• CRollo2

    Why would the old guard appreciate or support the “new day” that President Trump is trying, albeit not perfectly, but Passionately, bring to America? The other guys (GOP) have failed us and Trump’s presidency has made that crystal clear. I remember clearly the “day” I realized that I could not longer blame all the failure on Obama. But had to face the fact that the GOP was not a victim but an accessory to his crimes against America.

    Trump’s presidency is being used to help expose the demolition of the Democratic Party which is melting before our very eyes…all credibility and patriotism revealed as false. The DEMOS can’t even admit that their disgusting ads accusing Republican candidates of running down children with their BIG SOUTHERN BOY trucks is wrong and a LIE! In other words, the Democratic Party refuses to admit wrong doing on ANY level…ANY. Hillary at the top, the peons at the bottom. Just watch Tucker Carlson and you’ll get an ear full of dead silence to unanswered questions, but instead deflect and deny. To which I ad another D work – Disgusting!

    • Joni

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    • Michael Hearn


      • EFREN VARGAS, M.D.

        I hope you agree. Order welcome, Disorder not. I rather call it.. THE NEW WORLD DISORDER.

        • Michael Hearn


          • EFREN VARGAS, M.D.

            Yes, they are going to destroyed everything, including themselves,
            Evil goal is destruction. Total lack of kindness, compassion and joy.
            I do not care. I am my own goodness, I only trust myself.
            Good Luck to you. Take care.

  • Db

    The bushes and clintons fall into the same category, both crime families that are both in bed with soros. Just like the clintons, the bushes just need to STFU and let our president do his job!

  • NovelDog

    Wealth, and power, have a tendency to corrupt as seen with the Bush’s and Clinton’s. Lets hope Trump holds true to what he vowed to do…give power back to the people. We need to do more than give lip service to God. We need to uphold the rights of Christians to freely worship, in or out of government, and not have to hide behind closed doors to do so!

    • dorcus

      Trump is a millionaire already, so I doubt he will not hold true to what he vowed to do! He does not even take his presidential salary, but donates it. That should tell you something! As for Christians freely worshiping, you need to get democrats out of office whom are atheists, and Obama’s holdover “deep state radicals” whom are still embedded in the government that are creating all of the George Soros mayhem! President Trump can’t just fire them because they are civil service and represented by unions! Soros is the person paying Antifa, BLM and other organizations through his foundations, to create the riots, etc. all over our cities. He and other billionaires such as STEYER, want a New World Order. Open borders helps to bring that about; It’s why they are causing all of this chaos around the world! Obama/Clintons were just their puppets! I knew the elder Bush was a NWO, but was hoping the younger Bush was not! He seemed to have compassion. I see I was wrong about him, or, he is controlled by his father! Bush senior was the first president to sign the agenda 21 document with the United Nations! That’s when the nonsense started coming into the United States about building high rise housing to move all people into a city and do away with rural areas, and do away with all vehicles! This is where the open borders came from, and moving those people into the cities! Soros is trying to bring down the United States as he has done to other countries! President Trump is a danger to their plans! The entrenched RINO’s (republican in name only), and the entire Washington D.C. establishment are running like scared rabbits, and that makes them dangerous, BUT, God, and the American people have his back! Stay strong! MAGA.

      • jimshaw54

        “President Trump can’t just fire them because they are civil service AND REPRESENTED BY UNIONS.” gET ON BOARD “The National Right to Work Committee” 8001 Braddock Road, Springfield, VA 22160. There you can do a lot to help our country get out of the mess we are in. Civil Service unions have no place in our country.

        • Tom Vincent

          Remember what happened to the air traffic controllers union?

          • Jan

            yep Regan got rid of it. when the air traffic controllers went on strike, civil service unions have got to go they protect even the worst of the worst felons. and it is practically impossible to get any one fired all you hear is they have protocol, protocol to do anything they want with out paying the consequences of their actions. also why is the American people at these unions discressions

        • Jerry Lister

          If America is to survive, ALL public employee unions must be eliminated.

      • rei42728

        I have had thoughts that Mohammed was the great AntiChrist because his Quaran says to kill! God’s law says Thou Shall NOT Kill. So I am wondering if they aren’t really bowing to the devil AND I am wondering if George Soros isn’t the devil himself! He is supposed to come to earth before the end. AND I am sure wondering if this isn’t the end! Search 3daysdarkness We could be headed for another Charades with the Muslims or the end! I knew a man who said he had Muslims for neighbors and worked with them and said “don’t believe they wouldn’t kill you if they got a chance!” Better remember to talk to God EVERY DAY!!!

    • Margie McKay

      Ive never cared for the Bushes, they have never done anything to cause me to change my mind.

  • jimdarnall

    President Trump is everything America should be about. He is learning and will make mistakes but given the opportunity may be one of the best presidents ever. Hopefully politics won’t be his downfall in that he finally falls for its power. He must continually focus on what is best for the American people and the nation. The economy, immigration and our national security will be key. May God bless him.

    • gentlewaves

      Well said.

      • BarryStern

        Totally agree, although I say this with some sadness as I’ve had high regard for the Bush family since becoming a member of 41’s administration. 41 and 43 are decent people who ran relatively honest governments. However, they both missed the growing anxiety of the American middle class that was losing ground financially while a few rich investors were flourishing. 41 lost one of the biggest leads of any incumbent president because of being out of touch and perhaps serving in Washington for too long. 43 totally missed the financial implosion in 2008 from bad housing loans causing John McCain’s loss of an election he should have won against one of the least qualified candidates ever.

        While Americans continue to argue whether ousting Saddam Hussein was in our strategic interest, the way 43 conducted the Iraq War despite having two years to prepare was incredibly naïive and short-sighted. How could he not know the U.S. and allies would have to occupy for some time and do some serious nation building? How could he not know that nation building would require thousands of police and soldiers who spoke Arabic and understood the culture? How could he not know that Iraq would have to be governed MacArthur-style by our allied military and police until competent civil servants and civil institutions could be developed? Until Gen. Petraeus arrived neither our military nor our State Department had a clue.

        Finally, both Bushes also missed the creeping corruption among federal officials and bureaucrats—the “deep state”–that continues to this day with the help of (bought and paid for) Big Media. That both 41 and 43 voted for Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt politicians ever, is indicative of how out of touch they have become. Thank goodness for President Trump and politicians like Sen. Lindsay Graham who have swallowed their pride and are trying to help the president succeed because it is the right thing to do.

        • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

          Any respect Iv’e ever had for the Bushes are GONE! The Wolfs in Sheeps clothing hence Bush Family!!

          • Julia Sanford

            I’m with you, Joan. I’m a life-long Republican from a long line of Republicans and I’m sick of the “establishment.” I think Trump is a threat to all to them and their piggy banks. Trump is hated by the establishment on both sides and the hate is intense. If you remember how vicious some were to Sarah Palin just as soon as they heard her first speech and realized that she might be a force to be dealt with, having drained the swamp in Alaska on both sides of the fence. She had done what a person would imagine everybody would agree with, but a dozen reporters were immediately sent to Alaska to see what negative things they could find about her. Too bad they weren’t at all interested in vetting Obama. The Democrats are accusing Trump of things that they are actually doing. They know what they are doing because it’s exactly what Saul Alinsky says to do in his “Rules for Radicals>” Do they think the American people are stupid? Yes, that’s exactly what they think.

          • dlj_332

            We would seriously like to see Sarah Palin brought back in and into the cabinet.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme


          • Dorothy Foster

            NO NO

          • rei42728

            She was for Romney! instead of Santorum. Romney was the original owner of Obamacare! That made me realize something was wrong with her

          • dlj_332

            Those two were a toss up I thought both were Mr. Milquetoast. But if I remember we didn’t have much choice at that time. Some Utah Republicans for instance Hatch are RINOs supporting illegal migrants in the state. The word is that if Hatch retires Romney will run for his Sen. seat. Not fond of any of them .. Don’t know how Hatch has stayed in, the people have wanted him out for a long time.

          • The Redhawk

            They wound up as EMPTY SUITS after all

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Apt description work’s for me!! To think I actually thought he was a damn good president!! Gee how the mighty fall !!

          • The Redhawk

            YEH… Usually TIME brings out the REAL person away from the Psychopaths of the MEDIA presstitutes who Create MYTHS out of NOTHING like they are trying to do with O ZERO and Clinton…

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Two of the worst people ever to hold office!!! I wonder what the hell people were thinking to vote Obama the slime back for another [ 4 ] four years!! Ya think the first four were enough!!!

          • Laneta Ivie

            I would work for free(examine voting boxes) just to prove that Obama DID NOT win that second 4yr term. I think it was rigged just as SlimyCrookHillary tried to do.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            I’d do the same work free!! I had second thoughts about his serving another four years!!! Leaves a damn foul taste in one’s mouth!!! RIGGED

          • Chi Sam

            Are you one of those fat military wives…or are you married to one of smart servicemen?

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Are you?

          • Chi Sam

            No. That was an easy question for me.

            Why do you struggle with it?

            (Just kidding…Of course I know why?)

          • Rex Whitmer

            Yes, but he accomplished what he set out to do. Engage America in a racial war. Right off from his first election win!

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            That’s what he was elected to do!! Obama is nothing but a damn SLIME & Blight on American soil!!

          • The Redhawk

            If you want to BLOW a cup of coffee… think on what MSM Is trying to “SELL” MOOSE CHELLE OBummer the MAN to RUn for CIC in 2010… Aka Release the Orangutang on the Masses…

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Yikes! Perish the thought! Who in their right mind would ever vote for that one???Except the damn liberal.Its frightening time for American these days!!!

          • The Redhawk

            ON a more Serious Note…..Nov 10 is US MARINE Corps BIRTHDAY!! To all my Brothers and Sisters who Served….HAPPY BORTHDAY!!!!!
            SEMPER FI !!

          • The Redhawk

            The Moose is bright enough to Peel a banana , Throw away the “white part” and Eat the peel………….. nuf said

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Roflmdao!!! Great analysis sure fits!!

          • The Redhawk

            Sadly she’ll probably get 80% of “her people’s” votes!

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Maybe not if one wants to live as a third world country its what ya do!! if one wants the freedom ya vote for that freedom!!!! Make sense ???

          • The Redhawk

            She nad HIS Wife the O ZERO tranny are from THIRD COUNTRIES called SO CHI.. they don’t know anything else

          • The Redhawk

            BUT is SO CHI a “freedom paradise”???

          • Chi Sam

            Frightening times, or a frightening time.

            You pick, stupid…it’s your comment.

            (And, Joan…the word liberal means just one. You must be capable of adding an ‘s’ to a word.)

          • Chi Sam

            Orangutang is not a word. You’re not a smart man, are you?

          • Rex Whitmer

            Maybe the misspell was on purpose?

          • Chi Sam

            Maybe. I have no insight into how a stupid person thinks, so I have no choice but to tacitly agree with you.

          • The Redhawk

            YEAH… Typical academia Lounge LIZARD….. “form” and NO SUBSTANCE… Well done!! So where did you get your PhD in “STUPID”???

          • Chi Sam

            High school is as far as I got.

            The ability to correctly repeat common words one has read many thousands of times is not a skill taught in college.

            All adults have this ability.

          • The Redhawk

            Well when you Reach adulthood ” Get back to us!

          • Chi Sam

            You’re angry because I show you less respect and courtesy than I would afford a stray dog.

            Pointing out your shortcomings and mocking you in front of your peers is the equivalent of spitting in your face.

            I despise stupid mouth-running dummies like you.

            Pthtoo…I spit in your face again. Shut up and quit while you’re behind, stupid.

            Though you likely are not favorable toward making smart decisions…it is your best option.

          • The Redhawk

            Just to get a SMALL MINDED progressive sTUPID idiot’s attention……and IT WORKED!!

          • Chi Sam

            Do you often make mistakes intentionally?

            That would explain why you seem far dumber than you can possibly be.

          • The Redhawk

            JUST fishing for CARP … Use Rotten CHESE to attract these useless Critters………………Welcome CARP!..

          • Chi Sam

            What do you suppose causes your brain to believe “chese” is a word? I’ll bet it’s the same flaw that allows you to so readily call attention to your incompetence with all caps, look-at-me theatrics.

          • The Redhawk


          • Chi Sam

            Why should I try that? I’m not the one too stupid to spell orangutan.

          • The Redhawk

            YOU just Spelled … MORON! gee what a DUMBASS

          • Chi Sam

            I’m far from the first person to note your ignorance and low self-esteem.

            Man up, and stop pretending you’re shocked to hear it.

          • Chi Sam

            I just looked at your profile, stupid…and you entered The Red Hawk @ “thredhawk”.

            No wonder you can’t spell ‘big’ words like orangutan…you can’t even get the word ‘the’ right twice in one sentence.

            That’s one of the simplest, most common words in the entire English language. What an incompetent oaf you must be.

            Those who do not laugh in your face as I do surely laugh behind your back.

            You must at least suspect that people laugh at you when you leave the room.

            Stupid people can readily sense when others look down on them.

          • The Redhawk

            You must be a very lonely person…..GOSH but you are BORING!!! and STUPID!!! Try going out if you Dare to be seen….

          • rei42728

            Voter fraud! And we must change that now! We will have Michelle Obama if we don’t. Hiliary was dumbfounded that voter fraud didn’t get her in and she should have put that in her book that stupid people bought. Please shout loudly that we must have photo ID and no machines that can and were manipulated to vote for her instead of Trump or perhaps Cruz! Indiana had to go to the Supreme Ct to get that law. Start asking for it NOW before that last minute. And how about Fair Tax where all the illegal businesses have to pay by all their high priced purchases. Ck it out!

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            If I shout any louder for voter ID my damn tonsils will fall out on their own!! I’ve been saying we need voter ID for a couple of years.! The liberals keep knocking it down!! Lets hope & pray we get it done NOW!! GOOD POST!!

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            Photo ID doesn’t go far enough. We need to redo Voter registration and each card needs to have a picture AND a fingerprint OR blood drop (very small sample/not enough to ‘frame anyone’ OR a retinal image.
            Looks can change frequently or be copied OR get multiple IDs in many states. We NEED a unique DNA sample to hold up to a database to enforce one person-one vote. Second attempt for that election gets you arrested and held without any bond.

            We also NEED the voting commission and Post office to do their due diligence and stop 80+ ballots being delivered to a 1 bdrm apt, (and IRS for Income Tax returns/refunds)

            I know many people are afraid to submit even the teeniest sample BUT without it fraud will occur, even with photo IDs.

          • rei42728

            Your right but how do we convince legislators to demand this -that is only the ones that do not want fraud in voting., I had no idea the fraud is this deep. Have you contacted any reps about this?

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            All issues were in the news Nationwide (over the past 25+ years) but never completely followed up.

          • Chi Sam

            The word you needed to use, stupid, is you’re. You got the very forst word of your post wrong. That’s inept.

            Go for it, stupid…make some sort of snappy comeback.


          • Rex Whitmer

            The biggest excuse is that it’s costly to do the checking, but most agencies waste more money than it would cost to insure that the voters are all legal.

          • rei42728

            I really don’t think we need to go so far as the blood sample but we do need to submit each person helping to count votes to a lie detector test before and after election counting.

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            Some poll watchers are vile but many are retired volunteers really interested in helping people.
            Absentee ballots and vote by mail are just too easy to defraud. It’s the agencies helping the parties register that have fraud throughout and the volunteers that bus people from one polling place to another to vote under assumed names AND every 4 years across states to bolster their candidates numbers. ONLY a DNA database would stop these intentional frauds from voting twice or more.
            There are additional problems in nursing homes where families or social workers *assist* a patient in voting. The majority of these patients have no real mind left to decide on their own, and the ones that do are lied to -their benefits are going to stop- the home will have to evict them ‘IF the other party wins’…
            Lie detectors do not work if the person is a sociopath or truly believes that they are doing the right thing even if its illegal, additionally they are not allowed as evidence during a trial and the slick talking defense attorneys are active in creating doubt or accuse the prosecutors of lying etc…

          • Rex Whitmer

            Greater registration times giving a chance for check ups, and a real picture ID would go a very long way. They should also have a current billing letter to prove they live there. I believe in my state we get a lot of snow birds whom vote here and by mail in their home states. This all needs checking, and if we don’t we’ll suffer the consequences. One form of checking is to mail out cards to all registered voters, and then investigate the cards returned undelivered!

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            Good idea but we have the few mail carriers that will deliver anyway even if they’ve known the family there for 50 years and know there is no person there by the addressee’s name, and we have a few more that will just TOSS the extra mail in some companies dumpster. I knew of one 30 years ago in NY and have read of others over the years elsewhere.

            I detest that all ballots are by mail where I live now, unless you have a disability where you need assistance voting and I believe those polling places are limited.

            Maybe Voters Re-registration should be held at the polling places everywhere and people issued NEW styled cards. The colleges and other groups that have Voter registration drives- ALL registrations should be NON_Partisan so we stop hearing of Acorn-like groups discarding any Republican or Non Democratic applications.

            Current utility bill, current Drivers License or State issued ID and old voters registration card must be with you to get your new document which should have a picture, a fingerprint or other DNA based item (blood drop, retinal scan) something too small to be copied or planted falsely as evidence but large enough to read to ‘match’ one person to one vote. There would need to be a National database to prevent people from voting in multiple states.

          • Glennfriend67

            That is what the President is attempting do now, but of course the idiot Left is pitching a mega fit about it.
            BTW, anyone enjoy the President’s tweet about Little Fat Bastard over the weekend? It was freakin’ hilarious!

          • Chi Sam

            Works, stupid. Your brain has no reason to believe it is a contraction.

          • rei42728

            Do you even hate yourself???

          • Chi Sam

            Of course not.

            But one thing I do hate, Phyllis, is mouth-running as****es cannot mind their own business. Do you wish to find out how much I hate that sort of thing, Mrs. Poole…or will you be smart and simply shut up and move on?

          • Rex Whitmer

            How about it’s you Chi? Your language indicates a definite lack of wisdom on YOUR part!

          • Chi Sam

            You’re just angry that I’ve noted your inability to correctly repeat common words you have seen in print many thousands of times.

            I cannot blame you for seeking to even the score. It’s unpleasant to be wholly disrespected by another man the way I dismissed you completely out-of-hand as though you were a second-tier person.

            (It ought to help ease the pain to know that I pretty much agree with you on everything and have thumbed-up a number of your comments.)

          • Chi Sam


          • disqus_EAu9V32f4v


          • Shirley

            Check out JFK to 9/11 Everythings A Rich Man Game… You will be blown away !!!

          • Shirley

            sorry… Rich Mans TRICK not game

        • Luis Monge

          It was about time we got a president that has been draining the swamp; we sure need new blood in politics; leaders that respect the ideals of our founding fathers.

        • bruce wickstrom

          Amen brother. As a former Bush supporter, this is why my wife and I would not support Jeb for President of the US. They and the Clintons and Obamas have denigrated the office of the Presidency. It is also great to not waste my time watching pro national felony league on Sundays.

          • DoctorEp

            A few years ago I held the Bush family in high esteem. Little did I realize they were wolves in sheep’s clothing. I will support President Donald Trump but the RNC establishment is Toxic. May they rot in hell!

          • disqus_EAu9V32f4v


          • Rex Whitmer

            Didn’t know that!

          • Chi Sam

            The name is Prescott, stupid. You must be familiar with the common name ‘Scott’.

            You should Google your own choice of subject before pretending to teach others about something you can’t even repeat correctly. You expose yourself as an illiterate dummy that simply repeats what he hears on talk radio.

          • Chi Sam

            It’s Prescott. You’re very stupid for a grown man.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Here, Here!!

          • Chi Sam

            It’s ‘hear, hear’ stupid. My God…you know almost nothing.

          • rei42728

            It is said a 3rd new party would be a ruination to voting but I think we already have that 3rd party. It just hasn’t got a name. Maybe it should be called Woke Up Finally !!
            We really should do something about fraud in voting! Let’s ask for Photo ID loud and clear. Also NO machines. two people called in to talk shows saying they checked their votes after voting with a machine and it was for Hiliary instead of Trump!! Evidently they can be manipulated.
            Don’t forget GOD!!! If we don’t ask God for his help He will let us walk in the swamp with those crocodiles!! So Please Ask God every day for His help!


          • Rex Whitmer

            They’re all one big happy family!

        • dlj_332

          Part of big media, ABC is Disney. We’ve been warned to protect our families from insidious programming.

          • rei42728

            Boycott Disney It isn’t what it started to be!

          • The Redhawk

            as is WAPO/Amazon….

        • jaybird

          People need to start researching these politicians. The Bush family has been corrupt for a long, long time. They are in the Bloodline of the Globalist Rich. They belong to a cult of Satanic rituals.

        • FloridaBoyee

          I do agree with you in some areas. Bush, 41 was a well made man and devoted so much of his life to our country, but he did get into the WASHINGTON, DC mode of operation. That was his downfall! Then come along GW,43, he was a everyday guy, who enjoyed his troops, BUT, he too, got lost with allowing the beauracrats to run his Presidency, as he had to deal with 9/11/2001. I think we lost him after that and we got Obama for 8 years! For the Republicans to TROUNCE on an OUTSIDER, who has really proven he is what he says he is. I actually think that he has toned down his speeches and has shown to the WORLD, that we are AMERICANS and he is FIGHTING the Congress of both Parties! But the Liberal Media very rarelly covered his trip to the Far East and YET, he was treated with MORE RESPECT over there than in the USA! Notice ALL of these useless people jumping ship, just before the elections? Just NOT ENOUGH,YET! Well DONE, PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

        • Glennfriend67

          Don’t bank on Graham. He’s a two-faced cheat. He does what he does because he fears losing his cushy job in the Senate. He’s as bad as any other Establishment Republican, and we have been trying to get rid of him here in SC for years, but he keeps buying his way back in with the help of his cronies and special interest groups. Talk to any SC resident and they’ll tell you how dishonest, two-faced and despicable he is. We can’t stand him! His counterpart, Tim Scott, though, is a decent guy and actually gives a crap about this country, and his home state, not what he can bleed from the American public, which is more than I can say for RINO Graham.

        • Rex Whitmer

          Believe me, we’re very lucky McCain didn’t win. Palin was alright, but McCain’s actually a little on the stupid side. He became Teddy Kennedy’s boy shortly after he entered the Senate and was his until Teddy died. He apparently did the same thing whatever it was with Flake, because he was a star conservative until he entered the Senate!

    • Larry Poplin

      Your right indeed you are, Trump is a Christian and wants things better for America. All Old Man Bush could talk about was the New World Order like McCain and did nothing for the USA, he even stopped Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf from invading Bagdad, Old George Bush was afraid of his popularity!!!!!! Bush Jr. Hated Saddam Hussein and started a war with Iraq on fake information! But Think now! Saddam kept the Sunnis and Shias Muslims under control. Bush truned them into terroist by destablizing Iraq. I wonder about Bush Jr. when he got Bin Ladens Family out of the USA when 9/11 Happen? Funny the Bin Laden Family gave Bush the money to start his Oil Company. Yet, these Hillary Clinton loving BUSH’s are true Traitors to the American People and have to right to speak out about Trump!

      • FloridaBoyee

        You are definitely correct on GW #43,starting a war with Hussein, to “prove” his superiority. Hussein had control of all of those tribes and now look, we are still fighting over there! We need OUT, NOW!!

        • james Conner

          Thanks, I really thought that was lost due to computer dropping out?

    • The Redhawk

      WE should thank GOD every day that Trump Won….in my way of thinking I don’t believe that ANY of the NUMER of Repubs that ran in t Primaries for the JOB would have won Vs KKKCLINTON,,,None but Donald Trump had any BALLS to take her on and THRASH HER!

      • cccarr


        • rei42728

          I feel too our Pres Trump was given us by God. ck back into the old testament and see where God helped those who honored Him. Those who didn’t lost in battles. He was the only one to battle against the devil’s workers. We h;ave many yet who refuse to prosecute the Clintons. I think they are afraid for their lives!!!

          • Chi Sam

            Lose, dimwit…not ‘lost’. Though Shalt Not Be Effing Stupid ought to be the Eleventh Commandment.

      • Dorothy Foster

        The Donald had the balls to take on ALL of them .!!

        • The Redhawk

          Now if only Mitch Mc Turtle had just a tenth of what Donald has we’d have all positions in all Dept filled, Judges appointed , HC done, and tax reforms DONE!!
          Mitch is really the biggest T8RD clogging the Drain of the SWAMP

        • Steven Lee Peebles

          Thank God to the Man on the Hill

      • rei42728

        Glad you said Thank God. All this mess is what this is about
        research popeleoX111 His locution tells that God gave the world to the devil for 75-100 yrs. That was in the 1880s! He took that and more and schooled many with MONEY and SEX and the unlearned kids in adult clothing and they are leading our world today!
        I believe that God did give us Pres. Trump because he has the faith to fight the devil-whether he knows who he is fighting or not. God gave him also a wife who is a devout catholic and am sure she has influenced him well.
        IF we pray every day and thank God we will have this mess gone soon. I feel for the poor people who don’t know what they are doing . We must pray for them also!

        • The Redhawk

          It follows that IF your Theory is correct that the DEVIL gave the (D) party Commie/fascists the Run of the Country since Clinton and followed by O ZERO starting with the EDUCATION Corruption of the Unionized Public Schools and Progressively Communist Universities…Totally out of TOUCH with REALITY

          • rei42728

            I don’t understand who is out of touch with reality. This recognition that I am stating is there IS a devil and he had been given this domain of power. That is reality . Whether you want to believe there is a devil or not is up to you.

          • The Redhawk

            The OUT of Touch with Reality are te OVEREDUCATED Academia Lounge LIZARDS who “teach” at the Highest Levels what thy don’t know and the UNDEDUCATED Plantation Dwellers of the (D) Party Anarchists who rather stay on the Porch to DWELL on “RACISM” than get off their Asses and GET JOBS!.. Is tee a Devil…Up to each to believe it or not

      • Chi Sam

        “Numer” is not a word, stupid…and the look-at-me all caps makes it appear you are boasting of your incompetence.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Amen to that!! damn good comment!!

    • usncb

      He is what we wanted and whom we voted for !!!!! We the people spoke up. Now lets support Pres. Trump,,,,,, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dorothy Foster

        Yes .. Stand with him no matter what.. That is what the Democrats do.. They never depart from their party.. Murderers, Rapists, Cheaters, Scammers, Traitors,… all evildoers.. Republicans need to stand with our leader.. It is hard enough to deal with an evil DEMOCRATIC liberal media to not to mention all the jealous Rhino republicans who are scared of losing their cushy jobs.. AND THE EVIL DEMOCRATIC PAR TY..

    • Terry Adams


    • Steven Lee Peebles

      We needed Trump 30 years ago. Gods speed old man on the hill! Please don’t quit on us Sir.

    • Robert Uda

      Even the Democrats recognize that Donald Trump could become the greatest POTUS ever.


  • Gwiz

    The Bush’s hopped on board the Soros train and like all those that are riding that train….rot in hell because that is the last stop that train will make. Elder Bush stated he didn’t know much about Trump…but didn’t like him. He judges someone based on plain talking, straight up front issues?? Elder Bush was on board that train when he was in office and spoke about the one world order bs. We don’t give a damn what the Bush’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s, etc think. They can publish all the books they want but I hope to hell they don’t sell.

    • johnny

      I certainly am not buying one… for sure

  • Tchiock

    Bush family are part of the NWO Socialist Elites still trying to hang on to a failed legacy, one that was partly good but not good enough.
    Americans want change but can’t seem to get it because of the banking hold on our way of life. Our hopes are now on Trump

    • TrueAmerican

      the Bushe’s, Clinton’s, Obama and many other high ranking in the USA are all part of the Bilderburg group that wants to an does control how the world operates. all part of the NWO

  • Aurelio Nunez

    I Bush left his ballot empty, then he has no voice to say anything, so clam up. We now have leader if given a chance.

    • Dick

      Absolutely. If you don’t exercise your right to vote, you have no right to complain. Is Bush so stupid that he doesn’t know that if he didn’t vote for President Trump he voted for Crooked Hillary?

      • rei42728

        Exactly I really didn’t want Trump to win. His background was bad, using emminent domain to crush neighborhoods taking older people out of their long held homes and he is very brash in his words, like saying McCain was not a hero. He could have thought it but not say it. BUT I voted not FOR him but AGAINST Hiliary . Now I am glad that he won because even though I wanted Ted Cruz -and many did! I think no one else could have stood up to the lefts actions like he can. We must pray for him. GOD is the only answer to this mess!

        • Robert Uda

          I was 110% for Ted Cruz. However, Lyin’ Ted proved to me to be thin-skinned and not of presidential timber. He caused the last vote in the Senate to fail. He was anti-Trump during the General Election along with Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, Mike Lee, and Jason Chaffetz to get Utah to vote for that yoyo they put up as a third-party candidate to make Trump lose against Hillary. Well, Utah voted for Trump. LOL! Now, I am totally against all of those traitors to the Trump Train and our agenda. I am from Texas and will work to see that Ted Cruz never ever becomes POTUS or a justice on the SCOTUS. Never Cruz as he was a Never Trumper.


      • Robert Uda

        No, he’s too stupid to understand that kind of logic.

  • cg

    Where were the Bushes when they needed to fight for our nation and the American people.
    They were both weak leaders…so shut the heck up…you had your chance to make things better to America.

  • Re

    The Bushes and Clintons had there chance and failed why don’t you has beens stay under your rock instead of knocking our president. He is doing a pretty good keeping other nations on there toes. He is not in bed with your old followers. America will be great again.

  • deertick

    I am very disappointed in George W. I voted for him twice but I would never do it again. Sometimes you don’t find out about some people until it’s over. I wonder how many people would have been adversely effected at the late World Series game when he threw out the first pitch. Many would have walked out had this BS come before hand. I am truly sorry to hear this, o had a lot of confidence in this man. Maybe he is a traitor to his party..

    • sweettea

      Idiot does not understand…their comments now SULLY ANY BUSH FROM POLITICS…AT LEAST US THAT KNOW THEM… NOW FOR WHAT THEY ARE!

    • dclach

      I think GW is both a traitor to his party and to his country and wish the GOP had run someone else (but not of the Dole/ McCain variety). But either Gore or Kerry would have been much worse than GW or what the time were the alternative GOP candidates.

      • rei42728

        Even if a good person would have run, the debates on TV would have favored the “establishment” I was surprised they let Trump speak up against Jeb when Trump wouldn’t let him take his turn but condemned what his brother had done. Trumps brashness and background turned me against him but am very glad he is now leading our country in the right way!

  • Clint Heinson

    AMEN DB AMEN…………!!!

  • Babsan

    The Bushes are history so shut up and enjoy your taxpayer paid pensions.That’s the least you can do if you have any sense of decency

  • tCotUS

    .The “Bush” Presidencies were not successful, both created more problems than they solved, they started wars that led to the rise of Islamic Terrorism, they failed to achieve a fraction of Trump’s Success, they are in no position to speak.
    GW;s father(the first President Bush) –voted for Hillary, according to the New York Times report. As a matter of fact both Bush monkey’s voted for Hitlery.
    These Globalist idiots who intentionally constructed economic policies (think NAFTA), that sold out the interests of the U.S. to their corporate friends and foreign finance interests, have the audacity to bemoan the goals of an American President who simply wants to rebuild the values of middle-America and restore the economic sovereignty to hard-working blue collar people. .

  • Anne Latella

    The Bushs’ are sorry their dynasty was broken when Jeb did so poorly in the election. why elect a third member f a family who was preceded by two pretty much do nothing father & son?

  • Anne Latella

    We are done with get rich politicians!

  • Judith Daley

    The Bush’s are eating sour grapes now that the “establishment” isn’t running the White House.

  • paulrph1

    One might have thought that the Bushes were true Conservatives. But Trump has way of make people reveal their true selves. They are definitely RINOs of the NWO fame. And all fames are not good.

    • Jim Parker

      I’m not sure if any of the Establishment Republicans are truly conservative, they tend to go which ever way the wind blows them.

      • paulrph1

        My sentiments exactly. But they keep getting re-elected because people are lazy and do not watch how they vote. They vote the party.

      • dclach

        None of the Establishment Republicans is worth a plugged nickel and this includes McConnell and Paul Ryan.

        • rei42728

          I think Ryan is afraid of his job. He seems to be complying with our Pres a little more now. But McConnell MUST GO
          We must find someone to run against him. Anyone in Ky who knows people??

      • Frosty33

        Tend to go which ever way the wind blows the power and money.. One and the same!

      • Jarhead

        And the wind is blowing money their way…..hence they become RINO’s……one of course can claim brain damage from a tumor and needs to be hospitalized ….Ryan, & McConnell need to be fired & charged with treason & arrested.

  • dlj_332

    The Bush ex presidents finally came out of the closet to show their Pinko intentions of globalism, free immigration. But how could we not know, both allowed free flow over our borders bringing crime, death and disease.

    • dennis w


  • Ron haymaker

    I had more respect for both the Bushes when they were president than I do now. I had no idea they had so many skeletons in their closet. The fact they hang around the Clintons & Obamas speaks volumes! The bottom line is that I only saw one name on the ballot I wanted to lead our country. I thank President Trump is doing a great job. Yes he’s not perfect & yes he makes mistakes, but he’s MY President & I am proud to have voted for him! God bless America & God bless President Donald Trump, a TRUE American President. And God bless Melania Trump, a TRUE 1st LADY. These are two things America hasn’t seen for 8 LONG years!

    • Calvin Harwick

      You are right Ron.Birds of a feather flock together.

    • Craig Kinnowr

      well stated

  • David Nichols

    Since these Ex-Presidents are so unhappy with with a man who is cleaning up the swamp that they helped create, I would be happy to provide them both with the cup of hemlock they so richly deserve…!

    • dennis w

      lace it with arsenic to make sure…….
      they deserve the BEST……….

    • Julia Sanford

      Good idea, David. I think we have some lily livers on both sides. There are the Socialist Czars that Obama put around him and then there are the RINOs who are cosying up with the Clintons and Obamas.

  • Kim Caudill

    Hillary Clinton is trying to demonize The Convention of States, because she knows it would take the power away from establishment politicians. I say as the American citizens of this country The Convention of States should succeed because it is an opportunity for the PATRIOTS concerned about the direction of this great country to shut down the liberals, antifa, Hollywood screwballs and any other threats out there. CONVENTION OF STATES YES!

  • Larry Brule


  • downs1

    Donald Trump, fortunately, doesn’t belong to the Washington elite! He is not a member of the “Good Old Boys Club”! He isn’t beholden to a bunch of political action groups who contribute to a candidate and thereafter “own” that person! He is open, honest, tough, and he does what he says he’ll do! He doesn’t back down in the face of threats! The Bush’s just dropped a whole bunch on the “people I respect lists” of many people! So sad! The GOP has not done as it promised it would! Some of those fools will go down in flames as more truth is revealed!

  • Linda Rader

    Guess they did get their feelings hurt when Jeb didn’t get to be the next Bush in office….boo hoo

  • Ron Brooks

    President Trump has already accomplished more good than either of the Bush bums, Clinton, and Obama all combined ever did.

    • Julia Sanford

      True Ron, and with unbelievable roadblocks.

  • TPS12

    We’ve had nothing but PC politicians in government for years and all the platforms you campaigned on still need to be fixed. And that’s why we elected someone outside of the club to be President. Seeing both parties constantly attacking President Trump tells me were on the right path. It’s like the dems and pubs are now embracing the enemy of my enemy proverb. Hypocrites one and all.

  • Murphmeister

    Hey, 41 and 43, you kept your peace during Obama when he was trying to fundamentally change the country. Please keep silent while Trump tries to change it back.

  • Statesman Patriot

    The Bush’s are true politicians.
    Trump is proving himself to be a statesman.

    Politicians are special interest establishment officials who do things for self interest and gain.
    Statesmen do things because it is the right thing to do to benefit most everyone.

  • Victor Galindo

    Daddy Bush is in the category of Odama and Carter, although Carter’s last remarks about the press and Old Guard being too critical of Trump proves even he is way above the Bushs, all three.

    • Julia Sanford

      The first president since Reagan with gonads.

  • gentlewaves

    Good bye book sales.( The Bushes are already bye-bye and they’ve done it to themselves.) Take a walk in the woods with Hillary, Bushes. You two, too, are a great disappointment.

  • dclach

    Both Bushes were incompetent as President and respectively paved the way for Bill Clinton and Barak Obama to follow them. We’re well rid of all four and should rejoice that we now have Donald Trump in their place. He was not my first choice, but is vastly better than either Bush.

  • luvsgunsandamerica

    Neither Bush was worth a sheet,one too decrepit,the other a war loving cretin who should have nuked Afghanistan to prove to the mooscum countries the US wouldn’t tolerate their sheet

  • This article is too kind to the Bush’s. George HW Bush is a big fan of global government and is interested in continuing to move the country towards that objective. He hates MAGA because it defeats his objectives. The Clintons and Obamas also support global government. And, of course, GW Bush follows his dad’s lead on most everything.
    None of these recent Presidents had an independent America as their top objective. In fact, quite the opposite. To achieve Global Government, America and American leadership needed to be weakened. And that is what has happened over the past two decades.
    Add to these Presidents, the support of other globalists like McCain, Ryan, maybe McConnell, and one can see the depth to which Global Government was being supported in our country.
    Thank God for Donald Trump.



  • Stephen Howe

    A Blowhard? Rather a fighter. A scrapper. Not a mealy-mouthed, New England apologist globalist. A year ago I had NEVER ONCE voted…why? What did it matter? The choices were always between Yogi Bear & Boo Boo. FINALLY, in 2016 I had a chance to finally vote for AND ELECT BY GOD another Teddy Roosevelt. MAGA!!

    • IMSweetOlBob

      Although an Irishman, of temper and heritage, and one not inclined to miss a good fight, (One of my Uncles said that the way to start world war lll , was to lock two Irishmen in an elevator), I can’t argue with your stance. It seems to me that I have voted for the wrong person for the wrong reasons for years, always seeming to vote AGAINST some SOB, while gritting my teeth and holding my breath !
      Not since the time of HST, (Yes, I was a democRAT then) have I felt that I really had someone to vote FOR !
      It’s time to knock off the “Manure Stream Media” applied labels !
      We, that is you and I, don’t need to be told that we have to adhere to one political alliance or label or another, in order to keep the blessed status-quo of officials telling us it is a warm rain while peeing in our shoe.
      I am please to make your acquiescence, sir ! Maybe we can get together and really get some badly needed things done for AMERICA !

    • Kristie1272

      Hmm, I’m not a fan of FDR anymore… He promised Democrats that he would block anti-lynching legislation and he excluded African Americans from a lot of the New Deal legislation. Many African Americans were paid in cash and didn’t qualify for social security. One of the worst policies was the Federal Housing Administration that lasted from 1934-68. From what I understand, it made home ownership accessible to white people, by backing their loans, but refused to give loans to African Americans. Also, in 1942, FDR ordered all Japanese Americans into concentration camps.

      • rei42728

        Maybe we should put all Muslims in camps. There are plenty in the countrysides I understand and are guarded! I knew a man that knew plenty of Muslims and said they would kill you if they get a chance! Are we headed for another Charades!?

  • Swampfox1965

    The Bushes still don’t get it. We voters finally had enough of entrenched Republican Swamp People taking care of themselves while ignoring their constituents. Trump saw that and exploited it — expertly. I McConnel and a few other Republicans will join him instead of fighting him we’ll see some real progress for the conservative agenda in the next three years, and probably for the four following years. I pray that those Republicans who continue to fight Trump will be given their pink slips next year and two years thereafter.

  • Brabado

    Had America known, how sore losers and envious the Bushes are, I’m certain their would have never been a 41 or 43!

    If they chose to hop into bed with the Clintons, and the Obamas, America has confirmed whose interest theywere really serving…

    Hope, President Trump continues his excellent performance, leadership, regardless of the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons and the Corrupt Fake News Media Cartel, and all the other “stealth members of the corrupt REPUBLICAN/RINO political establishment”… Our Nation doesn’t need any of them now, or in the future!


    Semper fi.

    • marybellebuono@gmail.com

      What is most sad, what Trump is trying to do he must do on his own, because he has NO one he can trust, most being back stabbers. God Bless him and I pray for him everyday !!!

  • Blue

    Bush/Bohemian Grove

  • Walter Siebert

    Both the Bush’s were riding Ronald Reagan’s coattails, If Reagan hadn’t revamped our military ( for which he was criticized ) the Gulf War would have been a joke !!! Both the Bush’s were terrible, that’s why we had Predator Bill and Throw the country away Obama.!!!

  • wminaz

    W may be the last Establishment Republican.

  • Segundo Puentes Villa

    T he Bushes are a bunch of jelous people The president Mr Trump is a builder he can build anything look at the economy how it is and better more to come . Segundo

  • rtwoods3

    Both of the Bushes were a freaking joke. The elder seems to forget he was not much of a leader and could not win a second term. They younger was a yes man for special interest. He got us into a war as a vendetta for his father. Neither one of them should talk about a sitting president. What do they say about the biggest crooks and womanizer? What do they say about Obama who just about took our country into socialism, depleted our military and did not one thing positive for this country. I left my ballot blank for the younger Bush, touché.

    • RightVote

      Don’t forget The Bush Boyz wanted to give America JEB BUSH !
      And he has been touted as the ‘Smart One’ !
      Please Clap !

  • RightVote

    The Bush Boyz …… Hmmm. The Father #41 couldn’t get re-elected ……So we ended up with the Clinton$.
    He Couldn’t / Wouldn’t carry on with the the Peoples President, President Reagan.
    Read MY Lips…NBo New Taxes. Fkn’ liar.
    He is a Globalist……….Talked about the NWO way back when !
    #43……Hmmm……..Weapons of Mass Destruction (?) / Invaded the WRONG Country after 2001 / Iraq gave us Iran.
    A Simple man of Simple thoughts.
    And NOW they buddy up with the Clinton$ and the Obamas.
    The BUSHs will always be known as the
    O’Clush Family
    O-bama / CL-inton / b-USH ! Yup, that says it all !

  • Gary

    Why Bush never said a word about Obama yet critical of President Trump I guess Obama was his cup of tea I had respect for him but not any longer Trump is a republicians but like Reagon not a natural Republicians but one people elected President Bush should respect him

    • marybellebuono@gmail.com

      The absolute strange thing is how Obama tore Bush to shreds, but now he is kissing Obama’s A$$ !!!!!!

  • Vince

    The Bush’s did not do a bang up job at president, you mite say they did very poorly.

  • joe

    who pulled the string on the Bush family ?

  • Henry

    Well as far as I am concerned the Bushes are in the bushes. I’ve taken my picture off the wall of the younger Bush . I have no more loyalty for them what soever. We voted for Trump because the Republican establishment has failed us. Trump is now taking us where the failed Republicans had no guts to go.

  • george briar

    yeah no doubt Trump is different and after watching 8 horrific years of Obama and the democrats same old crap and worse it was different that was needed. This man shows up for work every day and digs in to improve this country in spite of bashing from the media, both political parties and all the assholes in Hollywood. Trump is a tough guy proven he can take it and give it out when necessary. Is he doing a great job? well don’t expect the media to admit it, but it’s obvious the country is improving, unemployment down illegal immigration down, acceptance of Muslim refugees down, gas prices not at 5 dollars a gallon where Obama wanted it. You can dislike him if you want but when the smoke clears and America is great again and it will be Trump will still be standing there and the naysayers will be far and few between. everyone loves a winner and that’s what our new President is. It’s all he is.

  • Martin

    The Bushes are part of the dead establishment.

  • Dondh

    It looks like the Bush’s are in cahoots, with the Clinton’s in that anti-American, anti-Christian organization known as the CABAL as well as a number of other libtards who are specifically out to get President Trump! Why wouldn’t they because their presidencies failed beyond recognition of the American people, they faked us out! These people should be arrested for treason and interference with the President. Former Presidents are not allowed to make such accusations as treason and removal of a president without truthful evidence, of which they have none! They are simply jealous because President Trump is doing great things they could never do for the American people especially Obama! The only reason I voted for the Bush’s is because the Democratic candidate offered nothing but egotistical policies that would benefit them and not the American people! This was very evident with this most recent past president Obama! His policies and under-the-table laws did anything to benefit the American people, especially that ridiculous Oscumbocare health bill, the worst ever. Then that Iran deal was a farce that cost American taxpayers far too much money, money that was either distributed to terrorist organizations or used to advance their nuclear program, illegally in both cases I might add! AMERICANS MUST GIVE PRESIDENT A CHANCE TO DO WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

  • ruth

    both Bush president should just shut up and g one with their lives — there is skeletons in closets also and they should not talk — so what that the American people elected an outsider– at least he has OUR interest at heart and not trying to appease the former has beens– or are you just jealousy that your worthless brother didnt get the opportunity to run for the office — and to top it all off Trump will clean out the garbage that has been on the government for many years

  • dan

    This press is so out of touch they ask President Trump questions about gun control when he is trying to form a coalition to avert Nuclear War! Their degrees have to be in propaganda and nothing else!

  • Matlonc

    “F” both of them. THEY are exactly what is wrong with the republican party and politics in general. IF being presidential means acting like those two hayseeds or the racist cop hater of the last 8 years than I am more than willing to say Trump is not presidential. Actions speak much louder than words and the last 3 morons said a lot but accomplished NOTHING unless you want to start with 20 trillion in debt, etc.

  • Steven Kaspar

    The whole bush family is nothing but a bunch of neocon scumbags and I could care less what they have to say and in my opinion bushes 41 and 43 should both be sitting in jail for the whole Iraq disaster!

  • markypolo

    BOTH the Bush’s spend their Presidency licking the butts of Democrats. The latter Bush gave us Barack “jackazz muzzie” Obama!

  • Beachlover17

    The Bushes need to go back to the bushes. They are just part of ;the establishment and as such cannot agree to agree with an outsider. Guess they don’t like the fact that business is booming, the market is up, way up, unemployment is way down and millions are off of welfare…something neither of them could accomplish. SOUR GRAPES ARE SOOO BITTER. THEY TURN OLD AND WRINKLE UP.

  • W. Coyote

    Here’s just a very small sampling of what the Bush’s were commenting about—
    ” My IQ is one of the highest”
    “I grab ’em by the p——-. When you’re a star they let you do it”
    “I stand behind nothing”
    “I can be more presidential than anybody”
    “I have one of the world’s great memories”
    “I don’t really remember him”

  • James Ruddy

    The difference between the Bush’s and Trump is easy to see. They put their party and their legacy first, while Trump puts America and American’s first…a glaring, stark, contrast between them and President Trump.

  • seersuckerandapanama

    The Bushes, along with McCain and the rest of the blue-blood, get along & go along, country club, loser wing of the Republican party are advertisements for a new third party. Trump can lead the salvation of the Republican party, but if not then it is over.

  • polly

    The Bushes are so jealous of Mr Trump.He has put them to shame.Their NW O does not sit well with the President and the people.Maybe no.one will buy their books

  • Richard Kosmisky

    It is about time that we have someone who is not afraid to say what the rest of us have been thinking fore many years but have always fallen on the deaf ears of Democrats and the liberals to damn worried about being politically correct that is exactly what got us in to the mess that we are in now. It is time to call wrong , wrong and forget who it offends because they are the problem and never the answer

    • Julia Sanford

      That’s just it, Richard. I guess some of us wish Trump would be a little more careful about giving them so much ammunition, but I agree that he’s saying what we wanted to say for years. Whatever he says, they are going to twist it anyway. In fact, they are not embarrassed to actually lie.

  • Judy Petitto

    Consider the source!

  • Robert Wayne

    The Bushes are typical neocon RINO establishment phonies. Globalists who pretend to be conservative while campaigning but then miraculously become fence post libturds once in office. I lost some respect for Bush Jr. because of his softness on border protection. And then I lost the rest of any respect I had for him when he showed what a pansy he was by letting Obama kick him around after 2008.

  • God,Family,Country

    Yeah Right Republican, Please both Bush administrations were Super World globalist Democrats

    • niknar

      The worst presidents since 1900 are, in order: Trump, Bush Jr., Reagan, Nixon, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Ford, Bush Sr., Taft.

      The only outstanding presidents during this period of time both have the same last name, are cousins, but are of different parties. I hope you can figure out who they are.

  • Shelba Herring

    If guys like the two bush’s that were in office is the last republican president then lets all give a great big HOO RAY people were tired of the same old crap coming out of the contenders mouth therefore we decided that Trump could not do any worse than past presidents have done, Obama especially, he has committed treason against the US, he has not made it impossible for companies to do business in the US and he has not embraced illegal alien felons in the US and everyone who came into this country illegally is a felon

    • Shelba Herring

      did not proof read not goes before committed

  • Les Gulledge

    Screw the bushies. They made their nickels. Now they need to get the hell out of our hair and form a commune with the Obummers and Clinton Crime Cartel. They ain’t worth spittin’ on. Am ashamed to have voted for them twice, but considering the alternative – we didn’t have a choice – which really wasn’t a choice at all. It was more like the slightly lesser of the 2 evils. Good Riddance.

  • Paul

    Why are they not saying anything about woman he has been accused of molesting???

  • KT

    The whole purpose for voting Trump in was to bring down the Politicians and their fun times……of corruption!! This is what I so enjoy……is watching them all be exposed and having to face the truth!!

  • mesaman

    Reality must come at an extreme expense for the Bushes., Face it G-dub retrieving your political virginity is impossible. You signed your fate with a so-so term as president.

  • mannasage

    When in American history did ex-Presidents disgrace the office as these two morons have? Obama blamed George for every problem he had, & George kisses his butt & tries to make believe that the Obama’s are human beings. History will judge these last 4 Presidents before we know who zoomed who! IMHO America barely made it through these last 8 yrs., Obama belongs in prison for how he down graded our country & doubled our debt!

  • Bill Hamby

    Once upon a time had the utmost respect for both Bush presidents. I worked very diligently for many months to get “GW” elected as Gov of Texas. and likewise for President. Now, however, beginning with their pre-election attitude toward President Trump, it is an outright disgrace the way they have treated him; and you talk about ‘Party Division” – it is the likes of “HW” and “GW” Bush that has kept the Republican Party in disarray. You, Gentlemen, are a disgrace to the RP and the Nation; and to put it bluntly, considering your past record, PRESIDENT TRUMP has displayed more Leadership, economic savvy, and love for these United States of America, than the two of you combined. You two Gentlemen should go somewhere and hide from the public for the duration…..you are so sad and so sick!

  • JerryBGoode

    Where were HW and W when Obama was ruining the country with his socialist policies and worse. Obamacare, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives, screwing up the recovery in Iraq, making race relations the worst in my lifetime, lying about Benghazi and making the damn Iran nuclear deal that could lead to us being nuked. That is just for starters. They were okay with the liar in chief and made no comments about his terrible actions and policies but they now speak out because the do not like the civil discourse of Trump? Which is more important to the American people?

  • Don Francis

    The Pied Piper comes to town and all the rats are trying to stop him.

  • ProudAmerican✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
  • Gerri

    Really,BUSHS!!!! Where were these two Paragons of Virtue while the OBAMINATION was blaming 43′ for everything that was wrong when he took over. Not a word out of them. It’s just sour grapes because Mr. Trump made mince meat out of Jeb Bush (thank God). They did all they could to undermine Mr.Trump but it did’nt work and they don’t like that!!! They encouraged Billie Bush,at his own peril, to try to bring him down and as we see they got it in the neck with the revelations that 41′ is apparently a pervert, guess that was the pot calling the kettle black!


    America, the most unique concept for a nation ever created by man. Our Declaration of Independence can be use as Synopsis of any religious book. The Glorious Constitution of the United States of America, as long as it is alive and breathing document, will protect the intelligent ones, the non-intelligent ones, the rich, the poor, humans of all races and creeds, but, The Constitution is dead. We are not longer a democracy. No even in the time of my beloved President his Excellency, Donald J. Trump. he is trying his best to correct the damage done by the pack of wolves dress up in sheep clothing to devours our way of life.
    9/11, just explained this question. Why an untouched building, had a demolition falling episode exactly as the Twin Towers. Investigate this question properly, call me later,
    President Trump is doing the best he can. We need to stop believing in BLESS SHIT, like the value of money, power, rape, abused, glamour, we all are toilet paper users. The only sacred among us are our children and our women. We men, we are nasty, brutal, ignorant, and we men are destroying everything in the name of freedom. Lets be quiet and take death. We have no more a Living Constitution to protect us all.

  • The Scout

    At one time I thought that, both Bushs, although they were only fair Presidents, did have the well being of the country and the people in their minds. With this book you can see that, they have only their own profit in their mind. They are like, all the life long politicians, both Democrat and Republican, they care only for their profits. Profits that were hindered when Jeb Bush did not make the cut and they are striking back. All the Democrat party and many in the Republican party are fighting Trump, as his election upset the political balance. The rest of the politiicans are just riding the line until they see an opening to regain control. That cointrol carries the possibility that the two party system of wealth control, will be reinstated, if the Trump does nots succeed. They have been doing everything they can to derail Presidents Trump and they will continue to do so, to get the power back into their money and power hungry hands and again. With the two party system, these life time politiicans can control their wealth and control over the people. They really do not care which party is in power has they are able to work the system to their benefit, not for the benefit of the people.

  • Calvin Harwick

    The Bush family is controlled by their emotions not common sense.being Mr. Guy don’t quite cut it.

  • smithleeroy21

    Bushes are jealous that President Trump is changing the way things are done in Washington. I for one am glad to see A Man in the Oval Office that speaks his mind, not afraid to ruffel a lot of feathers, and do what no president has done in my 67 year lifetime. He is in tune with the working class that pay the taxes for all the “EGO, self serving politicians on both sides salary. I would like to see the whole bunch fired.

  • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

    The elder Bush has no room to talk!! remember his READ MY LIPS NO NEW TAX!!!! I now have a bad taste in my mouth… I a need to SPIT!!!!

  • LittleMoose

    President Trump has done more for America in one years then both Bushes did in the 12 years they were in office. The Bushes were more concerned about keeping the Republican Party in power then in helping the people.

  • chief1937

    If Bush’s statements are an example of his book I don’t care to read it. Just another bash the president rag. By the way just what does the Bushes have to brag about?

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    The American people came out and voted on Election Day, but haven’t done much to support the President. If their to to stupid to see what is going on then all the effort on President Trumps part will be wasted for nothing we lost two Governorships in today elections because the turn out for republican dropped off. If we don’t stand for something we will all fall together. If your setting back thinking you did your part getting Trump in office your a fool he said he was going to clean the Swamp didn’t anyone think that would cause trouble the left are going to remove everything Trump has done if we don’t get off our hands and send Washington a message Loud and Clear. Get out and support the President or be prepared for this country to fall in the hands of the liberals who are wanting a socialism or communist country. Once the Constitution starts to fall it will continue to get worst then you can emagin. Look north to see how things are getting or across the pond and that’s what it going to look like here if the criminals in the democrat Party gets their way. Criminals running wild, the Democrats want to remove your second Amendment removed first and the rest to follow shortly after.

  • Lydia Waddell

    sour grapes Jeb thought “I’ll take it from here dad, I got this” wrong!!!

  • Donnie Willis

    GO away ,your time has gone! Now you.

  • daveveselenak

    The lizard head bush-league Bush’s of the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls, that’ right, didn’t say one bad thing about the former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist “Bath-house” Barry because they are working for the same team of devil worshipers!

  • anolesboy

    Yes Trump is different and that is the problem for the elites and the establishment. He doesn’t fit into their mold of what THEY think he should be. It is refreshing how Trump can say many things that the average person is thinking and wants said on their behalf. Bush 41 says, “I don’t know much about him” but then he goes on to say “but he is a blowhard” If he doesn’t know much about him how can he make such a remark? Trump is changing things in Washington and the establishment doesn’t like him coming into their sandbox and taking their toys. Trump is the best thing that has happen to America. Thank you President Trump.

  • The Redhawk

    TWO Historical events
    1) Donna Brazile Got rid of the Clinton Dynasty… Thank god!!!
    2) the Bushes Did it to themselves .. Thank god!!!
    NEXT NEEDED EVENT is to get RID of all Socialists, Commies Rinos mambers of the DO Nothing CONGRESS to Save the Republic from these NUT JOBS attempt to Create a DYNASTY FOR DECLINE!

  • Robert

    Trump is a leader, Not a follower.
    They don’t like the fact that Trump doesn’t care about Political Correctness
    or doing what the deep state wants.
    He try’s to do everything he said he would and worries about AMERICAN’S.

  • Carol

    I agree with the author “It is time for a new day”. “And it’s only natural for the old guys to feel a little bitter.”

  • cccarr

    the bushes are a disgrace for making negative comments about a sitting president. they certainly did not utter one word as obama lied and busted the u.s constitution during his 8 year reign. but the bitterness about baby jeb getting hosed by trump in the primaries has caused them to lower themselves with these comments.

  • disqus_EAu9V32f4v


    • Chi Sam

      Vidio is not a word, stupid…and Godspeed is simply one word. You’re very stupid for a grown man.

  • Marilyn Johnson

    He is the greatest President ever in my life time and i have lived a long time! I should know. May GOD BLESS AND PROTECT EVERYONE AROUND HIM THAT IS FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY.

  • usncb

    The whole BUSH family are has-beens so move it, move it, move it …….Get out of D.C.

  • a fool

    The Citizenry of the USA wanted a REAl Person, who is A Hot Blooded True American! We got HIM and we all LOVE HIM and Believe in HIM! Yes, He will make America Great Again! Wait and SEE! Rush judgements about anything or anyone have never come from the Wise.

  • Thomas

    If it is the last Republican President as we remember them, then we shoud be extremly thankful. We do not have a Republican or a Democrat President now. What we have is an American President. One that speaks so we can understand him. Not one who is indoctrinated with lawer talk they think makes them look smart. Anyone who cannot talk or write so they can be understood by the public definitely is not smart. A 4th grader cold do getter. Drain the swamp (cesspool).

  • F Gutierrez

    So disappointed with the Bushes Sr. and Jr. I thought they were decent people but it turn out I was wrong. Sr. was involved with President Kennedy’s death and Jr. with 9/11. Bottom line they are part of the swamp.

    • Maria

      No not so decent, I hear Bush senior likes harassing women and seems to have been doing it for a long time.

  • aldera

    I am getting darn tired of everybody taking aim at our President. Mrs Bush might remember her unhappiness when her own husband was attacked. President Trump is not a diplomat, he tells it as it is; sometimes seeming like a bull in the china closet. He wants the best for our country, for “America”! We should count our blessings.

  • Maria

    One thing is not agreeing with Trump ( don’t know why since all Trump is doing is trying to better our country and our lives ) and not liking him, the other is becoming so cozy with the Clintons and Obozos after all the wrongs they have done and all the dirt coming out on both, it looks like the three families are ganging up against Trump, I wonder why? What is the hidden agenda? This makes me angry.

  • anolesboy

    I voted for Trump and I will vote for President Trump again. Yes he might not say what the Washington insiders think he should say but perhaps if they did listen to him maybe they might understand why he was elected.
    Semper Fi and may God bless all our veterans.

  • tushambi

    It always amazes me that people with skeletons in their closet like to criticize those who are far more honest. The Bush family has one of Americas worse traitors as a member. Prescott Bush was one of Adolf Hitlers biggest backers and was a member of the group who helped the Nazi party and the Third Reich come to power. Starting in the 1920 and continuing through world war 11 they shipped millions of dollars worth of gold, steel, munitions,fuel and US treasury bonds to Germany. They also laundered gold stolen from concentration camp victims for the Nazis

  • Blue

    Any info on here about the Bush clan and Bohemian Grove?


    Let them run their fat mouths, Trump is a real President because he puts Americans first as Presidents should do. If anyone is interested, they should investigate the Bushes, past, present and future. They would be amazed at how crooked the Bushes are and have been and will always be. George Bush Jr., is responsible for the past 16 years of war we’re in. He did not have to go into Iraq and that’s what started this mess with ISIS, etc.. He is responsible for all the deaths and the money our country has had to spend on this war. I made a conscious decision to support him until and unless I found him to be lying to us, and sure enough, HE DID !!!! Remember him saying how there was chemicals in boxcars, yeah, I do. I also remember seeing ONE TIME on the news of a soldier scraping away the tiles in front of a hotel in Iraq of Georgie’s father. That was the real reason for going into Iraq, only saw it once and it was taken off TV, that should tell ya something. They are not honorable people just like the Clintons, Obamas and Soros. HAIL TO OUR PRESENT CHIEF.

    • mrpoohead

      Whoop, a real President prosecuted and convicted of employing illegals and avoiding the tax man. Over 3000 legal cases. What a star! If only Al Capone had run for President.

  • gregory becmer

    Really Bushes, I am very disappointed in what you said. What did you both do to make this Country better??? I really can’t think of one. So shut up and see what happens.

  • Dorothy Foster

    The Bushes, Obama, Clintons cannot hold a candle to Trump!! He is the real deal.. He is for AMERICA. Not out for himself.. Love TRUMP!

  • Warpaint

    Like we give a crap bush just die please

  • downs1

    America is a mess! It seems to be improving, because Donald Trump doesn’t sit on his hands and continue to kick the can down the road! People dislike him because they cannot manipulate him as they could some previous leaders. He also says what he means and means what he says! He has put America first, and up to this point he has done things to keep up with the promise of his slogan, “Make America Great Again”! Unfortunately, he is demonstrating to the people the weakness and dishonesty of Congress on both sides of the aisle! That is why “they” hate him! Unless the people get behind their leader this once great nation will go down! It is on the edge now, and unless it wakes up, it will be too late!

  • Jean Witte

    I never was fond of George Herbert Walker Bush…really liked “W” most of the time, but the fly is in the ointment now! These two men had their chance at running the country and now we finally have a man who knows his business more than politics and that is just what this tired nation needs. So my advice to the Bush family…retire and keep you mouths shut! If you can’t help, then for Pete’s sake, don’t hinder!!! Same goes for the Obama’s and the Clinton’s. If justice be served, the latter two families should spend the rest of their lives in prison! As for far too many of those sitting in what should be honored seats…get a grip and quite stirring up trouble or you will probably be in retirement sooner than you expect!!

  • Darren Rusty

    43 should go back to keeping his mouth shut and staying out of politics. He isn’t the POTUS any more and the same goes for 41. If anyone wanted their opinion about the POTUS, we would have asked for it.

  • jcgreen2

    I am vastly happier with Trump in the Oval Office than I ever was with either of the Bushes, who are “One Worlders!” They can say whatever they want but it remains true that The Donald is way better than either of them. And he is just beginning! Thank Heaven!

  • Nancy Smith

    Shame on both Presidents Bush! WE THE PEOPLE chose President Trump to lead our nation for at least 4 years. That’s how it works in America. Their cozy relationship with the Clintons boggles my mind. I voted twice for each Pres. Bush, and thought maybe one day I’d be voting for George Prescott Bush. Not gonna happen! Don’t worry if you see a huge fire in Florida. It will just be me, burning every book by or about and member of the Bush family, including the dog!

    • Mike W

      The “Swamp” only concerns itself with “their” continued control of this country and the money therein.

  • Robert Uda

    Bush Clan

    George W. Bush (GWB) is one of the biggest disappointments in my political life. I supported his dad, George Herbert Walker Bush (GHWB), who now proves to be an admitted sexual pervert, and I supported GWB for two terms. The Bushes are all Globalists and New World Order (NWO) people who are a danger to the USA. When GWB was a spendthrift and spent half of what Obama did, the Republican Party left me in 2008 and became the Repugnant Party in my book. I was a member of the Republican Party for 45 years. I no longer claim to be a Republican! I am now an independent “strict constructionist” Constitutional Conservative, not part of the corrupt Grand Old Party (GOP) and not a supporter of the corrupt Republican National Committee (RNC).

    After eight years of Obama, GWB did not say a disparaging word about him. However, in the first year of Donald J. Trump (DJT), GWB comes out of his hole like a cockroach and blasts DJT. What a disgraceful display of pro-corruption political hack this GWB has become. The entire Bush Clan has me terribly appalled, and I will never again support another Bush. This is a family in disgrace. Jeb Bush was a disgraceful candidate for POTUS. He never ever will become POTUS. These people are all for letting illegal aliens enter the USA and become automatic citizens through amnesty.

    GWB did a terrible job as POTUS, and now he sits in judgement of DJT, the greatest POTUS in U.S. history! Give me a break! I hope GWB goes back into his cockroach hole and never comes back out again to speak another nasty word against my president. In the near future, are we going to hear that GWB is a sexual pervert, sexual harasser, and sexual assaulter like his “dirty old man” father, GHWB?

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3cf03d0cf8729b59ffdc23942d3931c2518690e60519206bf1ddd4353b0a1ae4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71982affa69314dfdb2190089c2389e7b34718b589f0da23b90dab4b13c0a112.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/69a18ca77f785974d56eb19f00570533f8ec7e672de307cfed22a905bed01628.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/49fb54f07bc21a7ea3b6fcce32ca131c620be3ed2df7eac0176476a8c398a420.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5cf5f585bcdd4abfae101bdd926abfe059e92ba696c2c7588667c21a5e307409.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/27fed2314d149facb1ee1fb5ad2b71b2d2c70bfea56d821c61886ac628f0393c.jpg

  • Elisabeth Day

    The Bush tribe and their disgraced Neocon ‘friends’ shud relise that the Bush political dynasty is dead. Jeb was a loser, plain and simple! The lasting and costly mess that Pres Bush created in the middle east is a lasting disgrace. They shud shut the hell up and crawl into a hole somewhere and count all their illgotten fortune.

    • Mike W

      History will show that it was Carter and Clinton that gave North Korea nuclear capabilities. It was Obama who gave Iran nuclear capabilities. It was Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton and Obama that gave Russia 20% of our remaining uranium – all the while Obama was pushing hard to reduce our own nuclear inventory. It was the Bush’s that got into the mindless war in the Middle East – the Democrats have long accused “W” of just finishing what his Daddy started. For 8 long years all we heard from Obama and his minions was that everything wrong was Bush’s fault and Obama inherited the mess. Obama doubled the deficit and now ALL of the above named people have joined forces to blame their mess on President Trump. “President Trump inherited their mess” has anyone ever heard that mentioned in the lame stream media? They are ALL about to be exposed as “Swamp” denizens and the closer they get to the light of day they all joined forces to try to hide their own participation. Of ALL of these people – President Trump is the ONLY one who did NOT get rich in so called “Public Service”. Public corruption is more like it. Of “our” twenty trillion dollar debt – how much of that money ended up in the pockets of the Clintons? Obama’s? Bush’s? Congress? Senate? Cabinet members? Lobbyist? Prime fundraisers?

    • Chi Sam

      Shud is not a word, stupid. Neither is ‘relise’. You are a stupid, mouth-running idiot.

  • bill_v523

    Bush is a piece of sh*t – a worthless establishment politician and puppet, he is not a Republican – don’t buy the Hillarhoid and Bushwhacked books

  • suesueb

    Both Bushes seem to give more weight to “personalities” than to “policies.” And I sure there’s “sour grapes” in there, too, because of Jeb. I know Trump’s flaws, but once he won the primaries, he has grown on me. I actually like what he’s trying to do and believe he wants only the best for this country. He still has flaws, but his good outweighs the bad – BY FAR. I would vote for him again.

    I’m really dumbfounded that the Bushes don’t seem bothered by today’s mainstream media . Don’t they see it’s just another arm of left? If so, why aren’t they saying something to condemn it? One of the worst things to happen to this country is that our news media no longer “reports” the news, but rather is “shaping” the news to make people fall in-line with their liberal ideology. It’s truly scary! I long for the day when, while reading the Wash Post, I would only get their “opinions” from the Opinion section. And the MSM’s fact-checking is just about nonexistent.

  • jimmy9522

    There is no excuse at all for voting for Hillary Clinton.

  • Laszlo Ptarmigan

    43 should wipe that smirk off his face!

  • rei42728

    This is the devil’s work make no mistake about it. For those who don’t believe in God or the devil -just ask God to enlighten you AND He will!
    Again I say search popeleoX111 But the devil schooled so many workers to keep going his crashing of humanity that his work is never ending.
    Take courage! and search 3daysdarkness If you don’t mind being without electricity and your cell phones!!!you will like what is coming. How soon? Who knows! “They” keep writing about an EMT That’s what it’s all about The end of this period in history. How long it will take humanity to crash the new world? Probably not very long because humanity has shown it’s selfish self and we won’t change, even if we have all good intentions, we fail.
    Just be sure you have a hand pump on your well so you can get water. We can go a long time without food but only 3 days without water.

  • rei42728

    Don’t you wonder why the powers that could put the Clintons in jail refuse to prosecute? Aftraid for their lives?! They came from Arkansas with a history where there was a questionable murder.

  • Elisabeth Day

    The Bush family shud shut the hell up. They shud realize that Jeb was a dud, and that the Bush dynasty is OVER!!!! They shud be ashamed of themselves for how they screwed up the entire middle east.

    • Chi Sam

      You should be ashamed of yourself that you somehow think ‘shud’ is a word despite your having seen the common word should in print tens of thousands of times during the course of your adult lifetime.

      Does your brain also believe that could and would are spelled cud and wud? You stupid, stupid, mouth-running dummy.

  • Rex Whitmer

    You know, the day the Twin Towers went down, Bush was making like a liberal, doing all the things a liberal would be doing. When the towers came down he stepped up and actually became a hero. He used the attack to finish what his father had started and sacrificed a lot of good American soldiers to accomplish the act! That act alone left an unsettled group of nations open for Muslim Extremists, and we’ve been on the verge of fighting them every since! Now, under Trump’s guidance we are seeing a much weaker Muslim extremist ability. Hopefully he will have the wisdom and verve to finish it! He has no business criticizing a person whom is doing what HE should have done!

  • Nancy Smith

    So very disappointed in the Bush family. I was looking forward to voting for George Prescott Bush one day. There will be a major “book-burning” soon as I own every book by or about my former favorite first family, and I can’t even look at them on my shelf anymore!

  • Rex Whitmer

    Let me tell the Bushes something. They were only part of the SWAMP. Neither one could call himself a conservative. It had become evident to the people of Florida when little brother decided to set forth to the White House. One interesting thing to consider. How many presidents actually went to Harvard? What did they learn there that other colleges couldn’t teach them? Of the recent presidents, I think that Clinton was the only one whom didn’t. Carter a little further back didn’t attend either, but they made fun of him so much that he only served on term. I understand that there’s a fraternity there that seems to guarantee that it’s members will top out in whatever they want to be. They gave Obama a foreign student scholarship, but I think the fraternity was too, you know, to allow him membership, but just maybe?? Who knows? I don’t.

  • Painter97

    We elected the RIGHT man for the job last November. He does not play patty cake with the Washington folks, he does and is doing right for this great country. I truly believe he will get the job done. As far as the bush family goes, I voted for both men in their elections and I really regret giving them my vote after seeing the way they are carrying on now. The old political machine hopefully has been if not broken at least slowed down now. It is time we have an OUTSIDER running things and know how business needs to be handled. He is as in the previous post (jimdarnall) stated EVERYTHING AMERICA SHOULD BE ABOUT! We also do NOT need that palin woman in running this country.
    God bless President Trump!!

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