Friday, 22/9/2017 UTC-4
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Could Trump’s Infrastructure Program Be the Great Unifier?

At a White House ceremony Thursday, President Trump honored first responders from Atlanta for their heroic work tending to the stunning bridge collapse that occurred on I-85 two weeks ago. While thanking them for the bravery and skill they demonstrated in preventing any injuries or further destruction, Trump said the collapse was another “painful reminder” of the need for a new national infrastructure program.

“We’re going to be doing a lot with infrastructure,” he said. “You’ll be seeing that over the coming weeks, a tremendous amount. I’m committed to funding a massive nationwide infrastructure program to rebuild, repair and construct the roads and bridges of the future of this country. This is necessary as a matter of both safety and economic growth, and it’s necessary to improve our quality of life as Americans.”

On the campaign trail, a proposed trillion-dollar infrastructure package was one of many ideas Trump had that set him apart from his Republican rivals. And while it’s true that sounds like it would be right up a good liberal’s alley, people on both sides of the spectrum can agree that our roads, bridges, and transportation systems have seen better days.

The Democrats jumped on Trump’s infrastructure promise months ago, developing a roughly $1 trillion plan that included lots of extra goodies that had nothing to do with building and development. Trump barely paid it any attention, proving that he has no interest in slamming the country with another enormous spending program without any reasonable plan to fund it.

But that still leaves open the question of how, exactly, he DOES intend to fund such a program. Perhaps Republicans and Democrats can vaguely agree that “something must be done(!),” but we still have to come together and define that “something” and agree on a way to pay for it.

Some have suggested a clever mixture of private and public investment, paid for in tolls rather than taxes.

Others have urged the president to start a bonds program and allow the American people to invest in the infrastructure program patriotically (and quite safely). This is a strategy that has worked wonders in the past, and it’s one that could work again if you had the right salesman pitching it to the public. And what is Trump better at than selling an idea?

No matter which avenue Trump chooses to pursue, this project has the potential to unite this country in ways our various social agendas can never do. Infrastructure is neutral. If Trump can do it without a tax hike and Democrats can put their passionate hatred for this president aside – just for a minute – this could turn into one of the great bipartisan programs of our time.


  • George E. LeFebvre

    Maybe some of the people in my age group (70’s) still remember the war bonds that we as kids and our families used to buy for like 10 cents for a small stamp and when we filled the page we stuck the stamps to, we could go to a bank and get a bond that matured over a period of time. The longer you kept them the more interest you earned. I knew some friends of mine who held them for 25 or more years before they cashed them in. It worked back then and as mentioned above its a viable method to get the needed funds. A system like that is needed to help get the people involved in getting our country back on track again. This needs to be pushed by both parties not just one. I know its still very difficult for any Dumbocrats to actually agree and work with our President but it is a necessity for them to work together instead of continuing the HATRED THE DUMBOCRATS CONTINUE on their revenge for their stupidity of running Hitlery and losing their butts. That needs to be put aside now and not when they wait and delay anything President Trump proposes just because they hate him. If they continue on their revenge agenda, come mid-term elections, the number of Dumbocrats will be reduced even more and the Republicans will be able to rubber stamp all their goals. TIME FOR ALL THOSE LIFETIME SENATORS AND REPRESENTIVES START LOOKING TO RETIRE AND LET THE NEXT GENERATION PUT THE COUNTRY BACK ON TRACK IF THERE ARE ANY OF THE YOUNGER GENERATION WHO have any common sense among them. Many are very well educated but so many lack and common sense, it makes one wonder if there is any future for this country.

    • R. T.

      Although I agree with removing the lifetime elected representatives we will have to be careful replacing them with the younger generation most have been indoctrinated to hate the American Way .

  • kassa1

    First off Trump should take all of Barack Obama’s money, as he stole 12 trillion from the American people and one of those trillion were supposed to go for infrastructure for a stimulus if we all remember correctly, instead went to pay his pills off the policeman power. Second the Clintons and the Obamas need to be stripped of their wealth for what they’ve done in regard totreason to this country,not counting Hillary selling off 1/5 of our re-uranium to the Russians! That’s right the media wants that covered up, just like they want Obama’s little secret talk with Medved Vladimir.

    • The perfect solution! The money Obama, Hillary, and a host of other politicians and bureaucrats wasted should be RECLAIMED and used on infrastructure, where it SHOULD have been used already.

      • Dianerwilliams

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  • David in MA

    Sell bonds, but be careful of the conditions of re-payments.

    • sweetolbob

      When I was a kid,those bonds cost $18.50 for a bond that matured to be worth $25.00., I think 20 years later. Perhaps 25 years.
      Just guessing, but I think that your $18.50 investment,when matured and collected was actually worth around 12 bucks ! Goods show,Eh Wot ?

  • VirgoVince

    POSSIBLY, but FIRST, GOD is going to have to give the ugly lefturd idiots a few brain cells to work with!!
    They NEED to be RE-wired, so they comprehend what’s RIGHT, AFTER 8 yrs, thinking ALL wrong!!

  • Linda Shelton

    Take all the money that would go to sanctuary cities and put it into roads, not connecting to any of them, bridges that help us and rebuild them, there might even be money left over.

  • Mario LoCasto

    This is what our country needs rebuilding America and putting people back to work. Instead of pissing away money to rebuild country where the people who hate us. Lets take the billions that we spend on these country and make a investment to fixing America infrastructure The Government and States and Cities have knowingly ignored theses problems way to long and hoping that someone else would have to deal with it. But it’s time to pay the piper.
    1 My best guess is that the cost would be somewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 trillion dollars over the next eight to ten years.
    2 This would add somewhere between 125,000 to 175,000 jobs per year the time the program ( my best guess )
    3 This will add to the rebirth of American steel industry by making it more competitive in the world market ( adding 75,000 to 80,000
    4 This will help people get off the welfare rolls giving them the chance to succeed and giving them back the American dream.
    5 Everyone of us will have to make concessions to make this work. This will initially include cost reductions in health insurance cost
    Hospital and Medical care cost and the Drug manufacturers and let’s not forget Unions members who’s numbers will grow.
    6 This may reduce profits in the short term but in the long run there’s going to more investors and more workers with money to spend.
    7 to all liberals who voted for the DUMOCATICS screw you’ll for the last eight years they done nothing but filled there pockets and pulled the wool over your eyes.
    The crooked Obummer lying and corrupt administration The giving away get out jail free cards Hillary Clinton and the FBI director god only knows who else these bums are the ones who really need to be in jail (sorry for being long winded for give me as This needed to be said if we found money to bailout the banks we sure find the money to fix America WAY TO GO MR

    • I have designed and developed a transportation system that solves all of the highway transportation problems. It can pay for itself bur there are so many things you have to go through even to just build a highway in this country it takes years and millions of dollars and after all that you may not get the permissions you need. That is why this country does not have the new ideas we need.

  • roger dodger

    Sorry nothing here, we do not want to be unified with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    We are not interested in unity or bipartisan ship with them.
    The only thing that can prevent ccivil war to physically separate ourselve from them

  • Walter Flatt


    • walt morris

      i would like to see an end to the retiring congressmen remaining on the public dole for the rest of their lives–especially after pilfering the system of millions of dollars–i bet here has not been a retiring congressman worth less than a million dollars in 50 years. bill and hillary will collect millions still in the future–does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

  • paulrph1

    Unifier? The Dems have so divided the country and with corrupt Obama and his indoctrination of liberalism and the college professors all working against him it seems unlikely. Some on here do not appreciate their freedoms and would sell it for a little security.

  • TPS12

    How much money do they spend on illegals? Start recovering that money.