Friday, 18/8/2017 UTC-4
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Top Dem Senator Open to Working With Trump

Once Harry Reid retires at the end of the lame-duck session, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York will become the top Democratic senator in Congress. On Fox News Sunday, Schumer appeared to have a (slightly) more optimistic vision of working with President-elect Donald Trump than Reid.

Schumer noted that not all of Trump’s campaign promises were from the Republican playbook. Like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other progressives, he held open the possibility of teaming up with Trump to push bipartisan legislation on infrastructure and tax reform.

“I think blue-collar America voted for Donald Trump more on Democratic issues than on Republican issues,” said Schumer. “We will work with him on those issues.”

On Twitter, Trump praised the senator. “I have always had a good relationship with Chuck Schumer. He is far smarter than Harry R and has the ability to get things done. Good news!”

On conservative issues like healthcare and financial regulations, however, Schumer was less enthusiastic.

“ObamaCare, he won’t be able to do it,” Schumer said. “Forget about repealing or modifying Dodd-Frank.”

To be effective, Trump will have to work across the aisle, even though Republicans hold majorities in both houses of Congress. Controversial bills – say, for the Wall – will not necessarily get the 60 necessary votes from the Senate without some compromise. And apart from bills that further liberal interests, don’t expect Democrats to be in a compromising mood come January. Most of them are digging in for the fight of their lives.

At the same time, this could be the final genius of Trump’s strategy. Democrats have been appalled by his proposals and shocked by his first cabinet appointments. Trump can use this to his advantage, and he’s already telegraphed his intention to do so. Start with the most extreme proposal…and then start walking your way back. And unlike most politicians, Trump has a support base that fully expects him to do some serious negotiating.

It doesn’t feel like it right now, but Democrats may be surprised over the next four years by Trump’s willingness to work with them. On the flipside, Republicans may realize that even though they captured the House and Senate…only Trump captured the White House.

Things are about to get interesting.

  • Arcturus6

    Beware of Democrat bearing gifts.

    • Sara Linda Simmons

      Here Here! But Reid was from Nevada… Schumer is from NYC! He and Trump have been friends for years. Just watch Trump! He knows Schumer’s Shinnigans and is always cautious! NO fast decisions from Trump will always be in His major Plays Book. Trust Trump! He really does know what he’s doing!

      • Andres Villamarzo

        Lady, Trump constantly tweets before thinking, what are you talking about? This man needs a hand written speech so that he can read it thru a teleprompter, are you kidding me? Some of the people he just chose are incompetent, namely Steve Bannon. Why would Trump use his son-in-law for his close advisor when he chose Steve Bannon for his closest advisor? Why are his children even involved in any part of the government or has this passed your thoughts? That is called nepotism………..
        Also, a person who knows what their doing does not file bankruptcy 6 times, nor does an intelligent person grope women and sexually assault them, nor does he defraud 7,000 citizens of their life savings, nor does an intelligent person get himself so heavily in debt that he can hardly reason with right from wrong???????

    • theseer


      • Osamao

        In reality. Domestic enemy’s.

  • Daniel Brofford

    What he needs to do is at every point that the democrats won’t let him get something through that is very important ( like the wall ) he needs to keeps Americans informed so come 2018 maybe we can give him the 60 senators he needs.

    • mrpoohead

      Errrr; Republican’s have majority in Congress and Senate – everything Ryan wants is easy. Republican’s have held power for much of last twenty years in both – Financial Crisis 2008, Iraq in/out all their fault. Dummy! Trade Deals, no tariffs on China – duh!

  • American Me

    My advise for President elect Trump is Don’t turn your back on Schumer.He will stab you in the back at his first opportunity.I just don’t trust him or any Democrat for that matter.They will try every dirty trick in the book and I think Mr Trump is smart enough to know who to trust and who to not.

    • maxx

      I’m sure Schumer has already been schooled by Reid on how to continue moving the democrat agenda forward despite the Repuklicans controlling both chambers of Congress. They have done that since 2014 folks. And look how that has worked for conservatives. WE GOT ZILCH thanks to McConnell and Ryan. .

      • Dorothy Foster

        You are right… Do not trust McConnell and Ryan… .. They are not true conservatives.. Rhinos

    • theseer


  • Effenexes

    If you want to watch a bona fide snake in the grass whose credentials were earned at the feet of Harry Reid,then Upchuck Schumer will be front and center looking for a TV camera. Trump knows full well just how deceitful Upchuck has been in the past and will fully expect things will be no different in future dealings.

    • Gen11American

      If I were President Trump, I would place a bottle of snake repellent on the desk whenever he meets with Schumer!

  • Chuck Lynch

    Schumer doesn’t want to get rid of Dodd-Frank? Even after it has become well known that Dodd-Frank allowed failing banks to confiscate the savings of its patrons?
    Because of Dodd-Frank patrons who deposit money in a bank are now considered unsecured investors and when the bank goes down so do the patrons .
    Chuck Schumer has just identified himself as being against the American people and for the big swindling bankers!!!

    • KT

      Good call!

    • maxx

      Glass-Steagall should be resurrected as Dodd-Frank is deposited in the trash barrel. .

    • Gen11American

      Check Schumer’s voting record on NumbersUSA. Why New York voters would support him when he’s been screwing American workers for years is beyond my ken! Ignorance isn’t bliss! It elects and re-elects the worst Democrats!

      • Gerry Costa

        I’ll give you 1 guess who elects this POS in New York. Yup — you got it — NYC and Albany.

    • Gerry Costa

      He always has been AGAINST the American people.

    • theseer


  • Tommy p

    I think it’s the Dems that need to be afraid of Trumps superiority in setting the table for negotiating from strength

  • cathylovesyou

    If Schumer seems open to working with Trump he isn’t showing it. He seems up to his old liberal tricks. He’ll be Senator of NY until he retires.

    • I would like to see him run one legit election without Soro’s money!

      • cathylovesyou


    • Gen11American

      To prevent that, we need to demand term limits! We also need transparency on who has contributed to campaigns. If Senator Schumer, or any other public official, has received contributions from Anti-American Globalist George Soros, We The People need to know! We can use that knowledge to practice our own form of term limits on election day!

      • cathylovesyou

        Agree, Soros did plenty for the “Communist in Charge.

  • real talk 1

    I would not trust Schumer any farther than I could throw him listen fellow bloggers the Democratic Party in nothing more than a snake in the grass. Had Hillary won the election they would have still been shoving stuff down Americas throats they would have no mercy inspite of who it hurt . They as hell didn’t give a damned how our children felt when forcing the rest rooms to share with males or not enforcing other constitutional laws of our Nation as far as I’m concern the Democratic party and the socialist party can go out of business after all America is a republic.All this trying to meet some where in the middle is just saying we don’t have to do it right in the first place we should strive for the republic for which we stand and one nation under God not Political Correctness !!!!!!????

  • pappy450

    I guess ol Chuck-you-Schumer has forgotten WHO won the election and WHO holds majority in BOTH houses of Congress.
    AND I hope he will not forget WHO (Reid) PUSHED and employed the “nuclear option” to shove bills down the throats of “We the People” Because the Republicans did not “agree” with him.
    I am hopful that TRUMP will “follow suit” and do the same things as the SCUMOCRATS did and rid us of all the CRAP that has been pushed through.

    • maxx

      I’m waiting for McConnell to announce that the “nuclear option” is off the table, just like he did with the “impeachment option against Obama”. That’s is what GOP Repuklicans do. That is the kind of political corruption Trump campaigned against because that is what the people wanted. Trump is supposed to be the head of the republican party now therefore he should warn McConnell and Ryan that nothing is off the table.

      • John Phillips

        There are thing you need 60 senators to pass. We do not have 60 votes. To convict a president you need 66 senators. There is not much point in impeachment if you cannot get to 66.

        • theseer


  • fred russo

    Schumer is a smuck always has been and always will be!!!!!!!

  • alegalcitizen

    Wish he’d leave and take his nasty niece with him. He’s already dissing Trump on his immigration policies, saying we had a much better bill known as the gang of 8 bill that the American people shot down like a clay pigeon. Their gang of 8 bill gives illegal invaders our citizenship, they should NEVER be able to have our citizenship when their first act on American soil was total disrespect for our people!

    • theseer


    • Gerry Costa

      Absolutely 100% correct.

  • dude

    all I want is Hillary to be prosecuted and found guilty and that fake private charity closed and the money taken and put on our border wall

    • Dick

      Or use that money to pay down the national debt. If fact lets go after George Soros for treason and apply his wealth to debt also.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        This once great and once feared country needs to swear out a warrant on soros, just like Putin has done in Russia. If he’s ever caught there, his miserable ass will be arrested!! ??

        • RufusVonDufus

          Throw him on a plane and send him off to Comrade Putin then!

      • maxx

        I’m surprised Israel has not tried to extradite Soros for crimes against Jews during WWII as a Nazi collaborator. I have never seen a total of the number of Jewish families that he was responsible for turning them over to the gestapo or SS but supposedly even as a teenager he was allowed to confiscate the spoils that the Nazi’s did not want. He should never have been allowed to leave Europe after the war.

        • theseer


    • chief1937

      Agreed if she is found guilty as most of us believe she is.

    • RufusVonDufus

      Should have elected someone else then! Trump will never allow Clinton to be charged. They are too close.

      • Gerry Costa

        It’s not up to Trump — it will be up to the NEW atty general and I really would love to see Trey Gowdy there.

  • junkmailbin

    trump should do a Ogayarab on schmucky chucky. Simple tell him YOU LOST, so it goes my way

    • maxx

      Since 2009 the Repuklicans have been crying. We don’t have a majority in the House. So in 2006 they got control. Then they could not get anything done because they didn’t have a majority in the Senate. So in 2010 the received an even larger majority in the House plus a simple majority in the Senate. Still the democrats were getting their way. In 2014 they got a simple majority in the Senate. Still nothing because they didn’t have the White House. And Paul Ryan then became House Speaker and his first action as Speaker was to negotiate Obama’s budget with no input from any republicans in the House. Again nothing went the republican way. In January 2017 the Repuklicans will have everything they wanted. Now there should be no excuses but would you like to bet now it will be not having 60 votes in the Senate. Funny that didn’t stop the democrats and Reid from getting ObamaCare passed, did it.

      • Gerry Costa

        No bet — as long as people like ryan,mcconnell,mccain and lindsay and a few more are allowed by voters to stay in office — we will never get anything ” good for Americans” accomplished. How these rino/demoSCUM got reelected I’ll never know.

        • theseer


          • Gerry Costa

            Him and schumer must be twins !!!!!!

      • theseer


  • Bob Stewart

    If you believe this story, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

  • PION????R

    Take a lesson in Democracy. Democrats will probably work toward win-win situations with Republicans. That’s the American way, unlike the zero-sum-game played by Republicans the last eight years.

    WHILE President Obama brought us more continuous job growth since the New Deal, and reduced the federal deficit by one-third, etc., etc., we could be much much better off had he not been hamstrung by those who made it their ideology to try to make him fail at every turn. Thanks, Barack for hanging in there!

    • chief1937

      What have you been smoking to make a statement like that ? The only thing Obama grew was our national debt and a broader separation between the races.


        He grew one more thing, unemployment!!! Unemployment is almost the highest it has ever been. I mean actual unemployment, NOT the fake numbers they put OUT. That number is only the people drawing unemployment. Actual numbers of unemployed is around 15 to 20%!!!!!

        • PION????R

          Get a life. Facts are facts. Truth is truth … except to the post-truth fascist deniers.



          • Gerry Costa

            You need to figure out truth from demoSCUM propaganda.

          • PION????R

            ????HAPPY HOLIDAYS?????
            . ✝️✡️?☪️?☦️☯️☮️

        • PION????R

          I see help wanted in almost every store and restaurant. Where are all these unemployed people who you say want jobs?

    • Gerry Costa

      Hey Jeff Dunham — stop with your demoSCUM puppet !!!!!!!

  • Agostino

    Take a page from the Democrats’ playbook, and change the rules. All appointments, including judgeships, should depend on simple majority. Filibusters should be for legislation only.

  • michael schimanski

    I think Schumer forgot the gift Harry Reid gave the president and congress with the passing of the ” nuclear option ” . It will surly come back to bite the democrats in the ass .

    • mudguy1

      I don’t trust McConnell he will back down as usual. He is a “Go along to get along” guy.


    Chuckie Cheese Schumer is, always has been, and always will be a self-serving lens louse! Notice he always has his news conferences on Monday, a slow news day, whether he has anything worthwhile to say or not–and it’s usually not. Unfortunately. NY is stuck with him FOREVER..

  • daveveselenak

    Here we go again…. and again… and again… when the communists loose power they want to “work together” and the stupid-ass, punk-ass “Re=PUNK-licans” fall for their trap – always; isn’t it funny how they want to be co-operative when they are out of power or in the minority but when they are the ones that are in control they ram it up the GOP’s ass as well as the rest of the country! Shumer is a MF’er and if I was Trump I’d tell him to get lost! This is why “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA will not revert back to AMERICA! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr==========================?, you will be needing them!

  • maxx

    Chuck Schumer is a demonazi. That is all we conservatives need to know. He has been spewing out the radical socialist agenda garbage his whole life just like Harry Reid. He cannot and should not be trusted. Just watch the actions he takes when a replacement for Scalia is nominated. He will do the same crap that Reid would have done to make sure a conservative is not appointed. “A moderate anything means a liberal”. The democrats lost. They need to suck it up and live with the consequences.

  • kbmiller

    Trump has been dealing with these Dumb A$$ oc RATS in NYC for decades. He knows how their system of payoffs works.

  • gerald Hughes

    We do not want to work with the liberal dem bloodsuckers at all.Anything they will want to do, we don’t want or need. Unity?
    Forget about it liberal dem, bloodsuckers, we don’t want to deal with you in any form or fashion for any reason

  • ArmyCombatVet

    To President Trump, take my word for it Schumer is a viper! Don’t turn your back on him for one moment! He has zero loyalty to either you or America, his reality is based upon communism and disregard for the Constitution! Those of us who served America uphold our Constitutional oath and simply will not compromise in an effort to undermine it’s intent!

  • libertybells2

    Be careful and watch your back Trump. He’s a Reid clone, untrustworthy thru and thru and a died in the wool leftist demoncrat.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Never forget! No, never forget! Not Pearl Harbor or 9/11, but Reid’s “nuclear option.” The scumbag from Nevada showed R’s the way. Will they take it as he did or will they allow that RINO, Mitch McConnell to sandbag them again? Screw McConnell and the Dem’s, NUCLEAR OPTION!

    • Gerry Costa

      Don’t leave out the snakes ryan, mccain and lindsay — they are all nothing but rino/demoSCUM.

      • mudguy1

        Yes they are in the swamp that needs to be drained.

        • theseer


          • mudguy1

            Those are Senators and only Representatives can be Speakers. You can vote for the Speaker of the House by voting your Representative out of office if he or she voted for the Speaker. And same for the Majority Leader in the Senate

  • Dorothy Foster

    NOOOOO… Schumer is a snake… Do not TRUST him…

  • J. F. Samuelson

    I would not trust Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer on any issue and his promises are just more of the Obama “you can keep your doctor. Schumer is both a lawyer and a democRAT politician neither of which has ever been known for honesty.

  • Gen11American

    The piss-poor, anti-American worker voting record of Senator Chuck Schumer on immigration issues makes him vulnerable to attack by anyone who is aware of it. The hypocrisy Schumer has displayed thus far indicates his willingness to hoodwink the blue-collar workers in this country. If Schumer even attempts to push through Amnesty for illegals, Americans need to demand that he resigns from his leadership position! Virtually every Demo leader in Congress have D’s & F’s on immigration issues because they’ve been supporting amnesty, open borders, high legal immigration, and foreign workers over Americans! In consequence of their almost unilateral voting record on immigration, 95 million Americans are presently out of the workforce!

  • preferred user

    ppffttt…has he lined up with the other losers to kiss the Trump’s ring ,like the comment before mine says “Schumer is nothing more than a replay of Reid” only he talks smoother .I wouldent trust him for a minute or turn my back on him .☺

  • sweetolbob

    If your “top DemocRAT Senator” is Chuckie Schumer, and you believe what he says,I need to talk to you about several bridges I have for sale.
    In the past he even conned the NRA into supporting one of his bills that was supposed to give veterans a way to reinstate lost firearm ownership. To date, although the IRA was stupid enough at the time to believe him, NOT ONE VET has been able to have his rights reinstated.
    Schumer is a jackal. Believe in the tooth fairy first !

  • Paul

    Sen. Schumer is part of the SWAMP. When Trump becomes the President in January 2017, he needs to be very careful when dealing with Schumer. Don’t give this man an inch or he will take a mile

  • Richard Daugherty

    The people have spoken. Time to roll up your sleeves!!

  • Edward A Rhodes Rhodes

    Most here recognize Schumer as the slimiest snake of all. It’s reassuring!

  • Gerry Costa

    schumer is nothing more than a BS artist. He has not done one thing to better all of New York State. He already wants to try and dictate how things are going to go. Trump needs to come down on this piece of donkey dung hard and fast. He is barely above dirty harry — if at all. I think Trump is intelligent enough to see through this clown and his antics.

  • mudguy1

    Schumer Is a scorpion and CAN NOT be trusted.

  • Dannie Poe

    Sadly, in order for our political system to work the legislators must find common ground to get things done. Only if these legislators give up Establishment Politics will anything get done. I do not see these lifetime politicians giving up their wealth and power anytime soon. These lifetime politicians have set their own salaries and retirement packages. They have made politics work to their advantage. So it is hard to believe that they will let Trump rain on their parade. As I type the Elite of the GOP are pushing Trump to back off on his promises. This is what Trump will be up against. If Trump can shake up this Establishment Politics it will send the people’s message. The message that the people what their government back. This by itself is a positive. The will of the people must be heard. Should these Elite fail to allow Trump to succeed, we will be on the verge of a people’s revolution in my lifetime. What lifetime politicians fail to understand is that as long as government works for the will of all Americans and creates wealth can their power and wealth continue. History proves this to be true. Why bite the hand that feeds you?

  • OnTheRoad

    No friggin’ way! I don’t trust that dirtbag Schumer or any liberal. They will lie, cheat, steal, anything to get what they want.

  • Paul Benicky

    Forget the so-called bi-partisan BS. All this means is selling part or most of your soul to the Democratic party who suppports abortion on demand (killing the innocent by the way), no immigration reform (just let anyone in our country), Obamacare (which by the way costs too much ask anyone on it), free college (nothing is free, the working class pays), more welfare (which has been out of control based on little investigation of who’s on it) and the beat goes on. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence along with the Republican house and senate can get some relief for the middle class in America. They just need to forget about politics like the Democrats want to do. All they want to do is stalemate the Republicans and get nothing done as usual. Well, the time has come to bullrush the congress and supreme court as well and get some real work done.

  • Andres Villamarzo

    Schumer is not only a friend of Trump but a benefactor too. Schumer received thousands of dollars of donations from Trump. Also, I believe that you are talking trash, Trump appears to be placing his family and son-in-law in areas where he can obtain certain information, he also has ties around the world therefore he has more conflict of issue problems than any president in modern history, Mr. Trump is also heavily in debt to China for 960 million dollars, Australian & Russian banks for over 250 million dollars and 500 million dollars to other foreign banks. Since Trump is so dishonest and refuses to show his income taxes and refuses to place his business’ in a blind trust, the country will never know.
    Bottom line folks, the American public has been dupped by a con-artist!!!!!!!! I say allow a recount, Clinton won the popular vote by almost 2 million votes, their is no harm in a recount, after all didn’t Trump advocated for Russia to get involved and didn’t he say the elections were rigged, why would he get angry? He himself stated that he would not accept the election results, why would he challenge Stein or Clinton?

    • skipsart

      And where did you get all this information? From the fake news sites? And by the way, Hillary only won the popular vote with illegals, multiple voting and dead people.

  • defiant1

    Chuck Schumer has always been a schemer and he is still the same; he has already declared he will obstruct…..Trump can handle this sleazebag!

  • gerald Hughes

    F the top liberal dem bloodsucking Senator, we have no interest in unity or working with the liberal dm bloodsucking parasites.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Schumer is a lying schmuck who will stab anyone, friend or foe, in the back whenever he sees fit and will smile while doing it if there is a camera around anywhere.

    • skipsart

      Yes and its called ‘covert hostility’ and most done with a grin on one’s face.

  • Osamao

    Fahke you Chuck. You’ll do what “WE” gave Trump a mandate for. The election wasn’t enough of a reality slap for you Communist Democrat Tyrants?………….We’re close to a full extermination of your treasonous party at the polls. Don’t think we can finish the job?………TRY US TRAITOR!