• linda Schlachter

    Look at all the deaths surrounding Hillary now and in the Ark WH. Shes a liar and so much more.

    • pmbalele

      Slow down Linda. I though Lindas were nice people. I guess I told you I am voting for Hillary because 1) She agrees with Obama’s policies of equality among Americans; 2) She counseled Obama to take town Bin Laden, the Yemen guy and Benghazi moron. 3) She will adopt Obama economic policies which are giving jobs to any American who wants a job; 4) GM is alive; 5) We have more local students graduating from colleges; 6) She will expand Obamacare; 7) She knows the world and their leaders and what they believe in her; 8) She has IQ of 148 while Trump and Pence has IQ of 99. 9) I am living in heaven on this earth right now; 10) Gas price is now 1.69 a gal; Eggs are 99 cents for 18 pack; 11) I do not own a gun nor do I need one so long as I live in the city. I am planning to visit the Ngoro Ngoro and Serengeti parks. There I will need a rifle because I will be neighbors with lions, tigers; snakes and hyenas. There you have it. I do not need a gun now as long as I live in the city. So please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

      • ihatelibs

        sounds like , you jest , a lot

        • pmbalele

          I jest a lot? I am serious. The best weapon in my house is butter knife. Why should I need a rifle in the city? I have written a lot stories about rifles and owners who have been killed by their own guns.

          • Pam Dunn

            NO pmbalele IS a total moronic idiot and butthole who killed off all its brain cells sniffing hillary and Obama farts. It DOES need to go wash the brown stains from the center of the butt kissing it also did.

        • Granny Filec


      • richard hutchinson

        hay pmbaele just how many place you been to taching commiejust what she is dim/a/rat

      • Pam Dunn

        Thanks for confirming that you are indeed a total asshole and idiot with its head firmly in a state of RECTO-CRANIAL INSERTION Syndrome and the last brain cell expired long ago due to Hillary/Obama fart sniffing and had now been replaced totally with slimy fecal matter.
        Now BACK to your sewage treatment plant.

        • pmbalele

          Please send your book of expletives. You must be a nurse to know all those swear words.

      • jaybird

        She has bought the leaders of other countries and she owes them.

        How has Obama economics helped your brothers?? Has Obama done anything for the inner city hoods?? You must be a well to do black brother since you are going on a trip to Serengetti. At one time you were bitching that you could not get a job in WI that everyone was working against you. You wouldn’t know BAD (Hillary) if it was staring you in the face, just keep believing that old white woman.

        • pmbalele

          That is exactly, I use the laws to fight racism and bigotry. In fact, as you have raised it, I encourage all Blacks, women and other racial minorities to use the laws now to fight against racist and bigots. 5 lawyers I know, in Wisconsin have been let go. I do not go around calling people names or even thinking about using guns. I encourage you to use the present laws to get even with racists and bigots. I know a lot of TPs and Repubs whine all the time when things don’t go their way. You remember after Obamacare was enacted. TPs and Repubs complained why Blacks and poor Whites would be treated in rich people clinics and hospitals. So these TPs and Repubs think they are more human being than poor people. That was dumb. I did not expect direct financial benefits from Obama nor am I expecting financial benefits from Hillary. I just want to have freedom and plain playing field to compete. That is why I voted for Obama and am going to vote for Hillary – not because I want a job from them. I am okay where I am; and anybody who discriminates against me, will see me in court. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • Please read what I said a few comments above. I think you want to be a good person but you are so convinced by what the Democrats say you cannot get back and see what they actually do. You are so convinced the Republicans are the ones against improving people’s lives that you cannot get back and see that they are the ones for freedom of the people. I give the Democrats credit for taking the high ground by cleverly rewriting history to cover their past. Unfortunately their utopian ideas for a socialist way of doing things is destroying people’s lives like they did in Detroit in the 1960’s. Look it up. Their central planning destroyed part of Detroit and was a total failure but they kept doing it until the city was destroyed. I lived there during that time.

          • pmbalele

            NY mayor is in prison for corruption too. So Detroit mayor being Black should not be singled out as the worse person. He is in prison. I do not vote for Democrats to get a free job. I had to fight for a job. Please read what I went through; I am hearing a lot Blacks telling me the same story. The problem they have to hire lawyers. Lawyers want easy money. But if your case is tough, they will not take your case. Therefore, I had to do it myself. I will keep you posted.

          • jaybird

            I want the rich Soros, Hillary and others to use their funds to go in these inner cities and put programs, educational and other activies in place to help. Instead they are funding organizations that are destroying their own communities by burning and looting??? I would like for the police to go in poor neighborhoods and clean the gang activity up. The blacks do not see that they are being used by the Democrats, do your research of when the party was started. They started the KKK , LBJ was a racist. I know that most of the Republican party is corrupt but I am working to get the establishment out.

            Like I said “keep voting for that old white woman (Hillary)” and” things are going to get worse”. You seem to be closed minded and do not research what she has done or what the UN and other government agencies are doing to the world. You are just looking at what is happening in your little world.

          • Robert Robertson

            When you go into the local quickie store and buy a blount wrap or cigar to roll your weed you gotta show your ID. You don’t call that racism or racist. But when asked to produce an ID to vote all of a sudden it’s racism or racist. ????? I think in the political realm that’s called, “cherry picking”. That shoe fits you perfectly.

      • jaybird

        Hillary owes the leaders in other countries because of their donations to the Clinton Foundation. Has Obama economics done anything for the blacks in the inner cities??? The rich just seem to be funding the black rioters.

        Has the Democrat Party/Hillary done anything for the inner city communities?? Has she put any of that Clinton Foundation money in to clean up the gang activity?? You must be a well to do black brother going on your trip to Serengeti. At one time you were complaining that you could not get a job in WI that the Gov. and everyone was working against you.

        • pmbalele

          What -Hillary owes the leaders in other countries because of their donations to the Clinton Foundation? I contributed to Clinton Foundation – Does Hillary or Bill owe me anything? No. The same the foundation got money from abroad. Some people, like me, give money for our satisfaction that we are helping people. You must have given something to poor people, unless you are Repub or TP who are greedy. Clinton Foundation was to help foreign poor countries. Some African countries are strafed with corruption by government officials. It is hard for some countries to help its people. The government here is responsible for helping its own people – tornadoes, floods, etc. I love to go to Serengeti and see the lions, tigers, buffalos in their real homes. So I need a high power rifle. I do not need a gun in the city. Guns are killing owners.

          • The Clinton Foundation only gives 15% of their money they spend to charitable causes. I was on the board of the United Way and all but 15% of the money collected went to charitable causes. You would be far better off giving to The Salvation Army. What they did in Haiti was to give out contracts to their cronies that did nothing for the Haitian people. There was a factory built completely away from the areas that needed one and employed a fraction of what they promised.

          • pmbalele

            Joe, you must be ignorant how government and private sectors work. Did you really mean when you said: in Haiti was to give out contracts to their cronies! That is exactly how it works. You give money to people you can trust. In my state we have all kinds of highway construction. The government is not doing the job. It contracts with private sector through competition or bidding process. Government officials then inspect progress and pay them until project are completed. Do not hire government workers to do a job. They will screw the project and nobody accountable.

          • jaybird

            You are not going to get anything unless you gave millions of dollars like the rich in other countries did. They want positions in our government.

          • pmbalele

            Positions. I am supporting Hillary because she is promising to give me freedom to improve myself. I am not supporting her for a return.

          • jaybird

            You gave to the corrupt Colinton Foundation that out of all the Billions, she only gives 10-15% to help people.

            Why don’t you give to organizations that will help the blacks in the cities? You are saying that you don’t have freedom not to improve yourself. Who is holding you back? Didn’t Obama help you any???

            I have asked 4 question in this post, please provide answers to each.

          • pmbalele

            Did I really say that I don’t have freedom not to improve yourself? Then that was typo. I have that freedom since Obama became President. I have that freedom today and have been living in heaven here. That is why I encourage you and other morons on this site to vote for Hillary. She will ensure I retain my freedom to improve myself. If you moron have your way, Blacks will sink again to the bottom. Please vote for Hillary.

          • jaybird

            You did not answer the question about giving to the charities for blacks in the city you live in.

            You should not be calling people names, I am pretty sure that I have not called you any.
            The riots are getting worse under this administration and Hillary is a part of it and will only get worse.

            This administration and the rich have not put any programs in place to help the poor black citizens and that is a shame. They would rather see them rioting.

          • pmbalele

            Did you say I should not be calling people names! You are the one started it. You called our Savior President Obama names. Now you’re calling our angel Hillary names. Do you expect me and other should sit here and let you puke those insults to Obama and Hillary? No. We are fighting back on their behalf. whether they like it on; and whether you like it or not. Therefore, vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

        • allenhip

          Check out the official Record: clinton5.nara.gov/WH/Accomplishments/eightyears-03.html

      • Ron

        pmbalele In case you don’t know it, China has bought General Motors lock, stock and barrel.

        It’s hard to believe the crap you wrote about Clinton. Are you a terrorist, communist or just an inbred nut job?
        You don’t have a clue what your Hillary really stands for. You surely aren’t an American.

        • pmbalele

          Ron, that came from bottom of my heart. It is not a lie or pretext. Just read what I have written about President Obama and Hillary and the Clintons as a whole. These are good people. I do not expect money or other favors from them. I just want them to enable people to be free to improve themselves.

          • Ron

            I don’t know what it is with you people. The Clinton’s are crooked and their foundation is a fraud. They are very well protected by Soro’s.
            They can and do what they want under a cloak that most people are aware of. Corruption is their game and it’s netting them millions of dollars. Ask the people in Haiti about the Clinton’s and the foundation.
            These poor people are still living in the dirt roads drinking sewer water.
            This was Hillary’s “top priority” to rebuild Haiti.
            Your donations have helped line their thieving pockets while the people of Haiti are dyeing. Wake up and pay attention.

          • pmbalele

            But you, TPs and Repubs are corrupt too. Now we are learning that Trump banks his money in Belize and other foreign countries or islands. This is same trick by Romney and other billionaires. And here you’re cursing why Clintons raised money for poor countries. You’re a hypocrite just like billionaires who are banking in Switzerland, China, Malaysia, Eastern Europe and Japan. Romney was asked to produce his tax return – he refused. Now we are asking Trump to produce his Tax return – he does not want to. Hillary has produced her Tax Return. How can we trust Trump who invests abroad leaving people here on welfare? The same people then laugh at unemployed Americans as loafers and government beggars. Vote for Hillary – she will make sure all these billionaires pay their share.

          • Ron

            You know what? I really don’t care who you vote for. Stupid is as stupid does. Now, piss off and talk stupidity with someone else…………

          • pmbalele

            We love you. Do me a favor. Vote for Hillary. Nobody on this earth is perfect. I heard Jesus was; but was killed too despite his purity.

          • Robert Robertson

            I can agree with you about one thing in that I am sure she will make “all these billionaires pay their share” as you claim in your post. Checks will issued, “Pay to the order of the Clinton Foundation”.

          • paul

            The phrase follow the money applies here.
            Follow the Clinton money trail, the impossible stock transactions that started their bankroll. Pay special attention to the dead bodies that popup along their money trail. The odds that even one of these cases being coincidental is beyond calculation. That family has blood on their hands, from Arkansas, to Bengazi right up to last week with another murder.
            The traitorist conduct of billy boy, allowing chinese nationals to leave our country with military secrets. Now with hillary and bengazi, her 55,000 emails, her dealings with pay to play with foreign countries, their foundation funneling money into their pockets.
            Its WAY beyond time, that family be brought up on charges and Tried for their crimes against The United States of America!!!

          • Austinniceguy

            You are a first rate MORON. Shitlery has gone around telling voters that she WILL put 100’s of thousands of them out of work, or are you too stupid to understand that? She has also said that she WILL implement the $15 minimum wage across the country to which Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr and McDonald’s have responded be stating that they will be automating their ordering counters as well as their coffee centers, effectively eliminating several 100’s of thousands of MORE jobs. It is low IQ, low information morons like you who will bring about the end of ANY prosperity we might have enjoyed had you NOT voted for the lying, cheating, repugnant POS Shitlery.

      • You must belong to the party that moved the American Indians of their land with the trail of tears, the party of slavery, the party of segregation, Jim Crow, forced sterilization, Japanese American internment during WWII and taking their land, the forcing people to sell all their gold at a price far below what it was moved up to afterward during the Great Depression, the party mostly opposed to all the civil rights laws that only passed by the Republicans joining the few Democrats. the party that provides assistance to people that only allows them to live in poor housing with a bad education system, no jobs available and gangs killing the young men and no hope, all to keep them hooked on the system and keep them voting the party line, the party that forced the Israeli government to release a prisoner that was a terrorist that blew up a bus killing many people. That terrorist was the one that flew one of the planes into one of the twin towers. These are well documented facts. If you like being part of this, I am sorry for you but I would hope you really care for people and will study the truth and not be lead by propaganda by your party to control you with rewritten history. The truth shall set you free and don’t expect that from Hillary. I am an Industrial Designer that spends my time designing solutions that improve millions of people’s lives and am serious about helping you do the same.

        I worked for GM Styling and I know how they do things and don’t give them much hope

        • pmbalele

          What – you worked for GM Styling and you know how they do things and don’t give them much hope? Well, well, in 2008 I almost sued GM designers for designing and building ugly cars and trucks. I am told you people were paid by Japanese to build ugly cars. I was so upset to hear you were one of those who reported to work drunk. You must also have been relative of CEOs and top supervisors there who did not care if you were drunk at work. I had a GM SUV that died on me after having it for two years. I cursed so much. I hate foreign brands however good looking they may be. Now after Obama fired the GM CEO, we are seeing nice looking GM cars and SUVs. I am planning to dump my Toyota and purchase a GM SUV now that gas is 1.69 a gal in my city. GM is alive, Bin Laden is dead. Please vote for Hillary.

          • paul

            Too bad that suv didn’t litterally die on you. How dare you own and drive an suv in the first place, you hipocrite. Everyone knows suv’s cause global warming now, the same way they did 50,000 years ago when some ice melted and greenland became,,,green.
            You are such a MORON on so many levels that one cannot decide which level to address first.
            Please continue to drive your suv, give it another chance.

          • paul

            How dare you own and drive an SUV, everyone knows they are the cause of global warming now, and back 50,000 yrs ago when some ice melted and Greenland became,, Green.
            Too bad that SUV was only joking, they have a mind of their own you know. Please Keep driving it, give it another chance.

          • paul


            You should figure out what the second ammendment is intended for! Figure it out that the government does not exist to operate social,welfare programs, proof is they are absolutely terrible at it! Proof, they’ve been at it for over 60 years with alot of these programs and the very people they intend to help are worse off then they would’ve been had they just gone to church and asked for help, now compounding the problem their third and forth generation children only know one way,.wait for a government check. The Dimowitt party has decayed over the past 60 years into nothing more then a corrupt gang of frauds,cheats,extortionistsand in some cases murderers. Just so they can stay in office.

            Wake up and pull your head from your arse!
            Because eventually they will come for you, for one reason or another, and your screams of wait,Stop, I voted for you, will fall on deaf ears.

          • pmbalele

            We are talking about GM before the CEO was fired by Obama. The CEO prior to 2008 was building ugly cars and SUVs. But Obama fired that guy. The guy has hired his nephews, nieces and relatives to design engines when they were high-school drop-outs. Now we are seeing beautiful looking cars and trucks from GM. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • Austinniceguy

            I guess you haven’t heard of all the latest lawsuits against them? And they’re not being filed by morons who just thought the cars were ugly.

          • Austinniceguy

            Hopefully Shitlery will drop dead before the elections. The upcoming release of even more damning emails should FINALLY put the filthy, putrescent gash 6 feet under. Well, that and the fact that she’s in bad health.


      • Bushmaster0369

        LINDA, I would just like to say, “YOU ARE A COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOT”. You must have voted for our non-citizen, illegal immigrant, African Arab Negro illegally in the White House. It is my personal opinion he is the Anti-Christ that was sent by Allah to destroy the Christian, American and Jewish way of life. You have been completely brainwashed and most of what you said here is false. Mentally YOU probably are better off as your mental prowess has slipped. It’s not your fault, it probably is the bad meth you or a friend brewed, or the alcohol you are consuming. When you come out of your self induced coma look at the world and re-access your situation and keep awake enough to evaluate all HILLARY’s pathetic prejudice doings. Sweet dreams.

        • pmbalele

          Now the truth is coming from you when you said: “You might have voted non-citizen, illegal immigrant, African Arab Negro illegally in the White House. That is exactly why I am this site. I want racists like you to tell the truth so out of your chests – to clear with anger. I know you have been hurting internally for the last 7 years that we have African-American in the WH. Your Grampa lied you the WH was built for Whites only. Please get over it. I will pray for you before going to sleep. I hope your soul is now clean after spouting such anger. Please vote for Hillary – you will find peace in yourself

          • Bushmaster0369

            I never said I might have voted! Racist Really! We don’t have an African American in the white house, we have an KENYAN ARAB WHO IS A MUSLIM PLANT in the White House. I don’t care if the President is red, brown, black white or yellow, it’s what he/she does after they get in the W.H.. Obama has done nothing but racial devide America and is allowing unvetted Muslims into America. He has done nothing positive. I didn’t spout anger BUT I did spout the truth. A vote for HILLARY is a vote for PREJUDICE, LYING, COVER UP, BELITTLEMENT, CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE TOWARD ANYONE AND EVERYONE, A PERSON DRIVEN BY GREED AND FAME, A PERSON IN BED WITH THE MEDIA, ARABS, A PERSON WITH HER OWN AGENDA HURTING INNOCENT CIVILIANS WITH HER DECISION MAKING AND FINALLY WANTING AS obama TO TURN aMERICA OVER TO THE CROOKEDEST ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD, “THE UNITED NATIONS”. Try reading what I wrote above when you come out of your self induced coma.

          • pmbalele

            What a rant? You make me sick. So you have been hurting internally for the last 8 years that Blacks are in the WH. Get over it. Now we have Hillary and Bill in the WH in January. So you are telling us: “I don’t care if the President is red, brown, black white or yellow.” Sure, but behind doors you swear why “these people are in the WH.” You call Blacks –“these people.” And you make me puke when you said: Obama has caused racial divide in America.” So you wanted Obama to be Uncle Tom – to appoint only people of your kind. Too late. This country belongs to whoever was born here. Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. At that time Hawaii was US state. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

      • Granny Filec



      • Whaledriver

        The day you DO need a firearm to save your life, I hope that the last thing that goes through your mind (before a bullet does) are the words you wrote above. If you happen to live in Chicago, or one of the cities that have the most draconian firearm laws and the highest murder rates, that might be tonight.

    • linda Schlachter

      I’m a nice person . I’m 70 yrs old and have lived through Bill Clintons Admin. And all the women he had sex with in the WH.. i know how crooked Hillary is just like Obamuss. Hes a Muslim and wants to bring this country like the Muslim country. Hes not made things better in 8 yrs, but worse. I was a staunch Democrat till this yr. I’ve done massive research. I was a nurse for 30 some yrs. Obama care is the pits. Hillary has lied so much ,she doesn’t know how to tell the truth. Much blood on her hands. Dont turn your back or you might wind up dead. Bengazi, the lies she told to those families. I’ve read the book and seen the movie. I’m an avid reader and i dont say things I haven’t researched. If you want Hillary God help you and our country cause before you know it we will be wearing BURKS and praying to Allah. Never me, I’m a christian and i will die that way. I feel for my grandkids and great grandkids. Worse ive ever seen a nation. So don’t please,reply to me again. I will vote Trump our only hop.

  • allenhip

    To fight terrorism in America

    Hillary for wants to keep military grade assault weapons out of the hands of terrorists, mentally disturbed and felon’s. That’s only Second Amendment rights.

    Look what Trumps trying to change. He doesn’t want to be second-best to Hillary. and wants to out do her.

    Section 1.
    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    The Fifth Amendment’s reference to “due process” is only one of many promises of protection the Bill of Rights gives citizens against the federal government. Originally these promises had no application at all against the states. Did the Fourteenth Amend¬ment change that? In the middle of the Twentieth Century, about a century after its adoption, a series of Supreme Court decisions found that the Due Process Clause “incorporated” most of the important elements of the Bill of Rights and made them applicable to the states. These decisions almost obliterated any difference between the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment. If a Bill of Rights guarantee is “incorporated” in the “due process” requirement of the Fourteenth Amendment, state and federal obligations are exactly the same. The right to a jury trial, to take just one example, means the same in state and federal courts; there are no differences about the number of jurors required, whether they have to be unanimous in their verdicts, and so forth.

    The Sixth Amendment guarantees the rights of criminal defendants, including the right to a public trial without unnecessary delay, the right to a lawyer, the right to an impartial jury, and the right to know who your accusers are and the nature of the charges and evidence against you.

    Most often mentioned in the context of the death penalty, the Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, but also mentions “excessive fines” and bail. The “excessive fines” clause surfaces (among other places) in cases of civil and criminal forfeiture, for example when property is seized during a drug raid.

    • ricksmom

      If Hillary and Obama care so much about gun-control why did Obama release violent, gun offending people from prison. A leopard does not change it’s spots and I would not be surprised that the increase in murders in our major drug invested cities and the police shootings are responsible for the increase in these despicable crimes. Any yet,..Hillary and Obama are more concerned with infringing on law-abiding citizens. How many of the refugees are getting their hands on guns; how many of those flooding over our Southern border are getting their hands on drugs. When these people do not have jobs, when they do not want to assimilate, when they feel entitled to what is not theirs, violence follows. Obama, Hillary and all Progressives are at war with people who work, raise responsible families and obey the laws. Regrettable, they are being demonized and the supporters of BLM, etc. are glorified.

      • jim_wright

        Because gun control has nothing to do with the safety of Americans. Gun control is about control of the people of this country for what ever purpose they may have. Gun control is about preventing Americans from being able to defend themselves, their families, and their communities from criminals and invading forces. Obama is and always has been about dividing this country into little hate groups focused on each other do we don’t see what a mess his policies and administration are making of this country. WAKE UP, we are nineteen trillion in debt thanks to him with projections of twenty-one trillion before he leaves. His goal is the Alinsky destruction of this country and he has made major progress on that goal.

    • jmortensen

      Read your Constitution People .. there is nothing in it that hillery agrees with
      Trump is our guy in the White house

    • ironbiker

      Terrorists,mentally disturbed and felons don’t obey laws…FOOL

    • Brenda

      Look around you. We are already a semi-police state. We have to go through check points to board plans and in some places public transport. The Obama administration with the aid of the Justice Department has installed themselves in local law enforcement as consultants. We have under the Military Spending Bill a secret court. You can find yourself on the no fly list and have no logical reason for being there, sometimes it is just a case of misidentification.
      You are fast to quote the 14th Amendment yet fail to realize that that particular Amendment was for the expressed benefit of slaves freed after the Civil War, making them citizens, and not meant to cover everyone. It was not until some activist justice decided it applied to everyone born in the United States and conveniently overlooking the “subject to the jurisdiction thereof;’ part. Hard to be subject to the jurisdiction when a foreigner comes here, has the child, and returns home with a new American Citizen in tow.

    • Pam Dunn

      Been sniffing Hillary farts like some of the other liberal morons on here I see.
      The 14th APPLIED ONLY to former slaves and their children you moron; NOT to every little piece of crap some illegal could manage to POOP out in our country; It took a liberal lefty winger idiot (but I repeat myself) judge to make an idiotic NONSENSE ruling that make the 14th into complete and absolute trash.
      GO get a GOOD education and NOT some communist/socialist moronic indoctrination.

  • allenhip
    • gerald Hughes

      Stick it liberal dem bloodsucker

  • rivahmitch

    Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees… especially worshiping at the altar of the totalitarian government that both WaPo and the Democommies want. Semper Fi!!

    • richard hutchinson

      here is my posthow many vets are they millons they swort to keep are country safe enen from are gov the con the flag and you

      • Dutch

        Where did you learn how to spell?

        • Molly

          Hi Michael berry! conservative talk show host, who is PATHETIC! Still selling heroin and meth in the red neck country club? Still calling women whores, but screwing around on YOUR wife! HYPOCRITE!

    • Milton W. Lowe


    • Whaledriver

      Semper Fi, Marine.

  • John Franco

    I have a better idea keep your filthy socialist hands off of my guns! Any one taking that “common sense gun control” approach NEVER gets my vote, period! Who the hell would even consider voting for anyone that wishes to infringe on the most important of our Constitutional Rights? You know the one that protects all the rest from being infringed on or taken away, don’t believe me? Show me a democrat in Washington who wouldn’t love to have the United States go the pathetic route of Australia or Western Europe. The latter being a place that is being overrunned by muslims of the criminal/rapist type, not to mention of the terrorist variety. No thank you, The Washington post and Hillary Clinton can both go to hell, I’ll keep the right to defend myself and my loved ones.

    • ricksmom

      Hillary and her family have been surrounded by Secret Service their entire adult lives and all their properties are enclosed in 10 foot fences that cannot be penetrated. They are full of secrecy and corruption and they have all the Democratic politicians as their co-conspirators against freedom for the American people.
      Progressives believe that the government should control every aspect of their lives and people need to wake up and realize this.

      • IMSweetOlBob

        You’re right about Hilly & Bills fences.
        They are soooo high and soooo impenetrable Only an Energizer Bunny can get through. And then only when Hillly’s protection detail is following her around the country and not on hand.
        Heh !

        • jaybird

          Some people won’t get what you posted, HAHAHAHAH

          • Austinniceguy

            But those of us who do, LOL!!!!

  • junkmailbin

    hilary hates guns and the secret service. Her dislike does not keep her from having a large number of aremed agents around her because she is so disliked

  • donald

    This ex Navy vet & retired gun dealer ( still work on Harley’s & do machine work) & believes in gun control–the ability to hit the damn 10 ring every time. If they want to take me or my guns somebody is going to pay a big damn price. The best that I can tell them, bring a lot of dumb asses & body bags, somebody will need them, the only way to get my guns is like Mr. Heston said–when they pry it from my cold dead hands. If people DO NOT WANT TO BE in the 1 WORLD ORDER like the rest of this world then VOTE TRUMP & hope he makes it.

  • Junior1950

    Let’s flood Congress with a signed petition DEMANDING that the Secret Service details that the Clinton family now enjoys, (and Hillary hates with a passion) be removed, SINCE HILLARY CLINTON AND HER SNAGGLETOOTH DAUGHTER CHELSEA HAVE SUCH A HATRED OF GUNS, the very same WEAPONS the Secret Service uses to PROTECT THE LYING LIBERAL LEFT WING CANDIDATE FOR POTUS, AND HER FAMILY!!!!

    Hillary’s intent, if elected POTUS, is to accomplish what Obama could not, and that is to ABOLISH THE SECOND AMENDMENT, AND STRIP LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF THEIR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!!!!

  • Last of the patriots

    The only thing hitlery deserves is a bullet between the eyes. If people are that stupid to support a demon, well then they are following her to grinding teeth with the lakes of fire and brimstone.

    • Last of the patriots

      And that’s for eternity. In other words for you dummies or less educated ” forever!”

  • randy jackson

    Not strong enough on guns?????
    One thing for sure of Is Hildabeast is strong on “Free Shit”.
    HilLIAR is guilty of telling everyone, whatever it is they want to hear.
    Hellary’s “free shit” is paid for by hard working American taxpayers. The more she gives away for free, the more that “free shit” cost all of us!

    • GuardianFlame

      You forgot one very important thing. Killary “loves” muslims, has them as her right hand man, her daughter is married to one and the Clinton Foundation was/is laundering money to Terrorist groups in the Middle East.
      She’s a scum bucket with her own citizens but bends over to the muslims. We don’t need another Moolah lover in our White House, obugger was enough.

      • jaybird

        Chelsea’s husband is/was a hedge fund manager and he fleeced his investors out of a lot of money. He fit right in in this family,

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Actually her daughter is married to a Mezvinsky who is a Jew and son of a convicted criminal democRAT politician.

      • richard hutchinson

        and that bitch would fuck 50 of them at one time for money or power

  • Jimmee41

    The absurdity is that WaPo “calls” itself a journalistic organization when it doesn’t even meet the first requirement which is having a brain!!!!! Whenever the Clinton’s come up they develop AMNESIA!!!!!

    • jaybird

      They are threatened or paid off by the globalist elite (shadow government).

  • David Stewart

    Wonder how long the WaPo has been owned by the Communist Party of America?

  • MegaMouseGW

    Yes Clinton wants to do away with the second amendment, that is why we must vote Trump. Keep the benghazi murderer out of the WHITE HOUSE at all costs.

  • Estoban

    Our right to protect our family and ourselves is none of WaPo’s business. It is a God given right. Lots of dictators hate that fact.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    she ain’t strong enough to walk up the stairs , as you know hillary changes like the weather , if to day the people say they say they support gun control , she is all for it , but tomrrow comes and the people say they want less gun ctrol , she is for it, all she does is kiss ass and never means a freaken thing that comes out of her mouth

    • jaybird

      I saw a picture with 3 people helping her up approx. 8-10 steps.

  • Austinniceguy

    $hitlery and her camp are in cahoots with Soros to take over this country and bring us to our knees. There is now at least one hacked email showing that Soros controls $hitlery and others. What the have in mind is a NWO that will leave us unarmed AND vulnerable to what has happened to Europe. This is what that looks like…


    • jaybird

      Soros and Corporations (Taco Bell, etc) are indirectly funding Black Lives Matter. If they would put their money into programs for the inner cities and the Police raid the gangs there would be a better life for these people but that is not what Soros wants. He has meddled in other countries messing things up.

      • Austinniceguy

        Exactly. The interesting thing about the fast food industry is that their response to the $15 minimum wage is that they will pretty much ALL end up automating their ordering counters as well as their coffee counters. I mention that because $hitlery is running around telling BLM that she’s fighting for better wages for them when what she’s REALLY doing is obliterating their jobs so they can become even MORE dependent on her precious welfare which, of course, is what Soros wants.

        • jaybird

          Well stated!

        • jaybird

          She is working to help the blacks alright, she is helping to destroy the job market. If you can scroll down to see my reply to “pmbalele”.

  • Brenda

    Hillary has already stated her subversive plans to either erode or eventually repeal the 2nd Amendment. It involves the use of indoctrination and propaganda to persuade people to turn in their guns and abolish the 2nd Amendment.
    And although Trump’s statement has once again offered fodder for his detractors, reading into it what they want, he did not say armed insurrection or even hint at it.
    But there remains one truth. Should Hillary become our next president, she will appoint justices to the Supreme Court that are both liberal and activist and who will render decisions based on societal wants and not Constitutional law. We have seen this with recent decisions from the current court, bastardizing the 14th Amendment to justify the LBGT decision.
    The sad part is that it may well come to an armed insurrection should Hillary win. Either that, or we accept a totalitarian government.

  • GuardianFlame

    Even though many liberals think Killary was cleared of guilt by that last investigation, they don’t know that several “new” investigations are happening by the FBI regarding newly gound emails she tried to hide that tie her to Middle East Terrorists via her Clinton Foundation. New documents have been found incriminating her and slick willy in illegal activities. WikiLeaks has more info they are holding on her. My bet is all these new investigations have found enough to knock her out of this race and in to a prison cell.

    FYI: When the Benghazi massacre happened, the internet was flooded with pictures of our tortured and mutilated Americans after they died. There were interviews with citizens of Benghazi who saw what was happening. Anyone who read or heard the words spoken from the inhabitants of that town knows that something very heinous and horrible happened to our Ambassador and Navy Seals that should never of happened. Later there were several articles suggesting that our Ambassador’s murder was orchestrated by our Presudent and Sec of State because he knew too much abt the U.S. supplying illegal weapons/ammunition to the Terrorists. Our Ambassador was killed in a fake terrorist attack and he was the target. The 3 Navy Seals were in that srea and came to the Ambass ador’s rescue but were outnumbered and killed too.
    With all the suspicious “deaths” surrounding Killary throughout her life, it is completely believable that she had a major part in our American’s deaths in Benghazi. And when she yelled, “What difference does it make now” shows she is incapable of emotion or regret for heinous acts she is responsible for. THIS IS NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL FOR THE U.S.!

    • Austinniceguy

      Look at the Soros email which was just leaked. It details how Soros was instructing $hitlery on how to handle things when she was SOS. It SHOULD terrify every voter to know that she is his puppet and it would be him running this country should SHE get in.


      • GuardianFlame

        You do know Soros is obama’s Puppet Master? Why do you think our Country is in such a mess?

        Soros is behind Greece’s Socialistic downfall. He orchestrated that whole mess so he could make $$ off that desperate country. He caused their financial breakdown and then took $$ to supposedly “fix” it. Is it fixed? No. But Soros got his money.

        Soros is NOT a philanthropist, but an opportunist that uses Nations to make much of his money. Did you know he turned in his own family to the Natzis (Hitler) because he could make money doing that. Yeah, he sold his folks for $$.

        He truly is a Sociopath with Sadistic tendencies. He feels nothing for the people he railroads…they are not human, just objects.

        Here’s the scary part. Soros is after the U.S. for many reasons but the main one is to take away our Power
        He is a OWO man and wants to rule the world. That would be like Hitler on Crack and chaos would explode all over the continents.

        He truly is satan’s offspring. The more chaos the happier he would be. What do you expect from a billionaire who has everything he’s ever wanted. Playing with Countries is his twisted form of entertainment.

        I hope and pray that Trump gets in office and he banishes Soros from the U.S. and refuses to discuss anything with him. Soro’s kind are the ones that end civilizations –may he rot in a cave deep inside the Sahara Desert.

        • GuardianFlame

          Besides, with all the investigations by the FBI and other organizations going full bore, killary is being sliced and diced because they know she is a white collar criminal and is guilty of many crimes, she just hasn’t got caught yet.

          But with so many people after her now, her time is running out…and so is her luck! They may get her before the election or after, but one way or the other they are putting her in prison where both she and slick willy belongs.

          Watch for the Fireworks as Election Day nears…it’s coming!


    What confounds them is that the Second Amendment is the only one of the Bill of Rights that flatly prohibits action from being taken against a right. The First Amendment and several others say that “Congress shall make no law”, which through our history as a constitutional republic meant that no infringement on freedom of religion, speech or assembly was possible. Progressivism, America’s native-grown form of fascism, and its more recent manifestation, Obammunism, now raises the possibility that a predominant executive branch can abolish or restrict rights by executive order, so when the time comes these communist hacks or other intellectual minions of The Dyke will argue that she has the right to forestall “hate speech” or prevent gatherings or demonstrations (against her) that could become dangerous. The Second Amendment, however, simply says “shall not be infringed” by anyone, from the police department to the county clerk to the House and Senate to the President, so this is the amendment that will have to be broken first by the party whose platform committee voted last month in favor of replacement of the Constitution with a document that is not just a “charter of negative liberties” but gives the central government powers and teeth. It is clear that any executive degree abrogating the Second Amendment will need to be met by the Congress with impeachment, and any attempt to enforce such a decree with the police power of the state will need to be met by the people with revolution.

    • jaybird

      CA has done a number on their citizens with their gun laws.

  • HarryTC

    WAPO is a group of Progressives and would scream in pleasure if we were like Venezuela, they are Progressive also. How is that working out for them, the citizens of Venezuela?

  • Dennis B Anderson

    If you take Hillys guns away from her whistle blowers and turn coats would live to tell their storys. OH – my?? The hole in this dykes dyke is to big to plug with a dildo like Obama.? Whats a dyke supposed to do.

  • Austinniceguy

    The bottom line is that $hitlery is as establishment as they come and now the hacked emails are proving just how entrenched she is with her “donors” to her “foundation”. Just look at this and see if we really want to risk delivering what is left of this country to the hands of someone like Soros, ESPECIALLY after being rendered unable to defend ourselves once they take away our weapons.


  • I am still waiting for someone to clearly demonstrate how any form of gun control laws are going to help. The number of mass killings is extremely low compared to the number of people killed by others in their own environments with totally illegal hand guns. Let’s compare the number of killings by thugs on an annual basis to an annual total of mass killings.What laws are going to eliminate those killings? Do these people ever obey laws? I could elaborate on many other such false concepts of weapons but I think I have made a point. No amount of laws concerning gun control will ever get results. Let’s just keep on denying we have a people problem an use gun control as a means of disarming people for the sake of tyranny.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Chicago is their shining city on a hill.

      • curnudgeon,
        I would add New York and LA. But others shine in this kind of dismal light as well.

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          Any metropolitan area that has suffered under democRAT governance for years.

          • Vet,
            From one vet to another, you are quite right.

  • PatriotParatrooper

    Just remember the tree of patriotism, it sits at the end of their fantasy land, and if will have to be refreshed.

  • Jerry Cox

    These rags of newspapers that call themselves news outlets are far from that. They are state run. They should know Hillary is saying for she thanks she needs to be elected. Just keep with your bias and supporting such a horrible candidate you will elect her and then watch.

  • Yourko

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It’s not the Second Amendment that will bring our government back to the blueprint and laws of the land contained in our founding documents. Washington would collapse, should “We The People” collectively decide to defund any administration. Our tax dollars are the lifeblood to the corrupt and dysfunctional Washington DC. Take that funding away, DC then would have to heed the will of “We The People”. There’s 318.9 million Americans. Should 1/3 to 1/2 decide to defund the government, first and foremost, there’s no way on Gods earth any administration or government entity could handle that sheer volume of people. This would be a financial coup rather than an armed citizen type coup. It would be rough, but it would send a clear and concise message to the cancer in Washington posing as our elected government.
    The divisiveness isn’t between races, cultures or nationalities…., it’s a battle between RIGHT & WRONG, LAWFUL OR LAWLESS!
    Liberalism is a polished turd….. No matter how shiny your polishing makes it, IT’S STILL A TURD!

  • Ed Shick

    We should have more guns in the hands of Americans we can trust , Th Thieves and murderers will get guns , We even had AG Holder giving Guns to the Mexican drug Cartel , and nothing was done about That . Switzerland has many great Ideas , like when you are an Adult you get some military Training and you are issued a Gun which you keep in your Home , every year you have more training , You do not break into another mans home as you know he is able to defend his Home ! The training would be good for our youth after High School , I know when I got out of school had no idea what I should do , With three years in the Military I knew , but I should have taken better subjects in High School ! I pushed my kids to study harder than I did , but I had a father that loved Guns and Hunting !

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Think there’s even one writer on the WaPO with a working brain?

  • Thomas Martin

    With Guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects. I don’t want to be a subject like those ended up being left defenseless and exterminated. I love the 2nd amendment and it has been made a mockery by the politicians who want to control every aspect of your lives. ” A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything you have. ” God Bless America and pray that that corrupt lying treasonous traitor hillary rodham clinton never is allowed back in office of any kind that deals with our country and our military which she hates.

  • jimmy9522

    WaPo is just as useless as Hillary, evidently they don’t hear very well. Hopefully in a few months or so we’ll never hear of either of them again.

  • David g.

    Why don’t you cowards at WAPO,
    come and take the guns yourselves?
    Better yet just STFU!!
    Trump / Pence 2916!!

  • Robert Morrow

    To: WaPo I know you are against guns and have a great desire for a total totalitarian state. So how about some truth in the matter. Presently our corrupted Politicians with the aid of the most vile of all the news media has empowered hundreds of now ruling Federal Agencies with the power to rob you of your money, steal your property and like 007 license to kill if you get in the way and you worry about guns? What about the FDA who is owned by the Pharmaceuticals and for Payola that greases their palms and those Politicians to approved high profit, poison drugs that kill and not cure anything. How many murders for profit is needed to make you understand that guns deaths are a piker in comparison of 100,000 men, women and children murdered each year from these high profit poison drugs? If you were not so corrupt, you would check the fact and do what right. Expose the Corrupt Federal Agencies and of Course the worse of all the so called scum News Medial People.

  • ihatelibs

    Ao msays the Washington POOP RAG . KILLERYS DOES want to CRIPPLE if not ELIMINATE , OUR 2nd AMENDMENT . I say , in a PIGS ASS .. WE the PEOPLE/ARMED PATRIOTS , WILL Fight back , the Likes of which have NEVER BEEN SEEN , in MY/YOUR/OUR COUNTRY … LOCK & LOAD PATRIOTS , Just in case , she DOES have enough FRAUD ILLEGAL VOTES , to STEAL THIS ELECTION . Unless of course , she Winds up , IN PRISON , Or the RUBBER ROOM for the SENILE LIBTURDS. Oh Wait . Will there even be , Enough Room ???

  • Obie Miller

    The 2nd amendment is in our constitution for a specific reason. Our nation’s founders realized that very likely some day someday America’s citizens would need protection from an overreaching government ( or dictator) such as is now our situation. Our country was founded by men who had been been through many governmental situations that most of us would find to be totally intolerable, so they provided for us, in our constitution, the protection of the 2nd amendment. Please, PLEASE, let’s do whatever we must do to keep that protection intact!

  • linda Schlachter

    Well sir, I don’t approve of Obama care. It’s took Way alot from older people. I think shes a liar, shes lied about so much. That’s why I changed from Democrat to conservative. I knew about Bills affairs and how he almost got away and how Hillary threatened these women. I’ve read these books, watched the movie on Bengazi and no i would never put my life or my grandkids or greats in her hands. Too many people have died under her watch. Not only that but all the Muslims she wants to bring to our country. She just another Obama. U keep YOUR OPINIONS AND I PRAYING TO God she doesn’t get in.

  • Alleged Comment

    REMEMBER, sodomites and communist run the MSM. THEY ARE LIARS!

    So when they say Hillaryous (bobblehead) says she will not do away with the 2nd Amendment it means in sodomite language the FIRST DAY in office she will try to do away with it unrelentingly.

    BUT the 2nd Amendment is a GOD-GIVEN right to self-defense which, apparently Demoncraps and lieberals don’t want you to have.

    So they never have “access” to this right anyway. No matter what they should do YOU should ask yourself if it Godly and Constitutional? If you have deemed it NOT then you (the populace citizens) which includes, gun manufacturers, police, gun dealers, businessmen, American Nationals, the public at large, patriots, the Milita, etc., need not obey it.

  • Alan404

    Neither Hilary nor the editors of the Washington Post know their behinds from 1st base. By the way, if government is allowed to trample on Second Amendment Rights, how secure do the editors at the Washington Post think their beloved First Amendment rights might be?

  • R M

    Don’t expect much else from a media outlet that has been paid off by HillyBilly.

  • defiant1

    WaPo editors are nothing but lefty whackjobs…..paper is worth no more than to line a litterbox!

  • Porphyry

    As a famous guy said, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender….”



  • Granny Filec



  • Sean Rickmin

    wa poop has their own liberal,slo mentality,NO common sense opinion,HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU democrats and liberals with very little OR NO COMMON SENSE GOING TO GET WEAPONS AWAY FROM THE CRIMINALS,oh,i know,it will be like,PLEASE mister dirtbag can we please have all of your weapons.barry has allowed us to give you many,many dollars for your old and disfunctional weapons,but if you belong to black lives matter you can keep your weapons that work as long as you aim them at TRUMP supporters…..LONG LIVE AMERICA….,without the liberals.

  • Milton W. Lowe

    I was listing to Trump when he made his comment about the 2nd Amendment…he didn’t imply anything & the media & pundants have gone clear out of line….GO TRUMP & PENCE GO TO THE WH!

  • Whaledriver

    Show me ONE plan that will effectively remove guns from the hands of violent criminals, gang members, and drug dealers, and I’ll both pay attention and listen.

    Until then, any “gun control” legislation and executive orders about firearms I’ll understand are only about disarming those who would resist tyrant.

  • Sgt. York

    Your correct that Hitlery is not strong enough on guns and it because SHE IS NOT PRSIDENT TRUMP IS .

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