• Vera

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  • Edward

    Trump did the right thing. I hear a lot of people say Trump will start a war. I hate to disappoint all those people because we are already in a war with them terrorists. That is a good a name as any for a Palestinian

    • tellitlikeitis

      Amen Edward! Palestine was NEVER a state and the land belongs to the Jew.

      • Lexus 500

        That is so true and as far as I know… I think there’s no such place as Palestine yet. The Palestinians are nothing but terrorists and they have no credibility whatsoever.

        • Angela

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        • Joyce

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      • Palestine was around long before evil Israel…

        • Euclid22

          There is no Palestine. The name was given to the area by the Roman Empire centuries ago as the Jewish people had a government formed there and state of Israel declared

          In jest, the Romans named this country they were occupying at that time because it sounded like the old enemies of Israel, so they named the country after the Palestinians who always were trying to kill the Jewish people. To this very day, there is no Palestine and the Arabs who occupy Israel territory were given temporary use of the land with the proviso that they would not attack Israel. Well, they did just the opposite and that is the reason all Arabs living in Israel (including Gaza Strip and West Bank) will be moved to Damascus Syria. There they can prey to Mecca with their rear-ends facing Medina.

        • tellitlikeitis

          Is that suppose to be a point? You need to convince God that he did not give the land to Abraham around 1920 bc.
          The children of Ishmael (wild man) are the children of a bondwoman half breed and the ancestors of muhammed the fake child molesting prophet. Isaac was the child of promise and his children will get the land.
          Any arguing, pissing and moaning will not change what God said.

        • Robert

          You don’t know history then.
          The Jew’s have had kingdoms there for ages.
          Do a little research

    • homer1057

      “EDWARD” = WITNESS…called the altar “ED:” for it is a “Witness” between us that the LORD is GOD. Joshua 22:34 KJV GOOD HIT! I am NOT worried about this war, I’d be more worried about what would happen IF we did NOT do what needed to be done, and that would be to take care of ISRAEL! I want the blessing, and surely NOT a curse! Genesis 12:1-3 KJV

      • ALL religions are evil mental illness…

        • Lee Martinsen

          you, bUzzy boy ARE A MENTAL ILLNESS, AND A DISEASE.

    • The Orangeman

      Are they any more ‘terrorists’ than the Israeli are proven to be? Listening to the well researched radio broadcast by Texe Marrs of Power of Prophecy on: “Homosexual Reprobates in Israel are turning America into a Satanic Pit and Hellhole”, the documented rape and killings of Palistinian children, is absolutely disgusting! One should not care which race or ethnic group a kid is born into, their innocence should never be treated in this manner.

      • Edward

        God knows the heart of all men. And we all will be judged in the end. So I say unto you judge not unless you be judged.

        • The Orangeman

          Yes, he knows the heart of all men and that is why he uses them–the wicked and the just– to do His bidding. He tells us this in Scripture: “I will send the worst of the heathen to punish you (for backsliding)” Judgement is going on now and not some future date. What do you think Islam is all about?

      • Yes, ALL religions foment religious terrorism…

        • Lee Martinsen

          You must mean ISLAM. Otherwise, you’re seriously challenged.

    • ALL religions foment Religious Terrorism!

  • martin potashner

    what peace there never has been peace in the middle east long before trump he has the guts to say so remember the arabs started this fight in Israel long before trump was born the arabs cant stand the so called palistinians its just their hate for jews that keeps this fight going and the EU is run by gutless politicians

    • Wake up! ALL religions are evil mental illness…

      • Ruth

        Your recorder is stuck.

  • Traci Stevens

    After reading the article I would like to say that Jerusalem which is and always has been the Capital of Israel should be spelled with a capital J not a lower case letter J. As it does make it look like an anti-Semite has written this article.

    • David Nichols

      I don’t see any instance of the use of a lower case j in the above article…
      And even if that were true, it’s a big leap to anti-semitism Traci…
      we all make typos occasionally, and autocorrect won’t catch a failure to capitalize…
      Be slow to play the race card or it loses its value…

    • Everyone from the area in and around Palestine is a “Semite”… not just the evil Jews…

  • homer1057

    Let’s put this situation from a Biblical perspective shall we: Genesis12:2-3 KJV says …and I will bless then that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed. People had better get this, because it is true, has been true and is stiil true! HISTORY shows that IF you will curse the Jews, you will be cursed! The perfect example for EACH is this The U.S.A has Blessed the Jews and has been blessed. However when Clinton or Bush etc has tried to divide the land for peace (Jewish land) etc then there has been a Hurricane etc sent for punishment. Remember Katrina etc (SEE How Satan Turned America Against God William P.Grady KJV Publications.com) Then look at Germany, what they did to the Jews, and look at them now! Same w/England. Look at what they did in 1948! England gave away Jewish land to the Muslims and are NOW being overrun w/Muslims! NEVER MESS W/ Israel, always Bless them rather than curse them! P.S. the “ETH” on any word in the KJV Bible means it is progressive and continuous! It just keeps happening!

    • The Orangeman

      Which ISRAEL are you referring to here? The True Israel of God He refers to as His 12 Tribes of Israel, or the impostors who Jesus says “call themselves Jews who are NOT, but are of the Synagogue of Satan’? Why did Jesus demand “….gather them before Me in Jerusalem (1948) and slay them….’? We are sorry, but the alleged ‘Jews’ in Israel and NOT God’s chosen people–far from it, and they have no claim over that of the Palistinians over the land. Too bad the church has become the voice of such false doctrine leading millions–including the President–astray. If you are looking for the true Israelites and where they are found today, and what God has in mind for them in the last days, check in with Kingdom Identity historians and their accredited academics and do not rely on your local organized church system that has a political agenda of its own. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b48f0c3f84681ee429a926720cad3b612b31b90b3eb7eb17b3aad85138a5fde2.jpg

    • No… ALL religions are evil mental illness…

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    I am hoping the Israelis wipe out the Palestinians. The Palestinians are the trailer trash of the Muslim world. They are unwelcome in every Muslim country as they are low class people.

    • Donald Kilb

      They are worse than trailer trash – they don’t exist, labeled by Arafat to give a sympathetic name for charity and support.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    A man found an old bottle, rubbed it, and a genie came out that offered him one wish. He said that he was terrified of flying as well as boats but always wanted to go to Hawaii, so he asked for a road to Hawaii. The genii said that it was impossible because of the ocean depth and the length, and asked for an alternate wish. So the guy said he’d like peace in the Middle East and Palestinians to join the human race and become honest and kind. The genie considered for a minute and said, “So, would two lanes be enough or do you want four?”

    • bluewarrior13

      Love it!

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Two medical students were walking along the street when they saw an old man

        Walking with his legs spread apart.

        He was stiff-legged and walking slowly.

        One student said to his friend:

        “I’m sure that poor old man has Peltry Syndrome.

        Those people walk just like that.”

        The other student says:

        “No, I don’t think so. The old man surely has Zovitzki Syndrome.

        He walks slowly and his legs are apart, just as we learned in class.”

        Since they couldn’t agree they decided to ask the old man. They approached him

        And one of the students said to him,

        “We’re medical students and couldn’t help

        But notice the way you walk, but we couldn’t agree on the syndrome you might have..

        Could you tell us what it is?”

        The old man said,

        “I’ll tell you, but first you tell me what you two fine medical students think.”

        The first student said, “I think it’s Peltry Syndrome.”

        The old man said, “You thought – but you are wrong.”

        The other student said, “I think you have Zovitzki Syndrome.”

        The old man said, “You thought – but you are wrong.”

        So they asked him, “Well, old timer, what do you have?”

        The old man said,

        “Well, I thought it was GAS – but I was wrong, too!”

    • jimmy midnight

      I also like the metaphor, but partisanship is never a one-way street.

    • DrBarbara

      Cute! But it’s sad that it’s true. The descendants of Hagar have always, and will always, hate the descendants of Sarah. There will never be peace between the two this side of heaven. BUT the Lord made it very clear that Israel belongs to the descendants of Abraham and Sarah. And it behooves the true Church to keep the Word of God.

      • Religion is BS…

        • DrBarbara

          Well, Buzzy, in a way you are correct. Religion is man’s attempt to reach God and will always bring failure. Religion can be very hazardous to one’s spiritual health. However, what true Christians have is a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Relationship is God reaching man and drawing him up into an intimate and a forever oneness with Him. Of course you haven’t experienced that or you would understand about the difference between religion and relationship. So if you mean legalistic religion is BS, then you are half right. If you mean that my relationship with my Savior is BS then you have not a clue about that which is sacred.

          • Lee Martinsen


          • DrBarbara

            Thanks Lee, I have butted heads with Buzzy in another forum but he just doesn’t get that our God is a loving, generous and forgiving God. Just wish he would open his mind a millimeter so Holy Spirit could flood him with peace.

          • Debbie Mine Hart Mckinney


    • DrBarbara

      Mr. Curmudgeon, just want to thank you for your service to our beautiful country. You and all our vets are appreciated more than you know!

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        You’re more than welcome. Long ago and I was in the Navy. The real heroes were the guys with boots on the ground. Always were and always will be my personal heroes.

    • The PROBLEM is ALL religions are evil mental illness… when everyone realizes that, we get worldwide PEACE and PROSPERITY…

  • homer1057

    Here is a THOUGHT: I LOVE anyone that LOVES Israel! Why, because Iknow Jews, and I KNOW that these people are wonderful people! They are tough and hard etc but, that’s because the world hate them w/out a cause! But, I know them to be giving and forgiving people! I have a friend over there that is Full blooded Hebrew and he is such a friend! NO better friend have I ever had! PLEASE PRAY for the Jews and pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem!Psalms 122:6 says just this and it also says ..they shall prosper that love thee. SO….what will you do? I’ll do just what that verse says! I will NOT go back!!

    • Monique

      We have been praying for Peace to Jerusalem since 1999 at my Church (OLL), Peace among Jews, Christians and Muslims with Y’SHUA in the Heart of all (in that order ) – I have studied Judaism, attended an Orthodox Synagogue for over one year in 1998-99, have built my own “Sukkah” since 1998 (my 20th year in 2017) and believe that GOD’S WORD IS ETERNAL and that GENESIS 12:3 is as true as 1 – 2 – 3 . I pray that the LORD my GOD (Y’SHUA) will remove the veil placed over their (Jews) eyes according to Romans Chapter 9 to 11 (= 9/11 which stands for AMOS 9:11) and especially ROMANS 11:25-26. Ezekiel 37:22 is clear – One LORD, One Faith, One Kingdom = Jews accepting Y’SHUA as Messiah and Israel (10 “lost Tribes” = Church/CHristians) doing what HE DID. When that happens (soon), the Muslims will understand that Y’SHUA IS TRULY LORD and worship HIM as well… Amen & AMen

    • FACT: ALL religions are evil mental illness…

  • jimdarnall

    People saying this will only cause more attacks on Americans and Jews are ignorant to reality and truth. There will never be peace in the middle East as long as Islam and the ideology it presents is alive. That should tell the world terrorism will not go away no matter what. Well, that is until Jesus returns and judgement takes place. Israel and America really doesn’t have friends in that area and the peace process will not work. The capital of Israel being Jerusalem doesn’t change anything except to God and His people. May God bless Israel and America.

  • Wayne Arch

    President Trump was and is Only following God’s will, not his own, God forbid that Israel be divided in any fashion, as for that religion of peace? it not a religion it is a cult, over the centuries of propaganda and lies all have been programmed to see Islam as a “Religion of Peace” but it is NOT, it is however a cult of murder, rape, theft and many despicable acts, now for any who dont agree, Please read a few parts of the Islam holy book, wont take you long to see they are not even close to a peaceful people, if you dont bow to the false god alag, you DIE, and a little more about Mohammed, remember he went to the Jewish people proclaiming to be a prophet of the Jewish God but the Jewish people Rejected him, so off to a cave and in a Mohammad brain fart ”alah” was invented and Mohammad then became the prophet of his imaginary made up god.. There is ONLY ONE true God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, NO other. We are in a spiritual warfare and it is increasing every day with more and more of the evil trying to uproot all or any good that has happened , as others have said, this wont ‘incite’ war, we are already there with islam and the terrorists, just peek back and see all the murders they have committed in the US alone, and the world over has been major bloodshed caused by this same so called religion of peace, they (Islamic followers) are here and have been here for decades all infiltrating the county in every way, our government, our schools, our financial world, our churches, everywhere in the hopes to become the leading voice in what happens and as seen, they have been doing a bang up job of destroying this nation and corrupting the minds of the young to think they are good, but is only another lie, same as the biggest lie of all, “”evolution” or better named Evilution .

  • Lexus 500

    Finally a president who keeps his promises and does the right thing.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    I think those sneaky towel heads should get out of the U.S. too!

  • Gerry Costa

    President Trump has the potential of becoming one of our finest presidents in our short history. So far — most everything he has done is a plus for America and Americans. This was an excellent move as obama tried his best to make Israel an enemy and not an ally. I think President Trump will bring respectability back to this country that obama absolutely tried to destroy. If the rest of our so-called leaders(used loosely) would get behind him instead of fighting his agenda — we could have the best 8 years for America.

    • DrBarbara

      You are so right! I believe history will show that he will have been the best since Reagan, and maybe even better than Reagan. Barry was our enemy from the day he was born, Pres. Trump has been prepared for this time. Those of us who prayed for a great president have had our prayer answered. Thank the Lord!

  • Donald Kilb

    The “Palestinian” name equates to fake news. There is no such being. Its just another name for terrorist. They only want what the Israelis have created out of the nothing desert they were squatters on with no claim to the land.

    • Palestine was around long before Israel/Jews…

      • Donald Kilb

        Heathens like you have been around before either.

        • Yep, we Normal People were around long before the atheists and you mentally ill evil religics…

  • marten

    President Trump can redesignate the Consulate in Jerusalem as the Embassy for purpose of moving the Ambassador to the Jewish Capital. The State Department would need to upgrade the security systems for that building as opposed to the last administration’s planning for the protection of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, but it could be done and then they can begin planning for, and construction of, the new Embassy.

  • Stefan

    It would be unlikely any foes of Israel want to start shooting in Jerusalem, Too many of their monuments are tempting targets if they get in the way, starting with that gold dome. Palestine was a protected territory under the Ottoman Empire, then England ruled it until Israel was formed. Jordan did not exist before WW1 and there are many of the regions people there. If the maps are going to change, the borders of Sinai, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon need to be on the table. Trump knows real estate, unlike the previous idiots before him.

  • R Monty


  • Chris Ehlers

    what doesn’t incite violence in the Muslim world?

    • RELIGIONS ALL incite evil violence/terrorism… ALL religions are evil mental illness…

  • Israel, a country for only ONE religion, is a totally UnAmerican concept !!!

  • Bob Wexler

    Religion wears several hats and always has.
    It is a business.
    It is a means for leaders to control and dominate a population.
    It is an excuse to have your religion attempt to convert neighboring religions, to take control of their people AND sources of wealth.
    It is an excuse for HOLY war.
    It allows MAN to rise up and BELIVE he has the strength to accomplish deeds that he would normally consider impossible.

  • gguyu

    No… ALL religions are evil mental illness…

  • Ronald Nelson

    King Abdullah of Jordan has it right… Jerusalem is the key to peace in the Mid-East and as a unified city and capitol of Israel it will lead the way to a final solution… for peace in the Mid-East.

  • Harland Mayes

    The islamists are cowards at their core and will cave when confronted with superior forces. Look up the arab-Israeli war 67, I think that’s the one. There were almost miraculous occurrences all through that war. That lying is part of their dealings with civilized people weakens their resolve AND they do not understand the principle of sacrifice or helping others..mohammed was a coward and thief ..

  • Rodney Dietz

    It becomes very Obvious that most previous Politicians ” really can’t call them Presidents” lacked the spine to do the right things if it might have had the slightest effect to there popularity. The country ran by popularity of a President rather than public demands or just the Right thing to do! Disgusting!

  • dude

    way to go TRUMP it’s about time we got back to trying to help Israel and get back to respecting them as our ali.

  • Robert

    Splitting Jerusalem wouldn’t have brought peace. That would’ve been like the North Korea sharing Washington, it would never work. So Trump did right in my book.

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