100+ Year Old Elders Get Married

(TotalConservative.com) – Two century-old senior citizens in Pennsylvania decided to tie the knot after meeting at a retirement community, possibly breaking the record for oldest living married couple.

Majorie Fiterman, 102, and Bernie Littman, 100, met one another nine years prior at the retirement community where they both live in Philadelphia. The meeting happened after the two locked eyes across the room at a party hosted at the living center and they had their first date the same day, never looking back.

Nine years later, on Saturday, May 19, Fiterman and Littman celebrated their bond by making it official before friends and family in a traditional Jewish ceremony at the retirement community. Together, the couples’ ages surpass two centuries of experience, and they may be the oldest married couple alive in the world. The families of Fiterman and Littman even reached out to the Guinness World Records to see if the couple broke the record.

Thirty-nine-year-old Sarah Sicherman, who is Littman’s granddaughter, told reporters that even though her grandfather and Fiterman had been together for almost a decade, they had not started to discuss marriage until a close call put the idea in their minds. When Fiterman had an accidental fall and broke her leg, the couple began to consider marriage. Sicherman said the decision was “kind of spit of the moment and made them realize they did not want to live without one another.

Sicherman admitted that their families thought it was a joke at first until they realized the couple continued planning for the event and going through “all the necessary steps” to make it official, from renewing their IDs to applying for a marriage license to legalize the union. The rabbi who officiated the marriage, Adam Wohlberg, jokingly noted that he wasn’t often asked to preside over a wedding for two people over a century old, adding that it was, in fact, the “the only time it has ever happened” to him. He described the union as “heartwarming.”

Both Fiterman and Littman were widowers, and their story shows that one is never too old to start again or to find love. It also gives hope that in a time where traditional values like marriage have taken a backseat and divorce rates are high, there’s still meaning left in such institutions.

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