Either zitz or get off the POT, times awastin, say’s Snuffy Smith!

    • Edward

      Yes but we get in a hurry and we are the bad guy in the eyes of the world. The liberals right here will try to make Trump look like the bad guy regardless.

  • Ron haymaker

    I think “Rocket Man” likes being in the spotlight. All the other Presidents (at least for the last 25 years} have paid NK Millions of dollars to play nice. Trump refuses to be threatened & Kim Jong Dumb doesn’t know how to act. It’s become a cat & mouse game. I think Kim knows he can’t possibly win a war with the US. His back is against the wall because all the other Presidents would have caved by now. Trump is the only one with balls enough to stand up to him!

    • America1st

      Sadly, it appears that NoKo’s economy’s GDP primary income source is strategically aligned with future ransom blackmail demands not to deploy nuclear strikes against the rest of the world while literally starving the NoKo people. 70 years of appeasement failed to stop NoKo nuclear weapon systems development. The world powers need to unite to stop this mutual threat. Trump will pursue a diplomatic solution while the US military prepares to back Trump’s tough talk. Trump will not blink. NoKo cannot be successful.

      • Sherilyn

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  • Mario LoCasto

    The rats in a corner he’s got nothing to lose he’s been goating the US and South Korea and Japan into making the world opinion that North Korea has no control of what they are willing to do. The truth is that they know that A WAR WILL BE UNWINABLE AND IF NUCLEAR WAR HAPPENS NORTH KOREA WILL BE NOTHING MORE THAN A WASTE LAND AND WILL COST MILLIONS OF LIVES IN THE END.

    • Edward

      I disagree I think Kim Jo thinks we will not go to war . Since we didn’t exactly win the last one we had there. He knows he will be safe in China while this turns into another Vietnam. And we will give up and go home after years of fighting while they run back and fourth to China and we are not allowed to go after them.

      • markypolo

        America made China RICH with NAFTA. I seriously doubt they will side with North Korea.

  • Murphmeister

    I’m afraid we are going to have initiate this war and it should be a one hour war. No conventional weapons to be used except where ROK forces go in and seize as much control of North Korea as possible after it’s been annihilated.

  • GuardianFlame

    China needs to step up to the plate and stop giving Rocketman fuel for his missiles. If China would do that, our world would be safer. But they want to play games with the little turd and he will keep threatening every country until our world blows up.

    President Trump better have a game plan for that snake — eliminate that regime and free the world of one more vermin!

  • realistredneck

    The US needs to give N. Korea
    DEFINITE ultimatums and force the ball into China’s court. If China reacts favorably and puts the skids on N. Korea, fine, if not then exercise the ultimatum and destroy.N. Korea.

    Pretty damn simple to me!
    We are going to have to do it sooner or later so let’s get to it.

    China bears watching very closely!
    They may be playing on the issues that if there is war they will step up and join forces with N. Korea against the US??

  • Robert Early

    Why are we still avoiding the inevitable? This is crazy. Turn that Rogue Nation into a pile of ashes. Don’t give the Fat Pig more time to hurt us. It’s our own delay that will cost American lives.

  • warren s caldwell

    The only way to avoid MASSIVE deaths is to somehow nutralize his entire electrical system all at the same time before he can fire any shots around the world and especially into S Korea and Japan ! Not much of a good choice and a big gamble with millions of lives at stake ! Whats your answer ?

    • jackieray

      Sole is under over a thousand artillery peaces so you are looking at 2& half million casualties even if it does not go nuke which it will because Kim has nothing to losea case of use them or lose them

    • I have been saying this for months. Explode small nuclear devices high over international waters off the coast of NK and knock out all of their electricity and computers that are not hardened. This would not effect the lives of their civilian population as much as the military and political class because the civilians have had to live without much electricity all along. This would halt their nuclear and ballistic development program as well as their ability to fire missiles at us.

  • jimshaw54

    Read the book of Revelations (in the Bible) and then compare what you read with what the aftermatch of a nuclear war would look like. Also try to figure out which country could be the “bear” mentioned in that book.

  • jackieray

    the only way there will be a war is if we start it Kim is not interested in comiting suicide
    he just wants the US to leave him alone we have been just short of war with his country for sixty years it is stuck in our craw that Korea war was the first one we did not win Korea shooting down our spy plane and capturing our spy ship and not giving it back also got our knickers iin a twist

    • BatGuanna

      The only reason Kim is not a suicide, pilot or bomber is the fact he is not strapped to a plane or has a bomb on his back; he is a radical idiot !!

    • dglover


    • Gerry Costa

      Grow up —- with your scenario – we could have taken out NOKO any time we wanted — but nobody wants to. Your assessment of this situation is ludicrous.

  • BatGuanna

    Go ahead and light him up and the remainder of his, foot stompers! Then the remainder of North Korea could blend in with the South Korea and lead a decent life.

  • dan

    Kim has commonality with the Iranian Mullahs – they all think they are imortal or will be rewarded with eternal life for killing infidels or the enemy in Kim’s case!

  • Elisabeth Day

    This anti North Korea is crap. All these activist warmongers carrying on about taking out North Korea shud stop and think! These are all the same ‘warriors’ that thought bombing and invading Iraq was a great idea and look at the mess they created in the middle east. Meanwhile, the war in Afghanistan continues! After some 18 yrs and a trillion dollars wasted by certain corrupt persons on the gravy train, it is time for a rethink!

  • Elisabeth Day

    All this US propaganda talk about taking out North Korea is utter crap. Nth Kor has only been developing missiles to attempt to prevent US from taking over Nor Kor with military means. Nr Kor can not possibly win a war against the US, but US cannot ‘win’ either! We do not need another bottomless Afghanistan hole.

    • Gerry Costa

      Who the hell wants North korea. The North koreans don’t want North Korea.

  • BT

    I think the phrase “race to avoid war” is ambiguous at best and I’ve never seen it said this way. Either you want to avoid war yourself, or not. There is no such thing as a “race” to avoid war with a rogue regime run by a megalomaniac. That amounts to submission. I don’t think Trump is ready to submit to the little bugger.

  • Bushmaster0369

    The solution is so simple, China does away with KJU and retires and does away with NK Military. China unites the Korea’s. China becomes the worlds Hero for doing away with Kim, China unites the Korea’s, China becomes a hero for the second time. All military from both countries and any foreign (including America) military’s must leave the country. Any problems arising, China will take firm control. This also ensures safety for about 3/4 of China’s border. Peace through out the land! No military conflicts can arise with no armies. China will have to coordinate the policing bodies for equality of all Korean’s. Then Korea can have elections and stabilize their country. Massive saving of lives this way.

  • markypolo

    Lets be real here, no one, I repeat, NO ONE wants to go to war with the United States.
    Wake up all you idiot Liberals/ Democrats!!!!

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