• Diana

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    • Wayne Olmsted

      So… Nancy, English is not your “mother tongue” is it?? Why should we listen to someone who doesn’t have full command of our language?? Makes us think, “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about”!

      • Warden Clyffe

        You’re conversing with a bot. How effing stupid are you?

  • Jigsaw

    Collage and Universities are typical idiots being idiots and training more idiots. Like lemmings going over a cliff!

    • w edgar green

      Like your post

      • john

        I have a new Green Edgar toilet bowel brush !

  • tCotUS

    How about one permanent way to oppress a colledge idiot?

    • Jarhead

      How about required military service for two years & including 1 year served overseas ??

      • tCotUS

        I’m for it Jarhead, but don’t think they would have what it takes..The majority would wash out within three weeks.


    The stepping stone of life is determined by thinking what your mind uncovers about the fact we were all slaves @ one time or another in that rock hard story of history!

    • drantigmo

      yes…. the GOP should never have passed the Aid to Dependent Children Act giving blacks welfare in the 60s. What the f was wrong with them?

      • Another trollish example — the whole war on poverty is a mess. Destroying the families of the poor just guarantees that they will remain poor for the most part. A hand out is not the same as a hand up.


    This is further evidence that the communist “long march through the institutions” has been completed, and that the attempt to collapse the country and establish a Soros- and Steyer-controlled peoples republic is underway. This is in fact the fifth wave of leninist revolution to hit the country since the Bolshevik triumph of a century ago. Regular Americans have been able to stop each one but every attempt at infiltration or revolution comes a little closer to their goal of a Red America. We must once again summon the resolution of the late George Wallace, and tell these latter-day hippies that if they lie down in front of the national revival of the United States it will be the last country they ever lie down in front of, and recapture the courage of Richard Nixon and the Ohio National Guard and give them as many Kent States as they may require to stop.

    • drantigmo

      That was the most awesome post illustrating virtually every illegal and immoral action of the USA of GOP people in power in the last 60 years.
      You forgot one: donald trump colluding with russia to steal the USA election. Boy, talk about commie intrusion into our lives..
      You sir are one of the #1 white criminals in the USA today. Congratulations!


        As Wallace would have said, you folks have your day now ’cause come the revolution the left is clearly planning and Nazi kapo Soros has already paid for, you gonna be through.

        • realistredneck

          Come on Left and Soros…..
          You’ll finally get what you deserve!

      • w edgar green

        One year later there is no collusion, make up facts much?
        I think if you actually check our history, assuming you can read, you will discover that the last 60 years are split equally between D an R. Democrats are the “liberal” socialist arm of our system and are currently falling over themselves to become full communist. Then everyone will be “equal” except the elites in the Democratic Party who will lead us all to total subservience

        • Ursus_Indomitus

          Republicans suck
          Democrats SUCK.

          • James in Texas

            You need to add an “REALLY” before the Democrats SUCK!

          • Bella Gray


          • Roger_T73

            Republicans don’t suck, RINOs suck!!!

          • Lee Martinsen

            YOU SUCK

          • Ursus_Indomitus

            You SWALLOW.

          • Kol

            You fart out of your mouth! But tell us which one of your a-holes is loudest, the one right under your nose or the one at the other end.

        • annie

          And are overwhelming the majority in the house and senate, and all departments of government in the last 60 years.

      • Kristie1272

        So you’re okay with Hillary taking the Democratic nomination, then? So much for democracy and elections. Bernie should have had won it. Hillary belongs in prison for cheating and for the hundred+ of people associated with her that are dead.

        • Donald Trump

          Please don’t try to confuse this idiot with something as simple as facts. That won’t cut it. We can come up with lies to cover every fact. I mean, its been gone over with the finest tooth combs in existence, by 20 or so of the smartest lawyers around, and after a full year we still haven’t found even a “smidgen” of collusion. But this idiot still talks about all that Russian collusion they’re gonna find. When?

          • jackieray

            as soon as they can get their witness rehearsed and the script worked out it is still in rewrite and sample audiences

          • Jarhead

            Remember STUPID CANNOT BE FIXED……..liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • Roger_T73

            They did find Russian Collusion with HITLERy!!!

        • Ursus_Indomitus

          Bernie, schmernie The Clintons must HANG. Obamarx too. I HATE rich communists.

        • Joseph Schlag

          Don’t forget her selling 35% of Americas Uranium to Russia, Oh by the way That sell was approved by Obama as well. Both of which still have off shore accounts with hundreds of millions in them.

          • Kristie1272

            Lol! How can I forget about the Fusion GPS deal? I’m one of the lucky ones living in NJ. Our newly elected governor wants to make NJ a sanctuary state. Cities aren’t enough for him! Ugh, I want to move to my own island…

          • jaybird

            I thought he was a Republican (Christie)??

          • Kristie1272

            Christie’s term is almost over. Phil Murphy was just elected and he promised “inclusion”, to make NJ a sanctuary state.

          • jaybird

            Good luck and stay safe! I hope you have a majority of Repub. in the state House to over-rule his policies.

          • Chi Sam

            Sale, you ignorant twerp. Simple verb tense is called that for a reason.

          • jaybird

            I think it was 20%.

          • Chi Sam

            Joseph A Schlag
            City: Alexandria, Louisiana
            Age: 54

            Relatives: Renee Schlag, Judy W Purcell, Roy Schlag

            Phone Number: 337-328-7786

            Addresses: 5728 North Dr, Alexandria, LA; 3723 Elmdale Ave, Sioux City, IA; 116 Bud Cook Rd, Sugartown, LA

            Previous Locations: Deridder, LA; Leesville, LA; New Llano, LA; Fort Polk, LA

          • Lee Martinsen

            It was 20%, let’s not stoop to DumbocRAT tactics. Stick to facts.

      • Dan

        I year of investigation and no collusion-open your eyes. What is being discovered are the activities of moron liberals.

        • Joseph Schlag

          The investigation into Trumps involvement with Russia actually started in April of 2016 That is when Obama told FISA that trump was colluding with Russia so he could tap Trumps phones,

          • Charles Girard

            I believe Obama is the one who sent Flint to Russia then made it look like Trump sent him. He also lied about the time frame, Trump had not taken office yet when Flint was ordered to Russia. Obama is the one we have to watch closely from this point on.

          • jaybird

            Who is Flint??

          • Mark Owen

            Don’t you know? Our man Flint aka James Coburn lol

          • Lakshmi

            $5 million wasted (stolen) of tax payer money for the fake “investigation” that the Satanic DemonRats planned to be, from the very beginning, a huge SCAM and distraction.
            Pray for Perfect Divine Justice to act and prevail in, through and around these evil attacks against America and Trump.

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        You’re an idiot.

        • Munge

          That would be two steps up for that one.

      • Dick

        The stupidity of democrats never ceases to amzae me.

      • Joseph Schlag

        Wake up and smell the coffee! You are the problem in America! The ball and chain that holds us back from being great! There has not been one shred of evidence to support that narrative but people like you continue to talk about it as if it were true. almost a year and a half they have been investigating it, with the top investigation teams in the world. Still they are unable to prove a thing, why? Because it is not true!

      • Bella Gray
      • Jarhead

        Stop drinking/smoking drana-o stupid-o troll-0

      • john

        impetigo, you ir-rash-inal,highly contagious disease ! Your real name is Staphylococcus Anal, Staphy for short – sorry,whites win because they deserve to win, so all the other races and germs can eat shit !

      • Lee Martinsen

        You are a complete and utter FU%$ING MORON. You liberal P.O.S. should stick to the sites designed for MORONS. This isn’t it. Donald Trump did not have any collusion with Russia, you F^%&ing MORON. The only collusion was from Hitlary Rotten Clinton, when SHE sold Russia 20% of our entire supply of weapons grade plutonium for donations to the Clinton Mafia slush fund. You liberal A$$HAT$ are too F(*&ing STUPID to think for yourselves, so you let the DNC do your thinking for you, and respond to thoughtful intelligent comments with your ignorance, and hatred of all that is good and right with America. That is not to even mention, Hitlary Rotten Clinton should not have been on the DumbocRAT ballot. She was only there because of a corrupt DNC which cheated Barney Scamders out of the nomination. They were too stupid to realize, Hitlary COULD NOT WIN, She has been too evil, too corrupt, too Hitlary, for far too long.

    • Judging from this post, we have a troll who thinks he’s clever. But the reality is that the Frankfurt School developed a version of militant Marxism termed “cultural Marxism” and revised the capitalist/worker model to the oppressors/oppressed model … hence diversity, multi-Culturalism, White Privilege, Political Correctness, and all the rest of the Leftist paraphernalia.

      • Ursus_Indomitus

        Don’t forget Antonio Gramsci.

        • CQ

          How can we forget him if we never heard of him?

          • Ursus_Indomitus

            So do some research.

          • Niko

            Your a fool he was the precursor to Benito Mussolini a fascist piece of Filth. How did you grow so old and still be so stupid haha explain that one

          • Lee Martinsen

            You’re not only THE FOOL, but an A$$HAT to boot. Leave your liberal bull$hit at the door, MORON.

          • Niko

            Hey you jackboot backyard moron. You are an imbecile!!!!!. Look it up you asswipe…

          • Lee Martinsen

            You’ve never heard of him, because he was, and still is irrelevant, except to LIBERAL NUTJOBS. who worship him.

      • cvxxx

        Actually sounds more like the Kalageri with the European Parliamentary Union.

    • Robert Kahlcke

      This is the start of the demise of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  • drantigmo

    We know: there is a great divide between the working people of the USA and the liberal elite. But the problem is that for every Dreama Moon there is a Judge Roy Moore. For every BLM there is a KKK.
    So racist: it’s not going away any time soon.

    • john

      It will never go away, till the negro’s bow down and work……putting cotton in the tops of aspirin bottles…..or their lips in the water powering lake rental boats…work suited to them ..ya know ,Impetigo?



  • AmericanMan2012

    Obama reignited race hatred to divide the USA, All taken from the play book of SAUL ALINSKI AND MEIN KAMPT , TURNING THE COLLEGE MUSH HEADS INTO BROWN SHIRTS , like Hitler’s movement.

    • Drake Travis

      Bingo – you nailed it brother

    • Roger_T73

      You must mean HITLERy

    • donl

      Obama and Hillary both studied Alinski. I have heard they met him. ( Rumor ).

      • Laurence Almand

        I’m sure they both read THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.

  • Bill

    College has turned into elementary school. Moonbeam degrees and teaching subliminal propaganda on how to hate white people! Why are we allowing our tax $ to be wasted on teaching hatred? Worthless studies? It’s no wonder so many of our college degree students bring nothing to their new job, who going to hired someone with a degree in bs studies?

    • JungleCogs

      Karl Marx and Marxist Saul Alinsky both stressed that gaining control of the youth was the single most important key to gaining control of the masses. Currently, that plan is working with great success.

    • Dan

      One of the reasons so many college students can’t find job. There are none for those that only learned the stupid liberal rhetoric and were dumb enough to pick majors that there were no jobs for. Now they cry that its everyone else’s fault they are in debt and living in daddy’s basement. Poor preparation in high school and poor achievement in college in no mind majors but they want government to create jobs where they are safe and don’t have to perform any useful tasks.

      • Bill

        Dan, you have summed it up very well! Our schools are turning out useless idiots to destroy our great country!

    • annie

      all these people in college taking these waste of time classes are NOT going to be ready for the work place. How could all these Communist professors have been allowed to infiltrate our colleges like this?! The future looks to be something like 1930’s/40’s Germany.

      • Jarhead

        Agree annie….I am reliving the 1930’s of Nazi Germany right here in the USA.

  • HIMProductions




  • Susan Short

    I am a college graduate, and have had a long career in public school education. I know what is going on in this country, and quite frankly, I’m oppressed by the IGNORANCE of today’s university students! They think that they know something, and they don’t know SQUAT!

  • David W BmyBud
  • 9400budlang8406

    College students! Often the most easily led to the table of deceit. Thinking they are being educated when being indoctrinated. Willingly accepting a professors view without conducting any research on their own. Willingly throwing themselves into the fire of rebellion and violence by the teaching of a professors of degree but lacking common sense, without realizing they are the ones being consumed.

  • Larry Brule


  • Lance

    These students need science and engineering not bullcrap that pays nothing in the real world. The professor already has that job not to many employment opportunities after her position.

  • barnjoer

    Whites are discriminated against way more than any other race in this country. It is time the BS stops!! 🔫🇺🇸🤠🇨🇱

  • GuardianFlame

    Bho was nothing but a puppet in the hands of his pupprt master George Soros. Soros, a Globalist, wants the U.S. society to FAIL so his cronies can step in and take over the U.S. But in order to do that, Soros has to cause discord and chaos – which is exactly what his evil offspring obama did.

    The best way to cause discord is by causing racial Issues, especially Black vs White because there is a volatility there already. You don’t hear other races speaking out, but there is constant noise coming from the arrogant black race. Blacks will never accept that they are the cause of their own failures as a race, so they will always blame Whites for their failures.

    What this idiot White professor is doing , no one understands including her fellow professors. She is only making an Academic FOOL of herself. She may be an expert in her own field, but she is totally ignorant in the field of racial equality.
    This also goes to show you the lack of mental acuity of any students attending a forum on “WHITENESS smothering other Races” conducted by a “WHITE” professor. Any facts coming from that professor are going to be “colored” at best. (And that’s no pun.)

  • Marty

    Schools & Universities promoting racism against whites & this is how it’s happening. ” Let me teach the children 4 years & the seeds planted will never be up-rooted” Vladimir Lenin. Yep! folks parent’s better start looking into what their children’s are learning.

    This has been spreading all across the public school systems. CHOOSE TO
    REFUSE COMMON CORE site & FB pages will list & show what & where.
    Parents are not paying attention to what their children are learning. Common
    Core Curriculum Saudi Based & funded. https://youtu.be/36bzSnoXCv0?t=10

    Bridget Gabriel common core. Saudi’s have given 10 million to both Yale
    & Harvard & immediately instituted Islamic law studies it’s been going
    on 8 years under BHO & HRC. https://www.facebook.com/newstoday122/videos/1272363692908857/

    WATCH. http://freedomoutpost.com/common-core-islamic-indoctrination-textbook-world-history-has-floridians-outraged/

    https://www.facebook.com/ACTBrigitte/videos/10153371773362581/ VERY INFORMATIVE

    Common Core explained https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/why-did-hundreds-common-core-implementers-meet-in-dubai/


    This is a Saudi Funded agenda. look at the curriculum. Without parental
    consent. Bill Gates gave 200 mil to indoctrinate PTA. https://www.facebook.com/1137351718/videos/vb.1137351718/10202611085655147/?type=2&theater

    FIELD TRIPS TO MOSQUES BY OUR CHILDREN??? https://www.facebook.com/realdavidk/videos/1233730160039647/

  • James in Texas

    Not a problem! When they, the really stupid White’s, finally get their way guess who they are going to have to “deal with”! Yep, what they will find is that they are “still White” and that will not buy them any room to claim………”But, I was on your side”!

  • John Douglas

    Defund all Colleges now !

    • Wayne Olmsted

      Redefine that! De fund all Liberal Arts Colleges Now!

      • John Douglas

        Trade schools only

  • Morton99

    Good Lord – so are we supposed to believe that criticism about Whites is overt racism ? Does the opinion writer really believe that a sizeable percentage of Whites are much different from their slave owning great great grand parents ? If anything the polarization of the racial divide has been exaggerated by a number of well known politicians – who practice divide and conquer.

  • CQ

    Beyond reason; refusal to understand that whites have been in the forefront, the major force in developing the Unites States of America. Why can’t these idiots understand that the great white majority who built America are not bad people? These are the people who wiped out slavery! The 500,000 who died in the civil war of the 1860s to end slavery. The people who in the 1960s enacted more civil rights laws to further reduce racial injustice. The majority white people did that!

  • chuckkel

    My daughter goes to this school and I asked her to keep watch out for shenanigans like this, but have not reported anything. This is generally a conservative school in a republican area (SoCal/San Diego County is generally republican, 90% republican congressmen, everything else is demoncrat / illegal alien)

  • chuckkel

    Here are comments by Prof Moon’s students, it paints a scary picture:

    • CQ

      On the contrary, I found at least half of the student comments had this instructor nailed, as a bigot, worst instructor in Calif.; the most recent three (out of “not that many” since 2009) rated her course as “Awful.”

  • CQ

    This seems to be the description of an insane professor: a white person with the insane name of Dreama Moon who teaches students to hate white people, whose parents had to be insane to give her that name.

  • Mathematical certainty

    I maintain my entire arsenal on a daily basis. The only decision that I have to make is to apply many of the items in the arsenal to the nitwits who teach this BS or to those who learn from the BS. Otherwise, the remaining items will be skillfully used to eradicate those who choose to enact and carry out the BS.

  • JoAnn Graham

    Too much hatred in the universities. Government needs to stop funding them

  • downs1

    Sadly, Obama will spend an eternity in Hell! He hates God, he hates America, he hates Jews and he hates Christians! The time he spent in Rev. Wright’s church was nothing but a show for political purposes! But, he apparently knows, because some believe he was the smartest President in the history of America! We’ll see!

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    Gov. Jerry Brown needs to resign in shame and turn the governorship over to a minority just to satisfy the fruits and the nuts in CA. Have a good day.

  • Murphmeister

    You know, lately I take glee knowing that my mere existence causes near convulsions in these people. If a try a little harder maybe they’ll have aneurysms.

  • Estell Newton

    There’s something wrong with being from California. They need to get a real curriculum and teach classes that will help students get a job when they graduate. But then, if they did that, they would have to get off welfare.

  • Mere Marlo

    If there is any oppression in America it is foisted on white people by the minorities and the biased liberals in government. The only true racists in our country are black Americans.

  • mesaman

    Dream a Moon? I would submit that her brother, Cowjumpedover Da Moon, you know the one who invented the chicken, would have been offended by her flippant, capricious behavior. After all, is a moslem more white than black or more black than yellow or, you get the point, right?

  • Edward

    They have fed these blacks here full of lies. They actually think they built America. I ask how did picking cotton build America no one will answer. Then it’s we can’t get jobs cause no one hires blacks well if you can’t get a job how did you build America. After the civil war we were treated so bad. Again if that is so how did you build America. Face it America is a white country and soon as it is not there will be no America.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Oh, it’s a she?? Women and Negroes, for some reason resent white males but not Moslems, Megroes, Mexicans, Migrants and Mongrels.

    The type being sent here by their favorite communist party – Demoncraps. When white males are gone women will be raped by them repeatedly and Negroes turned into slaves after the slaughter.

  • tes d’aless

    I’m white and I’m offended by this bullcrap – also the one about media – what about Trump he’s white and media has a field day of hate every day with him. blacks get off your butts and do something instead of blaming whites. I have worked hard all my life and i don’t owe you anything.

  • tes d’aless

    also coming from the nutjobs in california – this doesn’t surprise me – the brainwashing that goes on.

  • Sean Rickmin

    You liberal socialists are totally right.I am a white,christian,straight person that was happy with AMERICA before nobomba,and being this way makes me a minority,so,all that I can say to you liberals is,”KISS MY GRITS”.

  • Brian W.

    They have built this problem up over the years themselves from government down. They lock people inside of fiscally failing cities to drive more money into the state from federal government hence sanctuary cities that actually have more and more crime and failure because of it. Then turn it into an attack on white people which is in itself a racist attack no matter the color of any attackers skin. No one believes what these idiots are saying to attack a race other than the intellectually brainless and racist.

  • Dan Menard

    Dr. King must be spinning in his grave over what mischief Obama committed during his time in office.
    For all the good Dr. King accomplished to balance and create alliances between all the races, Obama
    work to divide and antagonize these same factions.

    The legacy of Obama is one of self-indulgence, and decisiveness. Many who voted for Obama were
    abandoned and ignored once he was in office. He forgot all that he promised to his own race and has
    left them as a race and a culture far worse off then when he first took office. What a pathetic man and
    miserable president he turned out to be. So many good opportunities to advance Dr. King’s goals, just
    were trampled in the dust by his being a self serving misfit.

    • john

      Dah Kingfish was just another wannbe negro.

      • Dan Menard

        Your lack of civility and historical facts is offensive, irrespective of anyone’s race.
        Your bigotry is self-evident and identifies you for who and what you are in your
        deviant heart. Shame on you!

  • Bella Gray

    Maybe we need to start programs that mimic theirs. Let’s list 14 ways blacks and minorities have been living off white for decades.

    • Jarhead

      Top of your list would be Affirmative Action hiring by FED/GOV.
      And a few of the most corrupt FED/GOV Agencies are the IRS, BLM, EPA & VA.
      Where bonuses for criminal acts are issued…..over the top salaries are paid along with numerous perks… and everyone gets a STAY OUT OF PRISON CARD for any felony.

      • Bella Gray

        Yep, you are hitting the nail on the head! There is corruption in all the “alphabet” agencies. All these things are known, and the evidence is every where of the liberal’s crimes and yet still none are prosecuted. No, our gov’t sends billions of our taxpayer dollars on a witch hunt. Frankly the entire Communist Anti-American Democrats needs arrested and charge with treason for attempting a coup for the foreign gov’t known as the New World Order.

        • Tom Vincent

          Both parties are pushing nwo!

          • Bella Gray

            Yes, all the Communist Anti-American Democrats and SOME of the faux Republicans. McCain is one traitor.

  • johnnywoods

    Since all of us White folks are “privileged” and “racist” we should exempt ourselves from paying the taxes that pay for these morons education then they would have to go find real jobs to pay for it themselves. “We the people” should demand a refund of our tax dollars that are being wasted on these punks. – I am a White Man who is fed up with ignorant brats who keep calling us “racist”.

  • what recovery

    More academia B/S to brainwash the young in the US. Academia must be investigated along with the democrats, George Soros and courses that teach hatred. Enough is enough and the gloves are off, we will fight for our liberty and freedom, academia must be reigned in to see what lies they spew.

  • honestjerry

    what a pece of shit for a pres.semper fi

    • john

      Temper Ti !

  • KenKadz1

    Minorities sure seem to think a lot of themselves.
    And definitely like trying to manipulate public opinion against white people with phony accusations.
    Truth to tell, white people are too busy working to provide for their families, and paying taxes to support minorities, to give a shit about them one way or the other.

  • kassa1

    Now I hope the American people see, why the communist a.k.a. Democrat party or so insistent on children getting a college education and the government paying for it, as this is their brainwash center of America youth! This is why today if I were sending a child to college it would be on the Internet where it is free from brainwash and deal strictly with what the child is supposed to be learning!


      Like any child of yours could even get into college.

      • john

        Computer overloaded – communist virus detected !

        • COMPU-TRON

          When did YOU drop out?

  • denniscerasoli

    The question is, how to deal with a problem that isn’t going away? America is beginning to look like Germany in many ways before the outbreak of ww2 and it took an iron fist to put things in order. Make no mistake, this stuff they are preaching isn’t Democratic or even liberal for that matter,liberals have always been here but they were level headed with different viewpoints that we could agree to disagree on. What is happening now is an attempt to destroy western civilization. or in other words, white civilization and it’s culture altogether. It is my opinion that unless there are repercussions in some form western culture will be put out of commission forever.

    • john

      I too am old and have seen the same things. Cultural diversity doesn’t work because it can’t….do you want to take a crap standing up….or wear your pants below your crotch…or wipe your ass with a sprinkling bottle ?

  • Roger_T73

    I developed a great definition of WHITE PRIVILEGE: “My parents taught me that I could have whatever I want by WORKING hard and smart”😁

  • jaybird

    Stop foreign and other countries (Saudi, etc.) from funding college, and universities. They are promoting their own agenda.

  • Carol

    This school is nuts. Couldn’t help but laugh at DReam-a Moon. Wonder what hat she picked that out of. Oh yeah maybe her LSD hat, if they even use that stuff anymore. But not to worry there’s plenty to go around, no what what your choice. She must be “loaded” with it. Purely rediculous!!!

  • james Conner

    Blacks are the most racist ever! They are only 14% of the Population, but they have taken over the Televised Networks more than 50%. Negro College Fund, Black Colleges and Universities,They have Miss Black USA, OWN, Black Entertainment, Black Music Awards, Black Live Matter, NAACP, Black History Month, Ebony Magazine.National Urban League,Rainbow Push Organization, NABA, NABS, NACBJ, BIG (Blacks In Government). ACORN. National Action Network, NSBE. and the list goes on. Nothing in America can State White in their Acronym or they would be called Racist. Blacks enjoy every advantage while White Men are the most discriminated against in the United States. Yet, these Blacks can not get enough, they are the most supplemented Race in the World which is a true fact. Obama’s Spouse is the very Racist who started the term Whiteness another RACIST Term with Don Lemon of CNN news who called Trumps election White-lash, which was a Racist Term. Yet they never are called out like a person of the White Race?? Double Democrat Standard! Like Hillary lying the the FBI and the FBI protecting her, but a poor Flynn is Charged??? Another Democrat Double Standard!!!

  • Mere Marlo

    Mis-information. Whites have been used and abused by minority organizations since the Civil War and many minorities still remain content to live an undesirable lifestyle for free government subsidies that are funded tax dollars confiscated by the government from the paycheck of mostly hard working white Americans.

  • BatGuanna

    Did Professor Dreama Moon? Take a hit on her bong before stirring up this crap. Really? She could put a poster up of the things whites do not get, Sicacell, increase in welfare for every new baby, section eight housing, Pity because they were born White,

  • IMSweetOlBob

    What have we come to by allowing these lint-brained, fog bound nuts to claim to be more knowledgeable than the rest of society. They actively search for ridiculous topics on which to expound, thinking this will make them seem to be super intelligent. And then they get other “professing” to be intelligent, academically protected, blather preaching, indigents to agree and actually give them money and space to gather a group of other lint-brained, morons to appear enthralled at their racist stupidity.
    Ooooooooh Yeaaaaah ! This is higher education. (?)

  • Murphmeister

    If I could bother to think of another 14 more, I would, but I can’t be bothered.

  • oldloggerak

    Anyone who builds a belief from preaching s of a professor is a follower.The information that documents what is happening in our nation is easily available but these college kids refuse to go there. Our educational system from start to finish is all about rewriting our history and indoctrinating young people to except socialism. While all of us adults were busting butt to pay the bills we lost sight of what schools were doing with our kids.

  • Laurence Almand

    More anti-White, Socialist nonsense. This so-called “professor” should be fired for creating hostility and reverse-racism. Can you imagine what would happen to her if she had formed an anti-Black “Blackness Forum”?

  • Ted Duke

    “…14 poster boards which elaborated on the different ways that “whiteness” oppresses minorities…”

    Fortunately, it takes no poster boards at all to illustrate the ignorance of Professor Dreama Moon.

  • Niko

    That filthy white libretard whore has enough rope all she needs is a tree to Hang herself from… Good riddance, The End!!!!!

  • Maggietish

    It was Lenin who said that not one shot will be fired when America falls. America will rot from within because of division among the races. That is exactly what Obama did during the eight years of his presidency. All he did was breed racism in order to divide the people and bring down America. His legacy is he is the most anti-American president in the history of the United States. These universities continue to breed this hatred against white people so why are white taxpayer’s money going to these universities to support them, pay professor’s-and administrators salaries and supply the cash for student loans. That needs to stop immediately because why would they want white people’s money since they hate us as much as they do. They are breeding segregation in this country and the way things are going that’s not a bad idea. Each ethnic group should have their own area in which to live. They will create the own jobs, establish and operate their own businesses,live in their own homes, work and pay their own bills because welfare and government giveaway programs would end, pay for their own education and at no time would there be any monies taken from one ethnic group to support another ethnic group. They all have to be self-sufficient. I personally think that’s a great idea and about time.

    • niknar

      It is Russian trolls & bots that quote Lenin & use weird monikers like “Maggietish”.

      • Maggietish

        Thanks for the laugh. Just proves my point that all liberals know how to do is attack as you did about “Maggietish.” Pathetic!

    • niknar

      I see that you are a segregationist & pro-apartheid.

      We Americans had made a lot of progress in interracial relations over the decades, then the racist Bannonites & Trumpian destructionists, aided by the Republican Party & Russian trolls like you, decided to stir up trouble & inflame racial tensions. We all suffer as a result. I mean all of us Americans, not you Russians, who must be reveling over all the division you’ve helped sow in our society.



  • Mary

    Maybe Dreama Moon and Governor Moonbeam should date and have a baby. They can call it Two Moons! No pun to my native American forefathers.

  • Lakshmi

    One of the main tactics of the Satanic, Globalist, Establishment, Power-Elite, Deep State, international bankster-gangster, New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME CABAL to destroy a nation from within, is DIVIDE AND CONQUER by stirring up hatred, suspicion, resentment of race against race, females against males, religion against religion, neighbor against neighbor, etc. The Satanists pit their victims against each other and watch as their prey destroy each other. Then the secret servants of Satan step in with their plans of tyranny and control.

  • Robert Wayne

    This is just more left wing bigotry and racism against white people. Why would any parent waste their money sending their kid to a garbage dump like this Cal State San Marcos, or any other school run by left wing racists and radicals???

  • Gregory Brewster

    White ain’t always right, Black ain’t always beautiful, Yellow don’t make a good guy or fellow, Red don’t mean you are always true too and Brown means only others don’t have the right to put you down. YOU ! White, Black, Yellow, Red and Brown make the choice what is True, and brings honor to you ! Forget the skin, it’s what lies within.

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