Wednesday, 22/2/2017 UTC-5
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Transgender Threat: Texas Governor Blasts NFL for Warning

Houston just finished hosting a hugely-successful Super Bowl, but NFL officials are warning that it could be Texas’s last. League spokesman Brian McCarthy said Friday that the NFL would consider pulling future events out of the Lone Star State if a transgender bathroom bill were to become law.

“If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law there, that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy was referencing a bill currently working its way through the Republican-dominated state legislature that would require men and women to use the bathroom facilities that correspond with their birth gender.

In an interview with Glenn Beck on Tuesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the NFL was “walking on thin ice” when it came to telling states what they can and cannot do in the political realm.

“The NFL needs to concentrate on playing football and get the heck out of politics,” Abbott said. “For some low-level NFL adviser to come out and say that they are going to micromanage and try to dictate to the state of Texas what types of policies we’re going to pass in our state, that’s unacceptable.”

Abbott said Americans were getting tired of these corporate entities throwing their weight around in the political arena.

“We don’t care what the NFL thinks and certainly what their political policies are because they are not a political arm of the state of Texas or the United States of America,” he said. “They need to learn their place in the United States, which is to govern football, not politics.”

Unfortunately, everything is getting mixed together, and these corporations inevitably – inevitably – side with the social liberals. North Carolina, of course, took an enormous financial hit last year when their own version of a transgender bathroom bill turned into a national cause. Now these companies – including sports leagues like the NFL, the NBA, and the NCAA – are trying once again to defeat political measures using economic might. That’s not democracy. That’s basically blackmail.

Alas, it is legal. But if these companies start losing fan support for sticking their collective noses into social issues that don’t concern them, they’ll learn to back off or pay the price for their interference.

  • RobL_v2

    National Fascist League at it again.

    Speak, do, and think as we say or else…

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  • James Langham

    Would be better if Abbott got out of politics!!

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Which makes more sense?

      Would be better if Abbott got out of politics!!


      Would be better if the nfl got out of politics!!

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        Get the NFL out of politics, just do football. Governor Abbott has it right. Impeach/fire/layoff Goodell, useless person.

      • Observator14

        The Latter, since the People of Texas put Abbott in, but Nobody put the NFL in charge of politics.

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          DO NOT TELL THE NFL THAT!!!!

          They already whine and cry over petty stuff like STANDING UP and showing RESPECT for the Nation, AND THE PEOPLE that made their wealth possible!

          And, as an aside, how many of those ‘really big and tough macho men’ don’t know the difference between bathrooms yet?

          Is it POOR POTTY TRAINING that causes this?

    • Steve

      Sir, not sure what your motivation is by making such a supercilious statement, but in the Great State of Texas, we know whether to use a urinal or a toilet! This transgender nonsense needs t stop as it is blatantly offensive to any Texan with God given common sense!

    • barnjoer

      Get real, the NFL players are all over paid & under worked! A big portion of them are broke & on werfare, breaking the law & getting by with it.
      Abbott needs to just ban the NFL from laying in Texas if they can’t go by OUR LAWS!!!!!

      • Observator14

        Speaking as a Texan, why not found a National Football Association with the help of a Lot of Governors in dialgo with football team Owners and potential owners??? Let the NFL weep and wail.

    • Observator14

      Governor Abbott was Elected by the People of Texas. The arrogant millionaires of the NFL elected Themselves and go Against the People.

    • Bill

      James, Abbott should run for president in 8 years. It is so refreshing to see a governor with a backbone.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The NFL officials are ridiculous. I didn’t watch any of their games this year [although I do like football].

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      High school sports are always better because the egos aren’t a problem.

      • maxx


  • CrustyOldGeezer

    The State can always choose to have ’emergency road repairs’ conducted on game days that will severely restrict travel to and from the stadiums.
    Wouldn’t it be a shame if the team buses can’t get to the stadiums in time to suit up.

    Or the access to the parking lots are all barricaded….

    The beer tucks can’t get in…..

    • Jeffrey Cahoon

      THAT, is a great idea!

    • maxx

      And how about telling the professional sports teams to “go to hell” when it comes to building new stadiums? If they want to pay their employees multi-million dollar salaries, they should be able to pay for their own play pens. These teams should be charged with extortion because that is exactly what they are doing.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        If the teams keep letting their sandbox crybabies sniffle and whine over the Flag, National Anthem, the public will stop going, and the communities that PAID FOR THE STADIUMS should go into Contract renegotiation to put in a GUARANTEED attendance to ensure the tax revenues promised at the outset are realized.

      • Observator14

        maxx: You are a Genius ! Go to the front of the Class !

  • randy jackson

    Agree with Gov. Abbott.
    The NFL struggles with any/every political issue.
    The NFL would be much better off focusing on football instead of Fairy tails.
    With Goodell at the helm, common sense and logic seem to have been eliminated from the decision making formula.
    Better yet, let local laws and stadium owners deal with local issues.
    Micro management never works—-particularly on a grand scale.
    Stick to football and try not to ruin it also.

    • Juliawmiddleton

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      • Observator14

        SPAM SPAM S P A M

      • william couch

        AND MY PU$$$$Y ISN’T SORE!!!!!!!

        • DP


          • william couch

            !!WHY DON’T you come to Florence, AZ. to find out.. OR are you scared!!

          • DP


          • william couch


      • wi163175

        MOD: This garbage doesn’t belong on this site. It is nothing but illegal pyramid scheme nonsense!!!!

        • jaybird

          I have a friend that had her e-mail hacked and this went out to all her contacts, some times the people are not at fault. Just saying.

    • maxx

      Wonder if we would ever hear someone from NASCAR making a statement like this….NOT.

      • leftbanker

        well there is a fully understandable reason for that

      • chilly16

        No way,NASCAR would run them outta the track!

    • Clifford Cooper

      great answer, I totally agree!

    • William Burke

      How long is the average fairy’s tail?

      • randy jackson

        Great question.
        You got it!

      • Paul

        Depends on who is spinning it.

    • Krazeehors

      As far as I am concerned, if they haven’t had their wangerdoodle removed yet, they need to stay in the men’s room. Same, same for women/men who still have all their female parts but want to be a male.

      • randy jackson

        Or just use the porta potty in the parking lot that does not have a “Men” or “Women” sign hung on it.

        • Krazeehors

          Nah. A boycott works better. If you capitulate and resort to using the porta-potty, you are telling the NFL that it’s okay to bully our government leaders.

          We just got rid of the Bully-In-Chief. Time to change things up. Besides, would YOU leave the middle of a great game just to take a 20 minute break so you could use a porta-potty? I don’t go to professional ball games, but I know that I sure as heck wouldn’t.

    • James

      I think it is time WE THE PEOPLE show these big sports venues that we do not need them; they need us, (or at least our money). Boycott ALL major sports events until they finally get their collective noses out of the political arena!

      • randy jackson

        Right on James.
        Total agreement!
        You are spot on!

      • jaybird

        Same thing goes for people in entertainment (music, movie stars, etc.), entertain and keep your opinions to yourself.

        • James

          I agree wholeheartedly! None of those overpaid characters are worth anywhere near what they earn. And how many of them actually give anything back to those in deed? And I don’t mean all the liberal boondoggle activist sites like the CCN AKA: Clinton Crime Network!!

          And as far as keeping my opinions to my self; I’ll start as soon as you do!

          • jaybird

            I was saying the entertainers keep their opinions to themselves, not you.

          • James

            Sorry for the misunderstanding As far as I am concerned none of those considered entertainers entertain me. IN fact; most are a total bore!

          • jaybird

            I don’t watch any of them nor the awards shows.

  • jjmcl431

    soon all you will see is a bunch of swishes mincing around the football fields and basketball courts with their vagina and pig ear hats flapping in the wind and their singing “We are Family.”

  • Richard Schuster

    The NFL needs to handle their own problems first and flat stay out of politics.

    • MIKE6080

      the nfl needs to loose their tax exemption , if they can pay goodell 44 million a year they can pay taxes . the politicians that get money from them wont do anything.

      • William Burke

        You’re right, but please learn the difference between “lose” and “loose”. They are not interchangeable; one is a verb and the other an adjective.

        • Sandy129

          Loose is also used as a verb meaning to rid one of something.

          • William Burke

            Rare usage. And anyway, he didn’t use it in that fashion, now DID HE?

          • AlaskaMan

            Lose is also used as a nown when describing clinton, obama and the dnc ss sore losers

          • marihia

            you might want to spell NOWN correctly……..last time I went to school and that’s a hellava long time ago…………IT WAS SPELLED NOUN, so not so fast with correcting someones errors………..maybe MIKE just hit the o button twice in error

          • AlaskaMan

            Typo. My fingers too big for smartphone. I saw it too but no edit option.

          • Doris C

            We are way off point of article folks

          • libertybells2

            My keyboard throws in some strange words many times…don’t know why, but it happens. But fortunately I have an edit option which I don’t know how in heavens name I ever got. But it has proven quite helpful in correcting many typo mistakes.

          • Sandy129

            To be loosed from tax exemption sounds to me like losing tax exemption. The term to be loosed and loose is often used in the Bible for being loosed from disease or satan etc. Don’t be a nit picker.

          • Bob Hills

            You are not going to convince any person with a red neck to use the language as intended.

          • Yourhuckleberry

            Hope you not one of those sophisticated northerners.
            We rednecks only know how to use a weapon and use our trigger finger.

          • Nellie McConnell

            Me toooooo

          • William Burke

            Best way to use a weapon. 😉

          • A. Jay

            Dark neck also!

          • Bob Hills

            You don’t mean “jigaboo” do you?

          • William Burke

            Who were you calling a “red neck” (sic)?

          • Bob Hills

            If you are a red neck, then take a guess.

          • William Burke

            See… I don’t know what a “red neck” is. Is it the same as a “redneck”? No?

          • Bob Hills

            I am not certain, but let’s go with “YES”

          • keepyourpower

            I don’t think so!

          • William Burke

            Me neither.

        • libertybells2

          Thanks just a little thing but it bugs me…”my belt may be LOOSE but I did not LOSE it, it stayed in place. So I tightened my belt.

        • Krazeehors

          Do we REALLY have to deal with spelling coaches??? They all got their point across.

          • ironbiker

            PC TROLL,I suppose!

          • Krazeehors

            Not me!! I just think “grammar coaches/teachers” need to lay off on Internet blogs.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            It is an obvious typo, not a misspelling.

          • Krazeehors

            Hence the reason for my comment.

          • Doris C

            And sometimes a letter sticks. you are right anyway. nit picking is so boring

        • 2 parrots and a dog

          It was a typo on his part.

          • William Burke

            You know this because?

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            Common sense. There are many times that my finger stayed a fraction on a second longer on a key which resulted in two letters instead of one. When I write comment, I am usually doing at least two other things a the same time like watching a DVD and throwing stuffed animals for the dogs. It has already happened twice in this reply. I usually proof read my comments, but sometimes I am distracted by something else. I get bored online unless I am doing other things. I doubt that I am the only person who multitasks.

          • William Burke

            Then you suspect. In reality, you have no way of knowing what was happening with another person, unless you were there.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            I also like to give people the benefit of doubt, especially when others attack them for something so ridiculous. Just like I gave you the benefit of doubt for your typo in your comment to Nellie. Get a grip.

          • William Burke

            What typo? Or is it a state secret?

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            I have to go onto my other email account to find it as I delete as I go and don’t see the comment containing it to Nellie here. You left out a space between two words. I’ll find it later if you can’t, but it should show up in the list of your comments which are readily available to you unless you decided to edit it before challenging me to find it.

        • Nellie McConnell

          Who cares! My phone has typing errors all the time, some are mine.

          • William Burke

            A who lot of people care.

      • Richard Schuster

        Good point

      • Dakota

        They haven’t been tax exempt for a while, obviously someone is more concerned about other people’s bathroom or bedroom choices than what’s really going on.

      • Bogart1950

        your right, they (NFL) have anti-trust laws that were put into place for them..

  • James Ruddy

    Liberal politics is like watching a ridiculous Monty Python skit, only it isn’t funny because it’s real.

    • DP


  • Aubrey Mason

    Let’s get real here.
    When LESS than 1% of the entire population is mentally ill calling themselves “transgendered” – WHY would anyone pay attention to the mental defectives?
    Shouldn’t they all be locked up for their safety and the safety of others?
    EVEN THIS “MAN” Brian McCarthy……………………….

  • Gregory Sarmas Sr.

    Boycott the primadonnas ,enough of this crap,your born with whats on your body or between your legs and the rest of this is about controlling some message for political purposes.Quit while your ahead professional sports monopolies and your bank accounts will still grow exponentially anyways,IDIOTS.

  • unbridled

    The National Felons League want’s to ride herd over bathroom etiquette. Ah, how nice. Try keeping your players from beating their girlfriends, doing drugs and creating havoc out in public. That should be your prime concern….

    • maxx

      Trying to think of how many NASCAR drivers get involved in some type of anti-social activity. The only name I can come up with is Kurt Bush for domestic violence toward his wife. Then think about the NFL. The list is long.

      • Philip Armstrong

        Kurt Busch was set up and was exonerated. His wife was convicted of fraud in another case.

  • Jeffrey Cahoon

    I myself, am not a sports nut, and while I realize that to some, sports is a religion, if these entities don’t mind their own business, they are going to find that we really don’t need them! And the players will have to give up those ludicrous salaries! Anyway, they should STFU!! YOU GO GREGG ABBOT!!

  • Retired Chief Petty Officer

    It is legal for the leagues to do as they wish, as long as they cmply with laws themselves. Ask the churches how well their tax examption has been working when they want to oppose agovernment position. Perhaps the NFL would like some more competition. How would the NFL like a state to exempt football paraphanalia from copyright status?

    It is football, not politics.

    • DP


  • akoby

    The NFL needs to stay out of politics. Unfortunately some die hard football fans won’t put their money where their mouth is and that is why the NFL can get away with this. The least the fans could do is not buy tickets to any stadium. I am sure the NFL cannot exist on ticket sales to the 1% of the population that considers themselves transgender.

    • Bogart1950

      700,000 is all that are known to be transgender.. that’s 1/3 of 1 %

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        I do believe that the number you used is a ‘guesstimate’ provided by the “immoral minority”.

        • Bogart1950

          ye I read it somewhere.. I thought it was a little high on the number myself.. but that is what I read..

    • maxx

      In my state, in my city they started a semi-pro softball program several years ago. These are very common down south but in the upper mid-west not so much. Well, it has taken off so well that the games are always sold out and played in daylight and night games. The women’s fast pitch are especially popular. Softball is really growing in leaps and bounds.

  • rapunzel972

    Amen, Gov. Abbot.

  • Richard Knack

    I’m surprised that supposedly manly footballers are even supporting “girly men”. Maybe they’re afraid that if they don’t, leftist cities and states that DO kowtow to and coddle these mental and moral defectives will boycott their sport. Time to tell the leftists that THEY DON’T COUNT ANYMORE!

    • Roger_T73

      Elections have Consequences 👍

  • dank440

    OK fine! I can live w/o football

    • maxx

      I have nothing against football but I don’t care to watch any professional athletic events. Overpaid prima donnas in my opinion. Even college sports is too economically controlled by the wrong people. Colleges should not waste perfectly good scholarships on people that don’t intend to use them anyway.

      • Observator14

        Good thought about scholarships. Why not help Scholars to improve our country? Best to you, maxx.

        • PatriotGal

          Totally agree…the football scholarships are huge and so are the salaries for college football head coaches…in the millions…I did some research…oh yeah…plus the costs for outfitting college football teams, stadiums, etc. How come kids going into education-except Exceptional Student Education, political science, music, theater, get less than anything. Sad…

          • Observator14

            That’s my Gal ! You got the idea, and I would like someone like you to be in political office to work towards those goals, at least for state-supported universities (and public high schools).

    • sweetolbob

      The Nation revels in COLLEGE football. The Pro variety is tiring.

    • disqus_bDYEptNH5o

      I love football. But I can live without it.

      • DP


  • Bogart1950

    you would think that the NFL would have learned their lesson when that QB from 49ers took a knee and their ratings fell 30%.. keep out of social issues! or you will start seeing less people at your games..

    • maxx

      I found it very refreshing to hear that his own mother condemned what he did. Good for her.

      • Mt Native

        And now I believe he is not playing for the 49ers. I think he is now a free agent – just who is going to want a QB from a team that ended up second from the bottom.

    • Chuck Lynch

      A very insensitive thing Kaepernick did to his teammates who did NOT take a knee.
      No wonder there was no team chemistry on the 49ers this past year.
      Management needs to cut no. 7 and let him sign on with the Democrat party, a group that I’m sure will welcome him with open arms!!

      • Bogart1950

        they cut him this past weekend..

  • Estoban

    When did the NFL get so bloody stupid?
    The choice is to destroy the well established rights of 160 million American females to liberty, security, privacy and modesty in bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms and showers OR let mentally delusional males invade female facilities if we want NFL football. McCarthy – YOU LOSE!!!!!

  • gerald Hughes

    I became a Packer fan in 1958, when Bart Starr went up from Alabama.
    Then along came the doofus from San Francisco, that does now know how to honor the national anthem.
    Then the NFL threatened the state of NC, because they do no want men in the restrooms and dressing rooms with their wives and daughters.
    I sold my season tickets for the Packers and have ignored the NFL since that time.
    I now work with a group that is advocating boycotting the NFL and trying to get their tax free status lifted.
    Go ahead liberal c-suckers, keep on trucking, we will run all of you out of the USA

    • maxx

      Would that not be the best thing that could happen for America. Boot the communists anarchists out to some Third World Hell hole like almost anyplace in the middle east. Europe seems to finally be waking up so they probably would not take our discards as easily.

      • DP


    • Observator14

      How about the governors getting together to form a New Football Association and a New Basketball League?

      • gerald Hughes

        Sounds like a better idea than mine

    • po’ed in az

      I’m interested in learning more about this group Gerald, care to share?

    • disqus_bDYEptNH5o

      I also want to know about this group. Please tell me the name of it.

  • Peggie

    Thank you Governor Abbott! Stand strong, don’t give in to this idiotic way
    of thinking. There are only 2 sexes made by God. People must go along
    with what God gave them.

  • daveveselenak

    Long, long ago, when our Muslim-Marxist jihadist and former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” was implanted by the NWO-elitists I had discerned that the NFL, ESPN, NBA had become propaganda tools for the treacherous fool and stopped patronizing these fascist endeavours masquerading a capitalistic sporting events! I am dumbfounded that the nation couldn’t understand this and continued to pay outrageous prices to watch overpaid thugs, women beating dope taking privileged azzholes – and still do; get a life and spend that money on yourselves by going out to eat and buying some recreational exercising tools to get in shape! They would be better off supporting their local high school sports while saving a huge amount of money while helping their children; sheeple are programmed and that is why the nation is in the sorry state that it is! Keep taking it up the ass, fools! REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION to our two-headed, one totalitarian oligarchy that is entrenched in Moscow West!

  • dude

    who gives a crap what the nfl does if they like them so much then let them pay for another bathroom for those sick queers …trangender is just a name for a fancier queer …people need to boycott anyone who backs these sick agenda’s whan they start losing money then they’ll start getting back to normal in a hurry …when they start not being able to pay for their payers to high salaries they’ll change their mind

    • Observator14

      While I oppose same sex marriage and transgender mixing bathrooms, I do Not support Insults for homosexuals. As a Christian, even though I am opposed to homosexual practices, I love our homosexual brothers and sisters and even the Real transgenders, that is those who have had sexual physical re-assignment. Compassion for all, but political manipulation by sports leagues, Never.

  • Charlie

    Does the league management have brain injuries ? Does the league management have daughter’s and wife’s that do not want a man posing as a female in their public restrooms / locker rooms ? Is the league management part of the elected public political representation that We the People have granted via our Constitution the honor of representing We the People ? Warped beyond any reasonable rational normal parameters Yeah that’s what normal humans want ! [ Yes the last sentence is sarcasm ]

  • StrategyWarrior

    This article fully captures the sentiment, I suggest, of more than 70% of Americans. If companies, celebrities, sports teams, etc., persist in an attempt to, in essence, blackmail states, politicians, or other businesses they should be prepared for an economic backlash that will have negatively impact their profits for years. And, speaking specifically to professional sports groups, if they don’t start supporting American values, such as standing for the National Anthem, they should receive the irreversible shun of their fan base.

  • radiodickII

    I wonder how the NFL, NBA, NHL & and other professional and college sports organizations would handle a situation where the cities passed ordinances that forbade convicted felons from playing in the public arenas.

    • maxx

      Better yet, make all colleges pay their sport team players instead of hiding behind the NCAA phony rules and regulations. A scholarship doesn’t come close to what each player on the team brings in even after you consider all the other “special benefits” these players get.

    • Observator14

      LOL. You got them there, radiodickll !


    QUESTION FOR YOU. How do you know a man walking into a female room was not born a male????

  • mikelevy

    If you don’t like trans sexuals, don’t become one. You people are totally ignorant.

  • Roger_T73

    The NFL apparently didn’t learn from the Colin k fiasco. Eventually, the loss of revenue will get their attention, but they are apparently not very smart.

  • rastus

    The NFL would like your son’s and daughters to be groped and molested in the so-called transgender sex-rooms. Screw the NFL and their perverted politically correctness. The same NFL that allows players to disrespect our National anthem!

  • maxx

    Good to know that the NFL supports moronic, liberal political correctness rather than common sense. Must be why I never bother watching any of their crap. Never have and never will.

  • Observator14

    If the NFL and NBA want to play politics, then perhaps it is time to Found New Sports leagues that are committed to staying Out of politics. How about a National Football Association? Or a National Basketball League? It could be worked out, unless they Desist from political Sabotaging of the autonomous States. There are plenty of conscientious Governors, like Abbot, who could team together with Sports Owners and establish some rules and even New Sports Associations !

  • Bill

    The NFL, NBA will be making a big financial mistake if they intend on going down this path. They WILL suffer the pain as America is fed up with this PC garbage. Abbot might want to think about running for President in 8 years?

  • Russell

    This whole thing isn’t about respect for those that refuse to read their birth certificate and then live with what it says. It isn’t even about those like clapperdink who won’t respect our country. It IS all about a complete disrespect for our women, our girls, and our culture.

    Remind you of any cultures who allow for the marrying of little girls, or female genital mutilation, and treating them as property? It should! We need to wise up and put a stop to this nonsense if we want our culture to survive the onslaught that is coming if we don’t put an end to it in every way we can. In the case of football, this means no more football tickets, no more NFL Sundays, no more football stadiums, no more football jerseys, etc., etc., etc.

    These perverts have the right to do and say this perverted crap because it is the greatest country in the world. WE, the citizens, ALSO have the freedom of choice to not support them when they act out by doing these perversions.

  • imbog

    They should stick to football and football players out of control

  • John Williams

    “We don’t care what the NFL thinks” The NFL, like the liberal idiots in hollywood, need to remember one simple thing, we do not care what you think, you have one job and only one job and that is to entertain us, IF WE CHOOSE TO BE ENTERTAINED. You cease to exist the moment we turn off the TV or decide not to see a movie or a game. There is a simple answer to this “mentally deranged” transgender issue, remember how the left always screams “the science is settled” when it comes to climate fraud. Well one word for you who are so happy enthralled with science, let me point out the science behind transgenders, BIOLOGY has already confirmed without a doubt that you are what you are even before birth, all the wishing, plastic surgery and hormones are not going to change that.

  • Manuel Gonzales

    America is finally coming back to their moral senses and the NFL is interfering in something that is not in their interest. They are an entertainment industry, not a political movement. I love watching the NFL. But if they lean to the immoral leftist liberal agenda then I will not be watching football. NFL. STAY OUT OF POLITICS!!

  • elmcqueen3

    The NFL has no business getting themselves engaged in politics…their primary concern is football…currently they have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the liberal Democrats…If the NFL keep’s broadcasting their bias’s they will take a big hit…who wants to watch a football game that is sponsored by a bunch of political tyrants.

  • Last of the patriots

    It won’t help them talking politics, it should be an honor to have the Superbowl in any state. If they keep spewing propaganda, instead of focussing on the game, they will lose even more fan base. Which from the last political instance. Another loss, will mean lower profits. So the franchise will bankrupt. When the dominoes start falling, it will become there demise

  • KayO

    Such petulant little bullies. “Pee where I tell you to pee, or else”? Boycott the NFL. They don’t deserve our support.

  • Veteranasm

    I quit watching nfl when they went on strike years ago claiming they needed more money Just started to watch again last year . Looks like that will be short lived !! It is a shame that teams that don’t agree will suffer too.


    The NFL, “Nasty Foot Lockers” have one hell of a image gets picked up by the youngens!

  • kbmiller

    Bathrooms are for eliminating waste. These Dumb A$$ oc RATS want to push a cockamammie idea on society. So they can claim , even MORE victims. when does this CRAP stop?

    • Bob

      Boycott them then.

  • Dannie Poe

    What Texas should do if the NFL threatens Texas for passing this bill is require the NFL or other sports to place athletes of either sex in traditional same sex sports. Texas could defend itself with equal rights by gender. If we allow Transgender rights we can also require sexual equality rights. There would be no confusion because teams will have both sexes on their teams thus making Transgender facilities unnecessary. If the subject of policy is decided on sex then take the equality of sex to the extreme. The NFL and others will soon see the fallacy of allowing special facilities for Transgenders. If athletes and others do not know what sex they are then maybe they should not participate. Sometimes I feel that our society today has become mentally defective. Our society is so out touch with reality and it’s Liberal Left agenda I wonder if the typical US Citizen have lost their minds. Is this the reality of re-socializing youth with Common Core? In my generation we knew sexes are different physically and defining one’s sex had nothing to do with a person’s thoughts. We even knew there were and are different religions and were not forced to accept other religions, just to be tolerant. We also knew about freedom of speech and that slander was not free speech. We also made people accountable for their lies. In my generation truth meant something and expected to hear the truth. In my generation we had a mind of our own and if we made a wrong decision we paid the price. In my generation institutions of higher learning were where we gained knowledge and not political battle grounds. It is small wonder that the US Citizens want Socialism now as their minds are becoming so socialized they can not think for themselves and must have government to make decisions for them. I wish to God I had never heard the term Political Correct. I once liked to watch the TV series Twilight Zone. Now it seems I am living it.

  • sooperimpoze

    The NFL is way too political and cocky. They better heed the consequences of their choices.
    If they keep this crap up I have no problem Walking away as a fan. This is the first year in my entire life of being a football fan that lost a big chunk of my love for the NFL after tuning in to hear Colin Krappersink pulled his bs

  • Terry

    It used to be we went to sports to get away from politic’s and there taking that away from us now also . Probably a big plus for the American family in the end result anyway . These fools have become part of the Hollywierd group of idiots that think we care what they think . Wrong just entertain us that’s your job nothing else .

  • Bob

    We have been and shall continue to boycott the NFL , NBA and NCAA .No support, no watching any game or not one cent of support. More people need to join that effort.

  • Robert Hicks

    Brian McCartney and the NFL can place themselves in the news, but we do not need to support them. They like the Dallas Mavericks can sit it out like ignorant children. Let them pout. Bathrooms are for Men and separate for Women.
    Let them loose BILLIONS. McCartney must really be hurting for news and advertisement; and both have NO moral compass. Neither are “teachable” , thusly very very ignorant and it shows.

  • fisherman

    I agree Bob, I do not spend any money on any paraphernalia that has anything to do with sports teams. If they want to interfere with politics, then let them pay those exorbitant salaries out of their own pockets. good luck with that.

  • desert fox

    I haven’t watched an NFL game this last season because of Kupernick and the unpatriotic don’t stand for the National Anthem. So now the NFL is SUCKING up to the ck-suckers and puss-lickers. Well, you can’t play a man’s game if you don’t have balls.

  • wi163175

    THE NFL and most pro-football teams, generally, were considered to be PRO-AMERICAN and PRO-AMERICAN VALUES organizations. Sadly, we can NO LONGER make that claim.

    OLD ONE 80-

  • sweetolbob

    The NFL needs to realize that they are not national heroes or the Lords of all they survey. They are ENTERTAINMENT ! And when,through trying to dictate moral issues to America, they lessen that entertainment value, they will fall greatly in popularity.
    They are already having trouble with the Thursday Night games. Maybe a little overexposure there, eh ?
    They need to learn that they are NOT God and cannot threaten their way into the catbird seat.
    I would love to see Huston tell them to pound sand.

  • PJemmott

    NFL has become an entity that considers themselves much more important than they actually are and they are definitely not more important than the people of Texas or any other state



  • Dexter L. Wilson

    The NFL does not need my money. I am sure that there are plenty of Christians out there who would be willing to start more franchises. There unwillingness to realize that both Transgender behavior and same sex attraction are not genetic and that they are doing what they want rather than seeking a better answer is for themselves. These companies are trying to run the people but the people need to tell them we don’t need your products if you are going to try to manipulate us.

  • Gerry Costa

    What the hell is wrong with goodell — trying to dictate policies to the states ??? I believe the nfl has lost fans over the kaperazz and the rest of the dirt bags disrespect of our National Anthem and now they want to lose more trying to dictate. Seems like the nfl wants to go the way of the demoTRASH party —- OUT OF BUSINESS !!!!!!

  • jim whittaker

    I am so glad to see that there are some out there to take a stand. I love to watch foot ball, how ever i will not watch it again until the owners tell the players to stand up for our national anthem.If the players will not do this they should be put out

  • cjg

    Queers area abomination. Pull out best thing that could hapen

  • disqus_bDYEptNH5o

    Someone should remind those companies that boycotts work in both directions.

  • jaybird

    I am just tired of the event entertainers, people in sports, etc stating that they won’t perform in a state unless they have the same beliefs, they should be boycotted.

  • Chris Soria

    Screw the NFL!

  • Jane Graham

    NC stands with TX. Who cares what the NFL thinks?

  • juneausr

    Keep screwing around in politics and you won’t have a league…I rarely watch anymore, anyways.

  • Luke Moseley

    This is why I no longer watch football or basketball.

  • Betty

    maybe I will have to choose between sports and bathroom safety I choose safety

  • libertybells2

    The NFL, NBA and NCAA are extortionists. They have NO right to get into the political arrena they are into sports. No way if I would go to some game, have to use the restroom and see some guy in their dressed as a woman doing his thing. I’d bolt out of there faster than you can say STOP and to hell with finishing to watch the game. NC and TX tell them all to go to hell. They are NOT in your league.

  • albertbryson

    If the NFL does not like the bathroom bill and refused to play any more Super Bowls in Texas. I would strip them of all tax exemptions they have in Texas and send them a nice healthy back tax bill and demand immediate payment. If they continue this line I will encourage people to boycott the NFL games on television and watch something else.

  • Jackie

    Texas doesn’t need the NFL especially when it threatens Texas!

  • Chuck Lynch

    I just don’t attend or watch on TV their sports anymore.
    Scru them, they need to worry about all the ganster players they employ and how they beat their women, and keep their corporate noses out of our politics!!

    • DP


  • katie

    Hurray for TEXAS ! Just goes to show you exactly how stupid Democrats really are .Thinking they can spew their puke on the PEOPLE of the GREAT ! STATE OF TEXAS !! Nobody gives a crap what the NFL thinks anyway. Their just a bunch of out of touch wind-bags that don’t care what the majority of Americans KNOW is right.

    • DP


      • katie

        written like a true IDIOT

        • DP


  • Alan404

    Screw the NFL.

  • Becky Wright

    If the nfl can make rules of law what’s next. I’ve the seahawk s but if the nfl can’t control there left wing players then I quit the Nfl


  • 3indigo13

    The NFL is full of it. The governor is absolutely correct in telling the NFL…to stay out of politics, they can’t even run their own organization with any integrity.

  • garrylynn

    Good for Governor Abbott. Time to stop letting these left-wing corporations push the red states around.
    Same thing is happening here in Utah. Outdoor equipment providers (who are rabid environmentalists) are threatening to pull out of recreational conventions because they dislike our Governor’s opposition to Obama’s designation of the Bears Ears monument. These outfit’s must think we really care about their opinions.

  • downs1

    The NFL is spitting in the face of God! They are mocking Him and there will be a huge penalty to pay! Just one more example of the foolishness of mankind who believes he can overrule God Almighty!

  • Alleged Comment

    This is egregiously EVIL of the NFL. Transgenders make up less than 1-3% of the population and we have to bow to them like Negroes?

    We must worship Negroes and sodomites?

    What is more disheartening is so much advertisers are sneaking in sodomite and lesbian couples in their ads into family and men’s magazines.

    Even DM did a story about couples but I didn’t read it when they sneaked in a lesbian couple as normal.

    There is a wholesale directive from the sodomite and MSM community (vile leftist) to make this all look normal. BUT IT IS NOT normal and is conducive to DESTROYING A NATION!

    A goal of the left.

    Kick their sodomy and sodomites out of here before G*D kicks US out of our land. Uck the sodomites!

  • Krazeehors

    So, the NFL thinks it can BLACKMAIL the State of Texas and every other state in the union over a political issue.

    The people can answer this quite easily. Boycott the NFL. Don’t pay their horrendous prices for tickets, don’t buy pay-per-view, don’t buy NFL licensed products, and block NFL channels from your cable tv or satellite tv.

    More than one way to skin a cat.

  • d66cmorris

    F–k the nfl.

  • ChaplainPeter

    I have noticed something. Almost 100% of everything decent, good and especially The morals that come from a BIBLICAL WORLD VIEW are attacked. The real discrimination is just the opposite. it is the SODOMITES/ HOMOPHILES DEMONIC AGENDA to destroy Christianity is their real goal. Why? Jn.8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.
    46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?
    47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.
    48 Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil? NOTE that they accused Christ of having a devil ( demon ). The lying devil has not changed his tactics. Accuse the Christians of doing wrong to disguise their real motives. Rev.12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
    10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
    11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
    12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
    13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. This is what is happening for the last 2,ooo yrs. since Christ walked the earth. 2 great persecutors of Christ are and were the SODOMITES / ISLAM. This includes all sexual perversion; abortion, homosex, beast sex , sex with children, transgender, etc., etc. Islam is God’s judgement on the Nations even as Babylon / Rome was upon Israel. The church His Body will be tried soar to PURIFY A HOLY PEOPLE FOR HIS COMING.The NFL is just another pervert in this great plan of God.
    His servant, Peter

  • Michael A. Lozano

    This is not the NFL’s Business! Better yet, if the NFL takes a position, Boycott the League in every State…the NFL is not the Moral Yardstick of our Country…far from it when it allows a player to return to duty after beating up his girlfriens and/or wife! That player should be band from the NFL for LIFE! But why does the NFL think they are the ruling party here….Our Country has MORALS even if the NFL doesn’t! Don’t forget, the thousands of Dollars you give to the NFL states, “IN GOD WE TRUST”! If they don’t like that, DONT BUY ANYTHING ….”NFL”!

  • dkuch

    Now the NFL is pulling this BS! I an not going to watch another game. Some of these babies that play will not even stand for the National Anthem.

  • bjpurg

    Stick to your guns Abbott!! The NFL is going to realize that they are losing many of their liberal viewers! THAT is going to hurt like HELL!

    • bjpurg

      Sorry I meant conservative!

  • Robert

    The NFL needs a wake-up call. If enough states stand their ground, rather than capitulating to these political bullies, there will be no NFL. The NFL seems to forget who is paying for their existence: we the tax paying people of this country, and we should not be bullied by a bunch of foolish morons. Their job is to play a child’s sport as adults called football – that’s it, no more and no less. If they can’t focus on their job, then perhaps we should focus on other things rather than football. It wouldn’t take long for the public to bring them in line; say perhaps a year or so? They approve of taking the knee when our flag is raised, so I say, let us take the knee to the NFL!!!

  • Archie Cogollos

    Another case of the tail trying to wag the dog…….yank the exemption…what are they doing with one…they are not a start up corporation…the taxes will cover a lot things…like infrastructure…roads , bridges , tunnels etc etc…free ride is over..

  • ShemSilber

    In the late summer of 1964, when I first crossed the Oklahoma-Texas border, there were two signs I noticed. The 1st said, “WELCOME TO TEXAS!” The 2nd said, “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!” I hope that the busybodies from the NFL learn a good solid lesson from messing with Texas and keep their bloody noses out of Texas’ business and stop this abomination of trying to promote people who want to deceive themselves and other people over what their gender is. This is the long, pointy nose of Azazel, the devil, seeking to disrupt anything in this world that is in order.

    May our Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) help us to navigate these Dark Ages and to enter into the Kingdom that He will establish from His throne in Jerusalem, ISRAEL, as the prophets have told us that He will do with the zeal of Almighty Yahuwah, omein!

  • carla AMERICAN

    Wow, so the men on the team’s use the women’s bathrooms ? Did’nt know they were transgenders. Hey Men, did you know the NFL football teams you’ve been watching are of gay men ? Wait till I show the bars that the men go to that they’re watching transgenders. Someone’s gonna be dumping the games, hot dam I get my man back.

  • stephanie wilson

    the nat. f-gg-t league can kiss my butt!

  • Carol

    Brian McCarthy go to hell. You and the NFL do NOT dictate to the states. ALL republican governors UNITE….stand up and tell the NFL, NBA, etc. they are not welcome……throw the crap back in their faces. They are a business and rely on middle class people to support them and WE THE PEOPLE will NOT be told by these overpaid, overrated idiots to use our land, our subsidized stadiums to be our bosses. let’s see how far they get with We The People telling them to stay out and picketing their games! And I would like to know how many TRANSGENDERS are professional sports!

    • Bill Johnson

      Great comment !!!

  • sramsey

    Just like states can make decisions for that state, the NFL has the right to decide where they want to hold any activities and I gaurantee you that any state which hosts any of their events will be well attended. So Texas do what you do (generally stupid) but then don’t complain.

  • Donald Johnston

    So kaeperdick’s disrespect for our National Anthem didn’t teach the NFL a thing. The fans boycott cost them millions in lost revenue and now they are dictating what states can and cannot do. Bad idea!! Next season’s revenue will drop even more. Last year advertisers were asking for a refund because of viewer boycott. This year will be a hard sell to even get them to come back. Good luck NFL. I suggest you get out of politics and just play football.

  • Bill Johnson

    If I have to choose between watching football games and worrying about my wife or granddaughter going to the restroom, the hell with the nfl.

  • russ

    sports teams are big business, why should they get any tax exemptions? they already get these stupid city’s to build them state of the art stadiums at no cost to them. I am sure other businesses would like some of those perks. maybe if they didn’t over pay these prima dona players and coaches and support staff they would not need these perks and ticket prices would not be just for the well off.

  • keepyourpower

    I watch it, but I refuse to buy tickets, or gear. It is MY TV and I will watch it, if I want to. But I DO have a huge boycott, I mean girlcott list, of liberal leaning companies..that do not get my business.

  • keepyourpower

    I was shocked when I found out the NFL was a tax exempt corporation! They should not be! How do we get our reps to listen to us about this? Or Trump..since he is friends with Mr. Kraft and a certain QB?

  • Paul

    I do not watch any NFL games anymore due to their insistence on getting involved in these social issues.
    I will not support any organization that uses a pay venue to support any political causes.
    Same for the NBA

    Hit them in their pocketbooks and let them go broke.
    The only reason the Super Bowl got so much attention was the interest as to whether or not New England and Brady could win a record setting 5th championship ring.
    Do not let these diversions direct your attentions away from the real issues at hand.

  • Gammi2Anna

    The NFL , NBA and other sporting organizations that are using threats to intimidate Government officials need to show all of us that they are on board with the issues involved in the dispute. I would be interested in hearing the numerical statistics as to how many transgender players they have on their team that will be affected by the ban on the open bathroom policy that has been forced on all people just to accommodate a few. How many women players who think they are males does the NFL & NBA have on their teams? How many male players identify as women, feeling the need to use women’s restrooms and might be offended by the ‘locker-room climate’ as well? It would be easier to understand and accept the opinions of these organizations if they produce the information that makes the bathroom debate relevant to their travels from one state to another while being extremely overpaid for their ability to play with a ball. If the NFL, NBA or any other group are so offended by a States decision to keep public bathrooms safe that they will stop going into that State, then I’m wondering how they feel about going into businesses that refuse to recognize gay marriage, or refuse to take pork off their menu’s so as not to offend Muslims? What about staying at Hotels that take advantage of illegals who will work for lower pay, with no benefits while the hotels still charge outrageous prices for the rooms, concierge services and restaurants. Then we have the issue as to whether the overpaid ball players will demand that the Stadium owners convert all their restroom facilities to transgender status, which will create a very unnecessary and enormous expense that can only be reconciled by increasing the ticket price for the fans that work hard and save up for the opportunity to attend a game. For many, something like going to a professional game is a once in a lifetime event which could become unaffordable with even a slight increase in the cost of tickets, souvenirs, and food. I have a better idea. Why don’t the professional sports teams just do what they do best, entertain us with their skills to play ball and stay out of the politics and policies of the government? God knows we already have more than enough bone-heads involved. No need for more!!

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    McCarthy misspoke when he said values; he is championing the lack of values.

  • 40Helen60

    We can thank Dictator Obama for this. I cannot for the life of me understand why he wasn’t arrested and sent to Federal Prison. Obama committed 25 acts of Treason. Our military command had a duty to arrest him, but did nothing. When he made this disgusting illegal Transgender law, DOJ did nothing. We America are reaping the crimes committed by Obama.

  • Art Kellenberger

    The only way to have each individual person feel safe and secure is to abide by the traditional bathroom by anatomical sex model. Each individual cannot read another’s mind as to that person’s perceived gender, but a visual exposure in a person setting of an unusual orientation can be upsetting and traumatic. Sure, you can force people to ‘accept’ changes- but where do you draw the line? There is a native culture in the center of a remote island that has young boys leave the protection of their mother at age five to live in the ‘mans’ tent. Until they grow up and take a wife, they sexually service the older men. Supposedly with no harm to their society as all boys go through this stage. Do we allow are society standards to be continually challenged by constant exposure of different morals until even this is normal?

  • Gerri

    Interesting a business owner of a bakery refuses to bake a cake for a same sex marriage or supply flowers for same are fined and told by the government that they may not operate in this manner even if religion is their motive!!!!BUT noone says word one to the NFL who dictates to a STATE that they will not allow their team to play in a state unless they abandon their intention to run their state as they see fit. What a travesty ,this country has decended into the depths of depravity!!!!!! The NFL needs to get over themselves!!!!!!!

    • Frosty33

      A person can refuse to buy from provider for what ever reason they may have. However the provider gets fined for refusing to sell to a person for whatever reason? I don’t quite understand this one sided reasoning.

  • jimshaw54

    Loose. Lose: The discussion is whether or not the NFL should stick their nose into something that is the right of a state to decide, not grammar.

    Our Federal Government has certain rights stated in our Constitution, but the individual states have the right to decide many things that Federal Government has no business sticking it’s nose into, such as “mundane” things like separate bathrooms for men and women.

    Our Federal Government has long usurped the rights of states to make their own decisions on many issues and it is time that We The People concentrate on pushing back on the Federal Government usurpation of things the people in the individual states have the right to decide. So please pass on discussing spelling and punctuation and hit hard on subjects like how our Federal Government is taking our States Rights away from us. That is the real issue here.

    The only real clout that We The People have is voting and abstaining from using businesses that stick their noses into issues that run counter to what We The People want. It might take a sacrifice on the part of people who love (in this instance) watching football games, but it may be the ONLY way we can really take our country back.

  • Patricia Couey

    We’re tired of the sports world’s view of our society. The transgender bathroom bill is a shot across the bow of conservative America. We do6nt like the government telling us that men can go into girls private places. The government is doing a 180 on ridiculous laws that infringe on OUR rights. The NFL THE NBA and kapernick can go to hell. We’re still a nation of people who will stand up and fight for our decency. The pocket book is the great decider in this or any other culture. We won’t spend our money,or watch, people who don’t believe in the freedoms we have always cherished. The transgender group is .1 percent of our population. Think of it. These loud mouth, screaming socialists are demanding that we bend to their leftists ideology. We have our children to protect and WON’T give in to these guerilla tactics. Screw you NFL AND NBA. We will bolster governors like the heroic one in Texas. Patriotism reigns!!!!

  • Nellie McConnell

    Because I want to be safe! I don’t STOP in Sanctuary cities, don’t shop in gun free businesses, businesses that allow men in women’s bathrooms. I am not against Gay PEOPLE, I am against crime. We don’t know WHO is in the bathroom that might be a sex offender. Businesses that don’t use E-verify.
    I was shopping at a clothing store! Ask employee where ladies bathroom was located. I was about 10 feet from door. I started to the door and 2 guy came out, ask clerk again about women’s bathroom and she said, that’s it! 2 more guys came out. Told her, good day, won’t be BACK.

  • MIKE6080

    remove the nfl tax exemption if they can pay goodell 44 million a year they can pay taxes . the gutless politicians can start the ball rolling because the citizens cant .

  • Sharrell Burcham

    The players don’t even respect the flag. Why should anyone care what the NFL has to say. They could put up porta-potties and label them “for the weird ones”. There are very few of these weird ones, why does the world have to cater to them anyway?


    Nasty foot lockers should be removed also!

  • Jacks are Wild

    I was once a sports enthusiast but now ignore both college & pro sports. The primary reason is because of the slave trader owners, the drug users & dealers, girl friends, wife & mother beaters, rapist, murderous, anti-american low life players.
    Until the NFL cleans up their own despicable mess they have no rights to dictate to any state or government on policy. It is time that the honorable & christian people boycott both college & pro sports.

  • EH

    Well, my thought is if the Team wants mixed gender bathroom facilities, then some portable ones should more than suffice them. That way, it stays private for their use and they stay the help out of the public’s wishes. Football or any other sport needs to remember that people watch them for respite from their daily grind and to get away from these overpaid would-be commentators. Just like the Knee-benders, they insult this nation with their sexual preferences and play-acting.

    Fellows . . . Either play sports or get out of it. I am certain their are many out there that would be proud of their manhood and would play the game as well as these over-paid jerks!

  • RsGoat

    If they feel so strongly about this then I want to see them put a transgender reporter in their locker room during shower time to get interview questions answered from their players’! They are pushing for the loss of privacy for many Americans and should lead by example by stripping their player’s of any privacy they once had! Your move NFL! Put up or Shut up.

  • RsGoat

    And the NFL will have a transgender reporter in the shower room asking players questions after the game! If we are selling out privacy to the NFL they need to reciprocate by doing the same with their players’! Lead By example boys!

  • AmericanBelle

    Trump is putting together another executive order that eliminates the horrible executive order Obama wrote allowing perverts into the ladies bathrooms, girls showers and locker rooms. What was written by the pen is being unwritten by the pen.

  • vincent deredita

    I would not want my Niece and Nephew to see this.

  • American Me

    The NFL has no right to try to dictate to anyone or any state what policies they want.Obama gave these Perverts the right to invade private places where little Girls and or grown Women may be in a somewhat state of undress.This is disgusting and should remain illegal as it always has been.Women should not have to worry that Some Queer or Rapist might walk in while they are in the restroom.Obama was the worst and stupidest resident we ever had and thank God he is gone and we have a real President who loves this country and it’s people.

  • 1madgrannie

    The NFL and the NBA can kiss off. They have no business in anything but the sports arena, and certainly not in state policy. I would think that by now they would get the drift as to why they are losing viewers. Used to be I would not miss a game, now I watch very few.

    • Morton99

      Not true. Their revenue comes from paying crowds – among whom are transgenders who want to be able to use the bathroom that corresponds to how they dress.

  • MaryKBachman

    You are so right Gov. Abbott. And regarding N. Carolina and NCAA Mark Emmert supporting transgender bathrooms? I have twin daughters playing collegiate sports. I wrote a letter describing my anger that the NCAA would have the audacity to play politics with our kids!

  • Harry Trawick

    Already QUIT having anything to do with the nfl after last years attack on N. Carolina along the superbowl halftime salute to blm and the black panthers. This years lack of league Patriotism was another blow with this PC action finishing my desire to ever watch the nfl again! Cut their revenues and watch them change THEIR attitude!

  • jimdarnall

    What this shows is that the sports industry really has no moral conscience based on the true foundations of this nation. They, like many, have conformed to the perverted world views that are dominating much of the U.S. and the world. The choices we all make now will be judged in the end. Hopefully more start making better choices soon.

  • Doris C

    This whole bathrooms special for trannys is ludicrous. They can use whatever R fits their mode of dress. If they dress like a man use the boys BR if like a girl use the girls. Use a cubicle and who can tell. Just more liberal junk. Non news

    • Morton99

      But that is exactly what liberals want. Its only conservatives who want to peep over the stall to see who has to stand to pee.

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