ( and HUNDREDS of other lesser known, but nevertheless ACTIVE COMMUNIST FRONT ORGANIZATIONS !!!! (Just like the Vietnam War days when the Communists had more AD HOC Groups protesting the War, that there were American Troops fighting in Vietnam !!!! In fact many of the HIGH PROFILE COMMUNISTS like FONDA, SOUTHERLAND, ASNER, BAEZ, and most of HOLLYWOOD were ACTIVE COMMUNISTS and STILL ARE TODAY !!!! We must treat the COMMUNISTS as AL QAEDA and ISIS and spare NOTHING tio defeat them, once and for ALL !!!!

      • Vince

        Good bless you sir

      • John Doe

        Please don’t forget that all of them in semi modern times were started by Demoncratic presidents, including FDR, and yet he was virtually forced into it after delaying too long to not act, and with a helpful prod from Winston Churchill. Just like Neville Chamberlin, former PM of the UK, despite all the info he had about Hitler, he ignored it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m for war, but when you’ve got little men boys like Kim Jong II, and other previous dictators like Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and others out there wanting to rule the world, they’ve got to be proactive. Thank you for your service by the way. Oh, and don’t forget the traitor John Kerry, who’s collected medals he’s never deserved if you’re aware of the true history of his 6 month military career.

      • Rowdy

        I’m all behind you Sir, except for the deceleration that we lost the vietnam war. We never lost anything, we kicked their ass every day in every way. Our tyrannical (communist) government stopped us right before we could complete the job of destroying their communist efforts. Pretty rare to hear a vietnam vet say we lost that war?

        • Ed Shick

          No enemy has surrendered since WW 2 , It should not be , N. Korea still hates us and we had over 50,000 dead or missing !

      • rickfell

        Unfortunately, we are slowing disintegrating from the inside out with a lot of foreign help and an ex-President who is in the process of attempting to overthrow the elected President. All those people you mentioned want to turn us into Muslims just to prove their commie point of view. We are ripe for a military coup if there are any decent generals left. Bring it on.

    • Ron

      The Korean War ended with a cease fire in Jul 1953. It never actually ended though because there was no treaty signed, no surrender.

    • Ed Shick

      I was therefrom Oct 1950 – Jan 52 , I was a medic and if i got started I would run out of time , I have no desire to return, We should have finished the Job when we were there , but the UN got involved and We had a Truce , but N. Korea just kept on fighting! We had more chinks shooting at us than Gooks , China is not a friend ether ! Maybe we should send a Few Honey Wagons to Washington and UN hdq. ,

  • TheEPClark

    Heheheheh!!!! Good ole “REX” sounds a lot like “DARTH VADER” when he pronounces the “BAD NEWS” of ” ON THE TABLE RETALIATION” for any future MISSILE dalliances over the skies of our ALLIES !!!!!! The “Little Fat Bastard”, (if he had any Brains) would take our threats seriously if he knows what is good for himself. One SHOT of an American Missile blowing the piss out of one of his, would send the “NORTH KOREAN PEOPLE” into a “Change of Government Mode” and kiss his “Fat ASS GOODBYE” !!!!! Hell, they can’t even get a decent “Big Mac Over there! !!!!!!

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      They have already seen a shot of one of our anti missiles taking out a missile! Didn’t seem to phase them. They probably think we can’t shoot down all missiles they shoot at us. They don’t think that maybe we have more than 1 anti missile to shoot! Are they really that dumb? Guess one look at Kim should tell us they ARE!

      • jimshaw54

        Uneducated, and starved, but not dumb. I doubt that the general population gets ANY information about what is happening beyond NK, so how can they know what to do to help themselves? Where are starving people going to get the weapons to go against their leader and his mob of well-fed army.

        • TheEPClark

          JIM, “Never say NEVER !!!! Look what happened in our own recent Presidential Elections !!!!!!! From NOTHING came s surge of PATRIOTIC FERVOR and already TRUMP (against all ODDS) and hostile opposition has become the most EFFECTIVE President we have had in HISTORY, given the short time he has held the Office. All the People of North KOREA need, is the “RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES” and a little “Divine INTERVENTION” and believe me…………..MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN !!!!!!

          • Ed Watson

            I agree, it would be a shame to abandon another country like we did in Iran. A chance as well to avoid another conflict.

  • Obie Miller

    If he truly means “only for defensive purposes”, he should keep his “agressive” mouth shut!

    • Do you ever wonder why we are in so many wars that go on for years that we never can win? These wars are started by powerful banking people who loan money to both sides and most often determine who will come out ahead. They make huge amounts of money while we spend huge amounts of money and far too many lives. We have been suckers ever since The War of 1812 including our Civil War. Central Banks including The Federal Reserve Bank are not our friends and they use us along with other Deep State people in the swamp to suck us dry. The One World Government agenda is being pushed by then to control all of the people on the planet. The Global Warming hysteria is part of their plan by restricting the use of fossil fuel to hold back the development of the poorest areas of the world and our own economy. By making CO2 a bad thing, they are restricting the growth of plants needed to feed the growing populations. By controlling the food supply, they can control the people. Scientific research done by independent scientist has proven that CO2 can not cause runaway heating of the earth but it is in a historic low point in our atmosphere and plants including trees are suffering. We need to produce far more CO2 for plants and animals including us humans to thrive.

  • 7818TD

    Finally we have a real Secretary of State! Gone is the whimpering Fairy Kerry, so bent on collusion and aid to the enemy, now it is a whole new Ball Game. I respect & admire this man who has again established our place in the world. Thank you Rex Tillerson, you make us proud, with your no-nonsense approach.


    Thank you S.O.S. Tillerson and The Trumpster… Long overdue since Hillary,Billary,and Obummer instigated all this.

  • daneagle

    obummer let that retard in north korea get to this point now we have to deal with it,,,,,,,,,

  • The Capatin

    It is time to wipe this “Little Dictator” from the face of the earth.

  • MIKE6080

    well theyre talking the talk are they ready to walk the walk

  • Paul Anderson

    North Korea’s Communist Ideology: is intent on destroying the West, much like it had when Lenin was living. The goal of Comunism, has always been global. The Capitalist Ideology of the West, will not allow Communism to spread. They oppose each other, similar to the North and South poles of a magnet. Obama and Clinton are proponents of Global Communism, along with the United Nations.
    As for defending both the U.S. and South Korea: An ocean and South Korea’s land mass, provide access to North Korea. My favorite weapons systems platform is: The Ohio Class Nuclear Sub, with it’s 22 nuclear tipped ICBM’s. It’s ICBM’s produce enough destructive energy, to destroy the Globe.
    I suspect, a flat-top carrier with a flight of Aircraft, would be enough of a warning, to cause North Korea to re- consider it’s actions.

    • ConsultantInAction

      Paul, I believe you are Naive to think Warnings are an influence on N-Korea, they will only respect Acts that make them hurt . … .

      Why in the world would they . … ? Looking back into Historical Incidents; USS Pueblo, the US did Nothing to Resolve that situation . … . Take another look at when the Chinese Forced one of our US Navy Reminiscence Planes to Land, of course after First Striking it with one of their Aircraft; In all of these acts; the US did Nothing to Force the Release, in fact, to the Contrary, they Capitulated and Apologized for Violating their Sovereign Territory . … .

      The United States, needs to Shoot Down any Missile N-Korea Launches . … . I believe that will send a strong message to N-Korea . … . Failing there, the following action, should the North show any type of Retaliatory Move; We would then Take out their entire Air Defense Capability; simultaneously with their Artillery Batteries placed along the DMZ, some 35 Miles Inland . … .

      In addition, the US would have to hit their Barracks Installation to stop any chance of an invasion on the South . … .
      We would of course, have to have our Defenses on High Alert, Simultaneously with these Preemptive Strikes . … .

      Rhetoric Only is nothing more than that, it has no Reality in changing a Policy . … .

  • ConsultantInAction

    When we look to the Past; America Must Also Realize; The Past is the Future . … . In this case, North Korea; has never been Honest in their Intentions as spoken . … . They have however, been consistent in their Actions; Their Actions; Have always Spoken so much Louder than their Words have . … . Words, are simply that and with out clear intentions and meaning, they are just Words . … .

    The United States must make it clear, with out hesitation that a Total Devastation Policy would be the only response to any provocative Action by N-Korea . … . They must not take the United States lightly, President Trump, he must set a plan in motion, if N-Korea fails to heed the policy, they must pay a price, that will for ever change be sorry for . … .

    What has been so obvious to all of America, but seemed to escape the last 3 Administrations; N-Korea is intent on having Nuclear Weapons, that are capable of striking not only their Neighbor, but the US as well . … . They are a Rogue Nation, intent on their refusal to play by any rules but their own . … .

    China, though a formidable foe, should also keep in mind, America’s really concerned and will act . … . What China’s counting on; they really believe the United States is a Paper Tiger, that no longer has the will to confront a World Power; and why shouldn’t they; after a; the United States had done little to Win any of their most recent Conflicts . … .

    In Addition; The last two Administrations, has failed to enforce it’s Policies toward Nations that have Bullied their
    Neighbors . … . That includes Syria, Russia, China and Iran . … . America, either needs to stand or call it quits on the World Stage . … .

  • Mario LoCasto

    Really believe this bull that your shoveling it’s time to stop playing with this looney tune diplomacy only works with sin people stop pussyfooting around with this moron what are you waiting for another 911 before you actually do anything now is the time to let the world know that we not going to allow North Korea to intimidate us.
    Tell the Chinese government to put a muzzle on this dog before he starts a war.


    North Korea is an example of pee poor diplomacy!

  • Ron

    Here is the answer to the problem with North Korea. Make Korea one country and how is that done? Well, drop bombs on north Korea until it disappears. that would make South Korea an island, something like Japan. I think that would take care of China’s backing North Korea because it would no longer be there. Besides all of that, China uses countries like North Korea to keep jabbing a needle into the ideas of freedom.

  • Hot Dogs !!! The world has a new president who has USA first as a goal.
    Too bad the World leaders and their money making industrial-military complexes are going to insist on another war somewhere is President Trump cleans-up the Middle-East.

  • mrpoohead
    • TheEPClark

      I TRUST you mean, Senator “Chuck” Schumer , in charge of the Minority Democrats !!!!!!

      • mrpoohead

        No, definitely the idiot with silly hair and a dodgy hand-shake. Drump!

  • ArmyMP6975

    Obama created the problem in N. Korea just as he created ISIS, Syria, Russia problems, empowerment of his uncle’s terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama/CLinton/Kerry all incompetent clowns who embraced the communists and alienated out allies.

    • ArmyMP6975

      The real buffoon left the White House on January 20th after
      eight years of destruction to the moral fabric, military, financial system and
      heart of America.

  • ArmyMP6975

    Obama ran in 2007 on the main topic of preventing N. Korea
    from getting the nuclear bomb and sanctioning the Iranian government as the
    world’s largest sponsor of terrorism. He allowed N. Korea to get the
    nuclear bomb and start testing missiles. He makes an illegal
    “treaty” with Iran and gives them $1.7Billion to accelerate their
    nuclear program while the Iranian people stand in the streets and laugh at the
    ignorance of the USA. That is what we get when a bunch of progressive
    snowflakes elect a community organize – far left radical socialist..

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Kim Jong Un: Cease building nukes and delivery systems asap! your people need food, meds, homes and assets! They don’t need you at all! I don’t know how the hell you got such a good looking wife, some say you kidnapped her! If you want to enjoy her through a long life and your position into posterity, then straighten your azzz out! The bulldog is going to get you! It won’t be pretty, not at all! When he walks into a room, he has a plan to kill all in there, and escape! Shape up or go down!

  • patd

    So the last 8 years of kissing their asses hasn’t worked????

  • Elaine Eckart

    time the North Koreans stood up to this dictator. He is getting fatter by the day, while he is starving his people to death.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    did you see , their last test blew up right after they launched it, back to square 1

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