• ralph

    Democrats have shown they are the enemy of Donald Trump. They look at nothing in the system, and they do nothing that the American people are looking at, and that is not just from the time of the Election it has been absolute for the past eight years and they have been on the path for 70 years if you stop to look at it

    • PatriotGal

      ralph, may I please reword your opening? “Democrats have shown they are the enemy of Donald Trump and the citizens of the USA…”

      • ralph

        Totally agree for sure

    • 1PatriotCat1

      It’s time for Republicans to act like winners. Ryan must go.

  • Oldfart1939

    Just steamroller it over the Dumbocraps. They really aren’t relevant anymore other than as bed-wetting, hand-wringing, snowflakes; whiners all. Just do what’s the “right thing,” and mainstream America will stand up and cheer.

  • 1PatriotCat1

    Taking less taxes from the people will be a win-win for the Republicans and the Democrats. Taking less from the rich will be harder. Businesses need to have fewer taxes as well. If it can be sold as a solid winner for the economy and the impact will be beneficial to the people, the Dems should get behind it….but because it will come from the Repubs, many Dems will vote against it on principal. We won, we should be shouting all our plans and getting them passed in both Houses without any worry.

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      Doesn’t matter. We outnumber them even if McCain defects. The Vice President will cast the deciding vote in a tie and we’ll win anyway. Democrats don’t even count anymore. They can’t do anything. They are irrelevant!

  • pmbalele

    GOP has tax policy! You’re kidding. GOP has been developing health care policy for 8 years; but the same people rejected it a month ago. Now why can’t consult Forbes who thinks know everything. I can assure you GOP will be working on the tax policy for another 4 years; and then same people reject it. I have no idea why people vote for Repubs and TPs. These are lazy people.

    • Resbo

      Lazy??? Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to what this Administration has been accomplishing! Obama can only wish he had accomplished as much IN EIGHT YEARS!!!

      • pmbalele

        Wait until Repubs and TPs disappoint you. These people are after your money. Just remember the health care policy they envisioned for 8 years. Nobody accepted it. Now you trust them to develop tax policy? They love the deductions now.

        • Mark Plenn

          pmsbalele; it is time for you to get off your Obama jackass worshiping. You cannot be as stupid as your writings seem to make you. Grow the hell up and think; not blabber left wing talking points.

          • pmbalele

            Trump is going with “One-Payer system”. Are you going to jump in the lake? I have suggested a 0.01 sales tax to fund Obamacare expanded. There will be no premiums or deductions. You will deal directly with your doctors. Money will be collected by IRS and therefore insurance companies will be out of job.

  • John Williams

    Until the GOP gets rid of the likes of Graham, McConnell, McCain, Ryan and a host of other RINOs in the party, things will not change, these people must go.

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      Just DON’T replace them with Democrats!

      • Arlenecmorris

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  • Ron Coon

    There is a cure to the disease that is the 16th Amendment and the CANCER that is US TITLE 26: THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE. That one shot cure all is HR25 and it is The FairTax.

    • jimmy midnight

      A national sales tax, which is what’s being advocated here, would shoot already limping aggregate demand in the good foot.

      An actually fair tax system would somehow, “Soak the rich!”

  • Keith

    Just get behind the Fairtax plan. That way the Criminals that currently pay no taxes will pay the same tax as I do!

    • jimshaw54

      Al Sharpton should be the first one in line to cough up the tax money he owes.

      • Mark Plenn

        Sharpton owes the government MILLIONS; why isn’t he in PRISON?

        • jimshaw54


  • Forrest Huck London

    We have to really careful right now and really get these rinos to move on some legislation or the people will get discouraged hes been in office less than 100 days and people are already beginning to panic remember what it was like 8 years ago and thank God we have Donald Trump and everybody help him

    • Mark Plenn

      Drown the Rinos with phone calls demanding their doing the work for the people!

  • Herb1949

    Why do I get the feeling it is just going to be another tax boondoggle and increase the complexity of the code? Every Time they start messing with the tax code they manage to make it worse…

    Even the head of the IRS admits he doesn’t do his own taxes because the code is too complex.

  • William Whalen

    Trump eyes reform policies that can bring the GOP together ? I thought we the people voted Tromp into the White house , NOT THE GOP . WOW , What the people need is taxes for the working people not for the GOP .

  • Mark Plenn

    Obama has done nothing for the American people; but, has set back racial togetherness 50 years.

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